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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  December 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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if you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, there is not a lot of track but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot going on outside. we have mist and drizzle and the big concern in the short-term is the visibility. we are down in most spots to a mile or less. 2.5, in philadelphia and wilmington a mile and a half. this will cause slow-downs if you are traveling. what we are tracking into christmas eve, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, you can see the swath of moisture down across the southeast, and we have tornado watches popping up across the gulf states, we'll track the moisture and not see anything severe in our area and it is affecting us as early as tomorrow morning. wednesday at 7:00 in the morning we have the rain developing in the delaware and lehigh valley, most people will be out and about tomorrow afternoon and
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pockets of moderate moisture moving in in the area. we'll show you what to expect, rain .75 to inch of rainfall, poor drainage is a concern and ponding on the roadways. and high temperatures tomorrow in the 60s, we'll let you know if the warmth and rain is sticking around for christmas day. >> thank you melissa. >> the rainy day is not much of a holiday for people. the rain is piling up at philadelphia international airport, that is where walter perez is talking to travelers all day, he joins us now live. >> reporter: hey shirleen, we are talking about the heavier rain moving our way but before it arrives, the thick cloud cover is creating all kinds of problems, not many cancellations
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to report but on time arrivals and departures are coming from around the corner. the security lines are growing longer at philadelphia international the primary culprit is an enforced ground delay because of the thick ground cover across the region. >> this allows us to compensate. >> aaa is projecting that 98.6 million americans will travel 40 miles or more during the holiday season, you can expect the roadways and airways to be congested. the bright spot is in the cost of the travels. the price of gasoline stands at $2.55. meanwhile, airfares fell 7% this year, a trend driven by low cost carriers, we spoke with a bunch of holiday travellers that say
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that the lower fares are great but -- >> we were delayed an hour and then they moved it up an hour. we are not sure when we are taking off. but we are here ready to go. >> making the best of it, and staying in good spirits. an hour is not a big deal but we'll see. >> now pile on the people traveling over the next 24 hours or so when the rain arrives and vut potential for a holiday travel nightmare. the good news is, it's not snow. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the soggy forecast barely slowed down shoppers that were waiting to get items trekked off their list, like most malls lawrence town mall has ex tended hours, studies show that 15% of
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us will wait until the last minute to finish our holiday shopping, we asked shoppers what was left on their list. >> i am getting a scarf for my wife and a thing for my grandchild. >> something for my mom and nieces and my friends at church. >> some shoppers told us they were able to find deals out there as retailers slashed prices in hopes of one last holiday rush. >> we know that lots of you could end up with a new smart phone this season, we want to remind you to download the 6 abc family of apps. we have the 6 abc news app and the 6 abc storm tracker app. plus the events and alarm apps, they are all free to download for your apple or android device. the lockdown is now over at a gloucester county high school and police say no one was ever
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in danger. this started at clear view regional high school in mullica hills, police say that a maintenance worker found a single bullet in the parking lot and the school went into lock down as a precaution, and now they are trying to figure out where it came from and there was no real danger and no one was hurt. >> there was no threat or mention of a gun on campus, we didn't find any gun or threat of a gun, just the one round, and we like to take the most precautions to keep the students and staff safe at the school. this is the last day of classes before christmas, students went home once the lock anddown was lifted. >> it looks like the movie, "the interview" on christmas after all, several independent theaters have agreed to show the movie. and north korea's internet went
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black again today. the u.s. will neither confirm or deny whether they had anything to do with that. >> if the u.s. did this, they will defining the parameters for this activity. this could be devastating if it escalates to this type of warfare. >> and the movie studio says that people are tweeting pictures of leaked emails and sony is trying to protect intellectual property. twitter has not responded. from our delaware newsroom, 12 people were hurt when a school bus crashed this morning in newark. we learned that 11 of the victims are children and katherine scott has more on the accident that happened on school property. upon hearing their children were involved in a school bus
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accident. all the injured were minor. this was the last day of school before the holiday break, and some spent it in the hospital, the front wheels were lifted off the ground and crushed on the base of a light post in newark. 24 students were on the bus and 11 of them complained of injuries, mainly bumps and bruises and were taken to dupont hospital for children and the bus was the only vehicle involved. the driver works for the christina school district transportation department. the district did not provide information regarding her driving record or how long she has been with the district. >> this accidents remains under investigation, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> still ahead, are new cars getting safer? we'll tell you what one group has to say about that.
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and they have broken up a smuggling range at the airport. one airline was the center of it all.
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federal investigators just released new information about a major gun smuggling operation, they say that an airline worker was at the center of it.ation, the fbi has arrested four men overall and one of them is delta baggage handler, eugene harvey, he says he helped another man sneak guns on to his carry-on luggage. he was arrested in new york after an undercover sting. they say he helped harvey smuggle weapons on at least 17 flights since may, that includes a.k. 47's, some of when were loaded. police say they used henry's cell phone and security records
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to put the pieces together and they arrest toward other men in brooklyn who tried to sell the weapons to an undercover officer. and more in the wake of the deadly ambush that killed two police officers. mayor deblasio attended a memorial ceremony today. >> a moment of silence for the two police officers, lui and ramos. >> they want a city filled with peace and unity. >> flags flying at half staff and city officials calling for calm in the movement against police growing in the wake of the choking death of eric garner and michael brown. flowers were put at the site where the two officers were ambushed while sitting in their
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patrol car. >> they identified the man as ismaaiyl brinsley, who had a grudge against police. >> it shows you, that police are our first line of defense and our last line of defense. >> mayor deblasio visited the site and after standing in silence, left a bouquet of flowers. >> eric garner's daughter came to let her thoughts known. >> we have to stand together. >> we must come together in unity to stop the tragedy that happened. >> officer ramos's funeral is for saturday and officer lui's family is coming from china and they will make arrangements when they arrive in the country. an historic day on wall street, the dow gains over 65 points to close above 18,000 for
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the first time ever, the nasdaq down 16 and the s&p rose 3 points and change. keurig is recalling 7 million of its coffee brewing machines after reports of people getting burned. the recall affects the mini plus brewing systems with the number k 10 and an idea number that starts with 31. the machines overhead and spray water after brewing, and it happened to at least 90 people that say they got hurt. the company is offering a free repair. new cars are getting safer, that is what the insurance institute for highway safety is saying after 71 vehicles took home the group's title of top safety pick this year. compared to 39 last year and stricter requirements and tough new crash tests and toyota had the most the group and honda was
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second. >> on the note time for the traffic report, we know it's a busy day today. lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we have a ton of accidents out there on the damp and slippery roadways, one of them popped up here, in the southbound lanes of roosevelt extension approaching fox street, taking out the left lane, no emergency crews on the scene yet and this is a spot is that normally delays up the schuylkill expressway to this point at fox street. a crash at route 1, the state portion in delco at springfield road and normal southbound slowing on the blue route. as you pass the route 1 media bypass and a bad crash at dutton mill road. we are watching one in cheltenham, avoid old york road
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and one here where street road meets up with i-95, and lots of emergency crews on the scene and a few vehicles right into each other and debris on the roadways, and down in christiana, delaware, watching a crash at 273 with slowing in the northbound lanes of 95. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. i believe this is christmas eve eve. and lots of people are out doing shopping and trying to get one place or north. slow speeds on the schuylkill just miles per hour and a crash on the lincoln drive northbound has cleared. we'll check it again brian and shirleen in the last half hour. >> christmas eve eve, known as festivous. the chester county health department is investigating the death of a local high school student. sharrie williams is live now in the newsroom. >> hey brian, the 17-year-old passed away shortly after
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collapsing at a part-time job. andrew speck was a senior at downingtown west high school, we are waiting for official confirmation on the cause of death, we are learning that health officials are see first degree his death is flu related. ali gorman has the latest on the investigation coming up at 5:00. plus, a former nfl star gives back to families in need and we'll show you more of the moving acts of kindness and those stories and more coming up when we join you at 5:00. >> thank you sharrie. up next melissa is back with a look at your holiday forecast. plus, new laptops are a popular gift this time of year, if you are looking for sales watch out. we put low cost laptops to the test, which ones give you value and some missing key features. you can take wherever you go, the smart design changes to fit any device
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including tablets and smart phones. check it out by visiting any time anywhere. and as we go to break here is some more of the holiday light displays are you sending us with #~ 6 abc lights.
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check it out some teacher in the hot seat at maple shade high school today. they agreed to have pies smashed in their faces during the winter pep rally and five very lucky students, chosen to do the honors. it raised money and awareness for especially trained guide dogs, all benefits the seeing eye organization in morristown. >> good sports that is for sure. >> it's time now for the holiday accuweather forecast. >> i hope it at least tasted
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good. melissa magee is standing by live with a forecast that does not taste too good. no, not too good if are you traveling the day before christmas. you can see on stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a lot of moisture down around the southern states, we have tornado watches along the gulf states as well. with the area of low pressure near the western sections of louisiana, all the moisture is making its way into the delaware and lehigh valleys, and as we show you the visibility map down to two and a half miles and down to 1.5 in allentown. check with your carrier for weather related travel delays and extra time on the road ass withle. temperatures are nice and mild, 50 in philadelphia, and 52 for millville and dover, and 46 in allentown and the lehigh valley,
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this time yesterday we were sitting at the freezing mark and it's up to 40 now and 50 at the boardwalk and the same at sea isle city. really not a lot of movement tonight with the temperatures. the overnight low 49 in philadelphia and 49 in dover and the overnight low falls to just 45 degrees in reading, it's damp and the drizzle is around and areas of fog with the moisture overhead and moisture from the south working its way north and eastward. here is satellite 6 along with action radar, with mist and drizzle around to the north and east, you look to the south and east, than is the beginning of the rain on the way, we'll time it out for you, future tracker 6, 4:00 in the morning for christmas eve, that moisture is approaching areas in philadelphia and south and westward, we get into 8:00 in the morning, some pockets of moderate if not heavy rainfall across the region, it continues
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into wednesday afternoon as we are calling for .75 inch of rainfall in the region. at 6:00 on wednesday keep in mind you'll need the wet weather gear along with you. christmas eve is a busy day, if you are out and about in the city, 4:00 p.m., 60 and 61 at 8:00 tomorrow night. as we get close to midnight the temperature around 61 degrees, it's a day we track the moisture first and as the day progresses, we get the southerly might our coming on in and we reach our temperature at midnight and record warmth at that. wednesday it's warm and rainy and a high of 63, the record 64 set in 1990, and thursday winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour and a high of 55 and 50 on friday and 54 on saturday, this time last year for christmas day we had a high of 32.
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>> it's amazing the difference. that is how weather goes. >> you know too well. fference. a veteran from bethlehem got a special surprise for the holidays, he won a contest to have his home professionally decorated. someone nominated dan lasko, and he had no idea a crew was coming to his house to deck the halls, he retired from the military in 2005 and now he raised money for wounded sveltes by running marathons around the world. don't you love that. i vhave a line for you, shae shake shake senora, shake your body line. >> what is that from? beetle juice. i love that movie.
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its time for the buzz. an unusual pick for entertainer. year award usually goes to a person but this year, take a look -- it goes to frozen. although the movie opened in 2013, the ap says it turned into a phenomenon this year, the award goes to the cast that had the most influence on entertainment and culture and a song you can't get out of your head. the uss enterprise is about to go to warp speed to fast and furious, justin lynn will sign on to direct the third installment, he directed the fast and furious movies and takes over for j.j. abrams. it's due out in 2016. and finally more sequel news, tim burton is closer than ever
4:27 pm
to making a second beetle juice movie. there is already a script but won't make the movie unless actor, michael keaton signs on, he played the title role in the original and said if february he did a sequel as long as burton is involved. we may be jumping in the line and moving our body in time. >> shirleen thank you. there is much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 4:00. including details in an arrest made in a deadly hit and run, the woman accuses of running down a teenager and leaving her to die. plus -- >> shopping for a laptop for christmas and getting one in the new years your consumer report is coming up.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, shirleen allicot and brian taff. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues, details on the montgomery county woman for charges for what she allegedly did to a teen at a school function. and a story that may make you think twice before reacting on the road. >> she is pushing off oft road. >> what two women did before a rage fueled driver started terrorizing them. >> and love the idea of taking
4:30 pm
part in a race but love the idea of running? we may have the event for you in the world's shortest race, dubbed philadelphia's first ever instant gratification run first a chester county family dealing with the loss of two children in as many months. gena bennett surrendered to police today, the 48-year-old was drunk when she ran over keesha gray, leaving that teen to die on the side of the road. now we go to annie mccormick live in thorndale where the young girl was killed. >> reporter: brian and shirleen, according to the affidavit, the suspect told friends she thought she hit a construction barrel but police say she was driving under the influence when she hit the young girl.
4:31 pm
>> bennett is now charged with multiple counts for driving under the influence for 19-year-old gray of coatesville. police allege that bennett took off after she struck and killed the teen on the 2400 block of lincoln highway. today in that same spot, family members lit candles after hearing news of an arrest. >> she began drivening at this vfw post and continued at the lancaster bar. and then a surveillance camera caught bennett's car on tape before and after the accident, the footage shows damage on the vook consistent with hitting the vehicle. and then a tip from an auto body shop helped police identify gray as the driver.
4:32 pm
>> it's like a shock because it doesn't seem real yet but like i said it's a sense of relief that they got somebody and the lady came forth and turned herself in. >> back out here live, you can see the memorial here at the scene continues to grow and something else in the affidavit police say that on the surveillance video say green jeep liberty following the vehicle, they are urging the driver of that vehicle to come forward. reporting live in thorndale, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it's nearly one month since anyone saw westchester student, shane montgomery, still his family is not giving up hope. in an interview this morning, shane's mother says she texts her 21-year-old every day asking
4:33 pm
him to help her find him. the discovery of the keys in the schuylkill sunday indicates that he may be in the river, she will not searching until there say resolution, he disappeared after a night out on thanksgiving eve, a reward is offered for anyone that can help find him. a 42-year-old pottstown woman is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy at a montgomery county park. irs gibson allegedly met the boy at a school function. he is charged with sending explicit photos of a minor and trespassing, and surrendered at the montgomery county district court and is out on $50,000 bail. >> police say that a violent robbery suspect son the loose now. police say that a gunman stole several cell phones from people at the motor inn in winfield
4:34 pm
heights. police say that the suspect fire aid few shots before fleeing the scene and fortunately nobody was hit and if you have any information on the armed robbery or the suspect you are asked to call philadelphia police. meteorologist, melissa magee, is joining us on a soggy day. it won't move much, enjoy that part of the forecast, sky 6 hd, give yourself extra time, the visibility is very low and it's 50 degrees at the airport and lots of moisture and winds out of the northeast down to 2.5 miles of visibility. and that is causing troubles by air and problems you can see delays as high as 110 minutes in philadelphia and boston's logan at 34 and new york city's jfk
4:35 pm
and la guardia. we have more moisture we are tracking at stormtracker 6 live double scan, just south and west of indiana and tornado, and don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder. doesn't make you think of christmas when you talk about a possible thunderstorm. >> thank you melissa. students in lawncrest celebrated the holidays today -- >> universal cretin charter school had their multicultural show, the holiday performance is aiming to increase kults your ala wearness and beliefs. an exciting day in fltd thanks to the 23rd police district, they got to meet san
4:36 pm
tan his elves, inside of shep -- this is part of the department's annual adopt a school christmas party. well, santa claus took a break to visit one of his big of the fans in new jersey. check it out, jolly old saint nick arrived in style at helen cole's home, the 98-year-old was not feeling well and missed the annual santa tour in the neighborhood so the fire company brought a dose of christmas to her doorstep. she was delighted by the surprise and santa stuck around to helper her open presents. and still could come, why
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your battle for the belly bulge may be all room. a new race in town but the finish line is real close to the start line. >> my kind of race, and what happens within when you give a grown man the present of his dreams? >> and melissa magee has the full forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues after this.
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there is now a movement for a 50-year-old woman with a road rage incident on a california freeway. >> she is pushing us off the road! >> i'm glad she did because i don't think anybody would believe us. >> they say she plowed her white mazda with two women in it, she
4:40 pm
documented the whole thing on her cell phone, she bashed them twice. >> she is knocking on our window saying she say cop. >> that badge turned out to be a card for a senior home facility. she was finally arrested when a patrol officer met the victims at an incident. or as cowas arrested after -- after an identical roadway case just five days earlier. authorities in texas are trying to get to the bottom of a mystery today after an armored truck was found in amarillo, texas, police confirmed the former army reservist is not a suspect but officers will not say what was inside of the truck at the time. the company does transport
4:41 pm
money, that is why they fear that cook, who was not armed could be in danger. to battle belly fat you may want to put down the sneakers and pick up the weight, men that did 20 minutes of weight training had less fat and the runners lost more weight but it was fat and muscle mass, those that gained weight gained muscle weight and burned the fat. >> researchers are discovering a new tic-born virus that they say is to blame for the death of a man last year. for the county where the victim lived. victims in cancer say that it causes fever and anorexia, the person did not feel like eating
4:42 pm
anything, the standard tic diseases did not work because that is bacterial and this is viral. the big talkers. eye sight that scares even the seasoned travelers, an infant on an airplane, will the baby sleep or be a temper tantrum at 30,000 feet. a new set of parents that know the fear. they handed out goody bags with earplugs and candy and a typed note, i will try to be on my best behavior, i would like to apologize in advance if i get scared or if my ears hurt. there are also earplugs if any first public serenade, some applauded the move on others say
4:43 pm
that nobody should have to apologize for reality. you know what? babies cry. >> as the good folks who sat next to me know all to well. thousands of runners staring down the challenge of 26.2 miles, slogging, every inch of that race course with dogged determination and now a race course that go every single inch as long as it's just an inch. the start line is also the finish line and runners need only step over it to both begin and end their 0.0 race. it steps off on december 26th and ends after one second. the 0.0 instant gratification run, $35 and all of that
4:44 pm
benefits charity. and why do i suspect that will be one very popular run. finally, if you get this kind of reaction to a gift you are giving this year, are you doing something right. >> no, no! no! no! why did you do that? no! come on. i love you. >> is that the best? that is karen's boyfriend, upon realizing she gave him a ps 4, she saved for and had to spend the money on something else, he held that like he was the most excited boy in all the land, the woman just behind that camera who got to give him that moment of absolute joy than is just about as good as it gets. >> that is a good woman, you are
4:45 pm
not getting a ps 4 from me. good stuff thank you. lets get another check of the roads tonight, matt pellman is in the traffic center with and update, you give someone a ps 4 and they don't pay attention to you. >> good evening shirleen, we have lots of people saying no, no, this evening, they have a bunch of accidents out there. if you are headed to the mall to get the gift, that elicits that response, the ramp to bensalem is closed because of crash on the street road, by i-95, northbound is sluggish passing the scene but use the ramps at woodhaven road, to street road. on the big picture, a crash on the roosevelt boulevard is clear near wissahickon but they spill back to the schuylkill expressway, they have no shortage of delays this afternoon, northbound on the
4:46 pm
betsy ross bridge at 12 miles per hour. out on limerick, on township line road on 422, near the steakhouse. and one in aston near dutton mill road and new garden, police and fire are helping you around a wreck at limestone. and an overturned vehicle crash along highway 1 southbound in newcastle county, and expect restriction there's as well. we'll watch the many situation in the 5:00 hour. >> shirleen's boyfriend texted saying he wanted a ps 4, and you ruined christmas. >> why did you out me like that. i'll work on it. >> meteorologist, melissa magee, is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. coming up next.
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melissa magee is joining us with the all important forecast, we are tracking moisture in the forecast. as we get into the day tomorrow, stormtracker 6 live double scan, doesn't look like a whole lot right now, it's cloudy and mist and drizzle and nuisance rain doesn't do much for a lady's hair, and all the fog, conditions get worse before they get better. 50 outside in philadelphia, 52 in millville and 40 in the poconos, 47 for both reading and 46 in trenton. the visibility is a major concern, a mile in wilmington and 2 miles in allentown and same for trenton and 1.5 in millville and there is weather
4:50 pm
related travel days. here is satellite 6 along with action radar lots of clouds and mist and drizzle and there is round one that moved through last night and early this morning exiting to our north and east, and what we are tracking, you can see the moisture moving across the southeast, we have tornado watches posted and a torn actually popped up in columbia, mississippi, and we are not tracking weather into our region as early as tomorrow, the rain is definitely on the way and a lot of rain at that, we have the setup into christmas eve, the area of low pressure that is currently in the southwestern sections of louisiana, it tracks to the west and we tap into the moisture in a southerly direction, rainfall tomorrow from .75 inch to inch and a half of rainfall, this causes travel delays and slow-downs and near record warmths with temperatures tomorrow in the 60s, future tracker 6 showing you on
4:51 pm
wednesday morning, 7:00 in the morning we have the rain that will continue, it starts as early as near dawn and continues throughout the day. 11:00 a.m. pockets of rainfall in the region and continues into the evening hours tomorrow if you are out and about on the roads perhaps attending christmas services the moisture will be overhead. thursday early in the morning for christmas day, 6:00 in the morning and left over showers along the coast. the merry christmas forecast on the way for you, we have you covered it looks like for the most part, sunshine and winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. and 9:00 a.m. the temperature 51 degrees and 1:00 in the afternoon 54 and 50 is the number at 5:00 on christmas day, you have the drizzle around and areas of fog and 49 in the city and 44 in the suburbs, the accuweather forecast showing you on wednesday it's warm and rainy and a high temperature of 63, the record is 64 set back in
4:52 pm
1990, on thursday, winds gusting to 40 miles per hour and 55, and dry for christmas and on friday, mostly sunny and mild and nice, and as we get into sunday, after saturday comes sunday, 48 degrees and late day rain, we are tracking the moisture tomorrow and some improvement on the way. >> there is a sunday in the forecast. >> always a sunday after saturday. melissa thank you. saving with 6 abc is coming up next. the holiday season is here,
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just in time for the holidays, consumer reports tested some lower laptops to see what they offer and what they don't.
4:55 pm
>> some high end laptops boast a super fast processer and important for playing graphic intensive games or editing video, but consumer reports says if you do the basics like streaming the web some budget laptops are a good choice, these cost $300 or less and come with windows 8.1 with bing. >> it's what you see with other laptops but bing is the default search engine, they are not the fastest drives that other laptops have, they won't boot as fast and some applications won't launch as fast. and you won't find a touch screen or extra usb ports. but consumer reports says that this $200 dell is a good deal. and another budget option is a
4:56 pm
chrome book, uses google chrome operating system as well as windows. >> if you want chrome, and using google docs, it's an online processors. >> it's light weight and gets over 10 hours of battery life, you'll pay more for the top rated chrome book, another acor with a fast processer and twice the storage. if you prefer a laptop that runs windows 8.1 with bing, it's acor's for $250. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, adam joseph and melissa magee i'm brian taff. shirleen and i are back tonight we hope you join us for a full
4:57 pm
hour of "action news" at 10:00. >> here are rick williams and sharrie williams with what is ahead tonight at 10:00. >> thank you, coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, we'll get the latest on accuweather on the rain moving in for christmas eve. i'm nora muchanic at the quaker bridge mall with the big guy here, the clock is ticking for you santa. >> we are getting closer to the big night and the big ride around the world. i am back with the big push for christmas shopping after this. >> ho, ho, ho, merry christmas. >> the clock is ticking.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the first wave of rainy and weather is clearing out tonight and the clouds and fog remain, accuweather says more damp conditions are headed for the delaware and lehigh valley. monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us, and the big story is the changing
5:00 pm
forecast that is creating difficulties for people traveling ahead of the christmas holiday. >> weather caused delays at the philadelphia international airport, all travelers are encouraged to call ahead. >> lets get the latest from accuweather who is monitoring conditions from stormtracker 6 live double scan. >> hi rick and sharrie. we are tracking the moisture overhead, on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, it's off to the south and west and low level moisture overhead and here are the areas we are tracking down to a half mile there, .8 in dover and 2.5 in philadelphia and 2.7 miles in trenton, that is a concern on the roads or if you are doing traveling by air. lets widen out the picture on stormtracker 6 live double scan, what we are tracking for christmas eve is this moisture in the southern states in


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