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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  December 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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live double scan not a whole lot to talk about right now, just some light rain, mist and drizzle in the delaware and lehigh valleys, we are in the waiting game right now, you can see more moisture to the south and west. and frozen precipitation moving across western pennsylvania, we'll watch some of this work its way eastward and we could find wintry precipitation before the warmer weather moves on in. the national weather service expanded the advisory, yesterday we told you it was for lancaster and now chester, montgomery and upper bucks and lehigh, norm hamilton and upper berks. temperatures north and west of town are definitely below the freezing mark. 36 in the city and upper 40s in sea isle city. lets talk about what to expect as we go through the overnight
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hours, looking for slick spots early on the bridges and night overpasses, on the untreated surfaces. any ice coming tonight will turn to rain and we'll take a closer look with the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. in the delaware valley you can see some slick spots, walter perez is live at the allentown service plaza at the pennsylvania turnpike. >> have to tell you it's raw and nasty out here, but the good news is it's not snowing. a live look at the turnpike, traffic is moving along nicely, over the past few hours we have a little bit of everything from snow to sleet and now a bit of rain and penndot is ready for what old man winter throws at us. for the rest of us, not so much. it's days like this that has stephanie gallant wishing she
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never moved from north carolina. >> i want it do be warmer like north carolina, like 70 degrees. >> we are a long way from 70 degrees right now, that is why penndot crews loaded up with salt and sand in case things get icy on the road. >> our crews started on shifts early this morning and they are ready to go when it starts icing out, we'll lay materials and keep the roads from freezing up and keep it as safe as possible on the roadways, the icy conditions remain north and west of the region. nate har low says after last winter he considered moving to florida. >> my family and friends are up here but i do like florida. >> once again earlier snow has given way to a frozen drizzle but the roads are fine at this point. stay with "action news" and for the latest. reporting live walter perez,
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channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter. as we head into the winter remember you can always keep up with rain, sleet or snow with the 6 abc storm tracker app we'll send an alert to your smart phone or tablet when severe weather is heading your way. the radius on the ping is 4800 feet so it's quite a search area, the fbi has now joined the search and the reward for information leading to him now stands at $25,000. the protests in ferguson has started a national conversation about the way that police
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interact with the community they serve. and that means wear cameras on their uniforms. vernon odom is live now in evesham township. they have been using these cameras for some time now. >> they have been using them since july 1st, and by every legitimate appraisal and measure they are considered a booming success, bringing this town of 60,000 national attention. >> this is the search for a burglar in evesham township friday night. this is the first county to outfit their uniforms with body cams, they say it's one of the greatest innovations for the police and public. >> if you do it for the right reasons you have nothing to worry about. the cameras hit the highways and buy ways last year, they have
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six demeanor complaints, five exonerated and one found with misconduct. they thought afticly say they have the solution in south jersey. body cams for all police all across this nation. >> they provide a level of transparency to the public that they deserve and it provides potential to the officer and it provide a clear story of what happened and supplies evidence in court. >> if you do the right thing all the time, you have nothing to worry about. the only thing you have to worry about is an officer acting improperly. it's an absolute no brainer. >> this body cam model here is being examined from news
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agencies from as far away as japan. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> fascinating stuff. thank you vernon. >> health officials in mercer county have a warn being hepatitis a after a worker tested positive for the disease. the employee worked for food prep in hamilton, new jersey, that person is in the hospital for a week, symptoms of hepatitis a include fever and loss of appetite, nausea and pain. and officials say everyone should be vaccinated if they haven't been already. >> and from our new jersey newsroom a pair of row homes when up in flames in trenton, this is video of the flames on the 100 block of fulton street, no one was hurt and investigators are trying to figure out just what started that fire. >> after more than three hours, minnesota vikings running back, adrian peterson's appeal hearing
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wrapped up for the day a short time ago. peterson did not testify, he is taking on the nfl trying to get back in the game and back on the field. is he seeking reinstatement after roger goodell suspended him indefinitely after he was plead guilty with no jail time for hitting his son with a tree branch. the hearing today comes after the nfl threw out the domestic violence penalty against former baltimore ravens star, ray rice, rice can sign with any time now at any time. >> the nfl cannot be arbitrary, they cannot have abusive discretion. peterson will not be considered before april 15th, the nfl call that punishment arbitrary and
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unlawful and that peterson should get credit for time served on the exempt list. this should continue on thursday. still ahead here at 4:00, a major blackout in a major city, about schools and city hall and fire departments were left in the dark. and police searching for answers in a killing spree, the man that killed four people in west virginia, left a big clue about his motive. you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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president obama has made his choice for the secretary of defense. he will nominate ashton carter, that senator from oklahoma says he strongly supports that pick. but the white house has not yet commented. carter is the former defense secretary meaning he was number two at the pentagon.
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born in philadelphia and graduated from abington high school, and if confirmed he will replace chuck hagel. police in west virginia will coming closer to finding out what caused a man to kill four people before taking his own life. jodi lee hunt owned a construct company and had a connection to everyone he killed yesterday. his ex-girlfriend was murdered along with another man and then hunt killed his own cousin. >> that man stood over my son and done that, it was nothing for him to shoot that gun. >> he had no mercy. >> and then at a third scene hunt shot and killed another tow truck driver, the murder set off a manhunt but police found hunt dead in his truck. and the city of detroit spent most of the day in the
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dark after a massive failure on the power grid. it forced schools to send children home early and some ended up trapped in elevators, firefighters responded to calls but were running everything off of generators themselves because they didn't have power either. the train line runs off the grid and that was down as well. service is gradually starting to come back as public and private crews work to come together. at wall street stocks bounced back after yesterday's losses, the dow is up today almost 103 points to close at a new record high, 17,879, the second record close of the year, the s&p posting a gain of 13 points today. black friday, may have been a disappointment for retailers but it looks like cyber monday made up for it.
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it was a big day for online orders, the biggest in history. that follows the trend of slumping sales in actual brick and mortar sales on black friday. meaning shoppers are spreading things out instead of waiting for the day after thanksgiving before buying everything at once. and black friday gave everybody one big boost, it sent november gun sales through the roof. the fbi says they performed 175,000 background checks last friday alone and the events in ferguson, missouri, also sent sales higher. >> it's time now for the "action news" traffic report on a tuesday. a wet tuesday and matt pellman is live in the traffic center, it looks like quite a mess. >> the thing is we can't drive when it's dry, we see slick patches when you head way north and west. it's west this afternoon and wet
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around the region brian, and here in philadelphia, on the roosevelt boulevard, a mess with the crash in the northbound lanes right by the exit for roberts avenue and the two right lanes are being cleared out. heading north towards broad street, my oh my. and then you just barely move up to the exit ramp on roberts avenue on the other side of 1. and in may fair, robbins is shut down at leonards and crafton, and a pole was taken down and they are cleaning that up. and a crash at the schuylkill westbound at montgomery and that has cleared up but still slow speeds there because of the roosevelt situation. and towards the turnpike, a wreck approaching the ben salem interchange and speeds are just in the 40s and in delco, look
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for a crash at smith road and a wreck at 95 southbound at 202 taking out a lane and elsmere at route 100. and lets grab the ipad and look at the commuter report, one person on the a.c. express says it's raining there too. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> just a down right mess. >> thank you matt. residents from marlton, new jersey, won't have to wait days for an appointment to see a doctor, now you can walk into the shop-rite on route 70 for a quick checkup. it's good for minor check ups and health checks. and no appointment is necessary. whether are you a parent or an aunt or uncle, there are probably toys somewhere on your holiday shopping list, and researchers have a new warning for the safety for some of them. rick williams is live in the
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newsroom to explain the details every parent will want to hear. >> this research is hailed as the most comprehensive study yet looking at a wide variety of toys and its eye opening. studies show that toy related injuries is increasing and there is one toy that is repeatedly linked to injuries, we'll tell you what that toy is and how to keep the children in your home safe. that is coming up tonight on "action news" at 5:00. back to the studio to brian and shirleen. >> thank you. up next melissa is back to tell us when the wet weather will move on out of here. >> and later, he might have been dressed like a soldier but did he ever serve, the combat veteran that confronted the man and the intense exchange is going viral this afternoon. you can take wherever you go, the smart design changes the layout to fit any device,
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fifth and sixth graders learned the fine art of scatting. john ellis taught the kids the art of singing without words known as scatting. >> singing without words. a good exercise without us. i think bobby darren perfected that. just all the noises. we have wet weather. lets go to meteorologist, melissa magee. >> shirleen and brian we need a ray and a drop of golden sun. but that is not coming, a better
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chance of seeing sunshine on wednesday. stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see that we have a little bit of precipitation off to the north and west, and that moves in as we get into the rest of tonight. we'll show you the temperatures, this is the big concern north and west of town, it's just 27 degrees in tannersville and 30 in slatington and same thing in fleet wood and areas north and west of the i-95 corridor you could have a little frozen precipitation before you turn over to rain. toms river 45 and upper 40s in sea isle city and same thing in smyrna. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan the initial batch of moisture overhead, it looks to be mostly cloudy for the rest of the afternoon. and north round of precipitation is being tracked as it moves in. some of that precipitation at least on the onset could work
4:21 pm
its way into the lehigh valley before you get the warm air moving in. north and west is where we have the concern and where we have the winter weather advisories as well. a light glaze on your cars this evening, bridges and overpasses is another concern. we could find a bit of a coating on untreated surfaces and the sidewalks as well. the good news is the cold air moves in and temperatures rise in the middle evening and nighttime hours, it will change over to liquid late tonight. future tracker 6 is tracking out the moisture, mostly cloudy for philadelphia and along the i-95 corridor as well. mixed precipitation in the poconos but the warmer air from the south working its way northward into the afternoon hours, have you precipitation some of which is light and steady and you start to clear out. you wake up for the commute and mostly dry and a spot shower.
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and as we get into the rest of the day on wednesday, we can find a few breaks of sunshine. warming temperatures, that is the call from accuweather, changes to rain, 32 in the city and 32 until the suburbs and rising temperatures in the overnight hours. the accuweather forecast, milder tomorrow, high temperature to 55 degrees, a morning passing shower and breaks of sunshine, and on thursday, it's the brightest day of the week and a high temperature of 46 degrees, it looks to be a nice day on thursday, friday mostly cloudy and 48 degrees, saturday periods of rain with a high of 52 degrees, we are tracking the moisture for the rest of the night and temperatures warm up into wednesday guys. >> sounds good. >> despite the gloom outside today, beautiful seasonal plants are ready for you to buy in delaware, more than 2,000 poinsettias are in bloom at the deputy of social services
4:23 pm
greenhouse in new casting, people involved in the bright spot ventures program have grown the plans and they come in more colors than just the traditional red poinsettia. but nothing says the season like those poinsettias. >> you are buzzing alicia. >> now jennifer lawrence is on the pop shot, she can sing, i'll tell you all about if coming up.
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it is time now for the buzz. over a month ago scarlett johansson is a married woman. she secretly wed in montana in november. it didn't just happen, but we just found out about it. bono still on the mend after that awful biking accident in
4:26 pm
new york city, but that did not stop u-2 from performing yesterday to a packed crowd in times square, bono is still on the mend and cold play's chris martin stepped into the spot and so did bruce springsteen. they performed his biggest hits and sent some love to bono. >> and jennifer lawrence is a movie star but now a pop vocalist. she is now on worldwide music charts this week. the song is called the hanging tree and it's a track off the movie sound track for the hunger games mocking jay part one, it's haunting like a chant, but she is singing. >> it was in the film? >> yes. >> i didn't even notice. >> she sings and acts and does it all.
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>> very talented. still ahead, whether your child makes the nice and naughty list may depend on their name. we'll give you the best and worst names straight ahead. >> and the beginning of the end of the red light cameras in the garden state. plus -- >> today is giving tuesday but make sure your money is going where you intend. important advice with saving with 6 abc.
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"action news" continues with the incredible reason a woman retracts her birth announcement 19 years after her daughter was born. plus, it could have been filling but instead it was fulfilling, how one diner used his olive garden pasta pass. >> and later would you trade in your morning coffee for a cup of broth? what if it could help you feel better. we'll begin with a black friday bust now going viral. it involves a local veteran who shotted someone allegedly impersonating a war hero. >> i wore that uniform. >> 12 years in.
4:30 pm
>> stolen valor. >> that happened in bucks county. the man's uniform may have fooled some but it didn't take a purple heart recipient long to tell it was a fake. john rawlins is here with more on this story. >> reporter: the man behind the video say 26-year-old buck county video by the name of ryan burke, he served in afghanistan in the 131st airborne. he saw a man in fatigues, and didn't think something was right. >> sir, my son admires guys in the army. >> the three minute plus video leads to burke quizzing the man in uniform and find the answers unsatisfying specifically where
4:31 pm
he got the badges. >> you need to be in three different campaigns to get three of them right? >> and he found fault with items from the man's pants to the flag on the shoulder. >> it should be here buddy. >> and then said we'll go see his sergeant major. >> admit your a phoney, i have lost friends in that war in afghanistan. stolen valor. >> we tracked the man in uniform to a home in philadelphia and nobody answered the door. and he faced charges in 2003 of impersonating a public servant. they are investigating to see if it violates the stolen valor
4:32 pm
act. >> reaction to the video -- >> felt it was pathetic to have to dress up as a military person. >> he obviously has some issues. >> congressman fitzpatrick cosponsored the stolen valor act of 2013 and the u.s. attorneys office confirmed that they received a letter from the congressman alerting them to this situation. >> some video there thank you. >> philadelphia police are looking for the man that held up a woman outside of her bank last week. surveillance video shows the man coming up behind his 57-year-old victim at the wells fargo on caster avenue. the man pointed a handgun at her and demanded the money she had just withdrawn. the woman wasn't hurt. an out of control car decimated part of a florist this morning, this was the scene at
4:33 pm
steins, after a man drove his car into the side of the building at noon. the manager was at the back of the shop when she heard a loud boom. >> we instantly smelled smoke and burned robber, and we rushed to where the sound was coming from, and there was a car in the building. >> the driver was rushed to cooper hospital with cuts and lower body injuries. meteorologist, melissa magee joins us once again, one of those tuesdays that feels more like a monday. >> very raw and wet and damp outside guys, fortunately it's sticking around for a while. this tell a story, sky 6 hd, showing the low deck of clouds, hard to make out the tops of the building there. 36 is the temperature and dew point 33, close to the temperature, that lets you know that the air is quite saturated.
4:34 pm
winds 13 miles per hour from the east. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you can see the initial batch of moisture pushing off to the north and east and you can see what we circled here and this works its way eastward for the rest of tonight, there is a bit a concern for the northwest of corridor, a winter advisory from the poconos to exton and lancaster, the advisory stays up until 5:00 tonight. coming up we'll take a closer look and time things out for you on future tracker 6, and when the sun peeks through the clouds. new jersey is getting ready to pull the plug on the red light cameras after a rocky five year pilot camera. for some it can't come soon enough and for others it's a fail attempt at safety. >> good riddance. >> that is paul mcnally of
4:35 pm
cherry hill, he is thrilled to know that the red light cameras around new jersey, is going to shut down. >> half the time you get to a yellow light and you get a ticket in the mail and it's not fair. >> drivers have complained bitterly about amber lights that are so short you can't help but run the red. there are two cameras at the inter section of route 70 and springdale road in cherry hill, where tickets are issued more than anywhere in the state. more than 2500 tickets, pumping roughly $2 million in the township's cough could haver-s i don't have time to take off work and i can't afford it and i just paid it but there was like a million people all complaining
4:36 pm
about the same thing and i think it's sad that that is the way they need to make money. >> cherry hill officials were not available for an interview. it means a loss of revenue but the township budgeted knowing the program would eventually end. one man says he got two red light tickets, is happy to see it go, but thinks it's effective. >> it's an expensive lesson, but it makes you more careful. >> lawmakers would have to pass a bill, they would be able to keep it going but governor christie is not going to pass it. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." the mayor a south jersey town met with high school students to discuss just what makes their town so special. mayor chuck kahn spoke to children at cherry hill high school east. the beloved play, is the
4:37 pm
dramatic production at the school. the first show of "our town" is this friday. up to 500 seniors attended this catered party on academy road today. the event included a gourmet lunch and music and dancing and gifts and prize drawings. ♪ ♪ and those are the voices of the state street miracle group out of delaware county. all the members of that choir has some time of intellectual disability. there is no better way to relieve stress from finals than hanging out with man's best friend. hundreds of drexel students were doing that, taking a break to play with therapy dogs, the
4:38 pm
puppy palooza, it included checking their stress levels before and after the interaction. >> remember how stressful the finals were? >> yes. still ahead a birth announcement is a beautiful thing especially if it comes 19 years later, the heart warming gesture. >> and the new super food, the safe way to lose weight, it's not even food, it's liquid. why people are drinking straight soup broth. and he is paying it forward with pasta, one diner is using his never ending pass at olive garden to help those in need. and meteorologist, melissa magee, is crushing the numbers in the accuweather forecast. we'll be right back. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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and the new monopoly millionaires' club lottery game. where you have 3 ways to become a millionaire. first, win the top prize of up to 25 million dollars
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when you match all the draw numbers. or win 1 million dollars when you match all the club numbers. or you could win up to one million dollars as a contestant on the exciting new tv game show in las vegas. play the monopoly millionaires' club game today. there could be more million dollar prizes than any lottery game in us history. the pennsylvania lottery. benefits older pennsylvanians every day. the man who investigators
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say brutally kicked and robbed a woman while she was carrying her baby was arrested. police identified 18-year-old alonzo brown chase that woman and knocking her down and she fell on top of the 2-year-old baby she was carrying, they quickly identified brown, is he facing a slew of charges from assault and robbery. all he got away with was a cell phone. police in tem pa says the man behind this cart wheeling car was drunk at the time. it went off screen and went into a parked pickup truck, despite seriously damaging his car and two others, he was not injured. in health checked it's called a new health craze, it's
4:42 pm
called bone broth, your standard or chicken or beef broth consumed piping hot. it contains lots of minerals. >> it's low in calories and high in nutrition. everybody has seen the list of super foods, and you see blueberries and broth needs to be considered a super food. but unlike juices it's low in sugar and high in protein. doctors say it's not unhealthy for you but not holding much nutritional value either. there is a birth announcement out of australia that is going viral. what is so unusual about this one, the baby is now 19 years old and the announcement is more of a retraction, the bogart family writes in 1995, we announced our arrival of our
4:43 pm
baby, elizabeth ann, he informs us we are mistaken, oops our bad we want to announce our beloved son, kyle bogart. kai is let to undergo a gender reassignment procedure. and kai better clean that room. on this giving tuesday, a story of sharing by way of spaghetti, this is utah's matt tribe, he is helping by way of pasta. >> he purchased the unlimited pasta pass, which is an unlimited bowl for a month and a half. he gets it twice a day, and delivers it to homeless people. the most beautiful was one hungry homeless woman who received it and shared it with another that was also going
4:44 pm
white house food. everyone is paying it forward. plus, will your name or your child's list end up on santa's naughty or nice list this year. it was created by a reward system called reward stickers, they tell them who was in trouble for misbehaving, so which nameses land there the most observe. ela, bethany, and laura if are you a girl. joseph, cameron and joshua, and the top ten are on and now the list of do-gooders, amy, charlotte, emma and grace. and finally, adam joseph will like this one. jacob landing the number one spot, daniel, thomas and james and adam again. none of our names made this
4:45 pm
list. not matt pellman. >> we are all good. >> so are our kids, forget that list. thank you alicia. lets get a check of the roads right now, matt pellman is in the traffic center right now. the schuylkill expressway makes the list of naughty roadways. remember i saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, this vehicle saw the sign closely, it ran into it on i-95 and the expressway. i believe it's a minor crash, i believe the person is fine. it's all off to the side and not causing a huge delay. northbound you have the normal afternoon backup on 95, this is quite the backup on the roosevelt boulevard extension, jammed from the schuylkill to the exit ramp for roberts avenue and now it's all off to the side, the lanes are open towards broad street but the accident is still attracting attention.
4:46 pm
>> and the overturned truck that brought down the wires in may fair, blocking robbins street. and an earlier crash on the turnpike, that is long gone and a wreck in franconia, montgomery county along elroy road. and the crash in delco, a vehicle ran into a pole and use 322 and madison road instead. and a wreck in delaware at 222, but things are looking better there. >> i just googled it we can say that was the first ace of base reference in a traffic report in history. >> i hold the record. thank you matt. melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, what bans will she talk about.
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it'll come from my kitchen. the biggest surprise this season won't come from an upset, try our new philly cheesesteak pizza. a large for $12. add a red kettle cookie for $6 and a portion of the proceeds go to the salvation army. better ingredients. better pizza papa john's.
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melissa, kind of a blah day out there. >> temperatures warm up tomorrow and you may find a pocket or two of sunshine, lets get through tonight. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you it's pretty quiet right now, there is a break in the activity, we have showers and you probably are experiencing sprinkles and light rain and drizzle. we have another batch of moisture coming in from the north and west and it moves through the rest of the tonight. there is a slight concern north and west of town, if you look at the temperatures, 30 in allentown, and reading 31 in lancaster, that is where they posted the winter weather advisories for the counties and suburbs north and west of the i-95 corridor. and beach haven to sea isle city, tapping into the easterly wind off the atlantic, much
4:50 pm
warmer than inland locations at this hour. looking at the visibility, the low clouds and moisture overhead, it's limiting the visibility somewhat. 3 miles in allentown and 1.7 miles in the poconos. the first batch of moisture moves to the north and west and the south and west, there is more energy coming up through the ohio valley and initially you notice mixed precipitation and frozen precipitation, a lot of this will cut up in the interior sections of the northeast and it makes their way eastward. have you the frozen precip and the warmer air moving eastward as the night moves on. 7:30 tonight and mostly cloudy and initially the mixed precipitation in the northwest suburbs, and the liquid is not far behind. 10:00 tonight, the moisture overhead from the poconos to dover, if you had to compare the precipitation throughout the day this is probably the beefiest of
4:51 pm
the moisture we are seeing and some of it can be steady and it will be moderate in the lehigh valleys, mostly cloudy and a light and passing left over shower and sunshine throughout the day on wednesday afternoon. here is the setup for you on wednesday, midweek, it's mostly cloudy and a spotty shower, and we are tracking it for the high temperature tomorrow, we bump up to 55 degrees, as we get throughout the day on thursday, the cold front moves offshore and thursday partly sunny and the december chill with the high pressure overhead and high temperature on thursday, coming in at 46 degrees, it's not a bad day, it's brighter and drier as we get into thursday. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight, we bottom out at 37 in the suburbs and temperatures rising overnight with the southwesterly wind and icy patches we find turning over to rain as the night wears on, tomorrow milder with morning showers, otherwise a high temperature of 55, the brightest
4:52 pm
day of the week, a high temperature of 46 and friday mostly cloudy and we look to be dry and saturday periods of rain likely and a high of 52 and a bit of an unsettled weekend ahead and showers linger with a high temperature of 52, the forecast improves by thursday. >> not a bad forecast at all. thank you melissa. saving with 6 abc is next.
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4:54 pm
it seems everyone is doing a food or toy drive this year, and your mailbox is probably filled with solicitations for charity. make sure you do your homework before giving. beware, consumer reports finds that some do little charity for
4:55 pm
what they propose. >> they spent just 8 cents on every dollar of his programs, 89 cents went to fundraising. >> another increasingly common way to give, giving to companies that give part of the money to charity. and there is another caution -- >> be careful with impulse giving, it's hard to say how much for the sales go to the charity. >> consider donating instead to a company that you can do homework on, two reliable websites that are free, and they let you know how much they give to the charities they support. and how much goes to the charities they support. >> some of your charities you support are not rated on these national sites, because it's too small or too local. >> first step check out the charity's website to see the mission and accomplishments,
4:56 pm
it's a great way to know the charities and give from the inside. give to an and non-profit fundraising federation like the united way. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." and a 5-year-old pennsylvania girl invited quite the playmate inside of the house and the pair bonded very fast. this is brianna hugging the calf she decided to let on to the front porch of the house yes, a cow. sprawled out on the floor. her mom was none to pleased at first, but her mom could not stay mad for long. >> she loves you. >> yes, of course she loves me now. >> this is so special. you have no idea how special this is. >> her mom and brianna helps to nurse the calf back to health.
4:57 pm
and they let it back outside. >> i have the feeling the cow will be making another appearance. >> no doubt. >> now for "action news" at 4:00, i'm shirleen allicot. >> we are back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at sock on phl 17.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a dreary day filled with nd drizzle and some areas with a wintry mix. some areas saw flurries and you need to keep your umbrella close and the rain continues to fall. tuesday night and the big story tonight on "action news" is the precipitation out there right now, it could create slick road conditions. >> accuweather has updated timing on this storm that prompted a winter weather advisory in some areas. meteorologist, cecily tynan is at the big board with the latest on stormtracker 6 live double scan.
5:00 pm
>> hi rick and monica, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have a lull in the action, just a little bit of misting going on and we are in between batches of precipitation, the first batch that moved through earlier today is off the coast of new england, if you look at parts of virginia and west virginia, this is the next batch that is moving in and it's associated with a warm front that is lifting through our region, that precipitation will come along with warmer temperatures, however, the problems, north and west suburbs are around the freezing point, winter weather advisories continues for bucks and chester and berks county and lancaster and the lehigh valley and poconos. this is where we have the best chance of seeing freezing rain until 10:00 and after 10:00 even in these reasons, temperatures are climbing above freezing. philadelphia right now this is a rain event, 37 degrees,


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