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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 26, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is being called a christmas miracle. a baby is born on the septa subway train and coming up we'll hear from the officers who helped mom and dad during that delivery. >> such a great story this morning. >> it really is. >> good morning to you, it is friday, december 26. i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer in for ukee this morning. we start with a check of traffic and weather together. katie and vittoria keeping an eye on things. >> tell you what, i feel like both vittoria and i have pretty decent weather news for traffic and weather together, right? >> very true. >> yes, because day after the holiday, also now the day after cold front passage. we have some great weather unfolding here for you today. so, let's go ahead, start things offer, take you right outside, show you the view on storm scan3, things are very, very quiet.
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clear, as a bell, as they say, and certainly we've got us little thin vale of clouds up across western pennsylvania, up-state new york, but it is not going to mess you with -- us whatsoever. we expect bright sunshine across the board all day today, perhaps few clouds up in the poconos, but really the only oddball out there. meanwhile, look how much colder it is by comparison. i have to tell you, obvious we've certainly seen knock back on the thermometer readings here, since yesterday morning, but it would be really hard to beat. and see anything warmer than what we saw yesterday this same time. and technically, guys, 38 degrees at this time of the morning, on this day of the year, that's still above average if you can believe it. 34 degrees the current temperature in ac right now, at 31 in mount pocono, but nice clear sky, you know, it is going to just be a beautiful day. so you still want to have your heavier jacket ready to go if you are going to maybe play with your brand new football santa brought you out in the yards today. this will actually be nice mild day for late december standards w full sunshine, virtually no wind vittoria, i tell you what, doesn't get much better than this.
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>> really doesn't. you know what? trafficking -- traffic and weather together go hand-in-hand. traveling on the roads, just as gorgeous, no delays, no problems. take a look at the schuylkill expressway, traveling on 76 right around city avenue, this would be your westbound side, eastbound on the opposite fence there, but you will notice, that there are only few vehicles out there. that's great news, especially, if you are doing any holiday returns. anyway, moving on over to the platt bridge, also, beautiful, all of the bridges are great. the platt, the betsy, ben, tack, excellent, no problems, no delays. we continue and take a look at the speed censors, high up in the 50's, not only in pa, not only on the turnpike, the schuylkill, 95, the blue route, but also traveling in new jersey, 295, the 42, atlantic city expressway. elsewhere, if you are traveling in delaware, route 13 northbound right at route 40, we do have an accident unfortunately blocking two left lanes, so, try to avoid that area if you k no delays for mass transit. erika.
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>> vittoria, thank you. new this morning, police on the hunt for the brazen thief who robbed a chain east take out, just steps from philadelphia's 35th police district. "eyewitness news" on the 5900 block of north broad street, in fernrock. police say that the suspect held up asia two chinese restaurant, just before 2:00 a.m. then took off in a blue colored mini-van. no one was hurt. >> well, this is the story we're so happy to talk about this morning, we love this one, really talk about being until the right place at the right time. two septa transit officers made a very special delivery on a train in center city philadelphia. >> yes, the station was ready. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live outside hahnemann hospital with more on what some are calling a christmas miracle. jan, good morning. >> reporter: nicole, erika, good morning, when you consider that this baby was delivered on a septa subway train safely, many are calling it a christmas miracle this morning, and this morning, this mother and baby boy are here at hahnemann hospital we're told in good condition. and that is thanks in part to a couple of septa police
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officers. when the septa train pulled into the station at 15th and market on christmas evening, police officers terrell james and dan july caban didn't know it yet, but in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> saw passengers looking around, know something something so going on. >> second passerby said hey i believe somebody is going into labor. >> that western was right. inside a train car in front of concerned passengers and captured on septa surveillance video, one baby couldn't wait any longer. mom was delivering in her seat on the train. >> we went on the scene, we saw the baby, getting ready to come out. we went right into action. her husband was there. he helped out. he helped us out. he gave us a shirt off his back. we wrapped the baby around. >> humbly, the officer say they were just in the right place at the right time. but this no doubt was truely a miracle under market street. >> when you talk about christmas, a time forgiving, gifting, and just, you know, joyous times.
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the fact that this woman is going to look back and say in her time of need, to make a joyous occasion, you know, septa police were there to help her. it will be amazing. >> now, both of these officers are actually fathers themselves. but they never had gone through anything like this on the job. they both say they're honored to be part of the experience. reporting live in center city this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> thanks, january. well, septa police chief, jokes about the unusual delivery by tweeting: for those who that have asked, i've wade today's fare for our new egg rider. >> one time thing, kid, don't get used to it. >> 7:00 #, a happening today, viewing will be held at queen's church this afternoon for officer rafael ramos. he was one of two new york city police officers gunned down in brooklyn last weekend. as don champion tells us, despite the difficult time, authorities in the city remain on high alert on the new threats against officers. >> reporter: the unimaginable
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pain was evident on the faces of the family of officer rafael ramos everything caring blue roses, visited growing memorial in brooklyn new york christmas night. thanking those who protect and serve, just as ramos had done as he was killed at the same spot last weekend. this woman raised her voice in song, to pay tribute to the father of two, ramos, and his partner, and mentally disturbed, and intent on killing police officers. >> as much as they hurt, we hurt with them. >> in glenn dade, queens blue ribbons now on display for blocks along myrtle avenue, leading to christ tabernacle church where ramos' family and friends will begin to say good-bye today. >> more than 20,000 members of law enforcement from the us and canada will be coming -- coming their queens new york to pay respect to ramos. >> many new yorkers hope things remain peaceful, despite ongoing demonstrations
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against police over recent officer-involved killings. >> i wouldn't be able to do what they do. and i give them a lot of yesterday. >> i in the wake of the deaf ramos and wenjian liu, they've on high alert, increased security at station houses, also arrested and charged several people thursday, with making threats against officers. don champion, "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". meanwhile, dozens gathered outside after church in st. louis, on christmas, for a peaceful protest. it was organized after the shooting death after 18 year old black man, by a whitt police officer tuesday night. the teenager pointed a gun at the officers. it happened in suburb of berkley, just a few miles outside of ferguson, missouri where michael brown was killed in august. >> and take a look at this huge mess left behind by demonstrators in oakland, california. they took to the streets last night, to protest violence by police there. authorities say a large group got out of hand, breaking almost 30 windows and damaging the city's christmas tree.
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because of the holiday, there were fewer than 40 oakland police officers, assigned to handle the protest. >> well, president and mrs. obama took time out from their vacation to visit troops in hawaii. >> the world is better, it is safer, it is more peaceful, it is more prosperous, and our homeland is protected because of you. >> it has become an annual tradition for the first family, thanking the troops at a marine base during their vacation in the 50th state. president pointed out this is the last christmas before the majority of american troops are pulled out of afghanistan, next week. former president george h.w. bush is reportedly doing well, but he will remain in a houston hospital for treatment of shortness of breath. a spokesman says mr. bush has in great spirits at 90 years old, he is the oldest living us president. 7:08 right now. and remembering a horrific event, ten years ago today. >> one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded, triggered ththe deadliest tsunami in history. coming up next, how southeast
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asia and the world is paying tribute to more than 200,000 lives lost. >> also ahead, reaction from gamers after a christmas day disruption. the world's biggest video game console network taken down by possible hacking attack. >> ♪ don't dream it is over. say it isn't so. the day after christmas, at least for me, is just a let-down. i don't mean to be a debbie downer, but no more christmas music, the you but we'll get through it together. forging on toward 2015. it will be a good year, we'll focus on that: there you go. >> ♪
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today marks the tenth anniversary of earthquake and tsunami that devastated several communities in asian and east africa. nearly quarter million people died in that disaster, as andrew spencer reports, its scars remain even decade later. >> if you see enough children in the indonesian village here, you soon realize few of them are older than ten. that's because ten years ago a tsunami killed most of the kids in this village t also wiped out the village where this boy lived. martinez been playing soccer on the beach when the waves hit the shore. found three weeks later somehow still alive. he still owns the portugal jersey he was found in.
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>> there was a learning for 21 days, i was alone, there i saw dead bodies around me, and i ate what i found in the sea. >> the images from ten years ago were startling. but few can really show the scale of the devestation. more than 1.7 million people displaced. more than 227,000 believed to have died. for weeks, photos of the missing analysts of names, paper bulletin boards, in thailand, many of these people were never found. the third largest earthquake ever recorded measures magnitude of 9.1, is believed to have displaced several feet of water across 600 miles of the indian ocean floor, the resulting wave grew to be massive, drawing water away from the shore, before hammering the coastlines of 14 countries in southeast asia, a second wave would follow, moving even farther inland. the resulting damage was incomprehensible, ten years later, the damage has been clean up, and homes have been rebuilt. but the emotional and
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psychological scars remain. andrew spencer, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". 7:14 right now, let's get traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, erika, just amazing the power whatever mother nature can do. but, as far as we're concerned, things are definitely quieting down for us, for today, as well as into tomorrow. now, yesterday marks the passage of official passage of cold front. really kicked in the winds in its wake here in atlantic city, mount pocono, philadelphia, all three spots reported 40-mile per hour gusts or more, in allentown, just shy of 40-mile per hour gust reported, and my hairstyle can definitely a test to that is correct i was up in allentown visiting family myself yesterday. very blustery day if you were outside, you certainly know. that meanwhile, storm scan3, empty, at this point, high pressure building in nicely here, it will keep skies nice and clear, too, so, there is a gorgeous sunrise, that's getting underway. meanwhile, well off in the distance, if you see just beyond the three, storm scan3, little hint of moisture, that's the very combination of a frontal boundery that will
7:15 am
eventually cross through. and knock our temperatures back to reality, essentially, right now it is colder than yesterday this same time. but it is technically still above average with temperatures generally low, mid 30's, upper 30's, the colds he is air certainly out, there but well off to the northwest, and it is pent up across the canadian prairie. does appear the jet stream will keep this coldest air out of our hair, so, with high pressure, and the next front situated the way they'll be, we keep above average warmth for the next three days before that cold front crosses. what did i tell you? look at the pretty colors. again, we have about six, seven minutes before the sun will actually be visible over the horizon, but the light of day and the clear sky really shedding some beautiful colors over the sky scape this morning for us around the board, not just in kutztown, but pretty much everywhere else. ooh degrees our expected high today. not bad for late december standards. normal high about 42 degrees or so. so dot math, above average there, and we can expect to see that sunshine brightly and the clear skies hang on for us, right through tomorrow. now, come sunday, it is still mild, because it is again
7:16 am
marking the arrival and passage of the cold front. so by monday, that cold air will have caught up to us, and i'll gave you a hint, back down to seasonable territory, generally low mid 40's, the expectation it, could be colder. >> and last weekends there is same time? >> sure thing. >> you know traffic and weather together, hands in hand right now, katie. >> skipping right along. >> skipping right along. >> through a meadow, right. >> we can record a video of that. that would be good. >> should we? >> all right, we'll see. >> i want to see it. good video. anyway, good morning, everyone, traveling on the majors you're, as we've been talking about, so true, traffic and weather together going hand-in-hand, beautiful weather, beautiful traffic. that is very few and far between that we get to say that on a friday morning, especially. but since it is coming off of a holiday, that's probably why we're seeing the roads look at clear as we are right now. so traveling 95 this shot here not too far away from the area of girard avenue, notice the construction zones, but traveling in either direction,
7:17 am
there is no problem. and it is the entire lent of the 95 corridor here in our area, so just beautiful nice. moving our way into new jersey, same story, 42 freeway, traveling northbound, where we usually see a delay at this time. but not today. southbound also in the clear. atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway, everything, looking beautiful, so move now to the map. notice speed censors are high up in the 50's, 55 the average really on all of the majors, if you are traveling, on the roosevelt boulevard, pa turnpike, northeast extension, it is beautiful, it is really, really nice out there. unfortunately, however, if you are traveling in delaware, route 13, northbound, just beyond route 40, we do have a dent which is compromising two left lanes. so, if is where you are headed, try to avoid it if you can. two, just give yourself touch more time as you maneuver through the area. traveling mass transit, some are wrong on modified schedule. so just be minds full of that. nick snow. >> good to know, vittoria, thank you. some shoppers are headed out early to try to get great after christmas sales.
7:18 am
>> retail remembers luring shoppers in with great deals up to 08% off in some stores. >> oh? >> you can expect to save on almost everything today from clothes, to electronics, and really everything inbetween. the cherry hill mall just opened its doors at 7:00. king of prussia will open little later in about 40 minute, at 8:00. >> not everyone is out to make a purchase today. if you are perhaps returning a gift, not so fond of, you may find more retailers imposing certain restrictions. that's because more and more stores are cracking down on fraudulent returns which will cost retailers almost $4 billion, this holiday shopping season. experts suggest keeping your receipt and id handy, also picking to the return times to avoid any issues. little do you have ask for the receipt for a gift. >> like do you have that? oh, no, no, i like the sweater. >> why do you need it? >> all right, well another possible hack attack left a lot of people disappointed christmas morning. >> appears zone supply been hit yet again there is time on its play station network. and, microsoft's xbox two, tara mergener explains what happened, and who made be to
7:19 am
blame. >> a christmas wish come true for grace and tj, or so it seems. >> think were up all morning, set it up. >> but excitement turned to frustration where unlike their cousin's xbox dad couldn't get theirs fired up. >> kept getting the same screen that says trouble download g, trouble download g, trouble with the update. i always assume that's something i was doing wrong. >> turns out problems with the microsoft xbox site, and sony were widespread, pros christmas day hack attack. >> just realized that all the new xbox's got block off. >> kind of like blown my minds. >> an in the on xbox's website red: we are aware users are having issues logging into xbox live. and we're actively work to go resolve. and sony's play station site says off line. ask play station tweeted:
7:20 am
we're still looking into the play station network issues reported earlier. thanks again for your continued patience. on twitter, a hacker group calling itself lizard squad appears to take credit for the disruptions. and this faughey can do now, hope for christmas magic a little late. tara mergener, for "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". >> they still look like they're having a good time. >> oh, ya. >> hands are going, they're shouting, anyway, headed to holiday party or maybe going out for new years eve. >> coming up next, we have some high-tech help for to you finds a babysitter. >> if you're in need of childcare, turn to the internet, couple of of great websites to contact you to a fantastic babysitter. all have my observations doing up up in the next tech minute. >> what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly". no matter who you are,
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>> in is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, aim nicole brewer. let's get right over to the eyewitness weather forecast, katie, the day after christmas but all is merry and bright. >> certainly is, absolutely bright out there today, nicole, good morning, everybody, very happy friday to you. if you've got any kinds of outdoor plans scheduled they're go, big thumbs-up on a forecast like there is storm scan3, does actually have satellite and radar layers over top. but not a heck of a lot to see here, folks. we have crystal clear blue sky, and gorgeous sunrise, take a look at just one of the sunrise cameras here. in the live neighborhood network outside middle township high school. chillier, certainly, but look at the clear sky, and the gorgeous, you know, bright ball of sunshine out there. and that's all you are going to find out there today as well as into tomorrow, with temperatures remaining above
7:27 am
the norm, right through sunday. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, you know traffic and weather together go together this morning. it is a beautiful day. and it is a beautiful day traffic wise, as well, sofas we take a look at the ben franklin bridge, no problems in either direction. head into jersey, head into pa, all the same. it is beautiful. moving our way now to 422 right around 29, again, no signs of a rush hour this morning, and that's the case all over. speed censors high up in the 50's, everywhere this is the green, no delays for mass transit. things at the airport are fine, nicole? >> vittoria, negatives update clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, the booming film industry down south. more local news weathther and traffic on the "cw philly". you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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and good morning to you. a new mother has two septa transit officers to thank for her very special christmas gift. >> jan joins us outside hahnemann hospital with details on how the officers came to the rescue, and that mom started to go into labor
7:30 am
on the subway of all places. let's check in with jan? can she hear us? >> give her a second. technical difficulties. there you go. >> reporter: erika, nicole, good morning there is definitely was a special delivery, a christmas miracle, for everyone involved, now, mom, dad, baby, are all here at hahnemann hospital. we're told in good condition this morning, and that's due in part to couple of septa police officers. now, if you take a look at the video, you can she whole special delivery was actually caught on camera. this is that baby, wrapped up, just moments after he entered into the world. this all happened on a septa train that had just arrived at the 15th and market station on christmas christmas evening. police got word over the radio that someone was in need of, and as the officers approach the cars, concerned passengers team them a woman was in labor. they sprung into action. soon after, a healthy baby boy was in their arms safe and
7:31 am
sound. >> we were just there doing what we do, you know, just there to help people, in anyway shape or form that comes. >> we delivered baby for her. like her christmas present, but also like a blessing and present for myself. this is the first time i experienced something like this. >> now those officers are actually fathers themselves, but they say they've never gone through anything like this on the job, they say they're honored to be a part of experience. >> they really stepped up. >> oh, no kidding. great story. thank you. >> talking about kwanzaa now, week long celebration of african culture and tradition it, begins today. the holiday dedicates each day to seven founding principals, today is aounly, the african-american museum in center sitly kick off their annual kwanzaa celebration. it runs through new years day. >> americans aren't the owned
7:32 am
once searching for the after christmas bargain. people in the uk, canada, australia, celebrating boxing day today. holiday bridges out savvy shoppers looking for chance to snag big post holiday discount. australians are projected to spend $2.1 billion on boxing day this year alone. >> wow. >> that's a lot of money. for me after christmas, no more spending, please. >> exactly. >> unless it is a gift card! >> but great to get those discount, too, katy? >> absolutely, agree, yes, good morning, happy friday to you, and also, you know, expect to go see some very pleasant weather out there today. if you are one of the folks maybe taking your brand new gift cards out, you go spend them, we can expect to see some great weather for that. and, you will not be needing the umbrella at least not just yet. we take you on out there. show you the screw view on storm scan3, remains very quiet at the hour, i feel like long time since we could report storm scan3 was just completely devoid of not just wet weather, but even cloud cover.
7:33 am
i can't remember the last time we had just a cloudless sky at this time of day. it has been a long time. meanwhile, with high pressure in place, you can expect just beautiful day, and beautiful day tomorrow, too. all courtesy of that high pressure cell. and the worse of the cold air also to just stay pent up across canada. so while, yes, it is colder by comparison to yesterday this same time, it is actually still technically bit above average with the actual readings on the thermometer, as the day progresses it stays that way. thirty-two, the current temperature in doylestown, in at 36 mt. holly, where our national weather service regional office is headquartered. as the day progresses we expect wall-to-wall sunshine. so sunglasses retired for sure, but this is a really nice afternoon. if you want to maybe toss around that brand new football you got under the christmas tree, wouldn't be the worse idea in the world. vittoria, over to you. >> nice way to spends a friday, wouldn't it? good morning, everyone, traveling all of our majors, definitely a nice way to even spend your friday if you are doing any traveling this morning. as we take a nice birds eye view of 95, right around 452,
7:34 am
delaware county, notice it is great out there. only few vehicles, you will notice, point out some of the sun glare in the lens, so, if you are traveling, even though it is beautiful outside, you will notice the sun glare, so pass the shades, maybe you got new pair for christmas, but looking great all over the place. >> this shot here, 309, right around the area of the pa turnpike, even when you get to the turnpike it is fantasticment all of the majors are high up in the 50's, we take a look at the speed censors, fantastic all agree what we are seeing here, just like what we want to see. not only pa, it is also new jersey, move through into delaware, maybe moving throughout toward bucks county, in toward the trenton area, so also fantastic once you get there. moving our way however on 422 eastbound, we do have construction project between stowe and route 100, be minds full of lane blockage or two, not causing too far -- too much of a problem. one lane for quite some time, will be until early january, which is not too far away. mass transit, things at the airport also looking great. nicole.
7:35 am
>> all right, vet tore crashes thanks. "the interview" being shown, despite threat from korea and the recent sony hacking scandal. one of the theatres in wilmington, delaware, and the much talk about opening day: >> reporter: thumbs mostly up from crowds leaving the 1:00 p.m. showing "the interview" from wilmington pen cinema. the comedy didn't need to be the car worthy for them to turn out. >> in 72 my mother would call this a b movie. i think i am more, with the, with the identify thea country could try to stop america from putting a movie out. >> federal officials say that was the motive for north korean hackers upset that leader kim jong un is the target after made up assassination plot led by us intelligence. >> cia would love it if you could take him. >> the in retaliation, real life hackers went after sony pictures, the company behind the film leaking sensitive data like staffers private emails, also threats of violence at theatres choose to
7:36 am
go runt film, and several movie chains backed out and sony nearly yanked it, too, until now. >> i feel like as long as we keep it good fun, spirit, not take it too seriously, should be fun and just have fun with it. >> great movie, great movie, all of the factors are in there. >> do you think kim jong un would like it. >> interview also live on line to rent or buy. and this movie goer says he will be watching it again, saying the comedy also has sophisticated side. >> shows perspective from the side of north korea, from what their people see, versus what we actually see. it shows the difference between propaganda, how we perceive it, how they portray it. >> and after talks with sony, pen cinema says it decided to run the interview, but with extra security, provided by wilmington police. if staffers say the first showing so strong it nearly sold out. in wilmington, justin finch, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly".
7:37 am
>> there is a new fight at the old revel casino in atlantic city. the developer who plans to buy the building wants some money back. lawyers for glenn straub says that he should only have to pay $87 million for the property. straub lost the auction for revel after bidding $95 million, but the original buyer backed out. a judge will now decide next month how much straub should pay for the casino. >> it is 7:37 right now. time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, of course the day after christmas, all of the presents have been opened. now wondering how the season was for retailers? >> reporter: well, good morning, erika, nicole. season's holiday sales reportedly will just meet expectations, but 4% increase from last year, national retail federation says stores didn't see that huge rush of last minute shoppers this year. sales were also spotty on "black friday", so could see a lot of people hitting the after christmas sales this week. even though they're just met expectations we should note
7:38 am
sales grew at the fastest rate in about four years, so still some good news therefore retailers. erika, nicole? >> jill, one of the gifts that's always popular, gift cards, now hearing that you can actually cash them in if you don't like the store? that it is to? you can catch it in for something else? >> if you got holiday gift card from a store you don't like, wal-mart will take it. so for the next few weeks, you can go on line, exchange gift cards, for more than 200 other retailers, wal-mart will give you up to 97% of the card's value, but it does vary. so, for example, an amazon gift card will get you to up 95%. while some brands will only be worth about 70%. but if you weren't going to use the gift card, still a good deal there. erika, nicole? >> at least you get something for it. >> that's right. thanks, jill. >> for more money tips and information from money watch. com head to our website when a grin. tried to steel christmas from a california family, some first responders came to the
7:39 am
rescue. we have home video here showing the moment when the police officers and county firefighters surprised this family with gift on christmas. the family's hand did a was stolen on christmas eve, with all of the present they had saved up, locked in the trunk. >> they were able to come through for us in a big way. >> i got gooey gooey and chap stick and lip. >> we want to do something for the family to make sure these kids have a good christmas. >> and they certainly did. while police officers and firefighters often team to up save lives, also saved christmas for that very greatful family of six. >> again, my favorite line. gooey gooey chap stick and lip gloss. what else do you need? what more could a girl want? >> that's grace. 7:30 right now. possible new help for americans battling obesity. >> coming up next in the health watch, details on new weight management drug approved by the fda. >> and ahead in sports, little holiday fun packed in. also, a shack attack of sorts. we'll explain what happened there coming up next.
7:40 am
>> ♪ >> got too much fact away in your frig after christmas? i think we all do. coming up, some help for heating up holiday leftovers. how to make sure you don't get a food born illness. >> thank you. >> that wouldn't be good. >> not after the holidays, not really any time. not a good idea. so you want to listen up for. that will we've got the warning. coming up next. >> ♪
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> take a look at this damage here, happened early yesterday morning, home near tampa. twenty-eight year old homeowner said she thankful no one was seriously hurt. but she's wore wade she'll do, because now she has to rebuild on affixed income. >> i have to move out. i've lived here 46 years. i've practically raised my family here. no mansion, but it was my home, and now i don't have a home. >> just heart breaking. police are investigating that
7:43 am
crash. they say it may have been caused by a medical emergency. >> on your health watch this morning, there is new help for americans battling obesity. the fda just approved a new weight management drug, researchers say that clinical trials show 62% of patient lost at least 5% of their body fat on that drug. the medication is only approved, though, for people who are overweight and have high blood pressure, cholesterol, type two diabetes. >> well, many of us will be indulge in holiday leftovers the next few days, while they can make some quick and easy tasty meals, if they weren't stored properly, could you unwrap a food born illness. danielle nottingham with more on what you need to know before you dick in. >> tis the season for turkey, all of the trim willing, cookies, and pies. we often end up with enough leftovers fors weeks. but it doesn't mean you should eat them that long. registered dietition lindsey malone from the cleveland clinic, warns, bacteria can
7:44 am
grow on foods, and can make you sick. >> the general rule of thumb is something's been in your frig for longer than, you know, three, four days, you want to it is it. >> also on the toss list, anything that's self-served, like chips, crackers, dip, and nuts. and anything left sitting out. >> for that longer than two-hour period, bacteria is growing. and it doubles just about every 20 minutes. >> when it comes to re-heating holiday leftovers, experts say, the microwave is not the best option. warming food in the oven is recommended, because it heats more evenly, and thoroughly. >> you want to make sure that you're re heating them to internal temperature of approximately 165 degrees. and so what that is going to do is it will kill some of the bacteria, that could have had an opportunity to grow, when it was, you know, sitting. g out in your table or cooling off period. >> just because the leftovers still looks good or smells good doesn't mean it can't make you sick. if bacteria is lingering, you
7:45 am
won't be able to see it, smell it, or taste it. danielle nottingham, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> and oh, the leftovers. >> let's check in with katie. >> you know? >> just put it in the oven. >> i have to tell you, i'm with you, tough to turn them down. >> this is great looking forecast today, tomorrow, high pressure on our side, worse of any chill pent up in canada. nice clear sky. obviously little thin vale of cloud cover, from northern new england up-state new york back in toward western pennsylvania, but, it is really not going to affect us at all. i expect wall-to-wall sunshine in fact here in our area. and again, it is all thanks to high pressure building in place. you have nice large dome of it, little h on therefore indication, but we do have the combination at least of a frontal boundery. you can see some of the snow, it is very light at this point, but that will eventually be the next weather feature, that moves through, and changes our pattern little
7:46 am
bit here. so we walk you through the timing herement mile air, still in place. today, tomorrow, and even sunday, as we start to see that next cold front coming through. so today's just beautiful, lighting winds, slackening wind. keep the sunshine, saturday also looking pretty darn nice, mid 50's expected, but you can see something waiting off in the wings here, and that's the next front that comes through on sunday, it is going to trigger some rain showers, but we do keep you mild until it crosses through. and big heads up into monday, this front actually not necessarily going to be right here, but will be a little bit more removed off the south. and there is the area of low pressure developing along it, depending where all of that sets up. we have the possibility to see some rain or snow showers. just chance right now. we will certainly let you know as things evolve. meanwhile, take a look what we do know will happen sunday with the front coming throughment triggers some showers. certainly more clouds, as we start the day off. likely see those showers move through around midday, but, it looks like it is just rain this time around for everybody. maybe lingering shower or two beyond that point into the
7:47 am
early afternoon. then we should start to clear things out for you headed into that night. as we check in with the eyewitness weather watchers, no clouds in site really. very limited cloud cover in fact in mountain, pa, helen davis sent in beautiful sunrise picture. just seeing absolutely beautiful views from our east-facing camera shots here all morning long. just great sunrise, temperature readings meanwhile have been reported, to be a lot colder than they were yet at this same time, robert, langhorne, atlantic city, willow grove, atglenn, all in the 30's. winds light ends up a lot. into the teens, 20's, even 30's, throughout the course of the day yesterday. very persistent. still, a westerly component to that wind by the way. but it is easing up for us. let's take you out to the slopes here. if you are a skier and ski bunny and you want to hit the slopes, i say today and tomorrow looking fantastic for. that will little milder perhaps than the ski resort would be hoping for. but nice weather to hit the slopes for sure until you hit
7:48 am
sunday. that's when the rain showers and clouds move back in. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks good. we keep things nice and mild for you right through sunday with the temperatures, but watching for the showers to pick up then throughout the day sunday, come monday, temperatures actually take their hit. just dose of reality though, 43 degrees, way more typical of where we should be. we have frankly, very spoiled with these temperatures as of late. >> i think you're right about that. but i think we deserve t we're good people. we work hard. >> there you go. >> you snow we'll take t you just say thank you. good morning, everyone, right now you have lot to be thankful for if you are traveling on any of the majors. take a look at the vine street expressway. it is beautiful, it is wide open, tan doesn't matter where you are going. maybe headed toward the schuylkill expressway in the westbound direction, or headed down toward 95, in the eastbound direction. it is great out there. no problems, no delays, and it is not just on the vine street expressway. it is everywhere. traveling on the schuylkill expressway, this is 76 right around city avenue. not 476, but traveling on the schuylkill expressway, you will notice making your way toward your western suburbs, not a problem.
7:49 am
even the blue route, when we get now to the map, notice we're in the green there, as well. so traveling throughout the majors, speed censors high up in the 50's just where where we like it, not only pa, jersey, delaware, bucks county, around the mid-county toll plaza, and all of the rest of our countries. how much, we do have construction not too far away from havertown, closing men owe a road between darby, err link ton, between nine to 3:00. brook line boulevard your best bet. >> vittoria, thanks. well, the sixers road trip takes them to portland tonight to play the first place trailblazers. the six verse won two games in a row, so, let's go ahead, make it three. why not? game time 10:00 o'clock in the eastern time zone. >> number 23, labron james. that is the introduction and ovation for labron james making first trip to miami since leaves the heat to go back to the cleveland cavaliers. labron won 2nba championships with the heat after taking his
7:50 am
talents to south beach few years ago. king james scored 30 points in his return last night. but his old team beat the cavs 101-91. >> and another nba game featured john wall of the washington wizards, just pulled off 360 while driving the lane. he flipped defenders and his lay up goes in, had 24 points, 11 assists, over the new york knits, 102-91. >> check out the get up on former sixer spencer haas, really fantastic. he plays for the los angeles clippers now. they beat the golden state warriors last night, no doubt, inspired by haas' holiday suit. i'm sure it helped. ' cents new injury, so necessary street clothes, if that's what you call, you know, this festive fashion statement. we'll call it street clothes. by the way, he is 7 feet tall. so his suit is easy to spot. and probably difficult to taylor, hard to find things like that. >> hey, look at this. that is shaquile o'neil getting pushed into the studio christmas tree on the set of
7:51 am
tnt sport. yes there is happened during half time of that clippers-warriors game. kenny smith is the analyst to blame here. ouch. slack was not injured. but that tree, women, instead of those presents, some of the present may be head today to the disable list. that's a big dude. fast and furious into the tree. >> that little guy. >> i think shack helped out in the projectory. >> he may have wanted to crash. >> crazy guy. by all accounts this next store i could have had an unhappy ending. >> really scary one, but a dog thanking his lucky stars after a 15 story fall. and wait until you find out where his owner found him. that's coming up next. >> hi, i'm captain john de lauren tis currently station in the korea i would like to send shout out to my mother evelyn, my father, john, my brother, nicholas, in wrightstown, and to all of my family and friends in new jersey, best wishes for a
7:52 am
happy and healthy holiday season. i love and miss you all.
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> the d after christmas, you feel so blessed for your family, the people you have to spend it w obviously cars is over to the new year. >> good couple every days, we continue them right now. >> yes, with this next story, actually some good news here. one tough dog in sacramento, california who survived one pretty long fall. >> sam, boston terrier, 13 years old, partially blind. he fell 15 stories from his sacramento's tallest buildings while getting some sun on his owner's balcony. sam drifted in the air then
7:55 am
landed bottom first into the hot tub on the first floor, and amazingly, he walked out of the hot tub. >> awe. >> the dog actually when he goes into the hot tub, he hits it almost dead center. and then he starts swimming, immediately, and in the hot tub to try to find his way out. >> we are told that sam fractured his ribs and pelvis. he could leave the hospital, though, as early as today. doctors say he'll be walking again in just a couple of weeks, but you think that far kind of fall, and thank gogoodness that hot tub was there,
7:56 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. christmas may be over, but the gifts are still coming. this forecast, how about it, katy? >> oh, you said it, that's absolutely the way i would have put t a real nice day coming up here, and that's going to keep ongoing for us, into the upcoming weekend, doesn't last all weekend, but let's see what we can get. the fact that we just had cold front cross through, and the temperatures have certainly take answer hit here, but look how clear these skies are, in its wake. and, because we had cold front cross through, would you think the temperature would be a lot colder than this, but, even though it is a little chillier than it was by comparison to yesterday, we're actually to up 50 degrees, which is still close to ten above the norm. colt colds he is air pent up in canada. we top to 35, keep the theme going tomorrow. more nice weather come sunday
7:57 am
more clouds, shower along the way, and by monday back to reality on the thermometer. vittoria. >> in. >> thank you, good morning, right now it is beautiful. all of our majors, speed censors are high up in the 50's, talk about that in a second. but let's talk first about the ben franklin bridge, no problems in either direction, whether headed into new jersey or headed into pa, it is beautiful out there. all of the bridges look great. and even all of our majors look great. this is 95, not too far away from the welcome center in delaware. where you will notice there is barely anyone out there. really that's the case, i think a loft folks are still home, mass transit looking great. things at the airport looking great a lot of good news this morning, erika. >> we'll take it, vet tore crashes thank you, next update at 8: 25, next on cbs this i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
7:58 am
eh, yea, actually i do. one. it's mucinex fast-max night time and it's got a nasal decongestant. is that really a thing? it sounds made up. i can't sleep when i'm all stuffy. i take offense to that. i'm not going to argue with a talking ball of mucus. i think you're being a little hasty... he's not with me. mucinex fast max night time. multi-symptom relief plus nasal decongestant. breathe easy. sleep easy. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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>> flew this morning, asia two chinese restaurant sit less than a block away if philadelphia's 35th police district on north broad street, we're told in one was
8:00 am
hurt in this robbery, but he fled in a blue mini-van with cash. >> right now 8:00. this is just great story. talk about the joy of the season. one philadelphia mom has a very special reason to celebrate the holidays. >> yes, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live outside hahnemann hospital with more on the special septa delivery last night. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, nicole, good morning, a lot of people are calling this a christmas miracle, especially, when you consider that this mother delivered her baby boy on a septa subway train, and he was saved. they're here at hahnemann hospital this morning, told in good condition. and that is thanks in part to a couple of septa police officers. when the septa train pulled into the station, at 15th and market, on christmas evening, police officers terrell james, daniel kaban didn't know it yet but in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> saw passengers looking around, we know something is going on.


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