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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  December 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. saturday, december 6. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." philadelphia police aree're investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian on the boulevard overnight. final farewell today for three children who were killed by their mother inside a home in the new jersey pinelands. it's a soggy start to the weekend, will it be a complete washout? we hope not, meteorologist chris sowers joins us for a look at the accuweather forecast. it's drizzeling right now. >> reporter: drizzeling right now, but more of a washout later in the afternoon. things will turn downhill as the afternoon wears on. in the meantime there's the view as we look at philadelphia international airport. you can see the wet runways, i haven't seen any major delays at philadelphia international airport.
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storm tracker 6 live double scan most of the activity is north and west of the city at this point, every now and then you notice a blip there, a blob of yellow, every now and then we start to run into a heavier downpour, most of this is on the lighter side we're zoom into berks and northern lancaster county running along the pennsylvania turnpike, route 322. you can see the heavier rains pushing off toward the northeast, there's plenty more to come, the area of low pressure is pushing through charleston, west virginia, all this out through here will start to fill in over the next 6 to 10 hours it will push through delaware valley. today is looking dreary and soggy. reduced visibility, around lunchtime we see the heavier moisture move on in. certainly by 3:00 p.m. we'll see periods of rain it will be heavy. expect visibility issues, 54 degrees is the high. expect ponding on roads and milder temperatures.
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i'll time it out with future tracker 6 and have a chilly seven-day forecast. >> new this morning, a man is dead after being hit by a car on the roosevelt boulevard. police spent the night talking to the driver that hit him. the 40-year-old man was hit around 12:30 while crossing the outer lanes of the northbound boulevard. the man was killed instantly. the driver stopped immediately. police have tested the driver for driving under the influence, so far no arrests or charges in that accident. a deadly hit-and-run is unsolved this morning in bridgeport, montgomery county, police say a man was hit by two suvs, take a look at this picture. police say a ford explorer similar to this was the first vehicle involved that driver stopped for a moment at the scene, near east rambo and for the streets and the driver drove off. a cadillac suv hit the victim and kept going, that suv had a white vinyl decal of a family in
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stick figures on the back of the car. if you have any information call police. a car hit a concrete barrier on i-95 near the delaware avenue exit. two men got out of the car, not long another vehicle plowed into the disabled car, the two men and other driver are seriously injured they are being treated at hanheman university hospital. a montgomery county woman is behind bars after charged with setting her home on fire. authorities say it's not the first time the woman has lashed out at him. annie mccormick has the details. >> reporter: half of commons drive in lower pottstown grove is ready for christmas. but this end of the cul-de-sac is in the dark after this fire ernie morris was set by his next-door neighbor. state police say crup was caught
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on tape. >> she lights a christmas organ it is on fire and flees the scene. detective morris installed security cameras before leaving after he suspected her of vandalizing the suv. the modify, crup believed morris was responsible for the on going incarceration of her son who has a history of drug abuse and run-in with the law nobody answered the door at the crup home. >> we're glad that everything is resolved, we don't have to worry about a serial arsonist. >> reporter: the neighbor was 9 first to call 911 after her dog woke up the family. >> around 2:20 she started barking again, and he went downstairs and saw this was like an orange glow in our front
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window, and he ran told me to call 911. >> reporter: it is an up setting beginning to the holiday here, but some are lucky, sadie barked when she did, preventing the fire from spreading to more homes. >> crup has been charged on multiple counts including arson, her bail was set at a million dollars. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> mourners will gather in tabernacle new jersey to say goodbye to three children who were allegedly shot to death by their mother. the funeral will be held today. their mother jeaninne lepage died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the search continues this morning for 21-year-old shane montgomery, volunteers fanned out along south street in south
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philadelphia distributing flyers about the missing west chester university student. they stopped by bars in manayunk. montgomery was last seen leaving ki on main street. they are looking from the schuylkill avenue to henry avenue and green lane to lincoln drive. authorities in salem county was caring for a child and three others at a home on south broad street in penns grove. she suffered massive blunt-force trauma. a drunken driver who hit and killed two teenage cousins in south jersey will spend the next 18 years in prison. he admitted he was impaired when he hit the two girls back in
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2012. the victim's family spoke during an emotional sentencing in cape may courthouse yesterday. >> i forgive you >> he spoke during the hearing, he told the court, question, i am a monster, i am so lost. new jersey governor, chris christie has been cleared in the bridgegate scandal. the democratic-led investigation found no evidence that chris christie caused the closure that caused gridlock. the governor denied all wrong doing, two of his aids were fired for orchestrating the traffic jam. the owners of will also --
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of atlantic city trump taj mahal has pushed back the closure date. the new date is december 20th. if it does close it will be the 5th of the city's 12 casinos to shut its doors. a burlington county catholic school is on the verge of closing its doors after a century of educating the community. the diocese of trenton and saint catherine drexel parish pay it can no longer support the school in burlington. students tuition doesn't cover operating cost. the push is on to raise $250,000 by january 15th. it's devastating to know this could happen, but i think we could do it, because there are so many people who love the school. >> many other schools have raised way more than that in
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like two weeks. >> i have faith and hope that we can do it. >> if the school raises all the money, it will be a temporary reprieve, they will to do the same thing next year and every year to keep it open. much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, adam joseph takes time 0 out from his new baby to spread holiday cheer. plus snoopy is alive and well in a show sculpture in minnesota. >> reporter: we'll have a good soaking this afternoon and roaring wind for sunday, i'll have the icy call from accuweather when we come right back.
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>> a wisconsin man is spreading christmas cheer with his snoopy snow sculpture. he turned a dollar tree parking lot into this masterpiece. it took 7 hours to complete snoopy the dog complete with the message, merry christmas. he plans to create another sculpture next year at the very same spot. snoopy kind of blends in with the snow. >> reporter: actually he does, that's the reason why we need snow around here, you can't do that with rain. >> i think we can wait until
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christmas for that. >> reporter: it's getting closer, there's the view live looking at penns landing. we don't have any wintry conditions out there. as a matter of fact, temperatures will stay mild throughout the day. maybe in the seven-day forecast there could flurries by next week. 44 degrees, dewpoint, 40. winds out of the southeast at 5 miles per hour. pressure is holding steady. storm tracker 6 live showing the shield of rain we will well north and west of the city, spreading from lancaster through reading and allentown. south jersey is dry, most of delaware is dry, we'll see patchy drizzle down there. the western suburbs, 222, you're wet, 78, harrisburg and hamburg and allentown. we have a pocket of rain that is pushing off toward the northeast. behind we're catching another break and heavier precipitation is moving in on the heels. that arrives after lunchtime.
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allentown, 37. the freeing mark is 32. as long as the numbers stay above 32 we're already. there won't be any issues with ice today. millville, 44. trenton, 41. you can see lots of clouds stretching from the deep south through the mid atlantic to the northeast. that shield of moisture let's call it cleveland through buffalo and binghamton, through here, the area of low pressure jumps the appalachians and hits the coastal plain all this will start to fill in, that moisture keeps it damp and dreary throughout the day.hat moisture accuweather expects the low to slide east. the entire system slides east that means periods of rain, some of it will be heavy at times. all in all we're looking at anywhere from 3/4 of an inch to an inch when all is said and done. high pressure takes on 0 on sunday, but the departing and
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and the incoming high pressure system will creating that wind tunnel effect. so sunday will be chilly. periods of rain throughout the afternoon, if you're doing the christmas shopping the sooner you can get it done today, the better off you'll be, that's the day it progresses, rain gets heavier and steady. we get into sunday morning and everything clears out for a nice morning around the delaware valley. winds will gust anywhere from 0 to 40 miles per hour when the eagles kick off jins -- against seattle. 32-mile an hour gusts, this is a coastal system that could hit us into tuesday and wednesday could bring snows to the poconos and rain toward the delaware valley and wind, we'll talk about that later on. 54 today, milder. rain developing. trenton, 51, millville, 54.
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cape may, 56. everybody well above freezing. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, again, the idea is for a 50/50 weekend. periods of rain today, today is the soggy one, 44 brighter, lots of sunshine, cooler, windchills in the 30 os all day, monday turning cloudy, 40 degrees, tuesday here comes the coastal system, for now we'll see rainy and breezy, 46. thursday, 44. friday, 46 degrees, there's no snow in the forecast, it's just rain. >> we do want snow by christmas, i could deal with that. >> reporter: the whole seven day is below normal. we're getting there. again. >> inyou like it. ynch he. >> don't forget you can take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting anytime i anywhere.
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they brought the umbrellas and heavy coats and plenty of christmas spirit to chester county last night and a familiar face was among the crowd. >> happy holidays. >> reporter: adam joseph took time from his pa -- paternity leave to go to the parade. there were lots of people who lined the parade route. our own vernon odem joined the papa family for the tree lighting ceremony. santa traded in his sleigh for a much bigger ride on a fire
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>> good saturday morning to you, sky6 live hd taking a live look over atlantic city, a little drizzle across the area, 44 degrees outside, 6:20. chrysler announced it's expanding it's recall of the 2003 ram pick ups. 1500 and 3500 pick ups for
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problem with its air bags. honda will expand their recall to a nationwide recall. the movement comes after the house subcommittee criticized at that -- takata for not recalling the air bags. a starbucks contest, called the ultimate starbucks card. they are made of 8 karat gold which will have the star buck's card owner's name carved on it. to enter you must buy something or use a mobile app and enter the sweeps stake code presented on your receipt.
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oregon based rowing ale is planning to release is a -- sirracha stout beer. the beer maker will begin to ship monday.
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♪ ♪ >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:24 saturday morning you're looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan, most of south jersey and delaware are in the clear at this point in terms of falling rain. there are heavier showers pushing through the heavier suburbs. it and he understands from the northeast extension into 78 and
6:25 am
202. let's zoom into the areas that are seeing rain. western portions of berks county, northern lancaster county pulling out and moving into the lehigh valley. here's the northeast extension looks like wet roads there and there's interstate 78678 looks like it will be a slow go this morning cloudy skies and patchy drizzle out there, for just about everyone, the occasional shower, later this afternoon, that's when the steadiest moisture arrives, temperatures are on the mild side. breaking it down throughout the morning, cloudy with areas of patchy fog and drizzle, soaking rain all of which should end between 8 and 10:00 p.m. this evening. eva? >> in sports, the sixers look for the first win streak of the season. jeff skeverski has that and the eagles preparing for the champs. >> reporter: the youngest team in nba history is taking baby steps. they can not get a win at home.
6:26 am
against kevin did durant, the oklahoma city thunder, the sixers try to get the first w at home. put down those fries and cheer for this. michael carter williams, one handed. they come back and make and sixers within 4. covington, within 7. sixers lose 103-91 they fall 1-18 sixers face the detroit pistons tonight. lesean mccoy excused their running back for personal reasons. as long as they show up tomorrow, they need mccoy to beat the number one defense in football. seattle is looking to bring down mash sanchez. eagles averaging 44 points in
6:27 am
their last two home games. they need a w to stay in solely possession of if i firms and tht place and theyer playing for a first-round bye. >> >> it's all about how we do together, if something goes wrong how the other phase picks up the other two phases. >> well get you set for the big game on the eagles kickoff and the highlights on eagles game day final after "action news" at 11:00. little league world series, mo'ne davis we know she can pitch, she can play ball. she made her varsity basketball debut. 3. she comes off the bench and
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plays point guard and beats princeton day. temple, la salle, the holy ward and the flyers in action in l.a., as well. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog? don't settle for half fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. get this great price online guaranteed for 2 full years plus $400 back with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> a row home is gutted by fire overnight forcing a family out into the cold night air, a fire
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battalion chief is hurt while sponge to the scene. a taxi driver and his passenger are hurt on i-95 overnight and landing in bushes. plus we're tracking rain across the lehigh valley and delaware valley, as we begin our weekend. the rain has already begun. meteorologist chris sowers is here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we would like the rain to push on out of here. >> reporter: you'll love sunday. nobody wants rain on the weekend, especially when we're closing in on christmas and only have a a couple of weekends to go. sunday there will much less rain, cooler, but a decent amount of sun. there's the dealership new jersey, most of the rain is well north and west at this point. we expect it to stay over the next several hours. later this afternoon all this will advance east and that's
6:31 am
when south jersey and delaware will get into the act. we're seeing steadier rains across the 78 and northeast extension and moving into the poconos. poconos above freezing. you would icing issues yesterday evening, now all these temperatures are above freezing. pilots, 38. fleetwood 35 saint davids 40 degrees, chester and center city, 43. buena, 44, gandys beach, 44 and woodbine 45. day planner accuweather as he is for today, expect a lot of clouds, reduced visibility, at times. temperatures on the mild side, periods of rain, later this afternoon it will become heavy at times, we're shooting for a high of 54. as we look ahead we'll talk about the soaking rains that are on the way today. we'll show you that with future tracker. chilly wind tomorrow and we'll talk about the coastal threat for tuesday, coming up in ten minutes. >> new information on our breaking news this morning, president obama has confirmed sad news, american holes taj --
6:32 am
american hostage luke somers is dead. another nonu.s. citizen was killed. the president ordered the raid because it was believed his life was in danger. yemeni officials announced somers would be killed today. he was kidnapped while working as a photo journalist. fire breaks out in a row home sending five people out into the cold night air. a close call for a fire chief who got to the blaze. smoke swept through both floors of the home on the 3200 block of jasper street in port richmond section of philadelphia. the fire forced a family of five outside. no word on what sparked that fire. on the way to the call, fire chief was involved in a crash. police say a car ran a stop sign and hit the chief's suv on east
6:33 am
atlantic avenue two blocks from the home on fire. a laptop hit the chief in the chest, but he refused medical attention of the woman driving the car was taken to the hospital for minor injuries she faces a summons for driving without a license and running the stop sign. a taxi carrying a passengers careens off i-95. the taxi ended up in a marsh. the driver said he was run off the road by a tractor-trailer that never stopped. state police are looking into the claim. the driver and passenger were taken to the crozer-chester medical center and expected to recover. the search is on for a gunman in a late-night shooting in chester. a person was gunned down near the intersection of west carla lane and west 12th street. the victim was rushed to crozer-chester.
6:34 am
the search continues for shane montgomery who has been missing for week and a half now and there's no trace of him. last night family friends and volunteers expanded their search to south street. sharrie williams has the latest. >> reporter: with flyers and tape in hand, family, friends and volunteers expanded their efforts to find shane montgomery. >> you only need one kid who thinks they may know something or seen something. >> reporter: until now, the search focused mainly in manayunk where the 21-year-old was last seen. he disappeared after leaving kill dares before 2:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning. >> each day you wake up, you think you're going to find him. we hope this is the day. >> reporter: the search has taken on a new approach, dozens hit the streets and posted flyers where the young college groups hang out not just in manayunk but bars and lounges in center city and south street and
6:35 am
college campuses. and now this asking people to check their cell phones for any selfies they may have taken if they were out last wednesday into thanksgiving morning. >> look for a kid that looks like our shane, see if you have a picture of shane the police could take and pinpoint a time. >> reporter: st. john church in manayunk is headquarters for the search. volunteers continue to crank out leaflets with shane's picture and this help find shane montgomery facebook page continues to grow while his family is hopeful for his safe return. >> the only thing that gets us out of bed everyday we're on a mission torched shane and we will. >> reporter: in the meantime, the fbi task force and the police are pressing on for their search that means surveillance video from rpd surrounding
6:36 am
businesses and private owners. the reward is set at $40,000. >> we have continue updates for the search for shane montgomery at you can find contact information for authorities to help find him. >> a man is in jail after stabbing people on a packed amtrak train in michigan. before the train stopped and local police arrived the suspect was stabbing an older gentleman in the chest. an amtrak employee and two other passengers were stabbed. all four victims are in the hospital. police tasered the suspect and taken in for questioning. the family of a 12-year-old who was shot by a cleveland police officer is suing the city and the who officers involved. tam mir rice had a a pellet gun
6:37 am
when he was was shot. he died the next day. authorities say the orange cap on the front of the gun that usually signifies it's a toy has been removed. the suit said officers acted recklessly when they confronted the boy and fired within seconds. it claims there was a delay in providing medical assistance. >> michael brown's death will be in vein if we are just angry and go home and do nothing. >> voices echoed in the missouri capitol ro -- rotunda as protesters called for change. it ended after michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. the march ended yesterday in jefferson city. the protesters say they are demanding an end to racial profiling and police misconduct.
6:38 am
protesters in new york city have shut down streets bridges and tunnels. they are demonstrate trading not to indict a police officer in the death of an unarmed black man in similar cases. hundreds of people marched and many briefly laid down in macy's flagship store, grand central terminal and apple store. three high schools held die-in protests. the students joined a nationwide movement that criticized the handling of garner's case and michael brown case in ferguson, missouri. students say they were moved to take action. >> i had to be part of the movement to show that this is not right so i texted jamie, i said we have to have a dye-in at our school. >> these are photos from a dye-in at masterman high school. central high had its own
6:39 am
demonstration, all of the protests were peaceful. reese wither soon is back on the big screen. we'll a preview of her latest film wild. the launch and splash down of the orion spacecraft was called a huge success. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, how long will the rain last? "action news" saturday morning continues? just a moment. we had a free weekend.
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we all got together and we are having a great time. there is everything to do. you've got restaurants. you've got shopping, oh my gosh fabulous shopping. bars too, although i'm married and i don't know if my husband wants me in any bars. i don't think it is just for girls weekend. i think it's great for couples. it's great for families. i was also was talking to my girlfriends saying i would like to bring my husband back. it's a great weekend.
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>> fargo, north dakota is feeding the beast, workers are being trained on a snow melting machine. the burns all the snow to water. fargo gets 50 inches of snow a year, workers are having so much fun on the machine, they are hauling in snow from out of town just to get to use it. >> they have a snow pack of around a foot already. winter hadn't started yet. let's go live on sky 6 and show you the view. the fortunately we're not talking about winter weather for us in the delaware valley. you look at the view, we see quite a bit of clouds. we're expecting patchy drizzle and that will transition over to
6:43 am
a steadier, soaking rain by afternoon. not a pretty day around the delaware valley. storm tracker 6 live double scan, most of the rain at this point, the shower activity is well north and west of the city. upper bucks county, lehigh valley getting into the poconos, showers and patchy drizzle. everybody else looking at mainly cloudy skies and lower visibility, and the occasional spritz or sprinkle. everyone will see that fill in as the day goes on. millville, 44, philadelphia, 43. poconos, 34. visibility problems in poconos, 4 miles in allentown and reading and 2 in trenton. there's icing going on in upstate, new york. that's where the rain/snow line is all the way up here. the area of low pressure that we're tracking is north of
6:44 am
charleston, as that jumps the appalachians that will fill in. we'll see the heavier echos on the radarrismage here that will push east over the next next 6 to ten hours. as we get into sunday this high will bump that low out to sea. we'll see gusty breeze and windchills in the 0s, the winds will gust anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour, but we'll see the return of sunshine. monday things turn interesting that high sits to the north, a coastal storm develops off the coast of a florida that will come to the north, but it will run into this high which will slow the low down, that means as we get into tuesday we'll have a coastal issue on our hands. in the meantime here's future tracker 6, showers overspreading the area, late this morning into the first part of this afternoon. you can see the yellows, some of it will coming down heavily at times. expect ponding on area roads,
6:45 am
sunday morning this system is long gone and we're looking at the return of sunshine. here's the coastal threat monday night into tuesday, you can see how the moisture is overspreading the area. it's coming in off the ocean, at this point our best guess you can say with this, we have models coming in both directions, the coastal storm, the coastal flood threat for sea isle city, avalon, you could see flooding. heavy rains from one to two inches. again, looks like a rain event with snow possible for the poconos. otherwise, everybody looking at rain. forecast for today, cloudy skies, 54 degrees, windsy day out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight, the winds pick up, turning cooler and rain
6:46 am
shut off during the evening hours, sunday, blustery windy for the eagles game. 54 today, windchills in the 30s sunday all afternoon. monday, turning cloudy, 40 degrees, tuesday, rainy and breezy, 46 degrees, wednesday, thursday and friday, highs in the mid 40s. there you have it. >> chilly, chilly. >> you're loving this. >> reporter: i like it colder with snow, but yeah, i'm loving it. >> nasa called orion test flight nearly flawless. it flew 3600 miles. i achieved one record flying higher and faster than any capsule built built for the program. it will go beyond the earth's orbit to astroids and ultimately
6:47 am
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>> topping our people scene jaylen notice is going to tackle his next role. he'll take over the joker, suicide squad. the film is based on a washington, d.c. comic, the all star cast includes will smith. suicide squad will begin filming in april. a woman goes on a hiking secures to find herself. a cia agent ready to retire goes on a rogue mission. plus a comedy about a comedian who tries to get serious. tamala edwards has a preview. >> reporter: this is a group of mixed films at the theater, this one is wild. >> how long have you been on the road? >> i'm not only the road i'm
6:50 am
hiking the pacific north trail. i had to bypass a chunk of it because of the snowfall. >> reese witherspoon makes a rash decision after a divorce and death of her mother, she hikes 1,000 miles all by herself. dieing of the light, is an action thriller starring nick cage. >> here he is, dr. cornell. anemia foundation. >> bingo. nobody can hide from the reaper. >> reporter: cage is a veteran cia agent who is ordered to retire.
6:51 am
protege sees that his sworn enemy returns. top five, a new comedy written and directed by chris rock. >> i'm jazzy d, ceo enterprise. >> rock is a comedian turned film star despite the expectations of his millions of fans is determined to reinvent himself as a serious actor. those plans hit a snag when his reality tv star fiance agrees to the wedding to be televised. he has to confront the past he
6:52 am
left behind. >> you can find out where any of these films are playing by using your internet-ready cell phone by down downloading the free app and go to for channel 6 "action news" i'm tamala edwards.
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i.welcome back everyone, of 54:00 saturday morning, i hope you know where your umbrella is, you'll need it later today. you'll see the shield of moisture off to the northwest, air of low pressure sitting right here, north of charleston. we have to get the rain through before it shut off. this low will jump the appalachian we'll start to see the moisture redevelop on the front end that will pull east
6:55 am
during the course of the day. that means a lot of clouds expected, patchy fog and rain at times for the lehigh valley, milder in allentown today, we're shooting for a high of 47. for the jersey shore, atlantic city, milder with temperatures in the mid 50s, 56, cloudy skies, rain developing probably after 2:00 or #-- 3:00 p.m. philadelphia the rain arrives earlier. temperatures around 54. it's not a nice start for the weekend, but tomorrow looks better, but we're dealing with icy windchills. i'll have that later on. >> the designers at the live well network have a solution to creating a high end light fixture without the high end price. >> reporter: lighting fixtures can be a design element in every room, but if you don't have a
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few hundred bucks for a light, don't sweat it. here's a way to replicate the look that my blow your mind but not your budget. >> we have a unique take on a globe light. in the end we won't see the balloon at all. first thing we have to do is make our paste. paper mache, we'll making paste out of flower, water and. >> glue. we're going to wrap the string around the balloon and let it dry overnight. once it dries overnight, be the string will be nice and hard and rigid to the point where we can pop the balloon and it will hold its shape. we'll cut a hole 6 inches wide so the light picture could go
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through the globe. the final step is to screw two hooks into either side of the existing light fixture, and hook the globe on it. instead of a few monday dollars, we use string, glue and string, and it only cost 14 bucks. for more live well network ideas go to live well network/knock it off. a special holiday performance by the philly pops last night. ♪ 2,000 free tickets were given to military and first responders and their family for this christmas spectacular at the kimmel center. police commissioner, charles
6:58 am
ramsey and fire commissioner, daric saunders were honored for their efforts throughout the year. a man takes the holiday decorations to new extremes, plus the sniffling and sneezing may not be a winter cold. why you may be suffering from allergies and what you can do for relief. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment. ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... smoothies! only from tums.
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>> good morning, 7:00 a.m. on this saturday, december 6 here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." philadelphia police are investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian on the boulevard overnight. a final farewell today for three children killed by their mother inside a home in the new jersey pinelands. it's a soggy start to the weekend, will it be a complete washout? , the man with the answers is outside with a look ahead at the accuweather forecast. nobody knows, right, chris? >> reporter: my answer is sort of. we'll see patchy drizzle throughout the morning hours and steady soaking rain this afternoon. satellite and degree of


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