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tv   Action News  ABC  December 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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service to others, and today, fallen philadelphia police fire fighter joyce craig was laid to rest as thousands lined the streets to honor her sacrifice. saturday night, i'm walter perez and the big story on "action news" is a final farewell for fallen fire fighter joyce craig. the 36 year-old decorated veteran was laid to rest during an emotional ceremony "action news" reporter annie mccormack was there. >> reporter: casket of fallen fire fighter joyce craig a arrived on top of engine number 64 draped with an american flag. today she received a posthumous promotion to lieutenant, and later full honors in the procession to her final resting placement hundreds came to sat the day's funeral, many stayed in the cold to watch the services, televised outside. >> come free, soon, high spirited, gutsy, and last one spongy. >> colleagues described craig who died early tuesday morning fighting a fire in west oak lane. highly decorated 11 year veteran received citations for
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heroism and suffered serious injury, earl any her career. she served at four fire stations and was one of 150 female officers in the philadelphia fire department. now, she's the the first philadelphia female fire fighter to die, in the line of duty. >> first time she got hurt on the job... i was mad at god that day. >> reporter: craig's family did not want to appear on camera, her brother spoke at five years old his sister knew her calling. she was a devoted mother of two children, a 16 year-old son and 16 month-old daughter. commissioner derek sawyer made a promise to them today. >> what i want you to know is just as i said earlier, joyce had two families, now you have two families. we are here for you. never forgot that. >> reporter: fire fighters from companies across the country paid their respects,
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including wilmington delaware fire chief anthony goode, he lost his father to fighting fires when he was just 16 too. he a said this to craig's sons this week. >> after all this passes over and you start to get back to be grounded again and i'll let you know what is going on because it is a long road. >> reporter: city plans on honor lieutenant craig with the memorial services, flags remain at half staff for at least 30 days. reporting from west oak lane, annie a mccormack for channel six "action news". for another look at this emotional ceremony, you can log on to six you will find a slide show, video of the touching tribute. emotional scene if atlantic city as america's heroes were remembered during this holiday season. wreath as cross america is a non-profit organization that donate wreath toss ensure that those who for the for the american military are not forgotten. today at the atlantic county veterans cemetery in mays landing, it is the first year that the ceremony was held
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at this location. and in gloucester township a community welcomed home a true local hero army specialist kevin holmes returned today from a nine month deployment in afghanistan. kevin's family and neighbors turnout to thank him for his service. camden county freeholder board also showed up to present him with the military service metal. sketch has been a solder now for three years. moving on to the accu weather forecast to day can be described as quiet but cold. what is in store for the rest of the weekend? meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with the answer, hi there, melissa. >> we were off to a relatively cool start across the the delaware and lehigh valleys. we had sunshine, sun giving way to partly cloudy sky for the the rest of the evening. it is 40 outside in philadelphia a. thirty in the poconos. thirty-eight in allentown. when you factor in the wind it feels like just 33 in the city at this hour. wind are sustained from 8 miles an hour in wildwood to up to 20 miles an hour in the poconos but you look at the the wind direction and they are coming in out of the northwest where you have a northwesterly component to the wind bringing in that cooler
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than average air. if you are stepping outside on the town tonight, we've got you covered. 7:00 p.m. 38 degrees. upper 30's at 8:00 tonight. we will stay in the upper 30's at 9:00 and 10:00 respectively. we have big changes on the way. we will get milder as we get into sunday and preview of the eagles forecast with the accu weather seven kay, walter. >> thanks, melissa. stay on top of the forecast, six, visit six forstrom tracker six radar, both hourly and seven day forecast, latest video from "action news" meteorologists and our collection of weather-related photos and videos. investigators from delaware county are searching for the cause of the fire, that killed a six two-year old woman today. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at the scene in chichester with new information about the victim, and how a community is coming together ken. >> reporter: this victim lived here with her daughter, husband and their five children, tonight father and his kids are still in the
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hospital recovering from injuries, caused by smoke inhalation, and burns. this home right here is boarded up, right now, as the fire marshall investigates the cause of this fire. this neighborhood, it is stepping up. this living room filled with clothes, toys and so much more is a neighborhood supporting their own after this raging and deadly fire here in lower chichester township delaware county. >> really smokey. i could hear all of the commotion and my thoughts was i know that there was children up there and i was just praying that they got the children out. >> reporter: it was around 7:30 saturday morning when a a fire broke out inside this home on the 100 block of fun filled avenue. this video captured by a resident. the mother shehara martin screamed for help while her husband work to save their children. five of them, ages eight, six, five, three, and one. >> apparently the kids were in
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the finished basement. he broke the door down, handed the kid to the neighbor. he sustained 10 percent burns. >> reporter: family members say grandmother, six two-year old dorris morgan who had multiple sclerosis was trap. she didn't make it out. but her daughter and her grandchildren did because of her son in law. >> he is a hero, he is. i mean, any parent in their right mind would save their children and no matter what happens to you you would save your children first. >> reporter: while family recovers from injuries and the loss, their community with the help of shawn bell and donna limbaugh spent the day, gathering necessities and gifts for this holiday season. it won't ease pain but neighbors say that it is a start. >> it warms my heart that there is so many people that come together at a time like this. >> reporter: red cross is also helping this family of seven, we have learned that the response has been so
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overwhelming, the lower chichester volunteer fire department is also now taking donations, the address, 1540 huddle will avenue. you can find that information on our web site at six and my "action news" facebook page. reporting live from lower chichester township, kenneth moton for channel six "action news", walter. >> thank you, kenneth. investigators in delaware are searching for the cause of the fire near wilmington that ended with 12 people without a place to live. fire broke out at 2:00 this morning, in the 2400 block of hammond place in kirkwood gardens. fire fighters arrived to find heavy flames and smoke inside the single story home. they say there were no working smoke detectors inside but everyone was able to escape among them were eight children and four adult who are now being helped out by the american red cross. home over in darby, delaware county was destroyed by fire overnight. crew where is called to the 100 block of north ninth street just before 5:00 a.m. five people inside escaped, unharmed, home next door was
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seriously damaged as well, no word yet how the whole thing started. the police detective whose home was recently lost to fire was surprised to day by his brothers and sisters in blue. a police motorcade joined santa claus and irish pub children's foundation to deliver a check and gift, to him rick township detective bernie morris. his home in lower pottsgrove was destroyed last week you may remember during a blaze allegedly started by his neighbor. the his family lost nearly everything, but holidays just around the corner. that is why the community is joining forces to help out. >> families together and we will get through you this. we lost property, that is it, but this is just what makes me feel good about what i do and my fellow brothers and sisters that i work with. >> donations were also made during last night's winter dance at pottsgrove middle school, all of which donated to the detective morris and his family. much more to come on "action news" tonight, you are never too little to get a visit from santa claus. we will shoal you the adorable
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events at one of our area's units. thousands marched the streets in the nation's capitol to change these protesters are sending. plus it is sunday night, eagles fans have been looking forward to all year, jeff skversky has preview of the birds match up with the birds when "action news" comes right back and i'll get a drink of water right now.
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you can see here tens of thousands office people, turnout in our nation's capitol to protest police brutality and racism. michael brown's family, and eric garner's mother were a among those in attendance. brown, of course, was killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri and garner died after being taken to the ground by a new york city police officer. protesters called for new legislation and for justice. that call was echoed during rally with is in locations, including boston and new york. well, clean up is underway
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in california, after several days of heavy rain, creates a whole lot of damage. for some though they simply don't necessity where to start. take a look at these homes in camrillo springs, 50 miles north of los angeles. homes are buried with heavy rocks, debris and, of course, in mud from mud slides. some areas received more than 5 inches of rain but it still only put a dent in the state's three-year long drought. deadline to enroll for health coverage to the affordable care act is two days away. enroll america and chariot companies sponsored a winter health resources fare at the gallery where they urged holiday shop tours sign up. customers have access to free consultations and financial counsel, along with free flu shots and medical screenings. santa claus and his elfs paid a visit to the tiny patients at cooper university hospital today. they brought gifts to babies, still too small and weak to go home for their first holiday. their parents and sibling where is treated to refreshments during today's
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party in the neonatal intensive care unit. lucky boys and girls had chance to shop with a cop in newark, delaware today. police department joined forces with k-mart to launch a a brand new program 17 children were each given $100 to spend on gifts for the holidays. they were each pared with the officer for big shopping spree, this program is designed to strengthen bond between police and the the community that they serve. still to come on "action news", the boys are back in town. eagles prior to take on the cowboys at the link and jeff is up next with the preview when "action news" comes right back.
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nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful home. well, okay, jeff skversky has a check on sports and how about those flyers. >> how about the flyers, looking better, sigh of relief for flyers fans, after a terrible road are trip and a
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terrible start to the season, the flyers need the the perfect storm to help get them back in the playoff conversation. that is where the hurricanes come into play today. the flyers try to catch fire, on this home stand. the flyers fans have not had a lot to smile about. they do today against carolina not even a minute in the game sean couturier, come on, come on, get in there. there you go. flyers jump out to a one to nothing lead. it does not end. later in the first they are flying down the ice, brayden schenn to wayne simmonds, shoots and scores, two to nothing flyers. simmonds with five goals in his last five games. in the second, they explode for three goals in five minutes. jake voracek, wide opened, voracek leads all of who can any points. then new kid on the block, scott lot on who scores his first goal what a reaction. flyers win five-one. back to back wins for the first time in over a month. it was such a blow out they were chanting eagles, down at the wells fargo center. speaking of, if there is a
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team that knows how to bounce back it is the eagles. they have not lost back to back games in more than a year. they cannot afford to let that streak come to an end tomorrow. not with first place on the line against dallas. here are the the cowboys and tony romo arriving in philadelphia in the last 20 minutes and the the eagles expect more of a fight from dallas then they did on thanksgiving. dimarco murray was held to season low 73 yards rushing and romo had one of the worst games of his season too. so stop these two again and you are sitting pretty? well, chip kelly says it is not that simple. >> not about one individual player, it is about the the team and defending them. i think if we focus our attention on murray and romo ape not worry about bryant and witten and in the worry about williams then those guys will beat you. >> they will put their best show out against us, you know, when we play them and we will be ready for what they have and we will bring our best
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game out as well so we can put ourselves in a situation we want to be in. >> much more on the birds, and boys on eagles game day kick off tomorrow morning at 11:30. we will get you set for the biggest game of the season. um-hmm, villanova without star quarterback john robert son today. he was a late scratch for their playoff game with the concussion he suffered last week. robert son just woke up this morning and didn't feel right. robertson's replacement chris pauloni lehigh valley native trying to lead them to a win over san houston state in the quarter final. he runs it in. villanova up by four. but were four to go in the game, sam houston state overstreet scores. villanova back down by three. former delaware coach casey cure minutes away from beating his form er rival final seconds nova can tie it. chris goth51-yard field goal. nova loses 34-31. they're limb nateed by san
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houston state and casey keeler. for just the third time in the the last 12 years, army/navy game is not in philadelphia. this classic rivalry down in baltimore today where navy wins for the the 13th straight time. seventeen-ten the final over army. college hoops, lasalle end their season, season long four game losing streak beating drexel by ten. they have won six games against their fellow city six schools. finally if you know anything about golf, the the word birdie pretty good. pretty good thing. in most cases. although, not here. take a look at this australian pga championship where this birdie, there you go, takes the ball, and he has had enough of this golf stuff. bird would later drop the ball when he realized he could not eat it. they get the ball back. does not matter. he did not i have good round and not a good tournament. >> do you play where it drops. >> he was a allowed to have a drop because of the bird. >> there you have it.
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thanks, jeff. up next tonight on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when we come right back.
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take a look at these images from hawaii where the flow from a volcano is making its way towards a high was way from the kilauea volcano. it is moving slowly but nothing in the path survives including grass and trees, of course. officials say the good news is it does not pose an immediate threat to neighboring communities. in threat about that around here, that is for sure.
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meteorologist melissa magee has the forecast and today was pretty cold. >> it was chilly. we had cooler than normal temperatures. we had some sun. sun giving way to partly cloudy skies. it does get milder for second half of the weekend as we are talking about eagles at least forecast at least. storm tracker six live double scan radar is showing us dry and quiet. no issues with precipitation. the it was cool. we had wind from the northwest, we will show you pictures outside, sky six live in hd is really gorgeous and festive shot of the river rink there at penns landing a lot of people are outside doing some skating. you want to grab an extra layer and have your coat on because these temperatures are on the cool side. high today in philadelphia climb up to just 42 degrees. 3 degrees shy of average. normal for us this time of the year is 45. record is 65. winds are coming out of the northwest and current air temperatures are in the lower 40's, upper 30's but when you factor in the wind chill along the i-95 corridor it feels like temperatures are in the 30's. thirty-three in the city.
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thirty-one current wind chill in the poconos and feels like 28 degrees outside in lancaster. here's satellite six with action radar. we've got a partly cloudy sky across our region but you do notice a few breaks in these clouds across areas of the virginia, and carolinas, we have high pressure to our south and west, that will work its way eastward and clear things out for the rest of our weekend. something to see, a sight to see up in the sky, the geminid meteor. the peak to see them will be later on tonight, best viewing conditions between midnight, closer to dawn, active moment you can see 120 meteors per hour. fast forward and we will show you the setup for us on sunday. high pressure over the the ohio valley works eastward. partly sunny. the light breeze. not bad. today's high temperature 42. tomorrow we will climb up to 47 degrees. then later sunday night we will head over to the link because eagles are up against the cowboys. kick off around 8:30. partly cloudy, chilly and calm. kick off temperature in the upper 30's. we will stay in the upper 30's once we get in the the fourth
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quarter. so it will be dry but on the chilly side heading over to watch the game. partly cloudy, that is call for accu weather, brisk and chilly, dropping down to 34 in the city. thirty-one in the suburbs. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, showing you tomorrow, sunny, milder, up to 47 degrees. monday, clouds and sunshine, near normal in at 46. on tuesday, it is mile. we will climb up to 50. a few afternoon showers are likely with hanukkah beginning at sundown. wednesday, breezy, mere normal. a high of 47 degrees. chilly breeze on thursday, 42. we will stay in the the lower 40's as we get into friday. a as we get in the start of next weekend on saturday it is mostly cloudy, high temperature of 41 degrees and there is likelihood we could find some rain showers, maybe some snow showers depending on the timing of this cold front that moves in, late on saturday, otherwise, walter, tomorrow we will look okay, we're dry and should than dry. >> sounds like december in the delaware valley. >> pretty much. >> thanks, melissa. finally tonight a special gathering for "action news"
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family that took place off the air today. six abc employees and families gathered in studio one for our children's holiday party. our reporters and anchors with all of those who worked with us behind the scenes, took part in this wonderful celebration. news director tom davis stopped by with his kids, as well to enjoy refreshments and all of the fun. whole day was capped off with a visit, there he is, with old saint nick. world news tonight is next here on "action news". don't in miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight and then we're back here tonight on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, and santa claus and the entire "action news" team, we will see you back here at 11:00 o'clock. i'm walter perez. >> ♪ skippy!!
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welcome to "world news tonight." monster storm. the record rain out west, mudslides swallowing homes. even a tornado. tonight, the race to clean up before the next drenching begins. breaking now. tens of thousands of protesters from coast to coast. >> i can't breathe! >> taking to the streets, some clashing with police and the moms right there leading the charge. emergency landing. flames bursting out of an engine. a hole in the wing. what caused the terrifying moments in the sky? and, drive through teller. a whole new kind of smash and grab. crooks looking for quick cash hauling off the entire atm. the new robbery on the rise this holiday season.


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