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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  December 17, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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extended and now a 18-year-old is accused of not seeing or ignoring all the warnings and running over a 16-year-old as she was crossing the street to get to her bus. >> she is too young to get hurt like that. >> danielle is talking about her friend, 16-year-old minet zeke. she was killed when this suv ran her over when she crossed bensalem boulevard to get to her school bus. >> the bronco suv vehicle was traveling westbound on bensalem boulevard and disregarded the school bus and activation lights and stop sign and went through the intersection and hit the child and dragged the child for some distance. >> she was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead a tie later. people in this neighborhood say this death is shocking but not
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surprising. >> people speed here and they are getting up to 50 miles per hour easy trying to make that green light. >> "action news" was there as members of her family gathered around the very spot where she was killed. meanwhile danielle says she l e likely saved her from a similar fate next year. >> didn't see the car and walked out and she literally pulled me back by my jacket and the car whizzed by and i wish i was there to help her like she was there to help me, and i wasn't. >> back out live on the scene here, the 18-year-old suspect we are told is a student at bucks county technical high school. he was questioned by police but is yet to be formerly charged. grief counselors will available for classmates grieving the loss
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of their friend. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter. a northeast philadelphia high school was on lock down for most of the day after police found a gun inside. they are trying to figure out how he got the weapon into the building. eva pilgram is outside of samuel felts high school with the latest. >> an 18-year-old student here at the high school is under arrest for bringing a gun to the school and "action news" learned that this is not the first gun scare here this week. >> they told us on the loud speaker that it would be a lock down and made us wait an hour and a half. it was serious. >> a student saw another student with a gun this morning and they took a picture and showed school administrators and they locked down the school. >> the first thing i thought of was oh, my god i hope my child
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is safe, this is the second lockdown in a week. >> "action news" confirmed that the school was locked down earlier in the week and there was a fight, four students were taken in for questioning and an 18-year-old has been arrested. police found a .38 caliber revolver in a waste can in the weight room. >> there are ways to get into the school other than the front door with the metal detectors are. >> there is metal detectors and video servers. >> for parents and students, the second lock down of the week is concerning. >> parents need to do what their children are doing and carrying and what they are doing in school. >> she won't be returning to
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school tomorrow. >> i can't jeopardize that i love my child too much. >> they are still trying to determine where the teen got the gun, it is likely the child will face expulsion from school. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> frightening day for them. "action news" has exclusive detail about the arrest of a delaware county doctor, only "action news" was there today as investigators escorted dr. lawrence wean from the courthouse in media, they raided his officer, and this is allegedly where wean wrote prescriptions for drugs in exchange for money. chad pradelli is covering this story all day and he'll have a live report coming up on "action news" at 4:30. well, today begins a new era
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many american relations with cuba, president obama announced that the u.s. will deal directly with the cuban government for the first time since 1961. this after a homecoming of two prisoners held in cuba for years. karen travers is more on this historic announcement. >> reporter: good afternoon brian, this historic announcement comes after a year of high level talks with the u.s. and cuba, even pope francis made a plea to pursue a closer relationship and the steps were finalized at a meeting at the vatican this fall. >> it's the down of a new era in u.s.-cuba relations. >> isolation has not worked. it's time for a new approach. >> he called it an out dated approach to the communist island
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nation. >> i am taking steps to put the people first. >> this means opening an embassy in havana and easing some economic sanctions, including the long standing ban on importing cuban cigars and now travelers can come back with up to $100 worth of tobacco. this half' worked out a humanitarian prisoner release. the man accused of espionage is now released. gross is now home in america. >> i am incredibly blessed finally to have the freedom to resume a possive and constructive life. >> the u.s. released three cuban agents accused of spying on anti-castro groups in miami.
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in exchange for the intelligence as set held for two decades. >> a cuban american blasted the president. >> the cuban people are no more free today than they were yesterday. >> but president obama cannot just end the long standing embargo in cuba, but he says he will push for it. >> thank you karen. ten people connected to pen got are charged with a more than $1 million overbilling and kick back scheme, to managers are accused of taking cash by approving inflated time sheets, a grand jury says that inspectors were charged money they had not earned. a $2 billion deficit in the
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state that, is the word from governor-elect tom wolf today, he held a conference at the free library, he says the state is consistently spending more than it is taking in. he is work on ideas to fix the problem but it will require big changes. >> my job as governor is to propose solutions to work with the legislature but we have to start with the understanding that it exists and that it is big. >> the governor elect is conducting a series of these news conferences all over the state to describe the depth of this problem. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is in for adam joseph. >> hi brian and shirleen, we have colder air moving in after two relatively mild days, yesterday's high 53 degrees and 9 degrees above normal.
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so far 52 degrees and the warmest stretch of weather, we were 65 degrees, but colder air is beginning to roll in as well as the clouds satellite 6 along with action radar showing that there were clouds to the east this morning, i went running in shorts it was mild and comfortable but now the clouds are thickening ahead of a push of chilly air that is settling in in the overnight hours. we are holding on to the 50s in philadelphia and pittsburgh it's 33 and buffalo it's 34 degrees and the air mass is moving in tonight. future tracker is showing tomorrow morning you definitely want to bundle up. not only will it be chilly and we'll also have gusty winds and the windchill will make it feel like 22 degrees in philadelphia and 22 in allentown and 20 in lancaster and 22 in atlantic city and the poconos the windchill will be dropping down into the teens, i'll have an
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update on how long the cool air sticks around in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. >> still ahead here, why a major clothing company just kicked out its own founder. >> plus, a hack attack turns into a terror threat, the group that is threatening to attack u.s. movie goers.
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we are new details this afternoon on the cyber attack on sony that has become a real life threat against potential movie goers, most major theater chains including regal cinema plex have decided not to show the r chains controversial movie after the threat. >> they call themselves the guardians of peace, warning
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people considering seeing the movie, the actors are recruited by the cia to assassinate north korean dictator, kim jong un, and keep yourself distant and you'll see the awful movie sony has made and sources tell "action news" that they are known as a cyber team known as bureau 31. there is no intelligence to indicate a plot against movie theaters many are taking no chances. >> the company will have to work with law enforcement to see how serious to take the threat. >> the film stars have called off their promotional star and the movie's premier in new york city has been canceled. >> all right alicia thank you. to business now and a huge day on wall street, the dow is picking up 288 points, the
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nasdaq up significantly 96.5, and the s&p gaining 40 today and investors are reacting to the announcement that they will be patient. >> american apparel has cut ties with the controversial founder and chief ex ective officers, they have fired governor chary from his consulting position. you be stayed on childreny faces s . d it's time for the "action news" traffic report on a wednesday. lets turn things over to matt pellman. it's what day?
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>> hump day. looking live at the schuylkill expressway, eastbound side here by south street, a little police activity off to the side not slowing us down a whole lot. the big delays are westbound from university to this point at south as they are most afternoons, a lot of accidents around the region this afternoon, one in upper merion approaching henderson road near the ramps off the schuylkill expressway, partially blocking the right lane and the left turn lane there and a crash just cleared out along the main line lancaster avenue, and one along cheltenham avenue, by voorhees auto center. and a crash closing the southbound lanes of easton road by turk road. stick with turk or the 611 bypass to get around that. and warwick, 263 road.
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>> lets turn the ipad on and we should be good to go with the waze app, i want to tell but a crash off the walt whitman bridge into new jersey, eastbound near gloucester city, and you can see it's slow go over the eastbound span of the walt this afternoon. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. flu season is in full swing and as the holiday season approaches we could see more violence cases of the flu. rick williams is here to explain. >> thank you, that is right, apparently pennsylvania and delaware are at the highest level of flu activity and doctors say that this year the vaccine is not a great match for the predominant strain that is going around. coming up tonight on "action news" at 5:00, reporter and
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registered nurse, ali gorman will go over what steps to take to keep your family healthy. >> and a young boy who battled cancer gets a funeral fit for a hero, nora muchanic has the story of the special farewell for aiden. that and much more when we see you coming up tonight on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you rick. still ahead here today, cecily is back with a full look at the accuweather forecast. >> and thieves break into a local store and get trapped inside and the unusual crime that ended with a rescue and a pair of arrests.
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well, animals want some extra treats and they is what they got. the spca hosted their annual dinner for the shelter animals,
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a special feast was prepared in their honor, that is a tradition held at that animal sheltner conshohocken for more than 50 years. they look like they love that. >> very, very cute. and we had a treat today. >> weather-wise? >> yes, it could be worse. cecily tynan is standing by with the accuweather details. >> we had sunshine earlier and not all that cold and the clouds have come in, and this is the rink at penn's landing, good night to go out ice skating, look at temperatures, it's deceiving, the current temperature in philadelphia is 50 degrees, 50s across south jersey and 56 in allentown and reading 45 degrees, however you factor in the winds, the wind gusts 26 miles per hour in philadelphia and allentown 23 and trenton 25 so those winds are creating windchills generally in the 40s and what
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they are also doing is pulling down cooler air, detroit 33 and cleveland 31 and green bay 27 degrees, tonight temperatures drop down into the 30s. satellite 6 along with action radar showing clouds will be thickening tonight and then this high pressure will built in, what it will do is bring us a return of brighter skies for tomorrow and for friday, but tonight is a chilly night. rather cloudy and turning colder, 33 in philadelphia and allentown 30 and wilmington 31. a shock to the system after temperatures in the 50s the last two days, future tracker show windchills across the board in the 20s, you will want to bundle up, in the afternoon with a good amount of sunshine, temperatures in the 40s. did it will be a chilly day. the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow a chilly wind and partly sunny skies and a high of 44 degrees, on friday sun with a
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few clouds and 43 degrees and then heading into the weekend, yesterday i was talking about a storm system that didn't look to be a big storm, it looks like it would bring us light wind or snow, the winds are moving it farther down to the south, and if that trend continues, a few clouds and 40 degrees, sunday more clouds flow in and 44 degrees and winter begins at 6:03 on sunday evening, the next four days look relatively quiet as long as the storm system stays to the south, that is good news for travellers this weekend and for anyone that still has to do some holiday shopping, there is another storm system on the way for christmas eve, i'll talk about what to expect for that in the accuweather forecast. >> that could be a good one. >> if you like rain and wind. >> i gave it all away. >> thank you cecily.and wind. there was a lot of giving and receiving going on today in
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the upper darby school district, students at the garretford elementary school held a drive to collect items for homeless veterans, volunteers came by to pick up boxes of toiletries and cleaning supplies and household items and more and the fire department was there to drop off 150 winter coats for children in need. >> alicia vitarelli we are buzzing next? >> charlie sheen reprizing a role which he may or may not be famous for and he is doing it on the goldbergs on 6 abc.
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time now for the buzz, in theaters this christmas day, the gambler, is an american crime film based on the 1974 film of the same name starring, james caan, this stars mark wahlberg
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who stars as a gambler. the director tells us all about it. >> it deals with a guy that is addicted to gamble and the highs he gets from it. this movie is not about that, it's about a guy that is looking to get out of his life, escape from his life and start again and get rid of everything in his life. >> the gambler is out next thursday, christmas day. remember him as a bad boy in ferris buelers day off. charlie sheen is repricing his role in the 6 abc show, the goldbergs, in the episode that is set to air early next year, barry tries to pull off his own epic bueller-like day off and he has a confrontation with his
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sister at the police station. the goldbergs airs 8:30 here on 6 abc. it's fun to see charlie sheen poking fun at an old role. i saw that 30, 40 times and it was lost on me that he was in it. until the end. still ahead, custom shirts to spa days, alicia returns on local christmas gifts with deep discounts. two burglars managed to get into a northeast target overnight the only problem is they conget back out. and a man tries out his new car surveillance system for the first time and he is not disappointed how fast he caught the valet going.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen with allicot and brian taff. >> 4:30 and "action news" continues with a major mistake from a prestigious university, how john hopkins sent acceptance letters to hundreds of students that did not get in. >> and drugs to disorderly conduct, this man may not be unusual but his location is. he sparked up a joint in the joint. >> and an indiana woman wanted to be buried near her dog, bella, but the problem is the dog is still alive.
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should the dog be put down to fulfill her wish. first, delaware county investigators say that a drug dealing doctor is off the streets. only "action news" is there as police transported lawrence wean to the jail to face charges. he was not using his office to practice medicine but to sell prescriptions. chad pradelli was with the agents when they raided the office. they are live with the video. >> this culminates a three months investigation and the task force that made the bust was created to deal with the county's addiction crisis. only "action news" was there as they raided dr. wean's practice in media, not far from the delaware county forecast where he was taken, he is accused of running a pill mill, writing
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prescriptions for sleeping pills and attention deficit drugs and pain drugs. he would charge $200, $300, and write a prescription no questions ask. he is practicing medicine for 27 years, he is the recipient of scathing reviews. in one a person writes, one of my closest and oldest friends died in a side business of rx, another quote says he is nothing but a drug dealer, and should have his license revoked. >> it not only looks at targeting drug dealers on street corners but we also attacked those drug dealers that are wearing white coats. investigators built the case on
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buys from the unities, dr. wean was take and to the district justice to face charges he denied the charges. >> dr. wean you want to say anything here? >> this is all wrong. all wrong. >> these are people with serious drug addictions, do you feel responsible at all? >> no, i'm a good doc. >> investigators also raided dr. wean's home and he faces insurance fraud and other related charged. i'm live in media, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two alleged burglars that got trapped inside. a target had to be pulled from the building this morning. the police led the suspects out in northeast philadelphia today. they say that they cut a hole in the side of the store to gain entry. workers heard them moving around and they ran to the roof and
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jumped into a different hole and got stuck in the ventilation system in the process and were there for four hours until the police tracked them down. >> they were inside of theduct laying on top of each other, so they were taken into custody and they did not resist. >> police say they recovered a backpack with walky talkies and a saw inside. they are facing a number of charges. officials in delaware county says a man struck and killed by a train this morning may not have heard it coming, chopper 6 hd was over the scene as 6th and main street in upper darby where the victim was struck and killed by a freight train at 6:00 a.m. the man was wearing headphones at the time of the accident and they are still trying to determine if that played a role. a new york man is charged with connection with a fatal crash that took the lives of three
4:34 pm
juveniles from bucks county. 33-year-old michael ware is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and involuntarily manslaughter. where he gave a 15-year-old girl permission to drive the car on the day of the wreck. they were all killed in the crash in the poconos, they were students at council rock high school south. from our delaware newsroom, kurt busch, nascar driver testified his ex-girlfriend told him to leave the motor home the night he assaulted her. driscol testified yesterday say that busch choked her and slammed her head into a wall. busch's lawyers have denied all the allegations. >> a delaware county man is facing drug and disorderly conduct charges for what he allegedly did in front of police
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officers. 33-year-old carlin higs came in and starts to talk gibberish and sat down and lit up a joint and then higs got naked and relieved himself on the floor. they said he did not have mental issues but was just high. and now he has legal trouble. cecily tynan joining us now. a nice mild day out there? >> and things get colder but brighter as we head through the work week, lets go live to sky 6 hd in wilmington we have sun glistening off the river and the dew point is 32 and winds pick up from the west northwest and the windchill feels like 42 and the atlantic city did see sunshine earlier, notice sky 6
4:36 pm
bouncing around with the wind and 48 degrees and the windchill is 43 degrees, this wind is going to bring us cooler air tomorrow. right now we are 50 degrees in philadelphia, it feeled cooler with the windchill and pittsburgh is 33 degrees, i'll talk about the colder air moving in and an update on the weekend and a christmas eve storm coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> all right, so some commuting trouble for santa, the community bank has come to the aid of the last mummer's fancy club, they received unexpected support to keep them strutting for one more year. lisa thomas-laury has the story. >> reporter: john lukas has been a mummer for 67 years, the golden sunrise fancy club for 43 of them and could tell but every costume in the warehouse. >> there was built in 1960.
4:37 pm
and an old mummers basement. >> it's the presidential seal assembled on a seal. >> i love the colors and the orange centipede, you have to see it new years day, that all gets plumed. both sides and the back. >> plumed meaningfeathers? >> yes. >> club president jack cohen on the right and other members, help came from an unlikely source, jerry shelton joined golden sunrise after moving to philadelphia from san francisco. >> within i moved here i saw mummers outside of my window new years day and all the fanny suits, and i thought it was great. >> jerry went to the fundraising site. she raised $1400 so far and when
4:38 pm
rhonda costello heard about the plight. >> folk art, such a philly tradition, how could you not help. >> they donated $10,000. >> we are a community bank and we love to support the communities where we are. >> $10,000 check from republic. >> that will keep golden sunrise on the street for another year. >> yes the club will live to strut at least through 2016. lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news" today students at villanova received a de-stressing distraction during finals week, the pause for paws brought in pups and a bunny, not only was there this a great help to the students but an on site training for the students and therapy dogs and reindeer.
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>> coming up still need to pick up a few christmas gifts? you are in luck, alicia has local deals for our viewers. >> and a woman asks her ashes get mixed with her beloved dog, bella, the problem is that bella is not dead yet. >> and the email says embrace the yes. but they meant embrace the no. acceptance letters sent to hundreds of students rejected from john hopkins university. and cecily tynan has more on the christmas eve weather coming in.
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get a load of this, a california valet is out of a job today after being caught taking a brand new corvette for a spin. dan coles says he turn on the
4:42 pm
stingray's valet camera mode. good thing he did, he watched the valet zoom through the parking garage at speeds greater than 50 miles per hour. though the sports car was not damaged, from now on he will let them know they are being recorded. here at the big board, a big battle over a woman's final wishes, she wanted to be buried with her beloved dog, bella, their ashes mixed together. the problem is connie is no longer with us but bella is, she is young, vibrant and healthy, according to the attorney for the estate, she could be put down because of the stipulation in the last will and testament. and they could carry out the wishes too. many people have offered to
4:43 pm
adopt bella. now to a big awful academic oops for john hopkins university after 300 applicants were mistakenly sent welcome messages when they were actually rejected or deferred. >> the subject line read, embrace the yes, ouch they meant no. they say it was human error and the person handling the correspondence pulled the wrong list of emails, some parents are irate that their kids are absolutely devastated and the school is saying they are sorry. if are you doing some last minute shopping, japanese fake food manufacturer, has came up with food and fashion like this dangling salami slice earring,
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they make fake food for displays and now you can rock this out complete with chock sticks and this meat choker necklace and a cocktail wring that is a cheese burger, they are not diet busters, there is the fruit cup necklace. i ask you what do you think this is? >> i will guess fettuchini. >> it's spaghetti carbonara with the drippy egg on top. >> i didn't know there was a company that made that. you want to take a fork and dig in. >> thank you alicia. lets get a check of the roads now. matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update. >> good afternoon, we are watching a long chain of traffic along 202, traffic is stacking
4:45 pm
up in malvern from 29 to the work zone near 401, and tonight is the night they are scheduled to set up the new southbound traffic pattern and new pavements on the right side of the roadways, by tomorrow you should have a new configuration if are you traveling towards exton, and a bunch of accidents in the bushes, one in upper merion approaching henderson road by the new ramps to the schuylkill expressway westbound. and a crash in perkiomen, firemen are directing you around it. and a pair of wrecks at ninth and market and a crash to avoid at spruce street and fifth street. southbound lanes of easton lanes are block at turk road, you can use the 611 bypass and warwick township, a clash at dear run road and two lanes blocked in lawrence township, on the southbound side of 1 approaching
4:46 pm
quaker bridge road. expect delays and a broken down vehicle at cast street taking out the right lane. >> thank you, see you soon. meteorologist, cecily tynan is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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we were singing christmas carols during the christmas break because we are in the holiday spirit. >> even though it didn't feel like christmas, 52 degrees second day in a row. but it will start to feel like the holidays the next couple of days. but the action cam looking up from villanova and seeing that yes, we finally got some breaks in the clouds and some sunshine earlier today and the clouds are beginning to roll in ahead of a
4:49 pm
mass of some cool air. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we have dry conditions out there and we likely will stay dry right through the end of the work week and possibly even the weekend depending on the track of the storm system. philadelphia 50 degrees and millville 50 and allentown 46 and trn ton 49 and the poconos 46 degrees, these numbers are so deceiving because we have wind gusts of 25 miles per hour. the windchill make its feel like 43 in philadelphia, feels like 35 in land cast ore and feels like 37 in reading, the cooler air will be arriving in the overnight hours. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have clear conditions south of philadelphia but generally the rule in the overnight hours is mostly cloudy skies, heading into tomorrow though, a decent day but with this low pressure strengthening from the west we get the wind tunnel affect, up to 20 miles per hour and partly sunny and 44
4:50 pm
and you factor in the winds and windchills in the afternoon are in the mid-30s and windchills in the 20s tomorrow afternoon. heading into friday plenty of sunshine and seasonable, and 43 degrees as the pressure building in it will help to suppress the storm system to the south, future tracker showing as we head into tomorrow morning, the low pressure gathers strength near texas and then it starts to track near the east and north, notice on saturday around noon, this moisture is having a tough time making its way northward at all. and it's all about track, yesterday's computer models show that storm track moving to the north and that will bring us a brush of light precipitation, today's trend though moves the low pressure off the coast of georgia, if this trend holds we'll have a dry weekend, i know that snow lovers would like some snow, but if you are traveling this weekend, or doing holiday
4:51 pm
shopping, a dry weekend would be nice. the call from accuweather for tonight colder and cloudy, 33 for center city and the exclusive accuweather forecast looking nice tomorrow 44 degrees and factor in the winds and windchills are in the 30s, a nice day, 43 degrees and saturday again it looks like the storm system stays to the south and it will be dry, 40 degrees, as winter arrives, 44 degrees, on monday, and the atmosphere begins to moisten and tuesday drizzle and 50 and wednesday is christmas eve, it looks like a pretty intense storm system drives up the great lakes and call that a great lakes cutter, that will bring us not snow but rain and wind with a high of 54 degrees, a white christmas would be nice, but it's a week away. >> could get a sharp cool down,
4:52 pm
we know you will. saving with 6 abc is coming up next.
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here are some local last min deals businesses in our area are offering exclusively for 6 abc viewers in suede salon and spa in new jersey are offering a deal for 6 abc viewers, their brand new rejuvenating facial is $40 off and that is good through new years over and the spa at boutique row, the 50 minute maszage is $90 but they are offering it for 55 for the
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holidays and they are offering mink lash extensions and $15 off an organic tan at queens village and washington square west is offering $10 blowouts exclusively for 6 abc viewers, and henry a. davidson is offering two custom shirts for half the price, and for the ladies l. lori's is offering 20% off its own bran and ela's grove in bryn mawr, it's thirsty thursday with 30% off your purchase and rudolf is taking 35% off diamond earrings through christmas and 10% off all pink jewelry. >> if are you the online shopping type, amazon extending their two day shipping offer
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until midnight on friday december 19th, guaranteed to arrive on the 22nd. >> love that. we have all the deals on happy last minute shopping you guys. >> thank you. we need all the luck we can get. finally, it's not often that video from c-span goes viral. but two political pundits known as the woodhouse brothers were bickering during a live show. brad is a liberal and his brother dallas is a conservative. they decided to take a call. >> you are right i'm from down south and i'm your mother and i'm hoping you'll have some of this out of your system when you come here for christmas. >> we were not there for thanksgiving we are most years. >> i would like peaceful
4:57 pm
christmas and i love you both. >> the host made it a point to say that a scolding from mom woodhouse was not planned and in the end they thanked their mom for calling and promised to behave at home for the holidays. >> that poor woman. oh boy. that does it for "action news" at 4:00. for shirleen allicot, adam joseph and cecily tynan i'm brian taff. we are back tonight we hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica american in p years in cuba say free man tonight. alan gross's release comes a day after president obama announces sweeping changes to our relationship with cuba. and the big story is the first step in normalizing relations between cuba and the united states. >> president obama and cuba
5:00 pm
president, raul castro each addressed their respective countries about the changes. they are reestablishing the economic relations and travel ties with the communist island. they will open a u.s. embassy in havana and tour iist restrictio will be eased. but it was capped by a prisoner swap that including alan gross today. >> i believe we can do more to supthe cuban people and promote our values through engagement. after all, these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked, it's time for a new approach. >> senators of both parties including marco rubio is criticizing this, saying the island will still b


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