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tv   2020  ABC  December 12, 2014 10:01pm-11:01pm EST

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get the crowd in here. >> yes. >> reporter: abc, always be closing. >> tonight, the shark is out of the tank. and he is hitting the streets for "20/20." the sell game. >>ky teach anybody to sell anything. >> giving you the low down for sweater shopping. the hidden cameras rolling as he whispers in your ear. all the truth he uses to get inside your mind and your wallet. in the season of giving, he is giving you the secret to success for free. >> yes, oh, man. >> shoptalk. plus, alarmed? you should be. at the hard sale tactics of door to door salesmen of security
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systems. >> anybody recording this? >> yeah, we are. and we are going under cover asking tough questions. >> can i get a drink of water? >> home alone or home alarmed in. and she is bringing a town back. detroit, closing the deal the right way. >> how about a $100? >> oh, my! >> tonight, cameras rolling coast to coast. how the secret of the sale can change your life. >> you can be naked wearing this. >> here is david muir and elizabeth vargas. >> good evening. if you're in a rush to finish up your christmas shopping and who isn't, we have help for you. a shark by your side, the human kind, to make sure you don't get bit. and it's none other than "shark
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tank's" robert hershvic. and he give was you how not to get fooled. >> look at the camera. >> reporter: what exactly are the tricks of the trade when it comes to selling? "20/20" decided to find out, dropping by this new york job fair to find contestants for a challenge from "shark tank's" robert herjavec. >> i can teach anybody to sell anything with one caveat -- if they wanna change their life. >> what makes you an expert in selling? >> everything i know about sales, i've done wrong. i got burnt. and i have to recover. now i know how to do it. >> reporter: to put him to the test, we started by asking folks at the job fair to step forward and sell us this pen. >> it has ink. >> i am talking a pen that won't blow away with a stiff breeze.
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>> it's hot. >> the kardashians are carrying this pen. >> is there a type of personality that makes a better sales person? >> i don't think so. great salespeople come in all shapes and sizes and colors. >> so you don't have to be an extrovert, necessarily? >> i think you can learn that quality. >> reporter: when he is not on "shark tank", the multimillionaire runs a successful i.t. security company. but nothing came easily. his parents escaped communist yugoslavia when he was just 8. it was a difficult transition for the family. and robert witnessed the dark arts of salesmanship up close. >> when you were young, a salesperson took advantage of your mother. >> he sold us a vacuum cleaner. it was like the top of the line rolls-royce of vacuum cleaners. and we lived in this tiny, little apartment. i hated the fact that somebody took advantage of my family. on the flipside of it, though, it fascinated me that some guy could come in and sell my mother something she really doesn't need. and i said, that's an art.
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it could be used for good, and it could be used for bad. >> get yourself a red pen for the holidays. >> reporter: but can the art be taught to anybody? >> this is something you need to stand out. >> 99 cents. >> 1.99 would you like to buy it and also write my number? >> reporter: in the end six pen pitchers stood out and became our sales challenge semi-finalists. >> my name is britney. >> my names is barbara. >> my name is steven. >> lauren. >> jordan. >> deborah renee. >> monica. >> reporter: time to meet the master. >> good morning, everybody. i'm robert. welcome. >> reporter: our shark leads a sales boot camp for the contestants -- >> you have to know your customer. don't lie, crappy salespeople are liars. listen more than you talk. simple is better. you can't be a master unless you get the sales. look at president. he has to get congress to see his way.
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what does a student who just graduated, have do? he or she has to sell themselves. you know what sales? hand to hand combat. looking somebody in their eyes and getting thome do something. a great sales person is a camillon. >> what is the most critical thing to do when you are selling something. >> smile. >> be friendly. >> that is it. you got smile, be engaged. >> engagement is one thing. closing is another. for that, robert reveals five classic techniques. these are the secrets of the sale. first, the standing room only
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close. the seller tells the customer it's in great demand. >> we had penal coming in by the dozen for that board. >> the best time close. getting a customer to commit making them to believe there is no time like the present. >> what is the best time to close? >> there is no better final purchase this board than right now. >> right now. >> you got create a sense of urgency. >> right now. >> the artisan close. the art and craftsmanship. >> the board wurs made by a team of professional board makers. >> that's right. it was made in italy by a team of board maker mmps look at the quality and depth of it. not many boards are this good. >> lts by the way, you look great today. love your hair. >> thank you. >> you tricked me. >> tell me this board.
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>> you look good standing behind that. >> well, i have. >> brian: working out. >> yeah, you look really good. >> i don't like to use this unless it's genuine. ip think pirk up on it when you're fake. >> finally, the concession close. offering something in return. >> give me concession. >> if you buy the board, you get a free easel. >> it doesn't matter what you are told with. as long as you act september that someone is always selling you something. and don't let someone get to to you do something you don't want to do. >> stephen, let's gonchts at boot camp comes to an end, our shark will pick only three to move on to the final round. >> first person that i picked was e britney. you have a great personality. you seem naturally happy and you
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have a great smile. so welcome, britney. the next person i picked was lauren. like the way you were presenting and the third person i picked was stephen. he is a little quiet. but there's a subtle confidence. >> now it's time to send our three final itselves in to bat toll see if they can apply what they learned and what will they be trying to sell? the ugly sweaters. these ugly sweaters from a company robert liked some much he invested in it. >> we're we're gonna bring in nick and evan from tipsy elves, and they're gonna teach you about the product. >> you need to make sure the >> reporter: up next -- we throw our finalists in the deep end, but they won't be swimming alone. the shark is in their ear. will the customers bite? >> oh, no! >> stay with us. ♪ who got the lighter? ♪ let's spark the fire.
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i got a little carried away. i can see that. looking good collin. feeling good. hurry. this weekend, walmart has hundreds of great gifts at new lower prices. online and in store. "20/20" continues with the sell game. once again, hannah storm. >> you could be naked wearing this. >> would you take it in a kids
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size. >> and sell. >> always be closing. >> it's opening day at a holiday market in new york's union square. the arena for a sales smack-down. we tricked this booth out with hidden cameras and adorned it with our tacky christmas sweaters. >> whoever sells the most wins. "shark tank's" robert herjavec has taught these wanna be sales people some of the psychological sleights of hand the pros use. >> standing room only. >> reporter: now we are perched in our mobile command van where our shark will play sales whisperer, talking to the contestants with a wireless ear piece. helping them close the sale. >> go to the kids and close to them. >> reporter: each competitor will be in the booth for 30 minutes. first up brittney. >> brittney, never turn your back to the customer. always stay forward. >> got it.
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>> reporter: brittney quickly conjures up some customers. then she attempts one of the sales techniques -- the compliment close. >> see, it is my favorite. i love it. >> oh, brittney, i love it. the complement close, i like it. >> reporter: brittney turns the compliments into cash. >> all right, great, go to the next guy. that sale is done. bang. >> how you doing? >> reporter: but as the clock ticks the flow of customers dries up. out of desperation, brittany starts singing. >> ugly christmas sweaters. ♪ tipsy elves christmas sweaters ♪ ♪ want some fancy sweaters >> reporter: still no customers? robert tells her to get even louder. >> yell "sweaters for sale." don't be afraid to be loud. >> sweaters for sale! >> reporter: it works on another customer. >> is that lady behind you buying a sweater? >> don't let her look away keep her engaged.
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>> i think will it will great for you. >> thank you so much. >> how much are they? >> they are 45. >> when the new customers stroll up, britney deploys the artisan close. after all these are well made ugly sweaters. to seal the deal, robert steers britney to the best time close. >> they are only here for today. limited. and watches the customer put away. >> why didn't you sell her a sweater? >> i forgot to grab her by the arm. >> let's make one more sale. >> sweater for sale. you will look good in it. >> five, four, three, two, one, nice job, britney. >> good job. >> reporter: next up lauren. >> can you hear us? >> can i get this in a large?
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>> yes, you sure can. >> reporter: right off the bat lauren gets a sale, but then a losing streak. >> all right, lauren, we got to get people in the booth. >> hey, guys, we have some really fun holiday sweaters over here. just in time for your ugly sweater party. >> reporter: no customers for 11 excruciating minutes. >> this is hard. >> reporter: finally, lauren gets a bite. >> those are so funny. >> they are, right? >> the grunpy cat one. >> reporter: lauren shows off her newfangled sales skills, starting with the standing room only close. >> they were actually seen on "shark tank." >> reporter: then pivoting to the concession close. >> if you buy right now, i will take an extra five dollars off. what size do you think you might want? a medium in women's, right? >> oh, man. she nailed that. >> that was fantastic. i am so proud of you i am going to cry. >> yes, they are running away from santa clause. >> reporter: then lauren faces one of the toughest challenges for any sales person -- the indecisive customer. otherwise know as the waffler. >> she is trying it on.
10:18 pm
it is going to take so long. >> that one fits you nicely. >> seriously, has that woman tried on every -- >> she has tried on every sweater. >> she has to get this woman to a decision point, but it's hard. you don't want to be too pushy. lauren, go back to that woman and tell her to buy two sweaters. she owes you two sweaters. >> so i know at this point you are going to buy at least two sweaters right? >> with seconds to spare, she reels in the waffler. >> what did she end up buying? >> one sweater two jump suits. >> fantastic nice job. >> reporter: next up, steven. >> feeling ready. lets do this. sell some sweaters. >> reporter: he had no problem getting customer's attention. >> holiday sweaters. check them out. come on, you like the tacky holiday sweater, right? >> you are kind of the talk of the market right now. really, the tacky sweater? >> yeah, they are saying the guy with the bells. >> everyone has to come over and check out me with the bells. >> they are totally flirting with her. the dating game, it is the selling game. >> maybe he should be in a different kind of contest. >> tell her she would look great in it, to try it on.
10:19 pm
you want to try it on? >> reporter: while the flirty women are busy checking out the merchandise, a casual browser strolls by. >> holiday sweaters, one more hour, 30% off today only. >> offer to let this guy try it, if he wants to try it. >> how much are these? >> normally online, $65, here they are $45, and i will take an additional five off, so 40 bucks. >> tell him he is more than welcome to try it on. >> you want to try it on? >> i think i will try it on. >> close him. >> i am just looking. >> you are just looking, that is okay. >> reporter: actually, it's not okay. steven needs another sale, so our shark uses the other customer as bait. >> point out the fact that these other women just bought a suit. your best sales person is another customer. ask the woman to turn around and tell him how great it is. >> can you turn around and tell the guy how fantastic it is? >> this guy right here? i am swimming in this loveliness right now. >> sir, how can i make you look fabulous for christmas. >> how can i make you look fabulous for christmas. >> reporter: the tactics pay off. our bearded friend bites. >> okay, i am just going to get these two. >> reporter: and the admiring
10:20 pm
females do too. all in all a good round for steven. thank you guys so much. have a great day. >> reporter: what were your impressions? >> theory is one thing, the real world is a different thing. it's tough. >> all right, let's go back and talk to them. >> yeah, let's do it. >> hi, guys. >> hi, guys. >> in your own clothes. >> yeah, you guys clean up well. >> thought we'd give you some feedback. but, there can only be one winner. lauren, i thought, you have a natural quality about you that makes you very endearing. you tend to get a little discouraged every now and then. >> what about brittany? >> i think you had a great attitude. if you were frustrated, you never really showed it. steven, you took somebody who had no interest and converted them into a sale. so, congratulations. >> like we said, there can only be winner. >> well, we spared no expense here with this trophy. >> yeah, yeah.
10:21 pm
here we go, the winner, britney. >> $425 in sales in a half hour. not bad. >> reporter: so maybe our shark was right -- great salespeople aren't born, they're made. >> if i had to tell you one key to success, it's mastering sales. if you can master sales, everything will be easy for the rest of your life. >> the question tonight, have the sales tricks ever worked on you? >> david and i are on facebook and twitter throughout the show. let us know. #abc2020. we'll be right back. >> next thatry knocking on the door. the hard sailsmen but the sale can be truly alarming. >> you don't make any money. gro to mcdonald's. >> well the sell game continues. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down.
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the sell game continues on "20/20." here is brian ross. >> reporter: a quiet neighborhood on the north side of chicago. and on this day, a stranger
10:26 pm
comes knocking, a door to door salesman. what the salesman does not know, inside, the house is rigged with hidden cameras, part of a "20/20" investigation into the hard sale tactics of door to door sales of home alarm systems. >> the door to door sales is fraught with problems and this industry has enormous problems. windchill watch this video of a training video. his name is adam shantz. he is says everyone is fair game, even those with signs that
10:27 pm
say no solasoliciting. . why? >> they are easy, he says. among the top closers, this man, jake dahl. he is considered so good, he has taught training classes for several companies. one of them caught on this tape obtained by "20/20." using a trainee as a straight man as he acts out how to first get in the door. starting out with a lie who he works for. >> and this man used to work with hahl. >> they can trick you out and change your mind.
10:28 pm
>> he is coming forward on "20/20" after a falling out. to reveal what he calls the hard sale tactics by the sales people who give the industry a bad name stlanchts adp. >> i knock here for sure. >> start with homes that have alarm systems by big companies like adt. >> if it's older sign, it's a juicy sign. >> to find out when the system was with installed and pretend to be from adt or ge. >> it's a target there. >> it's called the take over for swimp over. >> i saw you using one of our systems from adt. >> reporter: as taught by this master salesman, the customer is led to believe it's just an upgrade of an existing adt
10:29 pm
system with new monitoring equipment. >> wait, so i'm switching companies, right? >> it's just a monitoring company. >> reporter: no. in fact, it would be an entirely new company with a five year contract. >> i'll do it for free. >> reporter: not free at all. the total cost could be about $3,000 over five years. adt is suing the company. but atd, the biggest of the home security systems, says thousands have been stolen away. >> this is the worst we have seen this year. lying and swindling people into switching, unknowingly switching their monitoring company. >> reporter: adt's general counsel david bleisch says his company too uses door to door sales people. but he is going after those who lie and cheat. he paid ben kirk $2,500 for this video. >> it was a real eye-opener when
10:30 pm
i saw it. >> that man from florida. >> he said, we are upgrading the key pads. and it sounded like he was adt. >> reporter: he says when he realized he was signing a five-year contract, it was not adt and he didn't raise the issue for several weeks. >> it felt like i had been had. >> they said there was no effort toment mislead him. and vision settled for more than $2 million and blamed any problems on rogue sales people. when we showed up, the bosses and the sales people accuse offed on deception was nowhere to be found. but there was a sign that it was
10:31 pm
accredited by the better business the bureau. and the companies that have "d" or "f" grades. >> you should be honest, you are going to people's door. >> and in big city us, any trick of the trade to get in the door is the use of scare tactics. >> due to an increase in burglaries in the area, adt will be giving you a free home security system. >> it sounded like a good offer. but it wasn't. >> that is not adt. that is not the adt district sign. >> and the people doing it picked the wrong home to target. the home of our consumer reporter e the abc news fixer stephanie zimmerman and we set up hidden cam troos catch it on tape. >> there is one hidden ahead and one in a shopping back and one
10:32 pm
is leer in a water bottle. >> once the adt sales person arrived, robert hall. he announced he is not from adt. so what about the phone calls saying adt does womaning to the door. he said that call was someone else. >> adt will be giving you a free adt home security alarm system. >> are you guys adt? >> no i'm not adt. >> then he said he can provide an adt system if he wanted. >> if you want that, question do that for you. adt says he is not a dealer could not offer the system. >> how you doing? >> brian ross, abc news, "20/20." we are doinging a story about people like yourself. this woman was contacted on behalf of adt. you would v just told her you
10:33 pm
can an adt system. >> would you please allow me to answer the question? >> are you an adt dealer? can i finish what i'm saying. can i get a drink of water. i'm having a little trouble speaking. turns thut he owns his own home security. choice home protection. he says he has a friend who is an adt dealer, giving zimmerman's name. sharing leads. >> it's possible from leads to be transferred from one company to another. it's pretty standard. >> adt says that is not supposed to happen and fired the dealer who shared the names from pro vided by hall. hall says he is a victim of acts of others. whoever is responsible for getting him in the door, the tackics did flot work on this day. next, we're going car shopping under cover.
10:34 pm
you know them from their ads but do the car max sales men tell you everything you need to me? >> we are actually with "20/20"? >> oh, good. >> not for long. when the sell game returns. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet... that it was damaging the enamel. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helping me lead the life that i want to live.
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as an offer on the table from lori and robert for $150,000 for 30% of mensch on a bench, but barbara may outdo their offer. i'm gonna give you $150,000 for 20%. that's a lot better. i don't need your guarantees.
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now, we all know the reputations of some used carmen, getting the lemons off the lot as fast as you can. but there is a dealer called car max who will take the guess work on whether or not you are getting a safe, new car. tonight, "20/20" to see if the chains deliver what they promise. >> reporter: "20/20" is going undercover for a used car shopping trip in connecticut. but we're not going into just any used car lot. this is carmax. >> there's a great place to find high quality cars without the hassle. >> reporter: in its ubiquitous commercials, carmax says it's transformed used car buying with no haggling over pricing.
10:39 pm
and most importantly, its vaunted 125 plus point inspection process that every car it sells goes through a rigorous evaluation to make sure you don't end up with a lemon. >> that's the car. >> reporter: lori macisaac of buena park, california says she fell hard for that carmax sales pitch, buying this sweet looking 2004 buick rainier last year. >> you thought you were getting a safe car. >> for sure. >> reporter: but just four months after driving off the lot, her beloved buick had a big problem -- -- it just wouldn't start. carmax blamed the battery and replaced it at her expense. but lori says the problem kept resurfacing. then, one day while pulling away from this intersection, lori says one of her wheels literally blew up, spewing metal all over the street. that must've been pretty scary for -- >> it was. because i didn't know what had happened. >> reporter: carmax refused to
10:40 pm
take the buick back, saying it was out of warranty and blamed her problems on wear and tear. so lori sued and paid a mechanic to inspect the vehicle. in this mechanic's opinion -- "this vehicle is unsafe to operate and will endanger the occupants due to prior collision damage." carmax strongly denied it was responsible for the buick's condition, saying it had met their "quality standards" and that any problems came from lori's "heavy use" of the vehicle. >> it passed their inspection, so you figure, it's good. >> reporter: and just listen to this former carmax service manager. mike sanchez says he noticed cases of problem vehicles that somehow slipped through that inspection process. in one instance, a customer complained that the steering wheel of his lexus had locked up. carmax took the vehicle back and says it was fixed by a lexus dealer before they resold it. but just six months later, the new owner complained of -- you guessed it -- a locking steering wheel. >> i couldn't believe it. putting the customer in a car
10:41 pm
that was unsafe would be wrong if i simply didn't say anything. >> reporter: sanchez alerted management about the lexus. weeks later, he was fired. in a lawsuit, he alleges that it was because he raised safety issues. carmax said it was because of prior poor performance and that no employee would ever be fired for "appropriately expressing concerns." the dispute is heading to arbitration. >> i had integrity. and it hurt me that the company would just not care about that. >> reporter: so, what do carmax salespeople tell your average customer about the cars on their lots? to find out, we visited a carmax dealership in hartford, connecticut. this mini cooper sitting on the showroom floor certainly looks immaculate. but like any car buyer we want to make sure it hadn't been in a bad accident, which can cause a vehicle's resale value to plummet. >> all the cars you see out here are all ready to go home. >> so what does that mean, no accidents? >> it doesn't mean that. i could show you on the computer
10:42 pm
the history report whether it's had an accident or not. >> reporter: carmax offers vehicle history reports to all its customers, using a commercial database. the salesman runs a search on the mini and it comes up smelling like roses. >> no accidents. even if it did have an accident, which it does not, we guarantee there is no frame damage on that vehicle or any vehicle we sell. >> reporter: sounds good. but we run a search of the mini's history on a different service than the one carmax uses. it showed the car was involved in an accident that was bad enough that a body shop reported that it repaired structural damage. at another carmax lot in east haven, connecticut, this salesman checks the database they use on a honda crz and it comes up clean. >> no accidents. >> reporter: that's right, no accidents. you know, the kind that could set the airbags off. >> there's no air bags that went off. >> reporter: well, not exactly. another database revealed that the honda's airbag had gone off
10:43 pm
after an accident and the vehicle had to be towed from the scene. e. >> another big recall, 3 million cars. >> reporter: now, there's a lot of alarming news these days about safety recalls, so you might wonder how car max deals with these vehicles. well, we got some reassuring news from that hartford salesman when we asked about this toyota camry. >> the major ones, the safety concerns, we can't even sell it until that's taken care of. we take care of any kind of safety concern prior to the car even being out here. >> reporter: but a check of a government database reveals that the carmax certified camry has three outstanding safety recalls on it, including one for a power switch that could overheat and melt, possibly resulting in a fire. and we find five other vehicles sitting on that lot that had unfixed safety recalls. despite what the salesman told us, carmax says it doesn't automatically fix recall vehicles before selling them, only if a customer requests it. carmax says it fully informs
10:44 pm
consumers about any open recalls and they can even look them up online through its website. so, we went back to hartford to ask that salesman why he told us all vehicles with safety recalls were repaired. >> oh, good! >> and last time we spoke with you, you told us that no car on this lot had any safety recalls. >> no. >> would it surprise you to see this? talking about resulting in fire, talking about increasing the risk of a crash. >> i couldn't comment on this. i'm not allowed to comment to this, but i know we just started a whole new process where we actually look these all up online. >> reporter: carmax refused to sit down for an interview, but said it was "absolutely unacceptable for an associate to misinform a customer about carmax's recall policy." we also asked the salesman about that mini cooper that he said was accident-free even though another database revealed it had
10:45 pm
repaired structural damage. >> i'm not a mechanic, you're not a mechanic. i didn't physically look at the car. >> reporter: carmax later told us it had that mini reinspected and found it had no outstanding structural problems. carmax added that while it uses a leading vehicle history provider, no accident database is complete and it trains its sales staff to disclose that to customers. but we never heard that disclosure from our salesmen. carmax also said the comments of the three employees shown in our report do not fairly represent its more than 20,000 associates. as for lori macisaac, believe it or not, she says she stale has to drive that blighted buick because she can't afford to buy a new vehicle. >> i have no choice. >> what do you say to people who might be looking for a car there?
10:46 pm
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now that little girl who is already becoming an internet sensation. a super seller who is not using tricks. in three dax you have plead her the most viewed "20/20" story in history. here is why. >> the name of my company is super business girl. now today i am seeking a $20 investment. i'm going to purchase the necessary tools i need to expand and grow my business. our mission is to recognize the true potential in every child. >> reporter: 11-year-old asia newson could sell dust to a desert. or detroit to itself. >> detroit is a wonderful place. it's been a lot of negative things on the news, but detroit
10:51 pm
is still a great place to start a business. i sell my candles here, like i make pretty good money. so. >> reporter: asia is co-founder and ceo of super business girl, a little company she runs with her parents selling homemade candles to buy clothes and food for needy children, as well as her own school supplies. were you always good at this kind of thing? >> i think so. since i was about 4 or 5 years old, always had, like the vibe, or little power ball that keeps me going. >> reporter: with her dad, michael, always nearby, we watched asia take her pitch on sidewalks, in markets and in city barbershops. >> one word to describe her. fearless! and effective. >> reporter: has she sold you
10:52 pm
anything? >> of course! she stole my heart! >> reporter: and not just his. >> the name of my business and smart girl business. >> good for you, darling! good for you. >> i'm trying to extend my business. >> how about a $100 bill, sweet heart? look at me, look at me. how's that. >> so good. >> here you go, sweet heart. >> her power pitch sealed with a kiss from a stranger. while spending time with asia i couldn't help wondering what she would do with the same "wolf of wall street" litmus test we showed you earlier. if you had to sell that pen to me, how would you go about doing that? >> okay. excuse me, sir, hi, how are you? >> reporter: good. >> well, i'm fantastic. my name is asia newson. and i'm known as detroit's youngest entrepreneur and i really need you to help me out with this $15 investment,
10:53 pm
and in return, i'll give you this beautiful, great pen. i mean, like, don't you have a notebook? you really need this. >> reporter: where's my wallet? you're good. so good that even when asia fails to close a deal -- she usually manages to keep a door open. >> we're actually hosting a bazaar that maybe you might be interested in selling your products? >> reporter: for cynics who might be thinking she's just running a glorified lemonade stand here, listen to these folks. >> you know, she really understands business concepts a lot better than most adults that i interact with. and it's just a natural thing. >> reporter: dave anderson, along with his partners mike ferlito, amanda lewan and brian davis own "bamboo detroit" a detroit incubator for start-ups and entrepeneurs. a year and a half ago, dave bought a candle from asia on the sidewalk, filmed their encounter, and raved about her sales technique to his partners. >> she came into bamboo and i'm like, how old are you?
10:54 pm
when i was 11 years old, i was playing with power rangers. and immediately i'm like, "let's do this. let's get on board." >> reporter: so now the company gives asia free space and internet support to develop her business and train other kids in the "art of the sale." >> they taught me a lot about, like, managing my money, how much money do i have to invest back into my business? >> reporter: bamboo detroit's staff even offered a few tips on how she might improve her celebrated sales pitch. >> like, sometimes i can be a little scripted. but, when i really add my personality and myself into it, like, excuse me, they're like, "oh, my god, how are you? sure, here's a billion." >> reporter: what are some of your dreams for super business girl? >> to have different business girl stores, you know n different places. like walt disney store. they can buy my super business
10:55 pm
girl merchandise. >> reporter: but not every sales pitch ends like a disney movie. sometimes the magic doesn't work. cold calls and cold shoulders are just part of the game. if you had to pinpoint what the sales people do wrong, what? >> they're not motivated enough. >> reporter: people give up? >> yes, people give up. opportunities can walk away like that. >> reporter: of course, childhood eventually walks away too. asia knows that, and seems to be preparing for the day. you know, you're so cute that, that makes the selling easier. >> well, a little bit, because as i'm getting older, it's not fading away, but just a little bit i have to step up my game, because it's not going away, but i don't know, like, fading just a little bit, just a little bit. >> reporter: where is it going? >> don't know. to other children that i'm teaching. >> reporter: they say even a candle can push back the darkness. well, asia's already a sold a lot of candles, and tonight, detroit's a little brighter for it. >> today i'm seeking a $14 investment.
10:56 pm
>> and that's what people call me. my baddy gets me right and i'm bona fide ♪ ♪ superbusiness girl >> you can see more about little asia and that incredible scene with the woman who gives her asia and that incredible scene with the woman who gives her we closed a big licensing deal with kurt s. adler. they are one of the largest importers and distributors of holiday decorations in the industry. you have to see this showroom. it's like willy wonka's chocolate factory meets christmas. come on. i mean, you are gonna love this thing. here it is. uh-huh.$1 i'mreally, but where's allays thyour stuff? i mean, you are gonna love this thing. you're looking at it. the hp stream. love this thing. hey, nice antlers. you've got all your photos? yeah! has tons of cloud storage, and onenote to sync lists straight from my phone. i've got lists... and lists... and it was under 200 bucks, even made my holiday card.
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so i guess you could make my holiday card? it was worth a shot. office 365 plus 1 terabyte of cloud storage free for one year. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪ -they want reliefsensitivity but they also want the other things that are available in toothpaste. new sensodyne complete protection is designed for sensitivity sufferers also delivering on the other attributes delivering a complete package. their speeches changed the world. today we have new challenges
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so unilever presents speeches for a brighter future. one in five children in america don't know where their next meal is coming from. a girl five years old... having to worry about going hungry. human dignity should not be a privilege. the enemy is hunger, not the hungry. help unilever and feeding america® end child hunger at ♪ >> that's our program tonight. here is a preview. >> is your life at all normal?
10:59 pm
>> no. >> what is the most abnormal? >> having a crowd swarm everywhere you go. >> what do you like the most? >> i'm in a ring master frame of mind. i like that. >> i have to ask you about the gap in your teeth. did you ever want to change that? >> i saw what i would look like. and i looked fine with it. but it wasn't me. >> is it true you write your book ones when you're drunk. >> you write drunk, edit sober. that is a hemingway quote. >> thanks so much for watching. i'm david muir. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. have a good night and a great weekend. >> they're paying tribute to the
11:00 pm
first female firefighters to die in the line of duty and "action news" helps a woman with her in the line of duty and "action news" helps a woman with her $1,000 water bill that's during thelove" event,re the subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> a family of fallen firefighter joyce craig arrived with a police escort and thus begins two days of tribute and grief and farewells.


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