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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  December 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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may have opened her home hearne heart to the wrong people. the victim is 59-year-old susan johnson who lived and apparently died in her home on skyline drive in aerial. this is where authorities believe johnson was beaten to death last friday. they came here yesterday to do a welfare check after she was reported missing by family. there were signs of a struggle at the house. her body was discovered early this morning in a wooded area in evesham located near athletic fields on commonwealth drive. >> she was a cancer survivor, yes. and she was very friendly she always wore a smile but she came and went a lot 'cause she worked a lot. >> reporter: police identified two persons of interest in johnson's death. camden county detectives have been questioning a man and a woman one of whom led them to the victim's body. friends of johnson who didn't want their face on camera say susan johnson had invited a homeless couple to live with her but had had planned to ask them to move out.
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>> the gentleman that was there if you want to call him that was not very nice person to her. showed her no respect and this was her home. >> reporter: mary sent this joking text to susan johnson on tuesday was wondering did you move. where have you been? by then police believe she had been dead for days. again, police are expected to update us within the next half hour. that's when we'll learn more about this murder and if champs are forthcoming. live in clementon, nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> thank you nora. also breaking right now police have told us the name of the woman found dead outside a so much motel this week. santiago was found in the trunk of a car in maple shade on sunday night. she lived in philadelphia. 41-year-old jesus garcia was arraigned earlier this week on charges of disturbing human remains but he has not been charged with her murder. police have not said yet how santiago died. brand new at 4 o'clock, we have video of a brawl inside a
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delaware county school. students fought just as classes were about to start yesterday at can chichester high school. david henry is there now with more on what happened and how the school handled it. david. >> reporter: well, shirleen we don't know how the school is handling it because they're not responding to our calls for comment but in the meantime the police are investigating and they say criminal charges are likely against a number of students after yesterday's ugly melee here at chichester high school. >> (screaming). >> reporter: videos are poster on social media. the school public safety officer says it started as a fight between two boys over an earlier incident that occurred off school property. as the boys went at it other students jumped in. three teachers suffered minor injuries as they tried to break it up. police say one cut his hand, another had a blow to the head and the third was punched in the nose. the teachers drove themselves to the hospital where they
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were checked out and released. but police say all three were back on the job this morning. several students were taken care of by the school nurse for minor injuries. as students returned to class this morning, they were met with extra police patrols. there were no reported incidents today. despite rampant rumors the police say the fight did not involve young people from outside the school. the school released a statement last night informing parents of the incident. it said the students involved were meade immediately removed from the school. witnesses say it was frightening. >> one kid just swung at another kid and utter bedlam in the hallways i tell you. >> reporter: were you a little frightened of what was going on. >> of course. you have to be in a situation like that. >> reporter: and the police say as many as 10 of the kids involved will be facing criminal charges but none have been arrested yet. now we tried contacting the superintendent of schools and the principal of chichester high school here but neither has returned our calls for comment.
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live in boothwyn, david henry, channel6 "action news": rick. >> all right david thank you. in other news one man is dead after driving off the road and slaming into a building in southwest philadelphia. the action cam found the wreckage here on the 5100 block of gray avenue just after midnight. police say the 26-year-old was speeding down lindbergh boulevard when he lost control. his car flipped over and burst into flames. firefighters pulled him from the wreckage but he was already dead. investigators are not releasing his name at this time. >> prosecutors in atlantic city say they've caught a group of people funneling drugs directly from a mexican cartel onto the streets of new jersey. they announced the results of the investigation today. they say the group was shipping drugs through los angeles and right to south jersey. local police, the fbi, the dea and the atf all coordinated to arrest 16 people. they confiscated heroin, cocaine, marijuana and guns. they also seized properties
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cars and bank accounts. >> family and friends will gather tonight to say goodbye to philadelphia firefighter joyce craig. and they'll be joined by first responders from across america who are in town to honor her service. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in west oak lane where the first viewing will start in about two hours from now. annie. >> reporter: rick, that's right, and this will begin the first of two days of remembering firefighter joyce craig, the first woman to die in the line of duty with the philadelphia fire department. now, behind me you can see there firefighters are lined up and in both of those black limos are her family members. they are waiting to get out so that they can greet the firefighters before they head into bachelor brothers for a 6:00 p.m. viewing. they're expected to have some time alone inside before that viewing begin and as you can imagine there's going to be firefighters from across our area, police officers from across our area but also many first responders from across the can country.
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decorated firefighter joyce craig put in 11 years with the philadelphia fire department beginning her career with 178th cadet class first assigned to engine 9a platoon in northwest philadelphia. she worked her way up to her fourth and final station engine 64 northwest philadelphia. she began in 2012. colleagues say craig one of 150 women serving in the department always asked to be at the busiest fire station. she was working voluntary overtime at engine 73 when she was called to the fate tull fire in the 1600 block of middleton street in west oak lane. craig, one of the first on the scene, went into the thick smoke and became trapped. her crew realized she was missing. once found she was rushed to einstein hospital where she died. weren't person was saved from that blaze. craig leaves behind a 16-year-old and a 16 month old, a large family including her parents and siblings and her fire family who began their grieving process this
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week by putting up black bunting outside of their firehouse and memorializing her locker. craig's viewings are set for today from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at bachelor brothers funeral services and tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. funeral services are saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. followed by intern. at ivy hill cemetery. and back out here live again you can see those two black limb mostly sunny waiting there in front of bachelor brothers funeral services with firefighters at the side waiting to greet family members. like we said they are expecting hundreds not own from our local area but also from across the can untree. tomorrow there's also a long funeral procession that we will have details of on our web site 6abc. sometimes members of the community want to step out, see that and show their honor to the people passing by as well. for now reporting live in west oak lane, annie mccormick
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channel6 "action news." rick. >> thank you. president obama is planning to honor local men and women in university when he visits our area next week. the white house announced today the president will be in new jersey on monday. he'll visit joint base mcguire-dix-lakehurst where he'll give a speech to show his gratitude to service men and women and their families. the white house says it will release more details about the visit over the next few days. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. it was nice to finally see the sun. >> nice to finally see friday. meteorologist melissa magee is in for adam joseph and the weekend something to look forward to as well. >> yeah, rick and shirleen we had a really nice start to our friday albeit it is definitely cool and cooler than average but the sun is making a come it is making that return just in time for our weekend. check out these temperatures, chilly across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. philadelphia 39, poconos just 27, trenton 36. the upper 30's from beach haven to sea isle city. hitting 40 in wilmington and
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dover. satellitesatellite 6 along withn radar shows that you area of low pressure starting to lose its grip across our region. it is parked across areas in new england but we have high pressure to our south and west increased skies over the heavy that works its way into our region for the rest of tonight and into our weekend. if you're out on this friday 7 o'clock that temperature 36. the middle and lower 40's as we get into eight, nine and 10 o'clock tonight. take a look at what's ahead as we press forward. good news, skies brighten. we have a nice dry stretch on the way and these temperatures will be pretty close to normal. we'll take a closer look coming up with the exclusive accuweather forecast. back inside to you both. >> thanks mel his swarthmore ahead on "action news" at 4:00. a recall of almost 200,000 cars. the worldwide problem putting drivers in danger. we'll tell you about it. >> plus mudslides pouring rains and high winds, a fear storm that continues to pound the west coast and has tens of power right now. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> a soaking storm out west has caused mudslides, flooded streets and cut power to tens of thousands of people. this was the result of a mudslide in california. it buried several homes including home of one elderly man. he was walking outside on his front porch as the mud and rocks came crashing down. luckily he wasn't hurt. parts of the northern california were swamped by nearly a foot of rain many people used kayaks and canoes to get around town. >> funding fight forcing strange partnerships in washington. the house narrowly passed the $1.1 trillion spending package last night. president obama joined republicans to get it passed with liberal democrats and conservative republicans joining together to lead the opposition. the bill funds the government
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through september. some democrats are furious it changes campaign finance rules and relaxes regulations on wall street. >> all the opposite side has to do is to stop supporting a bill that would allow the biggest banks in america to rip off the people one more time. >> but some republicans including senator ted cruz are angry it doesn't include more extras, specifically something that would stop president obama's recently announced executive action to deport fewer illegal immigrants. the senate is expected to pass the bill and president obama said he will sign it if it gets to his desk. >> to business now. stocks took a beating today to finish out their worst week in three years. the dow lost 311 points. the nasdaq was down 54 and a half. the s & p fell 33. chrysler is bowing to pressure from the u.s. government and recalling about 179,000 vehicles over a problem with air bags. those air bags can can explode
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with too much force and injure drivers. the recall covers ram pickups, dodge durangos, chrysler 300s and dodge magnums from different model years. this is just the latest in a series of recalls involving air bags made by the takata corporation. honda and mazda have also agreed to a nationwide recall. >> all right. it is friday so let's get a check of the commute home tonight in our "action news" traffic report. >> people hoping to get that weekend started early matt. >> they would like to but it's going to take sometime some time to get home as it does most friday afternoons. i'm not going to recall you if you're headed for 95 northbound. i was doing that new york. i was saying don't go there it's a parking lot. this afternoon it's sort of a parking lot but what we expect on a friday afternoon. northbound lanes from penn's landing through the betsy rich up to cottman a couple vehicle accident off to the side northbound by the betsy ross bridge. you can see the traffic while moving slowly is moving. unlike this morning when it was just absolutely parked for a long stretch between center
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city and northeast philadelphia. still slow speeds on 95. slow on the schuylkill as well. it is a friday afternoon awe after all. a crash to avoid in pennsauken along 130 at westfield avenue and because of the viewing for firefighter joyce craig tonight, broad street is closed already until 11 o'clock between 69th street and cheltenham avenue. 309, 611 i think that's going to be congested. maybe use ogontz avenue or tookany creek parkway as alternates. you'll have septa bus detours because of the closure of broad street. further north don't use 611 in jenkintown. there's a crash at washington lane and meetinghouse road is closed this afternoon in abington because of another wreck between fox chase road and sunset avenue. forest avenue a possible alternate around that. in cherry hill we're watching a crash that brought down a pole and some wires closing split rock drive near marlton pike. stick with cropwell road to get around that and the slowing already start there had on 295 southbound. you see by route 73 just 18 miles per hour. we'll check it again, rick,
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coming up in the next half hour. >> see you then. thank you matt. some holiday shoppers experienced quite the knockout today at a sporting goods store in northeast philadelphia. what a surprise when philadelphia's own danny garcia a professional boxer suddenly walked into this modell's store on cottman avenue. the current welder weight champion posed for pictures and signed a few autographs. the big surprise came when five needy families were selected to go on a shopping spree with danny. it was his way of giving back while also not forgetting the tough times of his own childhood during the holiday season. >> national hockey league battling the outbreak of an illness that usually affects children. monica malpass is in the news room with this story. monica. >> reporter: that's right the mumps virus has been spreading throughout the league this season and players in philadelphia are now taking some precautions to try to stay healthy t at least 11 players on different teams have been diagnosed. that includes teams the flyers have recently played. the medical staff is offering
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a booster shot to try to keep its players healthy. also coming up tonight a time capsule really that was buried by paul revere and sam adams back in the 17 hundreds is now being unearthed in boston, massachusetts. historians believe what's insides will reveal a window into life in the colonial era so we'll tell you some of the items that they do expect to find and what they legally find when they open it up. those stories and much more coming up on "action news" at 5:00 rick and shirleen we'll see you then. rick i'll join you. >> thank you. much more ahead on "action news" at 4:00 a theft targeting a philadelphia film maker. the person who stole thousands of dollars from m. night shyamalan's. philly. we break down the best things to do around town in the run up to the holidays.
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>> ♪ >> it was a team effort this morning making sure the opening of the horizon services riverfront rink goes perfectly.
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from the ice to the lights to the signs every detail carefully attended to. the rink will be a temporary outdoor event for families to take advantage of over the winter holiday rink officially opens tomorrow through february 28th. >> do you ice skate? >> yeah. >> do you really. >> it's fun. how about you. >> not really. [laughter] >> moving on let's get a check for the weekend. meteorologist melissa magee. >> yes, shirleen and rick looks like we've got a nice weekend and perhaps you want to do some ice skating outdoors, temperatures are definitely going to be cooler than average. the great news on our friday is that the weather conditions are improving. sky 6 live in hd we're giving you a shot of the center city skyline. we had some clouds this morning, clouds and pockets of sunshine returning late in this day. we'll show you temperatures outside. unfortunately we are still below average despite the sun, just 39 in philadelphia, 40 in wilmington. lancaster 37. allentown the lehigh valley 36. 39 in sea isle city. but the winds today are coming in out of the northwest so you
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factor in the wind chill it feels like just 31 in the city, a current wind chill in allentown of 30 and it feels like 34 degrees in dover, 29 the current wind chill number in lancaster. here's satellite 6 along with action radar. you can see the center of that area of low pressure that has been lingering for days across much of the northeast is now starting to depart to our north and east and this is pulling away high pressure to our south and west will work its way eastward. we'll fly you to the western half of the united states and this is where we have been seeing heavy amounts of rainfall los angeles international over the past four days -- or two days i should say you've seen an inch and a half of rainfall. san francisco you've seen about 4-inches of rain your monthly average of rainfall is four an half so you picked up close to a month's worth of precipitation in just two days. we have another round on the way. this is the water vapor imagery and gives you an idea of how much moisture is in the atmosphere. so you have this moisture move in across areas in indiana tear eighty four sections of the west coast.
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another round moving in to the south and east as california deals with another round of precipitation early next week. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight 31 in the city, 27 for the low in lancaster, 33 in cape may. partly cloudy bit of a seasonably cold december chill overhead. as we look at your day planner for the start of the weekend still cool, mostly sunny skies -- 36 at 10:00 a.m., sunshine and clouds sharing the sky at 41 degrees at 1 o'clock in the afternoon 40 degrees is the number at 4 o'clock tomorrow. here's your four day at four showing you sunshine and clouds tomorrow, high temperature 42. on sunday partly sunny a high temperature of 45. the eagles are at home at the linc and it should be dry for that game but definitely chilly. sunday night and monday will start to rebound up to 48. the fires night of hanukkah on tuesday, 50 with just an afternoon shower, nothing major on the way but all in all a nice sunny weekend on the way, guys. >> all right. >> not bad looking at all. >> not bad. >> thank you melissa. local families in need
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adopted for the holidays to make this time of year brighter. peco employees were busy in center city today wrapping gifts for some 30 chosen families. this is all thanks to the pathways pennsylvania adopt a family program. it serves the greater philadelphia region by making sure children experience the many joys of the holiday season. >> we've got the buzz coming up next. m. night shyamalan we love him around here but unfortunately he's got a court case pending but it's not something that he d i'll tell you more coming up next. >> ♪
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>> it is time now for the buzz and we start with a crime against local film maker m. night shyamalan. his former housekeeper faces possible prison time after she admitted to racking up about $15,000 in unauthorized charges other director's credit card. she reportedly used the card to buy more than 195 items on amazon, netflix and other sites. she pleaded guilty this week and will be sentenced in
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february. now on to actor mark wahlberg he's getting some support in his push for a pardon from an assault conviction and it's coming from his victim. wahlberg wants a pardon for attacking a vietnamese man in 1988 when the actor was just 16. that man says he for gives wahlberg and believes in seconds chances. he also says it's not true that he went blind in one eye from the attack. he says he lost his vision serving in vietnam and not because of what wahlberg did. wahlberg served 45 days of a two-year sentence for that crime. and finally we have new information about the new star wars movie thanks to an old school idea. director j.j. abrams released a series of trading cards with the names of the key characters in star wars the force awakens. tops is making the cards like they did for the original star wars movie in 77.
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abrams joked he is sorry he couldn't also give fans a stick of gum. remember that, rick. >> i do, i do. that was the fun days. this will be fun, too. >> i wasn't alive then. >> sure you were. >> i'll take your word for it. >> right, okay. i got pictures to prove you were around. thanks shirleen. still ahead on "action news" a delaware teen has been charged with murdering his own father with a cross bow. the shocking motive ahead. an intruder went after an elderly man's pants but got away with a lot more. we got word on a suspect who stole a south jersey homeownerrer's life savings. instead of getting hug. the unexpected tale of generosity when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicott and brian taft. >> hello again, it's 4:30 and "action news" continues on this friday with deals all about getting fit and feeling festive. >> plus, she may not be old enough to drive but that didn't stop this 11-year-old from taking a cross country trip. how she wound up several states away from home with $10,000 in her pocket. states away from home with bustle of the holiday season can be exhausting especially for santa and sleepy newborns. the story behind this precious holiday moment at the king of prussia mall. >> but first an elderly south philadelphia man may have lost his life savings to a criminal
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overnight. but he hasn't lost his sense of humor. >> took me forever to save it up. nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies, you know. i'm not a wealthy man. i may be handsome but i'm not -- watch your mouth . >> [laughter] >> he's also a comedian. that was 87-year-old frank cavalier row talking about the money stolen by a intruder who kicked in his door while he slept. clad pradelli has more on the robbery and the investigation. >> reporter: the victim tells me he believes he was targeted in this home invasion but in an odd twist he says the suspect came here not once but twice. >> i got up when i felt somebody pass by and he walked right to where my trousers were, took the trousers and was walking out the door. i said who is it? and he mumbled something that i couldn't grasp. >> reporter: 87-year-old frank was sound asleep on his couch when the intruder kicked in his door. the suspect went right for his
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trousers that were sitting on a chair. his wallet was inside and $3,000. it took him four years to save the money. >> it took me forever to save it up. nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies, you know. i'm not a wealthy man. i may be handsome but i'm not -- watch your mouth,. [laughter] >> reporter: he still has his sense of humor but this is surveillance video of the suspect captured on a nearby business just after 4:30 a.m. it shows the suspect walking up to his home. he believes he was obviously targeted because the suspect went right for his pants. in an odd twist he says the intruder returned this morning around 8:30. >> he came back and he says, look, i'm from the neighborhood, he said, i feel bad for you. i heard what happened. he said but i happen to know who the guys. >> reporter: the suspect allegedly said he needed a hundred bucks to get his belongings back.
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that's when the 87-year-old called police. the two scuff if he would and the suspect fled once again. >> got up to leave and that's when i pretended i had a gun. it was that wrench. and i said just stand where you are or i'll shoot you. he knocked me down. he punched me and knocked me down twice. >> reporter: he tells me that the suspect also took his car keys and went through the trunk of his car. now, police are investigating. so far there have been no arrests. in south philadelphia, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> police in delaware say a teenage are murdered his father with a cross bow because he was afraid of getting in trouble for skipping school. 17-year-old seth ramsey was arrested yesterday at his home in harrington. police were doing a wellness check after coworkers at dover air force base said they hadn't seen todd ramsey the father for days. that's when the 17-year-old told him he shot his father because he knew he would be mad if he caught him at home
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instead of at school on tuesday. 41-year-old todd was a civilian employee of the 436 is this civil engineers squadron. the teenager is being held without bail. police say 55-year-old man -- 55-year-old man will soon face charges for attacking at least one woman in university city recently. the suspect was arrested after officers caught him dragging a 38-year-old grad student down a street near 41st and pine last evening. they believe he is the same man who groped two drexel students earlier that day and sexually assaulted and robbed a different student on monday. however, investigators do not think he's responsible for the rape of another woman in her apartment near drexel on wednesday because charges are pending the suspect's name has not yet been released. >> local groups continue their efforts to remember the young victims in the shooting massacre in newtown, connecticut. it will be two years this sunday since two 20 children were shot and killed at sandy hook elementary school. ceasefire pennsylvania, mothers in charge and heeding
4:34 pm
god's call all gathered for a vigil today in center city. they displayed t-shirts with the names of the victims. the groups talked about gun violence and how to work together to solve what they call a public health crisis. >> well, macies and make a wish teamed up to make a local teen's fashion show dream come true. 14 year old ashley who has a life-threatening medical condition has been busy working on designing hooded sweatshirts. each one displays an inspirational quote that ashley came up with on her own. a designer for macy has been working with ashley every step of the way and today it all paid off. the sweatshirts were unveiled at a fashion show at the macy in center city. >> today you're going to see my sweatshirts i made for girls with insecurity problems to help them feel more confident, also girls who don't love themselves because of their appearances, i'm getting a little emotional that i came this far so it makes me really happy that all the people are here to support
4:35 pm
me with this. >> this event was plapped on macy's sixth annual national believe day. >> breaking news right now. the eastbound vine street expressway, the traffic camera is showing us a car fire that has been just put out by fire crews. as, see the smoke is still billowing. this is most certainly going to have traffic implications. this is the vines southbound -- excuse me eastbound approaching eighth street. of course matt pelman will be monitoring this situation for us and will bring you an update in the "action news" traffic report. >> all right, in the meantime let's get an update on that accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee is here now. keeping an eye on those temperatures. >> that's right. temperatures are going to stay cool, close to normal but the good news is that the sun is returning in time for our weekend. sky 6 live in hd as we look at philadelphia international airport on this friday, the temperature 39 but you do notice some breaks in the clouds. that will continue for the rest of tonight and turning
4:36 pm
partly cloudy as we get into tonight. dewpoint at 23, the winds out of the north-northwest at 13 miles per hour. wind chill 31. down the shore we head next. it is a from time to time a lot of people probably getting a way. atlantic city that temperature 39. the dewpoint 24. northwest wind making it feel like a wind chill down the shore of 32. here's the place to be if you are a ski lover. there in berks county bear creek we're opened for the season. a few other ski resorts also open, that temperature coming in at 38 degrees. coming up we're going to take a closer look at the forecast let you know how long that sun is sticking around and there will be a gradual rebound and our temperatures we'll take a look at that with the full accuweather forecast. >> how is that football game looking. >> football looking really g we'll be chilly but dry. >> on my couch i'll be warm. >> we knew that's where you would be. [laughter] >> thank you melissa. young students in bucks county turned into little holiday shoppers today. each second grade class at walter miller elementary school in langhorne adopted a family in need. they raised money to buy
4:37 pm
holiday gift for the families and today it was time to shop. they went up and down the aisles of target to get what they needed. this was all part of the student service learning project. >> and be sure to tune into 6abc this saturday evening at 7 o'clock. it's our fyi philly holiday special a complete guide for gift giving and getting into the spirit of the season. >> alicia has an fyi for you on some of the holiday happenings in the city. >> ♪ >> reporter: franklin square is charged with holiday spirit thanks to the electrical spectacle. >> over 50,000led lights synchronized to people's favorite holiday tunes by the philly pops. >> reporter: and right here in the heart of center city you can get your skate on at the rothman eserine at dillworth park. >> over the holidays people will be able to skate and walk around into the city. >> reporter: the rink is the centerpiece of a $55 million renovation of dillworth park that includes rosa blanca a catch ray run by jose garces
4:38 pm
and views from the ice rink that are breath taking. >> it's center stage for philadelphia. >> reporter: technology takes center stage at the comcast holiday spectacular. >> there is so much energy and happiness and laughter and oohs and ahs. >> reporter: the macy's light show has electrified the city since 1956. >> a beautiful display that our customers love. >> reporter: please touch museum is home to the enchanted colonial village a holiday tradition that started at the lit brothers store in 1962. >> grandparents and parents will recognize it and now their children. >> reporter: once the holidays are clear it's time to turn the calendar to 2015. >> count down to noon which is fill's original kids celebration of new year's eve. >> reporter: the count down to noon is so popular at please touch they drop the ball again at 1:00 p.m. don't forget to tune into fyi philly holiday special this saturday at 7:00 with an encore presentation sunday at midnight. alicia vitarelli channel6 "action news.
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>> so many awesome things to do. speaking of things to do during the holidays we have several more fun and free events coming up in freebie friday. >> plus they're sneaking out and then there's this. how a little girl from arkansas wound up in a cab in georgia with $10,000 in her pocket. >> and later who needs a crib when you have kris kringle. we share the sweet story behind a local mall santa and >> very quiet. meteorologist melissa magee is back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4::continues in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> an 11-year-old arkansas girl is back home today after she decided to go on a cross can country journey in cab. family members say alexis waller swiped $10,000 in cash from her grandmother's sock drawer in the middle of the night and then snuck out. from there the child admits she walked to a gas station and hitched a ride from stranger to little rock.
4:42 pm
that's where she called the taxi that would drive her to georgia. >> he didn't really ask anything. he just asked where i needed to go and i said i needed to go to jacksonville florida. he said do you have money. i said yeah. >> she was trying to meet a boy she had met on vacation two years ago. fortunately police were able to track the call the girl made to the cab company and get in touch with the driver before she made it to florida. incredibly that driver is not facing any charges. it's not illegal apparently for taxis to transport minors across state lines. an alabama mother and grandmother reached a moment of desperation and found herself in trouble with the law but what happened is quite inspirational. helen johnson didn't have enough money to buy a dozen eggs to feed her five children and grandchildren, two of them are toddlers. she took just three eggs out of a carton and planned to buy them but a store worker thought she was stealing and called police. when she explained what happened to officer william stacy he felt she didn't need
4:43 pm
to be arrested, she needed real help. so he bought her the dozen eggs and sent her on her way. but someone as you can tell because filming it all and after several people saw the video well the food donations for helen started pouring in. >> she started crying. she said i just need help. i need help officer stacy. i need to put food in my baby's symptom max. that's what got to me. that's what hit me the hardest. >> oh, my god. thank you. you're so sweet. i just thank you sir. >> helen's family has been signed up for a holiday toy drive. >> such a touching story. at the big board big talkers and another touching story. if you could talk to yourself from 20 years ago, what would you say? what would your hopes and dreams and how are they different now? well, thanks to one high school teacher in canada and a unique assignment that conversation has been possible. bruce farr has his students write a 10 page letter to
4:44 pm
themselves. he keeps it for 20 years, then tracks them down wherever they are to return it to them. the profound impact these letters have had is veriest. >> i wasn't really fully prepared for a reading about my grandmother or meander who passed -- my aunt who passed away. i wasn't expecting that emotional rollercoaster. >> it was a shock. >> oh, yeah, i did think that way. >> farr says he doesn't mind the detective work it takes to track down each student. he says it brings him joy. for the students it's a keepsake they'll have forever. and finally we bring you the story behind one of the most adorable photos of the holiday season. this is nine week old weston napping with his new buddy santa claus at the king of prussia mall. mom kate posted the photo on her facebook page saying the precious moment began when she approached saint nick with her sleeping elf. even though he was about to
4:45 pm
take a break santa decided to grab a little shut eye himself. kate says kris kringle not only read to weston he held him for a full 10 minutes. the new mom added how nice it was to see someone slow down and truly share the magic of the holiday with others. kate says it's a moment she will treasure forever. >> that is a great pick can cherry. thank you shirleen. all right, time now for another check of the highways and by ways, commuters no doubt saying bah humbug as they try to get home, matt. >> we got a great big lump of coal for you in center city rick. the vehicle fire in the eastbound lanes approaching eighth street. i know by now it's a little difficult to see because there's so much smoke in the air but i'm sure you can make out the flashing lights here along the vine eastbound as you head towards 95 and toward the ben franklin bridge, all of those eastbound lanes remain shut down. a different vantage point of the fire location, you can see it here eastbound lanes closed. so stick with the local vine up top instead. at this point it congested but
4:46 pm
at least traffic is moving along toward eighth street and toward 95. so, with the vine eastbound completely blocked off, shut down you're getting huge delays that spill back onto the schuylkill expressway. this is the scene eastbound approaching spring garden street. instead of this chunk you want to stick with the river drives like the mlk or the kelly. , see the traffic here on the west river mlk drive is moving at this point and to get over to 95 you could also keep going on the schuylkill in toward the walt whitman bridge. meanwhile we have the viewing tonight for firefighter joyce craig in west oak lane so broad street shut down. 611, old york road or ogontz avenue or tookany creek parkway. in jenkintown a crash along 611 at washington lane also in abington shutting down meetinghouse road. forest avenue gets you around that. watch out for a wreck in voorhees along 73 at signal hill drive. so lots of situations rick and shirleen. we'll check that vine situation in the 5 o'clock hour. >> meteorologist melissa magee
4:47 pm
has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> okay.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> ♪ >> meteorologist melissa magee joining us. you know this is a crucial holiday weekend for shopping. >> i know. 13 more days until christmas. >> yeah. >> how many more days? >> we have to get on it. >> 13 more days. >> you might want to start. >> don't worry we have good >> that's right good weather to do holiday shopping. the action cam was outside earlier this afternoon. we're looking at fdr park in south philadelphia. it's a cool shot. we have a breeze and we've had a breeze all day today coming in out of the northwest so it is making our temperatures cooler than average but the good news we are staying dry. the snow showers are moving on out. we'll show you the storm tracker 6 live double scan radar machine. you can see it's dry across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, no precipitation to track. it's dry, it's comfortable but it is on the cool side. 39 in the city right now, 27 in the poconos. reading 38. dover 40 degrees. sea isle city 39. beach haven 38. the winds right now are coming
4:50 pm
in out of the northwest direction so that brings down cooler air from the north and it drains it to the south and east so we have sustained winds anywhere from 9 miles an hour in reading to up to 14 to 16 miles per hour there in the poconos in millville. we'll show you satellite 6 along with action radar. there's that area of low pressure. this is the same one responsible that gave us the soaking rain earlier this week and even some snow showers north and west of town. it still lingers across coastal section of maine but this will push off to our north and east. high pressure will work its way eastward and things are starting to thin out across the ohio valley. this will continue to work its way into the midatlantic region just in time for our weekend. so here's the setup for us on our saturday the area of low pressure departs. sunshine and clouds tomorrow, northwest wind sustained anywhere from eight to 16 miles per hour and the high temperature in philadelphia 42. average for us for this time year is about frick. slightly below average. near normal zone partly sunny a light breeze up to 45 degrees with high pressure over the ohio valley getting
4:51 pm
closer and closer to our region which means if you're heading over to the linc on zinn it's a prime time matchup, it's an important game to watch as well as the eagles are taking on the cowboys. kickoff around 8:30 partly cloudy chilly and calm. can kickoff temperature 39 degrees. once you get into the fourth quarter we drop down to 37. here's your call from accuweather for the rest of tonight, partly cloudy. it's a december chill but seasonably cool overhead. we drop down to 31 in the city to 26 in the suburbs with that northwesterly wind at six to 12 miles per hour. exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast sunshine and clouds on saturday high temperature 42. no excuses for doing that holiday shopping or at least not doing it tomorrow. sunday partly sunny and at 45 degrees and on monday temperatures start to rebound and at 48. tuesday a high temperature up to 50 degrees with hanukkah beginning at sundown and afternoon showers likely. not a whole lot of precipitation late tuesday but it will reinforce the cooler air. on wednesday, seasonably cool, a high of 46. lots of sunshine on thursday,
4:52 pm
44. 42, it's dry but chilly as we get into friday. all in all a pretty quiet weekend an good weekend to watch some football sunday. >> okay. >> very good. >> thank you melissa. this holiday season we want to see how you have decked your halls. whether your house is lighting up the block or has a more modest display take a picture or short video and send it to us on twitter instagram or vine using hashtag 6abc lights. you can also post it to our facebook page at "action news." >> ♪
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>> it is time now to save with 6abc and today's freebie friday is all about holiday festivities and fitness. jolly old elf will be at frankford hall this weekend and next weekend from noon
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until 3:00 clock. in addition to free photos with santa kids under 10 will get free hot dogs and hamburgers. if you hashtag your instagram photos hashtag holidays you'll be entered to win a star restaurant gift card. head over to penn's landing for winter fest. the blue cross river rink is putting on a free all ages concert from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. tomorrow as part of its fire side sessions. next up free yoga for the whole family. >> i like that. >> the lulu lemon store on 15th street in center city complimentary hour session every saturday at 9:15 through january. the class called momma wellness joint combines family adult yoga. why not join the november project. the group meets at 6:25 every wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art and every friday at various locations. the hour long guided workouts
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changes every session and good for all fitness sessions. freebie for the bride to be in your life. things remembered is offering a personalized engraved heart pen dander to women who are currently engaged. just sign up online and head into our store -- that store. you can find details on the free necklace and all of the freebies mentioned on >> thank you shirleen. and finally at 4:00 a very courageous bull dog takes his first stepdown, boy. this is chunk and no doubt this plump puppy got the name because he's a bit on the can chunky side. that may explain why he was afraid to walk downstairs until right now with the encouragement of his owners he overkim his fears and took one small leap for canine kind. bravery and dog determination was rewarded with plenty of puppy praise. >> kind of reminds me of chunk from the goon niece in -- goon knees.
4:57 pm
that could be his dog. >> perhaps. he's cute enough. >> that is it for "action news" at 4:00 now for rick williams, brian taft alicia vitarelli adam joseph and melissa magee i'm shirleen allicott. >> now mere's monica malpass with a look at what's ahead on "action news" at 5:00. >> the verdict is in in the trial of a bucks county contractor accused of stealing millions from his clients. we're live at the courthouse with the very latest. plus the flyers are battling new opponents, mumps an outbreak of the mumps in the league is prompting the team staff, the medical staff to take immediate action. we'll have those stories and news" at 5:00. >> blank.
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jamie apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> after a week long trial the verdict is in. a bucks county contractor is found guilty of bilking millions from customers. it is friday night. the big story on "action news" is a verdict in the fraud trial of john succi. >> prosecutors say he took at least $2.5 million from
5:00 pm
clients. investigative reporter wendy saltzman was in the courtroom when the jury handed down its verdict. >> reporter: 12 separate families testified against john succi over the time span of a week. some lost tens of thousands of dollars, others lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. now, the man they believe stole from them with no remorse faces up to 135 years behind bars. >> mr. succi do you think you're innocent of these crime. >> reporter: in one of the his last walks down this haul of justice as a free man john succi said nothing to defend himself. a jury would soon return a verdict finding him guilty of stealing $2.5 million from verdict finding him guilty of >> it's just horrifying what he's done. >> reporter: sherri landis testified against succi. she says she took out a line of credit on her ivy land home that was supposed to pay for her daughter's college education and gave $600,000 to succi to build her second home on the shore but she says he walked off the job. >> after


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