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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 5, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> reporter: monica, state police made the arrest rather quickly. that's because they say this entire crime was caught on surveillance video. that's the home that caught fire. you can see it has heavy damage there in the front. well, they say detectives say that neighbor right there, the woman there, walked across that lawn then walked up to the porch and lit some christmas ornaments on fire. that lighter, according to detectives and the clothes she was wearing have been recovered by police. this is home video of limerick police detective ernie morris' home going up in flames. the porch is engulfed and investigators say neighbor donna krupp is a woman who intentionally set the house on fire and state police say it was all caught on surveillance video. >> longstanding grille lighters, lights a christmas ornaments on fire then flees the scene. >> reporter: state police say krupp believed detective morris was responsible for the ongoing incarceration of her son who has a history of drug
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abuse and run ins with the law. this past november someone put carmel in the gas tank of morris' suv causing $3,000 in damage. he suspected the krupps so when he left his pottstown home to go to disney world for the thanksgiving holiday, he installed the surveillance system. >> ernie is a hard working cop. he's basically on duty 24/7. he's always going out there and there were some situations, he helped the state police in some investigations which is probably retaliation for that. >> they lost a pet. they had a cat they lost which is horrible. >> reporter: right. >> and other personal belongings, everything is gone. everything is gone. it's sad. and this close to christmas it's really sad. >> reporter: detective morris tells me the loss of his pet and everything he has has been devastating for his family. but he knows others have lost more than him, his two daughters 11 and 14, are having a hard time with the alleged arson but family, friends and the pottsgrove
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school district have been rallying around the family. >> who would have thought that, you know, somebody living that close to you could do something drastic and that, its just horrible, despicable, really is despicable. >> reporter: and krupp is charged with arson and other related charges. she remains behind bars on $1 million bail. i'm live in lower pottsgrove, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> all right, chad thank you. on the weather front dreary conditions are sticking around as we head into the weekend. but for only part of it. sky 6 looking live tonight at a somewhat gloomy center city skyline. we saw drizzle and light rain throughout the early afternoon and early evening. if you're headed out tonight or tomorrow keep that umbrella handy. meteorologist cecily tynan is at the big board way closer look at the weekend forecast and kind of a mixed bag. >> reporter: it really is rick. it's going to be a 50-50 weekend. starting off wet. we have pockets of light rain across the region and there's plenty more out to the west. as we zoom farther out though
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the actual low pressure that i'm tracking for tomorrow is just moving in totten 10 valley and what this low pressure will do is track just to our south over virginia and this will bring us some heavy rain saturday afternoon into the evening. as far as tonight, temperatures you can see in our immediate area would have freezing, 45 degrees in philadelphia, 43 in millville. it's a cold rain in allentown and reading, 34 degrees. however, if you are driving up to the poconos, the temperature in the poconos, 29 degrees. so, unfortunately this is not liquid there. this is falling as sleet and freezing rain, so winter weather advisory is in effect until 1 o'clock in the morning for the poconos. one of my twitter followers tweeted me and said that the roads are definitely slick in the poconos so do be careful if you're driving up there tonight. so, this is what to expect as i break it down. tonight, we're looking at drizzle with some pockets of light rain, nothing really a all that heavy. if you do need to get outside tomorrow, do some outdoor
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activities i suggest you wake up early. saturday morning to about noon we're looking at lots of clouds and some areas of drizzle. however, the afternoon and evening this is when we get that soaking rain and we're looking at a general three-quarters of an inch to an inch of rain so some heavy rain saturday afternoon and saturday evening. but the future is looking bright for sunday. i'll talk about that and track a potential nor'easter next week in the accuweather forecast. rick. >> good weekend for holiday shopping cecily. >> that's right. >> get me, get mon a -- thank you very much. stay on top of the changing weather situation with visit for storm tracker storm tracker 6 radar the latest news from our meteorologists and collection of weather related photos and videos. >> philadelphia rapper beanie sigel hospitalized after a shooting this morning in pleasantville new jersey. his injuries are described as life-threatening. siegel whose real name is dwight grant was slot in the abdomen at 9:00 this morning in the eight hung block of spruce avenue.
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siegel is a former protege of rap superstar jay-z. he had just been released from prison in august after serving two years for tax evasion. coming up on "action news" at 6:00 we'll have a live report with the latest on that shooting. a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in upper darby has turned himself in to police. 20-year-old terrell gatling surrendered to police last night. officers say he met the girl last month when she ran away from home. he invited her back to his house where the alleged assault took place. police say the next morning he walked her to school. tonight he is behind bars. >> for the third straight day demonstrators rallied in new york city calling for an officer to be indicted in the death of eric garner. this was the scene in union square this afternoon as demonstrators voiced their outrage over a grand jury's decision not to indict daniel pantaleo. he was recorded placing garner a chokehold.
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the medical examiner determined that maneuver committed to garner's death. thousands of people marched throughout new york last night. more than 280 people have been arrested since the protests began. and more demonstrations are expected tonight. and here in philadelphia three high schools held die in protests. this was the scene at the science leadership academy in center city. students joined the nationwide movement that is criticizing the handling of garner's case as well as the michael brown case in ferguson, missouri. students said they were moved to take action. >> felt like high to do something. high to be a part of the movement to show that this is not right and so i texted jamie, like we have to have a die in at our school. >> and these are photos from a die in at masterman high school this morning. central high school also had its own demonstration. all of the protests were peaceful. mayor michael nutter spoke about the protests happening here locally and nationwide today.
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he said he supports the demonstrators right to express freedom of speech but he hopes everyone also starts to think about what's next. >> i think at the moment what people want is to be heard. they want to be heard and they want to know that someone is listening and so i want to encourage all of my fellow elected officials starting with myself we need to let folks be heard. we need to listen and then we need to develop game plans to truly address many of these issues. >> again more demonstrations are expected tonight in new york city. world news tonight with david muir will have more on that as well as the latest developments in the eric garner and michael brown cases. that's tonight at 6:30 directly after "action news" at 6:00. >> thank you sharrie. one of the greatest basketball players to ever wear a philadelphia uniform officially has his own stamp. wilt the stilt chamberlain stamps will be dedicated tonight at the sixers game. today some of the folks who worked to make the stamp possible gathered for a luncheon in west philadelphia.
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chamberlain who died in -- >> time for "action news" traffic report from milt the stilt to matt the rat. >> no. >> what did i do to deserve that? >> it rhymed. >> after the information i'm about to give you rick and mon today. it's not a very pleasant friday ride home. going take you some time. here on 42 we're getting reports of a crash. in fact, there goes an nj dot to assist the situation. it's southbound approaching 55. i don't know if you can make off the police officer out there in the left lane. accident on 42 in a spot that would normally be busy. it's now extra heavy as you come off the walt whitman bridge through this point at creek road down to 55. also more construction this afternoon in gloucester county other southbound new jersey turnpike past exit two. speeds just in the 30's because a lane is blocked there. and we have a crash out here in chester county, westbound side of the 30 bypass more and more emergency crews
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responding to the scene as wewhat watch here by 282 the right lane is out of commission. expect delays as you come west of route 100 on the 30 bypass. in eagleville a wreck along egypt road to watch out for and one in jenkintown is closing 611 near washington lane. you can use that as one possible alternate. we'll can check it again rick coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, matt, thank you. in other news tonight veterans and local officials pause to remember the victims of the attack on pearl harbor. there was a special ceremony at the battleship new jersey museum and memorial in camden. the memorial comes just two days ahead of the 73rd anniversary of that 1941 attack that killed more than 2400 sailors, marines and soldiers. >> much more to come on "action news tonight. rolling stone magazine is raising new questions about rape accusations on the university of virginia campus. coming up, the magazine's statement on the story that prompted a police investigation. >> also it's a fact of the holidays. most people will gain weight. in health check tonight,
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gorman has tips on packing on those pounds. >> "action news" will be right back. ♪ music ♪ it's so important to make someone happy ♪
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>> rolling stone magazine is backtracking on its explosive story about a woman who said she was gang raped at a university of virginia frat party. the magazine now says there are discrepancies in her account. in a statement posted on its web site the magazine says their trust in the woman was "misplaced but offered no further details. ." the article sparked a police investigation and the charter suspended chapter activities n a statement the fraternity says it also notice the discrepancies in the story but continues to welcome an investigation. >> time for health check. many folks this weekends kicked off the start of holiday partying. it's a time to spends with coworkers family friends and of course a lot of food around. for tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain check it out. >> let's go to health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman with tips. >> average weight gain between thanksgiving and new year's is just about one to 2 pounds. that doesn't seem so bad but the problem is a lot of people never lose that weight so over
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10 years, that's 10 to 20 pounds. but you can avoid this with just a little bit of planning. 'tis the season for tables topped with tasty treats. tons of hors d'oeuvres and alcohol. it's no wonder many people put on weight over the holidays. but registered dietitian emily rubin of jefferson university hospital has six tips to help prevent tipping the scales. number one, don't go too holiday party hungry. low blood sugar will drive to you overeat. instead, eat regular meals and a snack before you go. >> you want to combine a protein and a carbohydrate maybe having some nuts or greek yogurt or rolled turkey breast on a piece of wheat bread. >> number two while at the party choose a small are plate. it will look like you have more food. >> the brain thinks you're eating more food but you're really eating less calories. >> number three is another mind trick. studies show you'll drink less
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alcohol if you drink out of a taller thinner glass instead of a shorter wider glass. also, try to pick lighter drinks. egg nog can have up to 400 calories and 20 grams of fat. number four, don't waste calories on food you can have every day like cheese and crackers. instead, pick your holiday favorites. when it comes to desserts, try slivers. emily says a finger sized sample is about a hundred calories. >> so, let's say you want to try pecan and then you have apple pie and then you have pumpkin pie, you're at 300 calories. >> number five, increase exercise. it will help reduce stress and. >> it will also help you burn more calories so therefore you can eat a little bit extra or you don't have to feel guilty if you're eating the extra cookie or extra piece of cake. >> and number six, keep in mind the true meaning of the holidays, focus on family and friends, not on food. also your goal should not be to lose weight over the
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holidays, you just want to try to lose weight over the monica. >> good idea. thank you ali. >> troops overseas will have a merrier christmas thanks to some montgomery county kindergarteners. 72 children in north wales collected toiletries and snacks and stuffed them into christmas stockings today for local airmen abroad. the school held a fundraiser for the shipping costs. wonderful santa's helpers. 31 new police are patrolling the police of camden county tonight. the biggest class of recruits ever graduated from the police academy today in blackwood, new jersey as their proud families watched. men and women officers just finished a rigorous six month training program. they join 361 other officers them all the best.
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> ♪ >> 2014 is on track to be the best year for u.s. job gains since 1999. 321,000 jobs were added in november and that's more than analysts expected. the unemployment rate in november remained unchanged at 5.8 percent and that's the lowest it has been since in six years. the clothing store bee
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bee's says it has detector suspicious activity on the computers that runs its payment processing system. the company hired a security firm to block any possible attack. right now it appears the breach only impacts customers who shopped in stores and not online. bebe says the attack happened sometime between november 8th and the 26th. hackers might have gained access to card holder names account numbers expiration dates and verification codes. >> amazon is now selling its own line of diapers and baby wipes. the products are available exclusively for amazon prime members who pay $99 a year for express shipping and other perks. the diapers and wipes will be sold under the amazon elements line. the company says it's for consumers who wander more information about the products they buy. shoppers will be able to use their phone to scan products for details about where an item is made. well, the city of philadelphia is receiving a million dollars to help ease unemployment. the money is part of an initiative launched by the national urban league. the organization made that
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announcement today in center city. the money is part of a five year effort to reach job seekers as well as vulnerable young people and he he -- entrepreneurs. philadelphia is one of 10 cities to benefit from the program. >> grammy awards committee appears to be crazy in love with beyoncé. the singer set a new record this morning. the grammy award nominees were announced today and the singer received five nominations. that makes her the most nominated female artist of all time beating out dolly parton who has been nominated 46 times. beyoncé has won 17 grammys during her career. she's now received 51 nominations. >> how cute her daughter clapping. much more ahead on "action news" looking outside for you live, sky 6 at the river rink great tonight. meteorologist cecily tynan with your accuweather word for the week coming up
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>> time for accuweather. the "action news" big board meteorologist cecily tynan here with our sort of half dreary weekend right. >> exactly. starting off dreary, kind of damp a little depressing but it's friday. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing most of the rain is on the light side. we have that some hanging along the shore, some in delaware. steadiest rain is north of philadelphia and this is where we have some cold air. northern berks county right now, near hamburg, pockets of
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heavier rain. you can see the blue near i-81, i80 and across the pennsylvania turnpike heading towards the poconos. that's why there is a winter weather advisory in effect for the poconos until 1 o'clock in the morning. elsewhere though temperatures are too warm for any frozen precipitation. but it's a cold rain in reading and allentown, it's 34 degrees. in philadelphia it's 44. millville 43. sea isle city and the boardwalk in atlantic city currently 45 degrees. satellite six along with action radar showing that we have this real train and moisture on the way. a lot of this moving across the ohio valley will be trending up to the north but there's low pressure right now that's heading into the tennessee valley and this is the system that will bring us some heavy rain on saturday afternoon through saturday evening. so, future tracker showing tonight around 9:30 it's going to be cloudy, it's going to be damp and you can see how really the bulk of the steadier rain will be north of philadelphia but even in philadelphia if you're heading out i'll say take an umbrella.
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we'll see some pockets of drizzle. that will be the case again tomorrow morning. 9 o'clock clouds and drizzle with steady rain north of our region across the poconos and areas to the north but look at what happens as we head any other afternoon. this is when that low pressure tracks over virginia, steady rain by 2 o'clock and if you're head to go any holiday parties tomorrow night, i hear adam joseph is having a christmas party tomorrow night, i heard about that and you can see that you will have to take an umbrella because there will be some steady rain generally across the region but the good news is it moves out in the wee hours of the morning on sunday and sunday's looking a lot better. so, breaking it down for you, tomorrow an afternoon and evening soaking rain about three-quarters of an inch of rain to an inch but temperatures on the mild side, 55 degrees at trade-off on sunday. we bring back the sunshine but it's windy and it's cooler. the high 45 degrees. but then you factor in the winds. wind chills will be in the 30's. so, if you're heading to the eagles game at the linc sunday afternoon you definitely do want to bundle up. so your friday night lots of clouds, some drizzle, some
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light rain, 41 degrees in philadelphia, 41 in millville. 34 in allentown. and 41 in wilmington. so, temperature is really not going anywhere tonight. the five day at five shows tomorrow that afternoon and evening soaking, 55 degrees. sun is back on sunday, 46. we cloud up on monday, 42 degrees. monday into tuesday the threat of a coastal storm that would most likely bring rain to philadelphia, 48 degrees. wednesday brisk and chilly 44. we'll talk more about that coastal storm threat on tuesday coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast but the weekend only half bad. >> yeah, you had hundreds of people going to be showing up at adam's house now. >> i know. >> i'll be there. >> yeah, exactly. >> all right. we'll take a quick break. much more still to come when "action news" at 5:00 continues. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam >> "action news" continues williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" friday night. forget presents this christmas these students from south jersey want to keep their school from closing and they are turning to santa for help. he calls himself a monster, a south jersey man learns how long he will spend behind bars
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for killing two teenaged cousins because he was drunk. and a sigh of relief for new jersey governor chris christie as the state probe clears his name in the bridge 68 scandal. >> now the details students in burlington county new jersey have a different kind of christmas wish this year, to save their school. they wrote letters today at saint paul's in burlington city asking santa to skip the presents and send them cash. that's because without a quarter million dollars by next month these kids have learned their school will be closing. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic live in our new jersey news room with more on the school's fight to stay opened. nora. >> reporter: hi, mon today. kids are asking not just for divine intervention but some help from the guy in the red suit, too. now, like so many parochial schools in our area saint paul's is on the chopping block. if they don't raise this money soon they'll be forced to close. saint paul's school in burlington city is fighting for its life. the diocese of trenton and saint katherine drexel


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