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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 9, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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understanding, we do not have every possible detail and there is an ongoing investigation again, as is our protocol. we'll share what we with share based on what we know definitely at the moment. commissioner? >> first, i would like to start by offering my condolences to the craig lewis family and also the fire department family. the members that had the task of removing her from the dwelling as she gave her life to assure that another member of this city lived their life. approximately 2:49 this morning we received a call in the fire communications for a dwelling fire. subsequently a local alarm was dispatched.
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two ladders and two chiefs and upon locations we received an initial report of nothing showing but after further investigation, they realized the fire was in the basement and the fire chief rated it to a full box assignment that gives us another two engines. during this fire fight, those that know anything about basement fires know they are a challenge, but during this fire fight, the incident commander, commanded the first arriving company to withdraw from the basement. >> after they withdrew they realized that fire department craig was missing and they were not able to get her out before they passed. we conducted first aid and cpr on the scene and on route to the hospital, upon arrival to the
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hospital, she was pronounced. again, the fire is under investigation by the fire marshal's office, these are very preliminary timelines, and we believe that once we finish this investigation we'll have more answers. yes, sir? >> [ inaudible ]. >> well, like i said earlier, at this time we are under investigation and we recovered all of here equipment, part is looking at her equipment including her alarm. we'll have more information on that as the investigation goes further. >> what can you tell us about her personally, did you know her? -- >> well, everybody is heart broken and i did know her
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personally, i know she was a hard worker and she was a firefighter's firefighter. she started out at engine 9, a pretty decent company and wanted to learn a craft and asked to be transferred to a busier company, she spent time at that company learning her craft and she received a unit citation at another station where her efforts allowed residents to be rescued. she was an excellent firefighter. i know she was married, i'm not sure if she is single. she has two children, one i met six months ago, her son is a teenager and i know that he is hurting now you are talking about a teenager doing good in school and an athlete that just lost his mother. >> can you tell us do you have
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any idea how this fire started and is there any indication what the cause would be? >> at this time i couldn't tell you what part of the basement. all basement fires are dangerous regardless of what part they start in. it's under investigation and the fire marshall is still on the scene now, but i couldn't tell you where it began. >> do you know -- firefighters that were down there -- what you are doing -- >> absolutely, she was part of the initial attack crew, and whenever you have an initial attack crew, you have a firefighter officer and they act as a team, they go in as a team
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and the goal is to come out as a team. when you have a basement fire the challenge is, most fires on the first and second floor can vent up, whether you know it or not, heat and smoke rises but in the basement fire, when you go down into the base, are you actually running down into the heat and smoke and it makes it more challenging, it's like running down into a chimney, if you are at the top, all the heat and fire rises to the top and the same with the basement. it's all a challenge to go down and find the source of that fire. >> can you give us some kind of idea of the checks you go through to see how she became left behind -- or -- >> well, that would be part of the investigation, we'll look at
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the tapes and investigate all the members of the company, and talk to the first in battalion chief and deputy to see what happened. >> do you -- ideally what each member of the team is doing in and out? >> the person on the tip is advancing the hose line, you should have a company officer and then a pack person or somebody that is wearing self contained breathing apparatus, their job is to ventilate or advance the hose line to get to the area safely. >> where was she in the line? do you know where she was -- in terms -- >> i don't know because i wasn't there, but i know that she is a great firefighter, i know she gave her life saving and protecting residents of this city, and that is all i can stay
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about that. >> can you give us a rough idea -- when she entered and didn't come out -- >> for an engine company of an officer and three members, remember one of the members is there at the engine providing the source of water, a water supply, you have actually three people entering that environment. >> i assume we are talking -- going in and coming out -- >> i'm not sure of the timeline, would i have to look at the records, what happened was, we advanced the hose line and when the commander arrived on scene, he decided to change tactics and pull them out. we don't have the timeline until
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we listen to the tapes. that is correct. >> -- someone is outside making sure the water is getting through -- talk about the rescuer that pulled her out, who actually made the rescue? -- can you talk about the rescue operation? >> it's an all hand operation when you rescue a member, everybody on the fire grounds changed their effortses to make sure they find her and get her out. all hands. >> -- >> i didn't hear your question. >> this emergency -- is that rare -- what do you know about that? >> we are still doing an investigation. >> what is that called? >> a pass device, a personal
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assistance device. the newer devices are personal alert safety system. they are usually on the member's self contained breathing apparatus. when you are not moving for a certain point of time it automatically goes off. >> the firefighter -- >> no -- exactly. correct. >> -- >> i'm not sure, i think it's five minutes, i'm not sure. they can trigger it themselves yes. >> -- >> it's a loud noise, do you have a smoke alarm in your home, and it beeps, it's a loud sound like a smoke alarm but louder.
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>> -- >> no, that is part of the investigation, all of her equipment is packaged and sent to the safety office and an investigation will be conducted. >> was the elderly woman in the basement or in another part of the house? >> again, the firefighter -- firefighters in the basement are trying to fight the fire, first and foremost, that is their primary focus and mission when they come in and they realize there is a person in the home and they are trying to get to the fire. the fire as the commissioner said, very intense and a lot of smoke and tremendously disorienting upon first entry
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because it's coming at you. the commander at the scene makes a decision to bring other firefighters in. >> are you listening to michael nutter and other offices from city hall, we'll continue to stream the conference online. the firefighter is joyce craig lewis, a mother of two and daughter and sister, and the first female firefighter killed in the line of duty in philadelphia. we learned she helped to save an elderly resident from a burning home and became trapped in the basement and died. we'll take a quick break and "action news" continues in just a moment.
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"action news" continues. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30, a philadelphia firefighter dies in a house fire. and a nor'easter drops heavy rain and gusty winds in this area and snow to the north. meantime a strong nor'easter with heavy rain overnight is moving out and gave us a real soaking along the jersey shore,
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and in ocean city, new jersey, boats were better than cars for getting around especially at high tide. sky 6 hd looking live at the center city skyline. we heard from david murphy it's brightening up a little bit. looking live at center city, still kind of a misty afternoon out there but again things are moving past us as far as precipitation, the "action news" is on top of the story from the beginning. first we have david murphy live outside of our studios. >> we are a light, mystery rain falling on the terrace, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan, it's moving up through long island toward new england and it's not coming back, and what we have left over is fairly light across the region in most cases and it's pushing up to north philadelphia over the next couple of hours and eventually past allentown, you can see the
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low passing now and once when get rid of the rain and late this evening it will be pretty cloudy behind it. when this moved in at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, there was some blue in allentown and reading and some of that popped up in montgomery and burkes county at times, and that was freezing rain that mixed in and by 8:30 be had all changed over to rain than is what we have got right now, a wind advisory until 4:00, gusts could go up to 30 miles per hour down in the coastal counties and it's not out of the question, that you get a sudden and brief and rare gust as high as 50. but the winds start to sag and we have a flood watch. because of the rainoff after the rainfall, that could cause
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flooding and streams and rivers. burlington county and any counties to the north and east including the lehigh valley, if you run into a flooded roadway, turn around don't drown. when i come back we'll have the accuweather forecast. the all ahead in just a few minutes. thank you, lets switch in nora muchanic at the jersey shore, that bore the brunt of this nor'easter. >> reporter: hi there, we know what david is talking about, every now and then you get this blast of wind that blows you right over, we are at the end of atlantic avenue and look behind me, there is a section of boardwalk that was heavily damaged in sandy and has not been repaired yet, what is left is the bulk head and it's taking a beating. the surf is as heavy as i have seen it in a while. the wind is ferocious at times
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as atlantic city deals with yet another nor'easter, this is high tide in atlantic city's inlet section, the turned up surf was bouncing off the bulk head creating a spray of water, high winds ripped the boardwalk driving the rain sideways, it was nothing you want to be out in and the boards were all but deserted. >> we have high tides and 6 to 10 foot surf. >> i think it will hang in there and hold the water in through high tide and be worse later on. >> the water will start to recede but we'll see it come back tonight but hopefully not as bad as this. the wind will help with it. >> we have seen the water recede a little bit. the house behind me was swamped before and the water is leaving a little bit but right here on atlantic avenue, there is still plenty of floodwaters in the street and debris as well.
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and that piece of boardwalk damaged since sandy, it's a pret pretty dramatic sight to see. the water is in the back bays and can't get out and that causes problems for high tide. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. stick with for the latest on this nor'easter and all the winter's rough weather, we'll update conditions and follow the paths on storm tracker 6 radar. now, the latest on our other top story this noon, the philadelphia fire department mourning the loss of one of its own, the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. it seemed like a routine fire call at a row home on middleton treat on west oak lane. the firefighter got trapped in
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the basement and did not get out alive. john rawlins is live now at the scene with the details. >> we know the name of the firefighters, she is joyce craig lewis, 36 years old, an 11-year veteran, one of 150 women in the philadelphia fire department. she has a 16-year-old son and a 16-month-old daughter, earlier today she was dispatched to a fire on middleton street at 2:49 in the morning, she was with a first-in crew, and pulled a hose into the basement, they went down the steps a smokey basement fire we are told and then a second crew came and there was an order to remove the first crew out. derek sawyer picks up then. >> after the withdrawal they
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realized that she was missing and went back inside to search for her and were not able to get her out before she passed. we conducted cpr on the scene and on route to the hospital at the hospital she was pronounced. >> so sad story today. the city is promising a full investigation to find out what went wrong inside of that basement in the building behind us here. live in west oak lane, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> you can find the latest developments on this firefighter's death at we'll update the story all day long and see video of the procession and the latest on "action news" tonight beginning at 4:00. >> much more ahead here at 12:30 when we come right back.
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secretary of state, john
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kerry is on capitol hill testifying before the senate. on the debate of whether to use military force against the militants with isis, he will advise and train iraqi troops, bipartisan group is pushing for approval of the u.s. action. a woman in sake, maine, thought nobody would notice her coming into a cemetery and stealing wreaths. but someone that had a wreath stolen recently decided to put a camera in the cemetery, they believe that this thief is responsible for stealing almost 20 wreaths. imagine, loving your numbers.
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scan showing you the rain is in the process of pushing to the north and over the next three to six hours i think it will be up over philadelphia and then up overall entown, right now it's just light, nuisance rain. we have the great outdoors on the action cam. there is the rain and it will be gone before too much longer, there is future tracker 6, it's pinwheeling to the north. and the rest of it is gone overall entown at dinner time and then just a few sprinkles and showers popping through, cecily may have more to show you tonight on "action news" at 11:00. 43 is your high and rain from here on out is nuisance rain as it push as way from us, but rain say factor, gusts at 25 miles per hour or higher, on wednesday windy again and maybe a shower popping through and can't rule
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out a snow shower in the morning. i don't think it will amount to anything. 43 is the forecast high. on thursday, a brief snow shower or flurry, otherwise mostly cloudy and 39, clouds and sun and 44 and partly sunny, and then sunday, we have mostly sunny skies a high of 46 degrees and for the eagles at night we are sliding down to the upper 30s before the end of that contest. bundle up more layers under that jersey. if you head to the game against the cowboys. monday 53 degrees, that will feel nice, a flood watch is in affect as well for bucks county towards the east. be careful if you encounter, flooded road conditions. >> nice to put the umbrella away. >> yes. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. have a great afternoon.
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