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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 17, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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good morning, breaking right now trapped in target. a couple of burglary suspects, didn't have any trouble break nothing to this target store but getting out was another matter. we will let you know where officers finally found them hiding after a cat abe mouse game that lasted several hours. it is wednesday, december 17th i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. lets start off with traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. today is a transition day out there for us. we are expect to go see the breeze kick in and we may still find lower lying included cover out there, not quite fog situation that we ended up with yesterday thank goodness but this is going to be a day that marks the arrival and passage of the cold front. we are getting off easy here because we are not expecting any wet weather. storm can three actually shows included cover begun to thin out on what here.
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closer we go out to the shore points better off you'll be in terms of finding more sunlight here today simply because would i say, because you are further removed from the cold front itself. but here's just a sense what our visability are like right now. they are not terrible. they are not ideal either in a couple of spots, at least, millville, under 2 miles right now. so nothing by comparison to yesterday's fog situation but you you may again still find it out there. notice our wind is beginning to kick up a little bit, just enough that it will help keep low cloud cover around for some of you and scour it away for others. expect that breeze will continue to pick up as the day goes on, breezy, spot of the day goes to the the shore points where you are likely the brightest too. mildest to. lower 50's in the philadelphia and down the shore and above average in the poconos. vittoria? >> thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. it is a full blown rush hour and even before i address what is behind me, just if you are
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watching us right now and still home, prepare yourself to be delayed, on all of the usual majors. the lets go now to the schuylkill expressway multi vehicle crash, three vehicles involve in the crash on the westbound side of 76 making your way approaching bell machines a avenue. the good news is they have moved it to the shoulder so both lanes have been reopened. bad news this is one that happened and two the rush hour delay on top of rush hour traffic. we will talk more about that when we get to the map. lets look at i-95 southbound is no picnic either out of the north east down to the vine street expressway, north bound not awful, your big delay is southbound. five is now your average on the schuylkill expressway within your western suburbs and both sides of the roadway westbound and eastbound. earlier on the eastbound side of the schuylkill right around 30th street we had an accident that has been cleared but delays are stemming all the way back toward your western suburbs so give yourself more time or take in mass transit because that looks great, ukee. >> vittoria, thank you. in the news we are following breaking news from northeast philadelphia, police
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say they have found two suspects burglars, hiding in a small vent, on the roof of the target store. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us live at somerton where a security system alerted police to the the activity inside after hours, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. solid police work on display here in this somerton target after searching this huge target for hours this morning, police now have have their man. they have captured two would be burglars who say sawed through a steel door at this store in the middle of burglarizing it when they arrived. police have been on the scene collecting evidence and will be for some time now but they say this target will open up on time. that video you are taking a look at is huge hole in the back of the building. police searched for more than three hours and finally found their suspect. here they are as they were taken in custody and by police earlier this morning. this all started just after 1:00 here at target on roosevelt boulevard, a silent
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alarm tripped, causing the alarm company to notify police, new when police arrived they found that three by 3-foot hole in the back of the building. police spotted two suspects running through the the store. they made their way on the roof and eventually back down in the store. police used their k-9 units to search. after american three hours, again, two suspects were finally caught on the roof in a very tight the spot. take a listen. >> they went inside of the ventilation duct at which there is several on this large roof where they found the two burglars hiding inside of a very small shaft. two burglars were literally laying on top of one another and that i where they were hiding from the police. >> now, all of this search was actually being witnessed on closed circuit cameras here at target that were monitored 24/7. they have good surveillance video this would have been the seventh target in the philadelphia area burglarized since november.
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the suspects get for electronic, state police are working with philadelphia police and they are looking into whether this could be an inside job. those suspects are now in custody we're told and they were not armed, they were found on the roof, lying, one on top of the other, and they were found with the backpack with a hand saw inside and walkie-talkie and also on the scene earlier this morning, a car found with the similar walkie-talkie found inside towed away for evidence. police are looking into seeing whether more people are also involved, we are reporting live, jane carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> jan, thank you. new this morning officials are investigating a suspicious fire that damage a home overnight. authorities believed that fire started on the porch of this home on 54th and girard. it was quickly placed under control and no one was hurt. police are also searching for a suspect who robbed, and stabbed a man outside his apartment in philadelphia's germantown section. but that victim was found shortly before midnight on the
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100 block of tophawking street. he was stabbed once in the neck but is in stable condition this morning. the the suspect also took about a $120 ran off before police arrived. an intense manhunt foreman behind a killing spree in montgomery county has ended. yesterday after nearly two days, authorities found body of bradley stone in the wooded area near his home in pensberg. it is believed he took his own life, now the focus shifts to the six victims. they include his ex-wife nicole stone, joann gilbert, pat hill, nicolees grandmother. her nephew anthony flick who survived the attack. anthony's sister nina flick was killed. trish flick, nicole's sister and aaron john flick, trish's husband. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has more from souderton where family and friend are leaning on each other for support. >> ♪ report report devastating loss here is hard to calculate, there were
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tears, hugs and questions, the the murder of 14 year-old nina flick and stabbing of her 17 year-old brother anthony who for the to protect her are more than some can take. >> our hearts are broken, communities are broken. >> i was told to go upstairs and would i see her there and we would sit there and talk but now that will the not happen, just depressing. >> reporter: outside nina and anthony's souderton home more gathered to lay candles down on the front porch. early monday morning police say 35 year-old accused killer bradley stone entered flick's home murdering their mother patricia and father aaron. >> seeing these places it is very hard to grasp what actually happened here. cannot believe it. >> reporter: many of the classmates wore batman symbols tuesday at souderton high school. >> she always said she would be batman some day and to me she always had been. >> reporter: at vigil us night at emmanuel lutheran church all six victims were remembered. >> we know god is with us and
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he will get everybody through it. it is a long hall. >> reporter: many struckeling with why stone would kill. >> you know friend that have been friend with him a long time and this was not him. >> reporter: beyond the sense of loss and grief, is there purpose. many of the friend started on line funding page for anthony hoping money will help when he comes home. that go fund me site for anthony has raised more than $10,000 there is an effort underway by the souderton telford rotary to establish a memorial fund for all of the victims. reporting from souderton, todd quinones for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we're also digging deeper in to stone's past. it shows a history of legal trouble. he was discharged from the marine core in 2011 after serving eight years. when we looked at his criminal record we found several dui's, first in 2001 and then again in 2003. his third came last year when he crashed his car. court documents also show he
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was involved in the lengthy custody battle with his ex-wife, nicole. happening today a preliminary hearing is scheduled for truck driver accused of falling asleep behind the wheel before a deadly accident on route 222 in berks county. police say that 50 year-old steven burner of reading dozed off while driving causing his truck to slam into several cars. two people were killed, nine others were injured. burner faces a long list of charges including homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter, ukee? still to come we are getting a new look at the deadly hostage crisis in australia as we hear from hostage best their terrifying ordeal. also this. more fall out over the new movie the interview i'm don champion in new york city which details on the major theater chain that canceled showing of the controversy film. and bill cosby, cleared at least in one case why a prosecutor will not press any charges against the veteran
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entertainer. it is cool and comfortable outside right now but you katie had has her eye on some snow, that could impact travel plans this weekend. she will tell you more on the other side
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fall out is escalating. >> group taking responsibility for the sign's tackies threatening violence begins movie theaters showing the interview. don champion joins us from a theater in manhattan where movie premiere had been canceled. don, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: that priest mere was supposed to take place here tomorrow and on top of that cancellation we have learned that the owner of more than 270 theaters across the country has canceled plans to run the controversial film. >> you want us to assassinate the leader of north korea.
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>> yes. >> what? >> the interview is a comedy but lead up to the film's release has been anything but a laughing matter. carmike cinema, the fourth largest in the nation, has decided to cancel its planned showings of the movie. it comes after a chilling message posted by cyber hackers guardians of peace warning movie goers to stay away from theaters when they he start showing the film. warning reads the the world will be full of fear, remember the 11th of september, 2001. the film about journalist assigned to kill leader of north korea opens up nationwide christmas day. while sony is moving forward with the release in an unusual move the the company has told theaters that they don't have to show the film. fall out has led to the consolation of thursday night's insuring premiere of the film here at sunshine cinema in manhattan. police new york and l.a. will take precautions in light of the new threats. >> our primary posture is going to be through to have a
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police presence and response capability that will reassure people who may have heard about this and have concerns. >> reporter: the fbi and department of home land security say there is in credible intelligence showing any active plot exists. now, you may recall hackers have hit sony hard in the past few weeks by releasing company documents, embarrassing e-mails. while north korea contend it is in the involved in any of the hacking, sources do say that the software used to infiltrate sony computers is written in the korean language, ukee and erika, back to you. thank you for that. right now just past 73:00. lets get traffic and weather together. >> we will start off for you here on sky cam three taking it up to the poconos where we have found, certainly a lot of snow on the slopes as ovulate. if you look closely you can see it starting to melt away. we have had very mild air in place. we will continue to feel that warmth at least by comparison to the standards and that cost
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mean that some have on it may continue to melt away. we are expecting sun too. up in the poconos we have our best shot to see a residual shower, or maybe rain or snow. it wouldn't have an easy time accumulating much of anything. otherwise the rest of us we are looking at sunshine. this is a good representative picture of what we're going to find when we walk out the door. off in the distance is there the sun popping up on the horizon. we have to look closely here. there it is. we have low lying cloud cover in the foreground here. it is still out there that fog but it is very, very scattered in nature and we're beginning to see a little bit of the warming or breeze kicking up here along with the warming trend that we are finding from the last 24 hours. when we look at the surplus on the thermometer it may not be a heck of a lot but it is warmer then yesterday was and again, a little hint of the breeze is better than a strong wind which would make it feel colder. it is not too bad of the morning. storm scan three shows us why this is happening and going down the way it is here. we have a warm front.
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we have a cold front, much weaker by comparison. you can see it off across the ohio or pennsylvania border. that is as the day progresses we will find one more but another mild day, high right in the lower 50's but breeze will be kicking in as time goes on. sun returns for thursday and friday, mid 40's expect for you here and we can expect to see again some colder air moving back in as high pressure regains control at least for a little while. the thing is, we will look ahead to the weekend and there is a new system here. we have an eye on that possibility for sunday what i is winter solstice so appropriate if we see a little snow on the winter solstice. >> there is a chance, just a a chance. >> yes. >> good morgue, vittoria. >> you know what i will pick it up and write it right over here. good morning. traveling out and about in the roads it is not easy.
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i will be honest with you. schuylkill expressway. ninety-five, busy, busy, busy. seventy-six traveling in the westbound direction we have some activity here, majority of that activity on the shoulder. it was an earlier accident, three vehicles involved approaching the area have of belmont. traveling in the westbound direction of 76 this delay, rush hour with residual delay is stemming close back towards area of montgomery drive. it will justin to grow. it is only 7:17. folks are still jumping on the highway. eastbound on the schuylkill not awful here around bell machines but we are seeing delays around the western suburbs and approaching the vine making your way towards south philadelphia. 422 jammed, approaching oaks and 202. give yourself is more time on the eastbound side and take a look at the speed sensors, where else, you'll need to give yourself more time. not only on the schuylkill but i-95 southbound jammed out of the northeast, 33 is your average on 476, but good news
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mass transit looks great and is your best bet right now, ukee. elderly man is viciously attack during a robbery and philadelphia police are looking for the man who posed as a trash inspector to gain his trust. man showed up at browny's par four lounge in west other lane with the clipboard and bag. he suddenly punched an eight three-year old man inside stealing his money, cell phone and ring beforehand cuffing him to the railing. robber eventually ran away when victim started screaming. police arrested and charged daniel help floor and david peer peergrossi in connection to the robbery. they were seen on this surveillance video taken inside the coin and collectibles store on street road last tuesday. police say the men armed with the knife and a pipe tied up two employees and a customer. peergrossies held in bucks county prison unable to post bail.
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le flare awaits arraignment. australia's prime minister is addressing concerns and criticism overlapsness security that could have prevented monday's deadly standoff with an armed gunman. as susan mcginnes reports one of the survivors spoke out about the heroing ordeal. >> reporter: this new video shows a snipper inside a television news room in sidney, just across the street from the l int cafe. less than a minute later, 34 seconds of flash bangs and gunfire ended the 17 hour standoff. hostages are now talking about what happened inside. eight two-year old john o'brien was one of the first hostages to escape running for his life with another hostage when they were allowed to use the bathroom. >> i have never felt so much relief as i did when i turned that corner and saw armed police waiting for me. >> reporter: tony abbott says a urgent review is underway to determine why moones the gun man responsible for the siege
7:20 am
that left two hostages dead was once on the country's terror watch list but was removed from it in 2009. >> we do need to know yes seemed to have fallen off our watch list. >> reporter: despite what he told hostages, police confirmed his backpack did the in the contain a bomb. it is still unclear if the two hostages were killed by the suspect or were caught in the barrage of gunfire when police stormed in. susan mcginnes for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> right now 7:20. you only have one weekileft to finish your christmas shopping. >> we will let you know what you need to make your purchases to guarantee they arrive on time. also, brothers bickering on tv gets a big surprise, you have to hear who called to scold them in the middle of the show. but first here's what is coming up totonight on the cw philly.
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imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. breaking news, this is video overnight philadelphia police taking two suspects in custody after a botched burglary at a target in somerton. authorities say men used a saw to break in through a steel door in the rear of the building. also, no one was hurt in this overnight house fire if west philadelphia, that authorities are calling, suspicious. it happened on the 5400 block of girard avenue around 2:30.
7:24 am
and a montgomery county community mourns six victims of the deadly shooting rampage and offered prayers for a seventh who remains hospitalized. police found body of accused killer bradley stone in the woods of pennsburg dead in an apparent suicide. celebration of hanukkah has pea gun and some local jewish residents marked the first night in philadelphia a mayor michael nutter lit first candle on the men in other a last night in the main concourse of 30th street station. there was also music, date will games, and potato pancakes. it was hosted by amtrak and chab ot house at penn. one political debate turned into a family affair when two brothers bickering on c-span heard from their mom in the middle of the argument. >> i'm your mother, and i disagree that all families are like ours. do i not know many families that are fighting at
7:25 am
thanksgiving. >> that is really their mother who called into give them a hard time. he told her sons she hopes they get argument out of their system soon so they can have a peaceful, christmas. how about that. >> leave it to mom. >> yes. >> both of them not making eye contact with the camera, looking down. >> oh, no it is mom. >> our next caller is. >> your mother. >> all right, fellas. >> make mom happy. >> get it
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hi, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> lets get over to the weather center and check with katie, good morning. >> today will be a day of transition for us as we track a cold front passage but thankfully any wet weather is long gone and out of here. storm scan three meanwhile has been emptying out, over the last few hours. you can see included cover thinning out. what we are finding is very beautiful views because we have a little cloud cover but sunnies also, filtered through you that included cover. so 39 degrees outside kutztown area middle school. warmer then it was this same time yesterday but that breeze will kick in out there. we will still eventually end up with milder than average day at 50 degrees, and then by tomorrow in the mid 40's where we should be but still
7:27 am
breezy tomorrow too. vittoria. good morning everyone. your rush hour commute is out there, it looks like rush hour. on the schuylkill, 95, usual spots. speaking of the schuylkill we're right new on the westbound side of 76 around belmont where you watch an accident being completely cleared out of the way that was the on the shoulder. maybe in the completely. we still have one more tow truck here but it is in the process have have being completely cleared out of the way. westbound side of 76 is hit with that residual traffic. eight is your average there. thirteen on i-95. no delays for mass transit. >> our next update 7:55. up next on cbs this morning a routine traffic stop turned tragedy did police try to cover up a murder. cbs news
7:28 am
7:29 am
troubling in target for burglary suspect who had no problem breaking in but getting out not so easy. "eyewitness news" reporter j a an carabao has been there since early this morning in somerton. >> i understand police search the entire store looking for those suspects for hours and
7:30 am
found them in a rather unusual place, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. would i say it was a very unusual place. police found these suspects hiding on the roof in a very small air shaft, at first, they didn't think they had those suspects and they thought they had one but upon close inspection they had two, one suspect lying right on top of the other. police have been at this target all morning long but they say their work on the scene collecting evidence will be done in time for these stores to open on time. look at this new video, that is rear door that these suspects saw through to get inside. they were in the middle of burglarizing this target in somerton but they have now been caught and you you can see here two men taken away by police. this all started just after 1:00 this morning here at target on roosevelt boulevard, a silent alarm trip causing an alarm company to call police. they found that three by 3-foot hole in the back of the building, police then spotted
7:31 am
two suspects running through the store. they then made their way the two roof and then back down in the store, for hours, police were searching this target with their k-9 units. two suspects were caught and as i mentioned they were caught backup on the roof and police are looking to see if more people were involved. car was towed from the scene with the walkie-talkie inside, suspects also had walkie-talkies, lets take a listen. >> the fact that the burglars were together and they had a walkie-talkie and there is walkie-talkies in the rental car that was a pretty good distance away although mountain same lot. so there may have been a getaway driver. >> reporter: now this would have been the seventh target in the philadelphia area burglarized since november. state police are already looking into it with the task force of their own. suspects they usually go for electronic. police are looking into whether this is an inside job but again these suspects are now caught and taken away, we are told they will be charged with burglary and again we are told they were found on the roof with the back
7:32 am
pennsylvania pack with those walkie-talkies but they were not unarm. we are live from the target in somerton, jane carabao for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. residents in montgomery county, can rest easier this morning after a man hunt for bradley stone, who killed six people on monday, comes to an end. stone's body was found yesterday, in pensberg in a wooded area near his home. authorities believed that he took his own life. with the threat now gone the community is now shifting its focus to the victims. our pat ciarrocchi spoke with joyce gorman a friend of pat hill, who was one of the victims killed in lansdale. pat and her mother joann gilbert were found inside west fifth street. close family friend, foreman spoke about the struggles that the family was going through. >> nicole's ex-husband was a very controlling person and he wanted to have i guess the last say in everything and he was always taking her back to court when he was away, in
7:33 am
iraq or afghanistan. she was pregnant with the second child. he was in he denial that the child was his. nickie had a nervous break down at that time. >> gore man worked with hill in the rehab unit at north penn hospital. hill was a survivor of breast cancer. police are asking for public's help in locating a missing northeast philadelphia man. sixty-nine year-old veto magleo was last seen at moriartyconnie a's restaurant. he spokes from various conditions that require medication. if you have seen mr. magleo police asked thaw give northeast detectives a call. it is 7:33. here's traffic and weather, katie. >> we have a variety pack this morning. all of today, ukee. good morning. today will be a brighter than you might expect. simply because we have a cold front crossing through. a lot of times cold front will bring in more precipitation but not this time around. it looks like main juice with
7:34 am
this storm system is removed from our area at this point. you might find lingering shower of rain or snow flakes through poconos but everybody else including philadelphia and rest of the region as a whole looking good here. warm front brought in the brunt of precipitation. today we will have a breeze more than anything. current temperature, not bad, low 40's, already and this is actually more on par with where we would normally top off for daytime highs. we are off to a nice mile start and that will a allow to us climb back in the lower 50's today. note is what happens, cloud cover start to thin with time but with the breeze kicking in you'll note that is it will probably make it feel chillier then thermometer reads, that said, you might find a few pockets of low lying cloud cover as you hit the road today, in where near the fog situation from yesterday they thankfully. >> back over to you. good morning, everyone. right now we are still dealing with rush hour traffic and a a lot of areas. as we look first at 95, you're traveling right around cottman
7:35 am
avenue you'll note that is construction zone that tends to narrow things down. traveling in the southbound direction you will find directions out of the northeast. i would say back toward academy and follow you down to the vine street expressway. slow go there. northbound i-95 the not awful at all, however. as we continue we will take you elsewhere, down to 202, traveling 202, you will fine delays. specifically traveling 202 approaching area of the schuylkill, even traveling on 422, trying to get to 202, that will be another problem area speaking of problem areas, look at the schuylkill, nine is your average there. seventy-six, a big jam up on both sides of the fence of the schuylkill traveling around the roosevelt boulevard, it is affecting southbound side of the boulevard as well. twenty is your average traveling on 476 and we also have an accident valley forge road at valley creek road. give yourself on more time or try to avoid it if you can, erika. prosecutors in, los angeles reject charges against
7:36 am
comedian bill cosby because they say that the statute of limitations has passed. the the 77 year-old comedian was accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl at the playboy mansion in 1974. yesterday cosby's youngest daughter supported her father. in a statement she said that bill cosby is quote the the father that you thought that you knew. happening today crews will break ground on the new public housing, development, and, in the apartment in germantown. the 16 story high rise was demolish back in september to make room for new apartments and town houses. construction is expect to take about a year. former potters field on queen lane will be maintained as open space. well, if you are driving around new jersey today listen up, the state's red light cameras are officially, dark this morning. the controversial camera were shut off at midnight. twenty-four municipalities used cameras collecting millions of dollars in fines.
7:37 am
but critics complained that the cameras were used to raise money instead of keeping road safer. your time is 7:37. time to check this morning's business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. another day, another sell off. what are investors watching. >> reporter: yeah, good morning ukee ander contact all eyes today are on the federal reserve which wraps up its last policy meeting of the the year. investors are looking for clues whether the central bank can raise interest rates. you will remember fed cut those rates to record lows back in 2008 during the financial crisis. the most economist think a rate lining won't happen regardless of what they say today until june of next year. when janet yellin speaks everybody here on wall street listens. >> you got good news for inn in still waiting to find holiday gifts. it looks like amazon is extending free shipping deadline by one day. >> that helps people. the customers have until this
7:38 am
friday now you to buy gifts at amazon and get them delivered to free by christmas eve. if you really want to leave it to the last minute amazon will offer same day delivery, on christmas eve day, and in about a dozen cities and that includes philadelphia. they do recommend also if you want to be really last minute get a gift certificate and that can be sent via e-mail and as you guys mentioned before, a little cash never hurt anyone either. >> it is top of the list these days. >> yes. >> it is such an a easy gift. >> i don't like it. >> yeah. >> i know. >> i won't turn it down. >> i necessity that is right. >> no cash for me. >> thanks, jill. we're used to seeing rain delays at baseball games but not basketball games. get to see unusual problem that delayed an nba game about a half an hour. is this the future of shopping? why this store has only one,
7:39 am
just one of every single item. i love this tune. justin timberlake is back in philly for a concert at the well in south philadelphia. we have the word on on big news for jt but he is not the one spilling the beans on the news. that and more when we come right back. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers.
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are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. in sports, after back to
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back win flyers fall to the tampa bay lightening last night at the wells fargo center. they were first to get on the board after a power play goal by wayne simmonds but lightening surged back in the second period, scoring two unanswered goals, flyers offense was una able to get anything going after that first goal. they lose by a score of three-one. tomorrow night fly guys back on the ice, for the panthers. and those panthers made history last night in their game against caps. tie game leads to the longest shoot-out ever. dead locked finally ended in the 20th round, after 40 shots. panthers win it two-one. eagles return to the practice field today getting ready for saturday's game against washington redskins. meanwhile connor barwin is being honored for his work off the field. he was named eagles man of the year for his contributions to the community, barwin is now in the running to win the nfl walter payton man of the year award.
7:43 am
don't miss barwin and the birds taking on the redskins, saturday afternoon on our sister station cbs-3. we will get you ready for the game at 3:30, and then nfl network pregame she at 4:00, eagles kick off at 4:30 and finish a full day of football with the charges against 49ers a at 8:30 all on cbs-3. heat/nets game was delayed last night after the roof of the barclay center, was leaking. with about two minutes left in the first quarter the game was stopped, is that water, yes. and the repairs were made, the game went on, and a they wound up winning the game, 95-91. erika. and, and, and, in northern california town, got more rain then you can handle. landslide headed down backyard of the house, and home owner left, and town hall, parking lot flooded and water seeped in the basement. neighbors created a, pump to
7:44 am
clear all that water. katie, we're not worried about new rain water today. >> even wet weather we saw yesterday wases in the enough to pre dues much more than a big old nuisance. still dampness out there right new but as we check in with our eyewitness weather watcher network we will hit up a couple spots here. we will start off here with ed heaton in atglenn where a modest breeze is blowing only 1 miles an hour here. 42 degrees, not bad, mild start. there are still some clouds where he is but he sent in a beautiful picture here for us here. go full screen if you want, sunrise, absolutely beautiful. couple clouds but clouds can make it look that much more pretty and vibrant when it comes to the colors in the sky. we will go next to 41 sent in from phil chapline and he sent this over last 20 or 25 minutes from philadelphia. he also is seeing cloud cover out there right now but generally speaking the sunnies here and it is looking like a
7:45 am
nice start to the morning as well. we will go across the the delaware river for one more observation, john sandman 38 degrees, full sunshine and love his comment looking good, why, thank you john. he meant sunshine. just kidding. lets see is what going on with this storm system. i thought it was funny, all right. thank you. delayed reaction there. a little push never hurt anyone. taking it out, to the storm, storm core is situated well off to the north and west. here is your warm front strung out in advance. that brought rain yesterday. then we have cold front still back. the really in the showing much more than just a a few little speckles or green or pink out on the radar. so this will roll through with very little fanfare. we will get some clouds. we will get the breeze kick nothing but that is pretty much it. meanwhile nationwide we will go because i want to show you this next system. it doesn't look all that organized yet but this is next big thing for the mid-atlantic coastline and it could be a system that affects us come the winter solstice on sunday,
7:46 am
specifically. as we kick off winter solstice it does mark the day of the shortest amount of daylight, under ten hours of daylight here but we are expect to go see, and we don't even expect it, we know, we will add sometime on to every passing day, in terms of the amount have of daylight. so from the winter solstice on, we will start seeing longer delays which is good news. sunday is also the day that we could see a fresh round of wet weather and at this point it is a chance but chance for wintry mix of rain or snow, very light amounts is what we are expecting at this point if we see it. >> vittoria, over to you. >> katie, you are so cute. we were in awe of the cuteness. >> oh, thanks. >> good morning everyone. there we go, right now if you are traveling on any of the majors, traffic wise you are just jammed. it is a full swing rush hour. look at the schuylkill expressway, definitely in the cute at all here. traveling westbound 76 you are
7:47 am
jammed approaching montgomery drive, all the way out towards gladwynn. that volleys lingering throughout your western suburbs. traveling eastbound you are delayed making your way out of the area of 476, down toward gladwynn, you will catch a slight break around belmont, city avenue until you jump in to more volume approaching the area have of center city. now moving to long as we take a look here it is rush hour, full swing, if you are traveling in your western suburbs, 422, 30 bypass, you just have delays all over. speed sensors dropping down even lower then the teens. if you are traveling on the schuylkill and your average is 8 miles an hour. is 13 your average traveling on 95. out bound out of the northeast down to the vine and 19 is your average on the blue route. watch out for delays on the 42 and 55. speaking of the delays and jam ups and backups, don't forget when i'm not a around you can always get updated information about traffic backups, your area, any area with your new
7:48 am
app. down load that app to the iphone or android by going to cbs drive. >> thanks, vittoria. is there just eight days left until christmas now. one popular retailer is getting ready for last minute shopping rush. toys-r-us says it will keep stores opened for 39 straight hours starting on kes 23rd. cot doubled its work force to prepare for the holiday rush and its flab flagship location in times square will open up tomorrow and won't close them again until 10:00 o'clock at night on christmas eve. so almost a full week there. >> how about that, wow. >> we are wondering how do you like to shop in the store or do you avoid the crowds by looking for deals on line. >> catherine houser explains how some stores are trying to change your shopping experience. >> you can try these on. >> reporter: no ipad, in lap tops, not even a couch. >> all right. how does it feel. >> reporter: this is how eric, shops on line a lot of nice stuff for work.
7:49 am
>> reporter: thinks the sky shop, on line retailer known for mens panned. >> we like to think of it as a transportation of our web site >> they have one of everything. just one though. you can feel it, try it on, you just can't take it home. >> no. >> reporter: personal attendant or guy walks a shopper through options and on line order is placed, shipping is free. on line shopping continues to grow by double digits despite constant complaints from cyber shoppers. >> i cannot see, the merchandise. you cannot try things on. >> when you have to return stuff on line. >> reporter: those frustrations are prompting on line brand like amazon to plan stores, or be part of the site for fashionable eye glasses is now opened for business. >> for some people on line is great. for others, it is a personalized experience that works best for them. >> reporter: this approach allowed e retail tours provide a new level of customer service. without the full expense of a large store, and massive
7:50 am
inventory. >> it is something i really liked just being able to make sure everything looks good in the mirrors, fits right and comes right tour door. >> reporter: in boston i'm catherine houser for cbs news. >> could be the way we shop in the future. >> yes. >> we have big baby news for one of the hottest celebrity couples but they are not the ones who broke the news. their friend did. jk rowling's biggest regret from the harry potter book, one character's fate that she feelss guilty about. we will be right back.
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the director is apologizing for let it go. jennifer lee says parents thanked her for the the great song, and now once people find out who it is, lee says she's sorry forgetting song stuck in the head. she's getting last laugh because the frozen sound track was the best selling, album of the year. >> how about that. >> how about that. >> you will be singing this. >> good song. >> it is. >> yes. >> i love that scene. >> running up, running upstairs. >> yes. >> i love it. >> what is the word, the word of ♪ >> cameo right there, word is expecting, justin timberlake's wife jessica beal is supposedly pregnant. >> all they they have not confirmed it themselves, justin's former ban made joey fattone spilled the beans. this will be the couple's first child together. they have been married for two years. by the way, soon to be new daddies staying busy these days, he is replying tonight
7:54 am
at wells fargo center at 8:00, tickets are still available. creator of the popular harry potter series is questioning some recigarette, jk rowling says she feels guilt bye killing off one of her characters, forteskew, she wanted him to have a larger part in the series last book, one of the two so-called surprises rowling is revealing on line focuses on unknown aspects of the series. well, there is an elf on the shelf on patrol, taylor county texas sheriff's department has made a deputy, nice little will hat, his name is taylor, chef i have's department said it started as a yoke but good way to connect to the community during the holiday season. >> really just shows that we can connect with the public through a kind of a humerus side showing that we're just like everybody else, and we can have fun and joke and we have a very serious job that we have to do. >> taylor's making round with the other deputies traveling with them to criminal
7:55 am
investigations, the county jail and the courthouse. hey, cbs-3 morning elf is busy too, we have technical difficulties this morning just blame it the on the elf. >> it looks le phil has invaded the control room, all right dude, easy now. he will take to us break in a couple second. we want to see what your elf is up to post your elf selfie to twister, facebook or instagram using hash tag cbs-3 and elf selfie and we may show it on tv. let's do
7:56 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. lets get right over to katie for your forecast, we have some changes, good morning. >> we have some changes but they could be worse in terms of what we will find out there, change from yesterday is it will stay dry today, in almost every location up in the poconos you might see a residual shower. as we look at last three hour loop you can see hint of green just outside carbon and monroe counties. don't be surprised if you see rain drop here or there and flurry around poconos but everybody else can expect to see sunshine. we are going to sea breeze kick in as day goes on. 50 degrees expect high today and one more mild day for you. partly cloudy, breezy, colder tonight under clearing sky and with the colder air finally catching up. so that means we will be back in the mid 40's here thursday
7:57 am
and friday with some sunshine at least but vittoria is close tore where it should be. >> it is something we can look forward to as that sunshine w that sunshine you will have sun glare so be mindful of that. you will also have rush hour to deal with today as well, traveling on the eastbound side of 422 you are delayed a approaching oaks down towards 202, and that is where you will see all of this red. also in the red on the schuylkill expressway seven is your average there, 16 on 476 and 11 on i-95 down to the vine. erika. thanks, variety tore y next update 8:25. next up on cbs this morning you might call it a senior moment but it could be something more serious. what you need to necessity about a new study.
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trapped in tarring, burglary suspects did not have any trouble breaking in the stores, and, and leading to an unusual cat and mouse game. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us at that target in souderton where police spent hours searching every part of the store for
8:00 am
their suspect. >> authorities say during a second sweep of the roof, jan, officers spotted two men in the tight space, tell us more, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning, we had to go through huge target store meticulously, as you can imagine, for two burglary suspects to hide out. we have all of the aisles and loading docks and also, the storage rooms but these suspects were found on the roof hiding in an air shaft, one lying on top of the other. if you take a look at the video you can see a hole in the back of the building that these suspects sawed through to get into this target. police searched this target for more than three hearst before they finally found them. here they are as they were taken in custody and taken by police earlier this morning. this all started just a after 1:00 o'clock at target on roosevelt boulevard, a silent alarm, tripped, causing an alarm company to notify police. when police arrived theynd


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