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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist dave murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this >> good morning. merry christmas. matt is off, erin o'hearn is joining us and we're following some breaking news stories. >> police opened fire killing an armed man near the already tense ferguson, missouri. we'll have details. >> a crash involving two philadelphia cop cruisers sent six philadelphia police officers to the hospital. >> more severe weather could cause some major delays. we're live from phl. >> well, let's head over to
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karen rogers. she's in for dave murphy and matt pelman has been watching a nasty situation where the vine meets up with the schuylkill. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. the only thing better is standing outside in the rain. grab the umbrella and hoodie. storm tracker 6 double scan around the region you can see that the rain is overspreading the area and some of the rain areas of yellow that we're seeing right through philadelphia right now, some pockets of pretty heavy rain so watch for that as you're headed outer. it will look similar to this all day long. we've got a lot of rain coming our way. say the light six and action radar showing this is just the first batch of this. visibility we under -- upped a mile at philadelphia international airport. 2-mile visibility at reading so watch for that and certainly call ahead if you're flying out of town. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia, on the mild side butter with the rain and the
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breeze certainly feeling a little chillier than that but temperatures very mild today. we'll be chasing a record in fact. here's your planner for the day. by 9:00 a.m., 50 degrees with rain, some heavy at times. the wettest part of the day is the first half. so, by noon 53 degrees. still some heavy rain through the area. then in the afternoon and evening it's kind of hit or miss with the rain. by 3:00 p.m., 59. by 6:00 p.m., 61. temperatures are climbing. we'll hit our high of 63 at night. so what are we in store for christmas day? i'll show you what it looks like on future tracker 6 coming up in a couple minutes. >> i don't know if this forecast puts you on the nice list, karen rogers. i'm kidding. you're always nice. word just coming in of some overhead pair problems. downed overhead wires in fact suspending all service on the media elwyn regional rail line. if that's your line you may be able to use some of the trolley lines, 101, 102 as alternates but at this point no word on when that service is going to be restored.
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all trains halted on the media elwyn line. on septa we're on a modified weekday schedule today because of the christmas eve holiday. going outside to the vine street expressway big problems here. we've got a backlog coming west of broad street through the schuylkill because the ramp from the westbound vine to the eastbound side of the schuylkill and 30th street station remains closed because of an overturned truck. if you're coming west on the vine you can sit through that delay and get on the schuylkill west and then flip at girard or montgomery if you're trying to get on the eastbound side of 76 or bail out by the time you get to broad and use the local city streets to get to the eastbound side of the schuylkill. this is the roosevelt boulevard, a little light fog this morning, definitely wet conditions. at this point other than on the vine volume is pretty light. we expect a later than normal rush hour on this christmas eve morning. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. looking live now at philadelphia international airport through sky 6 hd right now there are no delays but look at how wet that tarmac is. we'll be dealing with serious
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weather. yesterday dozens of flights were scrapped, some departures were delayed near two hours because of the wet weather and the low clouds. let's go over to "action news" reporter katherine scott, these there at the airport. sees got the very latest. good morning, katherineism good morning, tam. it's going to be another busy day here at the airport and hopefully we don't see too many delays because the people we have been speaking to this morning are just really eager to get their christmas started and they want to get to where they need to go and you can see the lines are growing here at the u.s. airways check in at phl this morning. we've seen some santa hats, we've seen some packages. you hear carols over the airport speakers. so hopefully people stay jolly because there could be some delays today. there were some yesterday that averaged just under two hours at phl with the low clouds and the weather wasn't just impacting philadelphia operations but operations at other east coast airports and there's more rain and fog ahead today. travelers we spoke to were hoping to get out before it gets too busy and scheduling an early flight can help.
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>> well, we're headed south to orlando, florida, spends christmas with mickey. i know that was corny but we really are going to do that. >> reporter: exciting. >> then we're going to go on a cruise for four days to the bahamas to kind of round off our christmas vacation. >> reporter: that sounds great. now, are you worried about getting out of town with this rain today? >> not at all. i trust god the that we're going to have perfect time, perfect takeoff, perfect landing. everything is going to be greaterrism everything is going to be fine. >> absolutely. >> reporter: what makes you travel for christmas. is that when you normally travel. >> never, not in my life. first time. >> reporter:. >> reporter: so hopefully her outlook stays true for everyone here. everybody wants to have that perfect trip and already, though, we are seeing a couple of delays posted here at the phl departures u.s. airways board, just a couple though. the rest are showing on time but keep that in mind it is early. that could change and flyers
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are being urged to check their flight status before they head to the airport. live at phl, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you. we're following breaking news this morning. more turmoil in ferguson missouri where a police officer shot and killed a black man overnight. this happened in berkeley h-a saint louis suburb that's near ferguson about 2 miles away. police are saying this is is a case of self did he first, authorities saying the officer encountered two men during a routine check at a gas station. they say the officer says he got out of the squad car and approached the men and the officer says one of the men pointed a gun at him so he fired multiple shots and fatally wounded the man. the second man seems to have fled the scene. a crowd has gathered at that gas station. there have been angry outbursts and that arrests. we're keeping an eye on this. we'll follow the story throughout the morning. >> two cop cruiser crashed overnight sending six philadelphia police officers to the hospital. twenty-second district police cars smashed into each other
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at 22nd and montgomery in north philadelphia. officers were responding to reports of gun shots two blocks away. one officer is being treated for a concussion at temple university hospital. the other officers are being checked out for less severe injuries. no shooter or gun shot victims were found at the scene the officers were heading to. >> it is six:07 now and right now philadelphia police are desperately trying to find a hit and run driver. he hit and killed a woman and just kept on going. it was rush hour yesterday afternoon when a woman was attempting to cross state road in holmesburg. that's when witnesses say a tow truck driver hit that 33-year-old and never stopped. the woman ended up dying of her injuries. the search continues for the driver of the striking vehicle. witnesses who saw the upsetting scene say there's no way that driver could not have known that he hit someone. it's officially the last minute so where can you go to still get gifts? stacey delikat is filling in for maribel aber.
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she's got more on that and what your fellow shoppers might be, what they have in common. very funny stacy. >> reporter: yeah, lot of procrastinators out there. if you haven't finished you can get still oat there today. express, gap, apple, best buy, most of the department stores are opened and some places are going to be staying opened as late as 10 o'clock tonight. if you wait until tomorrow, christmas day, you're pretty much stuck with the pharmacies like cvs walgreens and rite-aid. men we're talking to you here. the national retail federation says you're more likely to procrastinate than women when it comes to buying holiday gift. futures are looking slightly higher today after the dow crossed a new milestone closing above 18,000 for the first time. the u.s. economy posted its best growth in more than a decade in the third quarter sparking the rally and erin, it's a half day of trading today so we will see if the santa claus rallies goes through then. >> we'll see. have a great christmas eve and christmas day. thank you for that, stacy. >> and i feel like santa
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should trade his red suit in for a poncho. >> a poncho is a good idea but i think that the why rudolph got the red nose, trying to see through any fog and rain. >> that's right. >> it's not a problem. let's take a look right now at storm tracker 6 live double scan around the area. we certainly have a lot of rain to deal with. you can see it blanketing the entire region but i want to go in closer to some of these areas. we are getting hit pretty good. let's start looking in the city. we see some pockets of heavier rain in norristown, on the 30 bypass near malvern, near west chester pike in media, on 295 in woodbury. i can go a little farther to the south here and pick up some of the heavier rain that we're seeing moving through dover, up towards middletown and up in millville, new jersey, you're just getting lit with this. i had told you about 15 minutes ago it would be heading towards millville and that's what's happening right now. it's on the garden state parkway near sea isle city. rain and some of it heavy just as we told you you would see. let's take a look outside right now and see what it looks like. sky 6 looking live at
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philadelphia international airport. wet conditions out there. the fog is an issue but the visibility reports have been improving a little bit and they are a little bit better than yesterday so hopefully that will help you out. 48 degrees currently in philadelphia. the dewpoint 46. the easterly component to the wind just adding to the moisture and the clouds out there and 29-point in this case as we look at the barometer. satellitesatellite 6 showing thn on schedule and we see some of the heavier pockets of rain. you get the idea as you look down to the south it's not constantly going to rain. here it's getting a little spotty and then the next batch comes in. let's man plan this out. by 9:00 a.m. looking after future tracker 6 we see rain, some of it heavy, kind of a same situation as we see now. by lunchtime still rain heavy at times through the day. the first half of the day is the wettest. when we advance this to 6 o'clock you can see it lessens a little bit. it's still out there but it's not a soaking rain everywhere but watch what happens if you're headed to midnight mass. this is when the front comes through in the overnight
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hours. we could see thunderstorms embedded in this. so when you hear the thunder overnight, is it rudolph, is it thunder? i'm not sure. we'll be seeing at midnight this front across the region by 7:30 in the morning it's off the coast, we're dry when we wake up for christmas day. let's wind down the day ahead to your. looking at 9:00 a.m., 50 degrees, rain heavy at times. by noon 53. remember the first half of the day is the wettest. afternoon and evening it will be more hit and miss. 63 degrees for today's high. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a high of 63. we reach that late in the day. more towards the nighttime hours. it's foggy and rainy. tomorrow gusty winds, we're dry on christmas day with some sunshine by day's end, 53 degrees for your high. wind gusts could be up to 45 miles an hour. friday it's nice and sunny for the first day of kwanzaa and 50 degrees. saturday we're staying mild, 54 with clouds and sun. sunday some late rain, a high of 50. things change for us on monday. lots of clouds. it's cooler. we could even see a bit of rain or snow. and then tuesday it's brisk
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and chilly. some flurries around and 41 degrees. so, today we're tracking the heavy rain but it dries up in time for christmas morning. and temperatures stay mild for the next few days. >> okay, thank you, karen. >> thank you karen. >> it is 6:12. sony pictures says the movie "the interview" will get a limited release starting tomorrow. there's a chance around here ticket. >> one man creates a nightmare before christmas for his midwest town. yikes. matt. >> a little bit of a traffic nightmare, erin. the vine street expressway westbound a parking lot this morning because of an overturned truck. we'll talk about this and a new crash on the pennsylvania turnpike plus i'll help you get to the malls coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. we've been keeping an eye on this, the vine as it heads over to the schuylkill eastbound. truck turned over, big spill, bigger backup. matt pelman of course has been watching this. good morning. >> it's been kind of a major mess to start off this christmas eve day, erin and tam. we're still watching it and it looks like penndot is now restricting traffic on the vine street expressway westbound proper. before it was just the ramp that was shut down from the vine westbound to the schuylkill eastbound and 30th street but now you're seeing no traffic coming through whatsoever on the westbound side of 676 headed towards 76. let's talk about the alternate. in fact, they're spinning the cameras so we may get a better sense of what's going on here. i think they're forcing all westbound traffic off at the
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ben franklin parkway just off at the top of the screen forcing everybody off onto the parkway at this point. i would bail before you get to that point. bail at broad street and then use the city streets to work your way over to 76 eastbound or 76 westbound at this point and 30th street. changing situation on the vine that we'll keep watching. also a new crash on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past fort washington. one of the vehicles favoring the wrong way but the good news is it's all off to the side. procrastinators unite. i'm with you. i know there's still shopping to do. let's talk about the malls. no big problems on 309. if you have to go to the montgomery mall it opens at 8 o'clock this morning until 6:00 this evening. if you're head toward the willow grove park mall that's open at 7 o'clock so just about 45 minutes until 6:00 this evening. out and about in south jersey roads are wet but no major issues getting to the cherry hill mall which opens at 7:00 until 6:00 this evening. moorestown mall same situation. 7:00 until 6:00 and i'll see that you. tam. >> can't wait to hear how your christmas turned out matt
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pelman. despite cyber hacks and threats the interview will hit silver screen including some theaters in this area. sony has green lighted some theaters. the studio canceled the film's release last week after threats out of north korea. the comedy is about a plot to kill leader kim jong-un. moviegoers say they're going to take advantage of all this hoopla. >> what happened now is when people are told no they always want to say yes so especially when you're told no by someone that has nothing do with the united states. >> north korea has knocked offline three times over the past two days. check out for the full list of theaters that will show "the interview." >> new on "action news," officials in one ohio township are playing grinch with an unusual christmas display. maybe this guy has his holidays mixed up. this display is a cross
6:18 am
between the nativity and the walking dead and it's causing quite a stir. jason dixon created the holiday decoration using life sized zombie figures even put ting a baby jesus zombie inside the manger. town's naughty list. we'll be right back. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no. should. no way. should. no. definitely not. ha ha, nay. you shouldn't give underwear to everybody. but for those you do, give them fruit of the loom.
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>> authorities are warning people in philadelphia to be alert after reports of a man posing as an l and i inspector. licensing and inspections says the imposter targeted the licensing and inspections says section so far. the latest incident happened in the 700 block of west answer berry. a man with a clipboard knocked on his door asking about a burned out home on his block and then they told the man a railing on his property needed to be removed. >> i says i would like to keep that. he says well we have to rip it out. he says, well if you offer me
6:21 am
$91, i can keep that. >> and if it sounds strange it probably is. l and i commissioner carleton williams says the phony inspector has struck at least two other times. police are asking residents to call 911 if the man shows up at your door. >> hm. well, this really could be going better. we're having some big problems,. vine street expressway now completely closed off. not was want for your morning commute. all traffic being forced off from the westbound side here at the ben franklin parkway. you see penndot out there with their arrow boards. it's all because of the overturned tractor-trailer up ahead by the schuylkill. so, again, you want to stay local on the city streets or you can maybe use 95 and the schuylkill to kind of get around this mess. we'll talk more about the alternates coming up. let's talk about mass transit. septa's media elwyn regional lines not running because of downed overhead wires. across-the-board on septa a holiday schedule. a modified weekday schedule karen. >> a lot of people traveling today. the rain today as forecasted heavier than yesterday but i want to give you an update with the fog. that was the cause of the real
6:22 am
travel concerns as you were trying to fly out yesterday we had a live update. 5-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. so the fog is actually better than yesterday even though the rain is worse. the fog is what really causes the rain delays or the weather delays at philadelphia international airport. so, let's check the boards right now. as katherine scott has been reporting still no delays reported at philadelphia international airport. even though the rain is going to affect a good portion of the east coast, boston is raining but no flight delays as well as atlanta new york and new york. rain is sticking with us. lots of ponding on the road. we could get an inch and a half of rain. by 9:00 a.m. 50 degrees with rain. noon 53 rain heavy at times. 61 by 6:00 p.m. your high of 63 lapse at nighttime, tam. >> thank you, karen. going on turning now to sports this sunday's eagles game will not be the last one for some of its players this season. five birds have been named to the pro bowl lesean mccoy has been selected for the third time and fellow running back darren sproles gets in
6:23 am
for the first time as does connor barwin. jason kelce and jason peters also have spots. arizona hosts the game on january 25th a-little something to look forward. >> 6:development an update on the breaking news story. a deadly police-involved 2 miles from ferguson, missouri. >> "action news" reporter katherine spot is live at the airport where travelers are trying to get and in out of philadelphia. she'll have more when we come right back.
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>> we all know how busy mornings can be and to get up >> we all know how busy you need to know before you go. erin o'hearn is at the big board and starts with breaking news. >> that's right, tam, and breaking this morning more turmoil near ferguson missouri where a police officer shot and killed a black man but officials say this was a case of self-defense after that man pointed a gun at the officer during a routine check at a gas station. protesters are at the scene and there have been some arrests. former president bush is recovering in a houston hospital this morning after experiencing shortness of breath. he will be monitored overnight as a precaution. he was hospitalized back in 2012 for a bronchial condition. the former navy seal who went on a media tour claiming he shot and killed osama bin laden is now under investigation. several former and current navy seals say robert o'neill broke the code of silence by giving details on the raid. sony has changed course
6:27 am
and decided to release the controversial movie "the interview" tomorrow despite cyber hacks and threats. sony has green lighted showings at several independent theaters in our area. and if you are the ultimate procrastinator, don't worry. dozens of retailers including macy kohl's apple best buy and gap are all opened today. many are even opened on christmas day so you're likely to find that special pair of socks your loved one was hoping for because that's probably all that's left. of course we're tracking santa. norad keeps track of the big guy as he makes his annual voyage around the world. so, where is he right now? we're going to have to log on to find out. and i'll put it on my facebook page, okay. he is in wake island which is a u.s. territory but it will be awhile tam before he gets here to the philadelphia area but everybody get their binoculars out. it's a little foggy but look for the red nose.
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kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. >> ♪ >> the accuweather team is tracking a soaking rain and a big problem going on on a local major roadway. >> a police-involved shooting ends with a man dead near ferguson, missouri. >> a woman is hit and killed by a driver in northeast philadelphia. witnesses describe what they saw. >> good morning, on this wednesday, december 24th. matt o'donnell is off. let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic. let's go to karen rogers who
6:31 am
is in for dave murphy and matt pelman has traffic. good morning. >> good morning. nasty morning with the rain falling steadily. on storm tracker 6 live double scan that's the best way to look at it when you see the areas of yellow that are really picking up even mixing with some red through dover. it's coming up from the south so we're seeing heavy rain right now in southern new jersey in fortescue, salem and headed towards philadelphia as you're headed out today, here's a wider look of it all on satellite 6 and action radar and we can see that rain moved in place just on time and as you're heading far to the northwest it's breaking up heaviest down south of the city right now and it will be on and off throughout the entire day and night but let's look at the latest visibility reports. getting a little better with fog at philadelphia international airport. 5-mile visibility. 8-mile millville, 6 miles in allentown. so just .3 of a mile in mount pocono, 1 mile if you're flying out of atlantic city airport. that's a reduction there. temperatures 48 degrees certainly mild today, 44 in allentown, 45 in trenton, 50
6:32 am
already in millville. here's a look at your day ahead. by 9:00 a.m. 50 degrees, some heavy rain. by noon, 53. the wettest time period, the first half of the day. so, look at 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. the vein more hit or miss. by 3:00 p.m. 59, by 6:00 p.m. 61, our high today is 63. so matt what does all this mean for christmas day? details on that forecast in a minute. >> it's sort of a trickle down this morning. your bad news is leading to my bad news because the roads are wet, they're slippery and so vehicles are losing control and in this case on the vine street expressway a tractor-trailer flipped over. happened just up ahead on the ramp from the westbound vine to the schuylkill eastbound and 30th street station and now not only is that ramp closed but as you can see, no traffic is getting by whatsoever on the vine street expressway westbound. they've blocked off all the lanes. they're forcing all the traffic off onto the ben franklin parkway. so, we're looking at a parking lot as you come rest of 95 on
6:33 am
the vine street expressway through that closure point at the ben franklin parkway. again, you don't want to get on the vine street expressway. this is the kind of thing you're going to be stuck in before they force you off onto the ben franklin parkway. once you're off on the parkway then what do you do? take the parkway to the river drives if you're trying head west f you're trying to head east i would bail early on in the game and work your way on the city streets over towards south street and from there you can get on the eastbound side of the schuylkill. also watch agnew crash in culpsville involving a tractor-trailer. police directing you around sum knee road. media's elwyn line closed because of downed overhead wires. you may use trolleys to dispute for that problem. tam. >> thank you matt. let's go live to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's at philadelphia international airport and the delays are starting to pop up. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: that's right, tam, it's a rainy, foggy morning here at the airport. so people are hoping that the weather doesn't hold them up
6:34 am
too much. now, if you look at the departure board, right now not looking too bad. we're seeing a couple of delays. of course it's early. it could change. if you move on over to arrivals, we're already seeing arrival delays averaging about an hour at this point and there were delays yesterday that averaged just under two hours and the weather wasn't just impacting philadelphia operations. airports in new york, massachusetts and maryland, for example, were also seeing some problems. and today is expected to bring even more delays with another day of rain and fog and wind ahead. aaa midatlantic estimates over 1 million philadelphia area residents will travel 50 miles or more from home over this holiday travel period. that's a nearly 5 percent increase over last year. about 69,000 of them will take to the air to get to their destinations and we just spoke to one of them on her way out of the country surprise her family and she's not too worried about weather-related delays although there are some starting to crop up. are you worried about the
6:35 am
rain? >> not at all. it's better than snow. and i have flown in the past with a lot of snow when they have to dee ice the plane and everything. no, not at all. >> reporter: and back here live at the u.s. airways check-in you can see people have their suitor cases, they have everything ready to go. they're trying to get their boarding passes and they're hoping their flight's not trade. now, there are arrival delays being posted already, up to an hour on arrivals here at phl this morning. a couple of departure delays are starting to crop up on the boards here at u.s. airways so of course you want to check your flight status before you head out the door this morning. we are live at phl, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> all right, katherine, thank you for that and the same system that we're tracking this morning caused far more violent results down south yesterday. at least four people were killed by tornadoes in mississippi with dozens more people injured. the worst damage was in the city of columbia.
6:36 am
the governor declaring a state of emergency across two counties. and another twister touched down in louisiana ripping off roofs and downing trees and power lines but not claiming any lives. keep track of the accuweather forecast any time you need to by downloading our free storm tracker 6 app. it will give you access to live radar the hourly forecasts and weather alerts posted for your area. >> ♪ >> breaking right now saint louis county police say an officer shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at the officer. police say the officer was conducting a routine business check at a gas station in berkeley, missouri. that's just miles away from ferguson. he saw two men and approached them. then the officer says one of the men pointed a gun at him so the officer opened fire killing the man. there are reports a group of about 60 people have gathered at the scene. new this morning, two philadelphia police vehicles collided leaving six officers injured. the officers were responding to reports of gun shots in north philadelphia at 11:30
6:37 am
last night and the two police cars smashed into each other at 22nd street and montgomery avenue. one officer is being treated for a concussion at the hospital. the other officers are being which could out -- checked out for less severe injuries. no shooter or victim was found. >> officials say a 33-year-old woman was attempting to cross the road when she was hit and killed. williams say she had made it to the center dividing lane and that's when a speeding black tow truck hit the woman and kept going. several motorists stopped to help and linda alfonsi said the woman's personal longings flew onto her vehicle after that impact. >> just traumatizing. one minute she's and there then gone. he just left her there, just took off. he didn't even to. like didn't ease up on the gas or nothing. >> police say surveillance
6:38 am
video from several businesses likely captured the driver involved in the crash. the montgomery county coroner has now conclusively ruled the death of bradley stone a suicide. the medical examiner says while stone did have have a nearly 3-inch deep stab wound in his thigh he died from a cocktail of three drugs an antidepressant, a stimulant. stone murdered six former family members in a day long rampage across montgomery county last monday. the lone surviving victim 17-year-old anthony flick was released from the hospital this past monday. >> good to hear he's out of the hospital for the holiday. >> tough time for him for sure. i can't imagine. let's talk about storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region we have that rain and it's heavy in spots. really picking up in intensity especially areas south of the city as you look to the northwest near pottsville, near reading it's breaking up a little bit. i want to go in a little tighter with double scan and we can really see where that heavy rain is. look what's happening in dover in fortescue in new jersey in sea isle city. this is that heavier rain
6:39 am
shown by the yellow, even a little bit of red right up towards millville. you were hit earlier with the heavy rain, it's coming at you again on route 55 near salem as well in new jersey and we can see not quite as bad now near chadds ford, media, the city itself. it's steady rain but not as heavy. out near coatesville and chadds ford starting to break up a little bit right there near honeybrook. let's take a look outside and show you what it looks like right now. we have the following it's not as bad as yesterday but the fog is out there. you see the raindrops on the camera lens, kind of a miserable start to this christmas eve looking live on sky 6 in hd in atlantic city. the temperatures 48 degrees. very mild. the dewpoint 46. lots of moisture out there. the winds aren't that big of a deal. it's breezy and kind of feeling uncomfortable out there but the winds aren't terribly gusty today. that's tomorrow comes the gusty winds. pulling in our always-on day planner to help you look ahead on this christmas eve. satellite 6 and action radar showing how that rain moved in just on schedule and we can see the heaviest south of the city to the northwest kind of
6:40 am
breaking apart a little bit. it's not going to rain constantly all day. you can see there are breaks in the rain and then another round of rain but it is going to be heavy at times especially the first half of the day. future tracker 6 showing 9 o'clock in the morning kind of a similar scene. in the northwest you're not getting it quite as bad, some heavy rain especially south of the city. we advance this to lunchtime at 1 o'clock and we're really seeing some driving rain in some spots. the first half of the day the wettest. we advance this to 5:30, it's not quite as bad. we still have pockets of heavy rain but it will be more hit and miss in the afternoon and evening. but if you're headed out to midnight mass and you're coming home at 1 o'clock tonight look at what's happening. that's when the front starts to cross. get something very heavy rainfall. could be dangerous driving because you could have thunderstorms coming through in the overnight hours. then by 7:00 a.m., it's off the coastline and we're dry for christmas day. so, taking a look at your forecast temperature-wise by 9:00 a.m., 50, heavy rain. by noon, heavy rain and 53. the afternoon and evening it's more hit and miss pockets of heavy rain.
6:41 am
staying mild, 63 for your high but we don't hit that high until the nighttime hours. here's your seven-day forecast, foggy and rainy, 63 for your high. rain at times all day and night. tomorrow gusty winds, up to 45 miles an hour. some sunshine and we're dry, 53 for christmas day. friday nice and sunny. staying mild on saturday 54. sunday late rain still mild and 50. monday this is when things change. lots of clouds, cooler. we could have some rain or snow. tuesday brisk and chilly with some flurries around and 41 degrees for your high. today very mild, chasing a record but rainfall about an inch and a half. a lot of rain coming our way. >> okay. >> rudolph's nose will come in gland it will be a wet one, though. >> thank you. >> time now is 6:41. police are looking for the driver who crashed into a home in delaware county and then took off. what police suspect happened moments before impact. >> it was a show of solidarity of at several new york city
6:42 am
landmarks to honor two slain police officers. matt. >> not such a good morning on the vine street expressway. westbound side traffic is barely moving all because of a overturned truck up ahead. we'll talk about that and santa's favorite exit on the schuylkill expressway when "action news" continues on >> ♪
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. for all you last minute shoppers and people traveling
6:45 am
for all you last minute holidays you'll have to deal with wet roads which is probably as you can see causing some major trouble. this is the vine street expressway and matt pelman has been following this all morning and has details on what you should be aware of when you head out. >> yeah and there's plenty for you to be aware of already on this christmas eve. volume is not our major problem this morning except if you're on the vine street expressway where westbound we're parked coming off of 95 out to the ben franklin parkway. that's where they're forcing all westbound traffic off because just up ahead here by the schuylkill we had a truck that overturned a little bit after 5:0 this morning. they'll force you offer onto the ben franklin parkway. you can take that to the river drives if you're trying to get west. if you're trying to get east i would bail pretty early on your journey on the westbound vine and start using the city streets to work your way, maybe south street. of course we'll continue to
6:46 am
watch that situation. we're also watching flooding by rosemont college along montgomery avenue right by ithan avenue. stay up on old gulph road or down on 30 lancaster avenue to get around that. on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound side just past fort washington there's a crash. vehicle favoring the wrong way but the good news is it's all off to the side so the lanes are opened and in cupsville. the police are directing you around. that what is santa's favorite exit on the schuylkill expressway, yes, indeed it's the cons ho ho ken. schuylkill looks okay at this point. no words. >> i needd that. thank you. a car crashed into a home in chester and police think it was because the driver was focused not on the road but rather on trying to shoot out of that moving car. this is the scene on the 2200 block of west third street. police were responding to
6:47 am
calls of shots fired. and when they arrived they found the car crunched against the temperatures a home. inside the vehicle investigators found two semi-automatic handguns. they have not found any victim of the earlier gunfire or the person who was behind the wheel. >> new york city skyline was a little darker last night as the city honored two nypd officers who were murdered saturday. times square as well as the empire state building dimmed their lights as a tribute to officers wenjan liu and rafael ramos. elsewhere in manhattan ralliers ignored mayor bill deblasio's requests to pause protests against police brutality until after the officers' funerals. rafael ramos will be laid to rest on saturday and vice president joe biden will attend his funeral.
6:48 am
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>> just like the glare off of rudolph's red nose we have two glaring traffic problems this morning. first one is the vine street expressway westbound side shut down here at the ben franklin parkway because of an overturned truck up ahead. it is a nightmare if you're trying get east on the schuylkill, stick with the city streets to maybe south street to get on 76 east. trying to head west, maybe stick with the city streets and then use the river drives for westbound travels. other big issue is the fact that the media elwyn regional rail line is is not running. use the 110 bus or 101 trolley instead. karen. >> we've got the rain and the fog. storm tracker 6 live double
6:51 am
scan showing the heaviest is south of the city starting to break up north and west of the city but it is going to rain at times all day and night. fog 5-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport which actually isn't as bad as yesterday but katherine scott has been reporting seeing one hour delays at philadelphia international airport. the delays with the arriving flights could cause problems with die par cherries as well. raining through the day, staying mild. by 9:00 a.m. 50, by noon 53 with the heavy rain the first half of the day. second half of the day we're looking at hit or miss rain. 59 by 3:00 p.m. by 6:00 p.m., 61 degrees. tam and erin. >> okay. >> 6:51 now. time for a preview of "good morning america." >> it is your christmas eve edition. let's check in with paula faris. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam and erin. it is great to be with you both this morning. coming up on "gma" the christmas storm is wreaking havoc as millions travel home for the holidays. deadly tornadoes in the south and more bad weather is on the way for so much of the country. we are live in mississippi
6:52 am
from the storm zone this morning. also president george h.w. bush hospitalized in texas overnight. that move is being called precautionary. we'll have the very latest on his condition straight ahead. if you're still not done with your christmas shopping we've got you covered procrastinators. got you covered and where you could pick up those presents and still have them under tree in time of finally we have our biggest reunion yet. all part of our home for the holidays series but this one, it's an emotional surprise for one military family and it's all happening live on "gma" this morning. this is one you just certainly don't want to miss. it's only on "gma" and we'll see you then. >> those are the best kind of stories during the holidays. >> they really are. >> thanks so much paula and >> sure are, yup.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> here are your top stories on "action news." six philadelphia police officers were injured after their two police cruisers ran into each other overnight. the officers were responding to reports of shots in north philadelphia. one officer has been treated for a concussion. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly hit and run that happened along state road. authorities say surveillance video from several businesses likely captured the driver involved in the hit and run crash. and authorities are warning people in philadelphia to be on the alert after reports of a man posing as an
6:56 am
l and i'm inspector. licensing and inspection says the imposter has targeted the kensington and hunting park areas so far. >> grab some christmas cookies for the ride. you'll be sitting for awhile if you try cross town on the vine street expressway. all westbound lanes remain blocked. all traffic forced off onto the ben franklin parkway because of an overturned tractor-trailer right by the schuylkill. think local. stay on those local city streets instead of the vine westbound this morning. karen. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan showing rain heavy in some spots especially south of the city starting to brake up a little bit north and west. but it is going to rain heavy at times all day into the night. so let's look at this forecast. at least we're mild by 9:00 a.m., 50 degrees with heavy rain. by noon, 53. the heaviest rain the first half of the day so the afternoon and evening is more hit or miss. by 3:00 p.m., 59. by 6:00 p.m., 61. our high will reach tonight 63. >> all right, wherever you're going take it easy. we hope you get there safe, that it's a wonderful holiday,
6:57 am
everything you were looking family fun around the table. >> and presents. >> and presents. from all of us here, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> ho ho-ho. >> ♪ ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 big 4s ♪3 daily numbers ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million peppermint payout. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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. good morning, america. breaking overnight, christmas storm. >> wow. >> a wall of tornados slams the south. one twister shredding a strip mall and a day care filled with children. at least four people dead, and severe weather makes travel treacherous for millions on the holiday. and former president george h.w. bush raced to the hospital after shortness of breath, kept overnight. new details about his condition. the show will go on. sony flip-flops on the interview, revealing it will be screened on christmas day. showings already sold out. will north korea retaliate? what can


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