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tv   Action News  ABC  June 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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sithe wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $329 a month. even after the sunset tonight the temperatures were still high and the humidity is getting higher. pedestrians were using cold drinks and water ice to keep
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things cool. tomorrow it's expected to be even hotter than it was today. tuesday night the big story tonight is an official heat advisory posted for tomorrow. getting right to cecily tynan and the official word from accuweather. it's going to get hotter and humid. they issued heat advisories all the counties surrounding i-95. this is the way that it feels the combination of the feet and humidity is soaring up in the upper 90s. this is the second day temperatures in the 90s. 93 in philadelphia. the warmest so far this year. millville 92. the atlantic city 94 degrees. one degree shy of the record high.
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philadelphia and trenton the record high 96. allentown and wilmington 95. a best chance of a record is at the airport. the record high 93 setback in 1962. hot and humid tomorrow. and live double scan showing there is a vicious line of storms up in the north. what areas could see storms and cooling off later in the weekend coming up in the full accuweather forecast. thank you, cecily tynan. switching to "toys for tots" on. we hit 90 today? >> we sure did. that and of course the repaving of our roads. they feel bad for the workers. but thankful for them as so many deal with the heat. hot in the city. join the chorus.
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>> it's definitely hot. >> i am hot and tired. >>reporter:it had people sweating along kelly drive. >> i would like to be at the pool or beach. here i sit. >> the ice cream truck guy was popular. >> on one corner after another the hydrants were open. popping them is illegal and tax ongoing the system. it was refreshing for the little ones on the parkway. >> we don't have a pool or a pool membership. we came down to the city to enjoy the water. >>reporter:some families sitting in the shade in the park and john was installing his own reliable. >> i am getting home and putting that sucker in the window. i am going to cool off tonight.
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>>reporter:it's tough as they repay of city avenue. the major roadway is riddled with potholes thanks to the winter season that was a distant memory. >> it has to get done regardless how you look at it. >>reporter:the work picked up on u.s. 1 after the sun went down. crews covered a lot of roads. this evening they started a bella avenue and pay of all the way down to the schuylkill expressway. much needed, jim. reporting here, kenneth moton, "channel~6 action news." thank you, kenneth. the stormtracker 6 app alerting out to heat advisory and live radar and the hourly forecast. you can download it free for apple and android device. two have died after an accident involving a riding lawn
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mower in wilmingto wilmington m. they are getting in the 25 suv driver suffered a medical condition that caused his erratic driving. they are investigating allegations that arson is to blame for a fire and collapse of a home on bird street. we brought you this story as breaking news at 11:00. francine wallace suffered burns over 80% of her body her boyfriend was killed. another woman in the home said that the fire was intentionally set. >> they have a look at what is left of their community in
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pilger. it killed 2 people, including a 5-year-old girl. 19 others were hurt. the key suspect of a deadly bombinbombing. he was captured in a raid over the weekend. the capture sends a message when americans attacked those responsible will be found and brought to justice. four americans including chris stevens were killed in the siege. siege. emergency vehicles raced to sadr city after a car bomb exploded there. 12 people were killed. 30 wounded in a crowded outdoor market. nobody has claimed responsibility. the attacks against shiite districts are the work of sunni
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militants. 44 sunni detainees were shot in the chest after they tried to storm a jail. today william hite has pleaded for more money for the city and state. the district needs $96 million to sustain the status quo. without that money 800 teachers could be laid off. the deal to sell the high school building to drexel closed andrea raised $25 million for the school. in a letter to hite today mayor nutter says that he continues to work to find revenue for the school brick. and radnor township has plans for the estate. once owned by montgomery scott they want to sell 16, 1 acre
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lots. scott was the inspiration for the movie "the philadelphia story" with katherine hepburn. sidney kimmel is giving $110 million to thomas jefferson university. it will be renamed after kimmel. i sat down with sidney for a chat for a school that bears his name. >> when you write out a check for $10 million for jefferson how does it make you feel. >> it makes me feel good do it. >> he donated hundreds of millions of dollars for the fight against cancer. and thomas jefferson in philadelphia. but medicine had no monopoly offer his generosity.
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this billionaire is proud that he made every dime that he has starting with nothing as a child of the depression. he learned from his father that giving essential. >> people are suffering, not just our family but a lot of people in south philadelphia in the early depression days. it was obvious that any time that we had money and help another we would do it. my father almost got killed by my mother by giving away a $25 or $50 tip. it's probably the genetics or d.n.a. that allow me to do what i do today. >>reporter:he made his fortune in the apparel business and selling jones of new york.
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what does he prefer making money or give it away. >> i have to make money before give it away. a man doesn't need extreme wealth to be happy. he didn't need to keep hoarding more wealth. >> it will fund scholarships and research to bring the best students and minds to this school. >> i hope that jefferson becomes if not the leading medical school in the country right up there. we are on our way. >> steve classco is the new president. he was overjoyed to make the announcement of kimmel's gift? s. >> was it har hard to get
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$110 million? >> what was right to invest in our company. to look across like someone like sidney that makes fantastic investments and wants to know that his dollars is going to have that impact factor. the official announcement to the kimmel gift to jefferson is official tomorrow. exploding wine bottles which brand the pennsylvania state liquor stores take off the shelf little you should too. >> a two-year fight to improve a neighborhood park. plenty of hot air in the east. i am tracking a record heat on the way tomorrow. storms in the accuweather forecast. can the phillies beat the
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braves for a second time in a night. ducis rodgers has that story when we return. flood [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. some bottles of prosecco sold in liquor stores may have too much bubbly.
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they have several reports of the bottles exploding. the product of concern is the 750 of brut, 2013. you should throw the bottles away right and you will receive of a refund. >> the cause of the cash is still under investigation. two people on board were able to parachute to safety. thresafety. governor chris christie announced an expansion of a program carrying a drug. it helped saves lives in
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monmouth county. sharrie williams has the story. >>reporter:there was light at the park in camden. a fete that took two years. >> it's a great feeling. >>reporter:a lot tof celebrate as students oa -- lot tocelebra. they help to the protest using flashlights to get their point across and calling their elected officials constantly. and now they are peverance had paid off. >> we are seeing so much
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progress from a little group to now. >>reporter:it was a no, no because of safety concerns. this is a first. a year ago the camden metro police began to patrol on foot. they think that the lights will help reduce crime. >> the neighborhood is getting safer all the time. it will help to expedite thee/+ process. >> a part in tha party in the p. >> no matter how young you or you can make a difference in your community. >>reporter:in camden sarah share williams. we have hot and dangerous weather coming tomorrow. tomorrow is hotter. it's more hollywood. live double scan showing that there are not any showers or
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thunderstorms here now. and the action cam taking from rittenhouse square a lot of folks were out enjoying the summer night. not officially summer yet. it arrives on saturday. it's close enough. it feels like summer. the normal high for this time of year is 83. we are not cooler than that night. 81 down from 93. wilmington is 82. and reading 83. millville 78. the double scan is showing there is an intense line up to new englandlannewengland to northern pennsylvania. and the past 15 minutes, 17 lightening strikes.
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17 lightning strikes. by 7:30 bright sunshine. it's warm and humid to start the day. the temperatures really rising up quickly by the afternoon. forecasting a high of 94 with the winds out of the southwest. even along the shore. this is a land breeze. it's not a sea breeze. temperatures in the 90s. when you add the humidity the dewpoints tomorrow in the 60s or 70 in some regions the heat index the way it feels mid 90s in philadelphia up to 100 in wilmington. so again you do really need to take it easy. a lot is common sense. the first taste of summery weather take breaks in the shade and hydrating is key. check in on the pets and the very you young an elderly. they have a toug
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northwest s. thunderstorms are possible tomorrow night. on thursday a cold front is moving through. 87 degrees. a breath of fresh air on friday. 84. low humidity. a good amount of sunshine. over the weekend a boundary begins to move in. unsettled weather. saturday, clouds and showers 79. monday 82. tuesday a mixture of clouds and sun. a high of 84 degrees. tomorrow is hot. things will be cooling off as we
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head to the weekend. graduation was a time of celebration at the school we visited tonight. the cheers of family and friends almost drowned out pomp and circumstance for graduate was strawberry mansion, promise academy. when a trio sang from the stage parent were singing along. not only was the music program a celebration for the student by the magnate high school as well. the school says that jason kelsey covered the costs. the students became over many obstacles.
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they got to celebrate their hard work and we celebrate them. all the graduates of 2014, in fact. jimmy kimmel coming up after "action news." here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> hello, philadelphia. a quick preview of what we are up tonight. i pronounce you of the host of "rising star." [ cheering ] >> across america with mega jackpot. it's mega millions. >> hello, america. the jackpot is estimated $15 million. to win the jackpot you must have the five white balls plus the gold mega ball. the first number is 24. followed by 60. up next we have 14. the next number is 10. the final white ball for tuesday evening is 47.
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now for the mega ball number is 3. the winning comes are 24, 60, 14, 10, 47 and the gold mega ball is [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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hand. dress for success were among the recipients tonight. they were looking to win on the road. the phillies woke up five and a half games behind the atlanta braves. a win in atlanta. before we get to the highlights cliff lee threw 20 pitches. the first inning of the ball game. ryan howard the big piece is dialed in. the second homer in many nights. this was at the opposite field. the phillies get a gift in the third inning. he goes seven innings and strikes out six. the nets win. they are five games behind him. the injured hamstring is no is a
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equal housing lender subject to
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credit approval. >> the sixers are taking a long, hard look at andrew wiggins. he was the second day at practice facility. he's the third overall pick. he should be good go on sunday. we can't say the same. the coach says that the team will monitor his progress this week. he is hopeful that he returns. and kobe bryant, check out that save. wow worth another peak. that is against naymar jr.
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they were dancing in the streets in philadelphia. they were tangoing outside of the academy of music. the musical "evita" was playing there. and the famous pose with arms up "don't cry for me tonight" runs through sunday. jimmy's guests are michael stevens ke$ha and josh groban. and we continue with tamala edwards and musical guests karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire, i am jim gardner.
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good night. >> jimmy: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- from "rising star", host josh groban and experts ludacris, kesha, and brad paisley. creator of youtube's vsauce, michael stevens plus brad paisley performs and now settle


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