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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 13, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. making news in america this morning -- frigid blast. a cold snap sweeping through the country's midsection, creating freeze warnings into the deep south on this november morning. where it's minus 22 right now and where there's nearly 4 feet of snow. rocker bono cheating death after an emergency on his jet. close calls, coming up. and the path of a violent collision. show you the amazing outcome of this crash. and a hammerhead in hot pursu pursuit, giving two kayakers the scare of their lives.
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and good thursday morning, i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with the sub-zero temperatures creating brutal and dangerous conditions in several states. >> causing airport delays in denver, it was freezing overnight, the fourth-coldest day there ever. and people in casper are bike waking up to minus 22 for the second day in a road. >> and in northern michigan, three and a half feet in marquette county, and another 6 inches before it's all said and done today and tomorrow. >> it's slowly pushing east, bringing plunging temperatures to 200 million americans. >> we turn to accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. good morning. >> good morning. arctic cold has set up shop. frinld in the lower 48.
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14 in minneapolis, minus 7 in denver. smashing the record of minus 3 in 1916. and 16 into lubbock, texas. and the relatively warmer lakes, lake effect snow. locally as much as a foot expected through friday. reena and t.j., back to you. >> thanks so much. a story breaking overnight. u2 front man bono safe in berlin after a jet lost a rear door in midair. they were at 8,000 feet, a rear door fell off the jet and the luggage fell out. airport officials say there was no danger of crashing. it's being investigating. the three other members were not on the jet. and trying to determine if chinese hackers broke into the national atmospheric and oceanic
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administration, reviewing security procedures after an attack in turkey. the pentagon calling it ugly and disturbing. here's tahman bradley. >> reporter: the attackers say they shot and released this video for the world to see. three u.s. sailors ignore the t. >> we define you as murderers and killers. get out of our land. >> reporter: but growing violent. the 20 or so people surrounding the americans. the sailers are shoved and sprayed with red paint, represent, blood. the crowd chanting anti-american slogans. then the crowd tried to force white bags over the sailors'
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heads. they managed to break free and run for safety. they made it back safely to their ship, the uss ross, a ship in istanbul. the secretary of the navy visited the sailors and called a reprehensible. the turkish youth union claimed responsibility for the attack. saying they're angry with american imperialism. it was in reference to a 2003 incident in iraq, where u.s. forces detained turkish soldiers, putting hoods over their heads. they are reviewing security, and this will not affect america's relationship with turkey. >> thanks so much. more russian troops are pouring into ukraine. nato confirmed it observed columns of russian equipment, primarily tanks and artillery entering ukraine. moscow denies it. but the u.n. is warning of a possible return of a full-scale
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fight in eastern ukraine. 4,000 people have died in the conflict. president obama faces challenges today in his visit to myanm myanmar, or burma. they are backsliding. the promise of reform was initially rewarded with relief from u.s. sanctions. the newly elected members of the u.s. congress have arrived on capitol hill for freshman orientation. there are at least 50 new lawmakers in the house, 12 in the senate. there's a vote on the controversial keystone pipeline today. michael bonden is going to testify before a grand jury. he was hired by brown's attorney to conduct an autopsy on their son. he concluded that michael brown was shot six times and there is in sign of a struggle. this contradicts police and
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eyewitness accounts that describes a physical confrontation. the grand jury's decision is expected by the end of the month. the family of thomas eric duncan reached a settlement with the hospital where he died with ebola. they will share the payment. under texas law, damages are limited. his fiancee will get nothing. they made a mistake by sending him home after he told them he traveled from west africa. no injuries after an earthquake in the nation's heartland. the 4.2 quake struck in kansas. it was felt all the way to texas. knocked bricks, objects in homes falling to the floor. cracking walls. for residents it was alarming. >> there was more serious as far as our earthquakes are concerned.
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is that all of a sudden all the doors started to open. and they went on opening. and then the books started to come off the shelves. >> there have been more than 1200 quakes recorded in the area in the last year. some blame fracking for the increase. whether that's the case is being studied. after successfully landing a spacecraft on a comet for the first time ever, they are trying to get as much info and as quickly as possible. the managers said it bounced off the comet three times before settling on the surface. it has enough battery power to last for three days before the solar panels must be used to recharge the instruments. hope to see picture this is morning. still ahead, a bold prediction for gas prices in 2015. it's welcome, for new drivers especially. plus -- >> you people make me sick. >> that's loud and clear. angry protesters shut down a hearing in a tiny town that
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could take unprecedented action on tobacco sales. and hanging with a broken cable 69 stories above the ground. the dramatic rescue at america's tallest building.
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are trafficked... united states thousands of kids they're vulnerable kids who are easy prey to pimps and predators. these children are cut off from their families. they suffer violence and sexual abuse. and i just wanted to die. and i started to think that maybe i deserve this for doing this to my parents and to myself. these kids are not criminals. they're victims. we all have to help them and give them what they need to go from being victims to survivors.
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. well, let's hope the newest government forecast about the price of gasoline is correct. because it's good news for american drivers. the average price of gas next year in the u.s. will be below $2.94 a gallon. if that's the case, drivers will save $61 billion compared to this year. two days after announcing
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plans to be open all day on thanksgivi thanksgiving, radioshack changed the plans. they had said they would be open 8:00 a.m. to midnight. that didn't go over well with the employees. they are calling an add basketba audible. they will open at 8:00 a.m. and close at noon to spend time with families. in colorado, marijuana sales are dropped. for the first time. taxes and fees were down by a half a million dollars. it's blamed on the usual slowdown in tourism between the summer and winter months in colorado. a pretty loud public hearing in the massachusetts town poised to become the first in the nation to ban all sales of tobacco products. the crowd so angry about the proposed ban for westminster it was cut short minutes after it started. police moved in to calm angry
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residents who say the ban would limit their freedom. >> this meeting with all these cameras here is a mockery of this town in front of the united states of america. >> our main focus on developing these regulations is the children in our community. >> yeah, police had to actually escort three members of the board of health to their cars. he's got it down. >> like that. when we come back, close encounter. the dangerous predator stalks two kayaks just off the beach. also, this is not what
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michael jackson was talking about when he said smooth criminal. you have to see these guys try to get an atm. feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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up to 27% more brush movements. patented sonic technology with get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. now, that's a burger. and now you can pay and go when you're ready. now, isn't that convenient? the new lunch double burger from chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. take a look at thissing with folks. a wild scene in louisville, kentucky. this is the end of it, see that? this was at the end of a car chase. he's trying, right?
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two robbery suspects trying to get away. didn't have much of a chance. within seconds, he's surrounded by an army of police officers. new formorning road conditions, lots of snow covered streets around the great lakes from michigan to wisconsin. wet highways from central colorado into oregon. a slippery commute in parts of the rockies and the cascades. and a couple of cities, weather-related delays, salt lake city and san francisco. new details about the rescue of two window washers at the new world trade center. >> they held on for two agonizing hours. crowds watching from ground zero memorial below. fire fighters using special saws to cut a hole in the window on the 69th floor and pull them to safety. it was a straight-forward operation. >> cut a three-eighths inch of the outer glass and safely move
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that into the building. >> they're going to be fine. window washing at the world trade season center is suspended. they trained for that just last week. and this guy in alabama, that's 4-year-old parker clark. he was dared by one of his older brothers to climb a tree at his grandmother's house. of course, you have to take a dare. and he got stuck 50 feet up in the air. he was there two hours before a tree crew brought him down to the ground. he's going to be just fine, of course. this happened off the coast of palm beach, florida. you can see, right there. the fin sticking out, of a shark. but when the guy in the kayak puts it under water, that's when we see the big hammerhead lurking. the guy's out there, on a kayak, fishing. the hammerhead followed them for about two miles before swimming off. more interesting video to show you now. check my man out.
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bashing the glass door to a pizza place north of seattle. he got in there. all right. so far, so good. plan is to put the chain around the atm. but the chain isn't long enough, it's useless. and by the way, even if he got away with the atm, it was empty. so all this trouble pretty much for nothing. but he did give us some great video to use on national television and add to the dumb criminal file. a trucker is blaming his gps for leading him over a pedestrian bridge in a park and nearly another one. he received about $600 in fines, and one of the bridges suffered damage and now needs repairs. and a pedestrian in russia. coming just inches away from being crushed. you see him standing there. see that? in the middle of the intersection, caught in the thick of things.
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caught between a truck that slams into the car. he comes out of this unscathed. he shakes it off, calmly walks away from the crash. again, not a single scratch. you see him there? right between. but he is okay. not a scratch. now sports. starting with the l.a. dodgers clayton kershaw. >> a top contender for the national league most valuable player award, handed out today. >> that would go nicely with the cy young award, second-straight and third in four seasons. he led the majors in wins. no pitcher has won the cy young and the mvp in the same season since 1968. the nba took a trip south of the border last night. >> highlights from espn. welcome to the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. i'm stan verrett, neil everett. wednesday was a big night in the nba. >> every one of these was big for us. fired up about it. that's terry stotts, the coach.
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lillard had 27. robin lopez, he's the lopez brother named robin. to the hole with soul. the blazers had 84 points in the first half. aldri aldrige, 130-113. the nuggets have won one. >> and rockets and timber wolves in mexico city. they are up 12. doesn't think it's enough. look at the pass to black. five hold, and 10 assists. fourth quarter, rockets up 18. dwight howard, double-double for him. howard, shooting from the outside. rockets win comfortably, 113-101. houston is 7-1 on the season. best start in quite some time for them. >> that's all we have. i was going to give you a little bit more, but then i thought,
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no. >> back to you. >> we'll give you a little bit more over here. one more basketball shot to show you. a record-breaker. which is why it's the play of the day. >> and take a look. thunder law of the harlem globetrotters. back to the far basket. yes, you know this is going to happen. goes in. >> 82 feet, 2 inches from the hoop. the new record for the longest-ever longest basketball shot. he owns the record for the longest shot ever, more than 109 feet. >> he knows what he's doing. and the pulse next. the size double standard. why women are being charged more for plus sizes than men. and the school in minnesota doing away with snow days. i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids.
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. all right. time for us to check "the pulse." stories you'll be talking about today. first here, old navy accused of a double standard forcing some women to dig deeper into their pockets than men. >> old navy charging 15% more for women's clothing.
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the men east clothing, the same, regardless of size. there's a petition that's getting signatures. >> it's stretchy material and contoured waistbands. but critics say the store is guilty of sexism and sizism. and a beloved winter tradition may be a thing of the past. >> i don't know about this. one minneapolis school, no more snow days. they are required to log on and do school work from home. students didn't like it at first, but they have changed their mind, they prefer to miss out on sledding than making up days in the summer. seems like such a tradition. >> who wants to be in the school in the summer? >> you don't think about that with the day off that you don't expect. >> exactly. but what do you do if you don't have an ipad or desk top? >> go outside with the sled. a guy in washington now.
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he thought he was being funny after breaking up with his girlfriend. i thought this was funny. >> he mailed her 15 chicks, saying there were plenty of other chicks out there. >> the woman didn't think it was funny. she refused the chicks. the postal worker brought them to the humane society. they are at animal sanctuaries and will live out their lives in safety. it was creative. he was hurt, clearly. >> and cracking me up. >> really. >> you don't like my corny jokes. and apologies for missing this one. happy belated birthday to a lovely lady in virginia. >> rosa celebrated her 111th birthd birthday. when world war i ended, it was her 15th birthday. >> the secret to the long life is not the cap there, but avoiding alcohol and tobacco. she says the lord has done her
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and it's not going anyway anytime soon, david murphy has details on what to expect in your neighborhood. breaking right now, fire ripped through several homes in philadelphia overnight. we have video coming in. a man is dead and a septa bus driver found himself shot in a hail of bullets. will the uber car service expand across pennsylvania? the future of that service is in the balance today. finally thist for a military hero. he suffers from his experiences.
4:28 am
>> he's no longer in the service, but he is now in a new home. lindsey brown of our twin city station has the story. >> this is the sniper fire that to took retired arm special gist out of the war in 2012. ending his military career. >> the sniper was over the tree line. >> reporter: he has memory loss, sleeping issues, and on occasion speech trouble. figuring out how to move forward has been difficult for him. >> everybody had reenlisted to go elsewhere. and our 40-man platoon just kind of split up and just kind of felt empty. >> reporter: making it easier now is having a place to call home. >> this is a spare for guests. maybe when my brother and family members come visit. >> reporter: this house has been given to him completely free. made official during this ceremony by the military
4:29 am
warriors support foundation. >> you just don't find a finer young man. >> reporter: it's paid through for purchases of 7-up and snaple at stores. it was renovated and donated by wells fargo and will soon be a home for two. his fiancee will join him. >> this gives me kind of security. i do get a little bit of disability for me -- for what i went through. but just kind of a security and i can start focusing on school. it's just one step closer to just my own rehabilitation. >> reporter: lindsey brown, 5 iwitness news. >> good to see. >> that's what is making news in america this morning. almost there. almost friday. >> almost friday. and stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday.
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>> good morning we're several breaking and developing stories on this thursday, november 13. a fast-moving fire ripped through several homes in southwest philadelphia overnight. >> bullets flying across the street kill one man and have a septa bus driver fighting for his life. details on the police search for a gunman and a move motive. the arctic bls is hitting -- arctic blast is vi


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