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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> rains are already causing ponding on the roads can which led to an early accident on i-95. hello, it's four:30. let's go right to dave murphy for accuweather and matt pelman is filling in for karen with traffic. >> storm tracker 6 shows us a little bit of change. we're drawing that line of changeover, that line of blue where you're looking at some freezing rain, maybe a few wet snowflakes down into parts of bucks county and areas close to trenton and i would be real careful this morning if you're in northern bucks, the northern montgomery county or even the northern half of chester county for some icy road conditions because we are seeing some reports of freezing rain and the radar now drawing that line a little farther south. and that, of course, goes for allentown, bethlehem, reading, easton, all of those areas to the north. for now anyway the air is cold enough up to the north where you are seeing some of that freezing rain and freezing precipitation mixing in.
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however farther south in philadelphia it's all rain. heavy rain down through the shore region and we also see some drying starting to push up in through wilmington and getting very close to philadelphia. some of this stuff may try and wrap through a little bit later but generally speaking what we've had overnight and what we're looking at over the next several hours is probably the worst of what this is going to be in terms of rain in terms of the stuff up to the north eventually warmer air will ride up and change that over to rain too but it's not happening yet. so early on in those northern and western suburbs you want to be careful. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 7 o'clock in those counties that are closest to i-95 and philadelphia. if you're up in the lehigh valley or berks county, you probable have to wait phil 10 o'clock for this advisory to expire. things could get better before then but you want to plan on it being perhaps slick until about 10:00 if you're headed up to the poconos that's a winter storm warning where you're probably getting all snow for a good portion of this event.
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a wind advisory until 4 o'clock this afternoon for counties down by the shore where 40 or 50 miles per hour gusts are possible because you're close to that center of low pressure as it passes it by dan there could be moderate tidal flooding particularly at times of high tide between 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock along the shores and back bays and tidal water ways extending down and up the delaware became it's an advisory up closer to philadelphia, probably minor flooding there closer to philadelphia, to watch. we have a general flood watch in effect today for creeks and streams and of course those poor urban area flooding because of that heavy rain that's coming through and remember that even after the rain begins to shut off a little bit later on you're still looking at lingering flooding issues. it takes several hours for those flood waters to recede should we see high running water today. 38 degrees right now in philadelphia, 38 wilmington, 34 allentown milder down at the shore. and as we head to class today, well, it is going to be dry in the classroom, that's one good thing but not so much this morning outside. 38 degrees storm tracker 6 app is going to show that you in
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your smartphone right now in philadelphia. 40 by 8 o'clock and by noon, 43. although most of our rain is pushing to the north of philadelphia by midday and the afternoon looks much drier. matt pelman we've had problems on the roads already. >> i think we're reaching for the silver lining there. at least we're dry inside. >> in the classroom, right. >> outside it is far from drive. it has been leading to issues on the roadways this morning david. we had ponding here on 95. southbound direction by the betsy ross bridge. not sure if the drain is clogged or if we just got so much rain at once it couldn't drain properly. but we had a little lake here on the left side of the roadway. vehicle came along, was going too fast, hydroplaned and lost control and ended upside ways into the median wall. they've gotten that vehicleed to out of there now but they're still out here i believe unclogging the drain. so, just the right lanes are getting by here on 95 southbound by the betsy ross bridge but luckily we're not seeing the backlog at this point that we saw about 15 minutes ago. nearby we had a tacony palmyra bridge opening. that's finished now so you're good to go again if you want to use the tacony palmyra.
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overnight construction on 95 by cottman. believe it or not they were doing construction. that's out of the way so all lanes reopened in that neck of the woods but not opened in west oak lane. a house fire continues to close middleton street. stick with wall inn nut lane as your alternate. in abington a vehicle into a pole. cleaning up on washington lane at red bramblier road. there was a wreck along egypt road at buckwalter road that's out of the way by the club at shannon dale a wreck on the northeast extension near lehigh valley, that's gone but watch out for slick condition cans in that area. one more live look outside here in morrisville and if you look at the overhead light definitely a lot of precipitation coming down along route 1 at pennsylvania avenue. i think i'm seeing some mixed precipitation in there. this is bucks county headed toward mercer county. again you got to drop the speeds and allow plenty of time on this tuesday morning. matt and tam. >> all right, matt, thank you for that. we'll continue to check in with you. we know you're staying on top of all of those issues out there on the roads. for now we want to check in
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with katherine scott. she's live in ac where crashing waves and that intense flooding could kick off a lot of problems. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. yeah, this is not a day you want to skimp on the rain gear. the rain has been falling steadily for hours and it's going to continue falling. it's going to be quite a messy morning here in atlantic city. you don't expect to see a lot of people on the boardwalk this time of day, this time of year but it seems especially empty this morning. these conditions certainly keeping people away. we have seen a few brave souls huddled up and pushing through the elements, umbrellas do not seem to be working very well today with the wind gusts. the rain has been falling steadily. the winds are whipping and these are the conditions we could see for some time while the nor'easter pushes through our area. now, it's so dark it's difficult to seat water but the water is rough, coastal flooding is expected today. you can probably just make out the water -- you can probably see the white of it as it's crashing on the shore line here. and so again, we are expecting
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to hit -- get some coastal flooding today and especially as we hit high tide later on this morning and then there are those wind gusts we've been talking about. make sure any lawn furniture is put away, any of those loose or light items that can just pick up and fly during the strong gusts. if you take a look at the flags at the war memorial here, they haven't stopped moving since we got here. so, drenching rains today, heavy winds. it's going to be a miserable morning so just make sure you leave plenty of time to get to work, get to school. you're going need it. we're seeing on the way here we saw some ponding and pooling on the roadways. so already conditions are getting rough and as the rain gets heavier it's going to get worse. we're live in atlantic city, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> miserable is a word we're hearing a lot this morning. thanks for your coverage down there katherine. let's go live to mobile6. driving a little -- around center city philadelphia here and you see the wipers are going pretty good and doing a loop around city hall. not many folks out in center city right now but mobile6
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will be out there. just give us an idea of what it looks like when you're driving this morning. you can follow the impact of the nor'easter on storm tracker 6 radar will show you the path of the storm plus check temperatures by the hour and watch the full accuweather forecast from our team of meteorologists. >> protesters across the country marched through the streets overnight still angry over two grand jury verdicts in the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. >> a large group of college students took to the streets on the main line and ended the night with a peaceful candlelight vigil. erin o'hearn is live with the details. >> waves of marches and die-ins have been erupting across the country including last night in bryn mawr but first we want to show you new footage of a protest in berkeley california overnight. this is the third night in a row hundreds of people marched blocking a major highway and stopping a train as activists protested the grand jury decisions to not indict two white police officers in the deaths of two unarmed black
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men. the march started out -- the march started out peaceful through the downtown area but as the night went on the protesters divided into smaller groups that disrupted traffic and train passengers. the california highway patrol said some in the crowd tour down fencing to enter the freeway. you may recall on sunday night there were reports of looting. back here at home a march started on busy lancaster avenue in bryn mawr during the evening commute. a chalk line was drown around people representing the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the protesters made to it haverford college where they stood in front of found's haul for a moment of silence. >> this community in particular racism might be something that isn't noticed by certain members of the community so i think it's important to emphasize that this isn't just something that's happening in urban environments. >> reporter: now that main line demonstration ended with no arrests, just some minor inconveniences for commuters.
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we're live in the sat center erin o'hearn channel6 "action news. matt back to you. >> erin thanks. let's turn to dave murphy nd the latest track of this nor'easter. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you it has been raining heavily over south jersey overnight. in philadelphia we had it coming down really good earlier. the heaviest stuff appears to be in the process of pushing past philadelphia. it's still wet on the philadelphia roads though and any puddles and flooding that happen to pop up in the overnight hours is still isn't the process of draining. as you get past jenkintown and norristown you get into this blue area where we have light freezing rain nixing in. areas like lansdale pennington pottstown and north you could have slipping and sliding. again philadelphia with the moderate rain at this point and look at the heavy stuff that is over to the east of philadelphia and much of south jersey at this point from cape may all the way up to atlantic city and then straight up through burlington county and up towards trenton so these areas are going to have the
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biggest problems with ponding and puddling on roadways and those intersections that you hit and you just go boom in the big rain or big water is spraying everywhere. take it real slow there and then slow going of course in allentown, quakertown, reading, hamburg out in berks county is all related to that potential icing that we have in those northern suburbs and down into reading and back into lancaster, too. now, the warm air that you see changing things over to rain in norristown and malvern to the south is pushing toward the north but it's going to be a slow progression and up until about 7 o'clock in these eastern or excuse me southern most areas where you see the blue like bucks and montgomery and chester counties, up until about 6 or 7 o'clock this morning you have that chance of that icing to continue. up in the lehigh valley it could go a little bit beyond that. obviously some drying coming into wilmington, too, though, so won't be too much longer before we start to see things improve in some of those areas that are currently seeing rain. as we take a look outside we have right now sky 6, the
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camera bouncing and that's another issue that we're dealing with with this coastal storm passing us by today. not only is it rainy, not only is it a little icy up north but it's also very windy and that's a situation that's together to last well beyond the heavy rain. 38 degrees right now in philadelphia, 38 in wilmington, 34 in allentown, 35 degrees currently in trenton. some of these numbers up north a little colder and a little more encouraging of that freeze up on roads should we see that freezing rain and it looks like we're seeing some of that this morning in those northern areas. downy down south nothing but rain. 42 in millville, 45 in sea isle city and the boardwalk well above freezing at 45. future tracker 6 takes us through the rest of the morning and there is that chance that that heavy rain down along the shore by about 9 o'clock is starting to lift out of cape may county. philadelphia looks like by 9:00 we're starting to dry out and we might even see a changeover to rain up in the allentown area. the reason there is is a winter weather advisory posted until 10 o'clock, however, is because anything that does ice up on roadways is not instantly going to melt so
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even if you change over to rain you can still have some icy stuff on the roadways and on sidewalks and what have you a little bit beyond the end of the rain. by 1 o'clock this afternoon it really looks like the bulk of this is out of the area and the rest of the afternoon features maybe a wraparound shower or two. so what to expect the rest of the way? well, inlands away from the shore about 1 to 2 inches of total rain is probably what we're going to see, flooding of course is possible in those poor drainage areas and then we have wind gusts today up to 40 and down the shore up to 3-inches of rain. you could see how we're getting the heavier stuff closer to the coast. there's also that coastal flooding at times of high tide this morning and wind gusts as high as 50 down at the shore. up in allentown here's what it looks like today. a rainy morning and maybe some snow or some freezing rain early, changing over to rain, 39 is your high up in the lehigh valley. and down the shore we're going to see that rain during the morning and then in the afternoon drier overall but very windy and a high actually getting up to about 50 down the shore. in philadelphia a high only about 44, a rainy morning, a windy afternoon, the gusts as
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high as 35 miles per hour. careful of debris on roadways. here's how the numbers are going to progress today and it doesn't go all that far. 40 by 8 o'clock, 42 by 11 o'clock, 44 by 2 o'clock which is your high and we're still holding a very similar number at 5 o'clock. overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning there is the chance of some additional wraparound precipitation and colder air is going to come in as that storm system leaves us. anything you see wrapping through tomorrow morning could fall as a little bit of snow. i don't think it's going to be much but don't be surprised if in a couple areas especially north that you get up in the morning and you see a little coating of snow on the grass, not out of the question. today heavy rain in the morning, windy in there afternoon, a high of 44 degrees. again up until about 9 or 10 o'clock be careful in those northern suburbs of possible icy patches. wednesday windy maybe a snow shower or two, nothing big and 43 is the forecast high and then thursday mostly cloudy and 42. if we see any precipitation on thursday it will be a flurry so really nothing to speak of
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or worry about. on friday clouds and sun. we are dry, 44. and then back uninto the upper 40's for the weekend. by sunday we're look tag lot of sunshine. too bad the eagles game is at night because it would be a nice day for the eagles but it will be nice at night, too, just chillier. >> thank you david. still ahead an update on that inferno that ripped down a city block in l.a. we'll tell was investigators are thinking and planning. >> and even though it's raining pretty good out there you're still going to have to go to work and school. mobile6 is near 30th street station and matt pelman one here following all the crashes. >> i believe my eyes spy just a couple snowflakes mixing in in north rails along stump road at county line road but it's mostly rain and it is definitely very wet out here. there's a bunch of accidents including one on the boulevard and flooding in south jersey. "action news" will be right back. >> ♪
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>> this one is going to give you some new gray hairs i think. it's going to be a little bit of a rough morning on the roadways, already we've seen a number of accidents including one here on 95 southbound side. what happened was we had a little lake right here by the betsy ross bridge. a vehicle came along a little too quickly hit that lake, hydroplaned lost control ended upside ways into the median wall. they've gotten the vehicle removed. now they're just trying to get rid of the lake as well so now they're just trying to get the drains. the right side of the roadway is opened for you but it's very wet, it is slippery and you do have to take it easy on 95 and all the other highways this morning. also getting word of a new crash on the roosevelt
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boulevard. it's in the southbound direction by harbison. one vehicle accident again. somebody lost control in the inner drive and there's a new house fire to avoid in north philadelphia. it's blocking offer 12th street between york and dauphin. stick with tenth or broad to get around that. there's also a house fire in west oak lane closing middleton as in kate, that's appropriate right now, middleton street shut down. stick with walnut 39 get around that but our crash in abington along washington lane at red rambler, red rambler road has cleared out. no need to worry about that anymore. getting set for a burlington bristol bridge opening in just about 12 minutes. start heading for the turnpike connector bridge instead. hamilton township atlantic county roads got some flooding this morning, 322 black horse pike eastbound shut down at cologne avenue. stick with 40 or the atlantic city expressway as alternates. >> new information on story we first brought you yesterday morning. this huge fire in los angeles engulfed an apartment tower under construction, larger than the size of a city block.
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fire officials say the fact that the fire erupted so quickly may indicate it was an arson. the official cause has not been determined. investigators are going to look at surveillance recordings from surrounding buildings and will use dog that is can can sniff for fire accelerants. >> the typhoon that hit the philippines has weakened but not before it left 27 people dead in its wake. the remnants of the typhoon are dumping heavy rainier the capital of manila. that raises major concerns about flooding. look at the wind and all that rain. just last year the same area was ravaged by a typhoon last year. nearly 1,000 homes have been destroyed and nearly a million people have been forced out of their homes. >> time is 4:49. we're dealing with rain of course not even close to being as serious as what you saw on that video. mobile6 is live in center city showing us the conditions there. got to get the wipers moving this morning, david. >> got to get umbrellas ready for the kids too or at least good rain gear as the rain is coming down in most neighborhoods this morning. this afternoon they may not
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need at this time as much but i'm keeping it happened in case there's a spotty shower. we'll have your day planner forecast next and we'll get you to the airport in case you're traveling. >> ♪ hey! it's mister monopoly.
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there could be more million dollar prizes than any lottery game in us history. the pennsylvania lottery. benefits older pennsylvanians every day. >> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look. mobile6 has been making its
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way through a waterlogged center city all morning long. we've just seen the rain keep coming down and that's the story across the region with even a few snowflakes mixed in up to the north. >> and in the midst of this dreary situation it's nice to see some of the christmas decorations out there. >> sure. >> look at that. >> the ben franklin bridge looking a little bit like a christmas tree. >> sure. >> with its red and green and white, it's definitely wet this morning but the traffic on it is moving okay. no delays between center city and camden. but we have a problem on the pennsylvania turnpike. it's a crash in the eastbound direction right at the reading interchange so this is near berks county, 222 is the interchange there. watch out for that crash restricting traffic. if you're coming in on 422 from berks county, so far not so bad, just really wet and so you have to take it easy. this is the scene just east of the oaks interchange headed in towards king of prussia. couple vehicles coming in there just moving a little slower than normal and mass transit, those first trains out of the gate are on time but i wouldn't be surprised if we see delays later on. david.
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>> all right, matt. good news for those of you in wilmington and even in philadelphia as the intensity of the overnight rain is beginning to die down here so ponding and puddling in the immediate philadelphia area beginning to improve. however, look at that was blue up north from areas of bucks county, really southern areas down close to trenton and bucks county and northern montgomery county, even parts of chester county we still have that blue and that means there could be some freezing rain up in there and you do want to be careful all all the y up through the lehigh valley. also heavy rain still really pounding much of south jersey east of philadelphia. those areas are going to be tough to travel until we get that rain to knock down a little bit. as we go through the day at the bus stop or the el station by 9 o'clock 41. right now you're in the upper 30's. 43 by noon. we expect far less rain during the afternoon and even later this morning in some of those spots getting it right now. 44 is your forecast high at 3 o'clock. nationally there's your nor'easter and the related problems. some snow moving away from michigan. a little bit of bumpy stuff in
4:55 am
portland. the rest of the country looks good for travel. on the big board nothing but green aircraft for now. rain in philadelphia, rain in the new york area right now and eventually we'll see some rain or snow up in boston so i could see some delays there later on, all right. flying to florida, tam, clear sailing. [laughter] >> well, that's good to know. thank you, david. well, sony has been hacked again, this time their play station network was knocked off line for hours. yesterday hackers went after the online play station store. players weren't able to communicate with each other or access the network. a group which may be called lizard squad or lizard patrol claimed son stability and warped of more attacks to come. attacked by cyber criminals who released movies online
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blinds to go. blinds for life. is live at the scene of some breaking news here. a fast moving fire damaged the home in the 1600 block of middleton street in west oak lane. we mentioned this before in traffic. firefighters were focused on the basement area. the fire did spread to the upper floors as well. firefighters had it under control in 30 minutes. report later on "action news." >> ♪ it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning, it is 5 o'clock on this tuesday, december 9th and here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking a nor'easter as you take a live look here out across storm tracker double scan live. you can see all the yel


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