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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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first in time. and at this point we are searching for mr. stone. we are looking at some known locations and i know that members of the media are at different locations right now and aware of those searches and we're also reaching out to the public to see if anyone has sight of him. as we stand here right now, we do not know where he is. we are -- we do not have vehicle information. we actually recovered his vehicle and his personal cell phone. so we do not have information about how he might be traveling. in a release earlier today, we indicated that he does on occasion use a cane or a walker. he may or may not be using those devices. it's been indicated to us that it may not have been necessary so it's possible that if he is not in any of the locations where we are searching for him indoors and if he has escaped, he might be seen using a device or not. that's all we have for you right now.
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i'm not going to take any questions right now because we really do need to get back inside but i wanted to give you as much information as we can. so thank you all very much. >> risa vetri furman montgomery county district attorney talking to the media. we have this story covered sarah bloomquist is live in pennsburg annie mccormick is standing by in lower salford, walter perez is staked out in lansdale and david henry is live in souderton. sarah bloomquist let's begin with you. the thinking is that police are eventually going have to make a move against stone's house but we just heard risa vetri furman say they do not know where he is. >> reporter: jim, that's true but a very active situation here a tense situation all day long in pennsburg and we've been watching this swat team has been on the move, about a dozen swat team members went into a home here on the block, one they've been watching all throughout the day. there are reinforcements
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waiting in the wings on the side. we also watched as swat teams repositioned higher up on the street standing in the corners up and down this block. from our view, it sure seems as if they're treating this as if bradley stone is inside this home and they've been trying all day to get him to surrender. swat teams swarmed the row home with the flags out front here in the unit block of forth street in pennsburg early this morning. using bull horns they called out to 35-year-old bradley stone. police had him surrounded. >> bradley this is the police department. you're under arrest. come out now. >> reporter: again and again trained tactical teams moved in toward the house and retreated. several armored vehicles arrived on the scene, this one came down the alley. and using a ram brought down the garage door. stone is considered armed and dangerous. the former marine reservist left the marines in 2011 with the rank of sergeant after serving since 2002. he had won three months deployment to iraq shorter than the average six to seven
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month tour. here on his block in pennsburg neighbors couldn't tell us much about him. they were talking about their frightening morning when heavily armed swat teams escorted them to safety. >> i got a bang on my door around like 8:30, 9 o'clock. it was the swat team. they said that we all had to get out immediately, that there was a problem on the street, that it was unsafe to stay in your house. >> what do you make of all this? >> it's scary. it's scary 'cause it's so close to home. >> reporter: as we look back live its very dark down the street. now, the swat team moving in the shadows on fourth street and pennsburg. some officers did go inside the house. there are still a number of armored vehicles here on the block. schools in the area were on lockdown for a short time but did dismiss on time today. this is a very active situation, a tense situation. we will continue to monitor it. you can watch for developments here on air and online. live in pennsburg, montgomery
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county, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." jim. >> sarah thank you. let's switch live to "action news" reporter annie mccormick in lower salford township where police say bradley william stone killed his former wife and then fled with his two daughters. annie i know you're getting new information about stone's ex-wife. >> reporter: jim, that's right. this is the first crime scene according to police in that killing spree and friends now telling us that the victim here is nicole hill. many of them asking why did this happen tonight. some of them saying this is all over an ongoing custody dispute. >> heard three or four gun shots then i heard the kids yelling saying mommy, no, mommy, no and he just said let's go, we got to go. >> reporter: this neighbor who does not want to be identified spoke to us as she waited inside this police vehicle. she heard screams, then says she saw her neighbor's ex-husband fleeing with the couple's two daughters. the neighbor spoke to him through a window. >> i asked him was everything okay and i saw the kids and the kids' father exiting the
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house and they didn't have any coats on or anything. they just had their pajamas on and he just said we got to go. he was like she's hurt, she's hurt pretty bad. we have to leave. >> reporter: police say this man bradley william stone is the trigger man. police discovered his ex-wife nicole hill shot do death in the upstairs bedroom of this lower salford township apartment. bullet holes are seen outside. friends say the victim and her ex had an ongoing custody dispute. luckily their daughters were later found you know harmed nearby. but it appears stone allegedly continued his spree killing six people, all somehow related to his ex-wife. today his neighbors gathered and watched their friend carried out of her home. they tell us stone, a marine reservist had issues after serving some time in iraq and at time the victim feared for her safety. >> she was always out here with the kids smiling. my kids play with her kids and we've had pretty good relationship. she was a great neighbor. >> reporter: and nicole
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hill's coworkers and friends at gertrude hawk's chocolate telling me tonight that they love her and they will miss her immensely also telling me that she does have a feians. i'm hearing the fiancé has spent the day with police until the shooter is in custody. for now reporting live in lower salford township, annie mccorm make mcchannel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you annie. walter perez is live on the 100 block of west fifth street where stone went to kill his former mother-in-law and her mother. walter app parentally folks there have seen family friction involving stone before. >> reporter: that's right, jim several neighbors telling us they saw stone verbally attacking his wife right here outside her mother's house, the same house where the ex-wife's mother and grandmother were murdered. neighbors were horrified this evening as the bodies of a 57-year-old woman and her 75-year-old mother were removed from their home where they were murdered this morning. investigators tell us they were the former in laws of the
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suspect identified as 35-year-old brad stone. people who lived here say they often saw the suspect angrily confronting his ex-wife outside her mother's home. >> they weren't getting along. they start arguing with one another. i don't want to you have her, i don't want you to see her, you know. i don't know if it was still going on at this time but there were custody battles. >> reporter: stone is wanted for at least six murders, all of which took place today. among the first on the scene here in lansdale was joyce gorman who described herself as a close friend of the grandmother who was murdered. she says her instincts told her light away what happened as soon as the news broke on tv this morning. >> i was concerned when i can't goat a held of her. she usually calls me back. i spoke with her yesterday. >> reporter: back out live on the scene we have been cleared to gent if i the victims in lansdale. they're 75-year-old patricia hill and her 57 year old daughter joanne hill both
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murdered here today. reporting live from lansdale walter perez channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you walter. and officials have just said that the killing actually began this morning in souderton. "action news" reporter david henry is there tonight. david who were the victims, what exactly happened there? >> reporter: well, jim, we are now being told as you said that this was the first scene of this killing rampage but the last to be discovered. take a look behind me. this is the flick home in souderton. mrs. flick, tricia flick is the sister of the suspect's former wife. she lived here with her husband and two children anthony and nina. we are told that mr. and mrs. flick have been killed and along with their 14-year-old daughter but we're told also that their 19-year-old son anthony was flown to a hospital after an extended swat siege here. a long line of swat vehicles
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and tactical units rumbled through souderton and shortly after 8:00 this morning. they converged on this house at the corner of penn and garfield. this was where they thought the suspect had been holed up after killing four people at two other locations. at just before noon they sought off a flash bang to stun the suspect as the swat team rushed in. they quickly discovered he wasn't there. sources say they found a teenaged boy still alive with a gun shot to the head. this swat vehicle left shortly after the team went in. you can see what appears to be a wounded victim lying on the floor. it was taken to awaiting life flight helicopter. the couple who live here are in their 30's they have a 19-year-old son and 12 year old daughter. kendra lives across the street. >> nice family. they didn't bother anybody. i don't know. it's scary, so i hope they get the person who did it. >> reporter: everyone around
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here will rest easier when bradley stone is captured. for awhile the schools around here were in lockdown but when they cleared this scene >> sorry we lost that transmission. our coverage of the shooting continues on you can find pictures and video from all the crime scenes and continuous updates on this investigation. we will keep you informed. >> ♪ >> coming outpatient an news tonight air force one lands in new jersey. we have president barack obama's message to the troops during his visit today. former sportscaster don tollefson was supposed to be sentenced for a charity scam today but there was an unexpected turn of events in court. cecily. >> well, it was sunny and mild today but i'm tracking a system that will bring us some rain tomorrow. details on the timing in the accuweather forecast. >> and ducis rodgers with the
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day after for the philadelphia eagles. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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>> police in philadelphia shot and killed a man overnight in the mayfair section of the city. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at police headquarters tonight. vernon, what are the details on this story? >> reporter: a lot of them emerging so far jim. tonight the police department's homicide unit and its internal affairs division are probing this morning's shooting death of that motorist at the hands of a fellow cop. this is 26-year-old brandon tate brown who police say was shot and killed by an officer this morning during a traffic stop in mayfair.
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police say he was pulled over in this rental car with florida tags around 2:45 because he was driving without the headlights on. police say they observed a handgun on the console then ordered brown out of the car. >> once he exited the vehicle he began to struggle with the officers. at that point in time the male was able to break free from the officers forced his way back to the vehicle goes any other passenger side of the vehicle reaching into that had center console area where the gun was located. at that point in time one of our officers discharged striking the male one time in the head. >> reporter: police the .22 caliber handgun was stolen. brown police say did five and a half years in prison in connection with two aggravated assault and weapons cases that he was on parole and still on probation until 2017. brown's relatives are devastated. they say he had gone straight for more than three years and was now working for a rental car agency in bucks county. they do not believe the shooting was justified at all. noting that both officers involved had only 18 months experience each. >> somebody should have been
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there with some type of experience that maybe could have helped handle the situation differently instead of making my son a trayvon martin and a mike brown. >> i know they lied and they covered they own and they protect they own so we want to protect our own and they better do the right thing. they better. >> reporter: tonight police promise there will be no coverup or white wash in this case, that the chips will fall where they may in the death of brandon brown. live at police headquarters in center city, vernon odom channel6 "action news. >> vernon thank you. don tollefson is headed to trial. the former philadelphia sportscaster was set to be sentenced today in bucks county but instead he withdrew his guilty plea. tollefson had admitted to scamming sports fans who because the fake travel packages in the name of charity but today he said he did not commit those crimes and has new evidence to support his case. >> i found out that things i think are very jermaine to this case that i did not know
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about, did not know about when i originally pled guilty. >> more than 200 victims are seeking $341,000 in restitution. they will now have to testify when the trial begins january 5th. tollefson has decided to act as his own lawyer. two former coatesville school district officials face felony charges tonight. former superintendent richard cuomo and athletic director james donato accused of stealing fund. 200 theft and ethics charges today following a grand jury investigation. they resigned last year after they allegedly exchanged racist and sexist text messages. president barack obama stopped in new jersey today to stay thank you to the troops and their families. several thousand military members gave the president a warm welcome to joint base mcguire-dix-lakehurst. he told the crowd that they should be proud of what's been
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accomplished in afghanistan. as well as their fight against the ebola outbreak in west africa. the president said their sacrifice is especially appreciated at the holidays. >> we can gather with family and friends because you're willing to hug yours goo by and step forward to serve. after long day we can come home because you're wanting to leave your home and deploy. we get to celebrate -- >> governor chris christie and several new jersey lawmakers were on hand for the president's remarks today. >> ♪
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>> as good as eagles fans felt after thanksgiving crushing the cowboys is as bad as they feel tonight. >> i have not seen the team come out as flat as they did yesterdayly that was bad. losses hurt, losses within your division hurt a lot more. because of last night's 38-27 defeat to the dallas cowboys last night the birds are looking for help elsewhere. tony romo carved up the eagles did he first throwing three
6:20 pm
touchdown passes all to dez bryant. cowboys are in the driver's seat when it comes to winning the nfc east. the eagles could miss the playoffs altogether. jeff skversky. >> reporter: eagles have gone for a team fighting for a first round bye to a team fighting to make the playoffs. they've dropped out of first place and now the eagles are on the outside looking in, out of the top six playoff spots in the nfc, they are no longer in complete control. >> just can't worry about it. we're not in control of the other teams. all we can control is what we can control. >> reporter: here's how the eagles can get in. the easiest way they need to win their final two games. they need dallas to finish one and one or zero and two. eagles can also make the playoffs in if he finish one and one but they would need dallas to lose out and the remaining schedules look like this. the eagles play both the redskins and giants on the
6:21 pm
road. who only have a combined eight wins while dallas has 10 and four indianapolis who is fighting for a first round bye and then the cowboys end with the redskins on the road. >> just waisting energy if you think about anything else except for washington. i don't know what playing a scenario out in your head makes you feel better, i don't know. i don't know how that helps you. >> reporter: while winning the division is the easiest road to the playoffs the eagles could still go as a wild card. the eagles would have to win out and they would either need detroit, seattle or even green bay to lose out but those odds are not good. remember, the eagles lose the tie breakers to all three. ducis, back to you. >> all right, jeff thank you. we'll talk more about the playoff picture and look ahead to saturday's washington game on eagles game day final. it comes your way tonight at 11:35 right after "action news" at 11:00. despite throwing without issue nick foles is not ready to turn. foles broke collarbone in his
6:22 pm
nonthrowing shoulder. there was thought he would be back by now but the coach said not yet. getting further ahead to the washington game on saturday the redskins are going with rg iii at quarterback. >> all right ducis. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. >> ♪ [ shutter clicks ] hi there! [ laughs ] -i'm flo! -i know! i'm going to get you your rental car. this is so ridiculous. we're going to manage your entire repair process from paperwork to pickup, okay, little tiny baby? your car is ready, and your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own it. the progressive service center -- a real place, where we really manage your claim from start to finish. really. ♪ easy as easy can be bye!
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>> awfully nice if we saw the sun every once in awhile. >> and we did today. it had been a week. >> did we? >> yeah, we did. >> oh. >> i did anyhow. >> you know what. >> you were already in. >> never mind. >> i have proof. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing dry conditions and this, jim, is for you. the action cam taking a look
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penn's landing today. no, this is today i swear and the ben franklin bridge seeing sunshine and blue skies finally. we had a full week socked in with the clouds and with the sunshine temperatures on the mild side, 45 degrees currently in philadelphia. our high 48 which is 3 degrees above normal for a change. millville 36 right now, wilmington 41. trenton 42. and allentown currently 39 degrees. so, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the clouds did clear out today. however, if you look out to the west, there's thick are clouds that will be moving in overnight and there is a storm system, the bulk of the rain will be missing us up to the north but i'm tracking these showers developing in the tennessee valley. that's what will be rolling through late in the afternoon tomorrow and tomorrow night. so, future tracker showing around 2 o'clock beginning to see some showers breaking out in our western suburbs, really fills in around 7 o'clock, so take an umbrella if you're heading out tomorrow night but then it's a quick hitter. it's out of here in the wee
6:26 pm
hours of the morning on wednesday and wednesday we reverse the trend. clouds breaking for some sunshine. it will be a bit on the breezy side with winds out of the west 12 to 20 miles per hour. mild, though, the high 52 degrees, cooler air will move in on thursday as well as some blustery conditions. so the next 12 hours things begin to change. we have a clear evening, some clouds roll in late tonight. it will be seasonably cool, 29 degrees in the cooler slushes suburbs, 35 for center city and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow the clouds roll in, some afternoon and evening showers right in time for hanukkah which begins at sundown. temperatures though definitely on the mild side with a high of 50 degrees. on wednesday it will be breezy, clouds breaking for some sunshine, 52 degrees. on thursday blustery and significantly colder, 44 degrees. storm tracker showing the wind chills thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock will be in the 30's. so it's definitely going to be cool on thursday. turning to friday, partly sunny, 43 degrees and things could get interesting over the weekend. saturday it clouds up with a
6:27 pm
high of 40 degrees and i'm tracking the possibility of some rain or snow on sunday depending on the track and intensity of a storm system to the south. 38 degrees and monday clouds with some sunshine, 40 degrees. sunday the sunday before christmas, a big travel day, big shopping day so i'll keep you posted on what develops. >> allall right, cecily. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taft shirleen allicott adam joseph and ducis rodgers. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on chan six. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you join us at 11:00. >> ♪ >> "action news" is sponsored in part ray m out.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking news. what we're now learning about the 16-hours of horror. the hostages running out with their hands up, storming in the eruption of gun fire. we're on the scene in australia. also breaking, the urgent manhunt here in america. at least six people dead, three different locations. where they're searching tonight. the biggest hacking thread yet? warning of a christmas surprise. what was leaked about james bond? and the two stars, the movie at the center of it all, tonight, they're right here, answering back. and bill cosby, breaking his silence. for the first time, talking about his wife camille. and tonight, her new statement, just in. good evening. and it's great to start anoth


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