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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  December 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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at a hit and crash and whether it killed an elderly woman. first, meteorologist has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we have gotten to enjoy the weather it's kind of mild. >> reporter: you love the warmth you're in your glory right now. >> it's still cold for me. >> reporter: if this cold i hate to see what's happening in january and february. we have mainly clear conditions and high, thin clouds overhead. temperatures are cold, but where they should be for this time of the year. normally we should be around 30 degrees. trenton, 38. allentown, 29. poconos 36, reading 29 and lancaster 26 degrees. we have high, thin clouds overhead. all this should clear out by the
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end of the day. expect a beautiful afternoon. the high temperature on halloween was only 54. this is a day in late december where we are expecting warmer temperatures than on halloween. 8:00 a.m., 39. 10:00, 47. 1:00 p.m., 53. 4:00 p.m., 53 degrees. things go downhill for sunday as we see more clouds and showers, i'll talk about that, we have colder changes next week i'll show you that in the seven-day forecast in just a bit, eva? >> philadelphia police are hoping surveillance video will help them find two men who held up the family dollar last night. it happened in the 5700 block of oxford avenue in oxford circle. authorities say the suspects entered the store and fled on foot. nobody was hurt. nypd will lay to rest
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officer rafael ramos. officers rafael ramos and his partner, wenjian liu were gunned down while sitting in their patrol car. rafael ramos was a committed member of his church studying to be a pastor. funeral plans for his partner, we know we -- wenjian liu have t been announced. police in bucks county are trying to figure out if a hit-and-run crash caused the death of a 93-year-old woman. the pup went out of control and crashed into the house. police have questioned the person believed to be the owner of the truck. dann cuellar has the story. >> he expressed remothers -- remorse.
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he came with the parts of the scene matched the parts to the vehicle. >> reporter: authorities say they have to establish who was driving. was there drugs or alcohol in the bloodstream and with a lot for the coroner's report to see if the accident contributed to the death of jenny russo. >> the whole house shook. i go what the hell is going on here. he said the impact caused dresser to fall on top of the petite 93-year-old. >> who does this, hit and stop, okay, it had and run, what if, there's a baby behind that wall in crib. >> reporter: fire and medics teams moved her into the living room her son thinks it hastened her death. >> mr. russo said one of the
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family members responded to their home with the apology they were gracious to him in accepting. >> reporter: the district will meet with the team next week to see where the case goes from hear. he said there will be charges filed it's a matter of sorting through the evidence to see where it leads them. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> gasoline leaking from a food truck caused a haz/mat situation in germantown. neighbors around wayne avenue reported a strong odor around 5:30. fire and pgw crews rushed to the scene. a dozen homes were evacuated, but they stopped the leak and everybody was able to return. in the lawndale section of philadelphia. officials are trying to determine the cause of the fire in the 500 block of nor street. it took firefighters 25 minutes to bring the blaze under control. it was confined to a single unit on the third floor, nobody was hurt, but the red cross is
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assisting the displaced family. route 23 in upper merion is back open after it was shut down to investigate a motorcycle crash. a biker collided with the truck, the motorcycle slid under the vehicle. the victim has not been identified, at this point no charges rb have been filed. the fbi wants to catch a serial bank robber whose been having way too much success this month. the recent targeted the pnc at easton road in cheltenham township. these are the newest surveillance photos. an hour and half before the bandit hit the wells fargo in west philadelphia. we saw his alleged handiwork when "action news" arrived at the pnc north broad in logan, minutes after the bank was robbed tuesday night.
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investigators think the same man was responsible for 6 robberies or attempted robberies across philadelphia this month, plus the one in glenside yesterday. in each. incidents. the robber handed the teller a threatening demand note but did not slow a weapon. north korea is denying attacks on sony pictures and released the statement blaming president obama for the release of the interview and points fingers for 89 u.s. shutting down it's internet earlier this week. meanwhile, movie goers flocked to the movie, they made a million dollars in ticket sales. the interview was released online for downloading. sonny said they will not provide the number of online streams. today is the second day of kwanzaa and today's principle is
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self-determination. dalings dance drama and drum theater hosted it at the tabernacle church. the week long holiday of a can american heritage runs to new year's day. much more to come on "action news" saturday morning morning. the sixers played late last night did they pull off another win? sports is coming up. more snow is on the way for denver, after slippery conditions caused a mess on the roads this week. no snow around the delaware valley that's for sure, eva. it's chilly out there, but we're talking about temperatures climbing into the mid 50s, later this afternoon feeling like the end of march. i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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>> the snow is letting up in colorado, but it will not be melting anytime soon. temperatures in the denver area plunged below zero overnight. keeping a half foot or foot or more of snow hanging around. more snow is on the forecast for tomorrow. we just don't have anything close to snow. >> reporter: i mean, when you're in the 60s on christmas day. >> i had a sweater on on
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christmas, it was too hot. >> reporter: christmas eve i had a family gathering, i had the sliding glass door open and the windows were open to let cooler air in. hires the view in atlantic city, it will stay nice and mild throughout the weekend. temperatures in the 50s both today and tomorrow. speaking of 60s, 89 christmas warmth, 64 degrees, that was the record tieing high for christmas eve. and then on christmas day we shot up to 65. this came early in the morning and the temperatures dropped into the 50s, but still well above average. the normal is 42. if you're a snow lover, that's bad news. only three other times have we reached 60 degrees or rm with aer for the christmas day. the snow totals were only 14 to 15 inches. we'll see how it plays out. right now things 0 don't bode well. 50 in mount holy.
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allentown, 49. trenton, 49. we're still above average even though it's cooler right now. 34 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 31. pressure reading falling off. poconos 36. trenton, 38. a pair of 3s for wilmington. satellite and radar there's no organized areas of low pressure there's a few clouds here, that's not reaching ground. we'll see cloud cover until 8:00, 9:00. that will clear out we'll see a decent amount of sunshine during the afternoon. the wider view shows a cold front slicing across the heartland of the nation. temperatures significantly drop off. 2 in bismarck. a 25 in omaha. 50 in men if i say, 50 in ain't louis. we're talking about a 20 to 25 temperature degree drop behind this front. this will push east in the next
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48 us hours, it will get colder around here, but not too at her eablg cold. today, southwesterly breezes, lots of sun by afternoon, 55. tomorrow the cold front gets closer, clouds and showers, mild, 52. the monday, the cold front crosses the area and high temperatures drop into the 0s, here's future tracker 6 this afternoon, after a few morning clouds we'll see sunshine, and then we get into the overnight hours, the clouds increase, they lower and thicken tomorrow morning, cock showers out here across west, the western suburbs that progresses east during the course of the day. just a few showers, doesn't look like a complete washout, it will be enough to dampen everything up. a nice one today, dreary tomorrow. monday, starting out with clouds, maybe a leftover shower and we'll see sunshine by afternoon. today is the winner, lehigh valley, sunny skies, nice, 52 degrees, for the jersey shore, atlantic city, morning
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clouds give way to afternoon sunshine, look at this high, 55 degrees in ac. a beautiful late december afternoon for philadelphia, here, too, we'll go 55 degrees, sunny by afternoon. winds out of the south/southwest. turning cloud overnight tonight, mild, 36 for outlying suburbs. 40 for center city. 52 degrees today lots of sunshine today and clouds tomorrow. monday, 44, maybe a shower early. tuesday, clouds again, 38 degrees, and things clear out. newnew year's eve, 4. new year's day, 5. and friday, sun and clouds, 37 degrees. that's the only cold air i see over the next couple of weeks. we get into the next couple of
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weeks we get into the 40s and 50s. >> are you sad? >> i've accepted it. just a little snow, 5 or 6 inches i'm fine. >> that's not a little snow. >> reporter: it's a little snow. pictures are worth a thousand words. topography portraits are created takes an original picture and resizes it and makes the image black and white and uses a reference photo to create the same thing on a much larger scale. if you look closely you'll see a bible scripture written within every portrait, "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> the action cam is live in northeast philadelphia at the fop lodge. dozens of philadelphia officers are getting ready to make the two hour trip up to queens aboard the buses. the officers are going to pay their respects and show solidarity for the nypd. police officers have our area and all over the country are making their trip to new york city to pay their respects. 2014 was full of major political headlines from bridgegate to major republican gains in the midterm elections. we take a look at the politics
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in 2014. >> reporter: it was a controversial decision done without congress, president obama moved unilaterally to reform the nation's i will great lakes system by executive action providing deportation relief up to 5 million undocumented immigrants. republicans promised to fight the president tooth and nail over this. >> he has no constitutional authority that resides in the congress. this is a constitutional crisis. >> reporter: the president's move came after a major power shift, a republican wave came through washington in november. the gop won back control of the senate and expanded control in the house of representatives. republicans will control both chambers of commerce in 2015 for the first time since the bush administration. a bridge of governor and a
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whole lot of traffic. >> we're getting irate calls from motorists. >> reporter: aids and appointees of chris christie allegedly ordered lanes in fort lee new jersey closed snarling traffic at the george washington bridge for days, at what was allegedly a form of political retribution for not endorsing the governor. christy has denied bridgegate, the chief of staff resign two months later. a scandal exposed at the department of veterans affairses. dozens died because of internal coverups and long waits across the country. the va chairman resign. the new leaders is promising change. >> prime rather to changing the culture is holding the people accountable. a new election is
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unofficially on, the field of presidential candidates is starting to take shape. >> i will make this decision based on how i feel about it and what i believe i can do. >> reporter: some candidates promising a decision soon with no incumbent running thrbled'd there thrbled'd -- there should be plenty to choose from. >> i'm thinking about running for president i'll make up my mind in short order. >> from medical marijuana to the deadly ebola outbreak, coming up in the next half-hour, we'll look at the major health stories of 2014. "action news" continues in just a moment.
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i.welcome back everyone, 6:00 -- 6:24, we're shooting for a high of 55 degrees, maybe morning clouds out there and we'll see a decent amount this afternoon. 47 degrees by lunchtime. 4:00. 54. there are colder changes to the west, this will shift east, the core of the cold will retreat back north into canada. temperatures stay in the 50s this afternoon. monday, tuesday, and most of next week it will be colder. we have a huge area of high pressure right here, this is called the southeastern ridge this is what continues to pump all that mild air in east of the mississippi river. at the same time we have this pocket of cold air to the west. what's going 0 happen over the next couple of days there will be a tug of war, a fight going on between the two. next week the cold air will win. this high shifts out to sea. the following week the high stands its ground and pushes back toward the west. we warm up again. we'll see the tug of war over
6:25 am
the next couple of weeks. whatever is stronger that's how the weather will play out. it will be a bumpy ride over the next several weeks in the delaware valley. >> three is a charm for the sixers, the three was a dagger, the blazers buried 18, 3 pointers. porters were playing without two centers. the loss prevented the sixers from winning their third straight game. they play in utah tonight. these are jeff skeverski with the rest of the saturday morning sports. >> reporter: eagles fans you may not be complaining about this corner, bradley fletcher who was allowed the most touchdowns and the most yards in the nfl is questionable against the giants with the hip injury. fletcher was getting beat left and right especially in the last two games. desean jackson followed with two
6:26 am
catches of 50 yards of his own. if healthy, fletcher may have to defend o'dell beckham junior. 11 touchdowns for the rookie, despite missing four games. there's not a rookie in the league that has more touchdown also than this kid. >> else a great player. >> a great receiver, great hands runs great routes and makes a lot of plays for him. >> he is a much improved player we need to be ready for him. >> more on beckham and the eagles and giants on eagles game day kickoff at 11:30. and we'll recap it on eagles game day final on "action news" sunday night. penn will play in the pin stripe bowl against boston college. it's the post season appearance
6:27 am
since the sanctions. penn state is hoping to ring in the new year with their first win on boston college since 1991. head coach james franklin wants to send them out the right way today. >> we want these guys to go out on a positive note. this bowl is a special bowl they give rings out to everybody that participates in the bowl, but there's a difference between able to put bowl champion on yo ring. we want to send the seniors out the right way to end the season on a positive note and be proud of what we accomplished last year. >> the flyers are up later tonight at 8:00 against former coach peter look at this, this group
6:28 am
explored a river cave and one 100 miles among the findings a fossil believed to be from a rhino. much more to come on saturday are morning, stay with us we'll be right back.
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displume happening today, bus loads of philadelphia police
6:30 am
officers are heading to new york city to honor one of their brothers in blue killed in the line of duty. today is a big day for retailers saying after christmas shopping has changed and get ready to strut. the mummers are ready for their big day. >> doesn't feel like december or new year's or any other winter-like activities. >> reporter: this is going to be day number 4 in a row where i don't wear a coat. i haven't wore a coat since tuesday. granted, i am not all there upstairs. the temperatures are down in the 20s and 30s, we have high cloud cover overhead. generally speaking it's a nice tranquil morning. 34 in philadelphia. reading, 29. allentown, 29. poconos 26.
6:31 am
sea isle 39678 note the wind speed there's not too much of a breeze out there. note the direction the wind 0 out of the west/southwest. that's a warm wind. with the breeze picking up slightly during the course of the day, and a lot of sunshine expected later on. we could see high temperatures in the mid 50s again, a little bit of cloud cover throughout the early morning hours, 10:00 a.m., full sunshine, 47 degrees, 1:00. 53. shootings for a high of 55. normally we should be around 42. sun will set around 4:43. as we look ahead stays nice and mild tomorrow, as well. another day in the 50s, we'll call it a 50/50 weekend. lots of sunshine, wet weather arriving sunday afternoon. we'll talk about that with the seven day when i come back in just a bit. >> happening today, nypd will lay to rest, officer rafael
6:32 am
ramos. >> present arms! >> reporter: last night hundreds of police officerses filed into the christ tabernacle church for a wake. he was a committed member of the church studying to be a pastor. rafael ramos and wenjian liu were gunned down last week while sitting in their patrol car. later today, thousands will attend the funeral. kathy ramos, said it is important to show support. >> we have stood in those lines out in the cold to pay our respect to someone who gave the ultimate sacrifice. we understand what that family goes through. >> we will have a live pictures of the officers leaving for new york. well, a makeshift memorial in ferguson, missouri for slain teen michael brown has been repaired after being destroyed by a driver.
6:33 am
the washington post shared this image of the memorial after someone drove through. a twitter userrer shared a photo where it was restored. police questioneds a man who they think is responsibility for a hit-and-run. bristol township police located the damage of the red dodge ram in the 500 block of bath road. the 20-year-old owner of the truck turned himself. jenny russo was sleeping in the levittown home when the pick up truck slammed into the home. her son his mom was frail and under hospice care. authorities are awaiting toxicology report to determine what charges will be filed. friends and families
6:34 am
remembered two employees of the casual mall xl store who were shot to death in the basement of the store. the family released balloons in honor of the victims. they come back every year praying for an arrest. hammonton police identified the 77-year-old woman while leaving a church on christmas eve. she was trying to get in the car when she was hit. the driver remained at the scene, and has not been charged. statistic are are starting to come in, they suggested this was a robust holiday shopping season. while christmas has passed. the retail season isn't over yet. annie mccormick spoke to shoppers. >> reporter: retailers are cashing in their christmas present sales are predicted to boost 5.5% from last year.
6:35 am
according to mastercard and customers kept that going by hitting stores early. >> you can't beat it. , good weather and good sales. >> reporter: in center city the warm weather gave another boost to retailers. >> it's amazing today, i wonder why, blue skies. >> reporter: this was the day people used to line up to return and exchange. >> the 26th of december is one of the busiest shopping day of the years. there was a time when it was dedicated to returns, now it's a very, very active day for shoppers. >> reporter: this is how the day after christmas shopping has shifted. >> i got a scooter anticipate alphabet things. >> reporter: this is the day after christmas. >> i'm a working mom, so i have to get everything when i come
6:36 am
get it. >> reporter: but traditions diehard and there are shoppers who brought back what they opened under the tree. >> we don't want to deal with the people. a lot of returns so figure get in and get out. >> reporter: it could be the second busiest shopping day of the year. one thing that helps are people cashing in their gift cards. reporting in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> now the flip side of the coin for online sales is the returns of unwanted merchandise being sent back through the system. ups is expected a record-number of return packages. they expect january 6 to be the busiest day. ups shows that online retailers return policy is becoming creasingly important to consumers. septa police officers who helped deliver a baby on the
6:37 am
frankford el paid a visit to the new mom. they brought septa souvenirs when they went to hanheman hospital. they coached the mother through delivery. yesterday they got a welcomed surprise. >> we asked the baby's name, she said chris, i said what is that? she said chris. i said oh, my god, my partner walked out, he got emotional. it was a blessing. >> the officers said helping out was of their job. vandals in a marlton neighborhood are looking for a christmas grinch. it is vandal broke a reindeer and baby jesus was stolen and police say there were other reports of christmas crimes in
6:38 am
that area. philadelphia police are searching for two men who robbed a little caesars in north philadelphia and beat two employees with to get the money. surveillance cameras captured the crimes that happened on the 100 block of west girard avenue. the men burst into the store and demanded money. they handed some over, but the robbers wanted mere, the robbers try to to get the key to the safe and when the employee said he didn't have the code, the suspects, kicked the employees. mummers will help with the search in the look for shane montgomery. the family will drop off the green ribbons, the symbol of the help find shane effort. the 21-year-old disappeared after leaving kildare's pump early on thanksgiving morning. a 65,000-dollar reward is being offered for anyone who help find
6:39 am
them. the unique costumes of the mummers new year's day parade hides at tattoos. they say the art on their bodies shows commitment and dedication. >> it's part of my heritage and my life and community, what else should i put on myself besides something i love. >> local at that time to a shops say they put dozens of mummers art throughout the year. the actor from saved by the bell is facing serious charges. parents are brought to tears by their adult son's christmas gift. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday
6:40 am
morning, continues in just a moment.
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>> hundreds of volunteers are finishing the float for the tournament of roses parade in pasadena, california. a tradition dating back to 1890. you can see the parade new year's morning on 6abc. keep it here for the rose bowl showdown football the granddaddy of them all. oregon taking on florida state.
6:43 am
i'm taking florida state. >> reporter: that's only one playoff game, another one a little later. let's go live and show you the view. sky6 live hd we have cloud cover overhead. but we're expecting a decent amount of sunshine this afternoon. we'll have temperatures once again in the 50s, unbelievable for the end of december. storm tracker 6 live double scan we don't have any issues out there this morning, other than a few clouds, temperatures are fairly mild. it's cold out there, when you look at seasonal averages we're above where we should be for this timeful morning. dewpoint, 31. him winds are calm, pressure reading 36.24 inches. look at the poconos you're above freezing, close to 7:00. tannersville, 36. manners creek, 32. pottstown, 38. saint david 30 and chester 31. south arena east we go you get into the pine barrens of south
6:44 am
jersey, it's sharply colder. with all the sunshine we're expecting this afternoon, the temperatures will warm up quickly. satellite and radar, cloud cover overhead locally. you see clearing out toward pittsburgh that's the drier air working in from the west. today is a quiet day, we'll have showers across the heartland of the nation, we're with not looking at anyone storm systems, this is a showers and snow showers on the other side of the cold front. the county is literally spit split in half. it's cold to the west, east of the mississippi it's mild compared to average. 50 in saint louis, 55 in memphis, 28 in bismarck. a closeup shot. serious cold out there, the good news, this stuff right here, this stuff isn't heading east, it's going to retreat back north into canada. temperatures will be colder, monday, tuesday, wednesday, but
6:45 am
it's close to average. here's a look at the surface maps. high pressure in control. it's like a mini bermuda high pressure system. the winds wrapping around it in a clockwise fashion. with the cold front knocking on the door, it will be mild with a southwesterly breeze we're looking at temperatures in the low 50s. the increase in clouds and showers in the afternoon. we'll see morning clouds today and afternoon sun. sunday, lots of clouds throughout the day. by 10:30, the model is picking up showers mainly north and west, at that point. during the afternoon that will increase and push south and east into southern new jersey and delaware. we're not looking at a tremendous amount of rain, only 2 to 3 tenths of an inch, mainly north north and west, it will dampen things and make it a gloomy
6:46 am
afternoon. today is a winner, tomorrow different. millville, 54. trenton, 52. allentown, 52. mostly sunny skies, the seasonal average is 42, we are 13 to 14 degrees above average today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, even tomorrow, ten degrees above normal. cloudy skies and showers around. monday, 44 degrees, there could be a morning shower that will give way to sunshine by the afternoon. tuesday, clouds, colder, 38. new year's eve, 34. it will be breezy out there, we'll see windchills in the 20s. new year's day, sunny and cold, breezy high of 35. friday, sun and clouds, quiet, high of 37. so enjoy today, you could have a tee time and only need a sweater. >> and some pants. >> we'll let you know about big updates an storm tracker 6 live app. several new features were added and available from the apple and
6:47 am
google play store. you can report your weather. tap the icon matching your current conditions and add a photo. share a digital postcard share it with your family and friends. make sure to update the app to get these great new futures. if you don't have our family of 6abc app add them to any new sunshiny phones you got for christmas or hanukkah. there's a 6abc alarm clock and the watch abc app all free for your apple or android device. inmates and puppies in graphton ohio, tucker a high school shooting survivor, rodney trained tucker, one of 24 inmates wags for kids.
6:48 am
the group matches them up with a child in need. >> you have an emotional attachment to the dog, but there's a greater purpose for it. you learn that. >> when i was shot, i was put in this wheelchair, but that's an extension of me, with the wheelchair came tucker. that's a blessing. >> the trainers never feet meet the people they help, or the dogs they train again. so this reunion was special for the inmates.
6:49 am
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>> good morning, again, it is 6:50, 41 degrees outside, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us now, at the beautiful sunrise over camden right now. 2014 was filled with major headlines related to health including the deadly ebola crisis and the lawsuits.
6:51 am
>> reporter: a microscopic yet highly infectious threat dominated the headlines thiset year. >> an american doctor who tested positive for ebola is fighting for his life. it is rising number of roab cases caught -- ebola cases. >> ebola is a scary disease. >> reporter: thousands were contracting the dead deadly vice are you, many are dieing. two americans became infected, two survived after returning to the u.s. for treatment with an experimental drug. >> i'm thrilled to be alive and well and to be reunited with my family. >> reporter: in late september when u.s. officials thought they had contained the disease
6:52 am
another wave of panic, thomas duncan a liberian man later died. two of his nurses tested positive for ebola and both were successfully treated. closer to home and greater threat was introa -- entro virus d68. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people most of the them children have been hospitalized with the virus. over the summer, the first significant blow to the bomb's administration affordable healthcare act. the supreme court narrowly ruled some comerses are the not required to cover contraception. opponents say it allows bosses to restrict healthcare decisions.
6:53 am
the debate rages on. the debate legalizes marijuana in 2014. new york became another state to legalize medical marijuana. >> from national plo -- protest to contests in the nba that's coming up.
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6:56 am
>> solemn ceremonies marked the ten year anniversary of the indian ocean tsunami disaster december 26, 2004, the third largest earthquake ever recorded measuring a magnitude of 9.1. i created a wall of water hammers the coastline also of southeast asia. 225,000 people were killed. and 1 million people were displaced. george hw bush remains hospitalized in houston, texas. the family said he is is in great spirits and continues to make progress. he was transported there tuesday after experiencing shortness of breath. bush is the oldest living former american president. screech from saved by the bell is in big trouble. dust continue diamond is accused of stabbing a man in wisconsin. the criminal complaint said
6:57 am
diamond was defending his fiance from two men who were harassing her. his bail is set at $10,000. a successful iphone app maker gave his parents a surprise of a lifetime. joe's folks thought they were done with giving gifts christmas afternoon. and then he handed them a letter heading them know he paid off their mortgage.the new york deve app video shop he made enough money to pay his parents back for what they have done for him and raising kids and college loans and mortgage for the house. "action news" continues in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m., saturday, december 27. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." philadelphia police are looking for the robbers who held up a store at gunpoint. investigators are looking at a hit-and-run crash into a home caused the death of an
7:00 am
elderly woman.un crash into a north korea officials comment about president obama and the cyber attack on sonny pictures. let's head outside to chris sowers with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. good to see you have your coat on, chris. >> reporter: i wear it occasionally. it's been extremely mild over the last couple of days. take a look at the week we just experienced. 45 degrees, monday, 52 on tuesday, christmas eve we tied a record at 64. christmas day, 65. that was shy of the record on christmas day, the record is 68. it's unusually mild. friday, 50, today is another day where we are expecting highs to climb into the mid 50s, 35 in philadelphia. wilmington, 31. ful allentown, 29. millville the same, 39 in sea isle. trenton, 38. wind speeds


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