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tv   Action News  ABC  December 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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situation is unfolding inside a cafe. >> and support for a family devastated in the wake of a deadly fire next on "action devastated in the wake of a deadly fire next on "action news."
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>> sunday night the big story on "action news" is breaking news out of sid nirks australia. >> a hostage situation inside a chocolates end up in sidz any. it all may be politicalty motivated. it's happening lindt cafe martin place up scale section of sidney armed police dreams surrounding cafe and evacuated area including u.s. embassy. police are called it armed incidents at this point. they won't confirm hostages. television footage shows several people inside with their hands in the air. workers following the developments in sidneyry shocked someone came and said evacuate them. >> shaken. >> imamounts from the scene show a black flag with white arabic lettering and it is yet confirmed it's linked to terrorism. >> a large part of downtown sidney remains locked down.
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we'll bring you updates as they become available j stay with "action news" on air and on-line as events unfolded in sit any. we'll have the latest on this developing story starting 4:30 a.m. find the latest at >> in other news tonight out pouring of support for a family in delaware county survived a devastating house fire. a grandmother suffering from ms was trapped inside and wills. "action news" reporter sken live in the satellite center with more, kenneth. >> walter this was lower chichester first fire death in more than 40 years. victims family members were not the only ones impacted and we seen that firsthand in the past 24 hours. >> it's been a busy time at lower chichester volunteer fire company and not for emergency calls. these firefighters emts, first restoppeders, sorting, folding
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and accepting donation force aa family of 7. they were left with clothes on their back after a fire destroyed their home saturday morning and killed their grandmother 62-year-old doris morgan. this small township's first fire take tallty cents er8ly 70s. >> nothing of this magnitude happened in this community for a long time. to see the community pull together and stabbed up to this family in need is great. >> morgans daughter says her five nieces and nephews are all out of the hospital but her brother-in-law and father of those children amad martin are recovering from a fire under investigation. he raised his life to save his kids. >> we're excited to try to tell his story you know. in the meantime he has to relax you know so he can get better. >> davar roomers was at the fire station to say thank you and she could not believe her eyes. rows of necessities, toys for
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holiday season, food for her sister's family. >> my heart is just going out to everyone i'm so amazed by the response that came through just like that. >> they came all over the tri-state to the show martin and children and parents they are not alone. >> it's very, very touching we felt strongly to come down here and help it family. >> and hooming r many overwhelmingly responded this call for help. many want todd give monetary donations for medical and housing expenses and tomorrow the family will set up a bank account as they continue to recover. reporting live in the satellite center, kenneth moton, "channel 6 action news." walter. >> thank you, keb edge. a 7-year-old boy from trenton is at children's hospital tonight after getting foot stuck ins later it happened 4:00 this afternoon oxford valley mall in langhorne. investigators tell "action news" the boy's right foot was injured and he was taken to st. mary medical septemberer at first and
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transferred to chop no word on his condition. >> it was a quiet weekend weather wise gray for liking we're hoping it turns around soon. may melissa. >> hi there, sarah, cloudy start both yesterday and today across the delaware and lehigh valleys despite temperatures above average today. currently coming in at 44 in philadelphia, poconos 33. sea isle city 43 and dover that hour. winds coming in out of the north, northwest. it factors in a wind chill. currently in philadelphia wind chill of 40. feels like 36 reading and 31 poconos below freezing mark and feels like 32 outside beach haven. here's satellite 6 and action radar clouds across much of the region and inversion layer at the surface. so it keeps clouds in place and relatively cooler air overhead as well. we'll talk what is ahead.
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into the week we go. clouds locked in with limingted clearing on the way. later tonight and into the day monday. temperatures early this week close to afternoon and we're tracking showers which bring our temperature below average once we get to the end ever the workweek. we'll talk about all the de sales. thank you, walter. >> liping for eagles and fans important game as birds and boys battle it out. this game is living up to hype. annie mccormick reports from south philadelphia along with eagles nation. >> everyone was hoping for a repeat of the thanksgiving day game. by first half fans were not too excited and by second half up there in the stands we could see them cheering again. fans packed chickie's and pete's. some anxious and confidence of tonight's gain. >> i think 31-0 eagles. >> i'm a little nervous a tack a lot of trash on facebook back
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and forth with the cowboys fans. >> this is biggest game if they get through here we're definitely going far in the playoffs. there's high stakes taken could get the eagles closer to the division that's a dream of the playoff. >> i think we'll make it. >> i think we'll make it. >> how far? good we have to win it. >> the game's late 8:30 kickoff meant more time for tailgating and tradition of eagles cowboys rivalry plus last home game of the regular season calls for special menus and lured fans from across the pound. >> we put our biggest and best tailgate together and we have to got a pig for the pigs we think they are. >> he cannot come to a game out tailgateing. back in the home fans opened per tonight the birds could beat the cowboys again just like thanksgiving night. >> it's not going to be thanks giving day by far but i think we
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win then we're going far. >> and some really optimistic fans say already they're buying tickets for arizona. reporting from the link. ab an, channel "action news". >> right now though in 4th quarter dal is up 5-27 stay tuned jeff skversky will have a full update in just minutes. >> and another philadelphia team is already celebrating a championship tonight. germantown northwest raiders received a warm welcome home today after whipping pop warner super bowl in or lavrnd owe this weekends. "action news" reporter chad pradelli reports. >> the northwest raiders returned to the recreation september were trophy in hand. they're the division one midgit national champions. they beat new version britain rayers from connecticut the game was televised on espn. norm west raiders rolled to awi.
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>> the 12 to 15 years this is a championship culmination of hard work and accomplishment they'll cherish the rest of their lives. >> game two, i made a field goal to put it over time. it was a great experience for the kids. it was a wonderful time. >> more to come on "action news" tonight james bond at center of real life international intrigue and hackers behind the massive soapy cyber hack may have discovered by the new bound
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movie. >> and mother nature puts on shooting stars over germany. >> "action news" comes right shooting stars over germany. >> "action news" comes right back. the holiday season is here,
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just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >> russian officials deny there was near air algerie crash with
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another jet. it nearly hit an sas scandinavian airliner but a russian general says it was operating in compliance with international rules and was more than 40 miles away. western countries say russia has increased presence in that region in the wake of the crisis over ukraine. controversy over the cia post 9/11 interrogation techniques continue to boil over on the sunday morning talk shows. jose rodriguez that headed the operations says the report be straiz intelligence officials and undermines trust for future residents and chaney also defended tactics and said he would athrough to happen again in a minute. >> quorked now for 13 years. we avoided another mass casualty against the united states we captured bin laden and senior guys. we're responsible for the attack on 9/11. >> critics and senator john mccain say harsh tactics were
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not responsible for tactics and koutser terrorism including death of osama bin lad ep. >> after weeks of silence bil cosby has spoken out he did not address specific allegations that he dpruingd and raped for than two dozen women since 196 0s in a brief phone interview with new york post cosby told reporter he only expects black media to uphold excellence journ 4reu68 gene in with neutral mind and praised wife cam he'll for holding up through the or deal with love and what he called the strength of womanhood. >> new details today about the massive sign area tack on sony pictures entertainment. producers of upcoming james bond movie acknowledged the screen play was among documents stolen movie called sector. produce rerz worried somebody that received the screen play may try to publish it and they warn copyright protected worldwide. there's speculation north korea may be behind at dak and
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officials there denied any involvement. >> santa helper made tracks through paris france today. thousands of runers dressed like chris kringle and took part in the santa 10 k city of light. mixed in with red, white, were christmas tree costumes snow man and one runner wearing a suit of armour. not to be out done another completed it running backwards. it's a lot of fun that serves as fundraiser for organizations dedicated for helping sick and injured children. >> still to come tonight on "action news" that nor'easter that hit us last week did a real number on vermont. and undate on the tens of thousands of people still without power. coming up. >> and meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come right
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it's time to bank human again. get debit cards on the spot, and no monthly fee checking with just a $100 minimum balance at td bank. america's most convenient bank. >> power cruz 2300 homes and businesses are still in the dark. that is down significantly from the hundred thousand and customers without service at the peak of the outages. nor east are that grazed our area puts a foot of heavy wet snow on the state causing the worst power outages there in years. >> moym melissa magee has the forecast and we're happy to report the sun comes out sometime in mar. >> we had clouds arounds tuesday. they're stick around straight through with a few breaks of
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sunshine that is the case monday afternoon as well. you can see dry and quiet across the region. although showing you the picture outside the action cam was outside earlier today we're giving you a shot of philadelphia museum of art. mostly cloudy and delaware and lehigh valleys and relatively calm winds aaas well. we'll show you the live lineup despite the cloud cover high of the is they 47. oovrm for us this time of year is 45 degrees. outside tonight you see winds sustained still out of the north, northwest direction. so that northwesterly wind helps knock down the clouds across our region. and because you have that northwesterly wind overhead feels like 40 in philadelphia and current air temperature is 44. feels like below the freezing mark in poconos feeling like 31
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and sea isle city windchill of 40. here's satellite 6 and action radar clouds across the region. ridge of high pressure over ohio valley and if you look at the region in the a whole lot of sunny breaks. typically when you talk about rinls of high pressure fair skies overhead and that's not the case. this is what we like to call dirty high because it brings in lots of clouds. also you have winds coming in out of the northwest. if you look to the north and wets of our region over kansas and great lakes we're locked number with the clouds and have inversion layer that traps clouds and traps relatively cooler air at the surface. we'll kiden out the picture here. we're tracking tuesday is a storm system currently coming out of the west monthing into central plain states this storm system is the same one responsible for the soaking rain of last week. this will be our weather maker as we get to tuesday. we'll time things out to you showing you as we go throughout
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the day monday you see mostly cloudy start to the day clouds break for sunshine limited clearing as we go throughout the afternoon hours monday and as we get to tuesday morning things cloud up quickly in advance ever the cold fronts we're tracking and 9:00 tuesday morning looks to be cloudy across the reen yovrp. as we get to 4:00 tuesday you can see moisture approaching and lasts first half of evening hours. not a lot of rainfall associated with this. tenth to half inch of rain. moisture things out once it works the way into the region. call from accuweather. cloudy, chilly, 6 a.m., 34, 35, 7 a.m. and 37, 8:00 athe morning. here's the forecast. clouds, sunshine, high temperature up to 46. not bad. near normal. tuesday, afternoon and evening showers with high temperature of 4. hanukkah beginning 39 by then. and in the wake of that though on thursday it's cooler and high
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temperature 42 lower 40s friday and below average and saturday you have to watch the coats closely a coastal storm bringing frain not snow. high temperatures in the 30s. meteorologist david murphy will have that coming up:30 in the morning. >> the shower reached an all peak and it was quite an active scene. for planet fairian and the industrial of shooting scars is believed to be intensifying ev year. >> up next on "action news" the eagles fighting a tough one tonight at lincoln financial field. >> jeff skversky as i look at playoff picture whether the birds win or lose when "action playoff picture whether the birds win or lose when "action news" comes right back.
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fell behind 21-0. and first for first place is on before eagles and cowboys kicked offer eagles saferty malcolm jenkins and des bryant nose to nose yelling at each other. take a look at this. brian bic pick back ab forth. ach the thanksgiving game bryant called eagles cheap and said they gave him busted lip career high 3 touchdowns over bratdly pletcher and eagles down 11 points late in the fourth and turned the ball over three times 17 point for dallas. zero offensive yards in the first and fell behind 21-0. if this game was not big enough eagles desperately need to beat dallas. eagle could not afford to lose night. packer in fumble in the
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end zone and fall 10-4 out of first place in the nfc north. et ing san francisco is playoff condition. marshawn lynch. seahawks win 17-7 knocking nineers out. seattle still endplay for number one overall seat. >> dallas needs -- eagles need to beats ballas right now. they will gik you out with two games to go. >> they will lookly need a win east or they risk not making playoffs. >> elsewhere pen charter matt ryan trying to get atlanta to play yovrz. he's going nowhere here. drilled to the ground against
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steelers. ryan never saw it coming. if you just come they still can't stop it. eight lanta losses 27-20. falcons fall out of first place. shears john a johnny football looks cold against cincinnati. how cold? only 80 yards picked off twice zero touchdowns blown out 30-0. >> still to come in sports. tampa and villanova and cole hamels sundays like he would not be willing to waive a new trade hamels sundays like he would not be willing to waive a new trade close and leave
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