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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 18, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara
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bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon, one man's search for a woman with his ex's name scores a trip around the world for a total stranger. and in northeast philadelphia police search for a man who left only his burned out car behind. >> and gifts gone, why so many families relying on lay away are out of luck a week before christmas. and the investigation into the death of a bensalem teenager killed while trying to board her school bus as her classmates pay tribute to the 16-year-old. "action news" reporter, david henry is live in ben salem with the latest on the story. >> reporter: yes, minet zeka's
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classmates are in school with counselors on hand trying to process this story. and prosecutors are trying to build a possible criminal case against the driver of the suv that ran her down. a roadside memorial marks the spot where minet died as she crossed the road yesterday morning she was hit boarding her bus, hit by a suv driven by an 18-year-old student. sources tell us the defroster doesn't work and the windshield may have been iced over and they say the driver may not have seen or ignored the lights on the school bus, and they have confiscated his cell phone to see if it was in use at the time of the accident. friends gathered last flight for a candle light memorial and they
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talked of a confident free spirited young lady. they observed a moment of silence before the city council meeting last night and district officials are meeting with police to review safety issues at the bus stop and residents describe it as a dangerous intersection where drivers often ignore the speed limit. >> investigators are give the suv augh investigation today. the chester county couple accused of torturing a boy to death. jillian tate, and her boyfriend have a preliminary hearing today. they are accused of killing little scotty mcmillin.
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they believe that scotty was being punished for not eating his breakfast. the district attorney will seek the death penalty in this case. and police hope someone can help them find a missing senior citizen. he was last seen at the macaroni lounge. but his car was found in north philadelphia and it was set on fire. he has several medical conditions that would require taking medication on a regular basis. new developments in the hack against sony, the movie studio has canceled the release of the interview-and reaction is mixed. after sony pulled the film about the assassination attempt against north korea's leader. the film will not be released online or dvd.
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they spoke off the record that they believe that north korea is directly tied to the hack. the decision comes after hackers threatened violence to movie theaters that showed the film. >> theater owners and sony would have felt horrible and they would have been legally liable if an attack took place. >> understand the need to make sure people need to be safe but you can't just buckle -- >> sony will lose some $300 million for pulling the film. officials in new jersey are hoping to capitalize on the newly thawed relationship with the u.s. and cuba. joanne was sentenced to life for murdering a state trooper during a gun fight on the new jersey
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turnpike in 1973 but she escaped from prison and made it to cuba where she was granted asylum. she has been living there since. she was the first woman named on the fbi's most wanted list, we'll have more on the diplomatic relations between the two countries in the next half hour. time to talk temperatures, you will want to grab the winter coats if are you heading out. sky 6 hd taking a look at atlantic city and partly sunny skies over the jersey shore, it's also a windy afternoon and colder than yesterday. the arrival of winter still a few days off, it's definitely feeling wintry out there right now and lets check in with david murphy at the big board and the chilly accuweather forecast. >> nice that you showed the shore that is one spot that we see sun down the coast. we have upper level cloud cover, pushing down from the northwest
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and it's socking the city in for most of the morning, as we go into the afternoon i expect the return of sunshine, we look at the cloud cover again making it down past philadelphia now and loafing the shore untouched and earlier this morning i was contacted on twitter from a follower, rich, it's one of the nicest pictures i have been tweeted in a while. this is the water coming in over the beach head and the sun up, and that is where the sun has been this morning. whether you have sun or clouds are you dealing with chilly air. 38 in philadelphia and 38 in wilmington and 39 in allentown and 40 in millville. we have windchills that is causing it to feel cooler, 32 the freezing mark in philadelphia and 28 in wilmington a windchill of 32, and allentown 29. you do have to bundle up because of the temperature and because
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of the wind. today's high temperature of 44 degrees this afternoon does represent a precipitous drop from today's 53 especially when you add in the wind that makes it feel cooler, all we have done is go back to where you expect to be in mid-december in philadelphia. when we come back we'll talk more about the weekend, there is that southern storm, looks like it will have a minor impact on us. >> all right david thank you. remember can you keep frack of the accuweather forecast any time by downloading our free storm tracker 6 app, you get live radar and weather alerts posted for your area. a philadelphia police officer is involved in a collision while responding to a call. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in german town this morning, the cruiser was responding to a call for a police assist at the intersection of yardley and haines street. one person was treated for minor
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injuries and police are ves investigating the cause of the crash. and an accident with a school bus and car in at co county. the driver of the other vehicle was hurt but police have not released any other details yet. the people of reading, pennsylvania, are having a change of heart about their town christmas tree, they were upset about the straggly branches, they called it an embarrassment and called for a replacement. but now they are embracing it and the public is invited to join in a makeover this weekend charlie brown style. coming up lucky woman wins a trip around the world because of
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a convicted rapist is facing charges for allegedly stalking an allentown boy, police say that 73-year-old clyde ruple approached the boy when he was just 11. despite the questions to stay away, ruple moved in across the street. and he left rose petales on his car. police in california say a suspected drunk driver killed three people as they left a christmas pageant last night. it happened just south of l.a., police say that the woman ran a wed light and killed at least three people, nine others are hospitalized including one child. and a closure of a high were an in ohio last flight, a semi
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carrying craft beer, spilled across three lines of traffic, and traffic was diverted as crews cleaned up the mess of broken glass and boxes and the drive thor was not hurt. a teenager may be the most infamous burglar in the country, this is 18-year-old bud wiser. the officer saw the teenager climbing out of the window of a gas station, he got away and turned himself in days later, it's unclear if he was stealing a six-pack or something else. now to an update on a story we brought you on "action news" at 4:00. a man found a match for the woman with the right name. he said that any elizabeth gallagher with a canadian passport was eligible to take the place of his ex-girlfriend
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now to a holiday nightmare for some lay away customers, shoppers at kmart and toys "r" us, have learned their orderers have been canceled before they went to pick them up. they told them that some of their items were not available and the same thing happened at toys r us, and some shoppers can complained that their online orders were canceled even though they already paid for them. as for kmart, they will either process refunds or find the items for shoppers that are impacted. shoppers take note here, today is free shipping day, retailers are offering free shipping with
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no minimum or shipping for christmas eve, check out free shipping they may need to learn more with the recession and economy, a bachelor's degree is not always enough. lisa thomas-laury taking a look at continuing education. >> villanova university is just one school in our area with a continuing education program. the collegecaters to adumts with a variety of motivations, some need to embark on a second career. and some have a desire to learn. they are offering classes for over a century. >> students can earn bachelors degrees in arts, science and business, and there are nine credit certificate programs in a variety of disciplines. >> i have reinvented myself, and
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david is here now, a closer look at the forecast. >> windy and stormtracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry across the region and a ride along chopper 6 hd earlier, you can see our picture of center city is looking good, it's nice and clear but at the same time not a lot of sunshine reflecting off the buildings, we managed
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to hold off the clouds, it's sunnier south and east of the city and the wind out of the west at 16 makes it feel cooler, 38 in philadelphia and 40 in millville, to get an idea of the windchill subtract 6 or 7 degrees from these numbers, most of you down around the freezing mark in terms of how it feels. there is that cloud cover that crossed i-95 and it breaks up through south jersey and delaware, and the farther south and east the more sun you are seeing and later in the afternoon i expect holes in the clouds and in the lehigh valley i'll optimistically call for partly sunny skies, either way windy and high of 42. down the shore a bit milder, 46 degrees and partly sunny be windy and sunshine south and east. and feeling like the 30s most of the afternoon, in philadelphia a mix of clouds and sun and high
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of 44, and the wind is running as high as 20 miles per hour and gusting up to 30, and it will feel chilly the rest of the afternoon and evening and probably not getting the windchills out of the 30s today. overnight less wind and partly cloudy and cold air in place, 33 is the overnight low in philadelphia and some subs dipping down to the mid to upper 20s, and we'll go partly sunny skies and the farther north you go the more clouds you will see and by 4:00 we drop down to 41 and 39 at 5:30. and dipping down to the freezing mark for your overnight low, tomorrow high pressure from the west so generally speaking more sun tomorrow but the high is positioned to the west and i can still see a breeze from the norm, the high is 43 degrees tomorrow but the winds are not as strong okay. breezy, chilly and not quite as strong with the wind and then we look at future tracker 6 and on
12:26 pm
friday the area of low pressure forms along the gulf and by saturday is passes to the south and will the low stay to the south or come closer to us. there are a couple possible scenarios and one has precipitation to the north and we are learning towards this scenario and that is the way it is looking this weekend and all the major models. brisk and chilly today and 44 is your forecast high and it feels like the 30s, and tomorrow less wind and chilly, and the storm is staying to the south and an increase in clouds and a high of 40, and sunday mostly cloudy and 44 and winter arrives just past 6:00 in the evening and leaning towards the dry scenario on sunday and shower late in the day or at night and dry on tuesday with a temperature climbing up into the mid-50s and
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wednesday, christmas eve precipitation and as i said yesterday it is rain with a high of 58 and not snow, it will be pretty wet at times on wednesday, we expect that to dry out on christmas and it gets chillier. >> thank you david. a pint sized pooch who was just as bad as he could be is turning over a new leaf, the chihuahua teddy got a reputation for acting naughty so the silicon valley took the persona and ran with it. they made a video, eddie the terrible, to get him adopted and it works. a couple recognized you perfect he was and snatched him right up. up next on "action news" at noon, new moves to keep the taj mahal open well into next year and we have the latest. >> and some dogs rescued from a
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lancaster county home are being readied for adoption.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> and hello again, here are some of the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30, a new day for cuban-u.s. relations and it
12:30 pm
brings two home. and now the details, the dramatic shift in u.s. policy towards cuba continues to cause ripples throughout the world. the three prisoners arrived in havana and got warm greetings from raul castro, they were traded for alan gross who spent five years in a cuban prison. the real impact is not known. >> reporter: good afternoon, the reaction comes in after yesterday's historic announcement about a new era for the u.s. and cuba, and we are learning more details about the key role that pope francis played in this very big development. >> president obama says that the u.s. was long overdue for a new relationship with cuba. >> we'll end an


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