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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 26, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. get ready for a post-christmas mall madness. this is the second biggest shopping day of the year. stores packed. the rush to return billions of dollars in gifts and redeem all those gift cards. we'll show you the new program that could help you get exactly what you want. holiday hack. the new cyberattack on your video game console. as the movie "the interview" hit sold out thesers for the first time, the new concern that hackers are expanding their attack. >> i was down on the ground and it was on my back biting me. >> incredible. in her own words, the teenage girl speaking out for the first time on how she fought back against a bear in a terrifying attack and how her pet dog saved her life.
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and miracle on the "l." philadelphia's subway riders witnessed this surprise birth of a christmas baby. we hear from the first responders who came to the rescue to make that special holiday delivery. ♪ ♪ safe and sound actually, i think it may be. hey, good morning, everybody. i'm dan harris alongside paula faris. we've got the whole crew, rob marciano, t.j. holmes, ryan smith, the usual crew at home with their families deserving well deserved time off. >> spending it with our extended family. we do have a new edition. dan's first day back to work after the birth of this little guy. alexander robert harris, there he is in his adorable little christmas onesie.
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>> overcome by the christmas spirit. >> parenthood and fatherhood looks really wonderful on you. >> we're having the best time of our lives. we spent a lot of years wondering whether we would have children and this is really a miracle for us. fantastic. great to be back with you and great to be back with you, as well. we begin with the post-christmas onslaught. millions of us heading back to the mall today. all about returning those unwanted gifts and hunting for those big post-christmas clearance deals. abc's linzie janis is at a best buy in manhattan. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. it may not have a name like black friday or super saturday but make no mistake today is going to be huge. the second busiest shopping day of the year and this season has been pretty good to retailers. with sales expected at just over $600 billion. it's expected to be about 4% better than last year. this morning, millions of merrymakers will shake off that
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post-present after dinner haze and hit up yet another crazy day of long lines and deep discounts. and it's all fueled by those gifts we didn't ask santa for but got anyway. while many stores will give you until the end of january to bring back your ill-fitting duplicate or just plain unwanted gifts, retailers are expecting $65 billion worth of returns and exchanges today. this year, the day after christmas, is expected to be the second busiest shopping day of the year. right behind super saturday. >> i think today is the day to shop. one, it's a friday. you have time to work with. two, you've got inventory to work with and you've got retailers who are saying get this stuff off our hands. >> for retailers who are expected to just barely hit their holiday sales goals for the year, all that traffic represents one more chance to tempt us with post-holiday deals and to motivate us to use the season's number one present, $32 billion worth of gift cards.
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>> a lot of people have gift card buying power in their pocket. it's burning a hole so i would encourage people, yeah, you know, get out there, use those gift cards, take advantage of that in if your stocking was stuffed with plastic from too many different stores or stores you don't like, walmart is testing out a program to help you streamline. the retail giant now offering up to 97% of the value of unwanted cards in exchange for a walmart card with no fees and no expiration date. 40% of us are expected to return at least one christmas gift. remember, most stores will give you until the end of january, electronics are a slightly different story. at best buy you'll have until january 15th but the important thing you don't have to go out today. it's going to be crazy. >> yeah, it is going to be crazy. best to wait a couple of case or else i could have you do my returns. >> no way. >> thanks. we do have a travel alert as
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so many people gear up to hit the road again after the holidays rain and cold air. they're all on the way and could bring severe travel delays with it and rob marciano tracking it all this morning. good morning, rob. >> good morning, paula. good morning, guys and congratulations, again, dan. we are look at a travel for the next several days. this is the time of year. start you off with not only rain and snow but the snow for starters. in salt lake city, snowblowers out. they had their first big snowstorm of the year and in denver, colorado, also, snow piling up and they are watching their snow come down today. we've got winter storm warnings and advisories that stretch all the way to minneapolis, minnesota so through the plains. generally speaking light but also it's going to make for slick roadways and then the flooding down across the south new orleans under a flash flood watch through the weekend for this storm system that's going to tap a lot of gulf of mexico moisture and the orange indicates areas that could see over 3 inches of rainfall stretching up the i-94 corridor as well and colder air will be sliding in and by this time on
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new year's morning, temperatures will be a good 20, maybe even 0 degrees cooler so look for that big chill coming back next week. dan, over to you. it is a fight for free speech one part inspirational, one part entirely absurd, movie theaters packed on christmas day, people coming out in droves to see the film the hackers did not want us to see, "the interview," the latest buddy comedy from seth rogen. so after all the fear and threats of violence how did it go? abc's brandi hitt is on the story from los angeles. brandi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. theaters like this one were packed on christmas day. a lot of moviegoers say "the interview" may not be the best movie of 2014, but they wanted to send a message by buying a ticket. >> it's showtime. >> reporter: showtime indeed. sony pictures' lightning rod comedy "the interview" premiering in 300 theaters across the country capping weeks of controversy, backlash and threats. one of the blockbuster's leading
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stars and co-directors, seth rogen himself visibly excite sfwld we thought this might not happen at all. >> reporter: surprising a crowd of eager moviegoers at his local los angeles theatre in the early hours of christmas day. president obama even weighing in from a hawaii golf course while on vacation. >> i'm glad it's being released. >> reporter: less than a week ago following threats by hackers to carry out a 9/11-style attack on theaters sony pulled "the interview" but back-pedaled. in video obtained by abc news sony entertainment's ceo michael lippette lynton explaining -- >> it was essential especially given the assault on our business and staff. >> a major black eye had they not done so. >> reporter: first releasing it online wednesday but those digital downloads didn't attract from crowds at theaters premieres hours later. hundreds of screenings sold out in less than 24 hours. ♪ god bless america
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>> reporter: this crowd in atlanta couldn't help but sing along to "god bless america." but the reception isn't all rosie. >> what did i think of it? it was ridiculous. >> kim jong-un is a manipulator. >> reporter: a north korean diplomatic to the united nations telling the associated press his country opposes the film's release calling it an unpardonable mockery of their sovereignty and dig nity of ther supreme leader. >> they hate us because they ain't us. >> reporter: some theaters erupted into applause at the end of "the interview" but sony won't likely be celebrating big numbers at the box office. it will make $3 million or $4 million over the holiday weekend >> let's bring in brad garrett, the abc news consult pts, former fbi special agent. the fbi says the north koreans are behind this. but now some security experts are coming out and saying not so fast. we think maybe this could be
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some inside job instead. what do you think? >> or a combination thereof. dan, the information the fbi have released for most cybersecurity experts is not enough to pin it on north korea. the malware they used they've used before but so have others and servers they used around the world they had used before but so have other people. the arguments of many people, dan, are that the uniqueness of how the code was written in this malware including access to certain passwords would suggest that it had -- they had inside help. so could it be both? could you have an inside person that's working with north korea or doesn't know they're working with north korea to pull this off? maybe. >> intriguing questions but, you know, now there's something new. because while the screening of the movie went off without a hitch yesterday, hackers have now hit the sony playstation network and also microsoft's xbox live so on christmas day
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we've got thousands of gamers dealing with connection problems. who do we think is behind this one? >> well, the media are saying, for example, that it's a group called the lizard squad which is probably a group of hackers and, dan, they did what happens every day, there's a thing called denial of service where you basically overwhelm the servers at a particular location. that's what they did so people could not get online with xbox to play their game. >> a frustrating christmas for many gamers. brad, thank you to you and, paula, over to you. >> two unhappy children including one unhappy husband. we broke down and bought it and couldn't log on. now it makes sense. to arrests and a wave of serious threats against police officers since two officers were killed in cold blood last weekend. one will be laid to rest tomorrow and abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a disturbing trend. the nypd is investigating some 40 cases of people threatening
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more violence against the police. many of them turned out to be idle threats but there have been at least six arrests. in one case a man was overheard at the bank saying they should have killed two white cops, not an his panic and asian and said he'd kill a white cop by christmas. at his home they recovered two guns and a set of brass knuckles. in another a suspect called the 84th precinct where the two slain officers served falsely identified himself as the gunman who killed them. the crank caller now charged with making terrorist threats. ♪ new yorkers continue to pay their respects here at the corner where the two officers were gunned down. on christmas night, the ramos family came here to pray and to thank every officer standing vigil here. >> this family is destroyed. wow, it's just crazy. this is really crazy, man.
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>> why? why is this -- why is this happening? how do you explain this to your children? >> reporter: the first of the funerals saturday at this brooklyn church is expected to be huge. jetblue now offering the comp flights for men and women in blue from other parts of the country would plan to attend. officer ramos' funeral set to take place here tomorrow at 10:00. vice president biden plans to attend. officer liu's funeral has yet to be scheduled. the nypd apparently taking time to allow family members to get here from china. paula. >> thanks for that. we have ryan smith with the other developing stories including a christmas fire in l.a. >> yeah, absolutely. good morning. we begin with the scene in los angeles. a fire-breaking out inside a motel. and look at this. neighbors helping rescue people trapped on the second floor standing on each other's shoulders to reach those gasping for air outside their windows. it took 100 firefighters to put it out.
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five had to be hospitalized but authorities say it would have been much worse had those people not jumped into action. also happening overnight a protest against police brutality turned violent in oakland. demonstrators van daized the christmas tree, broke store windows and set one fire. organizers called it no time off saying they wanted to keep police busy on christmas. people around the world are pausing to remember the victims of that tsunami that devastated southern asia ten years ago today. families of the 230,000 people who died gathered to pray at memorials across indonesiindone thailand and sri lanka. these stunning before and after pictures showing just how far the region has come in rebuilding the entire villages talking about that were swept away ten years ago bustling with activity. emergency warnings procedures are now in place in hopes to prevent another disaster of that magnitude.
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"the new york times" saying the agency has been relyinging on volunteers to drive in presidential motorcades escorting low-level staff and reporters and the secret service says the practice has been standard for years and say volunteers are briefed about emergency procedures but one woman tells "the new york times" she volunteered recently and received little instruction about what to do during an emergency. former president george h.w. bush spent christmas in the hospital and ryan owens has new details on his condition. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ryan. the former president waking up after his third night in the hospital here. his spokesperson continues to insist he is doing well. but the fact is he has been here now since tuesday night after he was rushed by ambulance suffering from a shortness of breath. bush 41 knows this hospital and spent christmas here two years ago. family and friends say this time around it's not nearly as serious and he expects to be home in a couple of days, but
7:15 am
for now our oldest living president at the age of 90 remains in the hospital behind me. ryan. >> and we wish him a speedy recovery, ryan owens, thank you. finally a special u.p.s. delivery, one military family is never going to forget. corporal matthew morrison had himselfed picked up by a u.p.s. driver. the family had no idea he was having himself delivered for christmas. the driver called the morrisons' family outside and the truck doors 234r50u open to reveal that present. he has a knew days to spend with his pregnant wife and family then it's back to afghanistan to finish his tour. look at those face, right? talk about the best christmas gift ever. >> what a surprise too. i didn't know that u.p.s. made those kind of deliveries. >> glad they were home to accept it. would have left him on the porch. >> that was organized. >> a little pricey but worth it.
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>> we have another special delivery to tell you about now. this one involves a baby, a big delivery to tell you about now. this one involves a baby, a big surp >> i'm meteorologist karen quarn the accuweather update >> i'm meteorologist karen quarn history but on christmas day we got a reminder of those humble beginnings of jesus. instead of a mamger and three wise men a subway car and transit cops. it was the christmas delivery that caught everybody by surprise. >> hearing her say, my water broke. >> reporter: an expectant mom going into labor thursday night while riding this philadelphia subway car. >> the baby on christmas on the "l". couldn't believe it. >> so i rushed downstairs. >> reporter: daniel caban was the first on the scene meeting the train as it arrived. >> get your gloves on. he had his gloves. you, glove, come on.
7:17 am
>> reporter: he and his officer, partner darrell james turned it into a delivery room. >> it was get in there and help. >> reporter: fellow strap hangers whipping out their boy. >> reporter: the impromptu delivery a success. the little bundle of joy seen on the surveillance camera before he and mom were taken to the hospital. >> such a joy to see a baby born on a train. >> reporter: this morning mom and her surprise gift are both doing well and grateful for those two officers who now have an unforgettable christmas memory of their own. >> we delivered a baby for her so it's like her christmas present but it's also like a blessing and present for myself. >> now, those two transit cops say really once they got there, the baby had already decided to come. it was coming out. they didn't want to take too much credit. he said when i got there, i saw the baby's head coming out, he
7:18 am
had a few more details, i won't give mere. >> thank you for that. >> the baby was on the way. >> a technical term, da, da, da -- >> just had a little baby boy. stuff i shouldn't be saying. >> that kid is going places. >> born christmas day. he's going to be walking on water in a couple of years. he's going to be walking on water in a couple of years. >> show >> let's take a loong at weather. >> i thought theres with a bright star. >> let's take you to la. we're going to start with la. it's cold. getting into christmas spirit day after. happy boxing day by the way. currently winds gusting over 20 miles an hour long beach and palm dale meaning wind chill of 40 in burbank and scarves and uggs territory for sure. and meanwhile, mild air across much of the south and all that mild air pushing up to the northeast. it was one of the mildest christmases on record across
7:19 am
khirk chicago and new york and today is no different even though the front is through we'll see temperatures above average. meanwhile snow in denver high of 30. your weekend get away brought 30. your weekend get away brought you to by macy's. we'll show you the new program that could help you get exactly >> hi i'm meteorologist karen quarn the accuweather update we're dry with sunshine. beautiful picture over the ben franklin bridge. cold out. there bundle up. 38 degrees. headed to 50. this afternoon will be mild. nice and sunny.
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great day ahead this first day of kwanzaa. tomorrow staying mild, 52 mostly sunny skies and sunday more clouds and some rain especially early though high of 50. clouds and some rain especially early though high of 50. stays >> thank you, dr. marciano. >> you got it. the teenage girl who faced down a bear speaking out for the first time. what she did to save her life. also ahead, "gma investigates" those sell by dates in your groceries. could you be throwing out thousands of dollars? home for the holidays. families brought together. tender moments you won't forget.
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>> many stores open their dorz open. historically they slash prices on clothing, toys and electronics. they're able to take advantage of the sales by the gift card they got under the tree.
7:27 am
long lines are expected as people wait to return unwanted gifts. good morning, 7:6 i'm tamala edwards the roads around the malls are expected to be japd. let's head to matt pellman looking at 4. >> one of those spots that opened early this morning was deptford mall opened up at 7:00. if you're taking the freeway to get to the mall looking good. no normal northbound delay either. sitting pretty on most of these roadways. 13 northbound past 40 by car man chrysler jeep and dodge taking out two left lanes. overturned vehicle crash north philadelphia master and 16 cleared and looking good 95 and schuylkill. don't forget septa subways and city buses and patco running on modified weekday schedules. tam. >> thank you, matt a. let's take a live look across center city. mile the past few days. that changed. it's chilly. let's head over to karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, tam, we have a beautiful start to the day. you want to bundle up early on. it's chilly. the afternoon will be mild.
7:28 am
it's currently 38. headed to 50. above average this afternoon. nice and sunny first day of kwanzaa. tomorrow mild, lots of sunshine. high of 52. sunday 50 for high which is not bad and lots of clouds and some rain and now looks like rain will be early on in the day but it doesn't look like a lot. it may be a few showers. monday turning colder and 43 and chance for rain and snow showers early monday, tam. >> thank you, karen. time for more news and holiday cheer with gma. time for more news and holiday cheer with gma. see you back here in 30
7:29 am
>> thanks
7:30 am
if you have not done so, take a look at this wonderful moment. they welcomed back other soldiers and you see what happened. mom and dad cooked up this whole surprise giving their kids the ultimate christmas present, their dad appeared. >> what a good morning. >> that is fantastic. we have many more to show you coming up. also coming up this morning, "gma investigates" an important consumer alert about those food labels sell by dates. what you need to know right now that could save you thousands of dollars a year. >> i'm all ears. it's one of our favorite holiday traditions, a look back at the biggest news stories and all of the fun of 2014 including michael strahan some of his football moves. >> taking a knee. >> he is okay. >> he has fully recovered. find out if some of your
7:31 am
favorite moments are in our epic mash-up. >> can we play that on repeat for awhile? >> painful to watch. >> i would get an e-mail from strahan which i don't want to get. we'll tart with a teenage girl attacked by a bear while out walking her dog speaking for the first time about her ordeal and how her dog saved her life and matt gutman is on the story from miami. matt, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. to hear leah reeder tell that story is spine tingling pouncing out of nowhere as she was walking her dog ralph in an area that was residential, it looked a lot like this one. >> it was just kind of like a black bear. >> reporter: leah reeder says she was paying closer attention to her cell phone than the black bear closing in on her. >> i was down on the ground and it was on my back biting me. >> reporter: the 15-year-olds was walking her dog, ralph, near her home in east point, florida, when she was suddenly mauled earlier this week. it was what she did next that
7:32 am
may have saved her life. >> in school they always told you to play dead. it worked because it stopped biting me as soon as i stopped screaming and realized nobody was going to come because like nobody could hear me. >> reporter: maybe humans didn't heed the call but as she was being dragged into the woods her cuddly companion did. >> he seen him dragging me and was freaking out barking and starting running up and the bear lost his grip and fell in the ditch. >> reporter: her 25-pound springer spaniel scared away a 200-pound bear. >> i'm very thankful the dog was there. >> reporter: somehow she managed to walk to her father's house. her parents dialed 911. >> she's got a big ole gash up on her head. >> you can hear leah crying. her close encounter in the latest spate of bear accouttackd we spent time with doug seuss and his grizzly, bart.
7:33 am
and learned what can be one way to survive an up close bear encounter. >> cover your face and neck and you would try to get onto your stomach. >> reporter: hundreds of stitches later she is still recovering from wounds to the neck, head, back and arms. but at christmas dinner last night -- >> thank you for your protection over leah. >> reporter: -- one family knows it has much to be grateful for. >> i'm glad my daughter is home and alive and . the spike in encounters with humans is probably to blame for the rise of bear pop layings in florida. if you do encounter a bear, never run, never turn your back, back away slowly. if it is a black bear that attacks it, fight it with everything you've got. dan, paula. >> that would be fight all of my instincts because i would run
7:34 am
really fast. >> the chances are it would outrun you. >> yeah, thanks for that, paula. >> hopefully we won't have to put that advice to use. all right, thanks, matt. >> there was a time though. >> there was a time. very long time ago. we do move to a texas mother of five back home for the holidays after spending seven years behind bars. hanna overton was convicted of capital murder in the salt poisoning death of her foster child. that's been overturned but as juju chang her battle is far from over. >> reporter: christmas together. what her children hoped-for-seven years. this week their christmas wish finally granted captured in these photos taken by isaac overton, age 15. the five overton children reunited with their mother. her conviction and life sentence was overturned in the bizarre salt poisoning death of a little boy she was trying to adopt. the 37-year-old mother accused of force feeding her foster son
7:35 am
andrew byrd enough salt to kill him. she sat down with "20/20" in 2008. >> it's somebody's worst nightmare after your child dies to be told that -- somebody thinks it's your fault. >> reporter: convicted of capital murder husband larry standing by her through it all. what is the truth in all this? >> that my wife did nothing wrong. that andrew had something going on with him. >> reporter: the jury never got a chance to hear from this salt poisoning expert long believed the 4-year-old ingested the salt on his own due to behavioral problems. >> i don't think there was any evidence at all that she did this. >> reporter: but it took four years before he had a chance to testify during hanna's appeal. >> even when it happens in the hospital, you die. >> reporter: two years later a stunning victory for hanna and her new defense team. the highest appeals court in texas reversing her conviction. what went of went through your mind. >> is this real and started tearing up. does this is a what i think it says? >> reporter: prosecutors stand
7:36 am
by their case and plan to try her again. her current defense team says they will continue to fight to clear her name. >> we're so thrilled that she stands here presumed innocent and we're very confident that the state doesn't have a case. >> reporter: a trial date has not been set. after all she's been through hanna says she has no regrets including being andrew's forever family. cost you seven years of your life. >> yeah, but i still wouldn't trade it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> she has always maintained her innocence and her attorneys steadfastly have believed in her and worked pro bono for her. you can see more of her report on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m., 9:00 central on abc and it is time now for the weather and rob marciano. >> hey, guys, good-looking stuff for this day after christmas. we start you with boston, a sho >> temperatures in upper 30s and
7:37 am
looking good. we'll get up to 48 degrees and no rain in the forecast. mild sunshine really for december from boston back to pittsburgh. d.c. will be a good-looking day and return flow. even though the front came through yesterday and we had breezy conditions not a lot of cold air behind. it but there's another front coming down the pike and we have cold air behind this one. overnight lows in rapid city 7 to minus 8 on monday and good 25 drop in minneapolis and chicago which has one of the least snowest decembers in over 100 years you'll finally get cold air coming in and you see if we can't get snow next week. that's a quick check on national outlook. here's what's happening locally. >> thanks, rob, i'm meteorologist karen can with the accuweather update. bundle up, cold out here. 38. headed to 50 today. it's going to be nice and sunny this afternoon. tomorrow staying mild, 52. 50 sunday with more clouds and tomorrow staying mild, 52. 50 sunday with more clouds and some rain
7:38 am
anybody that got a car for christmas is not regifting or returning it today. >> probably not. >> yeah. >> good call. >> see you guys in a bit. >> still waiting for that big red bow -- i just have a minivan. >> i hope your husband is watching. >> well, coming up on "gma investigates," those sell by dates on your groceries. what you need to know so you don't throw money away with that food. and it's the whole enchilada. "gma's" yearbook of the top news and stories, the eye catchers from pop culture and "gma," as well. i don't know what's happening right there. we'll look back at what truly made 2014 a memorable and hilarious year. keep it here. ♪ i never miss a beat can we go for a test drive? oh sure, i'll be right back. thanks. leather, running boards... carmax quality certified, low, no-haggle price, 5-day money back guarantee ...
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>> hey, welcome back. time for "gma investigates" and those food labels sell by dates or best by dates. what do they mean? you may be surprised to learn you could be throwing away thousands of dollars each year in food that's fine to eat. abc's mara schiavocampo is on the story. >> reporter: best buy. use by and enjoy by, sell by. we've all seen the labels with dates but what do they actually mean? >> they don't mean anything. >> reporter: dr. michael hanson, a senior scientist with "consumer reports" says
7:43 am
consumers mistakenly believe these are really expiration dates. >> what most people think it means is that the food is bad after that date and they shouldn't eat it, it could be hazardous so thepdz to throw it out. >> reporter: "gma investigates" learning for the most part this is not the last date the food is safe to eat. instead, the manufacturer determines it's the last day the product is at its peak quality. the guidelines for label dating vary from state to state. some states have no guidelines at all. >> this is required to be labeled. >> reporter: the only product with a federally regulated date infant formula. even the food industry recognizes that current practices do not adequately serve all consumers and tells us there's an effort among many partners to improve current code dating practices with the goal of creating a uniform global standard. >> use by, sell by and nothing but just a date. >> this is all the same brand.
7:44 am
>> this is all the same brand. this is not only the same brand but also the same 2%. >> reporter: what does this show us? >> this shows there's complete confusion out there. >> reporter: organic valley tells us the wording on its carton is chose by individual third party packing plants airport the country. these lead to major waste and major money out of your pocket. one author says a family of four throws out up to $2300 of food each year. how much of that is due to label confusion isn't known but experts say they're sure it's part of the problem. in many cases the food is still safe to eat after those dates. milk can be good for up to one week after the printed date. eggs within three to five weeks from your purchase date and certain canned goods like soup and greened beans can be good on the shelf for up to five years unopened. so as a consumer what are you
7:45 am
supposed to do? how do you know when your food has gone bad? >> you just use common sense. the food will smell or taste bad before it gets to the point that it's going to make you sick. >> reporter: commonsense advice that never expires. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> and coming up here it's time for the big post-christmas sales. we're revealing our top five bargains that you can shop for now. holiday reunions that will warm your heart and surprises that brought family together. get those hander keefes or kleenex ready. we'll be back. you'll find great early bird specials until 1pm! like 60 to 70% off sweaters, fleece and sleepwear - plus an extra 10% off. 60% off outerwear for the family. and up to 70% off holiday home decor. plus everyone can save even more! go to kohl's dot com to get a yes pass for $10 off your purchase of $30 or more. kohl's after christmas sale & clearance
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7:49 am
♪ back now with "gma" and those emotional holiday reunions just in time for christmas, many so for the first time in years. you said to bring the kleenex so i did. >> you might need one. >> i will. >> would you believe, a true story. i haven't been home for christmas with my family in 15 years. >> no. >> but that's by choice. for many other people who actually like their families, it's hard to imagine even one christmas without them. for california's nelson family a volunteer trip to greet military vets at the airport turned into the ultimate christmas surprise, first lieutenant kenyon nelson deployed to afghanistan since february returning home just in time to be with his family for the holidays. >> were you surprised. >> yes. >> his wife was in on it. the kids had no idea.
7:50 am
>> it was really hard. yeah, i was sure i'd slipped up several times but, no, they were completely surprised. >> reporter: bringing families together, of course, that's what this holiday is all about. "gma" even got into the mix sending liz welker home for the holidays to surprise her family just outside their front door. it was the ultimate christmas wish come true. >> it's been so nice having our siblings and parents and the babies to do the christmas traditions that we do every single year. >> oh. >> thank you. >> reporter: the freemans a family of five that hasn't been able to fly home for the holidays in six years until "gma" stepped in. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> reporter: and for julie hartman whose two sons are serving in the military thousands of miles apart reun e reuniting this band of brothers after four years it it was a true christmas miracle. >> thank you so much for bringing our family together.
7:51 am
happy holidays, happy new year. >> it's really fantastic to see those and just want to quickly say on behalf of abc news we want to apologize to technology's family. he does love you. he has a funny way of showing it and that's fine. >> cool, that works, right? all right, well, coming up we'll look back at the best moments of the year, the biggest news and the craziest fun, who could forget ginger's fearless sky dive. walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug,
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"good morning america's" brought to you by "wild" starring reese weather spoon and laura dern in theaters everywhere now.
7:56 am
>> a missing elderly woman they're hoping public can help. her grandson says she was seen wednesday afternoon at her home in montgomery township. she was supposed to go visit relatives in gilbertsville and never showed christmas day. she was driving a blue 2010 or 2011 hopped aaccord. anyone with information should call montgomery township police. and good morning, it is 7:56 this friday, december 26 i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to matt pellman to look at the roads. good morning. >> time to take back the things that did not work out so well. good news, tam, the ride to the
7:57 am
malls will workouts well for you this morning. we're here in king of prussia 20 where the mall is open and in just about three minutes 202 looks fine and schuylkill and 95. no normal morning blaze delays. we had a crash newcastle. that's out of the way. christianne mall opening up in about an hour and few minutes. buses, septa regional rails, normal schedules and septa and patco are running on holiday schedules. >> let's take a live look across the airport. flights seem to be running smoothly. skies are clear. it's cold, karen rogers. >> it's cold start to the day. we've got a nice, mild finish. pretty good combo. and nice and sunny today and first day of kwanzaa. 50 for the high. starting with temperatures in the upper 30s and ended in 506789 tomorrow staying mild, lots of sunshine. high of 5 2. great to be outside in the afternoon this time of year and surprised we change things a little. lots of clouds.
7:58 am
some rain. some light rain early on in the day. 50 for the high. monday it's turning colder high of 4 3. we have rain showers early on. possibly could mix with wet snow shower, tam. >> thank you, karen. >> if you got a new smart hope to or tablet as a gift be sure to download 6abc apps. they're free. to download 6abc apps. they're free. we'll see you in 30. >> thanks rob we're enjoying sunshine in philadelphia. i'm meteorologist karen rogers. it's 38 degrees. let's check the forecast chingt we have a beautiful afternoon ahead. lots of sunshine. nice and sun next mild high of 50 for this first day of kwanzaa and tomorrow staying mild 52 for the high. and tomorrow staying mild 52 for the high. good start to the weekend
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket? the scoop on great after christmas sales and the five big bargains you can score. if you overindulged on goodies this christmas. a new strategy to put the brakes on your die yet downfall. how a support system could help you lose the pounds. zooming around her sweater. >> and before we shake off 2014, we're turning back the clock for all of the biggest news stories and the hilarious moments that made this a "gma" year to remember. >> all that and the cast of "jersey boys" here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪
8:01 am
♪ oh what a night ♪ oh what a night ♪ oh what a night oh what a night ♪ >> wow. wow. what a morning. >> those are the stars of the broad way smash "jersey boys" bringing us the four seasons classic "oh what a night" and will perform a medley of hits. i've been working out my falsetto and come over -- >> i'm so happy. i love listening to them. i went and sang along with every song. big tips and tricks on how to start packing up your holiday decorations from the easiest way to store your decorations to if you can believe it making sure
8:02 am
the lights don't get tangled. you're going to turn into a nutritionist. >> shoving it under the couch cushions is not the way to go apparently. >> not the way to go. won't make the wifey happy. our best of the best. our salute to 2014. all the top stories plus the wackiest fun of the year including robin striking it red hot. >> oh, there she goes. >> wait for it. >> look at that bicep. >> i think she's going to make it. come on, robin. >> oh! >> boo-yah. you'll find out our -- whether your favorite moments made our list and that's coming up in just a little bit. we start out with news and ryan smith with more on the gaming unit hacking. >> that's right. good morning, guys. we begin with what appears to be another cyberattack. this time hackers say they shut down sony playstation and microsoft xboxes called lizard squad claimed responsibility and
8:03 am
recently claimed to have shut down the vatican's website. the hacking partially disrupted the debut of the controversial anymore "the interview," people weren't able to watch it on their playstation but large crowds reported at a limit number of theaters showing the movie. police across new york are paying their respects to two police officers murdered in their squad car last weekend. meanwhile, at least six people have been now arrested for threatening more violence against police officers at the apartment of one, police say they found a shotgun, autz matic pistol, brass knuckles. even a bulletproof vest. the secret service is responding to a report this morning. "the new york times" is report about volunteers being allowed to drive in the presidential motorcade. the "times" found one volunteer driving and said she was never trained but the agency insists all volunteer drivers are briefed by secret service agents and drive separately with a police escort. meanwhile, president obama spent christmas visiting u.s. troops stationed in hawaii. with the u.s. combat mission in
8:04 am
afghanistan ending next week the president noted the sacrifices of the u.s. military saying afghans now have their chance to rebuild their country. while keeping the u.s. safe from terror attacks. and look at this. sports fan everywhere talking about this. former teammates turned arch rivals not quite. lebron james and dwyane wade started with a bro hug. lebron's first game in miami since leaving for cleveland. fans gave him a standing ovation but the heat spoiled his return beating the cavs, 101-91. after the game, check it out, hey, man, good game. thanks, man, i love you. guys hugging it out. the words that may not have been said. more important than the game. what's up? what are you doing later? all of that was said -- maybe not. >> all right. oh, by the way, how about this, some people stick their neck out to share their breakfast. check this out. a hotel in kenya now offering this unique experience,
8:05 am
breakfast with the giraffes who live nearby. our friends at yahoo! travel found helen, daisy, jacques and betty swooping through the windows to mingle with the guests and the giraffes come when called by name and they're all early risers and like breakfast by 7:00 a.m. the experience isn't cheap. rooms at that hotel start at -- get this -- $2,000 a night. >> can you read my lips. that's a lot of money. >> but you get to have breakfast with giraffes. >> 0thousan 2,000 and have to s breakfast. >> and vegetarian probably. rob, where are you at. >> tyler, what did you get for christmas? >> hockey stuff and a rangers fan. that's perfect. rainfall over the next couple of days. flash flood watches that are posted. heavy rain over 3 inches for the big eas easy and southern mississippi and that pushes off toward the north and east for mississippi and that pushes off toward the north and east for other folks too. >> the snow will stretch into
8:06 am
the mraips today to mip app list. meantime it will be pretty wet for saturday and sawnd cross the southeast and mild weekend through the north east. that's a quick check on national outlook. here is what is happening. >> thanks rob, we're enjoying sunshine here in philadelphia. i'm meteorologist karen rogers. it's 38 degrees. let's check the forecast. beautiful afternoon ahead. lots of sunshine. nice and sunny. mild high of 50 for this first day of kwanzaa and tomorrow staying mild, 52 for the high. good start to the weekend. things change a bit on sunday. we'll see more clouds still mild high of 50. we have some rain especially early on in the day. monday colder 43 with rain or early on in the day. monday colder 43 with rain or wet snow shower early. and "morning menu" at the social square. >> coming up, those moments, big moments of 2014, the amazing moments. are your favorites on the list? everybody has that new
8:07 am
year's resolution. is the key to really losing weight having a diet buddy? maybe that's it. we'll help you with your new year's resolution. also we have something you'll be singing along to all morning long, some stars of the hit "jersey boys." ♪ who loves you pretty baby >> they're here. ♪ who's going to help you through the night ♪ ♪ who loves you pretty momma ♪ who's going to make it right suffering from the flu is a really big deal. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. and call your doctor right away. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if
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coming up what, to do with those christmas decorations lying around the house. lori bergamotty is here with some tips we'll share with you when we come back. a hot chocolate?
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♪ and welcome back to "gma" right here in times square. great crowd with us this morning. and time now for one of our favorite holiday traditions as we gear up to ring in 2015 we want to take a look back at the year that was. so many big stories, a lot of fun, as well. check it out. ♪ ♪ oh here we go feeling in my
8:13 am
soul ♪ ♪ really need it need it so go got a feeling body takes control really need it need it ♪ >> we're going to have a fun movie but we have a lot to get to first. >> breaking -- >> breaking. >> right here in southern california. >> sochi. >> this morning in -- >> here in glendora. >> pensacola. >> here in gaza. >> flight 370 -- >> the key to solving this mystery is finding any type of debris. >> you see the plane in the darkness, good night, mh370. >> ebola. >> ebola. >> ebola. >> here in america -- >> this is the most deadly virus that we know. >> ferguson, missouri. [ chanting ] >> i can still smell the tear gas in the air. >> the grand jury's decision not to indict. >> do you feel remorse.
8:14 am
>> no indictment for new york city police officer in the death of eric garner. >> all: don't shoot, hands up. >> this is an issue we've been dealing with for too long and time for us to make more progress than we've made. >> we're going to turn to the war on isis. >> that shocking execution. >> f-18 fighters taking off heading for syria. >> president putin reached out to give his first american broadcast. >> are you concerned the terrorists might choose to strike in other parts of russia. >> the plane ripped out of the sky in ukraine. >> nearly 300 girls taken by armed men. >> are you afraid? >> yes. >> i know that you have a birthday wish. >> the nigerian girls being released from abduction. >> the attack on sony and a threat to american moviegoers. the u.s. now expected to say north korea is behind it all. >> i wonder what a north korean
8:15 am
citizen would think of the movie. >> some say america has lost its first cyberwar. >> a line of storms blasted through here just hours ago. >> my god. >> entire lives completely ripped to shreds. >> it feels like one degree. >> this is what we're dealing with and these flames just keep shooting up. >> look at the firenados. >> oh, my god. >> go, go. >> the climate situation that we're in seems pretty dire. >> climate change is already affecting americans all across the country. >> absolute outrage this morning against los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. >> i think he was brought up to believe those things. >> what things. >> segregation. >> bill cosby under siege. >> i knew that i was in danger. >> cosby's lawyer says he's being vilified but these allegations just keep come scomblg now that the firestorm from the ray rice domestic case.
8:16 am
>> i want to own it. >> oscar pistorius. >> how are you feeling this morning? >> tony stewart cleared of charges in that deadly accident. >> this is one of the toughest tragedies i've ever had to deal with. >> big night for republicans sweeping wins across the board. >> they will win control of the senate. >> immigration. >> immigration. >> immigration. >> for those members of congress who question my thoughth to make our immigration system work better, i have one answer, pass a bill. >> you got speaker boehner talking about suing you for executive actions. >> the suit is a stunt. >> do you think the climate is different now for a woman running for president. >> i think it's different for women across the board. >> why was it so important to you that we recognize the rosies? >> this is a start of the real women's liberation.
8:17 am
>> go out that door, the door after that and the door after that and i invite all of you, come with me! >> the tragic death of philip seem mo seymour hoffman. >> lift up your hearts. each new hour holes new chances for new beginnings. >> i'll see you on the set, in the beach and in the kitchen and at the movies. >> you make us laugh. you make us feel good, robin. >> thank you. it's a good job. my day job. >> you do, madonna, madonna, madonna. >> hello! >> i'll tell you what's popping. >> here we go. >> so happy to report that mr. and mrs. george clooney are making it official. >> the ring. >> the jay-z family caught on film. >> what is a paintball wedding? >> we thought, it's different.
8:18 am
>> pharrell's hat that unofficially won the grammys. >> his song, is, of course, "happy." ♪ because i'm happy clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ ♪ because i'm happy don't bring me down ♪ ♪ i'm happy because i'm happy clap along if you feel like a room ♪ >> this is how george feels these days surrounded by chicks. >> hello. >> oh. >> no, no. hold it. >> she's okay. >> she hasn't moved since you held her. >> they mark the territory by urinating. that's why you have the hat on. >> are you kidding me? >> mr. barry white. can we crank up barry white just a little bit. ♪ >> i love this song. >> if you could play --
8:19 am
>> allie played his girlsprepdz. smo sh me me schmoopie. >> can i call you sh memoopie? >> no, you cannot. >> you just said hello to lara twice. three times. hello again, lara. >> ugly sweater showdown 2014. >> i wore a sweater. >> you followed the rules. ♪ watch your mind ♪ or i'll sit on you ♪ dance with you ♪ we're expecting you >> come on, george. this is all you ♪ the love boat >> there we go. ♪ let it go let it go can't hold it back any more ♪
8:20 am
♪ >> ready, set, go. >> there you go. >> what you got, what you got. what you got. ♪ >> extreme zee. now i can let go of this extreme wedgie i have. >> open. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> oh. oh! >> a great snap. >> let the "gma" games -- two, one. >> that was insane. >> all right. >> oh. oh. >> okay, here we go. >> it just stopped. >> "gma" cup. >> go. >> ooh. >> hit the net. >> oh.
8:21 am
>> whoo! >> bang, bang. that's how you do it. >> all right. >> back to work. ♪ >> always a privilege to be your eyes and ears here on the red carpet and a whole lot of fun too. >> well. >> oh, my god. maybe it's the hair spray. yes, danny it's another fire. >> george. ♪ >> i can't even begin to tell you what the weather is like up here. ♪ >> let's do this. ♪ bang bang into the room i know you want it bang bang all over you i ♪ >> george clooney. >> ariana grande. >> mavericks. >> only just learned to walk. >> george clooney three years in a row.
8:22 am
his streak is over. ♪ >> i have never been happier or healthier than i am right now. >> today marks my eighth round of chemo. this is my final treatment. the doctors say i graduate tim ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> by donating his stem cells. >> thank you so much. >> one nurse's touched hundreds of families like no other. fabian hickman. >> my children's story can never be told without you. >> i've never thought that people thought that way for me. >> we're going to take care of this layaway for you. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. ♪ ♪ all of me loves all of you
8:23 am
♪ loves you -- >> do you take alexandra to be your lawfully wedded wife. >> our ginger is getting married. ♪ give your all to me i'll give my all to you ♪ >> you are being inducted into the nfl hall of fame, congratulations. >> i remember being in the gym and my dad said, son, one day it'll pay off. and, dad, i got to say it paid off. >> robin has been inducted into the broadcasting and cable hall of fame after 30 years on tv. >> thank you very much. and when you said 30 years, i was like -- when i started in broadcasting in 1972 -- >> wake up, america. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, america. >> what. >> morgan freeman. >> zzz. >> get that man a cup of coffee. >> the o shot. breakthrough science of the startling results in treating
8:24 am
female desire. female desire. >> it's cold out here rob, i'm meteorologist karen rogersive minutes becauseaid you said and i >> very nice. >> superstar jennifer lopez. demi low vat to. >> paramour. >> sam smith. >> jason derulo. >> on "gma." >> taylor swift. ♪ haters going to hate hate hate ♪ ♪ i'm just going to shake shake shake it off ♪ >> we'll be wiggling, popping. ♪ break break break and the fakers going to fake fake fake baby ♪ ♪ i'm just going to shake shake shake shake it off shake it off ♪
8:25 am
♪ i never miss a beat >> she's -- >> i'm a good dancer, t.j. >> it's going to be okay. it's going to be okay. >> we'll play that song again and george is going to do the nene to it. >> you're going to shake a tailfeather. >> it's never going to happen. ♪ >> it's happening. >> it's been done. >> it's done. it truly has ♪ yeah oh 'cause the players going to play play play play and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate i'm just going to shake shake shake shake it off shake it off ♪ ♪ shake it off shake it off aha ♪ >> t.j., yeah. ♪ shake it off shake it off ah shake it shake it off ♪
8:26 am
>> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ shake shake shake >> truly amazing to see it strung out like that. >> yeah. >> exactly. we want to say this is important, the people who are on this show get a lot of credit but it's the people who are not on the show that people who work behind the scenes who make this happen so we want to give a big shoutout to the talented team that brought us that look back that may matt, amanda, cameron, dan, sabelle, paula castro, marcello in. aziaro and liz keating. coming up on "gma," the best after christmas deals you can buy right now and new way to lose those holiday pounds and keep them off for good.
8:27 am
>> good morning septa police helped deliver a bibby boy christmas night on a step train this is iphone video of that spaeshl rifle. she went into labor market frankford el. mom and baby little boy are recovering at hahnemann hospital. let's look at traffic with mel matt pellman. >> weave been saying it's like black friday all over again. friday after a major holiday and a lot of people headed to the malls to make returns and use gift cards. we're expecting traffic around area malls. so far near montgomery mall 309 dekalb pike things look quiet at this point. pennsylvania turnpike westbound past bensalem broken down vehicle. we're seeing slow speeds from time to time and falls township
8:28 am
crash northbound side route 1 past 3 2. you can get by that. no delays at this point 91 or schuylkill and don't forget if you ride regional rails on normal weekday schedule and septa city buses and subways on modified weekday schedule. tam. >> all good to know. let's go outside to karen rogers and see what it's like if you want to head outside and play with toys. good morning. >> cold to start you off. bright and sunny. and beautiful will warm things up this afternoon. 37 right now. but 50 for the high. nice, sunny and mild this afternoon. tomorrow, staying mild, high of 52 with lots of sunshine. looking good. on sunday more clouds and chance for rain especially early in the day. 50 for the high. monday turning colder 43. we could start monday morning with a few rain showers and even see wet snowflakes mixing in. tuesday partly sunny skies and 0 for the high. not bad. brisk and cold wednesday only 37 for new year's eve. 28 for overnight low. if you ring in the new year
8:29 am
bundle up. >> enjoy the 50 today. that's it for us. we'll see you back here in 30.
8:30 am
♪ oh what a night late december back in '63 what a very special time for me as i remember what a night ♪ ♪ oh what a night you know i didn't even know her name but i was never going to be the same ♪ ♪ what a lady >> that right there is the cast of the tony and grammy award winning musical "jersey boys" singing "oh what a night" made famous by the four seasons. they'll perform more of their classics coming up right here on "gma." >> a big reason why we're in a
8:31 am
good mood and this crowd and if you spent some extra time at the table on christmas and who hasn't, well, a much-needed new strategy to shed those holiday pounds. a 24/7 diet buddy who will work for you. > does that mean somebody follows you around all the time. >> no, but you do need someone to follow you around for other time. >> that's for other reasons. >> what about the cleanup. >> we have lori bergamotto of "good housekeeping" magazine, the tips and tricks of clearing up all that holiday mess. >> what is she doing to that poor tree? >> i know. >> she's tying it up. >> don't give it away. >> she's turned it white by choking it like that. >> all makes sense shortly. >> the tree will be fine. exciting news for us we love to share with you. "good morning america" facebook page has 4 million likes. a big deal. [ cheers and applause ] >> so we want to share that with you. thanks soap for following us on facebook. we, of course, love hearing from you. >> absolutely. we will start here though with a
8:32 am
big after christmas sale which is a really important -- i need someone to follow me around for that. for savvy shoppers the weekend after the holidays is actually the most wonderful time of the year. now is the time for the after christmas sales and abc's becky worley lists the top five deals can you get right now. >> reporter: holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket? well, good news. this year's after christmas sales are shaping up to offer some of the best deals of the year. >> okay, let's start with your number one deal, clothing. 45% of all post holiday sales are clothing related. the key here is stacking. look in the clearance section and then add in the storewide blanket discount like banana republic. they have tons of markdowns and offer another 50% off on top of that. and macy's has their door busters live until 2:00 p.m. including 60% carter's for kids and 20% off boots and shoes. if you missed out on the big black friday sales, not to worry, technology and gadgets
8:33 am
see big discounts after the holidays. we saw all-time low prices on many gljs before thanksgiving. >> a lot of these black friday electronic sales will resurface in december. >> like this fully loaded mac laptop cheaper than it was even around thanksgiving and this samsung tablet also the lowest price it's been all year. next luxury retailers do some price slashing of their own after the holidays. take burberry, 50% off a large selection of their items and saks off fifth cuts 40 to 50% off and outlets. brand names, low prices plus -- >> a lot of the outlet stores nearby have better tax discounts. >> reporter: for example at the outlet nearest me seven for all mankind has 50% off their entire store and the levi's store has 50% off all their jeans. new year, new year. extra discounts on beauty, yes. sephora has 20% off and free
8:34 am
samples. bath & body works slashed prices and adds another 20% off with a code. where will you find the best deals? online or in store. why not both? check the sites before you go or on your phone and then -- >> just simply ask that sales associate if they can match the deals and the sales happening online. >> reporter: for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, walnut creek, california. >> all right. the question from the group, anybody going back to the store to do some returns? >> nada. >> are you sure? >> t.j., you said you returned things from me. >> i just like being out in the chaos. >> a lot of stuff to return. >> this is chaos. >> welcome to "gma," baby. >> right. >> u.p.s. or fedex, the other deal here. weather for returning -- sounds so bad. it's going to be pretty good. let's take a look at some of the crowd. i recognize these guys because you were over there. you just know where to set yourself up. >> we try. >> you've been here before. >> no, i'm from san diego. >> a rookie. how is the cold weather treating
8:35 am
you? >> i'm in new jersey. she came to visit me. >> are you going back. >> i'm going back. >> san diego and everywhere else. no, actually it's pretty chilly there. temperatures in the 60s, snow across the intermountain west and rain across southern louisiana and snow pushes off towards minnesota and a beautiful really winter day for much of the northeastern third of the country. if you are traveling back to anywhere on sunday, some showers across the northeast and heavy rain, i think, across parts of across the northeast and heavy rain, i think, across parts of the deep south, should be d >> and then look ago head towards next week we're in for much bigger chill. it's been a mild sdes. cold air will drop to the south. temperatures in the morning on new year's morning will be in the teens and 20s and single ding its. that's cold. let's get a quick check of the national outlook. here is a check locally. it may be nice and sunny but it's cold out here, rob, i'm meteorologist karen rogers 37
8:36 am
headed up to 506789 nice and sunny and mild this afternoon for first day of kwanzaa. staying mild, 52 sunday and for first day of kwanzaa. staying mild, 52 sunday and chance of early rain. e're supposed to do? the rob jump to keep us warm. >> why didn't you tell us to wear jacks? >> can we return the weather today. >> no, you can't. you have to take what you get. all right. you guys, weight watchers is making its own new year's resolution. a brand-new approach to helping you lose weight now offering clients an unprecedented level of support with one-on-one attention 24/7 all day every day. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: 26-year-old bride-to-be nancy novo has gained 50 pounds in the last three years. she hopes to drop it before her wedding. by working with a coach. >> now we'll speed it up, let's go. >> reporter: no, no the this kind of coach. this kind. >> hi, nancy, it's lori.
8:37 am
your weight watcher's coach. >> reporter: it launched just this month gives members round the clock one-on-one access to certified coaches who have successfully lost weight on the program themselves. >> it's just a challenge for me to like incorporate fruit as a snack. >> you like to eat fruits. you just need to be reminded to do so. >> reporter: while the service is still new and relatively untested, coaches are available 24/7 for phone calls. >> hey, laura. >> reporter: live chats or e-mails but the service doesn't come free. it's $54.95 per month for the any time access and personal coaching. like so many other, nancy says she's an emotional eater. >> i really need the accountability. someone to keep me accountable. it proms me to create better habits for myself. >> reporter: experts say the right support system can be crucial to lasting weight loss. >> it's having that one person
8:38 am
who understands you kind of like your own personal medical doctor. you know, who understands your history, understandis your challenges. if you have that that could be priceless for long-term success. >> reporter: her coach has been a weight watchers member for ten years. >> weight watchers really helped me get control back of my life and it just really changed my relationship with food. >> reporter: she understands firsthand how hard it can be to get past emotional eating and is able to share those lessons. >> we're there to help with the hard part. everyone's hard part is different. nancy, i'm here to motivate her, to guide her and have her continue to feel good about herself. >> reporter: nancy hopes working with a coach will help give her the extra push to reach her goal. >> i lost 20 pounds and i feel more confident and feel like i can achieve the goal. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. oh, and good.
8:39 am
very concerned about that white christmas tree earlier. we'll explain coming up. the cleanup after christmas, the organizing tips to make clearing up after the holidays a breeze. we'r
8:40 am
8:41 am
okay, you want to make new year's eve perfect? what's the perfect hair, dress for you? the perfect drinks you got to
8:42 am
have. next week "gma" with pinterest is about to get you party perfect. ♪ >> and it's the day after christmas and a lot are returning gifts today but some folks are ready to clean up the house. i have to admit mine is a little bit of a disaster. looks like something blew up in the house. after you decked the halls not always tidy up in an organized fashion. >> so what we're going to do is do tree bondage which involves tying this thing up with ropes. anyway, carry on. >> we have lori bergamotto, the style director from "good housekeeping" magazine. dan, we'll get to the tree, bondage in a moment but, lori, what is the first thing we should be doing today? >> so you want to treat this much like you do a closet cleanout. things you know you're not going to need, a decoration that didn't go with your 'threat tick, get rid of it 69 anything that's chipped or broken, toss. anything that you just are not really feeling you can donate it, regift it.
8:43 am
just get it out of your house sflur's cool with regifting. >> if it's a christmas decor thing if it's done properly. that's a whole other segment. >> all the guys were confused. i'm very, very frightened. all of us were intrigued by the belts in the tree. >> dan can't wait to get to this. dan, you're going to help. this is what we'll do -- >> does it involve lifting anything heavy? >> it doesn't so basically if you have an artificial tree and struggle with getting it in the box, it's really hard. we just grabbed some belts. belts any sizes, ones that have buckles or the d-ring belts and everybody get in here. >> paula, this one is yours. cinch it really tight and then just buckle. >> come on, dan. >> i got it. >> dan, where is your strength? >> he's showing us up. >> a man's belt -- >> carry on. these are the bane of our
8:44 am
existence, lights. i would rather throw them away. >> you shouldn't throw them out. one that's already done for you here so we took a very sturdy coat hanger and wrapped it around. >> we'll show you how we got to do this. okay. >> oh, dan, come here. okay, so all we did was we secured -- i'll do the first for you. we secured it with duct tape and you'll wrap, you'll wrap around like this and then go all the way up to the neck and then all the way down. >> anything like needlepoint because i do that sflur's being timed. >> i'm doing it right. >> once you get to that point you'll take flat boxes and put them in between so that we're not crushing the lights. you don't want to -- >> you just kind of -- you don't have to finish this one. >> no, it's okay. >> on to the next. >> so what are we doing with beer cartons and tree boxes. >> this is fun. with the onments a lot throw the
8:45 am
boxes out. what you want to do is have you all these extra boxes, shoe box, gift boxes, we love this one. if you hosted christmas maybe you have a couple of beer cartons, dan, i'll give you one of these guys. you'll wrap it up. >> here you go, paula. wrap those up and we'll put them in nice and gently. >> you can do that. >> and just stick them right in the little beer carton. >> i love how resourceful this is reusing a lot of products you have around the house. >> that's right. >> and a wreath and another hanger. >> this was from good good housekeepi housekeeping." hang it to the bottom of the coat hanger and then you can just put it right in the garbage bag. >> if you wouldn't mind holing this. >> this will keep it from getting dusty or smooshed in your closet. we can just get it on the top there. >> wonderful. >> and you can hang this in your closet from a beam in the attic
8:46 am
if that's where you keep your decorations. >> so simple. >> voila. >> inexpensive. items you already have around the house. lori bergamotto, i love your magazine. keep wrapping. coming up the cast of the broadway hit musical "jersey boys" performing a medley of classics. we're right back. ♪ begging you ♪
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♪ oh what a night. >> back with a special performance from the smash musical "jersey boys." now in its tenth year on broadway and also playing in las vegas, london and across north america, "jersey boys" has been seen by more than 20 million people across the world. please welcome joseph, richard h. blake and nathan sherrick, broadway's "jersey boys" performing their big medley, take it away, boys. ♪ ♪ sherry sherry baby sherry sherry baby ♪ she she-e she-e-e-ery baby they are very can you come out tonight ♪
8:50 am
♪ she-e-e-ery baby sherry baby sherry can you come out tonight ♪ ♪ why don't you come out to my twist party come out ♪ ♪ where the bright moon shines ♪ come out we'll dance the night away i'm gonna make you mine ♪ ♪ big girls don't cry big girls don't cry ♪ ♪ big girls don't cry they don't cry ♪ ♪ big girls don't cry who said they don't cry ♪ ♪ my girl said good-bye-yi-yi my oh my ♪
8:51 am
♪ my girl didn't cry i wonder why ♪ ♪ silly girl shame on you your momma said shame on you cried in bed ♪ silly girl you told a lie big girls don't do cry ♪ ♪ big girls don't cry-yi-yi they don't cry big girls don't cry ♪ ♪ that's just an alibi ♪ big girls don't cry ♪ big girls don't cry ♪ ooh-wee-oh ♪ walk walk walk ♪ walk like a man
8:52 am
♪ oh how you tried to cut me down to size telling dirty lies to my friends ♪ ♪ but my own father said give her up don't bother the world isn't coming to an end ♪ ♪ he says walk like a man talk like a man ♪ ♪ walk like a man my son ♪ no woman's worth crawling on the earth just walk like a man my son ♪ ♪ oo wee oo wee oo walk walk walk walk ♪ ♪ oo wee oo wee oo walk like a man ♪ ♪ like a man
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♪ oh what a night "good morning america" is brought to you by mazda. >> hi want to say the obvious
8:56 am
and i'm the luckiest lady in the world today surrounded by all these gentlemen. >> no, we're the lucky ones. >> no, no. we're all lucky. >> thank you for watching us this morning. we'll see you tomorrow morning right back here on "gma." ♪ ♪ you know i didn't even
8:57 am
the 7 day celebration of kwanzaa begins tonight a celebration in the african-american community. festivities are held from now until the first of january the first of 7 candles are lit tonight each represents a different principle. today's principle is unity. it's 8:56 friday, december 26 i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to matt pellman see how many people are headed to the malls. >> a few, tam, a few out and good about. maybe it's a post christmas gift or kwanzaa gift for you. it's a nice ride near montgomery traffic moving well in both directions no major delays. broken down vehicle in abington susquehanna road at edge hill road and falls township pukz county still have a crash northbound lanes of super highway past 3 2. you can get by that. mass transit front normal schedule on rails and septa is on modified schedule. >> let's see how chilly it aand
8:58 am
go to karen rogers. >> it's cold but beautiful and peaceful out here, bright, beautiful sunshine. let's check current numbers we jumped up a few degrees. 40 in philadelphia, 38 allentown and wilmington and 40 millville and on the boardwalk in ac. here's your 7 day forecast. nice and sunny this first day of kwanzaa. high of 50. tomorrow we're staying mild and staying sunny. 5 2. not bad. sunday we cloud up and get chance for some early mrooin turning cooler chance for rain ar wet snow shower tam. >> thank you, karen. >> coming up today at noon the day after christmas shopping the marathon of it all. many stores open doors early this morning and take a look at bargains and rush to return unwanted gifts. "live with kelly and michael" unwanted gifts. "live with kelly and michael" next on 6abc have a great
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, mega movie star denzel washington. plus, teen sensation shawn mendes sings his hit song "something big." and one of our favorite leading men, bradley cooper stops by. also, your chance at a fabulous vacation get away. but you've got to tune in to win. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] [cheers and applause]


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