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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> wicked weather, south florida recovering from tornadoes and flooding rains. >> androuble on the tracks a tri-rail train fild with passengers going off the rails.
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>> anchor: local 10 news is one >> we begin tonight with breaking news s ere several people have been shot. >> anchor: and we are told there are deaths. it all happened at a posh community clubhouse, and that's where we find derek shore live. >> reporter: you guys said it, neighbors in this area completely stunned, they say they barely see cops in this area, let alone an immense crime scene, which is just down the road h he. police have the road completely shut down, and that clubhouse, is further down, that is where those e ree people were found shot. just a little bit earlier, miami dade police tell us they got a call of shots fired inside the aisles of oasis community clubhouse. when they arrived they found a
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another man suffering gunshot would d es but alive. he was brought to jackson memorial. so far police e y their investigation reveals this started as an argument, and led to one of the men pulling out a gun and shooting the womanan killing her, and the surviving victims shooting him as w wl. before turning the gun on himself. poce are still working out all the details, neighbors as i mentioned, completely in shock. >> we positively i.d. the bodies we can't say what the relationship is, but it appears to b domestic related. it may be husband and wife. >> very surprised, we were like surprised what happened, i have never seen this before. so -- yeah, this is very shocking. >> and so tonight, the investigation continues police tell us that they will of course, try to interview that surviving victim, after he is out of surgery.
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appeared to be a murder suicide, again one man dead, apparently the victim of his own wound, and then a woman dead, possibly his wife, and then a third man a man who was brought the hospital. that's the latest from homestead, local 10 news. >> derek, thank you. >> now to vote 2016, wh the final republican debate before theowa caucus was missing the front runner, instead t donald tried trumping the debate with an event of his o. the latest move, the focus of a separate debate, will it help him win? >> soon will it be up to t voters in iowa to decide. reporting from des moines iowa tonight. >> it was loud. and proud. and the g.o.p. front runner got the stage to himself. >> my whole life i think greedy, greedy, greedy, i got all the money i could get, now i want to
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i want to grab all that money. >> for donald trump, and a theater filled with supporters there is no debate here. a room full promised to caucus for trump on monday. >> is it for me personally, a good thing, a bad thing, well i get more votes will i get less, nobody knows who the held knows but it isor our vets and you will like it. because we raised over% $5 million in one day. >> military veterans are unswayed by reports that questioned which veterans and how will be benefiting from tonight's proceeds. >> trump not a politician, he doesn't lie. >> so you are confident the money will go where it says it will to. >> i don't even give ate thought. >> protestors got in a cameo before being outshotted and escorted out. outside a drake honors grad and so cled dreamer silently protesting trumps anti-immigrant promises. >> even if he doesn't win a nomination, after the presidential election, the
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they will still hold the immigrants. >> no moderator asked tough questions. >> i was heari you say go hub go. >> to opponents that didn't come to the vets issues in challenges, donald trump won his night. >> glenna in des moines for us. >> without him on the stage, the seven candidates that were there fought for the spotlight. >> anchor:r:hey really did, which one shined brightest and which ones lost their luster. lori, calvin, weound out tonight you can have a lively pridential debate without donald trump, but his absence was felt. texas senator ted cruz. >> ted cruz quickly jumpe in to fill the vacuum left by donald trump. >> am a maniac. and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben you are a terrible surgeon. now that we have got tendonnal trump portion out of the way. >> cruz a the other six on stage sparred sharply on several
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>> we are not going to rnd up and deport 12 million people, but we aren't going to around handing out citizenship cards either. he was reminded that he once co-sponsored a senate bill giving illegal immigrant as path to citizenship. >> he led the charge to finally fix this immigration problem that is existing nowor as marco says for 30 years. and then he cut and run.>> bush had his strongest night yet on the debate s sge, which ted cruz tonight tried to hog. >> your question was you have disagreed i'd like to go on, sir. >> i know you like to argue about the rules but we will conduct a debate. >> fox news moderator who scared away donald trump, tonight reigned in chris christie. >> they didn't know they would attack the country. >> they knew they were talking about the issues of attacking people, knew that. >> that's not true. >> marco rubio sounded a bit strained at times as in this answer on climate change.
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to destroy our economy, in order to protect our environment, and especially with these programs are asking us to pass, that will do nothing to help the environment, but will be devastating for our economy. >> there certainly was beef tonight in this debate, they got into policy, deeply into it, but honestly it just wasn't as much fun would donald trump. >> if you are predicting a winner tonight, between someone that came from the back and gotten points. >> i think jeb bush came on very strong, the other big issue for me, i think that i noted was that ted cruise e very smart, a good debater, and very unlikable. >> unlikable. off putting. >> how do you think his numbers will go after this? >> well, it's hard to say, he was number two in iowa, and maybe he will benefit by trump not being there, we will find out monday night.
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miami fire rescue was called to investigate the boat. it is unclear how the man died but the body may have been there for up to a week. >> another tornado touch down rattling nerves this time an f zero leaving behind damage in the delray beach area. >> and this will be the storm is also poundingiami dade county, where relentless rain swamped streets. >> and then, there's this, round two another line of storms crossing the florida peninsula, now pushing offshore tonight. anchor: chief certified meteorologist betty davis will have more on that in just a minute, but let's begin our storm coverage with local 10 news reporter live now with more, arew? >> you know, like you said, some people were dealing withjust some nasty weather today, but other people, we are encluing up after yesterday's round of storms doing stuff like this, chcpping up trees that had toppled over, especially here, right next to broward college
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saw damage all across south florida. >> whoa. >> after the first round, that moved cars on the interstate on wednesday. >> a tornado right now. >> came another round of whipping winds and driving rain an ef zero tornado touchg down this is my office, we don't have power right now, but this is my office. >> this is where j.p. was sitting when the doorbell rang, the delivivy guy about 6'2", is having trouble with the powerful wind, in a matter of seconds things go flying. she opens the door for him, just in time. >> ryan grabbed me, and i grabbed the door, and then he grabbed the door, and it took the two of us. >> we came back and saw the fire engines and the guy next door. >> the tornado causing a headache, not only for the church, but resident this is the area as s ll. stormed pummeled the beach. >> i grab add garbage c c, spun them in the air and dropped them
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>> damagee done across therea this sinking stratus, a little further east, residents and coconut creek still dealing with the effects of wednesday's e.f. 1 tornadad >> the wind did the damage, and it wasn't pretty, but even further south it was the water, frustrating residents in miami beach and downtown miami. >> i want to drive my car, because i have a little car, so they have canoes i guess. >> miami dade was rally hit with that rain, it is finally stopped raining out here but i can tell you it is starting to get colder, we are live tonight, local 10 news. >> always something, andrew, thanks a lot. >> two days of just storm my nasty weather, will we end the week on a dry note? >> bettydavis continues our coverage now. >> yes, we will end on a dry note, and that is playing out,
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been waiting on that we were so anxious about, it did not produce severe weather, now pushing offshore, closing in tonight, so we are looking ahead to some drier weather, and the winds have changed what a day it was though, not only the tornado, around delray beach, but also record rain, miami, and ft. lauderdale, more than an inch. kendal 2.56 inches we need some dry time, and we are getting it. where it is 68 degrees key west at 70, and key west by the wayay already in a northwest wind, that northwest wind is goioi t t take over tonight, everywhere, allowing the cooleruch drier air to seep in so when you women up you will be reaching for a sweater, 60 toto start the day, pompano beach may drop off, and during the afternoon, we are talking highs in the lower 70's and finally we will see sunshine. will it be nice to kick up our heels a bit.
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rain returns in a minute. >> thanks a lot, a 90-year-old man was rescued after firefighters found him clinging to a floating marker in biscayne bay, what a story here. a friend of the man says while out on a small boat, he jumped into the water to retrieve something, that had fallen over while the man was in the water strong waves pushes t boat away and the man swam to the floating marker holding on. the elderly man was treated and released. >> anchor: thank goodness. coming up all n, did a member of the oregon militia shot dead have his hands up? you are about to see exactly what happene the video just released we have it on the other side of the break. >> anchor:nd the so called affluenza teen is back in the states. ethan couch flown in from mexico to the light of those that want to see him behind bars we have reaction coming up, a trainstriking debris and going off the tracks but the crisis doesn't end there.
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new at 11:00, the fbi has released video of a traffic stop that led to the arrest off several members. >> anchor: and one of them was shot dead. janine stanwood is live with that and the video for us. >>he fbi had a plane in the air, and this is video from that plane showing the confrontation between one of the occupiers and law enforcement. and we have to warn you, it is disturbing. watch as cops are following this white suv driven by one of the occupier. he eventually pulled over, but he peels away and then nearly slammed into the law enforcement vehicles right there, blocking the road, watch he gets out and appears he puts his hands up but the fbi says he reached for a loaded handgun in his pocket, and that's when he is shot dead. you can see, he falls into the snow. for weeks the armed occupation of a wild life refuge in oregon hardly felt like a siege, but
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eight people were arrested and he was killed, the group is warned they would take back the land from the feds but law enforcement they have now been setting up barricades and many of them have left,t, they say calvin this situation is far from resolved. >>ian mean stanwood, tri-rail trouble after a train full of commuters was knocked off the tracks, those passengerred had to be put on bus toss get to where they needed to go, they are blaming this accident on some type of debris, but the accident and delayed caused major headaches. >> they are telling us to stay calm, because nobody knowswhat is going on. >> it just hitter something, and we stopped ahd a light went on, and that's it, now i am stuck here. >> one man suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. >> today marks the 30th anniversary of the challenger disaster. people across the cououry are
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killed all seven people onboard those are even extending above the planet as members of the international space station a moment of silence to honor the victims. >> nasa also paying tribute to the victim as wreath laying ceremony was held at arlington national ceremony. charles golden and other officials were on hand for that ceremony. >> and the shuttle exploded after taking off, rocking the country as it was broadcast live on t.v., nasa later determined this explosion was caused by a seal failure, when a rocket booster which allowed hot gas to ignite a fuel tank. among those was kria mccullough, a high schoolteacher who was onboard aftereating out 11,000 others to be the first every day person to go to space. >> anchor: 30 years. hardrdo imagine. well, let's turn to the end of a day,hat we just want to dry up. >> anchor: absolutely. betty sayss on the other side of this, is something really nice for us.
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>> anchor: we are talking cooler temperatures we will see the sunshine agains as we step into the weekend, tomorrow is friday, so just the kind of weather, i know a lot of you want to see, this is what is left of our rainfall, as it movesut over the atlantic waters the back edge pushing away, and heading to the rest of the bahamas islands they will get some of this, finally we are out of it, and what a dousing it was. at least we did not have severe weather with that second round, we are now just looking at our winds we have a northwest wind, in marathon up to homestead, that's what we want to see, that is is a a sign that our front, will soon sweep the area, hasn't quque done so, just yet, but will overnight allowing more ol air to trickle in, right now some of your temperatures already in the upper 60's by tomorrow morning miami forecasting 60 for the low, hialeah 58, so the kids will probably want a sweater at the bus stop, at least some longer sleeves, it will be nice to finally get this change rolling
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even as we are pushing the cold front through it, it appears there's an impulse on the gulf of mexico side, so as that swings by too, we won't rule out a sprinkle, that's probably going to happen overnight, though, so we aren't talking huge rains in the forecast, any more, atateast not as we are stepping into the weekend, it is all about thehe northwest wind, and the drier cooler air working in on the wind for tomorrow. and the return to some sunshine, saturday has to be a nice day too, high pressure in control, once that high slips offshore, off the carolina coast, the floor around that means we will be caught in an east wind instead of a northwest wind, so temperatures will start to warm up a bit, but overall, it is going to be pleasant come saturday afternoon, so if you have something to do outside you% are good to go, now if you are going to make tomorrow a beach day, you can make that happen, it isn't going to be an incrediblyarm day, whatsoever, with our high temperatures forecast to reach the lower 70's, and the northwest breeze
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if you are taking the boats out, small craft advisory in play, with winds getting up to 20 plus miles an hour, seas for a time, running four to eighghfeet. so in the morning temperatures near 60, so we are back to that cool side of our winter weather, highs in the lower 70's, some sunshine returning, and then by saturday, we talked about how it would be a pleasant afternoon, but turday morning is going to be chilly, with our lows in the lower 50's, sunday, and monday, the temperatures get milder, but monday we also introduce a decent chance for rain again. we want to remind you your weather authority always watching and track, julie does da o o deck first thing tomorrow morning. guys. >> all right, looks good, thank u, betty. >> still to come, a car erupted in flames and a police chief saving the day, pulling the driver to safety, the dramatic rescue. >> and let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see what he has in
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>> here is proof we did do some work today. >> struggled because he is not alive any more. [laughter] >> really impressive, yeah. >> amazing what they can do these days. >> good evening south florida, constance here with your traffic alert, all southbound lanes o o i 75, shut down, completely osed, right at the parkway, we are talking about that bridge, so instead if you are traveling in that location, you will take the parkway westbound, then reenter, i 75 once you pass that
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place until v:00 a.m.
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being call a hero after dash cam shows him saving a man from a car that was on fire. the first to respond to the fire, and he found that the cars owner lying just a few feet away as this video shows him, he ran to the man and dragged him away from the fire. they suspected the driver was expected to commit suicide. >> anchor: the so called affluenza teen is back in the u.s. he was deported from mexico, and was put on the flight to dallas texas. couch was convicted in a fatal 2013 drunk driving accident, he was taken into custody last month in mexico, for allegedly threing with his mother. i said many times i would eathe a sigh of relief when they were both locked up, that day has come and it is a good day for all of us involved in this. >> both the teen and his mother, are expected to face several charges. >> next in our mercedes-benz sports report, chris bosh gets the official word about the
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talks about the latest controversy surrounding lebron james, we give you rielly unfiltered next in sports. >> but first, here is a look at your cash three, play four, and your fantasy five numbers. we hope you win. good evening south florida, what a fewew days of strong storms we have had. severe weather as well, will it be a good thing to start the weekend, because we will say goodbye to all that nasty weather, all the details that
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starting >> time now for your
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we have heard plenty of talk about lebron james and his relationship with coaches. well tonight, pat rielly weighed in about the departure fro the heat. he was in hollywood at the diplomat hotel being recognized as an american icon. quite an honor, for the heat' president, now before accepting the award, rielly shot down the report that lebron james had asked rielly to fire head kocher rick spoelstra, he compared lebron leaving miami to when he left the lakers and the knicks. >> now for him to make -- you know. so -- i have been in that situation ice. i left los angeles, and a lot of stuff followed my out the door to new york. and obviously when i left new yorkrk lot of stuff followed me to miami, and it took about ten years to sort of get out of that story line. and so a lot is following him
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right or wrong, it is just the nature of the game. >> yo can hear all of rielly's comments you can also read more on this story, t nba making it official, chris bosh will be one of the reserves for the eastern conference all stars what a great turn around his 11th section, where he played his first seven seasons emotion should be running high. averaging more than 19 a game. >> he is t best big man in the eastern conference, and i think he hasas had the best season, the most efficient versatile, defendable, big, in the east, a couple of other guys but i think he has been there, and he is so deserving. >> he had certainly been vital to miami, and so is this g!y, all indications are that goran will return after missing eight games with a strained left calf, he went through a full practice
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tomorrow night, dwayne wade's shouldser looking good, remember they beat brooklyn on tuesday nighgh if they beat the bucks tomorrow night, they will finish what started as a bad road trip with a inwinning record. you know when it comes to c.b. the great thing is the symmetry of it, you are talking about last year, the when you foun out ababt the issues he had, and all the healthcares and now you come full circle and he is an all star, and healthy playing every game. >> good. >> and rielly does haven't to break any locker room doors. >> exactly. love c.b., already, any outdoors being blown around tomorrow? >> no, no, nice breeze tomorrow, drier, cooler, we are good gets
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