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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  December 4, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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arson. ernie morris raced home from disney world to find his own castle in ruins. he got the call at 3:00 this morning and packed his family on the plane home, the two alarm fire destroyed the house and sent the second floor crashing down into the living room. it appears to have started in the front. >> through the door that is where the heavy five came through the windows so we'll start there and go through the house piece by piece. >> they believe it was started from christmas lights that were set on a timer and were activated while they were on vacation two weeks ago. but police have not ruled out the possibility of arson. state investigators joined the search for clues and they called in extra help because the home is owned by a police officer, they spent the morning sifting
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through debris, and looking at evidence. detective morris says he and his family have a place to stay tonight. they are getting help from people in the community. >> they are active in the community and the local high school and there is a tremendous outpouring to them. i think they will going to weather this. >> the house is boarded up as the investigators continue their work, a rough start for the holiday for detective morris and his family. i guess the only blessing is they were far away from home when the flames ravaged their house. police say they caughtle man that killed the man that killed the father of los angeles lakers player. they say that carl white killed
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ellington sr., he is the father of wayne ellington jr. police in newcastle arrested a suspect in a teenager. he is accused of fatally shooting malik watson early last week. he was charged with first degree murder and robbery. before this there was not a murder in newcastle since 1999. protests are being held around the country and here at home after a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer in the chokehold death of a black man. this video of the arrest went viral in july. you seealeo putting a
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chokehold on eric garner the medical scamper -- said it was homicide. pantaleo released a statement apologizing to his family. >> there is nothing that makes me feel different, no i do not accept his apology and i could careless about his condolences and he is still getting a paycheck and feeding his kids and my husband is six feet under. >> they say that the grand jury got it right, that he used an authorized take down move on not a chokehold. bill bratan announced new training for police officers in
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new york city. to reenforce both officer safety and citizen respect. >> all right alicia thank you. of course the decision in the garner case and the lingering anger over the michael brown shooting in ferguson led to more protests across the country and that includes here in philadelphia. eva pilgram is live in city hall, another active day there >> reporter: yes, it's much quieter here in center city tonight, traffic is moving as normal. a very different scene from the protests last night. there was a protest at a local college today but it didn't cause any disruptions. >> this is the march on temple campus calling for a change after both the michael brown and eric garner cases ended with similar decisions, no charges against the officers involved. >> this is an injustice, have
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you to do something as a whole community. >> this is the first step to making the change, actually getting out there and letting us know the process and what happens next. >> students marched to three different busy locations chanting and lying down on the ground, for 4.5 minutes in memory of michael brown whose body laid in the street for 4. 5 hours. >> you want a lot of people to see it. the presence is the point and the display of the unrest and the dissatisfaction of the decision. >> this is a peaceful protest, people will say things that you don't agree with but we want to remain muchful. >> i want my point to come across in a way that people don't criticize me. >> this was peaceful way to rally for change. >> i can't protest and want the
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president and senators to make a change if i don't get out there and make the difference myself. >> a change needs to happen in the way america deals with issues like this, sweeping it under the road, we can all see and we can all watch, there are cameras. >> they are hopeful that the protests will force discussions and education on how the justice system really works. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a former philadelphia traffic court judge will go to jail now for her role in a ticket fixing scandal. thomasina tynes was charged with conspiring to get rid of tickets as favors for political favors and allies. she was convicted of lying about her conduct. december is a busy time for
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delivery companies like fedex, this is the last thing they wanted to see, a tractor trailer overturned at 8:00 a.m., and chopper 6 hd was over the wreck in the southbound lanes on exit 2 in glousster county. can you see there were two trailers and only one of them flipped over, fortunately no one was hurt. >> about an hour earlier a tractor trailer crashed and a delivery was over this wreck on the ramp from 76 east to 202 north, it was carrying this edation of the "new york times," nobody was hurt in the wreck either and it caused problems during the morning rush. >> a couple of gray days gave way to sunshine today, as we get a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> we needed to see the sun. >> yes, we did. cecily tynan is in for adam joseph. >> it was nice to leave the umbrellas at home and take out the sun glaszs, we had a lot of
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sunshine earlier today and the high, thin clouds rolled in this afternoon. we have a good amount of cloud cover ore us rights now, if you look at west virginia, you see moisture pulling in and that is the leading edge of some rain that will be here right in time for the weekend, the leading edge will be evaporating, most of the day tomorrow will be dry and we'll stay on the cool side, philadelphia 43 degrees, dry and chilly and pittsburgh 35, and washington, d.c. 46 degrees, and buffalo, new york, is 32 degrees. the evening planner showing the clouds will be thickening and seasonably cold. 8:0041, and 9:00, 40, and 10:00, 39 degrees. tonight some suburbs will drop to the 20s, it will stay cloudy
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tonight and it will be a while before we see the sunshine again. it looks like we'll be drying out in time for the eagles game. the first half of the weekend is more depressing than the second half and the possibility of a storm next week. coming up in the full accuweather forecast. no more sunshine. >> well, thank you cecily. still ahead here today why this year's flu shot may not be working and what doctors say you should do about it. >> and terrorists released a video about an american hostage, what they are saying just days after a secret rescue mission over's. vx
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vx. al qaeda in yemen has released a new video of an american hostage and the group is threatening to kill the man in three days. it shows 33-year-old luke somers pleading for his life. the photo journalist and interpreter was kidnapped a year
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ago in yemen's capital. they say he will die in three days unless president obama meets the group's demand. >> i am certain that my life is in danger. >> just last week u.s. special forces tried to rescue somers, they raid aid cave and killed at least seven terrorists and rescued seven other hostages, but they learned that somers was moved two days later and intelligence acts are looking at the video for clues on where somers is held. >> and the flu shot may not be as effective as doctors hoped. researchers say that fewer than half the flu samples they took in october and november matched the strain in this year's shot. the cdc still recommends that people get vaccinated, because
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it can prevent some strains and lessen the severity of the illness. tonight president obama and the first family will flip the switch on the white house christmas tree. philadelphia's own patti labelle will perform as will the tenors and neo. it's time now for the business report, the dow is down 12.5 points and the nasdaq lost 5 and the s&p dropped 2.5 points. >> the number of americans applying for unemployment dropped below 300,000 last week, that is according to a report from the department of labor. unemployment goes hand in hand with the layoff, and that means they are not shedding staff. this comes after the jobs report expecting to show the unemployment rate is down again.
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the recent job gains have not led to higher wages, the army has used the barretta, as its side arm, now they want a new deal, barretta wants to renew but smith and wes son is others are hoping for the contract. a first look at the "action news" traffic report tonight. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> reporter: a lot of people gunning to get home. it's a slow go on 95 out of the city like it is most afternoons, from the vine street expressway to cotman, it's a 25 minute ride. it's slow from wood haven to vine. an accident in warwick township and stick with 23, ridge road
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around that, and a rough morning on 422, we are watching the on going work zone between stowe, and 100. and a broken down truck at limerick lynn field. and a westbound delay forming with lower speeds at oaks. over in gloucester township, in camden county, a crash along college drive, close to camden county college, remember as you are doing your detouring, it's closed for construction for a few weeks, lets grab the ipad and do this, for a thursday, almost friday afternoon. as we use the waze app, a minor crash where it meets up with lincoln drive, no major issues to report on lincoln drive itself. unlike yesterday afternoon when we had a real mess for northbound travellers.
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we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> good news, thank you. well, a hepatitis a scare promised a response from health officials in one new jersey community and there are in developments in this, rick williams is live in the newsroom with more. >> thank you, that is right, this response was triggered after a foot service employee was diagnosed with hepatitis a, the employee worked here at rose's restaurant and catering in hamilton township, and today health officials are offering the community to get the hep a vaccine. we'll have more on "action news" at 5:00 and coming up starbucks has a plan to generate $1 billion in revenue, how it will impact fans of the coffee chain, starbucks is trying to make a latte money. >> we'll give it to you rick.
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cecily is back with the call from accuweather. >> and santa may use the chimney but these elves have a different idea why they came down to save the building from a real grinch. and take wherever you go it changes size for your smart phone or tablet. check out any time anywhere.
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what you're doing now, janice.
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blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog, todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad. where's your wife, todd? vacation. discounts like homeowners', multi-policy -- i got a discount on this ham. i've got the meat sweats. this is good ham, diane. paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest. the grinch and some of santa's elves are putting on a show for people at dupont hospital today. the grinch put green slime on the windows and santa's elves were there to help him. he was put in time-out. >> those faces are adorable. >> it's time for accuweather
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forecast on a thursday. >> lets get over to cecily tynan with the weather coming our way. hey cecily. >> don't want to be a grinch but i'm tracking rain to start the weekend, sky 6 behind me is showing the ben franklin bridge, the clouds are really rolling in throughout the day and temperatures are on the cool side and temperatures across the region, philadelphia checking in at 43 degrees and wilmington currently 42 degrees and at the boardwalk in atlantic city, 42 in reading and 42 in allentown currently 39 degrees, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing a batch of moisture moving into the ohio valley and virginia, it looks ominous but this is going to be missing us to the south but this is the first really wave of more precipitation, the main low i am tracking that is moving through over the weekend is over albuquerque and this will bring us a soaking rain on saturday
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afternoon and saturday night. and even some rain on friday night. future tracker showing tomorrow morning, lots of clouds around and 9:00 it looks to be a cloudy day, by 8:00 we get this initial band of moisture beginning to move in, and there could be a little bit of icing in the poconos, but in our region a liquid eye vent. if you have outdoor plans for saturday, get it done in the morning, if are you getting your christmas tree, i'm doing that, about 3:00 in the evening to 9:00, this is when we have a pretty good slug of moisture. most of our viewing area is getting a half inch to inch of rain, the good news is it moves out on sunday and the eagles game is looking good weather wise, tonight mostly cloudy and
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light and it's seasonably cool and millville 31 and wilmington 34 degrees, the clouds are thickening through the day and rain arriving by evening, it will be light to begin with, 46 degrees and the rain gets heavy saturday afternoon and saturday night, a few showers in the morning, liquid though, sunday for the eagles game, look at this, we are drying out in the afternoon and sunshine is back in the afternoon, a chilly day and 46 degrees, and then on monday it clouds up, 44 degrees, ahead of a system it looks like a coastal storm that could be affecting us monday into tuesday, i'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. we'll get rain over the weekend but the good news is it won't be an entire washout. a local nonprofit kicked off the holiday season by debuting a new gift, the bridge educational foundation announced the $1,800
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check going to kids, it partners with families and schools and businesses to provide scholarship opportunities, the event held at father judge high school, including a toys for tots toy drive. the buzz is next. >> big buzz over a bran new 007, the cast revealed the new car.
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bond is back, it will be called "specter" daniel craig will play the iconic spy, and he joined sam mendez to make the big announcement, it's craig's fourth time playing bond. and now 007 tweeted a spot of bond's new wheel, the nston
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martin d 10. and estelle joined us in philly last night for the tree lighting, performing some of her holiday favorites. the native says she loves the vibe here so much, it reminds her of home. it's like a mini london, i feel like i'm around this area, i'm in like east london. it's cool. >> she has performed here a couple of times, estelle has a new album out in february and it's called "true romance," i asked her what she was doing for the holidays, and she is here and used it as a rehearsal for christmas. she has a table of like 25 people for christmas. >> can we be invited alicia?
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still ahead no tips? no problem, we'll take you into philadelphia's first anti-gratuity restaurant. it's been a week since anyone has seen shane montgomery, we have more on the search and the growing reward. plus -- >> if you missed your chance to shop on black friday, there are sales that are impressive.
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hello again, "action news" continues with the controversial cancellation, why one mom called her kids ungrateful and called off christmas. >> and a school bus packed with students burst into flames on the highway and not a single child was hurt thanks to a quick thinking driver, what she did to save her students. she raped and murdered her daughter and slashed her son and now the camden mother got to watch the monster being punished for his unspeakable crimes. and now more on the search for the westchester university student that is missing now for seven days. the last time he was seen was
4:30 pm
walking out a bar in manayunk, the number of people searching for shane has grown and so has the reward money. >> reporter: shirleen at this point investigate ofs are trying to come up with new leads, they don't have much to go on at this point. shane montgomery's family is not giving up hope and they tell us that the reward fund has grown to $40,000 for reliable information that leads to shane's whereabouts, they keep up their effort and ongoing vigil here at the rectory at st. john the baptist in manayunk. you can feel the strain, they have updated the missing persons posters to show the reward fund reached $40,000.
4:31 pm
>> they have been very helpful and very supportive and i don't know what we with do without that kind of supfrom a lot of people. >> montgomery was last seen leaving kildare's irish pub on thursday morning. "action news" learned from sources that a bouncer told detectives that he escorted the westchester student out after he bumped the equipment and he added he saw montgomery a half hour later down main street where montgomery apologized to the bouncer, he told him he seemed in good health and his mother is holding out hope he will be found just fine. >> this is a nightmare to my family, my son has been gone for seven days, my son is my youngest child, and i miss him terribly and my mother is distraught that her grandson is
4:32 pm
missing and there is nothing we can do about it. >> investigators are trying to pin down the timeline and shane's exact path after leaving the bar there, they are holding out hope that they are caught on some type of surveillance video, but so far nothing. live in manayunk, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. has continuous updates for the search for shane montgomery and you can view photos are the vigil and information from the authorities to help find shane. the man convicted of raping a 12-year-old daughter and killing her 6-year-old brother was sentenced today for his horrific crime. oswaldo rivera got 122 years for breaking into the home. he broke in when the children were sleeping and he sexually
4:33 pm
assaulted amber and slashed herself times, when dominic came in to defend his older sister, he killed that child. his mother says he hopes he sees one thing when he closes his eyes at night. i. >> i hope he sees my son. >> we are identifying amber at her mother's request, was in court but did not speak. police in berks county released surveillance video of a barbershop shooting in the hopes that someone can identify the gunman. they walked up to the all-star studios on thursday and fired several shots through the window and the next day opened the front door and started shooting, four people were hurt and one critically. police think that the same person is responsible for both
4:34 pm
incidents. >> you heard of 99 bottles of beer on the wall but what about 99 bottles of root beer on the tracks this happened after a truck and train collided. the impact tore the truck wide open, spilling empty glass root beer bottles all over the tracks and the ride. amazingly nobody was hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. philadelphia police are looking for a trio of bungling burglars that made a mess of a grays ferry business, they captured the unmasked suspects at the schneider supermarket on november 12th, they casually rounded up laptops and cash and cigarettes thinking they disabled the store's only video camera, after knocking over shelves the suspects fled. if you recognize the thieves
4:35 pm
call south detectives. nasa's new orion spacecraft has to wait another day. the inaugural flight will send the unmanned capsule 3600 miles into space in just four and a half hours, nasa says it will go again tomorrow, nasa hopes to one day send astronauts to mars. well, they launched their own rockets on a much smaller scale. kids gathered at the science museum to watch the rocket launch, even though it didn't go as planned. the rocket launch did. >> that is impressive. but not so impressive is the accuweather forecast. >> it was a nice day today. >> sunny should be okay. we got rid of the rain today, and we saw sunshine earl yerl but the clouds have rolled in
4:36 pm
and lets go live to sky 6 at the wilmington waterfront, it's 42 degrees and the dew point 23 degrees and winds north-northwest at 12 miles per hour and the windchill is 36 degrees, we are live on sky 6, near honey brook, and brighter there, it's 40 degrees, winds north-northwest at 9 miles per hour, and the windchill there is 34 degrees, this is the time of year you get the classic battle to the south and cool air to the north, philadelphia 43 and atlanta 72 degrees, what will win out as we head out through the weekend, the cold or the warm? we'll talk about that and have the timing of the rain coming up in the accuweather forecast. try to find a weather forecast that you like at least for one day. it's a tough act. >> thank you cecily. >> winter hosted a live performance of "a christmas
4:37 pm
carol" today. if one man could perform it by himself, it had to be this man -- >> that is gerald charles dickens, the great great grandson of literary master of charles dickens, he brings the novel to life with his animated depiction of everyone from scrooge to tiny tim. here at the big board now, if you have traveled abroad, you know that tipping at restaurants in europe is optional. well here at the states it's the way that servers earn a living typically. and now channelling paris, our city's first no tip policy. >> girard avenues girard brassry and brunchry is taking a novel approach. >> how do we do that? we'll take care of the people that take care of everyone that
4:38 pm
comes in. >> the staff is paid a fair hourly wage so they are not worried about the tips. >> lets turn that around, lets pay them their salary and then the tip is really a true gratuity. >> on average they make an average of $13 an hour. >> we offer benefits like paid vacation and we may their entire medical insurance. >> perks that are unheard of in the restaurant industry, but the owners are convinced that that will bring in employees that are looking for a career. brunch is served all day long, this is their french toast ghetto. >> it's like a layer cake. >> and a philly made english muffin and avocado toast. >> delicious.
4:39 pm
>> if there is any doubt how the concept is going over, the restaurant got 500 applications for 14 staff positions and they highly recommend that diners make reservations. if you love the service, you can leave a tip on top of the bill but you don't have to. >> it could be a trend. >> thanks very much. >> coming up, if you have ever wondered what will happen in stores before black friday shoppers arrive. the pep talk to end all pep talks. >> and cameras are rolling as a foreign s.w.a.t. team takes down a woman suspected of murdering a colorado special education teacher and trying to kill an american doctor. a story that has people talking, why one couple canceled christmas to teach their kids an important life lesson. >> and cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast.
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police in the united arab emirates arrested a woman accused of killing an american teacher. they swarmed her home taking the suspect into custody, authorities believe she is the woman running from the mall restroom after stabbing her to death. they say after killing the mother of twin boys, they planted a makeshift bomb outside of an american doctor. the attacker targeted her victims based on their nationalities alone. a bus driver is hailed a hero for getting her kids off the bus. >> all of a sudden the bus started smoking and now it's in flames. >> christina berman quickly
4:43 pm
pulled off the road and got everybody off. that is when it burst into flames, they said that her quick action saved everyone's lives. here at the big board wtd big talkers, and a big decision by a couple that canceled christmas for their kids. the kids were naughty and they are not even getting coal. no stockings, nothing, zip. they say they were ungrateful, disrespectful and fighting and throwing tantrum. they took drastic measures, and she blogged about it. some call her lazy and a scrooge even. the money they would have spend on christmas is going to help others and mom says that is a lesson on the true meaning of the holiday. >> so one size fits all or most but does it really?
4:44 pm
a new retailer for teens and women, it's brandy miller, and they sell clothes in one size only. like this skirt, it didn't quite fit all that tried it on. a group of women tried on the one size fits all. for some the mary tank was perfect and others more of a crop top, and the shorts were great on some and barely there on others, they vary from 5'3" to 5'11". >> and a black friday pep talk, the fearless leader of this target store delivers a rousing speech. >> any moment now the doors will be breached, whatever comes through nodes gates, you will
4:45 pm
stand your ground with a smile on your face. they come here with bargains in their heads and fire in their eyes and we shall give the bargains to them, this is target! >> yes, people at target may the force be with you. and i love how he gets up there on that conveyer belt to get his message out. >> i love the line he took from the movie. >> i love that guy. >> he will never be without a job. alicia thank you. lets get a pep talk in the form of traffic tonight. >> this is matt pellman! >> yes, drivers you will be patient and you will be calm and you'll make it home eventually. you'll just run into a little traffic. this is a live look at the schuylkill expressway by spring garden street, heavy into the vine street expressways. can you see this ramp from the
4:46 pm
spring garden to the schuylkill has not reopened. it was suppose to be back in business by the time we finished our turkey but the ramp remains shut down. crashes this afternoon, lower providence and eagle pine road and one in chapel hill approaching cooper landing road and southbound slowing on 295, like we have most afternoons, approaching 73 down to the 422 freeway and that crash along college drive, as you detour around that oral road is closed in the same vicinity. look for a wreck at sherman at orchard road and in gloucester the overturned fedex truck, they are south of exit 2 makes emergency repairs and the right lane remains closed there and speeds are okay at the moment and look for a wreck along
4:47 pm
chapel street at people's drive and old baltimore pike. college street may be a better bet. we'll check it again brian and shirleen to pep those people up a little more in the next half hour. >> you did a fine job. thank you. >> meteorologist, cecily tynan is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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4:49 pm
all right meteorologist, cecily tynan is along and hope you enjoyed the sunshine, because it's gone. >> yes, the clouds rolled in and we have proof that we have blue skies today. the action cam was taking a look. used to run there every single day and seeing blue skies and sunshine and the clouds have rolled in and i am tracking the
4:50 pm
return of rain right as we start the weekend. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we don't have any rain out there now and a lot of clouds and it's dry and on the chilly side. 43 in philadelphia, our high so far, 45, millville 42 and reading 40 degrees and allentown 40 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing plenty of clouds here and notice moisture down along the ohio valley and virginia, that will be missing us to the south and there is low pressure developing to the west of dallas and that is the system that brings us a soaking rain for the sec half of the weekend, lots of clouds and should be a dry morning commute, as we head into the afternoon we'll get drizzle developing around 5:00, the bulk of this will be west of the i-95 corridor, and the steady, light rain will move in friday night and a pretty good aerial coverage of generally light
4:51 pm
rain, heading into saturday, we start the day with clouds and drizzle at 10:00 rain north of the poconos and then by the afternoon and saturday night, we get heavy rain building in by 6:00, most of our viewing area is covered with rain and it will continue into the late evening hours, and you definitely need the umbrella. >> by saturday the high pressure nudges in and a wind comes in and clears us out nicely. the sunshine returns on sunday but it's a chilly day. next 12 hours, mostly cloudy and light winds, 34 degrees for center city, it will be seasonably cool, the exclusive accuweather forecast tomorrow the clouds will be thickening through the day and the rain is generally on the light side and a high of 36 degrees and heavy rain developing in the afternoon and continuing saturday night and the best chance is at 3:00
4:52 pm
and 9:00 in the evening, 55 degrees and sunday though the sunshine is back and a high of 46 degrees, if are you heading to the linc for the eagles game, the kickoff temperature is 44 degrees, dropping down to 41 by the fourth quarter and looking at dry conditions, on monday, it clouds up and 44 degrees and watching the possibility of a coastal storm, if it comes close enough to the coast wrerks look agent rain in philadelphia and some computer models keep this offshore though, this is something we are tracking, whatever happens on tuesday and wednesday 42 degrees, and partly sunny on wednesday and a high of 46 degrees, if you can plan on saturday without door activities, you'll be fine. >> i can do that. i put up the tree and decorate. >> all right thank you for that cecily. saving with 6 abc is coming up
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next hey! it's mister monopoly.
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time to save with 6 abc, if some of you are starting your holiday shopping today or this weekend, nydia han has a wrap up on some of the biggest sales. black friday and cyber monday are in the rear view mirror but sales are still strong. first up, they are offering 50% off the entire store and ann taylor is offing 30% off with a code and cue upon. on the bloomingdales website apply the code private, to get money off plus 60% off select
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is a heat wave right now, this is how he is keeping cool. >> this is how i bathe my babies. in the sink. that is how you have to do it sometimes. i'm brian taff, we are back tonight for a full hour on "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. new developments in a murder mystery that stunned a german town neighborhood. a father gunned down and his son a local basketball phenom turned nba player. taken the police say they caught the gunman responsible for devastating a family. a break in the death of wayne ellington sr. >> this story gained national attention because ellington jr. plays for the l.a. lakers.
5:00 pm
>> carl white was arrested earlier this morning and is charged with murder. we heard about the stop snitching culture but the detectives here is a that the community played a big role in getting white off the streets. >> this person is evil. very evil. he destroyed our family. >> wayne ellington sr. family calls the arrest of white a relief but there is still pain that resonates. >> there say really big void and christmas just won't be the same without him. >> the father of los angeles laker player, wayne ellington jr. was killed last month in marion, white yelled yo and ellington slowed down his car and his window was half cracked and he fired one shot and hit him in the head, police say t


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