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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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officer in the choke hold death of eric garner. this was the scene at 30 and street station as protesters laid out on the floor at this busy transportation hub, and simulating michael brown's body. they were there for a long time with passengers moving around them and stopping by to see the silent protest and they walked out in the hands up don't shoot pose, we see from so many across the country after they express their outrage over the teen and the aggressive racist deaths of teen. they marched down to market street city hall and traffic was snarled and monitored this crowd. just last week, the protests just like last week, these protests have been peaceful, we are keeping an eye on things in the city, we'll have the latest on "action news," reporting live outside of 30 and street
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station, kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> and today's protest comes on the same day that a new york city grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer, in the death of an unarmed black man in july. several protests are scheduled including at grand central station. eric garner was stopped by police under suspicion of selling loose cigarettes. garner was yelling he could not breathe and later he was dead. his family is expected to speak out and they are outraged. >> it was over a lousy cigarette, they killed the man. >> police officer daniel pantello seen pulling garner to the ground released a statement,
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he feels bad about garner and offers his condolences to the family and another grand jury will see if there is merit to indict a police officer that shot a boy holding a toy gun, a service was held for tamir rice. loved ones of shane montgomery as well as philadelphia police are continuing to search for the missing college student, it's nearly a week since he disappeared. they are looking for any sign of him in manayunk where he was last seen. and sara bloomquist is live now with the vigil will take place tonight. >> reporter: that is right, an hour from now, a group that is expected to be a large group will gather at the student loon
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union to pray for him. and many manayunk there was a renewed effort where he was last seen by friends, family and police to try and find him. >> volunteers gathered in the rectory of st. john the baptist in manayunk again this morning, they are not giving up in their efforts to find 21-year-old shane montgomery, missing since early thursday morning, shane's mother is alongside the volunteers working to find her son. >> think that i'm going to find shane and i hope i'm going to find shane and i can't give up hope. >> people put up new missing person posters with new information. the reward fund stands now at $31,000. the weather made it harder to get to certain places and made it more inconvenient to walk around and it's not stopping anybody.
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>> montgomery disappeared after leaving kildare's irish pub shortly before 2:00 a.m., closing time on thursday, philadelphia police brought in k-9 units to search the banks of the schuylkill river near green lane and this small park, but no sign of the manayunk students. he is not spotted on any surveillance video either. >> the hard part is not knowing anything, we are on day seven, people are calling with tips and we appreciate that, but we need that one good tip, that big break, to trace his path that night and find him. >> reporter: at this point all friends and family can do is pray, than is what they'll do this evening at 6:00 here on the steps of the westchester university union. >> sara thank you.
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we have new information tonight about the victim of a hit and run incident in west philadelphia yesterday, police are looking for a suspect that ran down the 30-year-old father of two, he is still in critical condition at the hospital at the university of pennsylvania tonight. david henry is working the story for us and is live at the hospital with the latest. >> last word the hick vic tim we learned was deaf remained in critical condition, remains here with chest and head trauma as police continue to close into the hit and run driver, last night they towed this volvo station wagon to their impound lot. it's believed to be the vehicle that ran down a man on monday night. the car has a shattered windshield and appears to be the same car in this surveillance video obtained exclusively by "action news." until relatives came forward the police did not know who the
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victim was. we learned he is byron scales of philadelphia, a 30-year-old father of two girl who's is also deaf, he apparently never heard the car bearing down on them. a police car arrives with its lights flashing 11 ekds later. she say that the police disengaged and saw the accident from a block away and rushed him to the hop. the car belonged to a woman that allows her son and daughter to drive it. the police searched the car and are questioning the owner and her children to determine who was driving it monday night. >> so far the police have not made any arrests or filed charges, but when they do, those charges may include homicide if scales doesn't pull through
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here. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police are investigating an early morning robbery in wawa in west mt. airy, a man walked into and told an employee he had a gun and demanded cash, nobody saw a gun but the employee complied and the man took off. in newcastle county police are investigating a robbery and assault on the kirk wood my way at the liquor mart. they say that a customer in the store was attacked and robbed. the attacker got away. an effort to make a delaware community safer got underway today, a ribbon cutting was held in wilmington for a new building centered around stopping violence, it belongs to the stop the violence prayer chain foundation.
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the location will have a food and clothing closet and also provide after school tudoring. the philadelphia sixers are one game away of tying a nba record but it's nothing to brag about. ducis rogers is here with more. >> they are the young of the team in the nba and we knew there would be growing pains but not this bad. they have been close a few times. i was going to say they have been close a few times but we know how much close really counts, they have not won a game all season long, the only team with a worst start was the 2009-2010 new jersey nets. to be fair the sixer his a
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tough schedule this season. and he wants his players to clear their minds. >> i don't want them worried about any record and we have to keep our group together and move them along. and i have so much time and respect for that group in that room because their spirit has not been broken and i hope that their performance on the court reflects that. >> now here is the biggest problem, no team wants to lose to them and be the one that they finally beat, they'll get every team's best effort. >> they are playing hard most games they have. time for the "action news" traffic report midweek, lets go to matt pellman in the "action news" traffic center. >> drivers are losing on this wednesday afternoon as well. a whole bunch of accidents are giving us a whole bunch of delays, in fairmount park on the
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lincoln bridge, because of a crash on gypsy lane that brought down a pole, we have restrictions and major delays, i would use the roosevelt extension and stick with the cloud instead. the protest in center city and market street is blocked off at 30th street and city hall, stay on the other streets and expect blockage on the numbered streets as well. in new britain buck county, a nasty crash in the afternoon, blocking off limokiln pike and stick with bristol road and county line instead. a wreck near ben salem, off to the side and speeds approaching that accident scene are only in the teens, it could be a whole lot better. more to come on "action news" tonight. boston hospital is testing a
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patient for ebola. and meteorologist, cecily tynan, is live at dillworth park, ahead of the tree lighting. >> the stage is literally getting set behind me for the christmas lighting and grammy award winning singer estelle will be singing and i'll have a sneak peek of the tree and it's a big one. >> we'll have the stories and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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time for health check, a patient isolated at a multiple sclerosis hospital has tested negative for ebola. ali gorman has more on this news and the outbreak in west africa. >> the patient traveled to liberia and showed signs of ebola, he was put in strict isolation but tests today came back negative but the patient tested positive formal area. meanwhile a doctor from uganda
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was working there when he contracted ebola, he is sharing his story. he felt hopeless. >> i knew this was a sickness that killed most of its victims in the developing world and i didn't think i would be an exception. >> the doctor was treated in germany and he talked about the need to diagnose and isolate patients quickly. the world health organization says there is progress in west africa in containing the virus but much more work needs to be done. so far it has killed more than 6,000 people. back here in the u.s., it may be easier for pregnant women and women that are nursing to understand medication, with prescription drugs including more details information about the drugs and benefits and risks
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for the mother and newborn baby and a nursing child. they will get a letter classification, many including doctors and nurses say that that system was oversimplified and not very helpful. there are more than 6 million pregnancies in the u.s. every year and those taking three to five drugs during pregnancy. the rule goes into affect for new drugs and medications for new drugs will make changes over the next three to five years. it will take a while but changes are coming. >> cancer patients are getting help from fashion students tonight. the young designers are selling hand crafted clothes and accessories at this pop-up shop that showed up on campus, the makeup bags and jewelry also for $25 or less, but proceeds go to chemo clothes for the south
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united airlines has officially ended its service to
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atlantic city airport. the last flight was yesterday and they are disappointed that the service to atlantic city did not meet expectation, that is the latest blow not resort town that saw four casino goes out of business this year. black friday was disappointing for some retailers but car dealerships reported huge sales for november. car sales are at their highest levels since 2001 and analysts say that lower fuel prices are also helping drive sales. starbucks offering customers a chance to win free coffee for a lifetime. the coffee chain contest allows customers to win a starbucks card and will get an item for free for 30 years, that is quite a lot. have you to buy something to
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enter the contest. the grand prize is worth more than $350,000.
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time for the accuweather forecast, lets get to the "action news" big board and melissa magee. >> it was cooler than average, you had the clouds overhead and cooler than average, but not by
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much. the high in philadelphia climbed to 48 degrees, allentown 43 and 46 in wilmington and atlantic city where are you closer to the water there, the temperature is coming in at 52 degrees for a high temperature today. the average for philadelphia this time of year, as you look at the month of december, december 3rd more specifically. you come in at 52 degrees, so we were a touch below average. the last day, the average high is just 41 degrees, as far as precipitation we see as far as snowfall, 3.5 inches of snow. we are not tracking snowfall and we have moisture overhead today and we are tracking more moisture at week's end, lower 40s in reading and along the coast in sea isle city and lower 50s in dover and the same thing in millville. here is satellite 6 along with action radar, we have a fair amount of cloud cover overhead,
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the moisture we had earlier today affecting areas across coastal new england and clear skies back across the ohio valley makes their way eastward as we get into the rest of the evening hours and into tonight. future tracker 6 showing you at 8:00 tonight we'll clear out much of the area, and as you wake up no complaints, sunshine overhead at 8:00 in the morning and we have skies that will start to clear out and drift in as we get into the afternoon hours, thursday at 4:00, a few high thin clouds work this way into the delaware and lehigh valley, a brief break into the moisture into thursday and after that we have more wet weather on the way. the call from accuweather, 28 in only town and 24 in cape may and 27 for the overnight low in lancaster, the five-day at 5:00, sunshine to clouds on thursday and the high temperature of 44, friday cloudy and rain developing at night, high of 46,
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saturday it stays on unsettled and upper 40s on sunday and periods of rain that continue and on monday a chance of rain and a high temperature of just 47 degrees, it looks unsettled as we get into the weekend at least for the first half of next week. but it looks like conditions are starting to clear up as well. great news from you cecily tynan, and if you are over city hall and get ready for the tree lighting ceremony. >> we are having so much fun, i have moved out of city hall, i am at the rothman ice rink, do something fancy. there is a lot of concentration going on. this is a reason to watch the special, alicia vitarelli officially bought a pair of ice skates and she is practicing her triple toe loop and double flip.
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we'll have a sneak peek of the christmas tree, we are getting ready for the big special. i'm in the christmas spirit already. >> exactly. looks like fun. in the next half hour, a chance to live like a major leaguer if you have the money, one phillies player is putting his pad up for sale. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. ith hello again, rick is on assignment and sharrie williams joins us, here is what is happen on "action news" tonight. a heated exchange on capitol hill today on whether there needs to be a nationwide recall on millions of car airbags that could be dangerous, and a woman who was kicked to the ground with her baby and you'll hear from the man that did it. and atlantic city is trying to get back on its feet. first we want to update you on a story. dozens of protesters are
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marching in center city philadelphia, they are along 21st street, they are protesting the grand jury decision in the michael brown case, they are upset with the grand jury's decision today in new york, they did a die-in and sit-in demonstration. now they are marching and the crowd is a mess in center city. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you the latest on "action news" at 6:00. they are specifically designed to save lives during a car crash but five deaths blamed on exploded airbags led to the maker being questioned at a congressional hearing today. the ceo said there was not evidence to issue a nationwide recall. some lawmakers and car makers don't


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