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tv   Action News  ABC  December 18, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EST

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ts ourselves. in fact this year, we've been at the top of more awards lists than any other car company. now during the chevy year end event, put us on yours. choose an impala in stock the longest and get cash back for 20 percent of the msrp. that's over sixty-five hundred dollars on this impala lt. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. fifty-four ago the u.s. severed all commercial ties with cuba a because of this man, fidel castro.
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but now economic activity may soon be back in play because of this man, and this man, and yes, even this man. it is wednesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a diplomatic bomb shell. america and cuba will start the process of normal icing relations. the news started to unfold today with the release of american government contract worker alan gross from five years in a cuban prison. also released was a cuban spy spending 20 years in jail after working for the u.s. the american government released three cuban prisoners, a swa back in washington, gross smiled broadly to reveal missing teeth he lost while in jail. he a said his release is a game changer. indeed, it might be. it turns out that pope francis, the world's first latin american pope, hosted high ranking officials from washington and havana to talk about the prisoner exchange and those discussions expanded
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into normal icing relations. the the u.s. economic embargo in cuba began in 1961, two years after the revolution that brought fid castro to power but more and more officials are concluding that the embargo hurts the cuban people and american economic interests. >> this pol willcy has been rooted in the best of intentions, in other nation joins us in imposing these sanctions, and it has had little effect beyond providing cuban government with a rational for restrictions on its people. >> this was cuban president raul castro announcing the deal to his country men today and reports say that there were cubans dancing in the streets with the hope of better economic times ahead. while normal says of relations can mean more economic activity between the the two countries, a full lifting of the embargo and weekend getaways in havana can only be done by congress and with republicans firmly in control of both houses in january, that is unlikely to happen
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anytime soon. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has been getting local reaction to all of this, dann is now live at cuba libre in olde city philadelphia. dann? >> reporter: jim, the name cuba libre spanish translates to free cuba in english. it was here that people gathered tonight to celebrate the president's announcement. but, there were also gathered elsewhere as well to commemorate the event. philadelphia's managing director richard mcvin, a cuban american was with family and friend celebrating. it may all seem jarring to some cuban americans who should opening reliowas oppressive regime but mcvin says the only ones suffering during the last 50 years have been the people of cuba. >> we have been trying to starve cuba into submission, and only people starving are the people, not their leaders. the plan has in the been working. when you see today is a step if the right direction.
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>> reporter: v e announcement is vy peona after his parents fled cuba to come to the u.s., his father went back to negotiate fidel castro for release of 3,000 political prisoners. he succeeded. but at age of 13 richard would see his father gunned down by a radical ant up castro group who was begins any dealings with the cuban leader. >> it is so important. it is worth that my father believed in. today release of political prisoner. trow y an openness towards dissenting voices, and openness toward free speech shall and free press. this is just beginning. >> reporter: th cuban american george feans of doylestown. his family fled cuba decades and and has been pushing for open relations between u.s. and cuba jim gardner and "action news" caught up with him in cuba in 1998 when pope john paul, ii would deliver what now seems like a prothetic message. the pope said that cuba must open up to the world and world must open up to cuba just last year, fernandes was with the group that spent a week with pope francis who road to make
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pope john words true. >> that indeed word spoken by pope john paul the second, that cuba must be free, and he was very involved in this as you know, with both president obama and president castro. >> reporter: het his promise when he told you that. >> kept his promise with me report report but, of course, as president himself indicated this is not a done deal just yet. still a very significant day in the history of after five decades between the u.s. and cuba and some cuban americans see it the donning of a new day for them and, many relatives and friend back in cuba we are live in olde city, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> it was an extraordinary trip back in 1998. our coverage of the change in policy with cuba continues on line, at six you can find local reaction to the announcement and read more about what the president had to say, in an exclusive interview with abc news david
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muir. in other news at this hour, i'm sorry, other news at this hour, a 16 year-old girl was killed, this morning, trying to, catch her school bus in bensalem. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at bensalem boulevard in bridge water road, kenneth, there are several issues here, clearly, police could press criminal charges and the community is overwhelmed by grief. >> reporter: a there is bus stop safety, jim. the school difficulties truck says there h been other accidents, at this stop, and busy intersection. that is why so many are asking tonight, what is next to prevent another tragedy tonight it started with a handful of friend lighting candles honoring 16 year-old bensalem high sophomore minete zeka, it turned into this, dozens holding a vigil. >> he was atgreat person. she will be missed buy a lot of people. >> i want everybody to remember she was a free spirit and that she was, she was her own person.
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>> reporter: th morning investigators s minete was crossing bensalem boulevard at bridge water road to catch her waiting bus. the stop sign out, flashing red lights activated. but police say an 18 year-old bucks county technical high school student in the ford broncho failed to stop and slammed into the girl in the crosswalk. >> i talk to her every single morning at this bus stop and it is tragic to see something like this could ever happen. >> reporter: ieam mrs were at this vigil as friend remember minete a cousin simply said this should not have happened. >> it is with great sadness. >> reporter: adny night's school board meeting a moment of silence and word of possible changes. >> we will look at where kids cross streets, we will look at the time of the day, we will look at trying to possibly move pick up points close tore homesites. >> rt: c b tough to combat distracted driver or those who ignore stop signs on buses so the the superintendent advising reflect gear. >> get them thinking about
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survival because drivers are distract. >> reporter: t family and friend say whatever it takes. >> at least have more lights and a crossing guard but if they have better action then to the bus stop and move it where it is not harmful. >> reporterse take a live look at this memorial, the accident is still under investigation and charges are pending against the 18 year-old driver. so his name has in the been released, jim. reporting live from bensalem tonight, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". >> thanks, kenneth. different school, different kind of problem. philadelphia police arrested an 18 year-old fels high school studeny allegedly bringi a gun to school. the school officials were alerted to the issue after another student took a picture of the weapon. the northeast philadelphia school was placed on lock down as police conducted a search. the 38 caliber, unloaded, revolver, was found inside of a trash can. investigato now say that they do not know the cause of bradley stone's death. stone was found dead
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yesterday, a day after he went on a killing spree in montgomery county, that claimed the lives of six family members. officials said yesterday that he died from a cutting wound. today the medical examiner revealed that stone had a small cutting injury to his leg but one that did not contribute to his death. investigators found two medicine bottles and a powdery substance on a energy drink can, near his body. toxicology tests are now pending, a bloody machete and double edged axe were also found near stone. the pastor of a wilmington church says the property has been target for vandals for nearly a year, most recently on saturday. reverend joe brennan says someone has been leaving animal waste on the steps and doors of christ ouing church on west 28th street. he says other churches in the area have also been vandalized. wilmington police have stepped up patrols. a u.s. official has told the associated press that
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federal investigators have indeed connected north korea to the hacking of sony pictures. that company today canceled the release and perhaps the the most controversial movie that has never been seen. live at united artist main street theater in manayunk is "action news" reporter sharrie williams, sharrie. >> reporter: anim this movie was supposed to be a blockbuster hit, come christmas day, but sony making this major decision to pull it. we have spoke with movie goers tonight and there were strong opinions on both sides, those who said hey, it is just a movie but others say this is supposed to be a comedy but it is in laughing matter. if you were hoping to see the new comedy movie starring seth rogan, forget it, at least for now. hollywood giant sony pulled the plug on its controversial movie the interview, canceling its christmas day release. the decision comes after
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thousands of theaters across the the country dropped the comedy about a plan to assassinate north korea leader kim june un, movie theaters weighing in on the move to can the movie. >> i think it was a mart idea. it was stupid to think of something like that. he is alive. >> i act you'll i don't agree. i feel like they have a first amendment right, freedom of speech, freedom of the expression. >> rert: star out as a cyber attack on sony by a group calling itself the guardians of peace but it a has ballooned to movie goers being threatened if they go to see the film. >> well, i think they are doing right by taking the the threat seriously. >> reporter: buhe say dropping the of movie, sends a message of fear. >> it is definitely an aspect of, you know, doing and saying what you want or what you think is funny, and sensor yourself like that, it is weird. >> reporter interview with abc news, president obama echoed the fbi and said there
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is no credibility to the threats. >> ill be vigilant. if we see something that we think is serious and credible then we will alert the public but for now my recommendation would be to people go to the movies. >> reporter:o he movies, but the interview, not going to be an option. that is the the word from sony. sony also released a statement and it read in part that this has -- it had has been a victim of an unprecedented criminal assault and it is extremely disappointed by the the outcome. we are live in manayunk, sharrie williams, channel six "action news". still to come on "action news" tonight a south jersey fire department gives a fitting tribute to a seven year-old honorary fire fighter, who lost his battle, with cancer. plus dozens of dogs rescued from a lancaster county home will soon be up for adoption in philadelphia, cecily. the wind chills will drop down to 30 degrees in philadelphia we wi g cooler in time for your morning commute. i'll have latest details on
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what to expect this weekend with the accu weather forecast. and duci rodgers with an eagles/redskins preview when "action news" continues in just a moment. eh, you don't want that one.
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he's not with me. mucinex fast max night time. multi-symptom relief plus nasal decongestant. breathe easy. sleep easy. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. pakistani city of peshawar was indeed mourning as families of the 148 people killed in a taliban attack yesterday, were laid to rest. most of the victims were children. the taliban says that the attack on a school, was revenge for a military offensive against their safe havens a along the boarder with afghanistan. it was, with heavy heart that mourners gathered cross from love park in center city tonight. they stoodn silence by candle light to honor the innocent lives lost in pakistan yesterday. pennsylvani-- pennsylvania gove elect tom wolf says that the state
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has a problem, a fearly 2 billion-dollar deficit that is greg each day. wolf held a news conference at free library in center city today. he said the state is spending more than it is taking in. >> my job as governor will be to propose a solution to work with the legislature, to come up with some solutions, but, again, we have to start with an understanding that it exists and that it is big. >> wolf takes office next month. only "actn news" was there asiana ledge drug dealing doctor from delaware county was arrested today. police say doctor lawrence wean used his practice to sell drug prescriptions. sources say wean d charge two to $300 for writing prescriptions. investigators raided wean's home at his office on baltimore pike in media not far from the delaware county courthouse. wean faces insurance fraud and other related charges. fire fighters from throughout sout jersey, provided a fitting and
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emotional trin bo to a young boy who lost his battle with leukemia. seven year-old aidan rival was laid to rest at st. agnes church today. aidan's dream was to become a fire fighter and last year his home town of washington township made him an honorary fire fighter. soon departments au the world did the same, with the motto, no one fights alone. these are just a few of the dozens of dogs and puppies rescued from a home in lancaster county. there were 62 in all. they were found inside the house, garage and in vehicles the scattered around the property in lit it z. the owner is expect to face charges. got news is the dogs are now at the pennsylvania spca headquarters and will soon be ready for adoption. ♪ >> students fr the chester community charter school today kick off their first ever holiday concert series tonight. this is a four day event
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starting with this performance at the east campus. similar concerts will take place over the next few days. it will incorporate student art, dance, and, of course, more music. >> ♪ >> pop super star justin timberlake thrill the crowd at wells fargo center tonight in south philadelphia. timberlake is on the last leg of his 2020 experience tour. the album has sold more than 6 million copies. that is a lot of experience for justin timberlake. >> going for a hot concert to a cold night, how is that for a segway. >> you are so very clever. >> well, we are coolg off tonight, storm tracker six live double scan, showing dry conditions, out there, tonight. the the action cam is taking a look up at city hall, william penn thinking it must be only four days to winter because it is starting to get chilly.
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currently in philadelphia it is 40 degrees. down from our mild high of five degrees. second day we hit 53 which is nine a above normal. allentown dropped down to 37. wilmington 38. millville 38. trenton 37. feels cooler when you factor in the wind. it is a blustery night. wind chill in philadelphia is 31. feels like 30 in millville. twenty-nine in allentown. wind chill in reading and lancaster dropping down to 26. satellite six along with action radar is showing reason why. if you look over northern maine you can see that swirl. that low pressure. that is what really funneling in winds out of the west. high pressure is trying to build in, behind this system and will give us that wind tunnel effect all day long. tomorrow wind gusts up to 20 or 30 miles an hour at times. so that high of 44 will feel more like temperatures in the mid 30's when you factor in the wind chill. good amount have of sun behind for the day mixing with clouds. as we head into friday high pressure movees a little will bit closer. that will bring us loads of sunshine. it will relax wind a bit so
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about 43 degrees will feel more comfortable, then tomorrow's 44. and then heading in the weekend le pressure, begins to form, and over, texas, 7:30 on friday, starts to really pull in moisture from the gulf of mexico and then it moves to the east. now, if this low pressure were to track to the north and east, we will get sideswiped buy some light precipitation. that now appears to be less likely. the computer models have a good consensus showing that low pressure will merge off the georgia coast and then go out to sea. if this happens, we will have a dry weekend. no rain. in snow. little bit of clouds but that is really good news for last minute holiday shopping and for travelers on the last weekend before christmas. bus stop forecast for tomorrow will be windy and chilly. 6:00 o'clock 32 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock 34. wind chills for morning commute and bus stop will be down in the the lower 20's. you do want to bundle up.
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day planner shows good amount of unshine at ten, 38 degrees. and by 4:00 o'clock 42. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast will reach a high of 44. wind chills in the 30's. friday sun with a few clouds 43 degrees and at day as long as that storm system stays to the south we will have a dry day. it will be cool, 40 on sunday, and increasing clouds as winter arrives at 6:03. forty-four. monday a weak disturbance will bring us cloud, a few showers with a high of 46. clouds and drizzle for tuesday, 50 degrees, and christmas eve a potent storm system will cut up to the west and that will not bring us snow, but rain and wind with a high of 54 degrees. that actually could cause some problems for travelers as well but santa claus will have to take his rain coat, for christmas eve. >> thanks, cecily. >> synagogue in e somerton section of philadelphia set out to break a record on this second night of hanukkah. standing at 22 feet tall, this
1:59 am
menorah outside the congregations of may soon be designated as the world's largest balloon menorah. the synagogue previously earned three worl records including the world's largest draidle. jimmy kimmel live coming up at 11:35 tonight here on "action news". jimmy has a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, ji hello philadelphia here's a sampling of the nonsense we have in store for you tonight. >> will you marry me. >> yes.
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some of the area best football players were honored tonight in deptford, new jersey. this was the annual south jersey football awards banquet, the athletes and their coaches were recognized for their accomplishments both on and off the field. for weeks t eagles have been trying to avoid using the term must win, and this weekend is must win. >> they are using that term now, jim. they have to win, against the redskins, on saturday. the eagles are fight to go get in the playoffs but in some respects the the playoffs have have already begun. they need to win saturday to keep hope alive. scenarios are complicated but for chip and company it boils down to this. the eagles need to win their last two games and hope cowboys lose just once. we keep reminding you what is at stake, the bird, they don't need any reminders. >> we have everything to play for. i don't know how they are
2:04 am
looking at the game but we're looking at it as a playoff game f we don't win this game we have very little will chance of going to the playoffs and that is obviously our goal. >> for them finishing off the ease on than a high note would be beneficial for them. for us this is most important game to date, you know, if we lose this one, it is not good at all a. we are probably out of the playoffs at that point. this is do or die at this point. >> yes, indeed. >> birds will h to weather yet another injury, trent cole will not the play saturday. linebacker a had surgery to repair a broken bone in his hand. there is no word on what his availability will beyond this week. brandon graham will take his place in the starting line up. graham was asked if he will feel more pressure stepping in. >> no, the pressure is over with. you know, i am excited, because i know what i have been doing. i'm a's just excited because i get more chances get out there and make more plays for the the team. >> we obviously want trent out there. you were ill not replace trent
2:05 am
but bg has been playing all year, having a great year, and he will get more snaps. we are very confident he will be just fine good both eagles game day kick off and eagles game take final will come your way on saturday, at 2:00 p.m. mike quick and i will be live at fedex field in land over, maryland to preview the game. 11:35, mike and i will be back to wrap it up. fact. when you take advil you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences. more now on saturday's eagles/redskins game. washington is looking to play
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spoiler. rg3 is back at quarterback. redskins lost six straight games. their coach is still looking forward to this challenge. >> it is a great opportunity for to us come out and play begins a team fighting for their playoff lives and for a division title ande what we are made of. to see these young guys compete on a saturday afternoon against a division possible champion or a playoff team, it will be a great test for a lot of them and hopefully they wi step up. >> the way we will approach it is another opportunity to get better. that is what we have to do we have to create positive momentumming in t off season and this is one of those games. they ha a lot riding on the line. we know they will come ready. we have to make sure we match that intensity. >> saturday afternoon. >> thanks, ducis finally san claus helped bring a happy holiday to the rhd family center homeless shelter in north philadelphia tonight. beforehanding out presents, he agreed to quick tans with some of his smallest youngsters who were over eyed to him. then it was time to get down to business.
2:09 am
santa's helpers gave out hundreds of toys, all donated and collect by the catholic philadelphia outreach ministry. jimmy kimmel is live next, filled by night line. his guest michael keaton, megan kelly and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers wh traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> "action news" is sponsored in part by elkins chevrolet, test drive 2015 equinox and south jersey a's re dealer ship open late for service. the visit elkins on route 73 in marlton or on line at elkins
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