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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 22, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". two fires at apartment complexes just a few miles away from each other leaves dozen of people homeless for the holidays. coming up we are live with some new information about the people hurt, and also, the latest on the investigation into what set off those flames. >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco. let's get things started with a check of carol and jessica keeping an eye on things for us this morning. >> we are very, very busy, aren't we, jessica? >> we're busy and i hear it will be real warm out wednesday which is christmas eve? >> right on both count. looking at a warm day coming up on christmas eve, but rainy one for the lurks already starting to see some clouds come, in couple of systems
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out, there so not all coming from the same system, but the net is the same, cloud which rain showers, you can see on storm scan3, the rain to the south moving to the north, expect showers by the time we gee go through later this evening, right now clearing, actually going on, but, that is not going to be lasting all day long. our weather watchers are up. we love that they are. atlantic city, 32 degrees, collegeville, budd says it is 27, norristown, tracey says it is 27, newark, john says it is 23, and of course that atlantic city temperature from our friends tim mitchell. colds temperatures warming up to 42, start to pick up shower chances later this afternoon specially the farther south you are. we also have this, if you are going to the north, and this is from 6:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, we've got some freezing rain advisories, out there, for the poconos, just take it easy, trace of ice could be expected, in those areas.
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otherwise it changes over to rain for the rest of tuesday, so just kind of rainy, soggy, from time to time over the next couple every days, but mild enough, jessica, 7:02, good morning, we will go outside, check out 95, around girard, starting to pack in a little bit after punch in the southbound lanes, headed toward the center city area, northbound moving along great. see little brake light there, though, as well. over on the 30 bypass, we can see around 322, and eastbound delay headed toward downingtown, slow going specially up the top right there. septa dealing with some problems on the route 13 trolley, wire problems actually, so they're shuttle bussing from mount moriah up into yeadon. now, use some caution out for a car fire that's cleaning up on the pa turnpike westbound, around willow grove, and currently, out in new jersey, an overturned vehicle on 295 northbound just past i195. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. erika, back over to you.
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>> thank you, jessica. >> letter merion police held up two suspect, the robbery happened after midnight in the 5300 block of city avenue. investigators tell us, two men walked in, demanding cash, one of them told they had a gun. suspect got a which with cash, lottery ticket and cigarette. store cashier was taken to the hospital for a back injury, after getting pushed up against the walls. >> fire investigators looking into two apartment fires, less than 24 hours apart. one person died, dozen of others are now left to pick up the pieces. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at the scene of the latest fire in wilmington with more on that investigation. jan, good morning. >> good morning, that's right, this is the site of the second fire here in new castle county, delaware, that happened yesterday alone with the destruction left behind, actually the fire that is less serious, of the two, three people were injured, here, minor injuries, and taken to
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the hospital, and 12 people had been displaced, but over at claymont, one person died. >> two fires in new castle county delaware sunday, one person dead, and dozens homeless. both fast moving showers, leaving aisled owe of what was once behind. >> i was looking here, my apartment burning, everything is burning. my tears came out, you already in the, very tough. >> close to 40 other displace from the their homes here at the harbor house ants in claymont there is fire start around 2:30 sunday morning in third floor apartment. by the time fire crews arrived, the building was engulfed in flames. >> we definitely behind the eight ball before we even got on location. >> it took crews three hours to control the firement one person was found dead inside after apartment, and 72 year old man had to be rescued and taken to the hospital. later sunday night, another fire, butter nut court in wilmington there is fire sent three people to the hospital
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for minor injuries including a paramedic and firefighter and here 12 people are now displaced. >> amazing how resilient people are after a fire, and these people will be resilient. >> but it is a determination many are finding hard to muster, the law, so much harder to take, this close to the holidays. >> it is right before christmas, have to believe. >> and again, fire investigators are still looking for the cause of both of these fires, they tell us that the damages will likely ex seat $1 million, in the meantime, the red cross is now helping all of those families who were displaced this morning. reporting live in wilmington, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> shane montgomery, almost one month roof after the missing west chester university student last seen. a new jersey dive team helping with the search found his keys in the schuylkill river sunday, it was the only evidence found after hours of searching.
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surveillance video shows the 21 year old walking a bridge over the manayunk canal, next to the schuylkill went missing early thanksgiving morning after leaving kildare's bar. >> 7:06. a fascination, that's what new york city police commissioner called a gunman attack on two officers shot while sitting it their patrol car. don champion live in brooklyn, where vigil was held last night. good morning, done. >> memorial for the officers that continues to grow just steps away from where they were gunned down, as the nypd mourns, fellow officers are being told to stay alert, and work in pairs. nypd officers stood alongside members of the public in brooklyn, sunday, to pay tribute to two officers ambushed. >> rafael ramos and 32 year
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olds wenjian liu shot and killed as they sat in their cruisers saturday. moment later the gunman 28 year old ismaaiyl brinsley took his own life. a moment of silence, was held, for the officers at madison square gardens sunday before the new york rangers carolina hurricanes game. through had been married only two month, ramos, father of two, joined the nypd two years aglee loved his job. he loved his wife, who was dedicated father, and i wish i could be half the man my cousin was. >> hours before the shooting, investigators say brinsley shot and wounded his ex-girlfriend, at maryland, they also say he posted threats of social media, against police in retaliation for the death of eric garner and michael brown. the shooting happened a mid growing outrage over police brutality. >> today is about changing the system. >> this weekend hundreds marched in philadelphia while others shutdown street in downtown cleveland. and in the wake of this weekend shooting, officers in new york sit have i been advise today work in pairs, for their safety.
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later today mayor bill diblasio will deliver a speech aimed at bringing the city together. weaver area told his speech will folk just on strengthening the ties between police and the community. back to you. >> what's the mood this morning? i know there was the vigil? >> very somber mood, really touch to see people coming here, literally in the we hours of the morning, bringing flowers, and candle, and bears here to the memorial site. some of the people leaving in tears, and the community touched by this tragedy on one of the buildings over here, someone wrote, all lives matter three simple, true words this morning. >> thank you, don, don champion reporting for thus morning in new york city. police commissioner charles ramsey recently appointed by president obama to share his task force on 24th century policing is calling the officers execution style death
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senseless. it wasn't like a high risk operation, or something, when you know that you are really putting your live at risk, i mean, just sitting in the car, maybe just looking out of the window, and then all the sudden someone comes up and just murders you, i mean, yes, enough to make you angry. just doesn't make any sense at all. >> hundreds march through the street of philadelphia calling for racial equality in the united state. the black-out philly march started at 15th and arch streets, circled around the city, around city hall, rather, and continues down the parkway to the art museum steps. the group rallied there before staging a four and a half minute die-in. police say last night's protests remained peaceful. tribute to fallen fire lou tent and the joyce craig. a motorcycle ride, motion every silence will be held tonight for craig. she became the first female firefighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty while battling basement fire in west
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oaklane. tonight's ride starts at 6:30 at the home depo, roosevelt boulevard. them ' ride past craigs home and end at the firehouse that she worked for, for a moment of silence. >> the time now 7:10. coming up neck, another threat as president obama considers a response to sony hacking. >> north korea makes new threats against the us. as president obama ways how to respond to the cyber attack on sony pictures. i'm michael bert in washington, the latest coming up. wild scene outside of the bucks packers game. we'll tell you what happened that left several people injured. >> ♪ >> it never get old. this christmas may be a better day weather wise than some of the days leading up to
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thursday. that's right, christmas is thursday, folks. i hope everyone's ready. carol is back in just a few minutes, to tell us about rain moving in. doesn't look too rainy out there now, but it is coming. it is monday morning, good morning, everyone. christmas is three days away.
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>> self val people hurt when light link strikes outside a football game in tampa. lightning bolt struck a car in the parking lot outside the puck nears stadium. several people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. football fans had just left a buccaneers-packers game when they heard the loud boom. >> just scared you, look around to sigh who got hit.
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you know it was close. >> officials say no one was hit directly, and the injuries do not appear to be serious. >> time for a look at traffic and weather together. i think we may need the umbrellas if not today soon. >> yes, you're exactly right. don't need them right now in our area, but we will starting to see a few clouds, ours to the west, looking at clear skies right now, we have every casino every weather condition you can possibly imagine, storm scan3, at the snap my fingers showing clear skies off to the west, but his is also what's coming. so we will be finding some rain showers, scattered around later this afternoon, right now some clothes over some part of the area, and those clouds are little thickener some spots, than others. starting to warm up though. 31 degrees, getting close to freezing in philadelphia, 34 in trenton, 28 degrees in wilmington this morning, 27 degrees in millville, 31 up in allentown, future weather r we start to see rain showers, model says by 4:00.
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areas to the south may be picking up couple of the rain showers, we go through time, and seeing them scattered around, later on this evening, and this is a look at 2:00 in the morning tomorrow morning. and they are scattered around still, scattered around to start the day on tuesday. we might get a dry slot in here. and then we fill that in with more rain, we've got wednesday, probably, the most rainy day of all of them. we've got temperatures, that are going to be 40 degrees today generally around that level, seven day forecast, we jump by 10 degrees every day, tuesday, and wednesday, look at wednesday, 06 grimes, but it comes with that rain. >> so how are the roads this morning for last minute shoppers? >> thankfully, dry. i role tell you why thankfully. because we have little delay starting to pack in little bit just at 7:00 czars we go outside, check out the
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schuylkill expressway. you can see the eastbound lanes, right around montgomery, that are starting to pack in little bit after punch headed toward the center city area, westbound lanes moving along a little bit better so far. but we won't think that will stay that way all morning, we know, that over on 95, around cottman avenue, starting to just actually little earlier was really jammed up, starting to lighten up, also losing out one lane ongoing construction, one lane tort northeast philadelphia, moving along just fine so far. now, septa dealing with some wire problems, on the route 13 trolley. so they're shuttle bussing from mount morae an up into yeadon. over in new jersey, 295 northbound, an overturned vehicle, just past i195. out in montgomery county, a crash on main street and montgomery avenue. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. erika, back over to you. >> all right, jessica, thank you. the federal government is considering whether to put north korea back on it terrorism sponsors list. claiming it oracle straight that massive cyber attack on sony pictures.
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>> issues new threat against the us over that haak g claim. >> the sweeping cyber assault on sony pictures was the most devastating cyber attack ever on an us business. but, in a interview broadcast sunday, president obama said it was not an act of war. >> i think act of cyber vandalism, we take it very seriously, we will respond proportionately as i said. >> the president administration has blamed north korea for the hacking and is weighing how to respond. late sunday north korea warned it may attack quote the white house, the pentagon, and the whole us mainland. the cesspool of terrorism. >> some members of congress are criticizing president obama, who is spending the next two weeks in hawaii for his response. this was a nation state attack on the united state. and saying aloha, getting on airplane to hawaii, not answer
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the world needs let alone america. >> the move that i sparked the controversy, the interview, would have opened this thursday. instead sony -- sony pulled the film after major chains decided not to throw. ceo michael lynton defended the studio. >> we've not caved. we've not given in. we've persevered. we've not backed down. >> but as of now, there are no plans for it release. michael bert for "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> new jersey governor chris christie sends a letter to president obama demands thank a convicted cop killer be returned to the u.s., before talks with cuba move forwards. convicted every killing new jersey state trooper warner forest nerve 1973. she escaped prison, then fled to cuba, where she obtained asylum n second trooper james harper suffered serious injuries. there is a $2 million reward for information leading to her return.
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well, 7:18. coming up: giving back to a family that has lost so much. >> a special christmas delivery arrives at the doorstep of one local home. how santa got some help from his elves in blue. >> wonder what happened there? but first, here is a look at what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly". no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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welcome back, a look at today's headlines, robbery at 7-eleven in lower merion ends with a clerk in the hospital this morning. police say two men left with cash, but not before one of them pushed the clerk against a wall and injured his back. >> also, two apartment fires in delaware are under investigation. a fire last night in wilmington injured a firefighter, a paramedic, and a 79 year old woman. all three are in stable condition. a fire sunday morning in claymont left one person dead. >> plus, neighbors gathered at a vigil for two new york city police officers, who were shot to death in a a.m. burn in brooklyn over the weaken. big city police departments around the country are warning their rang and file to wear bulletproof vests. right now it is 7:22, and it is the season of giving, one new jersey police department giving two deserving girls a happy holiday. >> mom was brutally murdered over the summer. as "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson explains, they
7:23 am
were all smiles at a surprise holiday parade, this past weekend. >> instead every slay bells, sirens, instead every reindeer, motorcycles. instead of stability a's helpers, santa's finest. clad not in green, or red, but black, and blue, to a little girl and her family all the same because with them came christmas. >> sunday a parade of gift to the front door of little jessica and big cyst, maria. >> i don't know what to say. it was really nice of them. it was big deal. >> in late july, winslow township police responded to a murder. the body of 41 year eel jennifer bong owe discovered with more than 50 stab wounds, her boyfriend, 52 year old kevin ambrose, charged with the crime. nineteen year old maria, five year old jessica, are herb daughters. >> that situation was terrible. absolutely terrible. the absolute worse murder i have ever seen, 18 years every police work. >> after working with the girls poor month, lieutenant
7:24 am
george smith decided this year, santa's workshop is coming to jersey. >> all every just children, and we decided we needed to do something special for his family. >> un to up shows a police officers donated $1,800 for gift. >> after everything that is said happened, like this is definitely going to help. >> many of the officers who came out sunday took the call and were on the job the night it came in. so as therapeutic as this was for the family, therapeutic for a lot of these guys, too. >> little bit of closure, too, to be able to help them this family, give back to them. >> even santa, who moonlights; an officer on the squad, says he's been counting on this day. >> after the year she has had, if this is something she can do to take her mind off of something. >> a bright smile, big hug, application accomplished (winds low township, steve patterson, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i just those officers coming together, you know it meant so much to that family. >> see the smile on that little girl's face, good to see some good coming from
7:25 am
tragedy. >> agreed. right now 7:25. and we want to gave you a little sneak peak inside our control room. let's take that hidden camera. there it is, a behind the scenes, look at the great folks who make this happen every day. good morning, give us a wave. one waiver, that's it. >> a lot -- there you go. hard at work. they make it happen every day, folks. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, clock 26. right over to the eyewitness weather center where meteorologist, carol erickson is standing by to tell us about rain on the way. good morning, carol. >> chilly, 25 degrees you can see out in redding this morning, but the clothes rolling in, in a number of locations, but not every location, at least at this point. you can see the area of showers to the south, they will be creeping to the north, and by the time we hit this afternoon, we will be finding some to the south. and then they migrate in. thirty-one in philadelphia right now and in allentown, 27 in millville, cold start to the day, we end up at 40 degrees this afternoon,
7:27 am
with chance of some showers, 38 tonight, tomorrow 50 degrees, showers, and wednesday, 60 degrees, but maybe some heavy rain at that point. let's check on the roads with jess. >> i can't believe 60 degrees on christmas eve, i can't get over it. thanks, carol. good morning, everybody, coming up on 73 we start things off on the ben franklin bridge from the jersey side. everything moving along nicely. you can see a little bit of volume starting to gather in the mid-span of the bridge. forma moving great. >> thanks, jest. next update clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, one little moon, rock bottom prices. for more local news weather and traffic, you can continue to watch us, on are the. w
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good morning, fire investigators are looking for the cause of two apartment complex fires, just miles apart in delaware. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is liver on the scene for us there is morning, in wilmington where the red cross is working with the families displaced by the
7:30 am
fire, good morning, january. >> diane, erika, good morning, two serious fires here in new nw castle county dill war, just miles apart from each other in just hours removed from one another, here we, are liver on site, of the second fire in wilmington, you can see, the devestation left behind, you can see all the way through those ants right there, completely burned out, three people were injured, here, 12 people are displaced but it is not even the more serious of the two fires over in claymont, close to 40 people are homeless. that fire, was also deadly. now, this was the scene in claymont early sunday morning, the fire breaking out there around 2:30 a.m. by the time fire crews arrived, the harbor house and the were engulfed in flames. we're told the fire started on the third flyer, quickly spread, and took firefighters three hours to put out the flames. found one person dead inside the apartment, 72 year old man was rescued and taken to the hospital and on top of that 17
7:31 am
and the were badly damaged leaving 40 people without a home. then last night here at this apartment complex on butter nut court in wilmington right around 9:00 another fire certain three people to the hospital, including paramedic and firefighter. here 12 people have been displaced their homes badly damaged, as well, and just days before christmas. >> like speechless, looking and crying, before christmas, tough. >> very cold morning in wilmington to be put out of your home. same goes for yesterday when these happened. the cause of both of the fires remain under investigation, and in that deadly fire, an autopsy will be performed on the victim later today. we are reporting live in wilmington, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> all right, jan, thank you. a memorial grows at the spot where two new york city police officers were gunned down saturday in a execution
7:32 am
style killing. police say 28 year old ismaaiyl brinsley fired four shots at officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu when they sat in their patrol car, then that shooter killed himself. moment before the attack, police say brinsley approached two people on the street, and bragged about his plan. >> he asked them for three things, asked them for their gang affiliation, asked them to follow him on instagram, then he says watch what i am going to do. >> now, hours before boarding a bus from baltimore to new york, investigators also say that brinsley shot his exgirlfriends in the stomach. we're told that she is expected to recover. >> a florida police officer was killed early yesterday morning after responding to a noise disturbance. authorities say 45 year old officer charles was shot and then run over. he was a member of the tarp end springs force outside tampa for 17 years after first working for the nypd. charged with first degree
7:33 am
murder, and investigators do not believe that the officers' death had anything to do with the killings of two officers in new york. >> right now, 7:33, we want to check in about carol and get our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, some areas clear, some areas cloudy. hopefully you're in the clear area. if you are, you won't be all day over the next couple of days, because more clouds start to roll in here. we are looking at some clouds over philadelphia at the present time. as you can see we take a look at the center city area and the old inquirer building. storm scan3, showing what we're dealing w these are the showers that will be coming up from the south. you can see that we have quite a bit of cloud cover now through delaware, also just clipping cape may county. the rest of of us little thinner on the clouds, but they'll be coming here along with showers this afternoon, starting from south to north. and not everywhere at the same time. but some of the showers scattered around. thirty-one out at the airport in philadelphia, 31 in allentown, it is 28 degrees down in wildwood, 27 in the poconos. so, it is a cold morning out there. we end up at 40 degrees, where we were yesterday, this is our
7:34 am
first full day of winter. we have that p.m. shower chance, very likely over much of the area today. future weather, we put this into motion. notice the clouds come in, couple of the showers also start to come in here, and they're scattered around. see the scattered nature. we keep them going even going through tuesday and specially the rain starts to come in here on wednesday. temperatures warm up, jest, a we will be at 50 tomorrow, and 60 degrees by christmas eve, and even christmas day is going to be mild. 52 degrees, the showers should be getting out of here, partly sunny by afternoon. jessica? >> thanks, carol, santa will be hot in that out. he'll re-invent his wardrobe there. blue route, 734, packing in little volume here approaching route one, and the northbound lanes, southbound moving just fine. over the ben franklin bring, see it from the philly side. westbound lanes all open, no problems getting into jersey. bill willing volume headed into the city so far. septa still dealing with some problems on the route 13 trolley. i have wire problems, another
7:35 am
shuttle bussing between mount moriah and yeadon. now an accident, out in west philly, chestnut street at 56 street. in bucks county another crash push over to the shoulder there, janet avenue, at bristol pike. currently, no delays at the philadelphia international airport. erika? >> all right, thank you, jessica well, if you want to skate somewhere warm this winter, if you want to head to the airport yourself, you can start flying non-stop from wilmington to tampa starting today. frontier airlines is offering the flights to tampa on mondays and fridays, the first flight takes off in about two hours, at 9:30 this morning. >> see you there. >> sounds nice, little sunshine. >> well, 7:35, time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, i mean, not that we could avoid it, but christmas couple of days away. you're telling us we could set some records today for a shipping company? >> yes, that's right, good morning, it will be a long day for ups workers, the shipping giant expects to deliver 34 million packages today,
7:36 am
that's the most in its history. it is a test of the company's new automated sorting system, which will help re-route packages in case of bad weather. now there is was put into place to prevent repeat of last year, we remember millions of packages did not arrive on time for christmas. no one wants that, a lot of crying kids, i'm sure. >> and few adult, too. >> nothing -- yes! exactly. >> jill a gift that keeps on giving, low gas prices, how long can we expect them to stick around? >> well the national average is now 2.47 a gallon for regular, and according to new survey, that's the low necessary five years. >> analyses say that will continue. and just this weekend, saudi arabia said it won't be cutting production to prevent price frost falling even more. so i think no complaints from consumers on their end. right now, 24 state have
7:37 am
prices below $2 a gallon, unfortunately, the most expensive gas in the nation right now, can be found in my home area, long island, new york. of course. >> most expensive for most things, right? >> thank you so much. >> thanks, jill. >> usually it is san francisco, though recalling for gas, not this week. >> take your turn, you were up. thanks, jill. >> for more money tips and information from money watch. com, head to our website and some very lucky lottery players in spain will have a happy holiday this season. >> oh, all because today is the drawing day for another world's oldest and richest lotteries, known as el gordo. this year's jackpot worth more than $2.2 billion. b with a billion you're's, about $2.7 billion. there is not just one winner there is huge jackpot will be divided between players all across spain. but $2.7 billion?
7:38 am
>> how do we get in on that? >> i know, worth flying over to buy a ticket for. >> catholics listen carefully when jesus knocks at their door. holy father told christian pilgrims visiting saint peters square when people are caught up in their day-to-day living they don't notice opportunity for christ to come in their lives. thousands crowded the square sunday to listen to the pope's speech. >> right now 7:38. and a 103 year old golfer makes history. that's coming up next on the "cw philly". >> he is 100 years old, and still on a golf course. >> i'm impressed. >> plus sixers spat at the bench, frustrating season starts to get to two of the teams young stars. 7:38. >> ♪
7:39 am
>> our own holly joel i paul jolovitz, here from sister radios station wip, here to talk about the eagles and their season all but over now, but not so joel think monday morning, but that's okay, we'll get through, talk about the game, and what happens next. that's coming up after the break. >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> look at phil, nice bling, little guy. >> hey, now it is your turn. we want to see what your he is
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up to. post your elf, using hashtag cbs-3 and elfie selfie. we may just show it right here on tv. but i doubt you have one of those rings at home, or if you do, definately sends us a picture, i want to see it. right now coming up on 7:43, carol, checking in on weather watchers. >> yes, and i've been trying to get in that trophy case for years. our weather watchers are up. finding temperatures that vary little bit depending where you are. how about a 24 degrees temperature, and this is what steve is finding out, in west chester, and he says pretty calm here, a tad chilly, but do you think i could have three more month every this? oh, steve, i'm so completely with you, i can't even stand it, because these temperatures will be getting warmer over the next couple of days. and we have 37 degrees temperature, than is from peter in trenton. and 37 degrees is not bad. storm scan3, showing, though, that we are likely to be finding some changes coming up. and this is my first attempt actually writing on there is so you guys can see this. let's see how this combination.
7:43 am
all right, oh, i did it, okay, this works. all right, thank you. this will be moving in our direction, and i have to remember to hit the erase button, there go, so we will be watching for that at the present time. we do see some areas, coy get used to this, some areas of clearing on that, but just know that the precipitation is going to be moving in. we have temperatures, that are cold, this morning, and just about every single location, and we've got 31 in philadelphia, 25 in reading, it is 20 in lancaster, you got clear skies out there, 34 in the trenton area, so depending on where you are, you have variety of weather conditions. now, we are also looking at the future weather, notice how the precipitation starts to come in here, we are watching for that as we go through the day, 7:00. some showers are scattered around. we find the same thing, 3:00 tomorrow morning, we find more showers, scattered around here, in the afternoon, wednesday, that is the day, though, i think we get the heaviest rain, looking at half inch or more of rain. if you have travel plans, not bad time to do it today. showers around on tuesday, but
7:44 am
the heavy rain and some gusty conditions, for traveling, on wednesday, will not impact santa claus, i think this is already in motion, here we go, this is christmas day, that looks okay, because it will be partly sunny by afternoon, but this is the wet day on christmas eve. 60 degrees, those temperatures not bad. and i actually work on this wall, jessica. >> so happy about that. >> i'm stunned. >> i have something to draw on, and it will be awesome. mean arrow, carol. going outside to check out how things are looking on 59 around girard, southbound delay headed towards the city, everything seems to be moving great so far. no problems on the northbound lanes. over on 422, around trooper, really some delays in the eastbound side, just behind this, so headed eastbound toward the king of prussia area, where you can see start to see some of the delays. route 13 trolley, still shuttle bussing from mount morae an into yeadon, due to wire problems, that's been out there for the predominant part
7:45 am
of the morning commute. west filet accident, turn over to the side there, chestnut street at 56 street. in bucks county crash on janet avenue, at bristol pike currently the rest of the majors doing okay on 202 and northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway, only about 14 minutes, but little bit slow on the schuylkill expressway, looking, see the real time traffic, schuylkill expressway, back to 18 minute, eastbound, pretty clear from the blue route into the vine street expressway. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport, erika. >> thank, jess. the ends after era for some college football fans, in texas. >> hundreds of spectators watched as a controlled demolition brought down portions of kyle field. that's the home of texas university football early sunday. the stadium is undergoing some $450 million worth of renovations, and the new and improved kyle field should be red any time for the first home game this fall.
7:46 am
>> made his nhl debut last night in winnipeg. gave up three goals, game went to over time, that's where jake bore check scored his seconds goal of the game, to gift flyers the four-three win. the oldest goal toy win his nhl debut since 1926. >> a frustrating season starting to boil over for the sixers. take a look at. that will that's michael carter william, and noel, getting into a heated discussion on the bench last night, then carter williams, took out his frustrations on orlando, scoring 21-point, in the 96 to 88 win. snapped five game losing streak for the sixers. >> the defending superbowl champions, look ready for another post-season run. mansion lynch carved his way through the cardinals defense, and knock over a couple of defenders on his way to the 79 touchdown run. there it is.
7:47 am
and there he goes. still going. sigh seahawks crews to the win. >> eagles fans are dealing with some serious football take-overs this morning, just rough. somehow the birds managed to blow the season, missing the playoffs. >> and the worse part is dallas' nfc east champion. paul jolovitz from sport radio 94wip is here. sad morning for us. >> it is sad. >> personalities, different and else. >> not long ago we were nine and three, and now out? >> schizophrenia. only the third team guys, nine and three, to miss a playoff, clinch it before the last week, thanksgiving so bright in dallas. who could have ever thought, flight. >> no kidding. >> mistakes, missed opportunities, and turnovers, and just giving things away.
7:48 am
that's the frustrating thing. >> right. >> who dough we blame here? sanchez, offensive line? he look so good in the start of his first game. >> thirteen turns overs in season. >> dallas, anomaly dallas. mark sanchez, da the turn over. and at the wrong time, i mean, throws off the back foot there late in the game. >> red zone, get turn over start of the second half. miss wide open ertz for three and a half miles here, just can't do that. >> at the end of the game, eagles last gasp. going away, then of course dallas pounded indianapolis, what looked so bright for chip kelly, and then just multiple holes, and saturday exposed all of them, see rgiii walking off the field.
7:49 am
>> penalties, including some bad calls, but a loft good calls, lack every discipline, kerry williams,. >> just can't give stub away in the nfl. otherwise team like the redskins, lost six in a row, we'll take it. >> so what happens sunday? against the giants? >> win of those meaningless games, chip kelly i don't think missed an game. go through the motions, you try to win a game, play hard, these guys playing for their jobs in some cases, just frustrating and depress that sunday will be a walk into no where. >> hossa game, but bring nothing but golf. >> giants have nothing to play for either. snow could be a slug match. >> never know what is going to happen. giant, i think tom will probably coach next year, but then with the significant else -- eagles secondary, desean jackson, and the need
7:50 am
to sharp then secondary, see it sunday, but you want a win, but then again get draft position, who thought it would ever come to this? >> what position do you think the eagles will go after? >> you have to go for the best available player, when you draft in free agencies, a mix, but that secondary has to be reshaped. nick foles probably going to be the quarterback next year, unless they see something via trade, but the secondary, you got to be able to defends, especially receivers. i mean, the offensive line, but the secondary, secondary, secondary, secondary. >> i think we'll hear a lot of talk about this in the coming weeks, who does not come back next year? >> a lot of people. mark sanchez, i'm guessing, being one of them, and beyond that, mine, turn over in every nfl team, every nfl season, but the way this season ended, is going to be huge wake-up call that it is not about the system, it is about the players. >> right. >> and they need more, need better. watch the team on completely different level than the
7:51 am
eagles, you watch last night, they you want the eagles to do that, not that close to that yet. >> they've got the fan support. >> and we'll see you what next week? >> hopefully. >> make it a happy holiday, thanks, jolly. >> well, this is a store tai might make you feel better. florida golfer may have made history as the oldest person to record a hole in one. pga says 103 year olds gust scored the eighth last wednesday, at palm air country club in czar society a now he most likely breaks the record of the oldest person to make a hole in one, the previous record was set by a 102 year old woman in 2007. >> in the hole, in the hole. >> great. now said that it is his eighth time making a hole in one, how about that, since 1939. and he says he looks forward to doing it again, and good thing ukee is not here, because he would not be happy right now. >> ukee, yet to make a hole in
7:52 am
bun, he tells me, so would be a little jealous, i imagine. >> how many people can say they've been on a gloves since 1939? >> good for him. >> staying young. >> wedding bells ringing for two musicians. >> word on who tied the knot over the weekend. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
the rocket man posted this picture from his instagram page of the wedding. after more than 20 years together, they officially mash i had yesterday on the ninth anniversary of their civil partnership. the ceremony was held at their estate in great great britain. the couple have two children, zachary jackson laugh on and elijah joseph daniel. >> and former n'sync, lance
7:55 am
bass, also got hitched over the weekend, lance tied the knot with his partner of four years, michael, the couple exchanged vows in front of star studded celebration, with 300 guests. the pop star's former band mates, joey, and jay c, and chris kirkpatrick were there. justin timberlake couldn't make it, currently on tour. >> that's great. from n'sync back in the day to now supporting each other's -- >> nice to see they're still together. >> well done. we'll be right back.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. right over to carol erickson, in for katie, and we want to grab the umbrella, flight. >> yes, for later today. not raining right now, but we are watching some showers coming in. and you'll need it other next couple of days anyway. so finds it now. we are looking right now at some clouds. you can see them over cape may courthouse, 30 degrees now, no win. we've been very spared on the wind over the last couple of days. and we'll continue to find that again today. we've got some clouds moving in. you can also see the rain to the south, but it moves toward the north, by this afternoon, from south to north. you could be finding some showers scattered around here, 31 out at the airport right now, 32 allentown, 27 in millville, temperatures are cold now, but they warm up little today. 40 degrees. tomorrow, 50 degrees, with scattered showers, christmas
7:57 am
eve, 60 degrees, maybe plus, with heavy rain possible. christmas day should be dry, 5052 degrees. let's check on the roads with jess. >> thank you, carol. good morning, everybody, things starting to pack in a little bit after punch here on 422, just past trooper road, eastbound approaching the king of prussia area, see some of the delays. and shuttle bussing on the route 13 trolley for septa from mount morae a to yeadon due to wire problems, erika, back over to you. >> thank you, next update at 8:25, next on cbs this morning inside microsoft innovation lab. your local news weather and traffic continues with us on the "cw philly"ment on these channels. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> breaking right now, a possible abduction case un folding in the olney section of philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the 700 block of west chew avenue, where they just discovered a victim with several facial injuries. they also took one person into custody, and they're still looking for another person. we'll stay on top of this, and bring you more information as
8:00 am
we get it. >> meanwhile, police departments across the nation are on high alert this morning after two new york city police officers are executed in a patrol car. >> as don champion reports, the killings have prompted police brass to continue to issue warnings, on how officers need to protect themselves. >> police officers stood by the public in brooklyn sunday to pay tribute to two officers who were ambushed. >> the assassination of members of our family involve communities. we all mourn together. >> forty year old rafael ramos, 32 year old wenjian liu were shot and killed as they sat in their cruisers saturday. the gunman, 28 years old ismaaiyl brinsley took his own life. moment of silence was held for officers at madison square garden as the new york rangers carolina hurricanes game. seven year veteran, wenjian liu, married seven month. and he joined years ago. >> he loved his wife,


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