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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  December 14, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> "action news" is 2308ing two new developing stories overnight fire in germantown trapped residents on roof of the house and the blaze is being called suspicious. >> officers were taken to the hospital. >> and boys are back in town. eagles and cowboys tonight at the link. first place is on the line. >> first let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers and accuweather forecast. good morning, chris. >> good morning you to nydia unfortunately good weather later this evening and hopefully we'll pick up sunshine later this afternoon and temperatures shew moderate right now numbers are generally upper 30s, low 40s. pottstown, 40, 7:00 in the morning, quakertown 36, warrington 36, cents are city 39, chester 39, oxford 36, south and east glassboro showing 39. ewing 37, browns mills also
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showing 37 degrees. so it's chilly rights now. temperatures are actually above normal for this time of the year. satellite and radar showing well no shocker here, more clouds. unfortunately around the delaware valley and we continue to deal with coastal storm as it spins off the eastern sea board and this has been sitting here for days. actually day after day after day sitting and spiping wheels. this was actually same storm that barreled through here tuesday. brought heavy rain and pulled further north wednesday we picked up showers and thursday cold air got involved. we saw snow showers and friday and does still happening off the coast picking up clouds cover. now today it's working its way a little further out to sea. so eventually shew take that cloud cover along with it. we're expecting more in the way of sunshine here as the day wears on. accuweather says for today clouds, happening tough through lunchtime. 1bg. we'll finally pick up sunshine
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here. 44 by 3:00, we'll top out around 45. later this evening temperatures pull back through the loy 40s to upper 30s. hopefully we see that sunshine today and if we don't get it today we'll definitely get it together. more about that in the 7 day forecast in a bit. >> chris, thank you. >> and the action cam is live in frankford right now. police are investigating a crash involving a police van. you see the van right there. it ended with two officers in the hospital a car slammed into 16 district officer van as on its way to a call. plowed into abutment l train line 4500 block of frankford avenue. worst impact was on driver's side of the van. the officer were transported for treatment at around:30 this morning and listed in stable condition. investigators are talking to the driver of the car. >> we have a developing story out the germantown section of
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philadelphia. firefighters rescued four adults and baby from the roof of a back porch. they ended up there to escape what the homeowner sayss with a fire bombing. and the action cam was at the scene unit block of east coalser street when a 4-month-old girl was tape to the baps by a grandmother. investigators are calling this care suspicious. homeowner did not want to give us his full name but he said he was awakened from second floor bedroom by a big bang. and then ran down the steps to see the entrance of the house in flames. he believes the house was fire bombed and that it's connect todd two women and estranged boyfriend targeting homeowner house and his neighbor's house. >> this is over two women. and they fire bombed their house a week ago and now this week fire bombed mine. >> philadelphia fire marshall says there have recently been ten fire related incidents next
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door and red cross is finding temporary shelter for the residents. >> thousands said goodbye to a fallen hero. philadelphia firefighter joyce craig mother of two was laid to rest. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the story. >> the casket of fallen firefighter joyce craig arrived on top of engine 64 draped with american flag and received posthumous promotion to lieutenant and full honors to her procession of the final resting place. many stayed in the cold to watch the service televised outside. >> and frayed, tough, high-spirited, gutsy and last one spunky. >> inside colleagues described craig who died early tuesday morning while fighting a fire in west oak lane highly decorated 11 year veteran received citations for heroism and received injury early in her career. officers in the philadelphia fire department and now she's
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the first philadelphia female fire fight to die in the line ever duty. >> the first time she got hurt open the job was one of the last times n crying ] i was mad at god that day. >> craig's family did not want to the appear on camera her brother spoke of when she was 5 years oiled she knew her calling and devoted mother of two children, 16-year-old son and 16-month-old daughter. commissioner derrek sawyer made a promise to them today. >> what i want you to know is just as i said earlier yes joyce had two families, now you have two families. we are here for you. never for debt that. >> firefighters from company as cross the country paid their respects including wilmington, delaware fire chief anthony good. good lost his father to fighting fires when he was 16, too, she
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said this to cais's son this week. >> once this passes over and you start to feel back and get grounded again i'll talk you to and let you know what is going on it's a long row road. >> the city plans to honor craig with a memorial service. flags remain at half staff across the city for 30 days. reporting in west oak lane, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news". >> a septa train crashed into a car in montgomery couldn't question, 16 people on the train when it hit a scar last ban donned on the tracks in conshohocken. it was pushed two problems. septa says everyone is all right. passengers were sent to set shuttle bussed to center city. no word who left the car open the tracks. >> 5, 30, 15, 10, 5, nldz for touchdown, shady mccoy. >> there's been a lot of games over years played for the dallas cowboys on thanksgiving day. and i don't know they ever
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absorbed this kind of licking from the beginning to end. thanksgiving demolition from dal ais is in the rearview mish offer. with three weeks left to secure playoff spots those teams are looking forward not back. >> biggest game to date here and you know we need this man we have i think a great team to compete with the best and we go ahead and prove that and win this game. >> the only thing new this week is that obviously the game plan from last time is fresh in your head still. really ever team in the league especially players, coaches may be different. but all the players and everybody they operate on a week by week basis. >> this is another game. if you take out all the outside factors and get down to gist of things that's all it is another game. and we have to go out there and
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act as such. >> cowboys arrive in town undefeated on the road. >> i don't think our football team played as well as we're capable last time we played them and i think guys will be ready to go. takes good football team wear playing against and ultimately we have to play better than in that game. >> they're an outstanding team. wex cope. be prepared who you go against 'group like that you have to bring your a-game. >> they're looking to handle sick home loss after step straight whipped. ducis promers, jamie apody and wrev jeff will tweet live for today's game as they do for every eagled game. "action news" wants to hear if you before, during and after the
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game. >> philadelphia youth football team comes home today sporting cham peepship trophy. raiders had dream come true disneyworld. they won their first ever pop warper super bol. they beat the cop con team 6-6. norm wepingt. norm west will have a celebration at into today 1100 east cheltenham. >> there's a lot more to come on "action news" surprised morning. >> two philadelphia police officers injured in a crash. >> a family devastated by fire and community now rallying behind them. hear from that and a man that helped rescue children with the flames after debately cop fpt aces. >> it's about a role beake around the delaware valley aix
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warm-up on the way. we can see the 50s several times this week. details with accuweather when we this week. details with accuweather when we come right is heavy rains triggered mudd
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slides during one of the worst storms in a decade. crew he's to dig out an scav vaiter that got buried by the mudd. >> thankfully nothing like that in our area. >> we just want the sun. >> if you were someone that woke up after 10:00 in the morning you did not see any sun. hopefully we'll see a little today. let's go live on sky6. i feel confident we will. there's a few of camden wanter front. shades of gray. clouds cover holding stuff. winds shift late morning hours and first part of afternoon and skies open autopsy a bit.
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40 in philadelphia. dewpoint 9, winds out of north, northwest miles an hour. just rating under 0". >> reading 41. trenton 37, millville 34. wilmington and dover is. >> feels cooler than actual air temperatures but not much. feels like 32 philadelphia, 31 wilmington and trenton and feels like 35 allentown. satellite and radar there's that area of low pressure spinning wheels off the coast of maybe maine we're starting to pick up holes in the cloud ever to have to the keingt. that's vieer hair orking it's way in from the north. pattern completesly shifts monday, tuesday, wednesday. if you look closely you can clearly see what's going on. follow the clouds going up and around just like that.
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underneath that is a nice little slug of mild air. especially when you take the numbers and you compare them to the normals. we're lord sitting at 355 degrees right now in omaha. 57 wichita and 57 dallas all these are 10 to 15 above average this time of year and that air mass charging east and shew hit eastern sea board monday thiingt in to tuesday and temperatures here 5 to 10 above average. forecast map look look this. high pressure in control. pacific high this around. mild air associated with this. sun and clouds rater on after a lot of clouds in the morning and get into monday and monday mostly sunny and cloud building late in the arch. as this storm system here this approaches west it will ride the spine of appalachians and since riding by north there's no cold air involved we'll see rain. morning clouds again for the
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lehigh valley cooler milder than yesterday. partly sunny. stay chilly, 44 is for called high for allentown atlantic city and shore points 4, milder, morning clouds giving way to sunshine during the afternoon. for philadelphia, 456789 morning clouds, some afternoon sun expected. winds out of north, northwest at 5 to 15 mails app hour and overnight tonight cloudy and cold and not as gold as what eve seen the last several nights, 28 north and west and 34 sent irp citych the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 45 td, 47 monday and tuesday up to 48. >> there's several forecasts monday, tuesday, wednesday all in the 50s. we'll see how they plays out. either way milder by the time we get to this week. again rain late tuesday, sun and clouds wednesday. thursday, sunshine expected chilly out there as cold front pulls through down to 42. things get interesting again next week.
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coastal storm develops. question is the track. that's a question aall these coastal storms there's a little more in the way of cold air involved and this time around could go i'm are way. looking at rain but weern suburbs will be more than that. >> santa lost home his ma'amic play the crew visited families and collected donations and reminded everyone about the importance of fire safety this importance of fire safety this time of
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>> 20 children and six educators were killed when adam lambert
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open fired on the school. he later shot and killed himself. the up to of newtown is not planning hold a public remembrance but it is looking at plans for a permanent memorial for the victims of the shooting. a new school is under construction. the original building that housed sandy hook elementary was torn down shortly after the shootings. >> two convicted murderers on the run after escaping from alabama prison. marshalls tracked down a third inmate briefly after the jail break. trio use add i household clean to get away. marcus, jamal and justin were cell mates one goon scream saying the other was sick when the guard opened the cell door one took off and the other two sprayed the guard's face with lysol. gordon in jail for robbery is now facing additional charges trying to escape. authorities are searching for woodrd ward and kol bert they
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were both spending time for murder. >> out of alabama they'll have more on the sdmaip report ahead 8:00. >> deadline to enroll for health coverage through affordable care act is tomorrow enroll america and khar yot companies spons order winter health resource and khar yot companies spons order winter health resource fair . in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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>> lots of cloud cover through lunchtime. through 1bg in the afternoon and increase in sunshine. temperatures warming up into the
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mid to upper 40s. all right. well there's not much going on. we're not going to do a travel forecast. it's queue eight cross the country. look what's happening on the west coast. they're getting pounded gulf of alaska will battle through and hit places like san francisco, portland, oregon, upstate, washington. no tropical connection. these are northern branch storms northern branch of jet streams so to pick up the rainfall totals we've been seeing sim pressive. look about a week's worth of rain. this number here is more than this location picked up during the entire year. they picked this up in a week. nap amore than 7 and get a load of wind gusts some areas picks you up more than 10 miles an hour. slide mountain 112 and alpine meadows 109. we had miserable weather but it
7:24 am
pales in comparison of what is going on out west. >> cowboys and the birds clash at the linc. jeff skversky leads off with prime time pig sglin 'tis the stone beat up on the boys. eagles won last nine of ten games cowboys in the move. december and nfc east title last year. it's again on the line tonight at the linc. here's cowboy owner jerry jones signing owe graphs hopefully not for eagles fans last night. sdal as comes in town with the best road record. frk 6-0. chip kelly expects better fight later tonight after shutting them down on thanksgiving. >> it's not about one individual player it's about team depending them and i think if we put our sole focus and attention on romo and not worry about bript and witten and williams and other
7:25 am
guys and those guys will beat you they're talented at other position. >> flyers game such a blowout. they started eagles chance at the end of it. maybe it's time to get excited for the hockey team too. won two straight first time over a movement flyers fans yes finally happy as they beat up on carolina. five goals in five minute span. he has most points in all of hockey even scott long getting in on action first ever nhl goal. reaction 5-1 they have eight points in gave games. >> sixers looking for a win at home. they get jigy with it. tony rokin sixers up 18. largest lead of the year. they blow it. grizzlies come all the way back. up three, no time left. mike conley has a buzzer wow are you kidding me? they can't believe it we're going to over time. in ot sixers without a basket until the final seconds.
7:26 am
conley not having that problem. scores 22 of 36 points from the nourj quarter on. sixers lost 120-115 only neem nba without w at home. >> that's a gut wrenching loss. that's a fact. and i feel for those guys. >> perhaps sixers get first w at home against the boston celtics. that's it for sports, have a good day. >> there's a special gathering for "action news" family that took place off the air. 6abc employees and families enjoyed our annual children's holiday party. reporters and anchors and all those work with us behind the scenes took part in the celebration. tom davis stopped by with his kids to enjoy refreshments and the whole day capped off with nothing other than a visit from old saint nick. >> we want to see how you decked
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halls. if it's your house lighting up the block take a picture or short video and send it to us on twitter, instagram or vine using short video and send it to us on twitter, instagram or vine using #6abc lights and
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>> a delaware county family
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suffers a terrible loss in a fire and the community is offering to help. kenneth moton has the story ahead and new revelations open the sony hacking scandal and several big stars are caught in the middle and eagles look ahead to tonight's crucial show down against the cowboys.s look ahead it's 7:29. first outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast, hi, chris. >> good morning you to nydia. i want to see the sun at this point here. kind of feels like we moved and got to seattle with the cloud cover. they told me to pack it pretty but i don't see how. temperature wise chilly. hard to heat things up. today will be a chilly day compared to averages, 40 right now in philadelphia, trenton 37, allentown 39, poconos 3 1. lancaster 36. millville 34. again all these clouds thanks to nor'easter that slammed through here tuesday spinning off the coast. fortunately starting to wrap around milder air now out of the west. temperatures ranging anywhere
7:30 am
from 4 to 7 degrees milder than they were yesterday at this time and hopefully this afternoon drier air works its way in we'll start to see sunshine out here. at least that's the call from accuweather. we're expecting decent amount of sun later today. if you look at wider view on satellite map you can see the area of low pressure fairly close to the coast yesterday kicking back clouds cover. further out to sea today. i feel confident we'll see the sun later on. 38 by 9:00, 4 lunchtime and 3:00, had 44 and 6:00 down to 42 anticipating high of 45. sun will set at 4:37 this arch. what's ahead here. more sunshine. late this afternoon and especially monday, monday looks nice. feels a lot better. temperatures closing in on 50. then tuesday and wednesday highs probably will climb up into the 50s. nice moderating trend and i'll talk more about that and have important eagles forecast for you when i step back inside in a
7:31 am
bit, eva. >> thanks, chris, new this morning a philadelphia police van is mangled mess after a collision with a car that sent two officers to the hospital and the call for action cam was at the scene 4500 block of frankford avenue and the vap was on a call 3:15 this morning lights and eye sirens on with a war hit it. the officers are in stable condition and the person driving the car was not injured. also new this morning police are looking for the driver of a tree trimming truck. the driver is accused of slamming his vehicle into a parked car in new kals, delaware. the action cam was open the scene unit block cotter lane in coventry development of newcastle countsy and truck hit a cheverolet after advance 1:35 this morping and force of collision threw evidence to a house. the house received serious damage. >> they're trying to determine if it's safe to live in.
7:32 am
no reports of injuries. >> a family devastated this morning mourning their loved one that died in a fire and heroic actions of two men prev entered this tragedy from being worse. kenneth moton has more on their frantic moments and the community now lending a hand. >> the cause is under investigation and it appears this fire started in back of this home. that's also where those children and their grandmother were sleeping. >> smart phone video captured the intensity of this raging fire in lower chichester. not the chaos as a father tried to save five children and grandmother doris morgan. >> i raised to the scene because my brother called me an my sister called him and said mommy is stuck in the house and they can't get her out. >> morgan was living with multiple sclerosis and could not get out of her burning home 7:0 a.m. sdament. her daughter ran for help while her husband amad and neighbor nicholas wells rescued the dmrirn basement bedroom.
7:33 am
>> it's one of the things you can not get out of your head they look at the kids faces and look at her running round and fire shooting out the back. it's one of the worst things i've ever seen. >> children, ages 8, 6, 5, 3, and 1 suffered some injuries. their father severe burns. but everyone made it to safety except morgan. >> he risked his own life to save his kids' live and did his best to save my mother's life. i love and respect that man so much. >> but there's more to this story. eye few posted on social media and donations for fire viing items were delivered to lower chichester volunteer fire department. kloms and toys filled out his living room. >> it blows my heart that there's so many people that come together at a time like this. >> morgan's daughter and son are thankful for the support and lives of her grandchildren.
7:34 am
>> she would be happy, happy they were safe. they would rather herself go than let the kids go. >> family members say there was a space heatner this house. but again the cause is under investigation. that father amad martin is critical but stable. three out of his five children are ref covering at chose her chester this morning. to fund out how to donate head to our web site,, reporting in lower chichester township kenneth moton "channel 6 action news." >> across the nation tens 6 thousands of people took to the streets virsing their concerns about what they tall police brutality and racism. new york city protesters briefly shut down the brooklyn bridge snarling traffic. protesters included family members of people called by police officers throughout the years. two officers were assaulted in new york sits yain about a dozen people were arrested in boston. washington d.c. a marsh oops.
7:35 am
>> eric garner's mother what ain anticipatedence and brown was killed in fouring son if many energy garner died after taken to the ground in fork city officer. protesters called for new legislation and justice . >> there are new developments this weekend in the soapy hacking scandal. abc lyndsey janice has more. >> sony hackers strike again. the group behind a mass every cyberattack open the company releasing more stole ep e-mail and reportedly promising a large christmas gift that it says will "put sony pictures in the worst state " the latest stolen e-mails reportedly showed sony executives slamming leonardo dicaprio from pulling out of the job's film and making jokes of will smith's children. other recent revelations leaked scripts from new james bond film sector and copious notes try to improve it and other e-mails
7:36 am
reportedly revealing sewn didn't wish list tore all female leads in a new ghost busters movie. jennifer lawrence and emma stone at the top as well as executive as parentsly debating. >> it's truly a digital error disaster and it's one that shows no sign of stopping. , but among the revelations getting most attention documents reportedly showing oscar winner jennifer lawrence and amy adams costar reportedly learning less than costars on american husband. >> whatever i wasn't don't what talk about. >> and female executive at soapy making significantly less that her male counter park. >> there was a leak exchange that showed her and oscar winning producer scott rudeen making racial joykz about president obama pascal says she's reached out this many
7:37 am
civil rights leaders her remarks going to the white house. >> one sony executive whose e-mails were made public apologized for the contents and i think that's appropriate. >> that was lyndsey janice reporting, 7:37 the senate worked during a rare saturday night session and cleared peace aming of a 1.1 trillion spending time the bill passed a short time ago and president said he will find it. it reminds me of the federal government running through the year. department of homeland security through february. to force president obama to to roll back immigration reform. >> hated dallas cowboys are in unfriendly territory preparing to take on the eagles at the linc first place at stake. cowboys are unde fighted on the road. jeff skversky has more on the birds and boys. >> i've never been a hate guy. i don't hate anybody we ever played.
7:38 am
>> sorry eagles fans, chip kelly doesn't quite feel the same way about theal as cowboys that you do. >> that say wrong thing made more wrong since i sat here and to the date people hate dallas. >> kelly may not hate the cowboys, but he still wants to beat them. and beat them fair and square. >> i got utmost respect for them and i hope when we have an opportunity to play we play when they're at full strength and that's the best part about it true competitors go against it. >> like them or not eagles face a team looking for reconvenientth after birds beat upen the boys. with first place on the line it shew only add fuel to the fire between these arivltz. >> drivering out ever a facility there's people screaming about the dallas cowboys i got a feel for that. and it's great rivrlry.
7:39 am
>> get your hot chocolate and let's go. this rivalry is only going to heat up surprised night. jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news." >> still more to come on "action news" this sunday. barps foundation is celebrating works and influence of a painter. he has a close connection to museum founder 6abc loves the arts has that story ahead. >> sky6hd looking at battleship new jersey chris sowers is back >> sky6hd looking at battleship new jersey chris sowers is back with the
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>> 7th annual toe for tots toy drive that's a tongue twister is it not and don't forget the furry friends this holiday season workers and volunteers kept busy give a dog a bone he snrept king of prussia wrapping baskets treats, bones and blankets will be district todd local animal shelters and rescue to provide winter comfort for pets waiting to to be adomentd don't forget the colleagues. >> i did. >> you two were done the first week in december. >> nice. >> i knew right away what i was getting you guys. >> i better get cracking. >> sky6 shaded cape may. little sunshine peaking through.
7:43 am
generally clouds winning the battle this morning and seeing mainly cloudy skies throughout the morning hours. later this arch shew be a sdeents amount of sunshine. winds are in the process of shifting and that will start to dry everything out. 40 degrees in philadelphia, 37 trenton, 34 millville. wilmington 36 and dover also showing 36. satellite and radar if you look closely look towards the top of your screen you note a little bit of holes in the cloud cover if you will right up through here. see that. that's drier air finally starting to work its way south. it will get into the keystone state within the next couple hours probably after lunchtime or so making its way to philadelphia. again expecting clouds cover this morning more in the way of sun later this arch. as you start picking up darker shades blacker coverage that's drier air working its way in. that's the same form we've been dealing with all week long that was tuesday nor'easter that developed off the coast of
7:44 am
kloorls stone south carolina up the eastern seaboard and refuses to leave. by the time we get to tomorrow this little area of high pressure a rim is starting to build strong enough you to to bump low out sea and bring sunshine into the dell dl valley and milder temperatures we're lord sitting in 50s and 60s across the front range. look at dallas, 5, 55 omaha and bismarck not bad sitting at 30. this time of year they're in single dimming its or teens. this is a lot better up there. all this shifting over the next couple days. high pressure in control clouds this morning and sunshine later this arch overall temperature will be seasonable. we'll call it chilly but surpriseable. highs 45, 46, high starts to slide further out east off the coast. that will allow this storm to ride the spine of the appalachian taken will bring rain to the delaware valley as we get to tuesday arch and
7:45 am
actually you have to go out to the west. western great lakes to pick up air cold enough to support snow. everybody, chief land, pittsburgh, buffalo, toronto, ottawa, even these hours will pick up. >> 45 is the forecasted high today morning clouds and arch sun. and overnight tonight clouty and cold, 28. outlying suburbs for center city. if you head to link open financial field one of the good things you don't have to deal with there will be no windchill out. there nice, calm evening, partially cloudy, chilly, dealing with harsh whipped. kickoff temperature 39 degrees by 4th quarter down to 37. the exclusive accu wairming 7 day forecast nice and quiet. entire day is mice and quiet and milder and tuesday 48 and pennsylvania 52 she has monday,
7:46 am
tuesday and wednesday. >> little bit of wet weather tuesday evening. surprise and clouds, 52. thursday cold front pulls through with a cooler day: sunshine expected. friday increasing clouds, 40, then we get to saturday cloudy and colder high of 37. saturday night could be rain or snow. we'll see. >> not bad though. >> thanks, chris. >> holidays can be a fun time for families and time to make memories. there are holiday hazards that can ruin memorys in blink of an eye. this week's raising healthy kids erin o'hearn has healthy reminders. >> whether it's christmas, hanukkah and kwanzaa holidays bring welcomed khivrping during the routine. >> dr. charles hendren redic said if you have not had toddlers around in a long time it's time for safety check.
7:47 am
>> it's been shown study after study that when children visit a grandparents home they're one of the highest risks of getting poisoned. >> it's especially true children 1 to 4 years of aim drawn to brights or new things and explore their world through tasting. >> you can not teach them to avoid that. you can not say no, no, don't do that. is that the just doesn't register. it's part of their natural insglivrpingt if you take medications keep them in child resistant bottles out of reach and site and never leave alcohol even the little unattended. one adult size think could leave -- >> car keys can be swallowed. >> especially ones nickel or bigger lithium, ion batteries and higher voltage. >> a child who swal owes one may have chest discomfort.
7:48 am
difficulty spilling, or vomiting, laundry detergent pods are showing much as much. they are causing dire injuries. >>en including respiratory compression and a coma needing to be on vents later in icu. >> it's important to keep the poison hot line number 180021222 near every phone. it works around the clock anywhere in the u.s.. it works around the clock anywhere in the u.s.. i'm erin o'hearn, "channel 6 in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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>> the barnes foundation welcomes home one of the work's museum influential artists. david murphy has de nails 6abc loves the arts. >> lawrence foundation founder albert barnes and william blackens became friends at central high school in forth philadelphia blackenss goes on
7:51 am
to become a hugely influential artist and barnes his main patron. >> when barnes made money he recontacted blacken and invited him to take a trip to paris and buy him good paintings. >> barnes gave blackens 20,000 for the trip he equivalent of 500,000 today. >> blackens came back from paris with 33 paintings including some of the most important works in our collection. barnes kept many of them he was so excited about blackens purchases he wentz back to paris himself and began purchasing and that's the founding of our collection. >> plaqueens was not just connoisseur of fine art whale studying pennsylvania academy of fine arts he developed a style transending other artists of his time. >> one of the things easy to see from this exhibition is the evolution of blackens from a illustrator to a great modern painter. you can see him experimenting
7:52 am
with form and shape. >> blackens career spanned 5 decades and this is the first comprehensive survey of his work in nearly a half century with 90 major paintings and works on paper some on public view for the very first sglim barnes wanted people to use their own ideas and their own critical thinking to appreciate art. >> william blackens is on exhibits at the barnes through february and fortic goat to arts in philly horing for 6abc loves the arts i'm david murphy. >> barbara walters most fascinating people airs tonight at 9. >> it's final installment for bash rab walters. there's a person with a local time on the list see who it is there's a person with a local time on the list see who it is and who ranges number
7:53 am
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>> they're prom promising us a little sunshine this morning. >> we're hoping. >> maybe you want to dop ice skating today temperatures milder than yesterday. shooting for high of 45. we'll start out with cloud cover. increase the sun. hopefully as the day wears on and tomorrow sort ever the open site. start out with a lot of sun and increase cloudsas another system approaches late in the day on tuesday. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast speaking of 50s. up to 5 wednesday. we have been below average 8 or 9 straight days and the pattern shifts here and every day is finally above average and until next weekend with another system approaching could bring rain,
7:56 am
snow, temperatures back down into the 30s. >> all right. it happens. >> okay. >> thank you, chris. >> it's now 7:55 we're a few minutes away from saying good morning to good morning sglerk eva. nydia. come up we're leading with breaking news overnight. three inmates two charged with violent crimes escaping from county jail. how they got out. and massive manhunt this morning and also this morning there may be more to come from the massive ak hack attack at sony pictures. there's a new e-mail from the hackers promising a christmas gift can james bopt be latest victim here. and video now gone viral of a kissing cop transportation complete with mistletoe. we'll show you more on a busy morning on gma. >> you know who will have that next. >> chris sowers. >> "good morning america"
7:57 am
weekend is next on channel 6. "action news" continues a little later this morning. >> here are the stories we're working on for you. we'll have the latest open the investigation to a suspicious fire that september a woman and 4-month-old to the hospital. >> and new documents release from the investigation into the deadly shooting of unarmed teenager in furgeson missourien and chris sowers will have more open the accuweather forecast. for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and entire action tuesday news team i'm nydia han. have a good sunday. team i'm nydia han. have a good sunday. we'll see you at 9 a.m. klt skippy!!
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- jailbreak. the massive manhunt on right now for two accused killers and an armed robbery suspect. >> these individuals are extremely dangerous. >> how they fooled the guard into opening the jail cell and the cleaning supplies they used to help make their getaway out the front door 007 oh no. the sony hackers taking aim at the world's most famous superspy. >> name is bond. james bond. >> and how they're blowing his cover. the hackers' new threat of a christmas surprise. air scare. terrifying moments on a jam-packed passenger jet, the engine in flames, a hole in the wing, the pilot forced to make a daring landing.


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