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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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gina marie bennett turned herself in today to be arraigned on charges of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence. >> it was december 24th when keesha gray was struck and killed in thorndale. that is where annie mccormick is now live. >> jim, according to the affidavit, says that the suspect told me that she thought she hit a construction barrel and police thought she was driving under the influence when she hit the young girl and took off. >> only "action news" was there when gina marie bennett -- >> it bring a sense of relief but still doesn't justify what happened and why it happened. >> justice will be served. and we are happy for the step
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closer to that. >> police alleged bennett took off after she struck and killed the teen on thursday december 34th on the 3400 block. gray works at the dollar tree just feet away from the scene. they believe that gray began a night of drinking at this vfw post and continued on lancaster avenue. two surveillance cameras caught her honda pilot on tape before and after the accident, the footage afterwards shows damage consistent with hitting the victim and then a tip from a body shop bought the police to the vehicle. she had just lost her 22-year-old sister to diabetes and now her family is reeling with christmas just days away. >> she was my heart, my little sister, everything was pretty
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much, big brother i want this or help me with this. >> and back out here live after family members learned that the suspect turned herself in, they came by to her makeshift memorial to light candles. police say in that surveillance video, there is a green jeep liberty seen following the suspect vehicle brn after the crash, police are urging the owner of that vehicle to come forward. >> thank you annie. >> new at 6:00 tonight, the montgomery county coroner ruled the death of bradley stone a suicide. the medical examiner says that stone had a mix of drugs in his system. he murdered six former family members across montgomery county last week before taking his life. and the lone survivor, alex flick has been released from the
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hospital. and now the flu we learn said to blame for the death of a downingtown student. the health department says that speck tested positive for influenza a. the exact cause of death officially has yet to be determined. this was a dank, wet day in the tri-state area, and tomorrow could be a whole lot worse with heavy rains for much of the day, not the ideal weather for christmas eve, live at the big board, melissa magee, you have the latest information from accuweather. >> we are tracking the moisture to our south, you can see it on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, this is what we are track that moves in for christmas eve, and the area of low pressure is over louisiana right now, we have tornado watching popping up in the southern gulf states, from a south to north direction that heads our way. future tracker 6 showing you tomorrow morning, can you see the rain developing in the
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delaware and lehigh valleys it will continue for most of the day, rainfall amounts from .75 inch to inch and a half and poor drainage flooding and pondage on the roads, we'll go over all the details in the accuweather forecast. >> lets go live to "action news" reporter walter perez at philadelphia international airport. some fog there today. what problems has that caused. >> it's causing airport officials to report a ground delay. and to be clear that doesn't mean they are grounding flights and deure partures and that is causing a lot of waiting around the delays stand at less than two hours and the lines are growing loner at security collect points. they initiated a ground delay because of thick cloud cover and
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impending heavy rain. >> we don't expect the ground delay to be lifted for another 24 hours, at least it's not snow that is the good news. >> that is also good news for the estimated 89.5 million americans trafficking by car across the country, that is a 4.2% increase from last year and it seems that the plunging gas prices inspired a lot of us to hit the road, the price of a gallon of regular dipped to $2.55 and airfare fell this year and david eggland and his family are going to disney world for christmas. >> the flights are delayed and the kids are concerned about getting down there on time and we are persevering the best we can. jim wong of newtown square says that he should have checked on his flight before returning
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home. >> his flight is delayed an hour and i ran to catch the bus and thought i would be late and it looks like i have time to kill. >> ground delays are in affect around the airport including philadelphia, newark, la guardia and now boston logan, check before going to the airport. >> thank you walter. keep up with the latest accuweather forecast, with, we are always updating the hourly and seven-day forecasts and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar shows you the path of any severe weather, find it all at 11 children suffered minor injuries this morning when their school bus slammed into a light pole in delaware at the middle school on the 1500 block of capital trail in newark, delaware state police say that
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the bus driver swerved after being cut off by another vehicle. the injured were taken to dupont hospital to be checked out and the bus driver was treated at christiana hospital for minor injuries, philadelphia police have their hands on a fugitive that allegedly raped a woman four years ago, alberto suarez was extradited from mexico city. vernon odom has the full story. >> reporter: jim, tonight suarez is cooling his heels in a jail cell and if and victed he could get 30 to 60 years in prison and faces charges of raping a teenage girl in the pittsburgh area back in 2010. alberto suarez, is sitting in a philadelphia jail cell tonight after four years on the run, the 37-year-old mexican national was
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brought back to the u.s. from mexico city. this is suarez fleeing the scene after a rape he allegedly committed near police headquarterers. >> she was physically and sexually assaulted, a brutal assault to the point where the victim almost lost consciousness, the act was interrupted passerbiers when the man fled. >> with the help of the fbi they tailed suarez across pennsylvania to pittsburgh, down to west virginia and further down to texas where he also has family and then mexico city where he was arrested in 2012. he was held by mexican police until he was extradited yesterday. >> he is a mexican national not a citizen of the united states,
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so there is extra precaution to make sure that we have all of our proper warrants and the extradition is properly submitted by the state department and it takes time for them to process. >> reporter: police say that his alleged victim has a bitter sweet reaction to his capture and incarceration back here. >> this will help in the long run. >> reporter: >> all right vernon is losing his audio transmission, suarez is behind bars in philadelphia tonight. coming up on "action news" tonight, learning that giving is just as good as receiving, lisa thomas-laury takes us to a north philadelphia school where that lesson was learned today. and the eagles get ready for the joins, their final game of the season and ducis rogers with
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sports. melissa magee back with the accuweather forecast when "action news" continues tonight.
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philadelphia police travel to delaware today for a special tribute in honor of a slain brother, dozens of officers showed up in honor of joseph szczerba's mother who was killed in the line of duty three years ago, this has become a traditional annual holiday tradition in joe szczerba's memory. >> a philadelphia charter school is learning the true meaning of
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christmas, and about self sacrifice, lisa thomas-laury has that story tonight from the mathematics civics and charter school in center city philadelphia. >> reporter: what do you have there? she makes sure that every student receives a gift. >> what do you have there? >> a tea set. >> who are you inviting to tea? >> my sister. >> christmas gifts for more than 1,000 first through 12th graders. >> you had to go for the round ball? >> yes. >> are you a good basketball player? >> yes. >> let me see you dribble. whoa! >> and girls know that basketball is not just for the guys. >> it helps me express my feelings. >> most of these young girls chose dolls. >> why do you like dolls?
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>> i can play with their hair. >> they host the christmas party every year and it's important everyone get a gift and a hug. >> she chose an audio system? >> what is the first thing you'll do with it? >> listen to it in the tower. >> what do transformers do? >> they transform. >> six years old and you know how to play chess. yes. >> that is impressive. >> merry christmas buddy. >> thank you. >> they were taught that the season is about giving, they collected hundreds of kans and packages of food for the homeless. these girls are excited about the gifts they chose for their families. >> i love my mom and grandma, they always give me stuff. i'm going to surprise them when i get home. lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." merry christmas!
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well, one of santa's oldest believers received a surprise. saint nick and the ocean fire company delivered gifts to helen cole in gala way, she was disappointed she didn't see santa during his annual tour through town and he came to helen, and gave her an oceanville fire t-shirt.
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at one point fans thought the upcoming joins game would be a bye or for seeding, but that is the not the case. >> the eagles fall from grace is a sudden and rather hard one. the moisture on our camera lens may be tears. not sure still checking, the eagles are preparing to visit the new york giants for the season finale, there is nothing tangible on the line and they
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need motivation from somewhere. >> that is the real challenge, you have to be a pro, this is something you dreamed about as a kid and you get another opportunity to put something good on film and end the season on a high note and be excited about getting the win here to finish out the season however it doesn't mean anything in the post season it should mean something to us. >> we have a task to take care of, and get this tenth win, and we talk about it in the meeting room, we'll approach it like it's the super bowl, we'll go out and play and execute. >> bradley fletcher's days may be numbered. fletcher may lose his starting job. >> he is the poster child for a suspect secondary, but fletcher says it does not bother him. >> i am fine, i play this game and do the best i can with it
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and sometimes it doesn't go my way and i keep battling. >> he experiences something every corner experiences in the national football league, it's a tough time, i think he is a guy that is resilient and can get through it. >> eagles game day is on at 11:00, and then we are back at 11:35 that night to put a bow on the game and a bow on the season. the flyers are just a quarter away from the longest road trip of the season, they are in minnesota tonight to face the wild. steve mason is inching closer to get back from an injury he suffered in practice. he will not play saturday in nashville but should skate that day. and return to action sometime next week. the sixers coming off the win -- wait how often have we said that this year -- three
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times. they stun kansas and then the owls play at the wells fargo center and cummings scored 19 points, did they ever imagine they would beat kansas? and he said coach dungy said it would happen. the memphis tigers and nyu tigers threw down and both schools are reviewing this video, they expect to take disciplinary action against the players involved in the next coming days. that is sports. >> all right ducis, students celebrated holidays around the world today. >> universal cretin charter school performed their traditional dances and songs from cultures and religions and they embrace diversity and
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values and beliefs.
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tmas eve is suppose to be chilly. >> no, not this year, have you the mist and drizzle and the wet weather moves northward as early as tomorrow for christmas eve and definitely more changes on the way, we'll check out the highlights across the areas, dreary, foggy night and a dreary
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christmas eve as well. over the delaware and lehigh valleys falling and we jump to 49 in the city and areas of fog continues and the drizzle aaround tonight and a soggy christmas eve, keep in mind if you are out and about, attending services, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, temperature is 60, at 8:00 tomorrow night, as we get close to midnight the temperature inches closer to 60 and we have temperatures close to 60 at midnight tomorrow night, and 49 in philadelphia, the poconos 39 degrees, reading 46 and dover 50 and same thing in millville, sea isle city coming in at 3:45, if are you out and about on the roads, you are traveling by air, reporting
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delays as much as 110 minutes, down to visibility of 1 mile in the poconos and 1 mile in wilmington. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you round one we had overhead last night and early this morning that is departing to the north and east and low level moisture is in the atmosphere and we'll widen out the atmosphere, the area of low pressure off of louisiana and tornado watches are popping up over the gulf states, video and pictures of a possible tornado touching down in mississippi and the good news is we are not tracking serious weather and the soaking rain is on the way tomorrow. here is the setup on christmas eve, the low taps into the west and we get the warm southerly wind and .75 inch on the way and more than likely triggering travel slow-downs and delays and near record warmth with temperatures in the 60s, future
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tracker 6 showing you at 6:30 in the morning you have the rain around and it starts at that point and continues by midmorning and goes into the afternoon hours and right through the evening as well. pockets of moderate rainfall across the region and ponding is a big concern and clears out christmas day and 7:30 in the morning we dry out in a west to east direction on the west side, the exclusive accuweather forecast, warm and rainy tomorrow and high temperature is 63 and thursday gusts up to 40 miles per hour and high of 55 and friday mostly sunny and 50 and saturday nice 54 degrees and sunday clouds and late rain developing and a high of 58 degrees, finally tonight, one more "action news" baby joins the ranks of babies born in 2014, this is justice reilly
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brawner, the second daughter of senior producer portia grant. justice came into the world weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces, she is doing very well thank you. she is beautiful and our heartfelt congratulations. abc world news tonight is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, melissa magee, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you can join us at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking news, the reported tornadoes coming in at this hour, and we've just learned, they've been deadly. also, the interstates backed up in blinding snow in the middle of the country. and now, the new storm hitting the east. two planes colliding on the ground. someone carrying a piece of the plane. plus, a major security breach. the loaded guns smuggled onto planes right beside the passengers. they had no idea. late developments tonight. that movie that angered north korea will be seen here in america after all. the road rage caught on tape. two women in a car, the other driver, a woman in that pickup. and you will see what she's about to do. and the great made in america christmas. viewers to the rescue tonight. you're one thing, made in america. >> "world news tonight"?


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