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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  November 30, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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ferguson police officer darren wilson resigns four months after he shot and killed teenager michael brown. some protesters say the resignation is not enough. >> a candle light vigil is held in manayunk for a missing west chester university student. >> on the move today is one of the year's busier travel days. travelers shouldn't experience any problems weather wise. let's go outside to chris sowers with the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: good morning, nydia, it's milder this morning, get a load of these numbers, yesterday we we were in the tees at this time. the warm front is warming us nicely. 42 in philadelphia, 31 in allentown. millville, 42 and dover sitting at 42 degrees. we're running anywhere from 15 to 28 degrees warmer than this same time yesterday. so a big improvement in the
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numbers, the satellite and radar, showing a little bit of clouds cover overhead, but we are expecting breaks in the clouds during the afternoon, and we should see a decent amount of sunshine before the day is out. travel days we don't have at least in the mid atlantic and the northeast. you can see everybody we've got a green plane that's a good sign. no travel delays this morning, other than san francisco we're not expecting any travel delays across the entire lower 48. the pattern is nice and quiet out there, that's good news. here's the forecast for today, 50 degrees by lunchtime. combination of sun anne clouds. 3:00 p.m., 55 degrees, the normal is 50, so we're above average for a change. 6:00 p.m. we're back down to 52. it's mild with a high of 55. we'll add 6 degrees to the temperatures by monday afternoon. some areas could topple 60 degrees. that's going to feel nice, in the same sentence we're tracking snow showers by tuesday morning. i'll run it all down for you
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i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast when i see you guys in ten minutes. nydia. >> chris, thank you, as we've been talking about, the roads, rails and runways will be bills today. millions begin -- bills today, millions begin the pilgrimage home from the thanksgivingle holiday. the weather is not a concern in the area or for most of the country. it's wise to check ahead if you're flying out or expecting someone to arrive, to check on the status of flights call 1-800-phl-gate. an estimated 41 million people hit the roads this thanksgiving holiday. and they enjoyed the lowest prices at the pump in five years. the national average is 2.78 that's down 24 cents in the last month and 49 cents from last year. in philadelphia we're paying 2.94 for a gallon of gas. in south jersey, 2.66. in delaware, the average price
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is 2.80. gas prices are expected to remain low throughout the winter season. if you're heading out on the roads stay on top of the changing weather situation with visit for storm tracker 6 live radar, both the hourly and seven day forecast, the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists and our collection of weather-related photos and video. >> there's no sign of a missing west chester university student. the search for chain montgomery is expected to resume in manayunk this morning. moat moat was there for a vigil last night. his friends and family are praying for him to come home. >> reporter: police are looking for tips. the missing man's parents are asking residents to check their alley ways and every business in manayunk have a flier on their windows as so many ask where's shane. saturday night it was supposed to be a christmas tree lighting
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in manayunk, instead they canningsle and it was a candle light vigil for missing west chester student shane montgomery. >> it's unbelievable the community. >> reporter: family and friends and concerned neighbors stood at canal view park across the irish pub on main street. the 21-year-old left the bar on foot, possibly to walk back to his parents roxborough home, but he never made it. >> when you see people coming out and supporting people they don't know, just support that's what you need at this time, support and love. after the emotional vigil even mass at st. john the baptist catholic church was dedicated to shane. this policeful worship has turned into a commands center for the search. hundreds of volumes packed the church saturday morning before hitting the streets while the philadelphia police marine unit
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searched the manayunk canal. a nonprofit is helping focusing on this section. city. >> we don't have any reason to think he went far from the area. >> reporter: like many others, his best friend is remaining optimistic. >> i pray that he is safe and that hopefully find him. >> reporter: looking for surveillance video in the area to figure out which direction shane walked when he left that bar. parts of the schuylkill river were checked saturday, and sunday morning, the philadelphia police marine unit will continue it's search in that canal. reporting in manayunk, moat moat channel 6 "action moat -- kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> officials in ferguson, in missouri, are expected to give a statement about the resignation of darren wilson. he stepped down last night after
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a grand jury failed to indict him in the shooting of michael brown. the protests continue in ferguson and elsewhere this weekend. some say the resignation is not a enough. >> do you think the resignation means anything? >> no it does not. >> it mean he get away with murder, he free, he get on with his life. >> thank goodness we're so glad. >> reporter: does this bring comfort to the situation. >> no, no, still we don't have justice. >> brown's parents plan to attend a church service where al sharpton is scheduledded to preach. sharpton has been by their side in their calls for justice. meanwhile, the us justice department is investigating the
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violation of brown's civil rights. you're looking at a 12-year-old african american boy with tears streaming down his face, he was holding a sign saying free hugs while crying. heart told the officer he was concerned about police brutality against black children. the officer said, quote, yes, i know i'm sorry, the two then hugged. >> thanksgiving took a bite out of the black friday shopping. shopper track said shoppers spent $9 billion on black friday that's down 7% from black friday last year, but more stores opened early on thanksgiving day this year. sales from thursday i felt jumped 24%. -- itself, jumped 24%. if you combine the sales from thanksgiving and black friday, it is only off a half of a percent. speaking of online, we'll preview cyber monday deals you
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don't want to mills. >> -- you don't want to miss. kids received $50 toward any new coat at the burlington coat factory in center city. they went on their shopping spree to find something warm, and still something cool. you have to look cool if you're going to school. >> a boy missing for four years is found alive inside a wall. the sixers make their mark in the record book, it's the worst start ever. >> reporter: eva we're tracking a wig warmup over the next couple of days and we're tracking the possibility of snow in parts of area by tuesday morning, i'll have the details in accuweather when we come right back. seblg skippy!!
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>> welcome back, it is 7:10, 42 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at penns landing. tomorrow it is not going to feel like ice skating weather is it? >> reporter: it's going to feel like we live in the carolinas. >> we're so happy. >> reporter: i know eva is happy. there's the view sky6 live hd showing the sun rising over atlantic city. a nice shot there. it's comfortable with the temperatures in the 40s. we're close to 50 degrees on the sand. a dramatic change in our temperatures, nice improvement. storm tracker 6 live double scan snowing going on, we're crystal clear, just a few clouds this afternoon. that's about it. philadelphia sitting at 42 degrees, dewpoint, 33, winds have shifted out of the south at 9 miles per hour. pressure 30.16 inches. even north and west we were down in the single digits. you've warmed up characterrably.
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alnl town, 31, philadelphia, 42. we have snow cover across the northwestern suburbs that will start to melt. warm front has crossed the region, temperatures behind it are in the 50s and 60s, a noticeable change as we get into monday, with highs again, close to 60 degrees. across the county if you're flying out of philadelphia international. there's not much to talk about. we have a few clouds running the u.s./canadian border and moisture pulling into california this morning. with the exception of that there's not much going on. temperatures are cold across the high plains. it's zero degrees in bismarck. 18 in omaha. one big change with the cold shot over the last couple of weeks these have been driving down into the lower 48. they have made their way down into the florida panhandle. this will be acting a little bit differently. it will be riding west to east,
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we'll be grazed by this by the time we get into tuesday. even though this looks impressive in terms of cold none of that seeps deep into the lower 48. the pattern is changing warm front in the process of pulling through. winds out of the southwest going to moderate things today. monday is a nice day, combination of sun and clouds early, maybe a spotty shower during the afternoon. temperatures close to 60 and i am sure many of you will like that. here's a look at the ups and downs. 55 degrees today, 60 tomorrow, the normal is 50. we're right back down into the 40s as we get into tuesday, north and west you're hanging out in the 0s. that's the cold shot i was showing across the high plains. that's the graze right there, but that pulls away, by the time we get into wednesday and thursday we're back fllt 50s. future -- boot 50s. future tracker 6, we're partly cloudy overnight tonight.
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here's the cold front bearing down on the area. we'll start out with sunshine, we'll increase the clouds and showers late in the day. if the cold air rushes in quick enough, tuesday morning we could have a mixed bag, sleet pellets mixing with the rain. this was north and west on the model yesterday. temperatures will be below freezing. if this were to pan out, it will enough to stick to area roads. philadelphia, 55. millville, 56. cape may, 55. look at dover, r57 degrees -- 57 degrees for today's high temperature. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, up to 06 tomorrow, combination of sun and clouds, spotty shower possible. brisk and colder tuesday, 42. wednesday we jump back into the 50s. 55, thursday, sun and clouds, 50. friday it's cooler not because
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of arctic air it's because of clouds and periods of rain. 45 degrees. saturday, mostly cloudy, leftover shower during the morning hours high of 52. that's a much better forecast we know you like the warmer weather. >> a republican staffer has i should an apology on facebook for criticizing president obama's daughter. she slammed melia and sasha for what she said was inappropriate dress an attitude did you work president obama's turkey pardoning ceremony. she wrote you should dress like you are owed respect not like a spot at the bar. some called for her firing saying the remarks were cyber bullying.
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>> action cam taking a live look for us now at philadelphia international. so much for that short line, it quickly grew there, you can ciancia people waiting to get in to go through security at the airport. expect long lines today because today historically is the busiest travel day of the year, time to pack your patience. >> cyber monday is tomorrow, the day the online retailers offer their best holiday deals and millions log onto get them. many have chosen to cyber shop on black friday online sales climbed 9.5% from this year to last year. with all that said here's advice if you're planning to shop
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tomorrow. look for coupon codes and remember you might find extra special sales on twitter and facebook feeds steeper discounts may be on apparel than consumer electronics and health and beauty products. don't use public wi-fi that's how a scammer can latch on to your valuable information. look for an appropriate symbol like verified or verified by visa. check your statements, if you can camp fraud immediately you are crucially not held responsible. join me in the morning for the best cyber deals at 4:30. >> people driving under the influence of marijuana could get busted the same way drunk drivers through. researchers are working on a breathalyzer test to detect thc. the only way for police to approve a driver is high on marijuana is through a blood
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test. they are adapting technology used by airport security agents to detect drugs and explosives. washington state legalized marijuana two years ago. developers are hoping to test the breathalyzers by early next year. ♪i want it all! ♪and i want it now!
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i.welcome back everyone, 7:22, sunday morning, time for the travel forecast. as we look across the country there's not much going on. we'll set it in motion, a few clouds across the high plains a snow showers across northern maine. that's about it. the travels will be nice and
7:23 am
smooth from dallas to atlanta to wichita. we have an upper level low pressure system sitting and spinning off the coast of san francisco and the counter clockwise winds are bringing all this moisture in, places like oakland and san francisco and reno, nevada and places like san diego or los angeles is too far to the south. the jet stream have running over the pack northwest, reno, san francisco will continue to see showers out there over the next 24 hours. everybody else looking nice. the major hubs are nice and quite, we have green up and down the board. 42 degrees in philadelphia. no reported delays, logan is on time, midway and o'hare on time. orlando, nice and mild. 55. new york, 44 no reports delays, guys? >> sports now, the sixers are off to their worse start ever, jeff skeverski has that and
7:24 am
more. >> reporter: we knew this team was going to be bad, but this bad? sixers are off to their worse start in team history in the 51 years of 7 sixers basketball in this town they had never ever started o-16 until last night. sixers facing dallas that beat them by 53 a few weeks ago. last night they looked better. nerlens noel. in the third, the steal, the slam, sixers come back and briefly take the lead, but in the 4th down 7. kj mcdaniels for 3. yeah, sixers within 4 looking for that first win. but they go ice cold nearly five minutes without a basket in the 4th. nerlens noel misses the layup. sixers lose 110-103. worst start in team history, two away now from the nba record.
7:25 am
>> so much respect for a team that is zero and 16 to walk out only the floor and hug teammates and acknowledge assists and help people out of floor when they were down and play with a spirit and passion that the group plays with. >> reporter: san antonio is up next. it's the garden of evil not only did the flyers lose last year's playoff series at madison, square garden, they have lost ten straight regular season games up there for the rangers. this has been going on for four years. down 1 in the first, here come the flyers. nick grossman shoots, scores. flyers tie it at 1. jake borachek, winding, firing, scoring. flyers take the lead for the second time at msg over the last
7:26 am
45 minutes. how about jt miller flies past the flyers on the end around, flyers lost 5-2. they dropped 8 of their last 9 games this season. confidence is killing them. >> it's mental, i truly believe it's a confidence things for sure. i think that the chemistry on our hockey team has gone the other way, we need to get that back in our game. >> flyers start next week in california starting tuesday in san jose. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. >> being rewarded for doing the right thing in galloway, new jersey. robby, and bella picked up a check from the. they found the money in a parking lot and they turned it over to police,
7:27 am
officers were so impressed by the act of honesty on top of the $180 they gave each child an extra hundred dollars from their own pockets.
7:28 am
>> sky6 live hd is live right now in wilmington, we're tracking another warm-up, a
7:29 am
brief spring fling in the accuweather forecast. set for takeoff. a lot of people are catching a flight, looking live right now, the line does not look bad, there's virtually no line at all. it is one of the busier day all yearlong. >> cashing in, small businesses get their share of the pie. >> outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: good morning to you, nydia. the warmth has started out here. yesterday morning i want to remind how cold it was around the delaware valley. let a load of these numbers. it feels so much better. allentown 7:00 a.m., 15 degrees, pottstown, trenton, millville, 19. dover, 25. now look where we are sitting. 31 in martins creek. 34 in quakertown. saint david 37 that was already warmer than what you saw yesterday. chester in center city, 39 and
7:30 am
levittown, 35. in south jersey we we have some areas closing in on 50. buena, 42. glar borough -- glassboro, 41. and buena, 42. the warm front continues to swing north. we're seeing sunny breaks and accuweather expects mixed skies, combines of sun and clouds that will help to get the temperatures up there. we're shooting for a high of 55 degrees, it will be milder and feel fantastic. as we get into tomorrow it's milder with temperatures closing in on 60. what's ahead here it's a nice travel day no weather issues across the entire lower 48 if you're traveling out of philadelphia this afternoon, turning milder in the short term and it turns colder unfortunately. we get into tuesday we're tracking rain and snow showers, some of that could cause issues especially north and west of the city by the time we get into
7:31 am
wednesday morning. i'll focus more on that when i step back inside in ten minutes. chris thank you. >> new this morning, police have arrested a man in connection with an early morning robbery and shooting in north philadelphia. the action cam was at the scene, west allegheny avenue and 7th street. the victim was walking down the street at 2:20 when a gunman stopped him and demanded money. the gunman wounded the suspect in the leg. the police have nabbed the gunman. the victim is in the hospital in stable condition. >> yelling]. >> protesters face off with police in ferguson, missouri again this weekend. tension remain high despite the resignation of the police officer is at the center of the controversy. darren wilson is off the ferguson police force, it was his decision. >> reporter: four months ago,
7:32 am
officer darren wilson was thrust into the national spotlight when he fatally shot michael brown an an unarmed teenager in ferguson, missouri. it ignited riots and for several months the nation was on edged waiting for a grand jury decision. >> no probable cause to file any charge against officer wilson. >> reporter: that decision unleashed more protests from missouri and around the country. wilson was on administrative leave since the shooting. since then the police department received threats of violence if he remained on the force prompting wilson to say this in in his resignation statement. i have been told my if i understand employment would put the police officers and the residents at risk. it is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal. in an exclusive interview with
7:33 am
george stephanopoulos a few days ago, wilson defended his actions saying he had a clean conscience and would not do anything differently. >> i did my job and followed my training. >> reporter: brother's mother called the explanation of the shooting insulting and disrespectful. now it remains to be seen if the resignation calms protests and eases tensions in the community and throughout the nation. abc news, new york. >> "good morning america" weekend will have more on officer's wilson's resignation coming up after the newscast at 8:00. they highways and airports and bus and train stations will be crowded today as millions make their trek home from the thanksgiving holiday. the action cam is live at philadelphia international airport. hardly any line there right now going into security, last year the sunday after thanksgiving was the busiest travel day of the entire year with more than
7:34 am
2 million airline passengers. if you are flying home today or picking up a loved one, packed packed -- pack your patients and call ahead to check on your flight to be sure, the number is 1-800-phl-gate. meanwhile, many people lr lr -- will be making their return home by packing rails and cars. >> >> small business saturday give a jolt to mom and pop stores and helped their communities. >> i was surprised to come down the street and see so many people on the street. it was nice to see. >> reporter: saturday shops in manayunk, fishtown and doylestown and across the bridge to haddonfield, new jersey were just a few hoping customers shopping small drop large christmas catch. republican bank paraded down the streets to haddonfield to their
7:35 am
small business lender, the gourmet kitchen. >> we think it's great to support the local business community. entrapreneurship is part of the business community. >> we mills the small town experience of the holidays. >> reporter: small business saturday began with the 0 shop small slogan urging americans to choose local stores over big box change. american express was behind the original idea, but each year small businesses like here in manayunk continue to see more and more people come out on this day, as they realize the more they spend here stays here. >> small businesses are the backbone of america. >> they built up the town it's great to have people around here shopping it's almost like a little neighborhood. >> most of the owners live win five miles of main street, the money they spend here they are going to eat at the restaurants next-door to the store they are supporting the local nonprofits
7:36 am
and community groups. >> reporter: there are 20 small businesses across the country. sales in the past two years surpassed five billion dollars. owners are embracing it and shoppers are making it a yearly tradition. just like black friday and cyber monday, only this feels a little more personal. >> our customers are our friends or the people we've met over the last year. >> reporter: annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> ibm said online sales for black friday climbed 9.5% over last year. black friday sales in store dipped 7% from year to year. more people chose to shop online or earlier in stores on thanksgiving. >> police in southwest philadelphia need your help in findings a missing teen with autism. 14-year-old colice adams
7:37 am
disappeared from the 2200 block of carpenter street. he is known to visit ymca on 5100 block of chestnut street. if you have seen him, police want the hear from you. >> a 14-year-old boy who was reported missing for four years has been reunited with his mother. the teen and mom had a tearful reunion yesterday. they found the boy in the false wall in the atlanta home of his father. >> we opened the compartment where he was, i saw him and asked him to come forward, he was horrified. he was frozen with fear. >> he couldn't thank us enough. he kept saying thank you thank you thank you. >> reporter: police have charged the father and stepmother with false imprisonment. three other adults were charged with helping to hide the boy. officers went to the home on friday night, people in the house told them the boy was not there, the police returned the next day to search again, while they were looking, the boy contacted his mother by phone
7:38 am
telling her to tell police to look behind a false wall. >> philadelphia police shot a suspect in the neck in germantown. it happened just before 8:30 in the unit block of west leaguer street. it's not clear why the officer fired his gun. the suspect in stable condition. the nfl will revise it's domestic policy now that a judge has thrown out the decision to spend ray rice. after videos of the attack came public, roger goodell is you says suspended rice indefinitely. the judge ruled that the indefinite suspension was arbitrary and rice never misled or lied to the nfl about what happened. >> it is 7:38 much more to come on "action news" for this sunday. life in pictures an exhibit in
7:39 am
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right there where it's always been! we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in! ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. >> good morning to you on this sunday, sky6 live hd taking a live look over center city. you can see the clouds there filling the skyline. it is 7:41, 45 degrees for us
7:42 am
outside. much warmer than yesterday. >> reporter: and it is not just today i'm looking at the long-range pattern, the first two weeks of december look mild. let's get you back outside and show you what's going on. we're in atlantic city, you can see the camera shaking around just a little bit, not only are we milder, but we're picking up a bit of a breeze. it's a little bit more active than yesterday at this time. but that breeze is ushering in milder numbers. storm tracker 6 live double scan crystal clear, we don't have any weather issues today. we'll stay dry through tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon that's the next chance of precipitation. as we look at the temperature in philadelphia, 42 degrees, much better than yesterday. dewpoint, 33. winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. pressure reading 30.16 inches holding steady. 31 in allentown. 34 in the poconos. trenton, 38. philadelphia, 42. wilmington, 40. millville, 42.
7:43 am
the shore points closing in on 50 degrees. look at the warmth starting to build to the west. 55 in pittsburgh, buffalo, a week ago you were talking about 80 inches of snow and now you're in the 50s. charleston, 59 degrees. this will blow through the entire mid atlantic and northeast we'll see our temperatures in the mid 50s today saturday and low 60s tomorrow. satellite and radar locally just a few clouds out there this morning, that's about it. no travel dwhrais it's a nice -- delays, it's a nice quiet morning. boston is quite, chicago, detroit, minneapolis on time. dallas is quiet, as well. the only major hub that could see delays later this afternoon that would be san francisco. that's in the form of rain. you have the pineapple connection. the southern branch. jet is running through san francisco this morning. that could touch off showers there.
7:44 am
otherwise it's nice and quiet. surface maps showing milder air today. we're in the mid 50s. tomorrow the winds strengthen out of the southwest. that warms us up into it is low 60s. there will be quite a bit of cloud cover, as the cold front ushers cooler air. monday starts out mild, once the cold front passes the temperatures start to fall. we fast forward into tuesday morning, there could enough cold air to switch this rain over to light snow before this ends. temperatures wise during this time frame we'll be above freezing. if it is snowing across south jersey or delaware. more than likely it will not stick to the ground. we'll watch it over the next up coming days. it's cooler in the lehigh valley than what we'll see in philadelphia and the jersey
7:45 am
shore. this is better than where you topped out yesterday, yesterday's high, 33. atlantic city, 56 degrees, milder afternoon combination of sun and clouds. philadelphia, did you believe -- double nickels, 535. overnight tonight, 40 degrees outlying suburbs, 48 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll start out with sunshine on monday, clouds roll on in with the front there could be a spotty shower during the first part of the afternoon we're up to 60 degrees, and then the front crosses the region and the numbers drop. 4 # freeze, tuesday morning there could be a wintery mix across south jersey and delaware. wednesday, clouds and showers, 55. thursday, 50 degrees, periods of rain possible on friday as another system pulls through, cooler day, high of 45. saturday, mostly cloudy, but quite, high of 52 degrees. these are temperatures where we
7:46 am
should be for this time. year. we've been so cold over the last few weeks. this is normal stuff, actually. >> the rush is organic as shoppers browse for bargains. toys are a hit for children. this week's raising healthy kids, erin o'hern shares tips on making good choices. >> reporter: somehow santa knows what's right for the little ones, but the rest of us need help picking the right things for kids. there are two factors to keep in mind, by for the child's developmental level and make sure it's safe. >> for infant up to a year. >> soft toys that don't have any small parts. >> reporter: for those between 1 or 2 years of age. >> musical instruments, toys that you can push or pull.
7:47 am
>> reporter: if they have strings, be sure they are 12-inches long or less. look for any warning labels. >> they may contain small parts that could be a choking hazard for young children. >> reporter: in the home keep those toys away from younger siblings. as children move into school age books are a good choice along with outdoor play equipment. that encourages them to stay active. don't forget the safety gear. >> if you you're buying a tricycle for the child, get a bike helmet. >> reporter: sitting on top of the head and it should be snug with norming one finger of space between the which i know and strap. pediatric hospitals sell the
7:48 am
gear at costs lower than store prices. i'm erin o'hern channel 6 "action news."
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>> welcome back, it is 7:50, and not sky6 live hd, the action cam is live at philadelphia international airport. we're looking at the security check point now. doesn't look too bad there, does it? everyone is moving, things look like they are going smoothly, have a safe travel day everyone if you're heading back from the thanksgiving holiday. >> an exhibit in philadelphia explores life through the lens of a famous photographer. >> reporter: paul strand is considered a master of modern photography with the career that spans 6 decades. his work a critical influence on the expansion and changing
7:51 am
esthetic of photography. >> photographers wanted to make photographs that looked like paintings. >> reporter: but paul strand wanted to distinguish himself from the masses. >> he broke from the it radically, and he began experimenting with subjects making forecasts that nobody else had explored. this approach gave pictures immediacy that was influential to photographers. he extraordinary street photography to help tell a story. >> in the space of a year and half he made these three distinct bodies of work that proved to be influential to future artists. >> the museum of art has 4,000 prints. this shows his entire life's work with roughly 250 image also
7:52 am
on display. he is a great money monica the exhibit runs through january 4. gore tickets go to or go to 6abc/6abc loves the arts. i'm karen rogers. >> santa and his helper made their way along 4th and king street for the christmas parade. le my co-anchor had a busy morning yesterday, eva jumped off the set and rode the float alongside windy the pursue. other disney characters were part of the parade. we'll be right back.
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7:55 am
if shopping does not put you in the mood for the season, how about the chilly temperatures we've been seeing outside. the heritage grand tree lighting in somerton section had to bundle up for an evening of christmas carols. after the lighting of the tree, they got to warm up with a spectacular fireworks show. >> reporter: today will be a perfect day to hang up the crowd door christmas lights. temperatures are mild, 535 degreesing later today. -- 55 degrees, later today, look at tomorrow, there could be a passing shower, that's fantastic, we're up to 60. we cool it back down on tuesday, there could be winter precipitation scattered about the area. 42 degrees tuesday, brisk and colder, there could be a snow
7:56 am
shower or mixed rain sleet shower. wednesday, clouds passing shower, mild, 55. thursday, 50, friday, 45. amoeba rain, saturday, cloudy and mild, 52. >> not bad, thank you, chris. 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: coming up on "g.m.a.," officer wilson announcing his resignation from the police department. reports from the front lines of what is expected to be the busiest travel day of the year. millions are flying, millions more on the road. we have the forecast and a look at why gas prices are low. on a lighter note is it theft or strategy. two madonna's songs are leakedded have and gone viral. we'll tell you what her manager is saying, we'll see you soon. >> good morning weekend is next
7:57 am
on channel 6. "action news" continues later this morning. >> here's some of the stories we're working on for you. philadelphia international airport, is a hot spot, people begin to make their way home after the long holiday weekend. and pope francis apartments in a joints liturgy on the final day of his trip to turkey. plus chris sowers will have more in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. him now for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han, have a great sunday. we'll see you at 9:00 a.m.
7:58 am
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. good morning, america. breaking overnight, off the force. ferguson police officer darren wilson resigns after he's cleared by the grand jury for shooting and killing michael brown. >> and that was the job of my life. >> the security fears that led to his decision, what the future holds for him and the bigger question, will it stop the unrest nationwide? >> rescue at sea. caught on camera. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> the coast guard swooping in to airlift five fishermen to safety. their frantic call for help as they jumped into that life raft. tearful reunion. a missing boy feeling his mother's embrace for the first time in four years after he was locked inside a secret compartment in this house. >> just kept saying thank you,


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