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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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it's chilling video so we won't show all of it, because you can see the actual moment of impact. >> the victim can be seen entering the intersection under the l tracks, minutes later the volvo station wagon comes into the intersection and mows him down and bystanders immediately run to the victim, 11 seconds later the police car arrives on the scene with its lights flashing, the victim has traumatic injuries to the neck and head and chest, and is in critical condition. he had no i.d. on him, and he is a black man appearing to be in his mid-20s, this morning one of his shoes was in the street where he was hit. police were back on the streets looking for surveillance cameras
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that may have captured an image of the car. the police are left with a double mystery and they don't know who the victim is or who was driving the car. >> some witnesses say that it appears that the car was being chased by police at the time and we tried to ask police about that but so far they have not gotten back to you with an answer, in the meantime if you know someone with a volvo station wagon with fresh damage police want to you call 911 right away. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you david. we had to endure a wintry mix for the tri-state area, whether you got rain or snow depended on where you live. this was allentown today, and the lehigh valley had a brief period of snow but not enough to accumulate and it quickly turned to rain any way, the book is not closed for the northwest suburbs
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tonight and we have information from double scan radar and cecily tynan, what is the story? >> reporter: stormtracker 6 live double scan shows we have a lull in the action now but moisture is beginning to build to the west and it is mixed precipitation, a wider view on stormtracker 6 live double scan, showing what is going on, a warm front is lifting across the region and that comes with more moisture and warmer air, as it drags in the moisture, temperatures are rising and that being said, they are right on the edge of our far north and west suburbs, the winter weather advisory is in affect for chester county and montgomery and northampton county and all areas north and west but temperatures are beginning to climb. allentown was 31 and now up to 32. lancaster 32 degrees, you can see basically south and east
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p.m., upper 40s from the jersey shore, this is liquid for most of our viewing area, however, what to expect in the far western areas, there are slick spots, early north and west. and the main concern is the bridges and overpass, and they can get the colder air underneath it. and temperatures are warming, and any ice is changing over to all rain after 10:00, until then you'll want to be careful. we'll talk about lingering precipitation for the morning and a wet weekend coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. is always there with the latest from accuweather and storm tracker 6, check the live radar and see the seven day and hourly forecast and see the latest updates from the team of "action news" meteorologists. it's all at >> a burlington city florist is heavily damaged tonight after an
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out of control car slammed through the building today. a 54-year-old man drove into the side of steins at sunset at the 1,000 block of sunset road this morning. fortunately no employees were hurt within they heard the impact. >> glass shattering and we instantly smelled smoke and rubber burning and we rushed over and there was a car in the building and the man was waiving his arms franticly inside. >> the man was taken to the hop with cuts and injuries to his body. the search goes on for 23-year-old shane montgomery. the student has not been seen since early thursday morning. sara bloomquist is live now at main in manayunk. what progress did police make today. there was not much progress today. the rain stalled progress and they admit that this is
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frustrating and they are not giving up and there is still a lot going on at the scene. there are area businesses hoping to spot 21-year-old shane montgomery. hoping a glimpse of the we westchester university student can shorten their search area. so far they have not been able to spot him in video. >> we are following up on every lead and we are trying to get more leads. montgomery left kildare's irish pub, and they say that he bumped into the dj's equipment and was asked to leave because it was closing time but emphasized he did not seem intoxicated. it has dampened everything here in manayunk, when it should be a happy holiday season.
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>> it's sad and i hope they fine him soon. >> they are putting his photo on billboards around the region, they have covered some 475 acres in their search, hundreds of volunteers have joined in and the marine unit continues to search the manayunk canal and the schuylkill river. today's wet weather did not help the search efforts on the ground and today's video seems the best hope of a break through. >> we have been pretty thorough with the searching, if we can pinpoint something on video, we'll follow-up on that. >> they are hoping to get one tip that points them this the right direction. according to the facebook page that was set up to support the search for shane, there will be a candle light vigil tomorrow evening outside of the union that, is happening tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6
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"action news." >> thank you sara. a local congressman is asking the u.s. attorney's office to investigate a possible military impersonator. >> why is the flag so low on your shoulder, it should be here. >> a local purple heart recipient confronted the fake soldier at the mall, after noticing irregularities of his military insignias. the stolen valor act makes it illegal impersonating a soldier in order to get money. and now they are -- for how it handled a nursing strike earlier this year. they allege wrong doing by crozier management during the strike in september. the nurses were demanding higher
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staffing levels and have been working without a contract since june. and they say that crozier suppressed the employee's speech and the government set a february trial date and the hospital denies the charges and released a statement. we believe that the crozier medical center acted appropriately during this difficult situation. >> federal government designated two philadelphia hospitals as ebola treatment centers, the university of the pennsylvania hospital and childrens hospital, are expected by the defendant of health and human services, they make the list of 35 hospitals across the country that are considered staffed and equipped to care for the ebola virus. new jersey's red light cameras are about to go dim much to the delight of drivers? >> the pilot program is expected
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to expire on december 15th. it's plagued by complaints and a lawsuit that gave partial refunds to a half million violators. lawmakers have not introduced a bill that will extend this controversial program. coming up on "action news" tonight, who is ryan elkins, we'll meet the buck county middle schooler, that is putting his knowledge to the test on jeopardy. and the eagles showdown with seattle, more on that from ducis rogers.
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philadelphia police are telling "action news" that they caught an armed thief when he returned to the scene of the crime. 53-year-old francis meres all e allegedly robbed the 7-eleven and threatened the clerk with a gun and took cash but when he came back to the dunkin' donuts, the employees recognized him and called 911. this is kids week on jeopardy and a kid from berks county is facing off against two opponents under the guidance of alec trebek. katherine scott visited ryan at school today. >> this is jeopardy! >> this seventh grade class at
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st. charles borough middle school is getting into the jeopardy spirit. after all one of their classmates is competing, ryan elkins is competing on kids week. >> i asked if he had any nerves? >> every single one of them. he is keeping a secret on how he did ever since. >> everyone is so supportive, and they don't know how i did. >> he did well in today's quiz in class. >> i took a clicker pen and i practiced with that. >> kelly delivers video clues and hosted the class as they played the electronic version of the show, that was given to the participants. >> the kids you'll see all this week, it's amazing, i think they have really absorbed every piece
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of information they have ever come into contact with. ryan loves jeopardy, while his parents weren't sure if he would be selected. >> he reads all the time and is on youtube all the time and constantly learning. >> this wasn't a surprise? >> no, not surprised at all. >> we are so proud of him, just to be on there, just to see his picture on jeopardy was excited enough, ryan can't say how he did, but we'll see tonight when his episode airs at 7:00 on 6 abc and everybody here is cheering for him. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." dozens of homeless people have the comfort of new shoes tonight and they picked up their free foot wear at the sunday breakfast mission in wilmington and volunteers from christiana care were there to provide free foot exams, it was part of a national campaign called our
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hearts to your soles.
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well, you don't see this every day, a car is on fire eastbound schuylkill expressway just east of girard approaching spring garden and as you can see three lanes of traffic are halted in their tracks, we do not know that anyone has been injured. we have not heard reports of injuries, but this car is being allowed to burn. this is eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, we are trying to figure out how far this jam goes back, at least to city avenue. as things are brought to a halt on the expressway, a fire, a car on fire as we speak. eagles getting ready for the seattle seahawks. >> the games are getting tougher.
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the eagles control their own destiny when it comes to the nfc east. beating the seahawks a must win for them if we the want the first round bye. jaime apody was with them today. >> back to work for the birds, if they had any rust, jordan matthews didn't show it. they are bringing on the stretch run. >> it felt like a bye week and we are fresh and ready to go. the quarterback of the team atop the nfc east was just another guy at the belated thanksgiving day table. >> when i come home i'm cousin marky, and the most normal dude you'd never know i play ball or was in new york or anything, i have to get my plate at the table and throw people's plates out and it's normal stuff.
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>> sanchez will feel at home this weekend taking on his former coach, pete carroll. >> you would talk about playing against guys that you played with or played for him and the big of the thing is you want to kick their butt. next up a team that stole the super bowl. >> they have a target on their back because they won the championship and now they are like we beat the defending champs maybe we got a shot. >> we don't want to just beat tams with know we can beat we want a challenge and the defending champs are coming into town and we are working hard to compete. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> the eagles have plenty to worry about with the seahawks, this is not a one way street, chip kelly's offense can give other teams fits.
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five times this season they have scored more than 34 points or more. pete carroll knows all about it from his days in the pac-12 facing coach kelly. >> they are really explosive, they have a real style about them. and you know you have to mention chip and his concepts an approach when you talk about this offense because he has contrubted it over the years and it's innovative and well run and designed beautifully. >> to the ice, the flyers are struggling, they lost eight of their last nine and lost the last seven of their road games. the sixers can't win at home or on the road. they are now 0-17, one more loss equals the worst start to a season in nba history. the sixers next play tomorrow
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night in minnesota. tomorrow it could happen. coming up on "action news," the late word from accuweather and cecily tynan.
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nasty day in the tri-state area, lets go to cecily tynan. >> tomorrow will be nicer than today. stormtracker 6 live double scan, showing we are dry here however there is some freezing rain moving through the harrisburg region and it's pushing to the east and lebanon reporting freezing rain north of lancaster and as it moves in temperatures will also be warming, the accuweather highlights showing first of all it's a reality
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check temperature wise, yesterday afternoon highs made it up to the mid-60s, 65 degrees, it felt like spring and this afternoon, the high of only 39 degrees, it's a 26 degree drop and it feels like december again. fortunately temperatures are milder for the morning rush hour, future tracker showing that temperatures are rising overnight and tomorrow morning could have a little bit of drizzle here or there and it won't be freezing in allentown 41 degrees, it will end frozen precipitation, the problem is the far north and west suburbs, reading 32 and poconos 28 degrees, that is why the winter weather advisory is in affect there. 38 in philadelphia, and we have an easterly flow so closer to the ocean, the ocean temperature 46 degrees, temperature as long the shore in the upper 40s. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have one batch of precipitation earlier today and that has moved on and the
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second one is getting ready to move in and you can see how parts of virginia and west virginia, it's all green, that is the warm front pulling up the warmer air through tonight. a shrug of moisture over us and this is all liquid even across the poconos, this is not freezing rain but plain rain, in the evening hours more clouds and the possibility of lingering showers east of the philadelphia, but again temperatures are in the 40s and some breaks in the clouds and milder tomorrow, spotty showers especially early and ahead of the cold front, behind the cold front on thursday, sunshine is back with high pressure building in and it will be chilly and the high on thursday only 46 degrees, the high pressure unfortunately doesn't stick around for the weekend and it's moving on and allowing rain to move in for the weekend.
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the call from accuweather, rising temperatures and anything frozen will change over to rain, 32 to 37 degrees, the current temperature is rising in the overnight hours. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow milder with showers and 55 is the high, and thursday bright sunshine and a high of 46 degrees, and friday we cloud up, 48 degrees, rain arriving by friday night and the weekend looking kind of ugly, saturday perioded of rain and a high of 52 degrees, sunday showers if you are headed to the linc for the eagles game. the rain continues into monday and friday drying out with a high of 50 degrees, the weekend looks wet and not white. this is rain and not snow. >> thank you cecily. finally students learned how to sing without words in center city philadelphia. ♪ ♪ fifth and sixth graders at the
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philadelphia performing arts school had a whole new sound after a lesson from paul joes, he taught them how to scat, he is in town for a show tomorrow night. abc world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, we hope you join us at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the extreme weather hitting right now. the winter weather alerts, freezing rain, dangerous driving in the east. and the huge storm hitting the west. mudslides, flash floods, families forced to evacuate. ginger zee is right here. the dramatic pictures seen for the first time. the explosion, the dangers posed by certain lithium batteries carried on passenger planes. batteries used in cell phones and laptops what's being done? breaking news. the deadly school bus crash late today. the bulgss colliding. children rushed to the hospital. and the sudden blackout in a major american city. the evacuations. and tonight, what caused it? good


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