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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> president obama and cuba president, raul castro each addressed their respective countries about the changes. they are reestablishing the economic relations and travel ties with the communist island. they will open a u.s. embassy in havana and tour iist restrictio will be eased. but it was capped by a prisoner swap that including alan gross today. >> i believe we can do more to supthe cuban people and promote our values through engagement. after all, these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked, it's time for a new approach. >> senators of both parties including marco rubio is criticizing this, saying the island will still be a brutal
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dictatorship. >> dann cuellar is live in old city with how people are reacting to diplomatic changes. >> the reaction is remarkable. there are many cuban americans and the emotion is bottled up for so long it's hard to believe that this day has come. the managing director, whose parents fled to this country if the 70s and saw his father murdered by cuban extremists murdered by castro. >> thought it was outstanding to starve them out technique of the embargo has not worked for 50 years, so what you are seeing today is the first step in bringing two countries together. >> and then george hernandez that fled to this country in the 70s, last euro met with pope francis to talk about it and the pope said he was working on it.
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>> cube was involved in this with both president obama and president raul castro. >> he kept his promise. >> and finally an argentinian who lived in cuba for years. >> this is a huge win, it's like the berlin wall came down or the caribbean wall coming down it's huge. by the way george hernandez that travelled with our own jim gardner when this was but a pipe dream. but that is on the verge of becoming a reality. there will be more on this but for now i'm dann cuellar, back to you. >> thank you. tonight on world news david muir sits down with president obama with more on the cuban relations. in other news tonight, philadelphia police and the school district are investigating how a gun got into
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fells high school in northeast philadelphia. it was reported to be an unloaded .38 caliber revolver found in the trash can in the weight room. an alert student found the gun and took a picture and alerted administrators. we'll have more coming up in a live report at 6:00. two former penndot managers and eight contractors were arrested today in an overbilling scheme that allegedly cost taxpayers $1.2 million. the managers took kick backs from contractors in return for phoney time sheets and mileage reports, investigators say it's the latest in a widening probe into penndot in the philadelphia area. and a man says he has been hit three times by the same burglary suspect, that space boy clothing on the 700 block of north market street has been broken into
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three times in the last few months, the latest was over the weekend, a surveillance camera captured this image of the suspect and the owner of the store thinks it's not just about his store being targeted. >> we are a small business, we are here to help the community, we want to revitalize the art and bring it back, it's tough, we don't make that much money to begin with, it's tough dealing with this and trying to run the business. >> sanchez says he has lost $2,000 to $3,000 because of these break-ins and he thinks five or six other businesses were targeted as well. wilmington police have recently arrested a burglary suspect but its unclear if that is the person tied to these crimes. meantime a man driving tractor trailer in berks county, caused a tie-up, he plowed into
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nine vehicles waiting at a stop sign, to people died and nine others were hurt. he remains in jail on a half million dollars bail. a local 7-year-old received a farewell fit for a hero, aiden rye died and they came together to say good-bye. nora muchanic has the story. >> 7-year-old aiden dreamed of being a firefighter and today he was laid to rest as one. firefighters from around the area came to bury the boy with full honors. he died on december 10th after an all lifelong battle with leukemia. >> to go what he was going through at such a young age and he never missed a beat. >> he treated us like he was one
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of us. and to see that passion in such a young boy, you wanted to be a part of it. >> when they heard of aiden's dream of being a firefighter, they made him an honorary member last year, his gear didn't quitd fit and word spread through social media and departments from all over the states and countries were sending patches and helmets to aiden using the motto, no one fights alone. >> it's unusual to hear of a 7-year-old that loves the fire department at such a young age. >> aiden's fight is over now but in his short time here he managed to such so many, a little kid from south jersey that won the hearts of firefighters all over the world. >> he had a smile on his face every day and did a great job of bringing everyone together. he inspired all of us. >> aiden is survived by his parents and four brothers and
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sisters and the firefighters that lined up his trucks to he is court his hearse to the cemetery. one last trip for a little boy with endless behaviorry who became one of their own. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." the philadelphia fire marshall is investigating an early morning house fire in park side, it broke out at 2:30 on west girard avenue, firefighters found the front door and porch on fire when they arrived. it was put out quickly and no one was hurt. in northeast philadelphia, 40 homes are without water after a water main ruptured at gibson street. chopper 6 hd was over the scene after the main broke this morning and the crews hope to restore service by 6:00 tonight. no one was hurt when a taxi cab ended up on the sidewalk this morning, the driver says he was hit by an suv, and that
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pushed the cab on to the sidewalk and the driver sped off. time for a check of our "action news" traffic report midweek. matt pellman has the hump day low down. >> they must be ready to bring your yacht up the delaware river because we are getting set for a bridge opening, so while the yacht passes through you'll want to stay on the betsy ross bridge, and the police activity on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound side lots of officers and a tow truck as well. we are off to the side with traffic on eastbound 76 from the roosevelt boulevard to there point south, it will slow you down if you are headed to the justin timberlake concert tonight. and along 29 gravel pike at harrison and maple avenues, by the express lube and wash and the tidal wave car wash, at ninth and market. we have the road work going on
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in wilmington past 213, at 9 miles per hour. sluggish on 95 southbound but that is the better bet. maybe you'll go for a ride on your yacht. i have yachtsy the game. it was a day to honor the fire department, they joined police elite for an award ceremony to give out commendations to our men and women in blue and katherine scott was there. >> its an honor. >> james russell from the 19th district was one of 80 philadelphia police officers honored at the fraternal order of police lodge 5 today. he received an order. bravery based on a 2012 incident. >> you go in and lift and to the stories and they are lucky to be alive today. >> today's awards were given out
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for bravery and life saving and valor and they say they were just doing their job. >> it's nice to be recognized but i didn't expect it. >> last year charles rohan was on lot board heading back for role call and saw a man running after a man cutting him at the same time. >> got out of my car and separated the both of them and grabbed her and used the holds and normal stuff and he received stab wounds from her. >> was slashed in the right axe, his wife cathy heard the whole thing on the scanner as it was happening knowing it was her husband involved. those were terrifying moments for her but she couldn't be proud. >> incredibly proud of him for what he does. he risks his life every day for strangers. >> officer rowen says he was
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honored but surprised to get an award for bravery. >> i just do my job. we all do. >> katherine xotd, channel 6 "action news." >> and there is much more to come on "action news" tonight. new details are emerging before the former marine accused of killing six people in new jersey. >> well, the winds are change are blowing in after two days of temperatures in the 50s, i'm tracking cooler air on the way. details in the accuweather forecast. >> and controversy at the box office, major theater chains pulling a movie by sony. i'll explain the fallout coming up. those stories and more when "action news" at 5:00 comes right back.
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the fallout from the cyber attack on sony has evolved in threats against theaters across the country. the hacker group responsible calls themselves the guardians of peace they posted an online message yesterday warning people against seeing the movie, "the
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interview" it's about a plot to kill the leader of north korea, sony is telling theater owners that they do not have to run the film and because of the threats the new york premier was canceled and the movie's promoti promotional tour was called off but there is no credible threat against u.s. theaters. as the holiday approaches there could be more flu cases in our area. ali gorman is live with the details. >> this is the latest map from the cdc showing pennsylvania and delaware now have widespread flu activity, that is the highest level and new jersey is a few steps behind with local activity, several states in the midwest are reporting very hayektist, some schools in ohio and illinois are doing significant cleaning after a significant percentage of their students were out sick, the flu
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vaccine is not an exact match for what is going on around this year, but it's good to take your own preventive measures as well. and clean doorknobs and other common surfaces. >> anything you touch that someone is likely to touch, cleaning it frequently is like tloi help. >> this is true during the holidays, with see a hike in the cases because people are spending more time indoors together. and auto new health track says if the flu is in your area, it's called flu near you, can you report your symptoms, fever, cough and sore throat and check out the map if people near you are reporting symptoms, so you have a better idea of what may be going around in your area. and a new study shows that 40% of adults are not getting the recommended amount of sleep that, is 7 to 9 hours, that is
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linked to obesity and poor concentration and a higher risk for accidents. the researchers say that one of the main reasons they lose sleep is due to their jobs. but if everyone could start work at 10:00 a.m., more people would get more sleep but that is impossible for most people. so prioritize bed and get at least 7 hours of sleep. >> santa ditched the sleigh and flew in my helicopter, old saint nick came in through cooper hospital and he greeted hospitalized children and gave out helicopter pens and stickers and miniature squeeze balls and coloring books and crayons and air two usually provided emergency medical transportation.
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blackberry is returning to its roots with a new phone that features a traditional key board, it's available starting
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today. they hope to attract customers that don't like a touch screen because they find it hard to type. it provides a longer battery life and blackberry wants to boost business and commands 50% of the smart phone market as recently as 2009. and four cities are competing to host the 2024 olympic games. the u.s. is making a big, boston, los angeles, d.c. they will decide sometime after the holidays. in the city's spring garden succession, darryl clark is making sure that many deserving youngsters have new bikes under their christmas tree and he is once again partnering with cm hill, to distribute bicycles
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time for accuweather, at the "action news" big board, cecily tynan is keeping an eye on the temperatures that are starting to plummet a little bit
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overnight. >> a rude awakening because we have a mild stretch, two days in a row, 53 degrees is the high, 9 degrees above normal. the warmest weather we have in two weeks since december 1st, when we hit 65 degrees, and things are cooling off and we see sunshine east of the philadelphia, "action news" viewer greg, was in north wildwood and he sent me this photo, and you can see blue skies and it's 20 degrees warmer on the beach. isn't that nice? a good picture. i'm jealous. right now 48 degrees in philadelphia and millville 47 and allentown 44 and wilmington 46 and trenton 46 degrees, however it feels cooler with the winds, a wind sustained out of the west northwest 15 miles per hour in philadelphia, what that will do it pull down colder air from the great lakes, right now it's 33 in detroit and 26 in
5:26 pm
green bay, we are looking at temperatures dropping down through the 30s tonight. satellite 6 along with action radar showing after some sunshine today, the clouds are rolling in and then if you look west of chicago, you see the high pressure than high pressure is building in over the next few days and that will bring us the return of brighter skies, and it will be seasonably cool, the call from accuweather, lots of clouds and 33 degrees in philadelphia, and 30 allentown and 30 in millville and 30 in wilmington. the winds tomorrow morning though, bundle up if you are headed to the bus stop. from you spending time outside, we are looking at windchills across the board, 20s in the morning and windchills are holding in the mid-30s, it will feel more like winter tomorrow. the five-day at 5:00, showing tomorrow a chilly wind and partly sunny skies and a dry day, 44 degrees and windchills in the mid-30s, on friday, good
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amount of sunshine and clouds with a high of 43 degrees and less wind on friday heading into the weekend, good news for shoppers and the latest computer models are shifting down to the south and the holes, a few clouds on saturday and winter begins on sunday 44 and mostly cloudy skies and monday clouds and showers, 46 degrees and i'll have more details on the weekend system and another system on christmas eve coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> i'm getting choked up. >> because your husband is in wildwood. >> more "action news" coming your way.
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"action news" at 5:00 continues with ongoing investigation on the murder spree that took the lives of six people. authorities say that brad stone did not die in the manner that they first thought. he did not have slashing or cutting wounds but a small injury to his leg. the medical examiners officer is waiting a toxicology report that is being expedited.
5:30 pm
it should come back next week. david henry is live in souderton as the community begins the long process of healing. >> soundser ton police here and other jurisdictions continue their investigation, they know the why and may never know the who. the focus now turns toward healing. >> the commune is devastated, i attended the vigil and there was not a dry eye in the church to include my own. >> the toll was big, only one member of the flick family survived. trisha and aaron flick were stabbed to death and their daughter nina was stabbed to death and her brother anthony received injuries trying to protect her. >> he loves her and would do anything for her.
5:31 pm
>> now the community is doing for anthony. >> melissa is spearheading an online fundraising, called funds for flick. it has already raised $15,000. >> anthony barricaded himself after at tack, he had a gaping skull wound and severed fingers, but is expected to make a full recovery. >> and the rotary club is raising money for anthony and nicole hill's daughter, she was killed by her ex-husband along with five members of her family. >> we have four orphans, right? and that is tugging at people's hearts right now and i hope the response is generosity to these families. >> well, the fear has lifted from this community and the grief still hangs heavily on the hearts and minds, civic organizations here are hoping that the holiday spirit of generosity will find a way to
5:32 pm
provide for the victims. live in souderton, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> we are covering all angles for you at, and we are bringing you live streaming video as the updates happen and bringing you new details as they break. and check back for updates at at the channel 6 "action news" big board on this wednesday with the historic announcement by president obama about a new chapter in u.s.-cuba relations, both sides decided to restart diplomatic talks to stop the outdate add approach to the communist island. this after 50 years of tough sanctions. this started in 1961 when they broke relations with cuba and closed the embassy, president kennedy banned almost all cuban
5:33 pm
imports and declared them a socialist state and in 1962 the cuban missile crisis, with fears of nuclear war, president kennedy agreed not to invade cuba half they forced the removal of soviet missiles from cuba. the castro family controlled cuba since 1959 and now fidel's brother raul seized power in 2008. and the final decision was made on a phone call before the two. today mr. castro told his citizens that bun of the first likely moves will be easing restrictions on travel. >> remove of the obstacle that restricts the -- between our two people, families, and citizens of both countries.
5:34 pm
>> castro went on to say despite the differences in our culture and economy and way of life, he thinks cubans and americans have a deep desire to move forward. and as we mentioned at 5:00 today, the landmark announcement was only possible through a prisoner exchange between the u.s. and cuba, cuban authorities released alan gross after five years in prison, he was accused of trying to set up an online network and sentenced to 15 years and in return the u.s. released three remaining members of the so-called cuban five. those that collected information from u.s. military bases and they were all convicted of espionage since 2001 and it comes to find out and may be surprising that pope francis was a major player in the agreement. the pope reached out to
5:35 pm
president obama and cuban president castro and encouraged him to hit the reset button and both thanked pope francis for his guidance today. the white house says that the president does not have plans to visit cuba but if an opportunity arose, he would not turn it down. david muir will sit down with president obama about the new cuban policies and what lies ahead for both countries. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. in other news tonight, a man is recovering from his wounds after being robbed and stabbed in his apartment complex at the coply manor apartments in german town. he stole money and then stabbed the victim in the neck. the attacker is still at large tonight. police hope that the
5:36 pm
surveillance video will lead them to a would be burglar in queens village last night. he came up by bike and removed a window screen and came later to break in through the window, the alarm scared him off but the camera took clear pictures of him. and a fatal crash that took the lives of three juveniles, michael ware is facing involuntarily man salute, where he gave a 15-year-old girl to drive his vehicle the day of the wreck, she did not have a drive license, they were all killed in the poconos and were killed. and now they are rallying support for the men and women in blue, the president of fop lodge 5 says the general public needs a better idea of the stresses
5:37 pm
and dangers police face on the street. >> the fact is that police officers are covered by the same constitutional protections that they are risking their lives to provide everyone else. >> he says that protests should not only focus on civilians killed by police but all victims. and now they have broke ground on the queen lane apartments they will replace a crumbling high-rise and will feature several townhouses and a potters will be kept at open space. now for an update on the highways and by ways, matt pellman is in the traffic center with more. >> we have the work zones at cotman and girard that gives us extra heavy delays every single
5:38 pm
afternoon, that is what we are seeing this afternoon. scene by the betsy ross bridge, from the vine to wood haven, an extra 20 minutes. what afternoon does that happen. watching a crash at point pleasant pike at easton road and an overturned vehicle accident off to the side and you can squeeze by, in runnemede, watching a crash along the black horse pike and watch out for one in berlin as well near walker and lukas avenue. >> thank you matt. more to come on "action news" wednesday night. clint eastwood did it in 1979, is it possible that the three inmates that broke out of alcatraz survived the escape? what the experts have to say. and one year is not enough
5:39 pm
for the mummers and their fans, a big announcement today. >> hi monica, after north mild day i'm tracking windchills in the 20s in time for your morning commute i'll let you know how long the chill sticks around in the accuweather forecast. >> and jaime apody joins us with eagles news as the birds get ready to battle the red skins this weekend. first, a holiday greeting from a local troop serving overseas. >> hi i'm christine. >> and i'm william. >> what is your name? >> melissa. we want to wish everyone in new hope, pennsylvania, a warm, happy holiday from italy. happy holidays.
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it's called an elaborate escape in history. signists came up with a theory, after using software to study is the 1962 escape. they discovered that the three men could have survived and made to the land near the golden gate
5:43 pm
bridge, they insisted that the inmates died. after pulling off the escape with spoons and dummy heads and a rain coat raft. all right, turning to sports, the eagles are hoping to escape another loss with a win against the red skins on sunday. >> this is sort of a must win jaime? >> that is a way to say it, if eagles take care of business they could finish with 11 wins and still not make the playoffs. it's unbelievable. they held a practice today getting ready to face the red skins a game that means absolutely everything. they dropped six straight and it's much different than when they started the year. >> the situation now where we need wins and they just need to
5:44 pm
finish the season out. you want to play hard but i mean, you probably got your flights scheduled, where you are going and we are firsting for something. >> i have been in both situations before, and they are going through some adversity in terms of they have lost a lot of games this year but they are a tough team and play hard. >> plus, the birds are without one of their best pass rushers, trend cole is rule out to put a plate in his broken han and it's brandon graham starting in his place. >> any extra pressure? >> no, the pressure is over with, i'm excited, i know what i have been doing, i am excited to go out there and make more plays for the team. >> what kind of a hit is trend not being able to go this week.
5:45 pm
but bg is playing great all year and will he get more snaps and we are confident that he will be just fine. >> we are the place to be for this game. that means everything all begins saturday at 2:00 p.m., a live edition of eagles game day kickoff saturday at 11:35 p.m. right here on channel 6. robert griffin iii is back on the field for the red skins, he is not logging on to twitter or facebook for the rest of the year and they are play fog pride. >> we have four games left and we want to go out as a team and be ready to play. any time you have a chance to go out there and play this game, we are playing at a high level, these guys are the best in the world and we have to go out and show it. i pray that the team is ready to go. >> we are still waiting, weighting for the jimmy rollins
5:46 pm
deal for the dodgers to be official but it has not happened yet. >> as for the flyers what is it about the lightning that strikes the orange and black, they dropped their sixth straight to them. tampa game back in the second and tyler johnson's goal was the go ahead difference. and you couldn't draw this up last night. the explorers down to americans, and jordan price at the buzzer and that sent it to overtime. watch this one more time how about this from half-court, down by 20 with 15 to play and they were out of tricks by that point, they fell 58-56, that is why half-court shots should be worth four points. >> absolutely it's hard work. a major announcement today about the mummers they are
5:47 pm
planning another parade this one in february, it's a mardi gras parade in manayunk. lisa thomas-laury has details. >> it wasn't your typical news conference at the manayunk performing arts center at venice island this afternoon. our camera man found congressman tom brady doing his best mummer strut as they scheduled a mummer's mardi gras parade on february 22nd. with all the music and pageantry, it's what we have come to expect. >> the mummers association is hit hard financially in recent years, largely because of the economic slump. >> we have on line sponsors and contributions and day of parade collections and we hope to collect a significant amount of money for the mummers. they will march along the street and the restaurant corridor.
5:48 pm
the parade will kick off at the intersection of green lane and main street. on the morning of february 22nd, at 10:00. and will end at noon at lock street. the hope is that the parade will help to keep the mummers tradition alive. when you lose your traditions you lose your identity. >> and this is our identity. >> unlike new years mummers parade manayunk's mardi gras parade is a smaller version, the march will include string bands and there is no cost to the city. >> everything you see these men are wearing today and these costumes you'll see on broad street on february 22nd, we raise the money and we do and we can't do it woutd the help of great people. >> lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news."
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the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. meteorologist, cecily tynan is here, christmas eve, more wet than white? >> a big storm heading to the great lakes that brings us rain and wind but not snow. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing tonight we have dry conditions out there, and so sky
5:52 pm
6 is sneaking a peek at the blue cross river rink at penn's landing and a pretty nice night to go out and do a bit of ice skating and have you to be dressed for the weather because the winds are beginning to whip up, peak wind gusts 35 miles per hour in philadelphia and wilmington 31 and trenton and reading 29 miles per hour wind gusts and the winds will be pulling down colder air, right now philadelphia 48 degrees and our high second day in a row, 53 millville 47 and wilmington 46 and the windchill make its feel like 41 and 36 in reading and 36 in lancaster and 35 in the poconos, that is an indication that colder air is moving in. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have peeks of sunshine earlier and then it clouded up and we have a thick cloud deck up to the northern and the clouds roll in overnight and the low pressure
5:53 pm
intensifying and high pressure builds in from the west and bringing a windchill affect. windchills tomorrow are in the mid-30s and tomorrow windchills are in the 20s, you will want to dress for winter. high pressure builds in more and the winds calm down and seasonal temperatures and a high of 43 degrees, heading into the weekend on friday we are watching low pressure develop over texas gathering a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico. but look at saturday, the moisture shield has a tough time working its way to the north, yesterday i was talking about light precipitation with this system saturday night into sun, that is based on the track that bring its off the carolina coast and moves it up to the northeast. today's computer model trends
5:54 pm
keeps that low pressure well to the south and off the coast of georgia and missing us, if this track holds, we are looking at just some clouds over the weekend, no rain, no snow thark would be great news for shoppers and travelers. the call from accuweather, lots of clouds and 30 to 33 and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow windy and 44 degrees and windchills in the 30s, and sun with clouds and 43 and saturday again as long as the storm stays to the south, a few clouds and 40 degrees, a few more clouds moving in on sunday and 44, and then on monday clouds and showers and 46 degrees, tuesday clouds and drizzle with a high of 50, and wednesday christmas eve, that storm system is bringing us mild temperatures, 54 degrees and rain and wind and unfortunately that could cause problems for travellers, i'll keep you posted as we head closer to the holiday season. >> thank you cecily, students that are stressed during final
5:55 pm
exams got rid of their stress, they enjoyed petting a puppy or two and the dogs and one bunny rabbit is being trained and it gave the animals some on site training and it felt great to smile and chill out with some adorable puppies and a bunny.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
♪ ♪ this is the sacred heart schools kindergarten class, there were shepherds and angels and kings and they entertained the crowd with christmas carols. >> that is cute. jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00, a gun found at a local high school, who police arrested after a lockdown for several hours. and the uncomfortable place
5:58 pm
burglars were found hiding today. and for cecily tynan, jaime apody, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday night and a bensalem teenager is killed on her way to the school bus and a doctor accused of using his delaware county office to sell drugs but the big story on "action news" tonight is a
6:00 pm
dramatic turning of the page between the united states and cuba, a prisoner swap between the two currents are signalling a plan, that for the first time since the cuban revolution in 1961 it would likely see the opening of embassies in each country and an easing of economic restrictions that the u.s. has in place against cuba. and it would need congressional approv approval. the trigger was the release of american, alan gross, today who spent five years in a cuban prison. the u.s. is returning three prisoners held in prison here. after the bay of pigs fiasco and the cuban missile crisis it led to years of isolation.


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