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tv   Action News  ABC  November 9, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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>> good afternoon, it is sunday, november 9 i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a police officer saved from a fiery crash this weekend has a teenager to thank you for his rescue. police are investigating an attempted murder suicide on the main line. penn state students are collecting money all for the kids. >> those stories, but first, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. we're going up and then down. >> reporter: it's nice out there, temperatures have exceeded what we were forecasting for our high. it's only midday. it feels better than it did at
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this time yesterday. the only issue we're seeing a lot of cloud cover. that's the view at the philadelphia international airport. all is quiet on this sunday afternoon. 57 degrees now is the number in philadelphia. trenton, 355. 57 in millville. cooler up here north and west. we'll probably bump it up to 58 or 59. i don't want to go too crazy with the high, maybe we climb another degree or two, but not too much more than that. we have a coastal system that's starting to gain strength that will continue to pull to the north an we'll continue to see the clouds across south jersey and delaware this afternoon. accuweather says it's a quiet afternoon, mixed skies, clouds and sun, 57, 58 degrees through the afternoon hours. 6:00 p.m., 53. 8:00 p.m. we're back to 48 degrees. big story over the next several days as nydia mentioned, the temperatures are going all over
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the place. lots of sunshine to start the workweek. mild numbers and december-like by thursday. i'll have the details when i come back in just a bit. >> a philadelphia police officer is alive today thanks to the heroic efforts of a teenager. the teen pulled that officer from his burning car last night. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar joins us live from the scene in south philadelphia. good afternoon, dan. >> reporter: good afternoon, nydia, we're here at 28th and tasker here you see the charred remains left over from the burning cruiser. the officer was responding to an emergency when it collided with the pick up truck. the officer and the driver were both trapped in their vehicles and had to be rescued. dramatic cell phone video shows the fiery scene at 28th and tasker. >> the flames comes out of the hood of the car and the a couple of seconds later the car burst
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into flames. >> reporter: joseph chambers a volunteer firefighter from ridley park happened to be visiting his sister. >> i said can i get you out? he said i can't feel my legs. the door was jammed shut i have to pull you out of the window. >> we pulled the cop out, he had a minor scratch on his head, pretty much he messed up his leg. if we hadn't gotten out in time. he would have been hurt bad. >> he was in shock, in and out of consciousness, he said i can't feel my legs. >> the car bushels you burst into -- burst into flames, the flames were shooting high. the rescuers pulled the 352 driver of the pick up truck who was unconscious to safety.
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>> i checked his pulse he was breathing, he was out of it, but he was alive. >> reporter: the officer and passenger in the truck were taken to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania for treatment. chambers later visited the officer and posed for this picture. >> he was there with a couple of his buddies they said thank you and shook my hand. went in and talked with him for a little bit. he was glad that i was there to help him out and i was glad i was there to be a part of it. >> fortunately the 0-year-old officer -- 30-year-old officer of and the driver of the pick up are going to be all right. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> two men are in critical condition after chester county police say one of them shot the other and eventually shot himself. the action cam was in the unit block of summit avenue in the
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paoli section. the shooting happened where midnight. the gunman is related to the man he shot, john r.williams. he shot him during a dispute over money. when police found him they say he opened fire on them. officers say berry eventually turned the gun on himself. neighbors say williams and his family are very nice people. >> we all grew up together, our kids play with each other. everybody has been been here for a very, very long time. >> those men are being treated at paoli hospital. new at noon, a 65-year-old man is in critical condition after being hit by a car crossing a philadelphia street. the action cam was at the intersection of b and lehigh. the victim was hit at 8:00.
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medics drove him to temple university hospital. there's no word on his condition. so far police have not said if the driver of the vehicle remained at the scene. an alter outside a philadelphia night -- an argument outside a philadelphia nightclub led to shooting. police say a 28-year-old man was security guards were arguing when the man pulled out a gun and fired. the guard fired back as the man drove off hitting him in the shoulder an hands. police say a bullet struck the car and caused the suspect to breakdown on the ramp of i-95 north. police found him walking on the road and took him to jefferson hospital in stable condition. >> the search is on for a gunman who shot a temple student during a robbery. "action news" was there as he left temple university hospital. he declined to talk to us, but it was was in good spirits. he was standings outside a party
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with a friend when a gunman approached him and demanded money. the student was shot in the leg when he lunged at the gunman. >> i thought i heard gun shots, it was like oh, my god they are at it again, and then it got quiet. >> at the same time two men robbed two female students near the off-campus party. they are trying to determine if the crimes are connected. video caught these people vandalizing a charter school in the section of 23-8d. in the olney section of the city. in the not only stole school supplies, but they ripped apart classrooms and relieved themselves on the floors. an employee found the damage yesterday morning. >> this is something no one
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wants to see especially in a school. >> the campus is home to k through 8th grade bilingual school and head start pre-k program. school officials say they will have everything cleaned up and ready to go for classes tomorrow. >> the chester county motorcycle club is running a toy and clothing drive for the brother of scott mcmilan. sadot was the 3-year-old -- scott was the 3-year-old who was tortured and killed by his own mother and her boyfriend. the murder took place inside the couple's mobile home. the child was killed because he would not finish eating his break fast. the collection will takes place from 2:00 to 4:00 at the downingtown police station at 10 west lancaster avenue in downingtown.
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funds raising for pediatric cancer research is continuing all over the area. there are many locations where students are carrying out-a-thon canning weekend. the event culminates in a weekend dance marathon in tbeb. last year -- in february, last year they raised $13 million. >> a well-known comedian is opening up this week about his battle with depression. in "healthcheck" body building secrets for those trying to slim down. >> kids donned lemon costumes for this fundraising event this morning. we'll take you there. >> reporter: the arctic air is heading in this direction. i'll let you know how cold it gets and when it arrives in the 7 day forecast, when we right back.
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>> one of the great annual fundraising events in our area has turned lemons into lemonade. 2500 runners and walkers took part. the lemon run is hosted by the alex's lemonade stand foundation that was inspired by the front yard lemonade stand of cancer patient alexandra, alex scott. she died of cancer at 8 years old. >> an inspiring young girl. >> reporter: we have a nice forecast, a little bit of cloud cover. as we get you outside, temperatures have responded nicely today he shall especially compared to yesterday's high. that's the view of the camden
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waterfront. we're dealing with high, thin clouds on the backside of an area of low pressure that develop off the coast of the carolinas. we'll see shades of gray this afternoon. but north and west of the city you're are probably too far from this coastal system, so you'll see more sunshine. 57 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 4. him winds out of the west/southwest 14 miles per hour. pressure reading, 30 inches. 57 a popular number around the philadelphia area. millville, 57. dover, sea isle city, 56. a little bit cooler north and west. 24 hour temperature change impressive. we were stuck in the upper 40s yesterday, we were ten degrees warmer at this time yesterday, same thing for millville and wilmington, 9 in trenton and ten for the poconos. satellite and radar it's going to be a quiet afternoon. because of the coastal storm it's throwing back a little bit of cloud cover around the delaware valley.
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you get farther to the west lancaster and central portions of pennsylvania they are seeing more in the way of sunshine than we are picking up here, but nothing too terribly impressive with the system as it races on by to the northeast. the big player over the next couple of days will be this right here, this is the leading edge of the arctic air that is starting to work its way across the high plains. we have winters storm warnings and watches up for these states out here, we'll see an area of low pressure that rides the arctic boundary and pulls through the great lakes. 28 in bismarck. omaha 52. this is an impressive front. it gets significantly colder the farther north we go. the polar front is starting to carve itself out something like that. it will force the polar front to the south and make its way into the mid atlantic and northeast by the time we get into thursday and friday. over the next couple of days the
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weather person looks quiet. expect a mixed sky today and lots of sunshine as we head into monday. forecasted high you can see the model we're already warmer than what the model is suggesting. it had us at 54. we're already at 57, let's say 57, 58 degrees that will be the forecasted high today. we get into monday first, 57 degrees and then we get into tuesday and tuesday we're up into the 60s over the next several days looks like the numbers will respond nicely only to see the bottom fall out by the time we get into thursday and friday. clouds and sun, we'll put it together for you. feeling better, 58 degrees is the forecasted high. winds are light out of the northwest at 10. 33 degrees overnight tonight and 39 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we have a little bit of everything for you in here. 60 degrees for tomorrow. 67 tuesday, wednesday, 65 degrees, now this is going to come early, wednesday afternoon we'll increase the clouds. there could be a stray shower if the arctic front pulls through.
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turning cooler for thursday, 47, windchills in the 30s. friday sunshine expected, burr a chilly high of 42. ful saturday, 44. looking at the latest information, sunday, monday, tuesday, of next week we're stuck in the mid 40s. it's not crazy cold if it was january or february, considering it's the beginning of november it's told cold. the liberty medal ceremony can be seen right here on 6abc. malala accepted the award last month. she is 17 careers old and the youngest nobel peace prize winner in history. you can see it tonight at 5:00 p.m. before "action news." don't forget you can take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting anytime anywhere.>> j"
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"healthcheck." >> and later in sports, an eagles players visits the flyers after the game at the wells fargo center. "action news" continues in just a moment.
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welcome back on this sunday, doing fishing in cape may, new jersey. 12:19, 55 degrees, appropriately bundled up, i like the shorts with the sweatshirt looking good. comedian wayne brady is opening up about his depression. robin williams suicide in august made him speak up. >> it's no secret men and women who compete in body buildings
12:20 pm
competition know how to change their body. but the eating formula they use can help everyday people lose weight. it doesn't require drugs or a strict boring diet. ali gorman explains. >> reporter: dawn said she got tired of being tired. over the years she had gained weight and was less active and had to go up in clothing size. >> that's when i said i have to change this. >> reporter: so she reached out to weight loss doctor charlie seldzer. he used to be overweight and now competes in body buildings competition. for his clients he uses the same eating plan he and others body builders use. if it fits in your macros, carbohydrates and faculties and protein. for body builder also it's a strict calculation. lay people can getaway with
12:21 pm
tracking protein and calories. >> how often you eat or when you eat are not important. >> reporter: for dawn he made little changes, lowering her overall calories to 1200 and upping her protein to 50 grams per day. >> they were small enough i could do it and stick with it. it wasn't a big change a couple of days down the road saying i can't do this. him. >> reporter: he gave her a workout program she could do at home. >> 20 to 30 minutes a day. >> reporter: as with any plan to lose weight you have to do the work. but the doctor said this is the easiest way to make it fit into your lifestyle. here's dawn before she started the program and now ten months later 30 pounds lighter. >> i feel great, i really do. people always tell me how great i look. my daughter tells me how proud
12:22 pm
she is of me. >> reporter: the little changes she made the more she started to add healthy things in her indict and liked working out. as for tracking her calories and protein she used the my fitness pal app. we have an online calculator at ali gorman channel 6 "action news."
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12:25 pm
minor leaguers have gone down. the flyers do get coburn back against colorado yet they lose another end luke shenn goes flying into boards he leaves with an upper body injury. three seconds to go in the first, claude giroux gives the flyers 1-0 lead. the top line on the power play wayne simmons, 2-0. the top line accounts for three goals and 5 assists. flyers up 4-0. flyers out-shot by 15 in the third. it is their 5th straight "w with" at home. >> we're a good team and we're starting to play like it. >> anytime you have a home
12:26 pm
stand you want to play your best and work on yore game especially in front of your fans. >> reporter: after the game, that is eagles quicker, cody parky in the flyers locker room hanging out with giroux and company. speaking of the birds, sean mcdermott returns to the linc with carolina tomorrow with one goal in mind shut down mark sanchez the high flying eagles offense averaging the most points in the nfc. casey matthews, will try to to fill the void left by the heart and soul of demeco ryans. they will not put too much pressure on themselves by picking up the slack of their leading tackler. >> if there was anymore responsibility added on to me, is to make sure we keep everybody calm and collected. i'm in the putting too much
12:27 pm
pressure on myself. >> it's time to pick up the burden, we have to increase our workload in the film room and the weight room everywhere to make sure we can execute for demeco because he is the best of what he does in the league. >> reporter: after practice we caught up with evan mathis, as you can imagine pumped to play his first game since week one. he has been out with a knee injury. his daughter looks very excited for the game. very cute. monday night we're teeming up with the phl17 we'll bring you the eagles panthers game. we have the eagles pregame special followed by the game at 8:30. sixers looking for their first win against toronto. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. >> another half-hour of "action news" is just ahead. >> today marks 25 years since
12:28 pm
the fall of the berlin wall. we'll show you how they are honoring the day in germany. >> it's not your tip i goal stadium food. celebrity chefs are changing the menu for fans. hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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>> protests in mexico are growing after 43 college students were killed. two americans are back on american soil freed from captivity in north korea. >> a check on the accuweather forecast with chris sowers it's warmed up a bit today. >> reporter: good afternoon to you guys, temperatures have shot up into the upper 50s, we'll go from may-like weather over the next several days to the middle of december by the time we get into thursday and friday. temperatures have responded nicely. yesterday we had highs in the mid to upper 40s throughout the area. we're already at 51 in quakertown. 55 in pilots and coatsville. 58 in chester and center city and 56 in levittown. across south jersey, glassboro, 57. buena 57. 57 in hammonton and gandys beach
12:31 pm
and 56 in woodbine. the breezes have picked up in response to a coastal system that has strengthened a little bit. right now we're generally seeing winds speeds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. it feels chilly from time to time, but better than yesterday. there's the satellite and radar, there's the coastal system working out to sea. it's not heading in this direction. again we're only talking in the matter of 20 or 30 miles toward the east, we would have been in more sun than what we're seeing right now. unfortunately we're not seeing a lot of sunshine. they are seeing it in gettysburg and harrisburg. call for be accuweather, sun and clouds, breezy high of 58 degrees. that will do it for now, when i come back in just a few minutes we'll focus on the huge pattern change that's on the way. i'll show you how cold the numbers get and look at the seven-day forecast.
12:32 pm
>> a philadelphia police officer is recovering today after being rescued from a fiery crash this weekend. dann cuellar joins us live from the scene of that crash in south philadelphia. dann? >> reporter: eva, we're at the corner of 28th and tasker behind me some of the charred remains left over from the burning police cruiser. the 17 district officer was responding to an emergency when he collided with a toyota pick up truck. the officer and the driver of the truck were both trapped in their vehicles and had to be rescued. >> reporter: dramatic cell phone video captured by clearance lemon shows the scene. >> i'm recording the cop car, flames come out of the hood and a seconds later, the car burst into flames. >> i said can you get out, i
12:33 pm
said i can't feel my legs his door was jammed shut. i said i can't tell get you out of the door i'm getting you out of the window. >> reporter: donte johnson helped pull the policeman out of the cruiser. >> pretty much he messed up his leg, if we hadn't gotten him out in time he would have been hurt bad. >> he was in and out of consciousness, he said, i can't feel my legs. >> reporter: once they got the officer over to the curb, the car burst into flames, the flames were shooting so high this whole corner was yellow. >> reporter: the rescuersed pulled the 352-year-old driver of the pick up truck who was unconscious to 15eu69. >> 15eu69 -- safety. two other guys pulled him out and i checked his pulse, he was
12:34 pm
breathing but he was alive. >> reporter: chaiment about hers visited the -- chambers visited the officer and posed for the picture. >> he was there with a couple of his buddydies they said thank you. i was glad to be there and be a partly of it. >> reporter: fortunately both the 30-year-old officer and the driver of the truck will be all right. we may call joe chambers and donte johnson heros, but they say they are not, they will do what anyone else would have done. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> two separate shootings in camden, new jersey, have left two people dead. the action cam was on the 1100 block of chase street where a man was gunned down at 6:00 a.m. medics found him with a bullet wound to the chest. the action cam was at the scene of an earlier deadly shooting at
12:35 pm
front and broad. a gunman opened fire and shot a man twice in the chest. the victim was driven to cooper university hospital and died at the hospital. no word on suspects or motives in either shooting. >> a robber held up an overbrook pizza shop. police say a man carrying a gun entered the shop and demanded money from the register, a suspect ran off with the cash, nobody was hurt during the robbery. police in bucks county are investigating a deadly crash on street road near the brook wood development in bensalem before 9:00 p.m. the woman was killed instantly. the driver of the van that allegedly hit the woman did stop and is cooperating with police, if you saw the crash or the victim before the crash, contact
12:36 pm
bensalem police. delaware state police had to arrest one of their own for allegedly assaulting his wife. 39-year-old trooper martinez was arrested on friday. his wife reported being in a physical altercation with her husband. he has been charged with strangulation and unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child. he was on suspension without pay for stalking an harassing his ex-girlfriend back in march. germany is marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. they lit candle in honor of the those who died trying to reach free berlin. merkel prayed for those victimized by the wall and gave thanks that the wall is no more
12:37 pm
and all of germany is a democratic county. >> two americans who have been held by north korea are free. kenneth bae and matthew miller landed in washington after being released last night. last night a very thankful bae thank president obama for his help. bae was arrested in 2012 while leading a tour group to a north korean economic zone. >> u.s. war planes have destroyed a convoy of armored isis vehicles in iraq that may have included the top leaders. u.s. officials say they received the intelligence report that the convoy that was steroid was carrying isis leaders including the head of the movement, el baghdady. there is no confirmation of his
12:38 pm
death. a bombing in the capitol of baghdad has killed 43 people. isis-backed as you sunni militae been blamed for the number of bombings in the shiite neighborhoods in the recent weeks. president obama is on his way to beijing. he will visit china, myanmar and australia. china is hosting the apec summit. the president will hold separate meetings with a number of international leaders. >> the apparent killing of dozens of missing college students in mexico have sparked violent protests. [chanting]. >> the 43 students from a rural teachers college were last seen in september when they were arrested during a differentially. an investigation reveals the mayor of the town may have handed the students over to a
12:39 pm
local drug gang. that gang killed the students before burning their bodies. protesters this weekend are rallying against mexico corruption and the drug-trade fueled violence that led to the students' deaths. in virginia one person is dead another hospitalized after they were hit by a train over a trestle on a river. 4 to 6 people were high up on the train trestle yesterday afternoon. the freight train saw three of them ass it approached, but unable to stop in time. 21-year-old was killed, 21-year-old woman was airlifted with serious injuries. >> with a push of a button a highrise near atlanta was imploded this weekend and it was a patient from children's hospital that pushed the button. that highrise came down to make room for a children's healthcare
12:40 pm
of atlanta. while undergoing surgery a months of recovery, the 4-year-old wore a cape like a super his or her and inspired others to be brave. >> so cute. much more to come on "action news" this sunday. two daredevils head to africa to accomplish a feat that was years in the making. we'll complain why they had to wait so long to finally do it. >> the new exhibit by a famous director and artist who was inspired in philadelphia. now looking live through sky6 live hd at atlantic city, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be cold by the endful week. "action news" continues in a moment.
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12:43 pm
feat, the walking the famous victoria fall also. the walkers are a 26-year-old economic scientist student from germany and journalist from austria. they made that spectacular 328s crossing on the slack line crossing the falls. it's took months to get permission. after that it was a question of nerves and talent. really amazing. >> reporter: they did that on purpose? >> he was trying to approve how not scared he was. >> reporter: you could see the rope shaking. i would be shaking. let's show you the view on sky 6. there's the center city skyline. we have high, thin clouds overhead, but we're checking more in the way of sun as the afternoon progresses. 57 degrees, dewpoint low atmosphere is dry, 34.
12:44 pm
winds out of the west southwest at 13 miles per hour. mid 50s throughout the area. allen be town, 48. boardwalk atlantic city, 56. and sea isle city 56 degrees. satellite and radar, here's that pesky coastal system it's not moving in this direction, it's moving this way. remember the winds blow counter clockwise awnders the low. they are -- around the low. it will provide the region with high, thin clouds cover. the wider view shows the bigger system we're watching is this guy right here. we'll see an area of low pressure develop along the front that will pull toward the northeast into the great lake states. they are expecting 8 to 12 inches of snow. this is the first big snowstorm for the these folks up. this will be a huge pattern change. we've been talking about this all weekend. we'll see an area of high
12:45 pm
pressure developing here. this will expand and drive south into the lower 48 pushing the polar front down into the middle portions of the country. something like that. anywhere north of front you'll see bone-chilling cold temperatures compared to seasonal averages. you can see the proximity of this. this will charge south and east and it should move into our neck of the woods by the time we get into wednesday night. future tracker 6 later this afternoon, mixed skies, sun and clouds. no issues out there. monday looks like wall-to-wall sunshine. monday is a fantastic looking day, temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. tuesday we get another coastal system developing that will steer clear of the delaware valley. it could be close enough to provide cloud cover. otherwise it's a sunny day. there's the leading edge. arctic front. we get into wednesday, even though it's hard to pick up in that image right there.
12:46 pm
it's probably something like that. ahead of it the winds are out of the southwest it's another day in the 60s. then the winds shift hello arctic air and wednesday is a transition day. 58 degrees in philadelphia. clouds and sun, milder than yesterday. millville, 57. cape may, 56. atlantic city 59. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly sunny for monday, 60 degrees, tuesday, veterans day looking nice, sunny and mild, 67. breezy and warm wednesday, 65. there's winter right there, thursday, friday and saturday, 47, 42, 44 degrees, and then again if we were to keep this thing going we get into sunday, monday and tuesday, all three after that looks like 40s as well. >> countdown is on to monday night football, the eagles versus the panthers game is tomorrow at the linc. >> from gourmet pizza to great
12:47 pm
barbecue birds fans are chowing down this season. alicia vitarelli got a test. eagles! >> reporter: you don't see a lot of of these in a lot of football stadiums, this is vetri's wood fire pizza. the stadium has been redone, offering a slate of new did i d. the quick is a black cherry smoked pulled pork inspired by his southern roots. >> we'll come with the
12:48 pm
house-made coleslaw. >> reporter: you're a pro. >> the link smokes all of the meat in-house chicken and pork. >> i played 14 years with the nfl and 1 with the eagles. then having something like a sandwich like that you are set. you have to eat it. awesome right? >> now i'm starving. that was alicia vitarelli reporting. for the non-meat eating fan, link was named by pita as the best vegetarian stadium in america four years running now. 6abc loves the arts
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good sunday afternoon to you, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us at penns landing right
12:51 pm
now. it's warming up for us a 5 degrees. don't get too comfortable with that, temperatures drop by the end of the week. childhood favorites were inducted into the childhood hall of fame. let's have a round of applause for bubbles. little green army men and the rubik's cube. heses hess trucks the slip and slide. the paper airplane and pots and pans. him anybody can nominate toys, but the final decision is made by historians and educators and others based on only -- on the toy status. >> reporter: 6abc loves the arts has a spooky exhibit that lasts into the new new year. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts.
12:52 pm
>> reporter: it's cawltdz -- david lynch called unified field. david lynch attended the pennsylvania academy of the fine arts in the late 1960s and said he drew much of his artistic inspiration from some of his hard times spent in philadelphia. >> i never wanted to go to philadelphia. there were surreal things happening and absurd things happening and that's why i say it's my biggest influence, the city of philadelphia. lynch said he used his surroundings and personal experiences to fuel his creative vision and he stepped outside the box blending different forms of artwork and compression into one. >> he -- expression into one. he made the jump of painting using sculptural forms and film. it was what the feeling and the
12:53 pm
mood got down to him when he mixed up his creative juices. >> reporter: he doesn't disclose to viewers what's in his work. >> he likes you to get excited by the idea that you're not just be lieuing at a typical painting with pristine surface that part parts of the real worshipped are integrated into it. >> reporter: go to the arts in or visit 6abc loves the arts/loves the arts. for this and other area events. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. >> when "action news" continues an update of our top stories, plus a fine look of the accuweather forecast.
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recapping our top stories on "action news," 17-year-old joseph chambers is being hailed a hero for rescuing a philadelphia police officer from his burning patrol car. the pulled the officer out of the car before the car burst into flames. chester county investigators say an argument over money led a man to shoot a relative on a street in paoli. he turned the gun on himself, both the victim and suspect are in critical condition. a toy and clothing drive is being held for the brother of scott mcmilan. the drive is taking place between 2 and 4:00 p.m. at the
12:57 pm
downingtown police station. >> reporter: let's get a look at the weather this afternoon. >> reporter: a little bit of cloud cover, but we should see a decent amount of sunshine. 58 degrees is the forecasted high. 60 tomorrow, 67 on veterans day. wednesday is the day of transition, 65 degrees, that comes early. by evening the cold front should have pushed through and the temperatures start to fall. thursday, 47. friday, 42, saturday, 44. monday night football looks nice, temperatures, 54 degrees by 8:30 by the 4th quarter about 50 that's the eagles taking on the panthers. >> final this noon baskin robins is honoring veterans with camouflage ice cream a blend of chocolate, carmel and vanilla cake. the company is donating ten cents of every scoop sold to the
12:58 pm
uso. >> boy does that look good. >> "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. him for eva pilgrim and chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han have a great sunday! we'll see you next weekend.
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