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tv   Action News  ABC  June 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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them in cold blood. the murder spree did not stop. there sunday night i'm sarah bloomquist. along with walter perez, and the big story on "action news" tonight is murder spree that ended in suicide pact. witnesses inside the restaurant say one of the suspects shouted "this say revolution" before running to nearby walmart where another shooting took place." >> sken live in the satellite center with more on what happened. kenneth. sarah, there's a lot of questions about this deadly rampage tonight and what police say is officers were simply ambushed. faces of grief from police officers in las vegas after two fellow officers were gunned down during a lunch break inside a busy shopper center. alan beck and saldo were in cici's pizza when a man and woman walked in armed. >> they had a backpack and i saw the gun in the hand he told me to tell the cop it was a
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revolution. >> what precipitated this event we do not know. my officers were simply having lunch when the shooting startd clark county sheriff doug gillespie the couple grabbed the ammunition off them and shot a person inside the walmart before exchanging gun fire to police and then turned guns on each other in apparent suicide pact. >> preliinarily yeah peers female suspect shot the male suspect and then took her own life. >> our local abc afill jat reporting officer beck was 13 year straight ran and leaves behind a wife and three children and officer saldo on the force for eight years married with a baby. >> in a moment's notice they lost their loved one. we will be very close by. and we'll work very closely with them as we move forward through the grieving process.
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investigators have not released names of the two shooters as they tried to learn a motivech the sheriff says one of his officers was able to return fire before dying. reporting live in satellite center ken "channel 6 action news."" >> kenneth. thank you. "good morning america" will have more on las vegas shooting including investigation into the possible motive for the killings and you can watch that following "action news" tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 p.m. >> well, there are hopeful signs tonight for comedian tracy morgan following the crash on the new jersey turnpike that sent him and two members of enterage to the hospital while killing one of his closest friends. he is more responsive today after undergoing surgery for broken leg but has broken nose and several broken ribs remains in critical condition and is expected to remain hospitalized for weeks. meantime 35-year-old tractor-trailer driver kevin ropier is charged with causing accident early saturday in crap
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berry township, new mexico the driver of the limo bus described the collision to "abc news". it felt like explosion. i just remember impact and the vehicle going by and i climbed around and heard tracey screaming for help. now investigators have yet to determine why the truck did not slow for traffic but no longer believed the driver was dozing off. walmart says it will "take full responsibility if authorities determine their driver was indeed, responsible." you can find continuing coverage of the fatal crash on 6abc news app." we included photos from the scene and pictures from tracy morgan's career. the app is free for apple and android devices. >> turning now to the warm and weekend was pretty spectacular. but unfortunately those conditions are not stick around for the workweek. "action news" is in center city philadelphia tonight. folks soak up the last precious hours of the weekend by dining outdoors. that's going to be more
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difficult to do with the threat of storms in the forecasts this week. meteorologist melissa magee is live at the "action news" big board with the details. melissa. >> sarah, we're tracking showers that are mainly west of city right now and we'll show what you is going on and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar dry from 59 corridor and areas south and east. if you look north and west for reading and lancaster there are showers moving on in. we go into tighter, stormtracker 6 double scan radar there gives you data of awhat is take place in the suburbs. lancaster it's dry. that moisture pushing off west and east. same thing in coatsville pushing neeingt pottstown as well. so this is what we have to expect for the rest of tonight as a disturbance gets closer to the region. on top of that mostly cloudy sky overhead and showers for the most part arriving overnight. and as we get into overnight hours temperatures dropping to 6 allentown and 46 philadelphia and 6 cape may. dover, your overnight low coming
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in at 66. here's what to expect as we push ahead. showers continue during the overnight hours. it will be a mud start. back to work monday this is marking beginning of unsettled pattern change and not just tomorrow, but even for the early half of this week. we're tracking showers and storms. we'll take a closer look with the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. download the free stormtracker 6 app to your smart hope to before the storms stot rolling in there you will have access to the live radar, hourly forecast and watches and warnings posted for your neighborhood. >> in delaware county a young woman allegedly sexually assaulted after appsing a job listing on craigslist. maybe just one of dozens of other victims who may have been attack. detectives say kevin core initial told her he was looking for a home healthcare worker and in reality wanted her to join an escort service she refused and was attacked and now authorities believe it was not isolated incidents.
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"action news" reporter annie mccormick spoke with victim tonight and annie is live outside upper darby headquarters with more, annie. >> and walter the young mom says she was looking for a job and thought she found one on craigslist now she says she's a victim of rain and they believe the man responsible toll have more victims throughout. >> i thought he was going to kill me i was never going to come home. >> this 18-year-old victim we're not identifying says she answered an add on craigslist last week and was told the job was for a home helm age. he even drove the victim to and from her interview in gray sedan the interview took place inside this drexel hill apartment in a bed rool office and afterwards dropped her home and later called to say she got the job and overnight aid was needed and she could get paid immediately. but when he brought her back to his apartment, he told her to sign this pairp work for a sex
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for hire company. >> i tried to get up from the chair i was like this he pushed me back down on chair and said if you don't fill the paperwork out you're not going anywhere. >> then he raped her. when she saw familiar road skin she bolted. >> i put my bags in my hand and got out of the car and started running as fast as coye. >> this guy is true predator. >> upper darby -- they fear more victims are out there. he faces serious charges including rain and human trafficking. >> if they were afraid of him they don't have to be. he's in jail. now we've got a very, very strong case against him. and if there's victims out there they need to come forward. >> and victim also says the suspects continued to taunt her by text message after the crime and as you heard police are looking for any information if
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you have to contact upper darby township or the delaware county district attorney's office. reporting live in upper darby, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news."" >> annie, thank you. we learned the name of the man killed during what police are calling a road rage shooting on the rose developed boulevard. 43-year-old todd riley was father of two his family says he was shot 15 times last night when somebody fired that buick sentry in feltonvillech the victim's girlfriend was also wounded and she's been released from the hospital and investigate towards believe the gun shots came from a good group of motorcyclists. they took a bike near custody at the scene and so far no charges were failed. >> police in philadelphia asking for public's help to fiend a man missing since yesterday. 47-year-old leroy said he had mental capacity of 7-year-old. he was last seen on 8500 block of lirpberg boulevard in southwest philadelphia. 23 you have -- if you have any
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information about this case please contact police. >> a water main break turnd a brewery township intersection into a riff this was scene 7 and master 12 a.m. and gushing water flooded basement of a corner score and ruined thousands of dlardz worth of inventor dwri. one resident also reported damage. crews are working to fix the broken pike and. still more to come tonight on "action news" a four year, multi-million dollar prom tokt revamp a section of i-95 in philadelphia and gets underway tomorrow. what drivers nooed to know. >> plus a celebration of pride and accept apps in september are city we'll take through. >> and jeff skversky has phillies and nascar action as pocono raceway coming up in sports. >> also melissa returns with more opt stormy week ahead when >> also melissa returns with more opt stormy week ahead when "action news" comes right
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grilled chicken flatbread from dunkin'? take notes, people! it's delicious! grilled chicken is now at dunkin'. try the delicious new grilled chicken flatbread with ancho chipotle sauce today. america runs on dunkin'. penndot is working on several projects on i-95 in philadelphia. and the work is expected to go go on until the summer of 20 18. meanwhile massive 1 million
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pound pile of dirt next to the i-95 bridge in almost nearly gone now crews are claw ago way tat since monday's emergency closure. deldot engineers say that mound may be to plame pour damaging the brim's supports after being dumped without state or city approval. still no word on what the bridge will reopen. >> after 36 years on the job as a firefighter a local battalion chief happenings up his helmet for the last time. wilmington fire department offered a found farewell to cheer edward hose nikki he can spend more time now with his lovely wife and three children and 7 grandchildren. they sent him off in style. [ sirens ]. >> he firsted started with the department in july of 197 and firefighter runs in his blood. in fact he's followed -- he
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followed in his father's footsteps and one of his own children it serving as mar medic in new castle county. >> annual philadelphia pride parade took on special meaning this year. ♪ it was quite the party atmosphere down locust street today. thousands of people sporting bright colors and waving rainbow flags. pride parade started 26 years ago. ear year's -- this year's festivities com >> nature's cosmic light show
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dance add cross the sky in central minnesota early this morning and the taken to where this was photographed is called st. cloud fortunately throw there was no cloud coughing blocking the view of the dazzling display. scientists say a geo mag neatic storm was behind the northern lights showing up this far south. >> stalk about something on the bucket list i want to see that some day. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> changes on the way. gorgeous weekend. yesterday and today. had umbrella close to you as we progress through the workweek. showers and storms popping up rally at any point during the day. we'll show what you is going on. stormtracker 6 double skain radar queue net philadelphia and areas south and east and to the west a couple of light showers
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and pretty light. they're starting to break apart. you can see some activity north of lancaster and pressing to reading and getting close to allentown to the west in pottsville we're tracking disturbance that runs through over sky6 live in hd looking at penn's landing gorgeous shot of mushulu this surprised night partly to mostly cloudy sky as we progress through the overnight showers will move in as well. >> as we look at the accuweather live lineup we'll give you what so expect this weekend. >> it's turning humid with threat of showers and increase in hutsty. today no issues. but as we get to tomorrow take a look at dewpoint temperatures. this is level of how much moisture in atmosphere and dew point temperatures 60 to 56 tomorrow meaning humidity more noticeable that it was today.
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threat of showers coming back as early as tomorrow morning and for that matter as we get to tomorrow afternoon future tracker showing you 3:00 tomorrow afternoon showers will be round. as i mentioned have hot weather fweer close to you because moisture is moving on in. outside tonight, philadelphia, 71, trenton 70. 68 beach haivrn to sea l sea isle city. lancaster 67. temperatures 70 in defender. here's satellite 6 and a dar mostly cloudy new england to mid-atlantic region this is the disturbance we've been tracking throughout much of the night. dry air is in place. which is why all of this moisture has been staying well west of the 95 door door. >> a lot dissipates as we get to the overnight hours and some holds true and some will survive west and east of appalachians i should take. future tracker 6 has you covered 3:00 in the morning you notice showers will be around an as we
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get to 6:00 tomorrow morning it's notely cloudy and there will be pockets of showers. i think the xhuntd will not be too heavy but we get a break in late morning hours. sun pops out and creates more instability in the afternoon and 3:00 showers and storms popping autopsy cross the area monday unseltded and tuesday unsettled and it may continue to midweek. here's the call from accuweather. mostly cloudy, words damp, 6:00 in the morning, 64. 67 is number at 8:00 in the morning. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast turning more humid and you will notice the chemical tour tomorrow. high of 83. sunny morning, break in the afternoon and even more thunderstorms pop up. thunderstorm around on tuesday, high of 83 and maybe something leftover wednesday 81. you can look closely, thursday, friday, into next saturday
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threat of showers. >> all around bad hair week. >> i don't like that. >> bring a hat and umbrella. >> let's define it that way. >> thanks, melissa. >> don't forget to noo tune into "good morning america." drt and adam joseph will be. there they're filling under to ginger z who got married and let there they're filling under to ginger z who got married and let them fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book? what? trick number one. look-est over there. ha ha. made-est thou look. so end-eth the trick. hey.... yes.... geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know.
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plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. >> time for check on sports s jeff skversky here. phillies not giving us many reasons to smile. >> no it's getting bad they're on pace for 96 losses the most since 2000 it is ugly. this is just about rock bottom they're at the bottom of the national league looking up at everyone else and worse neem nl and it's so bad right now only tampa bay has worst record in all of baseball. >> ryne sandberg on the bench after tosd yesterday. bang bang play in the fourth.
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third time in two days thrown out at home. fims manage one run sack fly. past the diving jimmy rawlins, two-run score. and very next batter, ut, oh, philly am ill ton gone two.-run shot off rookie david buchanan phils down 4-1 and can't get anything going. strike out ten times and billy get marlin third in the sixth and howard in the 8th phils lose 4-1 lost 8 of 9 not much to say they have the second worst record in baseball. >> you know the saying it's not how you start but how you finish what knows that better than the heat. they lost game one of finals in 2012 and 2013 no big deal they won champion ships. >> turning up the heat so much
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more cramps scores 3 3 of 35 point after the first there in the fourth gives miami two point lead with five to go and heats up three and nine seconds left. chris bash to dwayne wade. 98-96 evenys the ear advises. it's 13th straight playoff win after a loss. >> game three tuesday in miami see it here on channel 6. still to come a rare win in poconos for one of the biggest
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