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tv   Action News  ABC  December 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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sunday night the investigation is underway into a deadly fire overnight in an
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apartment complex, in delaware. and a new york city is mourning loss of two officers tonight as new information emerges about the man who killed them. but we will begin tonight with breaking news in manayunk where investigators made a discovery link to the search for shane montgomery. >> investigators confirmed to "action news" that a search team found his personal keys in the schuylkill river. the garden state under water recovery unit made discovery this morning around 10:15 in the portion of the river in the area where shane was last spotted. the west chester university student disappeared, on thanksgiving night, he was seen leaving kildares irish pub on main street. we will stay on top of this story, and bring you very latest tonight at 11:00. moving to delaware where investigators are searching for cause of an overnight fire that ended with a death of one person, and seriously injuring another. the it happen just after 2:30 this morning at harbor house apartments in claymont where "action news" reporter kenneth moton joins us live with the very latest, kenneth.
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>> well, walter at this hour the the fire marshall is still, inside this fire complex talking with witnesses and investigating the cause of fire. meanwhile is there a large effort to help the more than two dozen people, who are out of their homes, tonight. there was an extraordinary scene in the action cam, captured it all as fire fighters in claymont delaware battled this deadly three story apartment building fire. >> i was worried about my wife and my son. i was like speechless. i remember looking and crying. >> reporter: investigators say it sparked overnight around 2:30 at harbor house apartments on harbor drive. first on the scene say flames were shooting through the roof and they spread quickly devouring 20 apartments, leaving 38 people, who rushed to get out, home less. >> i was looking for here, my apartment was burning, everything was burning. my terrace, came out. and it is really tough. >> reporter: fire fighters rescued a 27 year-old man
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rushed to christiana hospital, for smack inhalation but they where the knot able to save another person who was found dead inside one of the apartments. burned, beyond recognition. the the fire marshall doesn't know exactly where the fire started but he has been focused on building 221. >> right now we have been out here all daze working through debris trying to find the origin and cause of the fire. it has been pain staking with this amount of damage that we have here. >> reporter: in the light of day we could see massive amount of destruction, fire officials say there is one million-dollar of damage and this building will have to be torn down. >> this is as families thankful to be alive worked to figure out what is next days before christmas. >> and that is just the sad part about it, you know, with the christmas ornament, trees and the lights, you just don't know what, you know, started the fire. >> reporter: an autopsy is scheduled, as the medical examiner works to confirm the identity, of the the person who died in this fire. reporting live from claymont
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delaware this evening, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". sarah. >> kenneth, thank you. a five five-year old man is under arrest accused of opening fire into a bar in the mayfair section of philadelphia overnight. it happen just after midnight at mcgeeh an's bar in the 44 hundred block of cottman avenue. the man became angry when his girlfriend refused to leave with him. he was then canned to leave but then return and allegedly fired several shots into the the location. a second man arrived later, fired off a shot and then struggled with officers. he too was arrested. police are searching for two people who assaulted and robbed a 76 year-old woman, inside of her home in chester county. up investigators say one of the suspects was a former home health care work shore once cared for the victim. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has that story. >> reporter: police say 36 year-old leonard bernard and brianna mitchell schemed to rob a client of mitchell who live in the exton crossing apartment complex. mitchell a home health care
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worker stopped working for the 76 year-old rick tim a month ago. saturday evening, police say using information, gained from mitchell, bernard posed as a health care aid and a victim let him in. >> he was a 76 year-old woman, home alone, he comes in and physically pushes her around, injured her, ties her up and leaves her in the house alone. >> reporter: police found jewelry stolen from the victim in mitchelles spring city home. they believe she shares with bernard. >> but she haddon the watch, physically took from her, wedding ring and then her necklace. >> reporter: police say mitchell placed a hack up call to the victim shortly before the crime. earl per lease spoke to mitchell and unidentified man on phone linked to mitchell and urge her to come talk to her. >> the fact thaw just got out of jail a few months ago and he is out doing this is concerning. what he else will he do. what else will he do that he knows we're looking for him and he is on the run. is he going to commit more crimes? >> reporter: police say that bernard even swiped a victim's medical alert bracelet, on the way out the door, and police
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say if you have any information, to contact the west whitehall township police. the reporting from exton, annie mccormack for channel six "action news". a florida police officer is dead and a 23 year-old man is charge with first degree murder. officer charles connsack a 17 year veteran and father of five, was gunned down responding to a call shortly after 2:00 this morning. the suspect was arrested a short time later there noise word on a motive. he was a a new york city police officer, for five years, before moving to florida. and the gun man who fatally ambush two new york city police officers yesterday, had a long criminal record. a hatred for police and government, and history of mental instability. ismaaiyl brinsley had at least 18 arrests in two states, and a childhood so violent his mother was said to be afraid of him. yesterday he shot officer rafael ramos and wenjian liu in their squad koran their lunch break. he later took his own life.
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prior to the shooting brinsley posted a message on instagram saying it was in retaliation for deaths of black men at the hands of white police but mother of eric again per, killed by a new york police officer, denounced the killing. >> police officers go out there and risk their life, and our condolence to the family and we stand with the family. >> new york's police commissioner laid a wreath at makeshift memorial at the scene of the killings, and flags, at precincts are flying at half staff. bridging gap between law enforcement the and community was a goal of the meet to go day in wilmington. resurrection center invited wilmington police officials to take part in the q and a session with young people. organizers say in light of recent events, they hope to opened up an important >> with the reaction of visceral reaction, of the nation, the the fact is that we still need our government, our officials, and our law enforcement, and they are still honorable positions.
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so what we're doggies facilitating healthy relationships with the community and law enforcement. >> another hope, organize are say is to let these young people know they can certainly play a role in keeping their community safe, by keeping their lines opened, between themselves and local police. a south jersey family got a christmas surprise from the man in red and a lot of men and women in blue. winslow township police joined santa's in visiting five-year old jessica banco and her older sister. this summer their mother was murdered. police made sure their holiday was bright. they got together, brought gifts and enlisted santa toe deliver them. officers say the smile on their faces, brightened their holidays too. all right. much more to come on "action news" tonight, a hero's welcome long overdue, 90 year-old veteran who was surprised by an honor for his services during world war two. but first new jersey governor chris christie mace an appeal to the president to return a convicted cop killer from cuba. melissa?
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and walter, or sarah i should say, it was official, our fall season has come to a claus and we are saying hello to winter to day. at weeze get in the week ahead we are tracking mild, wet changes, changes coming up with the a accu weather forecast. plus eagles playoff hopes hinged on a cowboys performance today, jeff skversky has update in sports when "action news" continues but first a holiday greet willing from one of our local military leaders serving overseas.
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fugitive cop killer joann chessis returned to the u.s. cuba's long standing decision to give her asylum was an afront to the u.s. and new jersey state police, in particular. chessmar living under the the name asante shaker escaped from her conviction from the murder of the state troop inner 197 36789 she remains on the fbi's list of most wanted terrorist. fifteen restaurant in manayunk are working together again to make holidays brighter for those in need. "action news" was at jake's restaurant where volunteers put finishing touches on 700 meals for journey's way in roxborough. the agency will distribute the to the food to the poor and elderly on shut ins on fixed incomes. santa got a police escort through camden to make early rounds. jolly old saint nick and officers delivered gifts to brighten the the holidays for 30 families. the toys were collected by 300 camden county officers and fop lodge 318.
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it was a first year for the toy delivery but officers hope to make it bigger and better every year ahead. we have seen lots of veterans returning home lately to a hero's welcome but not quite like this. this is quito defrancisco who turns 90 years old and served in world war two. today he was honored for his services and given a hero's welcome home during a motorcycle parade down hatfield street. difrancesco was one of the first wave of sold tore land on the beaches of normandy and he says he has never received an honor quite like this. >> i have never served, i remain, did my job, came home, i survived it. i don't know how. but with what i went through, and it is unbelievable. >> living history right there difrancesco was on the front lines for six months, from all of us here, thank you so much for your services. still to come on "action news" jeff skversky has latest on the eagles playoff hopes.
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all right. jeff skversky has a check on sports and this is a week toned forget, i think overall. >> brutal, brutal. lots and lots of help, where do we start. eagles need a christmas miracle to make playoffs and a little luck too as in andrew luck. eagles need colts quarterback in indianapolis to beat dallas today to keep eagles slim playoff hopes alive. but the end of the road for the eagles, appears inevitable tonight, look at this, dallas destroying indianapolis 28 to nothing in the third. tony romo has three touchdown passes. if the eagles missed the playoffs, blame the mistakes. how about a season high 13
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penalties for 102 yards last night plus two missed field gold by codey parkey. let's not forget about mark sanchez with the game tied 962nd left throws that interception. taking over for injured nick foles sanchez has had 13 turnovers, the most in football, yep, the eagles are kicking themselves after washington kicked that game winner. >> we really were negative nine in the turn over ratio. so, to even get nine wins with that is surprising. >> three weeks ago, you know, we were sitting pretty. now, we need a lot of stuff to happen. so we don't have nobody to blame but ourselves. >> just a couple weeks ago i was planning on the playoffs, who we would be playing and all those types of things and new we just hope and pray that we can get in there. but with a lot of help. >> and dallas is doing anything but right now, thanks to last night's loss cowboys are close to eliminating the eagles a win or a tie over
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indianapolis will do that. only way eagles can make playoffs is if dallas loses their final two against indy and washington and eagles beat new york next sunday but that giants game it appears to be meaningless, tonight. now you have to wonder for at least desean jackson has come back to bite the birds. the eagles who were one of the highest scoring teams in football are only averaging 21.7 points per game during this three game losing streak. >> get them out of here. get philly out of here. >> that is desean jackson rubbing it in, mocking the eagles, perhaps a little pay back for cutting him, redskins receiver made a big difference, caught two balls for over 50 yards, both on bradley fletcher, both led to washington touchdowns and 14 points. jackson then took a shot at his former team calling them naive. >> they play how they play. they don't care. you know, that is the philadelphia eagles defense. i have been there a lot of years and witness add lot of
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players, wide receivers, tightened get off on huge games on them and i just happy to be on this side and be able to send them home with a loss. they constantly tell me how much they miss me and they wish i was still there. i said decision they chose to make in the front office, i'm happy to be here in washington. >> while eagles could very likely miss the the playoffs even with a ten-six record the same record that won them the nfc east last year, down in the nfc south either carolina or atlanta will make the post season with a below 500 record, believe it or not. playoff implications on the the line for andy reid in kansas city today, in pittsburgh big red cannot stop big ben in the red zone. ben roethlisberger the touchdown. steelers wins 20-1220 clinch a playoff spot. chiefs are still alive but like eagles they need lots of help. by the way, reid and chip kelly have identical 19-13 records in two seasons. how about the the flyers, they are in action tonight, in
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winnipeg, at 9:00. flyers are coming off the best offensive performance of the season. they scored seven times in toronto. last night jay voracek the nhl's point leader, four assists, two to claude giroux. they win seven - 46789 tonight they will face jets. the the flyers will start rod zipp. sixers also in action. >> we will take every win we can get. >> yes. >> any of them, any team. still ahead on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee with your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. but first we have a preview of what is ahead on world news tonight. >> good evening, walter and sarah coming up tonight on world news tonight, deadly ambush in new york. two police officers gunned down, assassination style, plus america on the move for the holidays as a massive storm takes aim, and, the ugliest christmas tree in america, instead of getting the ax it is getting a make over. that is after "action news".
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♪ here we go go, the count down to new years is on abe mummers are making their final preparations before the big strut. this is the polish american string band rehearsing for their big day the at saint albert's school hall in, port richmond this group, by the way has been awarded first prize 11 times, over the past 15 years. let's see here now with accu weather. we didn't see the sun today but it sure didn't help a whole lot. >> we have not seen the sun in about two months. >> i mean, it has been for a long period of time but we did
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have pockets of sunshine, still chilly. >> just kidding. >> just milder as we get in the week ahead we will track wet changes. storm tracker six live double scan radar is showing you that it is dry, no issues with rainfall today. so outside we will go, action cam is outside, earlier today and earlier this afternoon, we're at love park they are at christmas village, four more days to go until we get into christmas. the the day of christmas. with that we do have some changes on the way. we will check out some of the highlights, across much of the area, winter is officially here and it has been seasonably cold, this weekend. we will start off with winter, it started around 6:03 this evening. we're just a few minutes in the winter season. when sun's correct rays are over the tropic of cap corn so get ready for longest night of the year on the way. it has been seasonably cold. yesterday's high temperature just 35 degrees, and today, we will climb up to 40 degrees, average for us this time of the year is 43. it is chilly but it has been dry. dry shift will change as we get into monday afternoon and
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beyond. we will talk about that with the 37 in the city. out of the northwesterly win. it feels like 31 degrees in center city. twenty-six in the poconos. allentown 30. thirty in red ago long the coast in beach haven 35. same thing in sea isle city. here's the satellite six with action radar. we have a partly cloudy sky across the region. high pressure is to our north right now this high will drift to our east so we will tap in the northeasterly wind for tonight and then turning easterly as we get in the day on monday and with that the clouds will start to increase. so future tracker six is showing you as we go through monday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock it looks to be mostly cloud a cross the delaware and lehigh val its. as that system advances, and we get into monday night and tuesday morning, temperatures will be, pretty mild on tuesday, but you notice we are track something wet weather, mist and drizzle until to tuesday morning. it will continue to stay damp as we get into tuesday afternoon. as we track this storm system it is an area of low pressure to the south that works north and eastward and cuts up to the west. it look to be all rain. that rain will pick up in
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intensity as we get into tuesday evening and throughout dayton wednesday. we will break down what we can expect as we are's tracking this moisture on the way, the daze before christmas. tuesday evening, into wednesday, we're tracking this milder temperatures and in fact, tuesday night, rising temperatures on the way, but a good soaking rain, 1 inch of rainfall, possible, locally higher amounts than that. we will be windy tuesday evening, into wednesday, and winds gusting from 40 to 50 miles an hour. higher gusts at the coast. this will lead to travel concerns as we get into tuesday and for that matter by the first half of the day on christmas. the call from accu weather for rest of tonight, partly cloudy, seasonably chilly, 28 in the city. twenty-four in the suburbs for that overnight low. the here's that exclusive seven day forecast, so cloudy on monday, high temperature of 43. afternoon and evening rain will start to develop. on tuesday, it is mild, up to 52. the it is damp, drizzly with that light rain around. on wednesday, christmas eve, it is wet, windy. high temperature up to 61. record 64 back in 1990. on thursday, for christmas day, we will start to dry out
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with a high of 52 but the winds will be factor up to 40 miles an hour as cooler day, and on friday, sunshine and clouds and at 49. fifty for a shower possible as we get into next saturday. so watching out for some probably travel concerns as we get into next week, busy week. >> this finally tonight on "action news" one of our collogues reported a very important story today. >> and hope that is saint nicholas will soon be there. >> there he is, rick williams, read t was the night before christmas at annual holiday concert at philadelphia young artists orchestra. in addition to that the orchestra, and 200 voice choir presented a host of the favorites from carols to songs from the nut cracker. >> then he sang oprah. >> a delightful day. >> that is my rick imitation. >> abc world news sunday next on channel six, "action news" returns at 11:00v good-bye the way. >> for melissa my gee, jeff
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skversky and all of us here on "action news" i'm czar bloom questions.
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welcome to "world news tonight." deadly ambush. two new york city police officers gunned down. the attack called an assassination. the attempts to save them, the emotional good-bye from fellow officers. tonight, what we're learning about the suspect. did he vow to kill police? on the move. a record number of americans in the air and on the road, as a massive storm takes aim. will they make it home in time for the holiday? ready, set, shop. on this busiest shoppi inping wd of the year, the millions battling the crowds. what you sent us from the front lines. >> i'm using gift cards this year. and,


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