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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 11, 2014 12:05am-1:08am EDT

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news." eric cantor in virginia the number two man in connecticut. a political newcomer named dave brat defeated cantor in the primary. he's the first to lose since 1899. drew katz says it's due to the turmoil of the last ten days. lewis katz was killed after inking a $88 million to buy the papers. it leaves jerry lenfest as the sole buyer. >> it's part of the festivals in cherry hill, new jersey.
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it's too popular. no fireworks will be in the township. it's sparking disappointment. sharrie williams has more in cherry hill. >>reporter:fourth of july is a tradition for 30 years. now it's cancelled. at the advise of the police department and deliberation the township leaders decided that the facility could no longer handle the large crowd. >> what we saw as other towns canceled their fireworks displays we absorb the influx of additional people. >>reporter:it's heeled here at cherry hill west high school along the baseball fields. thousands come to watch the show. the township says it has gotten to be too many people. it wants to take a proactive
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approach to safety. >> can we quickly evacuate people from the stadium. >> it has now become the talker for residents. >> i am saddened. i grew up here my whole life. it's a great time for family and friends. >> it's not a good thing. but you know, i guess things happen, you know, what you are going to say to the kids. >>reporter:nearby restaurants will be affected by the cancelled show too. >> we had business here. they are going to go elsewhere in philadelphia maybe. >>reporter:funds from the fireworks will go towards a restaurant week in august and music under the stars free concert series is extended from three weeks to five weeks. sharrie williams, "channel~6 action news." they received their diplomas
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tonight. it was bittersweet for the students and proud parents. at 51 years st. stevens will close its doors for good at the end of this month. details emerge from the press conference on another deadly school shooting. we'll hear from students. plus, the president makes pleas to americans about gun violence. the latest on a shark scare after a teenager is biten. adam. rick, despite the heavy downpours the easterly wind is rolling in the fog. what to want in the accuweathere accuweather forecast. and ducis rodgers has sports when we come right back. [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. officials have identified the student killed in today's school shooting in oregon as he mel yo hoffman. the freshman was gunned down after the teen shooter entered the high school with a rifle. they found the suspect slumped over in the bathroom after taking his own life. the students described the choice. >> there was a guy with a gun. let us in. we sprinted to our weight training room. wwe hid there. >> mr. rispler was shot. todd rispler ran to the office and initiated the school lockdown. he is going to be okay.
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they have not released the name of the gunman. the numbers were compiled by the gun control group every town for gun safety. michael nutter is on the board. they include two incidents in our area. a delaware valley charter high school and three days later a student at widener in chester was shot on campus what the police believe is a targeted attack. president obama is frustrated that they will not implement new gun laws. it remains that until they demand change. >>president barack obama:until there is a shift in public opinion, enough. this is not effective or normal. this is not the price that we
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have to pay for the freedom. this is becoming the norm. >> tonight the house of representatives held a moment of silence for the oregon shooting victim. the pentagon is releasing information after men were killed in a friendly-fire in afghanistan. they called for air support. the officials say there was a miscommunication about the location and the warplane dropped a bomb on the wrong spot. so far two of the five soldiers have been identify. of a 19-year-old from southern illinois and a 25-year-old man from ohio engaged to be married. >> it's safe to go back into the water a delaware teenager was bitten from a shark. at cape henlopen, the kids were
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diving in. andrew vance was wading in 5 feet of water when the shark by the him. they believe it was a young sandbar shark. the bites are extremely rare. >> i have been talking to staff 20 years. they can't remember the last time there was one of these. we are looking at least 15 to 20 years. >> he needs stitches. he's recovering at home tonight. this was a sea of yellow boards. ridley high celebrated the end of the class. it did not dampen the accomplishments. best wishes to all the graduates for what is ahead in their very bright if thes.
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adaifbright futures.adam is her. >> we have a bumpy road before we get to the weekend. the the good news that the downpours that drenched part of the area today have subsided and collapsed. we have a clean radar sweep on double scan. 73. very warm and uncomfortable out in center city. 72 for dover. the same for allentown. fog setting in. temperatures in the upper 60s. it feels extremely uncomfortable when you step out. it's because of the dewpoint temperatures. it's oppressive when it's 70 or above. it's droplets in the atmosphere waiting to be rung out so to speak. we see the heavy rain with the slow-moving downpours. it's because of the moisture in
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the atmosphere. we have severe weather in tennessee valley. that is pushing apart. the low pressure in st. louis rides to the north. easterly wind sets in tomorrow. if you see any showers it's way to the west of lancaster or heading to state college in the afternoon tomorrow. tomorrow's easterly wind is a stabilizer for the atmosphere. they will take out heavy thunderstorms for one day. more pop-ups will be heavy. localized flooding. 83 degrees as it stays humid. 69 at 6:00. 79 at 8:00. it's dry warm and uncomfortable.
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the seven-day forecast, pop up 83. a cold front arrives at 85 degrees. that cold front pushes away in time for the weekend. so morning clouds on saturday. drying out. sunshine in the afternoon. dropping the humidity at 82. looking fine for the dads out there at 84. it warms again on monday and tuesday as it turns muggy. we are offguard for tomorrow. on guard on thursday and friday for localized flooding. thank you. if you are wondering where cecily tynan is she is getting some shut eye on good morning america. >> i tell you it's a bad hair day. that a robin roberts introducing cecily tynan. cecily tynan will be filling in
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one more time for ginger zee on her honeymoon. and then we pick up the weather on thursday and friday with adam joseph. and it's mega millions. >> hello i am john kronis. the estimated $55 million. to win the jackpot you must have the five white balls and the gold mega ball. 74, 10, 24, followed by 2. your final white ball for tuesday evening is 26. now for the mega ball. 7. the winning numbers 74, 10, 24, 2, 26 and the gold mega ball is 7. good luck,
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. well after a long rain delay the phillies were able to wash away their losing streak. too bad the teams are in this week the padres and cubs. you might as well go out and hang out your eagles jersey shore. you need an arm to throw this. robbed rivera in the first inning. and chase utley the leading go-getter. tied at 1-1. a big night for marlon byrd. a 3-run homer. phillies win 5-2. >> it's nice to come out in game
12:24 am
one. it's good to be able to do that. >> we have an opportunity to climb out of the hole i am saying. hopefully we can take advantage of that in our ballpark. >> the phillies didn't waste any time. they have aaron nolla. >> i didn't want to wait too long to getting back on the mound. my family made the decision and support me with it. it's good to get out as quick a. >> high temps and high humidity. if you are eagles it's good that it's not o.t.a.s. either way lesean is having
12:25 am
fun. >> he didn't even flinch. who lines up with the first team? who lines up where. trying to read between the lines. coach kelly says don't. >> there is nothing to read in who is where or what. we are not playing a game until september. >> still ahead in sports the pivotal game between the spurs. (vo) after 50 years of designing
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your summer plans. equal housing lender subject to credit approval. >> a series is not a series until the team is beat on home court. the spurs get off to a start. the spurs shot 70%. they lead 71-50 at recess. they take a two-one series lead. and game four on 6abc.
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coverage is at 8:30. watch it on television or download the abc app. >> a global search is underway for a replacement. that is sports. the resident foodie helped a great cause in philadelphia. alicia vitarelli emceed the event. there were one thousand taste testers and simon from "the chew" was there. and jimmy kimmel is live. gerard butler is the guest.
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david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. i am rick williams. have a good morning. we'll see you later today. from hollywood, it's ""jimmy kimmel live"." tonight -- gerard butler, megan good, and matisyau, with cleto and the cletones. now, you know what else -- here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: welcome to the show. thank you for watching. we have a show on in primetime earlier tonight. here we are with the second one. we might do a third show in the middle of the night if i feel up to it. who knows. america, this country is gripped with basketball fever this week, game three of the nba playoffs tonight. did you know that before, before the game of basketball was invented, they used to feed tall people to alligators. they were considered to be worthless. uh-huh. at american airlines arena in miami, and the noise from the crowd in miami was deafening. have you ever heard the sound of 10,000 life alert bracelets all going off at the same time. it is an experience you will not soon forget. there has been a lot of flopping so far this series. flopping is when you pretend you got knocked down. dwayne wade had a great flop in game two, he was being guarded by manu giniobli.
12:32 am
i don't know what word you would use to describe this other than masterful. never trust the player. >> jimmy: good advice, ladies. the ref was so fooled, not only did he call the foul, he charg d ed him with a hate crime. they fined dwayne wade, $5,000 and teach an acting class at the learning annex. funny when they make them pay $5,000. dwayne wade makes $19 million a year doesn't include endorsements. that is not a deterrent i you want to penalize him shave one of his eyebrows off. and they're not the only ones visiting the flp house. aw
12:33 am
-- flophouse. >> jimmy: those inflatable stick figures at the car dealership. not only did he fold down, his bones turn to jelly on the way down. basketball isn't the only sport where players do this. this happened at a soccer match in germany. watch the coachen green here. [ speaking foreign language ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: let's see that again in slow motion if we could. see, the guy kind of taps him on the shoulder. then darth vader chokes him with the force. and he collapses to the ground. do you remember last week they announced that donald sterling had approved the sale of the clippers for $2 billion. he was dropping his $1 billion lawsuit against the nba everything was going to be fine. last night. sterling released a one page statement, entitled "the team is not for sale." so i guess the team is not for sale.
12:34 am
sterling says the league violated his constitutional rights and that he will take this to court to fight for justice. donald sterling is like, what's the opposite of rosa parks? now his wife, shelley, who owns half the team is part of the family trust is fighting him. tomorrow she'll ask a probate court to give her the authority to sell. she wants to sell the team. no one knows exactly why sterling changed his mind. his attorney made the announcement today. listen closely to the wording he used, interesting, almost sounds like even he is surprised by this flip-flop. >> after due consideration and owing to the intransigence of the parties in addressing these legitimate concerns, mr. sterling is no longer selling the los angeles clippers. he will, instead, pursue his suit against the nba in federal court where we intend to prove that the actions against him are both discriminatory and -- correction, mr. sterling is
12:35 am
selling the team. and he wishes steve balmer and the clippers' organization all the best as they work the legacy, mr. sterling has spent the last 33 years building. and the legacy he refuses to relinquish to a bunch of hypocrites who violated his right. donald sterling plans to fight, and he won't give up until the day -- he accepts $2 billion and puts this whole unfortunate incident behind him. which is today. bah the sale is on. so thank you very much for nothing, you back stack gold dirg, no visor can hide your lying eyes. you ruined my life. i will never sell the clippers. yes i will, no i won't. yes i will, no i won't. [ indiscernible ] [ tone ] >> meanwhile we -- the big talk around these parts is not
12:36 am
basketball, it's hockey. the l.a. kings lead the new york rangers, three games to none in the stanley cup finals. watching the stanley cup finals is kind of like watching game of tloe thrones. in that it is violent. you've can't tell who anybody is because they all have beards. it has been a great series for l.a. so far they have only lost 30 teeth so far. the kings close it out toernlmo, the mayor of new york mate a bet with our mayor, the loser has to come on our show and perform a song. which means mayor deblazzio is one song away, singing "i love l.a." against his will. this the number one show for mayors to humiliate themselves on. they played game three last night at madison square garden. for fox new york, they were out there interviewing rangers' fans before the game. some of them were i have to say refreshingly realistic. >> at all volumes. of all ages and genders. dressed as blind refs and bearded brothers.
12:37 am
they filled an arena hoping to witness what dreams are made of. >> they're probably going to lose in overtime again. >> jimmy: i like that kid. 5 years old he already is a glass half empty kind of guy. believe it or not that young man was not the most colorful rangers' fan, fox ran into, that distint d distinction. >> while it left no doubt. we wondered what joey clams knew of the team. >> donnie murdoch, got my haircut like his when i was 12 years old. nicky fatio, him and i skated on staten island. nicky is my gumbatti. >> there is a 99% chance that guy is related to me somehow. it is why we moved. it's why we left. all of los angeles has been rallying around the kings, even@athletes from other sports.
12:38 am
the dodgers posted this vine video. see if you can decipher, what right fielder, puig is saying here. [ indiscernible ] >> jimmy: did he say, "go kinkos." play that again. [ indiscernible ] >> jimmy: yeah, go kinkos. he loves making copies. we should introduce him to joey clams. president obama pulled an unusual maneuver yesterday afternoon. typically when he goes any place outside the white house he is surrounded by reporters, a pool of reporters that watch the president's every move. but yesterday he gave them the slip. obama and his chief of staff ran to starbuck's on their own. i didn't know washington, d.c. had a starbuck 's. that company is apparently doing very, very well. look at this. this is a video. you can see president obama there shaking some hands. and he got the full starbuck's experience. they even, if we can zoom in there. they even got his name wrong on
12:39 am
the cup. and by the way -- it's not important. but interesting to net he didn't get coffee. he ordered a cup of tea. he want all the way to starbuck's for tea. he must really love oprah, i have to say. here is something, something i would look to see sasha and malia participate in this year. to celebrate father's day, i amish ewing one of our now infamous youtube challenges. last time on father's day, we asked people to squirt their dads with a hose and tape it. that worked out great. >> why are you doing this? >> jimmy: a good question. so this time, what i would like you to do is wait until your father is a sleep, then flip on the lights, yell, hop on pop, and jump on the bed or wherever he is sleeping. i would like you to record this and upload tight youtube with the title "hey, jimmy kimmel, i hopped on pop." we can find it.
12:40 am
look for a message from us. if we like your video we will play it on the show. you don't have to wait until father's day. feel free to burst in on him and do it right now if your dad is sleeping. we started to get submissions. here is a taste if you are looking for inspiration. >> hop on pop. >> quiet. that hurt! >> jimmy: be careful not to hurt your dad or yourself. that would be a bad father's day gift. feel free to make him mad. hey, jimmy kimmel i hopped on pop. no amount of grounding can compete with the joy you and your family will get from embarrassing dad on national tv. by the way, i have a ben to pick with a country, that country is england. i look at clips from various tv shows from all over the world. i noticed that british television networks love stories about crazy americans. they scour our country for the, i don't know how they are getting in here, but they look
12:41 am
for the most insane people they can find. then i guess they sit there and they laugh at us. to which i say laugh at your own crazy people. i am sure you have some. this is an example, barcroft, tv, online british something, have no idea, read a profile of a 31-year-old guy from pittsburgh who has a very particular taste in women. >> from a young age, kyle realized pin-ups that were exciting his friend weren't catching his eye. >> the first time i realized i was in older women was 12, 13 years old. >> most controversial is his long time relationship with 91-year-old great grandmother marjorie mccoy. >> i feel like he is another son. until he hop in bed. the physical side of the relationship. >> despite his success with mature women. kyle does come up against -- [ indiscernible ] >> jimmy: it's -- weird.
12:42 am
you know, end of the, i don't want to ruin it. he got her pregnant they had a 40-year-old baby. in case we have any brits watching. i want to clear something up. most americans do not date somebody, 60 years older. unless they live at the playboy mansion. we don't. you got that. cheerio. i have been going to therapy for a while now, for years, only recently have i been sharing these sessions, my therapy sessions. been bringing a camera crew. because i, i don't hoeld anythig back from my audience. any bed wody know who knows me give between 60% and 83% every night. my psychiatrist, dr. arden hays, in case you are interested in what is going on in my mind, personal time. here's what dr. hays and i talked about this week. >> this is a big question and -- i don't expect-up to have the
12:43 am
answer to it, but -- >> i don't really have the answer to it. >> you don't? how do you know, i haven't asked it yet? >> well, just. yeah. >> jimmy: should i ask? sometimes when i go number two 2 -- >> what number 2. >> you go number 1, you go number 2. >> no. >> number 1 is when you pee. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: number two the other thing. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so when i go number 2. surprised you never heard that one, being a doctor and all? >> yeah. >> jimmy: so when i go number 2, i sometimes am sad to see it go. i feel like -- like some kind of a sense of loss. >> loss of number 2? >> yeah, practically, yes. but emotionally i feel like,
12:44 am
like i have lost something. >> why? >> jimmy: is that a thenormal thing? >> not so much. >> jimmy: you don't think so? oh. do you -- is something you have encountered before, have you ever talked to anyone about this? >> no, i haven't. so -- >> jimmy: is this something i should be worried about? >> i don't -- i don't -- i don't know. >> jimmy: are there any medications i could take, maybe? >> maybe oval pills. they're green. >> jimmy: green, oval pills? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what do they do? >> they're like make you feel better, after you go to the bathroom. prescription >> jimmy: they do? >> what's the name of them? >> medication after bathroom. >> jimmy: medication after
12:45 am
bathroom. >> yeah. >> jimmy: interesting. a very nonspecific name. >> i don't know why they call it either. >> jimmy: yeah, i would love to give them a try. could you write me a prescription for those. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you could? >> i could. >> jimmy: i kind of have to go right now. thanks, doc. see you next week. >> announcer: jimmy kimmel's therapy brought to you by medication after bathroom, the green oval pills. ask your mommy if medication after bathroom is right for you. available at walgreens. tonight on the show, megan good is here. we have music from matisyahu. and we'll be right back with gerard butler. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] coffee is about to change forever.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program, beginning june 20th, you can see her in the new movie "think like a man too," the very beautiful meagan good is here. and then -- his new album is called "akeda." making his seventh appearance on this show -- that means we like him a lot --
12:51 am
matisyahu from the at&t stage. you can see matisyahu on tour all through the summer and into the fall. we have two new shows thursday night. robert pattison, and music from nico and vincez. and we'll have a special edition of "lie witness news" and one-on-one against nate robinson of the denver nuggets. 8:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 central. that will be on the west coast. our first guest tonight. trained to be a lawyer in his native scotland until he realized it was more fun to sword fight than sue people. he gives voice to a viking named, stoic the vast, in the movie how to train your dragon ii. it opens in theaters friday. please say hello to gerard butler.
12:52 am
>> good to see you. and welcome here and to the united states as well. i know you were in just in australia for quite a while. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: how long were you there? >> i was there, four months i think. >> jimmy: wow. >> i love it. i tell you, i love it down there. i was, i was sad to leave. it's a beautiful country. >> jimmy: did you got a chance to throw a boomerang while you were down there? >> at easter my buddy took me on an adventure trip. he is good friend with the tribal elders, at the famous rock in australia, we are there, the light is going down. all with all the tribal elders. one is like, i am going to show you a boomerang. he stand up and he throws the boomerang. it just keeps going. it lands on the other side of a tree. he literally goes, oh.
12:53 am
and walks away. and that was my, to me it was, i thought this i can't believe a tribal elder of the aborigine tribe is going to show me how to throw a boomerang. never saw it again. i don't know it is probably still there. >> jimmy: playing fetch what a dog, i guess, huh? wow. that's something. now you, you get a chance to have fun while you are there, i guess from this trip? or all work while you are there? >> no, no. yeah, you always look to get adventures in. i have a nose for that. >> jimmy: you are adventurous? >> i am. >> jimmy: i am not. you have the bridge in sydney t you walk along the top of it. i chose not to. >> actually i chose not to myself. >> jimmy: you did. why not? >> i didn't choose not to. i just never got around with it. >> jimmy: you were doing more fun stuff. >> we had a lot of that stuff. the movie was adventurous as well. >> jimmy: was it? >> lot of fighting. and a lot of, a lot of craziness on that. >> jimmy: i see. >> but then there was trips as
12:54 am
well. >> jimmy: you brought video of one of these trips that -- a fishing trip, correct? >> i don't kind of know what -- it was, it was an everything trip. you know? it was a lot of stuff going on. and i actually, that's the reason i brought it. telling your producer, we did this. there were crocodiles and boars, and being dropped off. and he was like, seriously. all in two days. and he said, i don't think i believe you. so, okay, i am going to. >> jimmy: there were crocodiles. there were boars. why crocodiles and boars. >> this guy, quite a famous adventurer in australia. >> jimmy: what is his name? >> i deon't want to say his nam. >> jimmy: now i really want to hear the story. >> this is the tame stuff, right. >> jimmy: okay. >> we pretty much arrived. and he gives me a rifle. there, they have a lot of animals, buffalo, stuff. he's like, in case, they kill
12:55 am
them every year. i kill things in movies, not, not my thing. g >> jimmy: you only kill humans. >> yeah, i only kill humans. he gives me this lever action shotgun. before he tells me what it is for. i have never used one of these before. he says have a hold of that. so i pull it in. and immediately, the trigger goes right into my hand. i'm there five minutes. i know this guy is thinking. goes into my hand. looking, oh. pull it out. not going to say anything. we look down. and the blood is pouring from my hand. pouring. what happened to you? no, it's fine. if it's fine. they bandage me up now we are going to go fishing. go to the blue hole fishing. go on the chopper land on the edge of the coral as the tide has gone out. you fish in holes. shark swimming abut. if you catch a fish, pull it in in ten second or the shark will take it. any time we were fishing, we do heli fishing, you stop at rivers and fish for it, i get really
12:56 am
keyed up. he goes don't go too close to the edge. there is crocodile in there. there was crocodile everywhere we were. but, within half an hour the i have done this, we go straight to this blue hole. and iened up falling in the blue hole. and i, cut, cut all of my leg, in the coral, right. so now, blood is pouring down my leg. and i'm all bandaged up. >> jimmy: you are bait at this point? yeah. >> pretty much. >> jimmy: we have, take a look at the video. tell us what we are seeing here. this is. >> he dropped us in the middle of the ocean. he flew away. and, you know they just dropped us. like right up to our waist. i remember saying, are you sure the tide is going out. where is he going any ways. he comes back. there's the boat. >> jimmy: in the middle of the ocean. >> on a sand bank, a mile out in the ocean. he realized he don't have an engine. and look at this. this. he is insane. >> yeah.
12:57 am
yeah. this is not a guy you should be hanging around with in general. >> this is how we were flying about, right? and then. >> i spent a lot of time on my phone here. >> jimmy: a fan boat. >> by the way, we didn't have the best, which is spinning around at 70 miles an hour. a spin, him in the chopper above us. >> jimmy: who is that guy, the guy? >> that's big mac. mac, who has quite a shade yy, interesting past. a gang of outlawed bikers. he sees my cuts. gets out the first aid kit. he is like, no, no. you have got to understand, coral will grow inside these wounds. he spends half an hour washing out my wound. this guy like a mountain of a man. >> jimmy: wow, a beautiful experience you had with mac. >> yeah, beautiful experience. yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: we will take a break. gerard butler is here. we'll be right back.
12:58 am
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>> you wouldn't believe how everything has changed. >> your son is changed for the better. >> i've had a lot of practice. >> well, you know, i didn't marry you for your cooking. >> i hope not. her meatballs could kill more beasts than a battle ax. >> jimmy: i presume, correct me if i am wrong, they didn't train the dragons right the first time i guess? >> probably could have been more aptly named.
1:03 am
you have a great franchise, got to stick with the name. >> jimmy: is it fun to see your voice coming out of one of the character like that? >> it is. especially they use a lot of your movement i hadn't realized until the first movie. there was a time, that my principal animator sent me next to stoic. i am saying it was rough, i almost gave up on you. and doing this with my eyebrows and hand. it was the exact same movements. >> jimmy: that is weird. >> then you are like, oh, i feel lake i am more than a voice now. >> jimmy: you should be getting paid more than you are in the situation. >> so weird. i was just thinkinging that as i'm saying that. definitely on the same track. gyp ha >> jimmy: you have you seen the movie with an audience, seen it with families and things like that? >> yeah, we had the premiere sunday. the movie is fantastic. i have to say. i questioned i didn't know where i could go with it. i loved the first one so much. it is phenomenal.
1:04 am
the atmosphere was incredible. it got such a massive ovation at the end. it was all kids. so after, it was beautiful. and after the, the movie, i was outside. and all of these kids come up. they all say, nobody believes i am stoic, right. i am like, sweet, giggly, and, but stoic who is this, be coming up. this happened ten times they're like, i don't know, he doesn't believe you are really stoic. so i do the voice. and that's enough! and then you see these, like covered in spit. and they're, they're, they're half like, oh, this is, this is actually stoic. and the other half is, two of them started crying. and then i, i did this thing where, look if i did it in person, you have to give me a hug. i spent most of the premiere on my knees, chasing little kids. they all want to run away. i'm like get back here and give me a hug. and it was, i was pretending to be sweet. it was really quite sadistic.
1:05 am
>> jimmy: you and i had a little competition this afternoon. neither of us knows the outcome of the competition. and, this is something we have only done once before. i did it with pharell. and, it went, it went, okay. i think it went pretty well. but i feel like i did great this time. i don't know how you did. because they keep it a secret from me. but what we did was we went out on to hollywood boulevard with a cell phone. and to see how many, you know what a selfie is. to see how many twofies pictures with strangers we could getten a 30-second time period. i am going to warn you right now. i got a lot of them. i did. i did. so when we come back, what do we call this again? we came up with a great name. it's the twofie shootout. we'll be right back with that. gerard butler is here. stick around.
1:06 am
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