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tv   Action News  ABC  December 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> up next rain puts a damper on the weekend. an a neighbor sets fire to a the weekend. an a neighbor sets fire to a neighbor's house. stormtracker 6 double scan shows why we're enduring a cool night and why it will be wet and unpleasant day tomorrow friday
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night big story on "action news" tonight is soggy start stot weekend. and we could get a substantial amount of rain. let's get the latest from double scan radar and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> and jim, certainly is a damp friday night. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have pockets of rain south of philadelphia. it's really light north of philadelphia we have a few areas of steadier rain. you can see that in yellow just to the north and west of coatsville over route 100 also more steadier rain near lansdale and doylestown this is just appetizer for the main event that comes tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. fortunately temperatures across the board are above freezing mean poconos it's 33 degrees. winter weather advisory is in effect until 1:00. substantial freezing rain in poconos earlier this evening and now it's generally just rain. allentown and reading it's a cool rain. 35 degrees. philadelphia it's 42. millville 4 3.
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sea isle is they 45. temperatures hold steady in the overnight hours. now wider view of stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have conveyor belt of moisture and it's ending with low pressure that's west of nashville. you can see ahead of the low pressure heavy rain and that low pressure will be tracking right to the south over virginia tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. what that will do is bring us the bulk of precipitation. breaking it down overnight. we'll see periods of light rain tomorrow morning and it will be cloudy, damp with some areas of drizzle. but the main event arriving saturday afternoon and saturday evening with soaking rain looking at three-quarters to inch of rain. fortunately the second half of the weekend will be drying out. it will be a tradeoff. we'll talk about that more in the full accuweather 7-day forecast, jim. >> thank you, cecily. of course you can keep track of changing weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with stormtracker 6 abc app and you will have access to live radar to track
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storms into the region and hourly forecast and app is free to download to your smart phone. >> a philadelphia man was cut down in a hail of gunfire tonight in south philadelphia. this was the scene along the 1500 block of south cleveland street. witnesses told police the 46-year-old driver was heading south when someone opened fire. the victim was hit 14 times and crashed his car into the fronts stoop of the home. he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. investigators don't believe the attack was random. >> the victim was shot numerous times head shoulder and torso and vehicle he was driving in was struck with gunfire multiple times. it appears that this victim was intended target. >> authorities are questioning several witnesses. but so far there's no suspects nor motive. 52-year-old donna krupp is in police custody tonight charged
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with setting her neighbor's house on fire in lower pottsgrove. her neighbor is limerick township police detective ernie morris and police say this is not the first time krupp struck out at morris. annie mccormick is live outside the destroyed building any what's the latest here? >> and jim, this family lost everything including their family cat and it all happened in middle of the trip to disneyworld. tonight, police tell us that the person responsible their vindictive next door neighbor. >> lower drive any pottsgrove is ready for christmas. tonight this end of cul-de-sac is in the dark after police say this fire at the home of limerick police detective erpy morris was set by this woman donna krupp his next door neighborhood. krupp was caught on.
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they installed security cameras before leaving with family. the motive investigators say krupp believed morris was responsible for ongoing incarceration of her son who has a history of drug abuse and run ins with the law no one answered the door at the krupps home. >> we're glad everything is resolved and we don't need to worry about serial arsonists or anything like that. >> patti yerger was first to call 911 after saidy woke up her family. >> arouvrndz 2:20 he went downstairs. and saw an orange glow in the front window and ran told know call 911. >> it's upsetting beginning to the holidays here and some are
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lucky saudi barked when she did. >> proud of saidy. >> and cup does remain in jail tonight. her bail today was set by district justice 1 million dollars. according to last check records she has not been able toyb post that. she faces slew of charges including arson. live in lower pottsgrove. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia base rapper beanie seigel remains in critical condition tonight after he was shot outside his home in pleasantville new jersey today it happened after he dropped his children off at school. another man found at the scene had minor injuries. seigel had long history of run ins with the law and history of gun violence before. his attorney says he was not intended target today. >> it's disheartening he was ft.
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process of putting things back together and getting back into his dmreer the music industry. authorities are hoping to talk to seigel to determine why the shooting happened. the search for shane montgomery is expanded beyond the boundaries of manayunk in approximateboro. family friends and volunteers were on south street seeking information from bar goers or anybody that might know anything that might help officials determine his whereabouts. sharee williams was live on main street day nine of the serve and still nothing. >> no breaks in the case as of yet, jim, searchers are hoping to change that by poster flyers all over manayunk like this one. this is also a popular area for young college crowd to hang out and bar hop. that's why they are faping the search out to other popular areas in philadelphia.
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>> flyers and tape in hand, family friends and volunteers expanded their efforts to find shane montgomery. >> all we need is one kid that thinks they may know something and thinks they may have seen something until now the serve focused in manayunk where they were last seen. and just before a.m. thanksgiving morning. >> you wake up and think you'll find him. >> and the search has now taken on new approach. dozens of volunteers hit the streets and posted flyers where the young college groups hang out. not just in manayunk but from bars and lounges in center city, south street and near college campuses. >> and now this asking people to check cell phones or any selfies they may have taken if they were out last wednesday to thanksgiving. >> if you took any selfies look
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in the background and see if you see shane and pin point a time. >> st. john church in manayunk is head quart he's for the search. volunteers continue to crank out leaflets with shane ace picture and this help find shane montgomery facebook page cop continues to grow all while family is helpful for saiv sglurn the only thing that gets us outch bed every day we're on a mission to find shane and we will. >> in the meantime police 'andig surveillance perfect businesss in this area and private owners. >> we're live in manayunk. sharee williams. "channel 6 action news." >> 40,000 dollars thank you sharee. one man is dead. two others are in critical
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condition tonight following shooting in wilmington, delaware this was the scene in the area of jefferson and west sixth street and authorities say a gunman opened fire on three people and two victims were rushed to christianne hospital and several gun shot wounds and the third died on the way to the hospital. so far no suspect. >> a drunk driver that struck and killed two teenage cousins in south jersey will spen the next 18 years in prison. 3 3-year-old joshua admitted he was impaired and texting when he hit 15-year-old naomi laziki and ashley dobber in 2012678 the victims' families spoke during the emotion sentencing today in the courthouse. >> i would like to say to josh that i forgive you. not because you deserve t. but because i peace.
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>> he also spoke to the court he said "i am an monster i'm so l lost" rolling stone magazine apologized for a story that detailed gang rain at university of virginia frat terpty house. they told a story of student identified as jackie who said she was gang raped at a party by 7 members of the fraternity ps psikappa psi and a culture of sexual violence at the university. today the magazine while not retrablingting jackie's claims some to baca way from the story. turns out author of the story never tried to talk to the alleged attackers and fraternity documented there was no party on the weekends of alleged attack. rolling stone magazine release aid statement today that reads in part in the face of new information they're now appears to be discrepancys in jackie's
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account and they came to the conclusion our trust in her was misplaced. we are taking this seriously and apologize to anybody affected by this story. >> and the new york police department rank and file are depending grand jury decision not to indiet officer daniel padalao in death of garner. garper was overweight and in poor health and would have survived had he followed up instructions. the medical sdam iners report on garner said the choke hold move used on him was not the only factor in his death. >> protests over the garner grand jury decision and michael brown case continued tonight. in boston hundreds took to the streets many carrying signs and chanting i can't breathe as garner did. they also staged a die in in the middle of several busy streets. >> in miami protesters mash chd in the downtown area. a large group congregated middle
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of the street. people took over the road and sidewalk with their message of protests. >> a burlington county catholic school on the verge of closing doors after a century of educatesing community. dioceses of trenton and st. cam written drexel parish say they can no longer support the school of burlington the school has 164 sfrupts pre k to 8th grade. students tuition does not cover operating costs any more so push is now ton raise 250,000 by by january 15. >> it's devr stating to know it could happen. we can do. it there's so many that love the school.i have fame and hope we o it. >> if the school raises money it will be a temporary reprieve stlael to do the same thing this
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year and every year to keep the school open. >> still to come on "action news" tonight she's known for pitching arm. but tonight mo'ne davis traded baseball glove for basketball. we'll show you. what holiday parade would be complete without dancers and meteorologist adam joseph. we'll take you to west chester cecily. >> adam could not keep the rain away tonight we have pretty solid area of rain. more on the way tomorrow. clearing conditions on sunday and nor'easter next week in the accuweather forecast. >> and jeff skversky has sixers thunder highlights and eagles news. thunder highlights and eagles news. that and more when "action news"
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in tax credits to headquarters. it would put it at the site of the now closed sears. camden's campbell soup company is developing office park there. subaru commitment means more jobs for city. until energy governor chris christie is cleared in the bridgegate scandal. democratic led investigation finds no evidence christie was aware of closures aernl george washington bridge would causal that gridlock. the governor denied wrong doing two aids were fired for orchestrating traffic jam. owners of atlantic city trump taj mahal pushed back closing date for casino and interrupt trump entertainment and purchaser icon has been
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negotiating with ways to keep the casino open. if it clothe it's would be fifth of city's twelve casinos to shut down this year. >> a montgomery county native could become next secretary of defense. a knew eek resumeen including being physicist and medieval historian. he has shown a decade in leadership in clinton and obama administration. superintendent of abington school district praised obama's choice and said her students will greatly benefit from it. >> he's clearly a role model for all students independent abington school district we see dr. carter as someone who maiden credible accomplishments. >> on "healthcheck" tonight new research reveals that being obese may shorten your life by
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years. researchers at ma gill said most could be blamed on link to diabetesy and heart disease. they found it's not just quantity of years you can lose but quality. those living with chronic health issues up to 1 years longer than pen of afternoon weight. >> they brought umbrellas heavy coats and plenty of christmas spirit tape was among the crowd. >> happy holiday. >> meteorologist adam joseph took time for his leave for 5 annual mars drinks it christmas parade spap ago cross chester county and dancers put on quite a show for people lining the par raid route in west chester.
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>> the voice you hear belongs to vernon odom joined by popular wayne rain and dreary conditions did not stop residents from showing their joy for the season and santa claus treed in his slay for a bigger ride on the local radnor township fire truck. >> and can't mistake that voice very strer. >> adam with the beard. >> he still has that? >> yes. >> little scuv. >> he can do that. >> it will be improving for the second half of the weekend. first half not pretty at all. stromtracker showing we have pockets of rain across the region south of philadelphia and most on the light side. we have pockets of heavy rain mooch east of cherry hill. jenkintown now lighter rain
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heavier batch of rain moving through malvern and norristown as we head to west chester county now near oxford and koreyville deal with heavier rain and we will get pocket of rain through the overnight hours and heavy stuff comes tomorrow afternoon and temperatures above freezing across the board and temperatures holds steady tonight philadelphia 42 allentown 35 millville 42. even poconos with sheets of ice of roads now up to 33. that's good news. satellite 6 and action radar showing bloom of moisture moving in from the west. this is all ahead of main weather maker low pressure septembererd in tennessee and you can see ahead of it really heavy rain and this low pressure will track tomorrow afternoon and evening and that's why you bring us bulk of heavy rain. tomorrow morning, 10:00, not going to be bright and sunny.
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lots of clouds, areas of driz m. steady rain should be knowledge of viewing area. you have to do outdoor activities. i suggest get up early and get them done in the morning. this is what happens by the afternoon. by 3:00 steady rain moves in it gets heavier by the evening hours. you want the umbrella. heading to sundays morning the low pressure moves away and high pressure nunling in rain out of here and clouds chief clearing out what a difference today makes. super soaker generally three-quarters to inch of rain. could get closer to surprise shoont coast temperatures in mid 450s will be in the 40s and gusty winds. if you head to eagles game at the link. kickoff temperature 45. partly sunny skies 4th quarter 38 degrees. you factor in the wind, wind chills in mid 30s.
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bundle up if you head to the eagles game. >> so the sdlusive accuweather 7-day forecast. 55 the high tomorrow. sunday it's windy and bright. it is chilly. 46, wind chills in 30s. monday mostly cloudy 34. tuesday tracking threat of coastal storm, 38 degrees. looking at potential for coastal flooding and one to two inches of rain and high winds. right now snow confined in poconos. have to continue to track the storm system four days out things could change. wednesday, thursday, friday, should be dry. and temperatures in the mid 40s. so the only for coastal storm really there's not a lot of cold air in place if i had to mack a bet now i would say rainy vept. again, we'll have to continue to track that. >> if i had to. >> coming up on "action news" could the what are we doing
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could sixers win number two. we'll find out from jeff could sixers win number two. we'll find out from jeff skversky in a
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>> trying to whip a second game of the season. >> so far youngest tem in nba history taking bade steps. sixers avoid tying worst game in history tonight they can take a giant step beating kevin durant and thunder. connor barwin and darren sproles on hand as they go for the best similar at home. michael carter williams to k.j. mc daniels one handed. >> six guys in double figures. >> thunder runaway with it. sixers lose 103-91 they fool 1-18. >> we just went out there and kept flighting and -- fighting
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and playing each other that was our goal to stay in the game and keep competing no matter the score and we did a great job as a team we came up short. >> wilt chamberlain is on two postal stamps. >> lesean mccoy mia excused for personal reasons. as long as she shows up sunday. eagles need real mccoy to beat number one defense in football. he seatal atle looking to bring down sanchez. averaging 44 points in two home games. so much is open the line they need a w to stay in soul possession of first. they're playing for a first round bye. >> they're good players. offense, defense, special teams are sound. and we've showed that we can be that team as well in our own way. >> as all how we do together and if something goes wrong how
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the other phase picks up other two phases. >> jeremy maclin eagles hope to knock ot seattle.bowling for a o help provide -- we're back with knock ot seattle.bowling for a o help provide -- we're back with mo'ne davis, next
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series star monet davis on basketball court tonight. 8th grader spring side chestnut hill academy making a basketball debut she hits a three her first and only basket as she comes off the bench. monday a can do it all what an athlete. >> thank you, jeff, "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 5:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers "action news" continues at 5:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers the entire "action news" team
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jennifer aniston. ken jeong. a celebrity curse-off. and guillermo at the american music awards. with cleto and the cletones. and now, and furthermore, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi there, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. so glad you could be here short notice. well, that


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