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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  December 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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all of that wrap around moisture is making its way into the region and the heavy snow is missing us in upstate new york and that low pressure is going nowhere fast and that will bring us some additional snow showers and generally north of philadelphia this evening is the problem that temperatures are dropping and all day long temperatures are above freezing and tonight they will drop below freezing, and anything that falls on untreated surfaces could be sticking, the possibility of a coating, especially north of philadelphia you'll want to watch for slick spots, it only takes one tiny bit of ice to cause lots of problems and there are more snow showers on the way tomorrow and then gradual clearing, i'll have more in the full accuweather forecast. now, we begin with the developing story this afternoon, and crews resume the search for
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missing student, shane montgomery, teams were working on the schuylkill river after a tip brought them out to the water. david is live now with the very latest. >> reporter: this is the first break through in the 14 days since shane montgomery was last seen leaving kildare's pub in manayunk. this video appears to show shane stumbling down across the bridge towards the river. >> the police marine unit and crime scene investigators scoured the schuylkill river and its banks today. the area is accessed by a bridge and driveway almost directly across the street from kildare's pub, the video was recorded at this nail salon across the street from kildare's. shane can be seen stumbling across this canal bridge and disappearing in a parking lot along the river. the 21-year-old westchester
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university student was last seen leaving kildare's irish pub alone on thanksgiving morning. and since then he has vanished. police have search the area around the pub and almost every square inch of manayunk. friends and family have posted flyers and offing reward money for information about shane. that reward has grown to $65,000. >> we came down we had to see, we were hoping there was something. there are fears that many had after shane disappeared that he may have stumbled into the canal or river, despite that possibility, the searchers are clinging to hope. >> nobody is giving up hope, that is the best part, this community needed something to come together with and this is it, nobody will give up hope. that is the botd line, we will
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not give up hope until we have shane back. >> now, you are looking live at the philadelphia police marine unit they arrived here moments ago and i spoke with shane's mother and she says they were not informed of anything specific yet but that the marine unit will be back tomorrow. we'll keep you posted on any further developments. live in manayunk, david henry, 6 abc. >> all right david, thank you. philadelphia police are looking for the killer or killers that murdered a man in kensington. they found the body at 7:15 this morning, police say the victim was shot in the head and his hands were tied behind his back and police say he was a black man in his 20s or 30s and they don't know his name yet. the city of philadelphia continues to mourn the loss of
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firefighter, joyce craig-lewis, we learned the funeral plans of the mother of to who dried fighting a fire on west oak lane yesterday. vernon odom is live at the scene of the blaze. >> reporter: good afternoon, funeral arrangementses for the fallen firefighter are now set, now at the fire scene on west oak lane, the problem for what triggered this blaze continues at this hour. atf agents and the fire marshall are on the scene. all day they are in the scorched basement trying to determine the cause of this deadly fire, it was in this basement that the inferno took the life of veteran firefighter joyce craig-lewis, when she was trapped in the darknessness smoke down here. she the mother of two children, and the viewing is at bachelor
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brothers funeral home and again here saturday morning before the formal funeral service. >> the april 2013 funeral of michael good win, the last philadelphia firefighter to fall in the line of duty, bought a massive delegation from around the nation to pay respects. city officials expect a similar turnout this time. late today the firefighters and paramedics unit. local 22 set up a memorial fund for joyce craig-lewis's children, aging 16 and 16 months. >> tonight the philadelphia examiner says that the results of craig-lewis's autopsy are still pending. >> thank you vernon here are more details on the memorial fund, philadelphia firefighters and paramedics union local 22 have started to raise money for craig-lewis's two children, make
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a check to joyce craig-lewis memorial fund and mail it to the address on your screen. we have mosted the latest on this story at our website at in other news, protests continue across the america in the wake of grand jury decisions in new york and ferguson, new jersey. that includes a protest in new jersey's capital. people marched to trenton, and asked for a mural that featured michael brown to be restored in trenton. brown is the teenager that was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson. a u.n. official said today he wants to prosecute the agents that tortured detainees after the 9/11 attacks and meanwhile
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they are bracing for attacks and retaliation around the world. they released a report about the detainees tortured at the hands of the cia. and saying it was not affective and the cia quickly fired back saying it saved lives and he also condemned the tactics that americans used. >> i think any fair minded person looking at this would say there were some terrible mistakes made. >> three former cia members wrote in the wall street journal that the report was flat out wrong. two men were rob the on their way to the airport. the victims were on their way to the airport when to men robbed
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them outside of their houses they were robbed of their passports and $7,000 in cash and ran off. crews in kensington are trying to make repairs now after water flooded several streets. the action cam was on german town avenue after 8:00 as crews tried to scrub the mud off the streets here. the roads were like a river moments before thanks to a 20-inch water main, that dates back to 1893 by the way. and a day care was evacuated as a precaution. >> and we have claims adjusters going house to house to see if there is damage, and water will be pumped out of basements. >> neighbors are frustrated saying there is work going on in this area for months now. sara bloomquist has more on this story in a live report on
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"action news" at 5:00. a buck county veteran was just awarded the nation's highest civilian honor at the u.s. capital. sal caster was among those presented with the congressional gold medal during a ceremony this afternoon. they recognized the levittown native at the civil air patrol. today's award is meant to keep the story as live for future generations. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, time names its 2014 person of the year. and the list of best companies to work for in america, find out who is number one. >> and a massive fire in the windy city that went up in flames today. and they took a feeling of address and turned it into a wonderful surprise. they handed out something other than tickets. volkswagen.
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a massive fire destroyed a historic building today in chicago. huge flames tore apart the firehouse historic rest ran in the south loop, crews say it started on the roof where crews were working on the building. it was originally a working fire station and the restaurant has been in the building since 2000. new rules for the conduct policy for the nfl. the report was issued and commissioner roger goodell released the new rules that apply to all personnel any employee that is charged or the subject to an independent voestgation, will immediately go on paid leave and the nfl will conduct their own investigations, the league is facing criticism for their handling of the ray rice case.
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"time" magazine is announcing their person of the year and they are naming doctors and nurses fighting ebola. an article by nancy gibbs praised the people fighting the deadly disease. runners up were ferguson protesters and vladimir putin. and it's time for the business reports, stocks took an absolute nose dive after falling oil prices continue to spook investors. and there is a new list of the best u.s. companies to work for and google came in at the top. the survey by, asked people to talk about the pros and cons of their jobs and rate their employers by up to five stars. people who responded to the
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survey raved about their culture and coworkers, that was a common theme, bane and company and nestle and the boston consulting group rounded out the top five. amazon workers lost their supreme court case against their employer, justices rules employees do not have to be paid for the time they spend going through security after their shift. workers complain they wait almost an hour and a half each day, the workers do not have to be paid for something they were not hired to do. >> officers in one town tried to replace the feeling of dread with the feeling of christmas. police in lowell, michigan, are pulling drivers over for minor violations justs to give them presents instead of presents.
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they pick up items from the driver's wish list. its time for the "action news" traffic report on a wednesday. >> yes it is. >> his favorite day of the week. >> i thought it was friday. >> maybe if we are being honest. it's vest day, we love hump day, we love getting over the hump, what we don't love is the traffic situation on 95 today, this morning was an absolute mess, this afternoon better than this morning but still congested in both directions work got off to a bad start on the northbound side of cotman avenue, that is gone now and extra heavy with a 31 minute travel time. people heading southbound, heading to jingle ball tonight at the wells fargo center, that will attract a lot of people to philadelphia.
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and kensington avenue is closed because of water main break we were telling you about. and we have a building fire in norristown, blocking off swede street and barbados street is a better bet in that case. better news along bal ming oh road, everything reopened today at 11:00 after the mudslide from the awful weather yesterday. lets do the commuter report on the hump day afternoon, one friend is talking about a minor crash on 222 in whitpain, it's giving us speeds of just 15 miles per hour in that area. slow go there and slow go elsewhere, we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. if you are a comcast customer, have you noticed mistakes on your recent bill, "action news" anchor, monica
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malpass is in the newsroom. >> if you are a comcast customer, you may have overpaid on a bill recently, we have all the details of what to look for, nydia han is showing us the error that comcast is admitting to and how it's being corrected. >> he say giant in the nba and wilt chamberlain and the city came together to celebrate his legacy and this new stamp in his honor. and rick you know all about it, we'll see you tonight. >> yes, i do monica, professional basketballs i know well. during the season of giving santa's elves can be found in out of the ordinary places like here on the campus of drexel university. faculty and staff members are spending their lunch hours gathering and wrapping these toys in eco-friendly bags, they will be distributed to
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youngsters in eastern philadelphia. its one of the city's largest toy drives. and coming up cecily has another look at the accuweather forecast. >> and finding a deal on holiday travel thanks to twitter. how you can use the site to --
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some holiday classics got a jazzy remix at the rutgers camden campus. the ensemble was free and open to the public at the black box studio theater and they sound pretty good. >> they sound great. time to check the accuweather forecast. somewhat frosty forecast, lets go to cecily tynan, she is tracking it for us. >> if that music doesn't put you
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in the holiday spirit, this will. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us that the nor'easter really stalled near nantucket. the close-up view shows us the snow showers are light and north of philadelphia, near wilmington right now, some light snow showers and off near chadds ford, they are all moving in from the north and west and a stream of moisture there, farther to the north near allentown they are dealing with snow showers, and these have a little more beef to them near bethlehem and slatington, they are moving to the north down the northeast extension from the southeast extension and the poconos could end up with an inch or two of snow from the system as it rolls in. winds today, even stronger than yesterday, inland, philadelphia reporting a peak wind gustd of 30 miles per hour, and trenton 40 and wilmington 38, yesterday the jersey shore had wind gusts in the mid-50s, so not quite as
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strong and a wind gust of 38 miles per hour. it's cloudy and chilly, 48 in philadelphia, currently wilmington 42 and temperature noz where near that. 41 in millville and 34 in allentown, and the problem with the snow showers tonight is that temperatures will be dropping at or below freezing, 26 in allentown and 27 in reading and 32 in philadelphia and 30 in millville, any snow showers that develop in the overnight hours on untreated roads could cause icy spots. the winter weather advisory is in affect for the poconos, looking for the potential of 1 to 3 inches of wet snow tonight, future tracker showing you plenty of clouds and snow showers mainly north and west at 3:00 in the morning, the wee hours in the morning and 8:00 for the morning commute and lots of clouds and showers in the far northwest suburbs, during the
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day we stay unsettled and we throw more moisture in this direction and temperatures are cooler tomorrow than today. the four day at 4:00 shows one more day you'll want to stay indoors and breezy and clouds and the high of 39 degrees, friday still a lot of clouds and we begin to dry things out, 42 and heading into saturday, the skies will brighten and 44 degrees and mostly sunny with a high of 46 degrees, it will be dry at the linc sunday night when the eagles beat the cowboys, i moon when the eagles play the cowboys. >> there are a lot of cowboys in philadelphia. >> i think there are more eagles fans. >> i had to learn the hard way. >> she is giving the sports forecast and the weather forecast. giving the sports santa paid a visit to lucky children in roxborough, they held their christmas party on ridge avenue, children from
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local schools were invited to join the fun. it's a 46 year tradition. it'll come from my kitchen. the biggest surprise this season won't come from an upset, try our new philly cheesesteak pizza. a large for $12. add a red kettle cookie for $6 and a portion of the proceeds go to the salvation army. better ingredients. better pizza papa john's.
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it's time for the buzz and we are talking about the sag awards and they have announced their list of nominees and abc shows got recognition for tv comedies, modern family made a big splash, tye burrell was nominated for outstanding actor and julie bowen is up for outstanding actress. and as for dram a. another abc show was causing buzz, viola davis was nominated for her work on "how to get away with murder," she is up against claire dans from homeland and robin wright from house of cards.
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the movie bird man led the way with four nominations, including lead actor, supporting actor and supporting actress and boyhood and the theory of everything had multiple nominations, the winners will be announced in january and you can see a full list of nominees at >> all right thank you shirleen and still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, a scary story out of west philadelphia, what we know about two separate sexual assaults over the past two days. also, can you really sue a child over something that happened in a youth gain. one family tried. details coming up. and if you like the idea of giving a gift with meaning this holiday season, stick around, we'll show you the fundraiser bringing the joy of music to some of the world's sick et children.
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4:30 pm
lawsuit her superiors said yes, why the port authority punished her for her looks. >> but we begin with an alert for women in philadelphia, over the last 48 hours two women have been sexual assaulted within two miles of one another. one at 42 and and chestnut and early this morning at spring garden streets. police say the assaults are not linked, women are understandably on edge. chad pradelli is live in west philadelphia with the details. >> reporter: rick, the victim here on the 3400 block of spring garden street said she woke up in her bedroom and a man was standing over her and demanded money and then sexually assaulted her and then fled. one of two assaults that occurred this weeks that has police warning women to be
4:31 pm
careful. a steady cold wind blew the crime scene tape trk was here in these bushes that police say a man attacked a 23-year-old woman monday evening. >> he immediately approaches her from behind and immediately attacks her and takes her to the ground and sexually assaults her. >> investigators says another man walking by heard the woman fighting her assailant and the man ran off and took her purse. >> she suffered injuries to her mouth as a result of him trying to keep her from screaming, it's a busy area between market and chestnut, part of an expanding area for drexel students. women in the area are taking precaution. >> if i can't walk with someone, i will avoid walking at night
4:32 pm
and carry pepper spray and i usually have an ipod but i turn it off at night so i can be aware. >> good advice right there and police do not believe, i want to stress this, that the two cases are linked and they only have vague descriptions of the suspects. i'm chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> chad thank you. philadelphia police sources tell "action news" that a fight over a girl put a drexel student in the hospital early this morning, saying the man was stabbed in the back outside of myers residence hall, and he was treated and released fairly quickly and two drexel students have been charged with assault. >> two people were charged in the kensington section hope you can help them fine a casual criminal. this is video from north fifth street on november 29th, you can
4:33 pm
see a woman standing in front of the house and then looks around and take a seat on the steps, she reaches in the doorway and grabs a package and puts it beside her, if you recognize the alleged thief call police. a burlington county father will not be allowed to sue another child that broke his son's arm during a lacrosse game. the player was knocked over by a player from marlton, the family wants the other child held liable for the damage, they upheld a trial judge's decision, saying that an 11-year-old lacrosse novice should not have to pay for his actions on the field. it would be unfair to hold them to the same standards as adults athletes. well, the crumbling trenton high school is slated for
4:34 pm
demolition but some local historians are keeping the memories alive. a new exhibit will preserve the best features from the building including marbles from the bathrooms and mosaics from the lobby and chandeliers that hung in the auditorium and library, nora muchanic will take us through the display coming up on "action news" at 6:00. cecily tynan is joining us now it's a raw day out there. >> yes, it is, with snow showers, excuse me i have a bit of a cold. >> take a sip. we are live on stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see that we have some snow showers mainly to the north and west of philadelphia, and northwest chester county we are live on sky 6 hd and this is honey brook, can you see reduce visibility and the dew point is 30 and winds with winds out of
4:35 pm
the northwest at 20 miles per hour. and camelback, you'll notice two trails, one all the way to the left, they are making snow there, the one in the center, that is snow made from mother nature and it's beginning to accumulate and 26 there and winds out of the northwest and the windchill is 13 degrees, could get 1 to 3 inches of snow and i'm tracking more snow showers on the way tomorrow and if you are getting tired of this gloomy snowy weather i'll talk about the return of sunshine in the accuweather forecast. >> hope you feel better. really hope you feel better. really. >> thank you. this saturday at 7:00, 6 abc is airing the fyi philly hospital day special, it's a complete guide to all the holiday happenings and gift giving if you like the idea of giving a gift with meaning, alicia vitarelli has an idea.
4:36 pm
>> employees of jacob's music believe wholeheartedly of giving back to the commune. >> we are embarking on the largest fund raiser, to purchase a stein way for the children in the childrens hospital of philadelphia. >> it's the cream de la cream of pianos. >> my daughter was born with down syndrome and a significant heart defect. >> now he wants to give the gift of music to help other sick children. >> music heals all of us whether it's a joyful occasion or a more difficult one, we want everyone to have an opportunity to play the piano. >> in addition to the pledge page most could from pledges that students earn from practicing and performing at recitals. >> we want to and gauge young people in helping others.
4:37 pm
with $20,000 already raised bob is sure the money will be raised by june. you left a gift like that and thousands of children will benefit is very fulfilling. there is a fundraiser all weekend. and don't forget to tune in to fyi philly special this saturday at 7:00 and an encore present this sunday at midnight. alicia vitarelli, channel 6 "action news." there was a lot of holiday cheer at a delaware county hospital thanks to these adorable visitors. >> little hospital and media hosted their tenth annual childrens party, 40 preschoolers from the head start program were invited to sing along and afterwards got to pick out a brand new coat from this large selection and a hat and scarf to match.
4:38 pm
it's pretty cold out there. very cute. still to come, use social media to save money, can you tweet your way to travel deals straight ahead. >> and why one dad is being accused of lazy parenting because of a picture he posted online right there. >> and later she claims she was single out for her looks, what one ocean county woman says they went through trying to become a police officer.
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history was made in oslo, norway, 16-year-old malala yousafzai was the youngest to ever win the nobel peace prize. just two years ago she was critically wounded by a taliban gunman after she demanded an education. she was representing the voice
4:41 pm
of all women today and the nobel peace prize comes a month after she received the 2014 liberty medal here in philadelphia. ter topping health check at 4:00, men signed up for a maternity hospital experiment in china therks were hooked up to a special machine that gives electrical shocks that simulates labor pains, they call it an empathy enforcer. >> this is just for a moment, but women do this for many hours, that in itself should give men a great sensation of how powerful his wife is. >> i need to call my mother. only half of the 300 men that registered actually went through with it. here at the big board now, the big talkers, beginning with the big question. is this ocean county too pretty for the port authority of new york and new jersey, that is the
4:42 pm
essence of the lawsuit filed by amanda holly, she says her former bosses continually harassed her about her looks calling her an american girl doll and one superior told holly he would make sure she looked pretty for her family when she died in the line of dutdy and that she was singled out to do squats in front of everybody. and was called angelina jolie when her lip was swollen. the port authority has yet to comment on the allegations, but we can see why that one is a big talker today. >> and now the candid daddy, daughter shot captured online. it shows the father playing video games while his daughter, painting his toenails. joe posted to redditt this week
4:43 pm
with the title just being a dad. but for some reason in just a matter of hours, the photo was getting a ton of attention, some were supportive and some were negative. ribbing him for bending the gender rules and saying he couldn't be more disinterested in his kids. >> i know i wasn't staring right after my daughter and i have to put down my controller. >> despite the criticism his primary goal is making his daughter's happy even if that is a compromise of pedicures and xbox. and dogs are not just mans best trend but dogs best friend as well. this is golden doodle jackson having what seems to be a nightmare on his owner's coach. your best buddy is here to help,
4:44 pm
the poodle jumped up on the sofa trying to bring her canine companion back with love. can you watch this at we have the full video on our website. trying to melt your heart a limb bit. >> thank you shirleen. lets get another check of the roads tonight and matt pellman is standing by with an update on the highways and byways. >> we have a problem on the super highway, an overturned dump truck, on route 13, giving us some not so super conditions, the right lane is blocked with the debris from the dump truck and a whole host of emergency crews that pulled up to the scene. just the left lane squeezing by up near the morris bridge here. doing so slowly because of this overturned dump truck that
4:45 pm
happened 15 minutes ago in buck county. it's another dump truck accident that is blocking off hill town pike and you can see over on 309 or use county line to get around it. the building fire is extinguished. and swede street is reopened. and conshohocken along 23 and williams street, watch out for a crash and balligomingo road reopened this afternoon the mudslide is cleaned up and we are watching flurries along the 30 bypass, and heavy traffic, and damp conditions because of the flurries and a crash in mount holly near the burger king at 531 and down in newcastle county look for a crash at stanley's tavern. we'll watch it all especially the dump truck in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. meteorologist, cecily tynan, has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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4:48 pm
meteorologist, cecily tynan is getting her makeup and why don't we put that away. i'll tell you what, give us a compact forecast right now. >> i have been here for almost 20 years that is the first time i was ever caught on the air putting my makeup on, how is it? let look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, we have to put the makeup on, you don't wake up looking like this. showing we have snow showers taking part north and west of philadelphia right now and temperatures definitely on the cool side and you can see just to the west of allentown right now, some heavier snow showers crossing 222, i-78 ma kungy.
4:49 pm
and exton reporting snow showers and honey brook, this is all thanks to the nor'easter that brought the soaking rain, it stalls so we get the wrap around moisture and philadelphia 40 degrees and allentown 32 and millville 41 and the poconos currently 26 degrees, factor in the winds and we have wind gusts of 40 miles per hour today and it feels like 29 with the windchill in philadelphia and 23 in allentown and 29 in reading and feels like 18 degrees in the poconos. we are stuck in this cold, raw damp weather, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the really heavy precipitation well up over northern new england, this is just spinning there and you have one more day to deal with this. as we head to the overnight hours, some miles per hours again north and west of philadelphia, we wake up in the morning still plenty of clouds and snow showers far north and west. and we'll see more spiraling through as we head through the
4:50 pm
afternoon tomorrow, the problem tonight, the temperatures scattered snow showers in the northern and west suburbs, temperatures dropping down to the 20s, any untreated surfaces get icy in the overnight hours. there could be icy patches, thursday this low pressure still there, more snow showers, cloudy and windy and chilly and the high is only 39 degrees, on friday, this low pressure begins to meander to the east, some peeks of sunshine and not a completely bright and sunny day and that high pressure will built in for the weekend and that is the good guy that and brings us the return of sunshine and more seasonable temperatures, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, breezy, cloudy and cool tomorrow, 39 degrees and additional snow showers and friday lots of clouds and we begin to dry out the atmosphere. on saturday, the skies will brighten 44 degrees and mostly
4:51 pm
sunny and 46, dry weather for the eagles game at the linc and it stays sunny on monday and tuesday it clouds up 48 degrees as hanukkah begins and wednesday mostly cloudy and 44 degrees with the possibility of some showers. one more gloomy day to deal with. the good news is we get this system out of here finally for the weekend. the weekend is looking nice. >> good way to make it back up there. saving with 6 abc is coming up next. it'll come from my kitchen. the biggest surprise this season won't come from an upset, try our new philly cheesesteak pizza. a large for $12. add a red kettle cookie for $6 and a portion of the proceeds go to the salvation army. better ingredients. better pizza papa john's.
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it is time now to save with 6 abc and today we are talking ways to save on holiday travel using twitter, as abc's becky worldy found out the social media site is a great way to
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find deals. >> luck, persistent and timing that is what it takes to find a good deal on travel. the best content wins on twitter, we relate that back to travel, and the best content is the best deals, the savings of hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars, here is how, first find the deal experts and follow them. the flight deals and travel sites like hot wire deals, it's especially good to follow the airlines are you interested in and they offer deals on social media first. twitter is first so grab it fast. what make its so powerful is it is searchable, can you search twitter for hawaii deal or cheap cruise, you never know who is promoting a flash sale and on the other side you can ask for that deal. please find me a hotel room -- >> not ask like that -- but
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although i found that does help. but on twitter you can post what you are looking for and there are companies scanning for companies based on the content of their tweets, if you have issues or lost baggage or die laid flights, make them public on twitter, they have social desks looking for issues and trying to resolve them. >> when voicing a complaint on twitter, make sure you are concise in what the issue is and make sure you are polite. so bon voyage in 130 characters or less. the game of golf can bring out frustration for anyone, don't i know it, but nobody can swing a temper tantrum quite like peter, the day on the mini golf course started out well for the 2-year-old but then his game took a turn for the worst. ha, ha, ha.
4:56 pm
i can relate, peter put every effort into protesting his missed putt he flailed on the green for quite sometime, we are not sure how long this went on and but based on this video his dad gained a priceless memory. i have done some putting too. i have had this happen. exactly. >> really. hmm. that is it for "action news" at 4:00, for rick williams, brian taff, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph, and cecily tynan i'm shirleen allicot join me with brian and adam for a full hour of "action news" on phl 17 at 10:00. coming up next at 5:00, a water main creates a mess in one neighborhood. what caused in next in a live
4:57 pm
report. and a sixer is honored at his alma mater. and nydia han will explain how they are correcting the issue.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it's a muddy mess in the ms and kensington section of wilmington only finding out it was filled with sludge after a water main break, they are working to fix a street that is already a headache here for months for residents tonight. the cleanup is underway for a water main that dates back to the 19th century erupted. and now officials are working on what caused it to break. the cleanup is on the way. sara what is the latest. work is just beginning here, to excavate and repair this water main on german town avenue, it's
5:00 pm
quite a mess, lots of mud left behind, neighbors said prior to the break work was going on here for months. they wonder if it had anything to do with this mess. they say they put up with street work for months and shortly after 8:00 a.m., the 20 inch water main broke sending mud and water rushing down the street. >> my little cousin back to school, and everybody came out and we were trying to get across the street, we stood on one side and hoped it would go away and it was evacuated as a precaution. the flow was shut off at the source but as the water receded, mud and debris stayed behind and neighbored wondered if the recent work around oxford street might be to blame. >> these


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