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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  December 3, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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marching in center city philadelphia, they are along 21st street, they are protesting the grand jury decision in the michael brown case, they are upset with the grand jury's decision today in new york, they did a die-in and sit-in demonstration. now they are marching and the crowd is a mess in center city. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you the latest on "action news" at 6:00. they are specifically designed to save lives during a car crash but five deaths blamed on exploded airbags led to the maker being questioned at a congressional hearing today. the ceo said there was not evidence to issue a nationwide recall. some lawmakers and car makers don't agree.
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here is more. >> reporter: good evening sharrie, lawmakers want to know if enough is being done to protect drivers from faulty airbags, the japanese maker of the faulty airbags says there is no need to double the recall by expanding it nationwide. >> embattled airbag maker, takata, is holding its ground. telling a congressional committee today why they are defying an order from u.s. safety regulators to expand the recall for the airbags linked to five deaths and dozens of injuries, the airbags exploding with too much force sending shrapnel flying into passengers, takata says it's only linked to high humidity. >> takata continues to believe that the public safety is best served if the area of high
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humidity remains a priority. >> but government regulators say there are cases of detective takata airbags outside of the recall. one victim, charlene weaver, bhus family says she was killed in arizona. >> these are recalls that affect people's lives, a life or death situation. now federal regulators demanding they recall the airbags in all 50 states, we'll have to work with the justice department to bring them to court. while the showdown continues, honda took action on their on, they are voluntarily recalling all suspect airbags in its vehicles nationwide. >> and four other car makers are involved in the recall, ford, chrysler, mazda and bmw, there is no word if they will follow honda's lead and expand the recall on their own.
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>> thank you for that report. meantime a new york city teenager is facing robbery and assault charges after he allegedly attacked a mother and baby on the street t. was all captured on video. 18-year-old alonzo brown wanted the victim's cell phone and ran up behind her and kicked her to the ground and grabbed the cell phone and ran off. brown has admitted to the crime. >> who are you apologizing to the lady? >> and the baby, i didn't know it was there. >> you didn't see the baby? >> i didn't see the baby. >> the woman and 2-month-old baby were not injured. the supreme court is hearing testimony in the case on how much businesses have to do for pregnant women. an ups worker asked for light duty to avoid heavy packages while pregnant, and they refused
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and she had to take unpaid leave and lose her health benefits. this is the scene in the 400 block of hermit street, crews pulled the man from the house and rushed him to the hop where he later died. a former philadelphia traffic judge will spend the next 18 months behind bars. robert mulgrew was sentenced in federal court, he was found lying to the fbi and grand jury, today's sentence will be added to the 2.5 year sentence he was given in august on separate charges, and mulgrew was found not guilty in a separate ticket fixing case. paul wrigley that helped to save a philadelphia police officer was honor today. he and another 17-year-old pulled the officer out of his
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burning patrol car after a serious fire in grays ferry. today chamber's received a citation from county council for his bravery. the governor elect held his first news conference and says he inherited a big budget problem, he says that outgoing tom corbett is leaving behind a multibillion dollar imbalance, they are taking a close look at the problem but did not rule out a need for a tax increase, he takes office on january 20th. several new jersey lawmakers came up with a plan to stabilize atlantic city's eight remaining casinos while helping with finances, they called for major tax breaks. if passed the eight casinos would pay $150 million instead of paying property tax for two
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years, after that annual collected payments would be determined by revenue, to help the city they want to redirect an alternative casino tax to pay down the city's debt. four days of music pumped more than $68 million into the economy of dover, delaware last summer, the firefly festival took place in june and it was a win for local businesses too. it was money spent on goods and services, the businesses impacted were retail stores and security services, about 80,000 people attended that festival. >> pennsylvania drivers got into more accidents this past thanksgiving holiday than last year, but more people survived the crashes than in 2013, the pennsylvania state police investigated more than 1200 crashes from november 26th and november 30th, 239 people were hurt and nine of them killed.
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last year authorities said there were 936 crashes and nine deaths. >> time to take a look at traffic tonight, hopefully nothing serious on the roads. >> they are continuing an accident trend into december. we have a bunch of them out there, and we have the protests going on in center city along market street along 21st street and we have a lot of rolling street closures in the area, you want to stay several blocks away from market and those will be blocked where they intersect with market comes to city hall. this is the scene at vine street close to the schuylkill expressway, you have a lot of traffic here but better news for fairmount park, the crash at lincoln drive is gone. but not loose, we are going slow
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on the blue route past the schuylkill and past broomall in upper darby taking out the right lane and new britain, this crash shutting down limokiln pike, this is out for hours, stick to bristol or county line road for as an alternate. mount laurel academy drive and police activity in maple shade is blocking 70. >> thank you sir. still to come on "action news" tonight, a rare fund that once was in the hands of president lincoln is on the auction block in philadelphia. lisa thomas-laury has that story. and how would you like to win like a phillies pitcher, now is your chance if you have the cash, we have the picture you won't want to miss. >> plus, jeff skversky has more on the eagles as they get ready
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for the seahawks in sports. and first a holiday greeting from a local troop serving overseas. >> hi this is pfc green and this is my wife, britney green we are in korea, and we want to wish my relatives happy holidays, high grandma and granddad, happy holidays, see you soon.
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well, a newly discovered hand written letter by president lincoln. lisa thomas-laury has the story. >> it gives a rare glimpse of lincoln before he assumed the presidency. >> this is before the type writer and lincoln wrotes the letters pimself. >> this was hidden in a library. he was strictly an illinois politician and supported zachary taylor in 1848. >> when taylor was elected he
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thought he could influence people for jobs in illinois. >> he was looking for a prn that dtd model for his patent. >> the model was walter payton, for a boat that would clear river sand bars, he appealed to payton for a presidential appointment. >> but lincoln knew that a move like that would be sentive. if you look closely he wrote, it will perhaps be better for you and me for you to say nothing about this. >> the rob collection is the leading dealer in historical documents, this joins several other artifacts that are cure ated for the holiday season. this revolutionary war document was personally signed by george washington to thank his troops when they were discharged at the
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end of battle. >> the lincoln letter is valued at $40,000. lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." turning to sports, the eagles are getting fired up for sunday's match-up against the defending super bowl champs, the seahawks. >> jeff skversky is in the sport center with more. >> the seahawks come to town on sunday and it's a huge game for the eagles, you think the guys are extra amped up this week but they insist they are treating it like any other game, the first place eagles are trying to stay even keeled win or lose week to week. the eagles will still fighting to make the playoffs and trying for a first round bye. the d for seattle has only allowed 2 first half points. >> you have to take it one game at a time and right now we have a big task, we have the
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defending champ coming in and they are hot coming in. >> they are a great team and we want to stack ourselves up against the best. have you to beat the champ, that is what will happen on sunday if we have the opportunity. >> hopefully chip kelly and the team can beat the champs. every time a big time job opens up, they are interested in that guy chip kelly, they are interested in the eagles coach but chip says they have not contacted him or his agents and even so he is not interested any way. >> when that stuff comes up how do you take that? >> i laugh. >> is it flattering? >> i think it's silly. >> why? >> because it's a rumor, it's not the truth. i think that things that are false are silly. >> silly.
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the sixers are trying to avoid tying the biggest losing streak in philadelphia history. they don't want to start 0-18, it could come tonight against thaddeus young and the timberwolves, the worst team they will face so far. if they lose tonight and tie the record they can break it saturday night at home only two teams in the nfl have fewer points, flyers are hitting a low point, losing 9 of their last 10 games, hopefully they can change it around tonight in anaheim. coburn and company turns it over and steve mason gets knocked over and san jose scores with only 11.5 seconds left. flyers have not won a road game in six weeks but the kaptd is
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staying positive. >> we played one of our best games in a while but the results won't show how well we played but when you lose a game, you can build up on a game that you lost, i think it's a way to keep our heads high here. >> flyers trying to stop the worst losing streak on the road in 26 years. and defense man michael delgado benched as well tonight. >> thank you jeff. we want to take you live to the courtyard of city hall where of course we are waiting for the lighting of the christmas tree, we are learning that the demonstrators have now taken their protest to city hall, we told you at the top of the show that demonstrators are gathering for a protest in response to the michael brown incident in ferguson and developments that happened today in several other police related cases and now the
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tree lighted is being interrupted or joined by protesters that are now at city hall, as you can see on the screen it's not just about the lighting of the tree, they have taken their message and march to city hall. we'll continue to watch this and see how it unfolds. they have their plans to light the tree and we'll have the latest on "action news" at 6:00 or in this newscast. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! see why fios is rated number one in customer satisfaction
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our day started off wet and the rain has gone away. it will make a come back into the day on thursday. at least for a brief appearance. we have something to look forward to. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you it's dry, no issues with precipitation but earlier today we have rain and steady rainfall today, it's starting to push off to the north and east and skies are clearing out tonight and we look to be drying out tonight especially for the first half of the day on thursday. the high in philadelphia climbing up to 48 degrees, 1 degree shy of average, the average high is 49, 68 was set in 1950, the record low is 9
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degrees, single digits back in 1996. outside this evening, 48 in philadelphia and 35 in the poconos and reading 35, and beach haven 50 and the lower 50s in dover. the winds are sustained at 6 miles per hour in allentown and 18 miles per hour in the poconos. but we are tapping into a westerly wind and that wind helps to dry out the atmosphere and clear the skies. and here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have lots of clouds around here and a batch of moisture moving across coastal sections of new england and clear skies across the lower great lakes and this works its way eastward and the winds will help with that as we get into the evening hours. here is the setup for you on
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your thursday, high pressure takes over and we question when the sun is going to return, early sunshine on thursday and a high of 44 degrees, afternoon high clouds are likely as we track more moisture once again from the southwest to northwest direction, we close out our work week on friday and it's cloudy once again with rain developing at night and a high temperature here of 46 degrees and the moisture is not far away, moving into a northeast direction. seasonably chilly, down to 34 in the city and 30 in the suburbs. the wind is 6 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunshine on the way tomorrow for the first half of the day and turning cloudy by day's end and on friday, mostly cloudy and a high temperature of 46, it stays unsettled for the weekend and future tracker 6, the beginning
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of the precipitation friday night. something to keep in mind if you have evening plans on friday, otherwise it's mostly cloudy and the rain continues into the weekend, high temperatures saturday 52, sunday periods of rain and a high temperature of 46 degrees, and the eagles are at home at the link, as we get into the day on monday, 47 degrees and a chance of rain and sunshine returns on tuesday and wednesday a high temperature of 44, some sun and peeks of sun tomorrow guys and rain moves into for the weekend. >> thank you melissa. if you ever dreamed of living like a major league pitcher like phillies pitcher, jonathan papelbon, he put his luxury condo on the market. it takes up the entire floor and four bedrooms and 3.5 baths and balcony and hardwood floors, residents have access to a pool and spa, this kind of luxury
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doesn't come cheap, he is asking $6.9 million. if you would like to see more we set up a slideshow on our website at
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right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more at 6:00. a new push to find missing college student, shane montgomery, the search today. and a live vigil underway tonight. >> and a large protest against the grand jury decision in ferguson, we are following the protest that started at 30th street station. those stories and more coming up next for melissa magee, adam joseph, cecily tynan, sharrie williams, rick williams, i'm monica malpass.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a major protest that began at 30th street station in philadelphia and has spilled on to the streets of center city philadelphia. the demonstrators are sparked by the deaths of two unarmed black men by police in ferguson and now in new york city where a grand jury today declined to indict a police officer in the alleged chokehold death of eric garner. lets go to kenneth moton at 30th
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stleet station, what is the situation right now. >> reporter: jim, there is a lot going on right now, let me get right to it. this is a live look at city hall where hundreds of protesters have reached the courtyard, what they ca they call aggressive and racist actions across the country. they are dealing with the demonstrators and the evening rush. this is the scene at 30th street station at 4:00 p.m., people were stretched out across the floor, demonstrating how michael brown's body was after being shot by officer darren wilson in august. hundreds joined the group and marched out of 30th street station with their armed up in the don't shoot pose. people walke


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