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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 15, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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found dead. authorities then found more victims in lansdale and souderton and they're now in pennsburg hoping to catch the alleged gunman behind it all. >> "action news" has been following this breaking story all day long the our reporters are at all four scenes tonight. let's begin with "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist who is live tonight from pennsburg. sarah. >> reporter: rick, the swat teams are set up here on the block several of them. they seem to be taking a very active stance as if anything -- if anything could happen at any moment now. we're losing our light here but if you move -- look down the block you can see two armored vehicles there, a big tan one like a military vehicle and a smaller one, a black one, an armored swat vehicle. there's little doubt from this vantage point that they believe bradley stone is in the house they're focused on and they're doing all they can to get him to surrender. this morning swat teams shut down the street and surrounded this row home on pottstown
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avenue in pennsburg. they could be heard over blow horn yelling for 35-year-old bradley stone to come out. police had the place surrounded. >> bradley you're under arrest. come out now. >> reporter: in the hours to come, the swat team moved in toward the house, then retreated again and again. armored vehicles circled the block. one moved down the back alley and used a ram to take down the garage door. residents were forced to evacuate this woman and her child were escorted out by swat team members. pennsburg residents, many forced from their homes watched from the streets as police kept their sights set on a row home on their block. >> i've seen snipers over on the roof, two snipers they had on the roof. i seen the swat guys running around the buildings, you know. any one got too close they would yell, say you can't come around here, you got to get back. um, a couple -- couple bangs. i don't know what that was about but a couple bangs here and there. >> reporter: and those are
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likely those flash bangs aimed at incapacitating a person. now, the schools in this area were on will bedown for a short time but did dismiss on time. again, the swat team remains in position here. we'll continue to monitor the situation. live in pennsburg montgomery county, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news". >> let's switch live to reporter annie mccormick standing by in lower salford montgomery county where this manhunt began early this morning. annie. >> reporter: and rick, that's right, this is where police say it all began. now, at this point we do know the identity of the victim here. however, we're not releasing it. we are waiting for police. now, the big question tonight is why did this happen and many friends and neighbors are telling us this is all part of an ongoing custody dispute. >> i heard three or four gun shots and i heard the kids yelling saying mommy, no, no, mommy, no and he just said let's go we got to go. >> reporter: just were 4:00 a.m. the chilling sounds of gun shots and children's voices woke this neighbor who didn't want to be identified. police discovered the victim shot to death in the upstairs
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bedroom of this lower salford township apartment, bullet holes are seen outside. they believe her ex-husband brad william stone shot and killed her and took their two daughters following a custody dispute. the neighbors saw him moments after she heard shots and they briefly spoke. the girls were later found unharmed nearby but it appears stone allegedly continued his spree killing six people, all somehow related to his ex-wife. >> what was his demeanor. >> he was in a rush. when i asked him if everything was okay he was talking while getting in the car. he left after that. >> reporter: today his neighbors gathered and watched their friend carried out of her home. they tell us stone had issues stemming from serving the military and at times the victim feared for her safety. they describe her as an amazing mom. >> sad, sad some somebody can do this and traumatize the little girls. >> reporter: back out here live you can see police still
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remain on the scene. now, i did speak to the coworkers of the victim at gertrude hawk's chocolate store. they tell me they loved her and they will miss her. friends and neighbors tell me she has a fiancé. that fiancé has remained with police all day for his own safety. reporting live from lower salford township annie mccormick. >> david hennessey in souderton where police searched for any sign of the gunman there. david. >> reporter: monica, this is the home of relatives of the suspect through marriage, a couple and their two children. now the police are not making it clear how many bodies were found here in this house but we do know according to sources that a teenaged boy was airlifted to the hospital from here after a lengthy swat siege. >> we saw the snipers on the roof of our friend's house and then the flash bang went off so we had to go inside. >> reporter: police tactical units eighty two and a swat team converge on the house at penn and garfield at shortly after 8 o'clock this morning. they believed the suspect was hold up sin side after killing
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people at two other locations. nearby neighbors were evacuated others sheltered in place as the drama unfolded. >> i saw them climbing through a window back there on the house. they told me high to get out of the area and then another officer came you told me i was in the line of fire and i started videotaping over there where they were literally using the armored vehicle as like protection. >> reporter: police closed off a large area of town around the home. almost five hours after it started, they set off a flash bang. percussion bombs are used to startle a suspect as the swat team barges in. shortly after the bang a person was load need an ambulance and this swat vehicle left with what appears to be a wounded victim lying on the floor. that person was then loaded onto a hospital helicopter. sources tell us a teenaged boy was found in the house with a bullet wound to the head. neighbors say the couple who lives here are in their 30's and they have a 19-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. >> nice family. i mean, they didn't bother anybody but, you know -- so, i
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don't know. it's scary, so i hope they get the person who did it. >> reporter: now we're in the revealing the names of the victims found at this house. we can tell you though that the woman who lived here is the sister of the suspect's former wife who he killed earlier in the day. live in souderton, david henry, channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right david thank you. neighbors spoke to "action news" about what they heard this morning. reporter walter perez is in lansdale with that part of the story tonight the walterism rick we'll take you to the scene where the murder took place earlier this morning. you can see investigators still on the scene. meantime both of the victims remains just recently removed. we can only identify them right now as a 57-year-old woman and her 75-year-old mother pending family notification. both allegedly murdered by a former in law. neighbors along the 100 block of west fifth street say the sound they heard this morning
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was unmistakable. >> i heard a gun shot go off about 5 o'clock in the morning i heard emergency vehicles about 5:15. >> reporter: authorities arrived to tony confirm the cold blood murders of a 57-year-old woman and her 75-year-old mother and it turns out the victims are former in-laws of the suspect, 35-year-old brad stone now linked to a total of at least six murders since this morning. people who live in the area say it was common to see stone confronting his ex-wife outside her mother's home but no one thought it would come to this. >> they weren't getting along. i guess she didn't want anything -- when they start arguing with one other, i don't want you to have her, i don't want you to see her. i don't know if it was still going on at this time but there were custody battles. >> reporter: also on the scene was joyce gorman of hatfield who describes herself as close friends of the 75-year-old woman killed. she says based on conversations they had in the past, she knew in her heart right away that her dear friend was targeted. >> i saw it on the news at
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quarter after 6:00 this morning and it was right on the street where she lives and i tried to call her and i've been calling her for the past four hours. >> reporter: and of course sadly those phone calls were never returned. once again, several neighbors here telling us they witnessed heated exchanges between stone and his ex-wife regarding custody and visitation of their children. investigators confirm domestic issues seem to be at the heart of this case. reporting live from lansdale, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> thank you walter. recapping our big story, authorities are trying to capture this man 35-year-old bradley stone wanted for killing at least six people today in three montgomery county communities. it all began at 4:00 a.m. in lower salford where a woman was shot to death but authorities say more victims were found in lansdale and souderton. they're in pennsburg trying to catch stone. two children taken from the lower salford apartments are safe and sound. acquaint tans of the vehicle
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say it may from a long running custody dispute. our coverage continues on we were streaming live as the swat team moved into one of those locations. we've also posted pictures and video from the scene as all the events unfolded for you throughout the day. that's all on new details are emerging tonight about the deadly end to standoff in sydney australia. this was the scene as the surviving hostages ran from the lindt chocolate cafe. police entered the building after a 16 hour standoff. they discovered that two hostages as well as the gunmen were dead inside. four other hostages were also wounded. police in sydney say if they hadn't raided the cafe when they did they believe there would have been more lives lost. at 5:30 we'll have a live report with what we now know about the gunman responsible for it all. >> all right. time now for a check of our "action news" traffic report monday night. >> let's take it live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center.
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hey, matt. >> hey rick and monica. hope you had a nice weekend. >> very nice. >> good. i'm not complaining about the sunshine today. we're happy to see the sunshine but it gave us heavy sun glare delays this afternoon like right here on 95 southbound side from just past the airport through this point at ridley park down to 320. little bit heavier than normal because of that extra brightness out there earlier that we're not used to at this point. we also continue to search for the shooting suspect in pennsburg, so police are still out here blocking off portions of 29, 663, west fourth, dotts and pottstown avenue. you just really want to steer clear of the area. they've cleared the scene in souderton, everything reopened along penn avenue and police are still out there at the scene in lansdale along pierce street but traffic can get by there by west fifth. you're not getting by an accident scene in folsom atlantic county along 322, the black horse pike shut down at kings mill road by the valero and wawa. stay up on 73 or down on jackson road to get around that accident scene. we'll check it again rick and monica coming unin the next
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half hour. >> thank you sir. >> thanks matt. president obama stops in new jersey to thank local troops. "action news" is live with details of his visit next. cecily. >> it was sunny and relatively mild today but i'm tracking some rain moving in. all details on when in the accuweather forecast. rick. >> all right cecily. those stories and much more when "action news" at 5:00 comes right back. >> ♪ and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down.
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>> president obama was in new jersey today to thank troops >> president obama was in new service. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live at joint base mcguire-dix-lakehurst with more on his message to men and women who serve our country. >> reporter: the president told the crowd today the country is proud of our troops, we support our troops and the country can never say thank you enough. it was a message that seemed to resonate with the soldiers sailors and airmen here, some of whom have been deployed multiple times. several thousand service men and women gave the president a warm welcome to joint base dix mcguire lakehurst. the president came to say thank you to the troops for the sacrifices they and their family make.
5:15 pm
>> we can gather with family friends because you're willing to hug yours goodbye and step forward to serve. >> reporter: the president told the multi service crowd it should be proud of what's been accomplished in afghanistan as the united states presence there can comes to an end. >> you helped decimate the core al-qaeda leadership and delivery justice to osama bin laden. >> reporter: the president congratulated the troops for their role in fighting the ebola epidemic in africa. >> air lifting food and equipment and personnel, you have been out front ultimately we will have saved thousands of lives because of you. >> i really thought that was awesome especially in time for the holidays it's very aware when you actually get to meet your boss, like the big guy. i feel like that did a lot for the morale on base. >> being i served over iraq, missed my family, missed the birth of my child it was good to hear some good words. >> real good for him to come today and tell us finally after all 13 years of this, you know, going to afghanistan
5:16 pm
and all the places in middle east that we're about to all be out of there finally. >> reporter: governor christie was there in the audience along with members of new jersey's congressional delegation. some have been talking to the president and other officials about the planned phaseout of the bases fleet of refueling planes. there are concerns that could put the base at risk for closure. >> and the fact that we have three services jointly here of course as the only base in the country that has all three services is a testament to the efficiency, the efficacy and the strength that we can project globally. >> reporter: now the joint base is critical to new jersey. it provides 40,000 jobs, the second largest employer in the state and pumps $7 billion a year into the economy so as you can imagine officials will be doing everything they can including lobbying the president to keep it opened. live at the joint base, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> nora thank you. affordable housing for veterans was the focus of a special celebration and ground breaking in philadelphia this morning.
5:17 pm
a former factory building on east allegheny avenue will be renovated and converted into what will become the impact veterans family housing center. 26 rental units for low income veterans and their families. officials with the impact services corporation helped break ground this morning part part of a celebration in which impact has helped local families who need special support. >> amazing piece of american history on display in philadelphia. one of the original copies of the bill of rights was unveiled at the national constitution center. tom corbett was there for the ribbon cutting and there were special events all day. 100 students grades k through schools also got to witness it
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>> ♪ >> sony pictures asking the media not to share information that was stolen in a massive cyber attack against the company. cyber attack against the release of the film the interview released troves of private e-mails, scripts and other materials. some of it has put executives in an unflattering light. security experts believe the country of north korea is behind the attack. the film does mock that
5:21 pm
country's leader. yesterday lawyers for sony center a letter to several media companies informing them the company does not consent to the use of stolen material. >> local activists say the public should have a bigger role in deciding who holds key economic posts. they marched through center city calling for an open process in replacing local heads of the federal reserve. the marchers say that persons policy has a big impact on the local economy but is largely kept under wraps. one of the founders of the popular hair care line miss jessie's has died. tc branch started the line with her sister. the two ran a popular new york salon. miss jessie's natural hair care line is one of the first of its kind to be sold at target. her family has not released branch it was 45 years old.
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, meteorologist cecily tynan has been monitoring current conditions out there and there's some precipitation around the corner, hm? >> there is rain on the way tomorrow afternoon. today, though, welcome back sunshine. it was nice to see the sun again, the last day we had mostly sunny skies was sunday december 7th so we had a full week really stuck in the clouds but finally this afternoon all this cloud cover
5:25 pm
we had in the morning was thinning out and now we have pretty much clear conditions. however, there is a system on the way that will bring more clouds as we head into the overnight hours and it will bring us some rain for tomorrow. temperature-wise it was relatively mild today, 48 degrees the high in philadelphia. that's 3 degrees above normal. philadelphia currently 46, millville and allentown 40 degrees. wilmington 42. trenton 43. and trenton -- or reading i should say currently 40 degrees. temperatures across the country, you can see there is some warm air. cincinnati it's 49, saint louis it's 54, memphis 64 degrees and we will tap into temperatures in the 50's tomorrow ahead of this system. storm tracker 6 3-d double scan showing low pressure near kansas city. you can see all this moisture across the northern midwest. that will be missing us up to the north. however, i am tracking some rain that's developing across the tennessee valley and this is what will be moving in tomorrow and this will bring us some showers primarily in the afternoon and the evening hours.
5:26 pm
so, future tracker showing as we head through the overnight hours tomorrow morning 8 o'clock in the morning the clouds have returned for most our viewing area. in the afternoon around 1 o'clock we begin to see some showers breaking out in our far western suburbs. they'll be moving through in the evening but you can see very scattered. we're not looking at widespread heavy rain. it will continue, excuse me, until early wednesday morning. by 3 o'clock we will be drying out so really a quick hit of rain. the call from accuweather for tonight, it will begin to cloud up a little bit as we head through the overnight hours. clear this evening, 35 degrees the low in philadelphia. millville 29, allentown 29, wilmington 33 and trenton 31 degrees, so seasonably cool and the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow morning clouds and afternoon and evening showers, 50 degrees. hanukkah begins at sundown behind that system on wednesday it's breezy with limited sunshine, 52 degrees and the cool air arrives on thursday, blustery, 44 degrees. friday partly sunny, 43. on saturday 40 degrees.
5:27 pm
we cloud up ahead of a southern system that could bring us rain or snow on sunday. meteorologist melissa magee will talk more about that in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. until sunday though it's going to be pretty quiet. >> okay. >> thank you cecily. much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 our coverage of the montgomery county killings continues as efforts are under way to capture suspected gunman bradley stone. >> a terrifying siege in sydney australia comes to a dramatic end swat teams storming and hostages running for their lives. >> philadelphia zoo beaming with pride. cameras were rolling as the zoo's three lion cubs get to know their father for the first time. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking news coverage of the killing spree in montgomery continues tonight. the suspected gunman the man you see behind us is 35-year-old bradley stone. he is still on the run. >> authorities say this may have started officer a custody dispute between stone and his ex-wife. >> now it all started at 4:00 a.m. in a home in lower salford township today. there authorities found the body of a woman, stone's ex-wife. minutes later there was another 911 call about some shots fired inside a home in lansdale. two more people stone's exmother-in-law and her mother were also found dead.
5:30 pm
after that a third call came from a home in souderton where two more victims. were found and then just after 2:00 p.m., swat teams converged on stone's own house in pennsburg hoping to find him and stop him. >> let's head to "action news" reporter kenneth moton live outside the lower salford township police department in harleysville tonight with the latest on the manhunt. kenneth. >> reporter: rick, as we wait for police here to speak with the media, let me take you 10 miles north to a tense scene in pennsburg where swat teams surrounded a home at pottstown avenue and main street. police believe the suspected shooter bradley stone is in that house and we've heard them calling his name and using flash bangs. new information at this hour we're told stone is a marine reserveist who left the military in 2011 as a sergeant after he was injured. he served in iraq as an artillery man. today six dead, one injured and it's believed they're all
5:31 pm
related. the motive an angry ex-husband who police say went on a rampage. the deadly day in montgomery county started here in lower salford township with a mother found shot to death at pheasant run apartments on main street. the woman the exof suspected shooter 35-year-old bradley william stone and the mother of his two children. >> heard three or four gun shots and i heard the kids yelling saying mommy no, mommy no and he said let's go we got to gism the kids were later found safe but police say stone wasn't done driving to the homes of his ex's family to execute them. neighbors say stone's former 57-year-old mother-in-law and her 75-year-old mother were found dead around 4:30 on the 100 block of west fifth street in lansdale. it was common to see stone arguing with his ex-wife outher mother's home. >> they start arguing with one another. i want you to have her, i don't want you to see her. i don't know if it was still going on at this time but there were custody battles.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: hours later a standoff in souderton at the home of the suspect's exbrother-in-law at penn and garfield avenues. police moved in to find more people dead and a teenager suffering from a gun shot wound to the head but he was alive and rushed to the hospital. stone is a 35-year-old military vet who uses a cane and may be wearing green or sand colored fatigues. >> my kids in lockdown in school. >> reporter: what do you make of all this? >> it's scary 'cause it's so close to home. >> reporter: and pennsburg people around the scene have been told to stay inside, to lock their doors and call 911 if they see stone. again we're waiting for this update here at lower salford township police. reporting live in harleysville, kenneth moton channel6 "action news." >> kenneth thank you. we're streaming live as the swat team moved into one of those locations earlier today. we've also posted pictures and
5:33 pm
video from the scene as all the events unfolded throughout the afternoon. it's all right there right now at >> now to the latest on a deadly standoff inside a cafe in downtown sydney australia. the 16 hour siege came to an end just after 2:00 a.m. sidney time. terrified hostages sprinterd to the safety of waiting police officers as swat teams moved in with flash bang grenades and guns drawn. when it was all over, three people including the suspected gunman were all dead. abc's karen travelers is keeping up with the story live in washington, d.c. with the full story. karen. >> reporter: good evening sharrie. australian authorities say they heard gun shots and that's when they decided to storm inside that cafe. there were 17 people inside when man monis took them hostage. some were able to escape before the gunfire. others not so lucky. the dramatic nearly 16 hour
5:34 pm
standoff in sydney ended like this. in a hail of gunfire and flash bangs. three people dead including the lone gunman, four others injured. >> in the past 24 hours this city has been changed by a tragedy that none of us would have ever imagined. >> reporter: the incident began at about 9:30 local time monday morning in the heart of downtown sydney. the suspect identified as 50-year-old man monis taking over this cafe holding 17 people hostage. authorities say monis was a self proclaimed islamic sheikh an alleged sexual predator who was well known to them and he made headlines last year when pleaded guilty to sending angry hateful letters to their families of fallen service members. during the hostage two hostages seen through a window holding up a black flag showing a muslim profession of faith. some hostages were able to escape but just after 2:00
5:35 pm
a.m. local time -- >> there was a number of gun shots that were heard which caused officers to move straight to what we call mpa, an emergency action plan and that caused them to enter. >> reporter: incidents like this today in sydney raise obvious concerns about something similar happening here in the u.s. >> at any give time the fbi's tracking several dozen people who may have indicated an interest in carrying out an attack. >> reporter: australian authorities say this was an isolated incident. the act of one individual. reporting live from washington, karen travers channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> okay, karen, thank you. and world news tonight with david muir will have more on the sydney standoff including more about the suspected gunman and his history with authorities. you can watch that of course following "action news" at 6 o'clock. over to monica. >> all right, in other news the man accused of fatally beating a south jersey woman and dumping her body in the
5:36 pm
woods was officially charged today. prosecutors say 30-year-old miguel diaz killed 59-year-old susan johnson after they argued over money. detectives say johnson invited diaz and a woman who were homeless to stay with her during the holidays. johnson though had been planning to ask both of them to move out. her body was found in evesham township on friday. philadelphia police are looking for the sam man in three can kensington robberies last week. authorities say the man in this surveillance video used a gun to force clerks to hand over cash. he targeted the vanessa mini market on thursday and a grocery store on friday. no one was injured but if you see this man please contact police immediately. >> spelman college is the latest school to disorbit itself from bill cosby. the atlanta college has suspended its endowed professorship with cosby. officials say the program was supposed to generate positive attention but they say that's not possible now amid allegations he sexually
5:37 pm
assaulted more than two dozen women. cosby has denied the allegation. driver said he lost control when he swerved to avoid a advertisement he wasn't seriously hurt. so the packages wouldn't be delayed fedex sent other trucks to pick them up. this is typically fedex's busiest day of the year. >> time to see how traffic is rolling on a monday night. >> matt pelman standing by. looks like there's a backup behind you. 202 i suspect. >> you're sharp. i wonder what gave it away. 202 sitting at 27 minutes when it should be about 14. a lot of people trying to funnel down into that work zone southbound by 401 head towards the 30 bypass. this is pretty much normal but the sun glare did give us extra delays earlier this afternoon and during the overnight this week they're setting up a new traffic pattern in that ongoing work zone southbound around 401. watch out for that in the coming days.
5:38 pm
police in pennsburg still trying to arrest the suspect of today's shooting. a bunch of streets including portions of 29 and 663 and in folsom atlantic county we're still without the black horse pike, 322 because of a crash near kings mill road by the wawa. maybe stay up on 73 or jackson road to get around that. in wilmington still a protest going on around rodney square closing portions of fourth and king streets. gridlock in the area and plenty of detours on the dart buses. rick and monica back to you. >> thank you sir. philadelphia zoo celebrated some lion pride today in honor of the half birthdays of four new cubs. the zoo released this video of the kids metering their dad. the kids were entertained for a bit. the papa lion got a little irritated by all the toddler energy if you l eventually he just plopped down on the grass once the mom showed up to take over. letter her take care of them
5:39 pm
he said. [laughter] >> it is tiring work, that's for sure. >> no doubt. >> you're not lying. still on "action news tonight vandals target a fleet of state owned vehicles over the weekend leaving thousands of dollars of damage and we'll explained what happened. >> new jersey governor chris christie responds to a tweet lashing by philadelphia councilman during last night's eagles-cowboys game. melissa is in for adam tonight. hi there. >> hi mon today. currently in philadelphia we're currently at 46 degrees with the 50's to our south and west. milder air is working its way into our region before the cooldown comes. we'll talk about the details in the accuweather forecast. >> all right mel s speaking of the eagles jamie apody has more from the players and chip loss. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> here's a holiday greeting from one of our local troops serving overseas. >> ♪ >> hi i'm lieutenant commander jodi stationed at naval hospital okinawa. i would like to wish all my friends and family in
5:40 pm
wyomissing pennsylvania a happy holidays.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
>> a car crash in delaware county led to a gas leak in chester township this afternoon. this was the scene along the 2200 block of west ninth street just afternoon time.
5:43 pm
authorities say a car hit several gas meters causing one to leak. repair crews rushed to the scene and shut off the gas. no one was hurt. authorities in atlantic city say someone or a group of people vandalized three dozen state vehicles over the weekend. happened outside of the child protection permanency parking lot on kentucky and atlantic avenues. the rear tires were slashed on 36 cars causing several thousand dollars in damage. a guard is now posted outside the lot. a spokesperson for the department of children and family services says they are actively working on repairing the fleet and finding those responsible. >> new jersey governor chris christie says he's proud to be a dallas cowboys fan. despite the firestorm his actions ignited last night on social media. christie was spotted high fiving cowboys owner jerry jones after an eagles turnover last night at the linc. eagles fans immediately let out a wave of hate on twitter including philadelphia councilman jim can kenny his obscenity laced tweet accused christie of trying to score
5:44 pm
political points in texas for a 2016 presidential bid. >> i was annoyed. i was angry. i'm not apologizing for it ever. >> today on talk radio christie said he's never kept his team loyalty secret and that he would never change those loyalties to score points. >> all right, well, speaking of the eagles it's definitely a day to reflect after that loss last night to the boys. >> uh-huh. jamie apody live in the "action news" sports send with more. that was a tough one. >> it was guys. it wasn't a bad dream. the eagles really are on the outside of the playoffs looking in. hard to believe that this was a team that won nine of their first 12 games and now who knows what's going to happen but last night in a game that meant everything, the eagles came out super flat. got behind 21-nothing. somehow scored 24 unanswered to take a lead in the third quarter. lasted only five minutes. cowboys just executed better all game long. demarco murray bounced back against the team that held him to his worst performance of the year on thanksgiving.
5:45 pm
tony romo was a different quarterback than 17 days ago. dez bryant beat fletcher three times. mark sanchez turned the ball over. in the end eagles lost 38-27. more importantly lost control of their playoff destiny. today coach kelly says they're all accountable. >> good and bad at every position. i think we have to be more consistent overall when we -- we're not successful we own it and i think we owned it as a group right now. >> as upset as we are, you know, we can't have that zero woe is me attitude. nobody is going to feel sorry for you. and we got to bounce back just get this taste out of our mouth as soon as possible. >> not looking at the standings. i'm frustrated we let a game getaway from us. we knew going in this was very important and we got to get it done. >> as for quarterback chip kelly got an update from the doctors today. nick foles collarbone is not healed yet so he has been ruled out for washington.
5:46 pm
kelly said foles will be able to throw a bit more but he is not ready for contact just yet. we'll have much more on yesterday's loss and the road ahead on a special monday night edition of eagles game day final. join ducis rodgers and mike quick tonight at 11:35 p.m. right here on channel 6. the birds have to win their last two to have any spot at the playoffs. it starts with washington on saturday and redskins announced robert griffin, iii will start on saturday. eagles fans have to hope for the cowboys to lose one of their final two games. most likely that would be against the colts on sunday. now that became a much more likely scenario today when we learned demarco murray broke a bone in his hand last night hadn't surgery. he has s yet to be ruled out for zinn's game against understand miss but should he be unable to go the cowboys offense takes a huge hit. then again even if he does play you got to think his game will suffer not having the use of one hand. by the way we have 27 bones in
5:47 pm
each hand, did you know that? so a break in one measly one right here have any effect on a running back? who knows. 76ers about to give fans an early christmas gift a shiny turkish big man. he was the 53rd pick in the 2012 draft. despite being jetlagged he will be available to play against the celtic. let's see if he can lead the sixers to just their third win of the year. just what we wanted for christmas, big shrine knee turkish big man for the sixers. will he make a difference? we'll find out. >> thank you jamie. we'll find out. rhinos has died putting the big animals a step closer to extinction. the san diego zoo says its male rhino died probably of old age the he was 44. poachers hunted white rhinos to get horns for medicine. experts have never been able
5:48 pm
captivity. the zoo still has a female rhinoceros. what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! see why fios is rated number one in customer satisfaction and hd picture quality based on customer satisfaction studies. call today and make your house, the house. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> today is the last day to sign up for health insurance on the federal web site if you want coverage to start on january 1st. more than 1.3 million have already signed up or renewed their coverage on the web site but officials expect a sizable
5:51 pm
rush today ahead of the deadline. >> we're about to get wet but warm. so there's an upside. >> yeah, nice upside and today's upside was the fact that the sun came back after seven days of no show. >> finally. >> nice to see the sun. unfortunately it's not sticking around. storm tracker 6 live double dry right now. we're tracking some showers so ahead of the moisture the clouds will thicken up once again across the delaware and lehigh valley its. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier today looking at a gorgeous shot of penn's landing. you you can see the bright blue sky overhead. really comfortable conditions for the first day back to work. the high today in the city climbing up to 48 degrees. it's 3 degrees above average. average for this time of the year is 45 degrees and we have a nice mild trend for the first half of this week before these temperatures go below average once we close out the work week and get into the weekend. it's 46 outside in the city, 32 though in the poconos, 40 in allentown, the lehigh valley, sea isle city coming
5:52 pm
in at 42. lower 40's from beach haven down to the boardwalk and even on westward into areas in millville. satellite 6 along with action radar, clear and quiet skies across much of new england. clouds breaking up across our area. we'll widen out the picture. we're tracking an area of low pressure, the center of that storm system moving across northern sections of missouri also southern iowa and we have this trailing cold front. before the moisture arrives we're tapping into a warm front so tomorrow temperatures will be slightly above average but we are also tracking that precipitation. so future tracker 6 showing you 1 o'clock in the afternoon it is mostly cloudy once again and we are tracking those showers from a west-east direction so some light precipitation really breaking out for berks county close to reading also lancaster county and across kent and new castle counties in delaware. as we go into 7 o'clock tuesday you can see we still have light showers around. not a whole lot of precipitation with this as this moisture moves on through. it really starts to weaken and
5:53 pm
things out. we're at all for anywhere from a tenth of an inch in followed a third of an inch for areas north and west of town as we get into tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening. in the wake of that temperatures will get a little milder. so here's the setup for you on your tuesday. high pressure to our north and east. it's a cloudy start tomorrow with those afternoon showers as we're tracking this frontal boundary moving on through. so the high temperature in the city coming in at 50 degrees. for the middle half of our work week this moisture and the storm system lifts off to our north and east breaks the sunshine midweek and those winds out of the west and with that westerly wind we'll tap into milder air as you get that down sloping effect east of the appalachian chance. high temperature in the city then 52. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight it's clear early then turning cloudy dropping down to 35 in the city to 29 in the suburbs. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast on tuesday afternoon and evening showers on the way. high temperature up to 50. on wednesday, breezy with limited sunshine, 52. and then on thursday, blustery and colder, high temperature
5:54 pm
of 44 but wind chills will be in the 30's by the afternoon thursday. friday still below average and we're tracking a system as we get into the weekend. we're going to have to watch the coast closely for that but watch out for showers tomorrow, guys. >> melissa thank you. >> thank you. >> stay on top of changing winter weather on storm tracker 6 radar keeps tabs on weather moving through and you'll find the hourly and the seven-day forecasts. you can also watch the latest videos from our "action news" meteorologists. >> holiday party in juniata park helped police get to know some of the kids that they serve today. officers from the 24th district visited saint lucie day school for deaf and visual impairment. everybody mingled over food but the big attraction, a visit from santa and mrs. claus who made sure to listen to every child's wish mrs. claus who made sure to >> a woman celebrating quite a birthday gave a gift to the guests at her party today. miss ruth holler is 100 years old. friends at the main towers in newark threw her a big birthday bash to honor a century of living.
5:55 pm
ruth said her tips for a long 35 as well. she says she believed it was god's plan. she helped by eating right and staying away from cigarettes. there's always a sill very lining if you look for it. happy birthday. she looks great. >> ♪
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> our team coverage continues on the killing spree in montgomery county that left six people dead. jim gardner will have that. >> for all of us here at "action news" i'm rick williams. have a good evening. good night (vo) nourished. rescued.
5:58 pm
protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> it is monday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the desperate mission to capture and arrest the alleged killer of six people early today in montgomery county. tonight, police are staking out his house in pennsburg where law men think former marine, 35-year-old bradley william stone is holed up. law men say he went on a familial killing spree in three locations murdering his former wife in lower salford then killing members of her family in lansdale and souder to. it is obviously a fluid situation that has affected residential neighborhoods and schools. we are going now to harleysville where montgomery county district attorney risa vetri furman is talking to the media. >> events that took place in souderton took place first at approximately 3:30 in the morning.
6:00 pm
so while last discovered, first in time. and at this point we are searching for mr. stone. we are looking at some known locations and i know that members of the media are at different locations right now and aware of those searches and we're also reaching out to the public to see if anyone has sight of him. as we stand here right now, we do not know where he is. we are -- we do not have vehicle information. we actually recovered his vehicle and his personal cell phone. so we do not have information about how he might be traveling. in a release earlier today, we indicated that he does on occasion use a cane or a walker. he may or may not be using those devices. it's been indicated to us that it may not have been necessary so it's possible that if he is not in any of the locations where we are searching for him indoors and if he has escaped, he might be seen using a device or not. that's all we have for you


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