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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 2, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, president obama heads overseas with a cascade of international crises surround his trip. the worsening situation in ukraine, the isis threat and the new operation this time in somalia. we're live with the details. wild weather. storm systems spawn tornadoes bringing down trees and damaging homes. where the severe weather threat remains today. a brazen bandit with a high-powered weapon making his way from bank to bank. the new clues investigators uncovered bying looking at this video. the drinking, the relationships and all the gossip uncovered about "saved by the bell" in a new movie. good morning, everyone. i'm tahman bradley.
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>> and i'm reena uribe. we begin with the growing international concerns over russia's movement in ukraine just as president obama heads to europe today. >> the president is visiting estonia in a show of u.s. support for the baltics before heading to the nato summit in wales where the ukraine crisis is looming large. more from abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: with large swaths of the country ravaged by war and pro-russian separatists readying for more fighting deeper into eastern ukraine, this was the new normal for one mother taking her daughter to the first day of school in mariopol. "i'm scared that someone will shoot," she says. her daughter recalling explosions and tanks. abc's hamish macdonald is there in mariopol. >> they're ready if, in fact, there's an advance and this trench system will operate as a last line of defense for this city around a million people live here and they're divided. >> reporter: ukrainian leaders say there are thousands of
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russian soldiers fighting alongside the rebels amping up the pressure for a stronger response from nato and the u.s. senator robert menendez says he would support supplying defense weapons to the ukrainian government. >> if you are being invaded by russia, you have to be able to defend yourself. >> reporter: that's in line with a nato-led people for a 4,000-strong spearhead force to be approved at a summit in wales later this week. but there are opponents. >> what's really going on here is that we're edging towards a confrontation between two major world powers. this is disastrous. >> reporter: today president obama heads to europe, a focus there will be the crisis in ukraine and he is expected to be at that nato summit and he's expected to endorse that 4,000-strong spearhead team that's meant to be able to deploy in 48 hours. reena, tahman. >> gloria riviera, thank you. the president also facing
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pressure from both parties to come up with a strategy to defeat isis militants. many are concerned that the extremist group will bring their terrorism to the west. british prime minister david cameron now calling for a law that would give police power to seize passports or british citizens suspected of traveling to support isis. here at home there's a growing alarm over home grown terror. and a new security for nationals coming into the u.s. allegedly to study. abc news investigation has found there are 6,000 people who came to the u.s. on student visas and disappeared. authorities are also looking into the growing number of schools with improperly visas ranging from beauty to horseshoeing. a different terror front. the u.s. military is targeting another islamic extremist organization and confirms they're conducting an anti-terror operation against al shabaab and drones have fired
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missiles at vehicles carrying its top leader, the same one support for that attack on the upscale mall in nairobi, kenya. a marine corps helicopter tried to crash on a navy ship. the student signal yon chopper like this hit the "uss mesa verde" before landing. a small boat was launched to help rescue the 25 on board all of them survived. only one sustained a significant injury and all those who were hurt were treated on board the ship. for millions of americans labor day ended with a bang from mother nature. severe storms driving torrential rain, damaging hail and tornadoes like this one left a trail of damage in northern michigan. winds up to 100 miles per hour uprooted trees, downed power lines and damaged homes and cars. up to a dozen hopes were damaged. this tornado was caught on camera in dexter, kansas. it happened under the cover of
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darkness. that giant funnel cloud can only be seen during brief flashes of lightning. there's no word however on whether this tornado caused any damage or injuries. and storms rolling through the detroit area have triggered flash flooding and massive power outages scattered across the area and flooded interstates and closed roads and left neighbors under feet of water. it'll be another day of severe weather for most of the eastern half of the country. >> a storm system is stretching from the southern tip of texas to the northern tip of maine. accuweather meteorologist jim dickey has the latest. >> good morning, reena and tahman. keeping it hot and humid across much of the east here as we head through the day today now. generally speaking a fairly cool summer in many of these spots and we'll keep it in the 80s and 90s. when you factor in the humidity it'll feel like the triple digits. as that front tracks in we'll see heavy thunderstorms here from upstate new york down the ohio valley storms could be severe packing winds and hail
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and tropical disturbance moving westward not expected to be a direct impact to the united states but will bring heavier downpour pours wednesday into texas. reena and tahman, back to you. fire crews in northern california are having a tough time gaining control of a stubborn wildfire. it's forcing evacuations and threatening nearly 700 homes. the fire has burned 100 square miles, doubling in size the last few days it was sparked by lightning about a month ago. and this morning it's only 15% contained. >> well, it's happened again, a flight diverted another seat reclining sparked a skirmish. the flight was forced to land in jacksonville. the unruly passenger who complained about the passenger who reclined was removed by police and the flight continued to south florida. police in peru say they've made the biggest cocaine bust ever. they seized 7.6 tons in this huge haul. peru's interior minister says it would have had a street value of
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$1 billion if sold in the u.s. family and friends of joan rivers are still hopeful as she remains unconscious in serious condition. entertainment tonight is reporting doctors have started the process of gradualing bringing her out of a medically induced coma. she was rushed to a hospital thursday after going into cardiac arrest during a procedure at a clinic. the fbi is now looking into that hacking scandal targeting some hollywood's hottest young celebrities after nude photos were posted online. represents for jennifer lawrence say they were authentic. kate upton's attorney is promising legal action and victoria justice claims the pictures of her are fake. hackers may have accessed them through icloud. now apple is investigating as he will. still ahead which flips put viewers at risk of overeating. the ak-47 ban fit strikes again. the clues he's giving away in
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this surveillance video. and a no-no of a different kind. what made this phillies no-no so unusual.
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welcome back. wall street re-opens after the long weekend with concerns about a september slump. some analysts fear looming interest rate hikes could spook investors into selling stocks. if that happens this month, it won't be the first time. four of the markets' worst months since 1987 have been septembers. the president spent part of labor day in wisconsin using a campaign style speech to rally union workers and vowed to raise the minimum wage in the same way
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he courted his wife, never taking no for an answer. but he warned that it may not happen if republicans take control of congress. after the november elections. and the mayor of los angeles also made a big push for raising his city's minimum wage to one of the highest in the country. garcetti wants the current wage to go up gradually reaching 13.25 in three years. we know that snacking while watching tv can pack on the pounds but a new study finds what's on tv can make a big difference. researchers have found that watching action-packed programs stimulates snacking much more than sedate programs like a news interviewer or maybe an early news program and men, reena, are much more susceptible than women. and here's the newest treat being served up at a doughnut shop in sacramento. they are called ice glaziers, basically just ice cream on a split glaze doughnut. only eight dozen are made every
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day, the owners say they are busy nonstop until they are sold out. they look tasty, why don't we have any to sample. >> apparently they only make a few. and that's why. with we come back, increasing alertness, the combination that will give you the ultimate power nap. plus the drama behind the bell. an expose airs about screech, zack morris and the rest of the gang. [ children yelling ] [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirley ] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪
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into these starburst minis? they built a factory in miniminneapolis. they're experts at shrinking regular starburst. everything's mini there. wait, what? [ beeping, whirring ] [ female announcer ] starburst minis. unexplainably juicy. you're looking at dramatic images from 93 million miles away. nasa released these images of the sun throwing of off a midlevel solar flare digitally generated from ultraviolet signals from their powerful telescopes. that flare is 25 times the size of planet earth. >> very cool. turning back here on earth, for a look at your morning road conditions, a storm system will
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blanket nearly the entire eastern half of the country from the southern tip of texas to the northern tip of maine with wet and often flooding conditions. roads will also be wet across the pacific northwest. if you're flying, airport delays are possible in atlanta, new orleans and houston. well, ruthless bank robber already wanted in four western states has struck again. >> this time the so-called ak-47 bandit is being plamed for holding up a bank in nebraska. no one was hurt in the heist but a police officer was shot in chino, california, when the crime spree started two years ago. police believe the suspect may be a former law enforcement officer. a mother in colorado nearly lost her life while texting and driving. 35-year-old christina yanez glanced down for a second when they are truck slammed into a guardrail, a metal pole almost four inches in diameter, plugged through the headlight impealing her through her hip and out of the top of her buttocks missing her vital organs.
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>> he put it in the perfect spot so i could be here to with my family. raise my children. >> it's a miracle because if it were any higher she would have been gone. >> she is expected to make a full recovery, only traveling 20 miles an hour and doing a supposedly safe voice text. well, five people rescued from a sinking ship off the southern coast of california got a chance to thank the members of the coast guard who saved them. they were deep sea fishing near san diego saturday night when their 30-foot boat lost power and started taking on water and radioed for help and starting dumping water until a coast guard ship and helicopter arrived. >> mayday, mayday, okay, we have lost all power. we are -- we have a hole, we have two holes in the boat. grab our signal. we are going down. we have a hole in our boat. please check our signal. >> the coast guard took just minutes to transfer the passengers to their boat and get them back to dry land.
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fortunately no one was hurt. a frightening incident aboard an american airlines flight from los angeles to dallas. the cockpit windshield suddenly cracked. about 20 minutes into the flight forcing the pilot to return to l.a.x. there were no injuries. passengers were booked on another plane. but they're still not sure what caused it to shatter. topping our health headlines combining coffee and naps for maximum alertness. british researchers have found that taking a 0-minute nap right after drinking caffeine can help you stay alert for a longer period of time. what happens is your brain is essentially doing a hard reset. some molecules in the brain that make you drowsy can be blocked by caffeine but not all of them. napping can clear all those molecules out. all right, now some sports starting with a bright spot in an otherwise dismal season for the philadelphia phillies. >> four of their pitchers combined to to throw a no-hitter against the braves. the first ever combined no-hitter in phillies' history and the first in the major
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leagues in more than two years. at the u.s. open top seeds serena williams and novak djokovic are through to the quarterfinals. >> the clock is ticking towards thursday night's start of the nfl season as the college football season continues. here's our guys at espn. good morning, america. welcome to the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. he's stan. i'm neil. this is a pink shirt. >> we have college football to talk about for labor day. miami taking on lew very wile. these two met in the bowl last december. second quarter, louisville down 10-7 and corvin lamb is going the distance, 97 yards for the touchdown and put them up. bobby petrino making his return as head coach. up 14-13. domonic brown carried the mail. 33 carries career high 143 yards and the touchdown, louisville wins it 31-1 in their first game in the acc. also from the nfl, j.j.
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watt, a new contract with the houston texans. six years, $100 million including 51 million guaranteed. >> we're related. call me, j.j. that's all we got. back to you. >> sounds like your contract. >> yes. up next in "the pulse," our first look at angelina jolie's wedding dress getting some mixed reaction overnight. hilarious reaction from kids after tasting a strange food. k sparber, you're up. alright, let's do it! (boy) my hands are sweaty. that bell isn't going to ring itself! you've got this! ahh! oh no! i can't, i can't. come on buddy, come on! dig deep! dig deep! ohh...come on! i can do this! come on! use your muscles! use your muscles! you got this! there you go! come on! i did it! yeah! i did it!! i thought "so what?", but now "cai can't stop playing.rst
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time now to check "the pulse," stories you'll be talking about today starting about new details about the brangelina wedding in france. >> brad pitt and angelina jolie's nuptials were a private affair with their six children playing a very big role. most notely in the design of the bride's veil. embroidered with color hand drawings from all the kids. the dress featured in this week's "people" magazine is customed designed by verizon. >> get a better look at "hello!" magazine. the kids walked her down the aisle. "saved by the bell.." >> lifetime aired the "the unauthorized saved by the bell story" made by dustin diamond who played screech. according to the movie his first alcoholic drink came from an extra in his first kiss was on screen with tori spelling. >> who knew. we found out that jennie garth almost played kelly kapowski. a role that went to tiffeny
4:24 am
thiessen. >> zack morris had intimate scenes and in real life he was dating lark voorhies. i had a crush on her. >> kids say the darnedest things after eating one of the most unappetizing foods around. >> it was anything from pudding to nutella. these youngsters were captured taste testing veggie mite. that bitter condiment loved by australians and brits. the reaction, just what you might have expected. >> bleh! >> oh, salty. >> oh, it's really salty. it's nasty. >> for some of you your local news is next.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's tuesday, september 2nd. and in less than two hours atlantic city's 2 billion-dollar revel casino will shut down for good. we're live with updates throughout the morning. thousands of children outside of philadelphia are heading back to school today. you can hear their parents cheering. we have your bus stop forecast and traffic updates. and there's new information about the celebrity hacking scandal this morning. a number of celebrities including oscar winner jennifer lawrence are among the well known who's pictures have been leaked. and details of a new fbi investigation and how apple is responding. that's next up on "action news." >> ♪ northern tip of maine. finally we end this half hour on a tuesday morning with an admittedly bizarre story and comes to us from an exclusive neighborhood of los angeles. >> and involves a now deceased dog and its former rather
4:28 am
expensive home. kabc reporter rob hayes fills in the details. >> reporter: the english tudor beneath the griffith observatory may seem like the other homes in the loss feliz neighborhood but others may not realize they're looking at a multimillion dollar doghouse. >> here's a dog and he lives in this mansion. with a pool for 11 years. >> reporter: that dog, dizou the shih tzu, the dog of this wife of ron hubbard. mary sue lived in the house for 18 years up until her death in 2002. but even though she left the house to her three surviving children, they couldn't sell it. >> do you put a condition in the will that the house could not be sold as long as the dog was still alive. >> reporter: tony broke the
4:29 am
story when the dog finally died last year. ortega says three heres stayed at the house as not so temporary caretakers for the tiny pooch. >> no one anticipated that the dog would outlive mary sue by 11 years. >> i think it annoyed a lot of people. >> reporter: karen is a former scientologist and lives down the street. she says the small dog with the big house doesn't surprise her, but now that the dog is gone the sale is home. the home listed for just under 2.5 million bucks and while its pool and architectural details are nice ortega says its back story might be its biggest selling point. >> i think this kind of notoriety helps at least in a place like los angeles. >> rob haste reporting for abc news. >> i guess you would be living in a doghouse if you buy it. >> very nice, reen
4:30 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. here's what's happening on this tuesday, september 2nd. the 2 billion-dollar revel casino will shut its doors today just over two years after its hopeful opening. >> brand new students at a bucks county high school are preparing for orientation as the entire school community mourns the deaths of three students in a car crash. >> and the tragic mistake that could have taken one woman's life. >> good morning everyone, it is 4:30. it is tuesday, and got some more kids going back to school for their first day. let's see what's going on. i know it's going to be hot today, meteorologist david


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