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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  December 27, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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elderly woman. north korea officials comment about president obama and the cyber attack on sonny pictures. let's head outside to chris sowers with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. good to see you have your coat on, chris. >> reporter: i wear it occasionally. it's been extremely mild over the last couple of days. take a look at the week we just experienced. 45 degrees, monday, 52 on tuesday, christmas eve we tied a record at 64. christmas day, 65. that was shy of the record on christmas day, the record is 68. it's unusually mild. friday, 50, today is another day where we are expecting highs to climb into the mid 50s, 35 in philadelphia. wilmington, 31. ful allentown, 29. millville the same, 39 in sea isle. trenton, 38. wind speeds are generally light
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anywhere from 3 to 5 miles per hour. i meant to you to look at the little green arrows moving left to right. that's the direction the windy is blowing, southwesterly wind direction, it's a mild wind direction. that's why we're climbing into the 50s, we see a decent amount of cloud cover, accuweather expect full sunshine. the day planner looks like, easy going today, 8:00, 39 degrees, 11 qul, 47. 3:00 p.m., 54. we're anticipating a high of 55 degrees. the sun will set at 4:43 this afternoon. a beautiful start to the weekend. overall we'll call it a 50/50 weekend. tomorrow we have clouds and showers around, as well. the mild temperatures stay, when i step back inside i'll show you how long the mild conditions last, we have changes in the seven-day forecast. it should feel like the 30s
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out there. even now, enthough it's the coldest partly of the day, it's mild for the time of the year. we'll talk about 89 numbers when i step back inside in just a minute. >> philadelphia police are hoping surveillance video will help he find the men who held up the family dollar on oxford avenue in oxford sickle. the suspects entered the store and demanded cash and fled on foot. nobody was hurt. nypd will lay to rest rafael ramos. rafael ramos and his partner, wenjian liu were gunned down while sitting in their police car. police filed into the christ tabernacle church for a wake. hundreds of philadelphia officers and others from around the area will go to queens to pay their respects and show solidarity for the nypd.
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funeral plans for wenjian liu have not been announced. police in bucks county are trying to figure out if a hit-and-run crashed caused the death of a 93-year-old woman. a pick up truck left tire tracks in the grass as it went out of control and crashed into the house in bristol township yesterday morning. police questioned the person believed to be the owner of the truck. dann cuellar has the story. >> he expressed remorse, like i said he has been cooperative throughout the entire process. >> reporter: the owner of the truck came in voluntary after police located the red dodge ram with visible front end damage. >> we matched the parts to the vehicle. it's definitely the vehicle. >> reporter: authorities say they have to establish who was driving it, it was their drugs or alcohol in the bloodstream and wait for the coronerrer's report to see if the accident contributed to the death of jenny russo who was sleeping
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2349 bedroom when the truck slammed into the wall. ron russo said the impact caused the dresser to almost fall on top of the petite 93-year-old who wade 58 pounds who was in hospice care. >> eight hen run, what -- who does this, hit-and-run, what if there was a baby behind the wall. fire and medics teams moved her into the living room. her son thinks it hastened her death. >> mr. russo said one of the family members of the driver responded to the home with an apology they were very gracious to him in accepting it. >> reporter: district attorney will meet with the team next week to see where the case will go from here. he said there will be charges filed it's a matter of sorting through the evidence to see where it leads them. dann cuellar channel 6 "action
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news." >> gallons lean leaking from a food truck caused a haz/mat swraition in -- situation in germantown. neighbors reported a strong odor around 5:30. fire and pgw rushed to the scene. a dozen homes were evacuated, but they stopped the leak and everybody was able to return home. officials are trying to determine the cause of a fire in the 500 block of norr street. it was find to a single unit on the third floor. nobody was hurt, but the red cross is assisting the displaced family. route 23 in upper merion is open after it was shut down after a deadly motorcyclal crash. a biker -- motorcycle crash. a biker collided with a truck that slid under the vehicle.
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the victim was not identified and no charges have been filed. fbi wants to catch a serial bank robber who is having way too much success. he hit twice. these are the newest surveillance photos of suspect from the hold up at 12:30. an hour and half before the bandit hit the wells fargo in west philadelphia. we saw his alleged handiwork earlier this week when the "action news" arrived at the pncnedro avenue. investigators think the same man is responsible for 6 robberies or attempted robberies across philadelphia, plus the one this glenside yesterday. in each of the incident the robber handed the teller a threatening demand note, but did not show a weapon. north korea is denying the
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attack on sony. the they are blaming president obama for the release of the movie the interview. it points fingers at the u.s. for shutting down the internet. meantime movie goeser, flocked to theaters to see the interview. the movie made over a million dollars in ticket sales from 331 theaters. the interview was released online for downloading, sony has said it will not provide the number of online streams. today is second day of kwanzaa is a and today's principle is self determination. dance drama and drum theater hosted this event at unity hall in burlington, new jersey. it's appropriate to be held there since the principle of
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unity was the focus of the week long holiday runs through new year's day. santa for seniors how volunteers are providing holiday cheer for those who need it most. plus where you can find a number of live concerts all in one place today. chris? >> reporter: eva, the mild weather continues to be the headline, but colder changes are in sight. i'll tell you when it makes its way to the delaware valley when we come right back
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>> i know some people would like to see this here, but this snow is in colorado and it is not letting up or will melt anytime soon. temperatures in denver plunged below zero keeping a half foot or more of snow hanging around. more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. we can't get snow even if we beg for it right now.
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>> reporter: very depressing for me. it right now. 65 degrees on christmas day is not my cup of coffee, if you will. >> even for people who wanted warm weather, they wanted snow on christmas. >> reporter: a little bit of snow and cold time would have been fine. let's get you outside, there's no cold in sight as we look at the girard point bridge. we'll see another day with temperatures in the 50s and lots of sunshine. you could call up your local gulf course and make a tee town. right now we're sitting at 35 degrees here in philadelphia. dewpoint, 31. winds out of the west/southwest at 3 miles per hour. pressure 30.27 inches. it's cold, but it's above where we should be for this time of day. normally the low temperatures occurs around 7:00. we're about 7 degrees above that. allentown, 29. wilmington, 31. millville, 29 degrees, satellite and radar, showing the clouds
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beginning to thin out locally, clear skies across pittsburgh and all this out of here, once once the sun continues to climb all this will fizzle out and pull away, we'll see sunshine later this afternoon. if you're traveling there's not much going on. we have moisture across the southern tier states. wichita switches over to light snow same thing for madison, wisconsin. the bark is worse than the by the. we're not looking at huge snow totals. just a couple of nuisance events. the front is west of saint louis. icy cold west of there. nice and mild east. 50 in omaha, 7 in busy mark. the old -- bismarck. the cold stuff across the dakotas, that will retreat.
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that cold front will knock the temperatures a few degrees below seasonal averages. surface maps, high pressure in control. winds out southwest at 5 miles per hour. temperatures in the 50s, a real nice one. we get into sunday, lots of clouds expected, showers from time to time. temperatures wise it's another day in the 50s, we'll see the clouds increase later this afternoon into the overnight hours. first thing tomorrow morning, the clouds lower and thicken. the showers erupt west to east. we're expecting rainfalls from .75 to.3 of an inch. it's not a huge rainmaker, but enough to make it a gray and dreary afternoon. monday we have leftover showers across interior sections of south jersey and delaware. we'll see the sun break out north and west and the cloud line will drift south and east
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and pull out to sea. today, lots of sunshine, tomorrow afternoon, maybe a quarter to.3 of an inch. close to.2 in trenton. nothing huge around here. just enough to dampen things. lehigh valley, sunny and nice, nice and mild. will also, morning clouds, up to 55. that will be the same temperature for philadelphia. normally we should be around 42. 55 today, sunny and mild, winds out of the south/southwest, mild, 36 degrees overnight tonight, 40 degrees for center city. 52 degrees sunday, cloudy and showers around. monday, cooler, but that's still above average, a couple of showers possible early in the morning. 44 degrees. maybe sunshine later on. tuesday, 38 degrees. new year's eve down to 34. that will be the cold one.
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new year's day, chilly, 35 and friday, sun and clouds, 37. that's more winter-like toward the end. >> new year's eve you want to wear a dress and look cute. that's terrible timing. thanks, chris. christmas is a wonderful opportunity to spread joy and not just to our children. in this week's art of aging, lisa thomas-laurey introduces volunteers who give lonely seniors attention and well earned thanks. in the philadelphia office of home instead senior care, the staff embraces the opportunity to be a santa who don't have family. the deliveries are made in person it's an opportunity to be a santa volunteer. >> the seniors are feeling
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connected feeling there's somebody out there belows really caring about what happens to you. >> they are happy to get one thing, just a little tiny bit makes somebody's holiday. >> reporter: spreading joy brings joy to the volunteers. >> we love to be in this type of project because it gets everybody motivated to work together towards people who need a little bit extra. >> this is a labor of love, the love for the people who have given us love in our past it's our pay back and homage to them and our honor to do it. >> reporter: if you would like torched great volunteer opportunities all yearlong visit of aging. lisa thomas-laurey channel 6 "action news."
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>> if you plan on shopping in center city stop by love park the christmas village will play host to a number of live concerts with 12-year-old singing sensation val rewest. the evening wraps up with the kramer brothers at 7:00 p.m. it's a year of unrest and anxiety, 2014 brought a series of highs and lows in the united states, ryan nobody else takes a look --les. >> reporter: michael brown was gunned down by a police officer. in the weeks following the death, there were protests on the streets. wilson defended his action as self-defense a grand jury agreed in november and the decision led
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to unrest and protests across the country. ten days later in a separate case a grand jury decided not to bring charges to a white police officer in the chokehold death of eric garner a black man. the threat of violence became a reality in the worst possible place, a school. in a seattle washington suburb, five students died including the gunman after he went on a murderous rampage. lbgt community saw same-sex marriage legalized in kansas, ohio and whyoming. the practice is legal in 35 states in the district of columbia and sets up another potential supreme court showdown. 2014 was the year for the
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america's sports figures to make news off the field. the nfl was badly damaged after a series of it's players were accused of convicted domestic violence highlighted by ray rice knocking his wife unconscious in a hotel he will -- elevator. millions of vehicles were recalled for minor to life threatening defects. >> this is a tragic problem that should never have happen and must never happen again. but perhaps no story caused more anxiety despite impacting a very small through than the threat of ebola. it sent millions of americans into a panic after a small group of people contracted. two people have died after flying to the u.s.
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>> from massive landslides to unusual cold, we'll take a look at the top weather stories of 2014. "action news" continues in just a moment. hershey's miniatures. choosing is half the fun. because there's a little something delicious...
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for everyone. hershey's miniatures, choose your own delicious.
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gloog >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:24, christmas eve, we tied a record at 64. christmas day, 65 degrees. it's rare to see 60s on christmas eve. but it's not unheard of. 2008, 1996 and 1990. you if you take the numbers and average them up. we saw an average of 15 inches of snow for those winters.
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in you're a snow lover that's not good news, the pacific yet jot continues to roar across the country. it keeps the cold air bottled up in canada and mild weather dominates the pattern from west to east. this has to stop. the energy coming off the pacific has to relax, that will allow the jet stream to look like this and the cold air will drop southward from canada. right now it does look like this will happen for a couple of weeks. looks like it will stay in canada. the blazers buried 18 three pointers to beat the sixers, 114 to 93. the blazers were playing without two centers. the loss prevented the sixers from winning their third straight game. they play in utah tonight. here's jeff skeverski with the
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rest of the saturday morning sports. >> reporter: eagles fans you may not be complaining will this, corner bradley fletcher awho has the most touchdowns in the envelope. desean jackson followed with two catches of 50 yards of his own. if healthy, he may have to defend o'dell beckham junior. there's not a rookie in the league that has more touchdowns or yards than this kid. >> i loved o'dell beckham, else a great player and he is showing it. >> he makes a lot of plays for them. >> he is a much-improved player, he got more comfortable. they are putting the ball to him
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in the offense we have to be ready for him. >> eagles game day kickoff tomorrow morning at 11:30 and and then we recap it after "action news" sunday night. penn state's bowl will be in the pin stripe bowl against boston college. here's penn state ringing the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. there's not a single player on the roster had a that -- that has won a bowl game, james franklin wants to send them out on a positive note. >> this is a special bowl they give rings out to everybody who participates in the bowl, but there's a difference between being able to put bowl champion on your ring. we want to end the season on a
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positive note and be proud of what we accomplished this year. the flyers are playing later tonight at 8:00 against former coach. >> dave freezey spent a night at the mall handing out a 20-dollar bill and picture of his wife. the message asked people to be kind. his goal is simple, just to get a smile. he said that's what helps he'll his broken heart. there's much more coming up on "action news" saturday morning, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> happening today, bus loads of philadelphia police officers are heading to new york city this morning to honor one of their brothers in blue killed in the line of duty. today is a big day for retailers, they say after christmas shopping has changed. first, though, let's head outside to chris sowers with a check of the weather. , good morning to you, eva. it's not too bad this morning. it's a little chilly, we're seeing sunshine now, but temperature could be worse than
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what we're seeing. 35 degrees in philadelphia. close to 40 in atlantic city and sea isle city. trenton, 38. allentown, 29. poconos 34 and allentown 29 degrees. satellite and radar showing cloud cover moving in overhead. we're seeing clear conditions overmy head. we'll see sunshine later this afternoon. accuweather expects another gorgeous day. how about a golf forecast. yesterday i was leaving work at 2:30 on the corner of monument, the greens were packed. i thought what the heck we'll put up a golf forecast. mostly sunny mild, 11:00 a.m., 48 degrees. we're anticipating a high of 55 degrees. looking at temperatures across the nation, you see the cold stuff to the west, only 7 in busy mark, 25 in omaha.
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28 in wichita, that cold front is pushing east. it arrives monday, colder weather moves in on the backside. when i step back inside we'll talk about the colder changes in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> nypd lays to rest officer rafael ramos today. last night hundreds of police officers filed into the christ tabernacle church in queens for a wake. remains remains was a committed member -- rafael ramos was a committed member studying to be a pastor. wenjian liu his partner was gunned down along with him while sitting in his patrol car. fop auxillary group said it's important to show support. >> we've stood in line outside
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in the cold to pay our respects to someone who gave the ultimate sacrifice. we understand what the family goes through. >> vice president joe biden and new york city mayor bill deblasio are expected to speak at the funeral. a memorandum right arm for michael brown has been destroyed by a driver. a few hours later a twitter user shared another image showing it had been rebuilt. the memorial is on the street where the unarmed brown was shot by a ferguson police officer. bucks county police say they questioned a man they think is responsible for a hit-and-run, that accident end ended with a woman dead on her birthdays. authorities say the 20-year-old owner of the truck turned herself in.
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jenny russo was sleeping in the levittown home when the pick up slammed into the home. the circumstances proved to be too much. authorities are awaiting toxicology reports before they determine what charges will be filed. family and friends gathered to remember the lives of two employees of the casual male xl store in mill creek, delaware, who were murdered on the job a decade ago, they were shot execution style in the basement of the store during a robbery attempt in 2004. there were no arrests in their murders. the victim's families rereesed balloons in honor of the victims. they come back every year praying for an arrest. hammonton police have identified the 77-year-old woman killed while leaving church on christmas eve. dolores distleer was trying to get into her car when she was
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hit. the driver remained at the scene and not charged. statistics are starting to come in and they suggest this was in fact a robust holiday shopping season. while christmas has passed the holiday season is not over. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: sales for this holiday shopping season are predicted to boost 5.5% from last yeer -- year, and customers kept it going. >> good weather and good sales. >> reporter: in center city the warm weather gave another boost to retailers with more foot traffic. >> it's amazing today, much more the whole christmas holiday, i wonder why, blue skies. >> reporter: the price slashes at major retailers this is the line that people used to line up, now. >> there was a time years ago
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when it was dedicated for returns now it's a an active day for shoppers. >> reporter: a day after christmas shopping routine has shifted. >> i got toys for the boys and alphabet things and little doggy for my daughter. >> reporter: ub -- you know it's the day after christmas. i'm a working mom, so i have to get everything when i come get it. >> traditions diehard, there are those who brought back what they opened under the tree. >> get out early, we have a lot of returns today. >> reporter: retailers forecasting that the day after christmas could be the second busiest shopping day of the year. one thing that helps they say is are people cashing in their gift cards, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> on the flip side of the coin
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to online seams sales are the returns of unwanted merchandise being sent back through the system. ups is expected a record number of return packages, they expect january 6th to be the busiest day. ups said it shows an online retailers return policy is increasingly important to consumers. septa police officers who helped deliver a baby on the market frankford el paid a visit to the new mom. they brought septa souvenirs to hanheman university hospital. shortly before 6:00 a.m., they coached the mother through delivery. yesterday they got a welcomed surprise. >> i asked her baby's name. she said chris, i said what is that? >> reporter: she said, christmas. i said oh, my god. my partner walked out, he got real emotional. it was a blessing.
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>> the officers say they were just doing their job. a resident in one marlton neighborhood are looking for are a christmas grinch. the vandals stole holiday lawn decorations and broke others. a light up reindeer was broken at the head and stuffed into a storm drain. a baby jesus was stolen from another home and police say there were other reports of christmas crimes in the area. philadelphia police are searching for two men who robbed a little caesars in north philadelphia and beat two employees to get the money. surveillance cameras captured the crime which happened on monday night at the store on the 1100 block of west girard avenue. the men burst into the store and demanded money. the theives tried to get the key to the safe, but when the employee told him he didn't have the code, one of the suspects punched anticipate kicked the employees. mummers will lends their
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support for missing college student shane montgomery. they will drop off green ribbons to the gestures club to wear today. it's a symbol of the help find shane effort. he disappeared after leaving kildare's in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. $65,000 reward is offered for anyone who can help find him. mumps outbreak is hitting the hockey players. and in "healthcheck," why it's important to get vitamin d right now. "action news" saturday morning continues? just a moment.
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>> chain saws getting a workout in los angeles, strong winds brought down trees. several of them smashing on top of suvs, nobody was hurt. power outages were reported. other parts of california were dealing with below-freezing temperatures. it's good for citrus, because it's brings out bright orange and enhances the harvest. they have had crazy weather. we've had crazy weather. >> reporter: the whole country has had crazy weather. 65 degrees on christmas eve.
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sounded like dr. seuss. it's a gorgeous morning. it's chilly, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, a little bit of cloud cover, we're above seasonable averages. mild stretch continues. speaking of mild. the normal is 42. dover reached 52. mountain holy, 49. trenton -- mount holly, 49. trenton, 49 degrees. dewpoint, 31. winds out of the west/southwest at 3 miles per hour. the poconos above freezing. 34, the freezing mark is 32. lancaster, 27. wilmington, 31. millville, 29. trenton, 38 on the boardwalk in atlantic city, sea isle city, you're pushing 40 degrees already, the windchills are pretty much mirroring the actual air temperatures. there's not too much of a breeze, yes you'll need a coat. later this afternoon, you'll not need a scarf.
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as temperatures climb into the mid 50s. water vapor images that's the dry air, whatever cloud cover, you'll see, that will fizzle out. we'll see sunshine later. the wider view shows showers across the heartland of the nation switching over to light snow over western portions of texas and oklahoma. it's 7 degrees in bismarck, 23 in omaha. and 28 in wichita. now, the difference this time around versus the weather we saw in november or last winter. this cold right hear would have pushed into the great lakes and sat right there irrelevant would have been icy cold. instead we're seeing the cold air cross the border and push to the west and retreat back north into canada and slide east next week. polar vortex is sirgt -- sitting in northern canada. that's staying up in canada. we're not expecting any kind of
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cold like that maybe not at all this entire winter season. high pressure that's the good guy he is in control, he slides off the coast sunday and sunday turns wet. sunday, mild and showers, temperatures in the low 50s, monday, the front pulls through, colder air works in from the northwest. as we look at future tracker. we'll skip over today, nothing going on today. tomorrow, clouds and showers breaking out north and west by 10:00 a.m. that will continue throughout the day, it will not be a steady, driving soaking rain, it will be a day that features clouds and patchy fog from time to time and scattered showers. today, we'll call it a 50/50 weekend. today is the good one tomorrow the bad one. philadelphia, 55 degrees,
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wilmington, 52. dover, 54. today, overnight tonight, in the 40s. tomorrow, showers, 52. monday, cloudy, 44. this is 3w06 -- this is above average. tuesday, 38 degrees. new year's eve, 34. thursday, 35 degrees, windchills in the 20s, friday, 37 degrees, saturday night, would he have mild air and no snow, but rain. >> crippling southern ice storm to a massive northern snowstorm, 2014 was a busy year for wild weather. mary maloneyy has a look back. >> reporter: snow a e and ice brought the city of atlanta to a standstill. thousands were stranded on
7:47 am
highways some for 20 hours. hundreds of students slept in their school. >> if i don't get home to my parents i'm going to freak out. >> reporter: while officials played the blame game, the governor took the blame. new york one of its most historic snowfall complete with thunder snow. two lake-effect snow dump seven feet of snow in some areas. >> it's more than we've seen in over 40 years. >> reporter: 13 people died in back-to-back snowstorms. two much snow and rain caused a landslide in march that devastated a community in washington state. >> she was my best friend. ray smith's daughter was one of
7:48 am
41 people killed. further south, california needs rain, the golden state is in the third year of one of its worst droughts in the past century. >> nothing. not even a drip. >> reporter: people are living without running water state lakes and agricutlure are suffering. >> our product is done. >> reporter: in december a storm system brought much-needed rain, but the question remains will it be enough. i'm mary maloney reporting. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning to you on this saturday, sky6 live hd taking a live look as the sun is trying to peek out of the clouds in cape may, new jersey. it was out a little while ago, now the clouds have gotten in the way. it will pop out soon.
7:51 am
43 degrees, 7:50. two more players on the pittsburgh penguins and another on the new jersey devils have come down with the mumps. there are 20 confirmed cases on five teams. there are may be other cases which teams have not revealed. the flyers have offered players booster shots. vitamin d keeps our bones healthy enkeeps the immune system strong. get more in your diet with salmon and tune i can't and mushrooms grown in ultraviolet light have a good amount. milk and orange juice are fortified in vitamin d. >> make sure you read the label. don't assume that a product has vitamin d in it, until you read the laicial and see it. >> -- label and see it.
7:52 am
>> studies showing getting vitamin d through the sun and food is your best bet. up next, meteorologist chris sowers will take a look at the final accuweather forecast stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> check this using a go pro camera and pole getting the best shots coming down the mountain.a and pole getting the >> it's dizzying watch them
7:55 am
doing that. >> reporter: isn't that pretty? you will that snow. that's all we need is a little bit of snow. these the numbers to next around the delaware valley. sitting in the 20s and 30s, these numbers are above the seasonal averages. the normal low is 28. we're already in the 30s. pilots, 29. saint davids 31. chester, 31. of the glassboro, 29. same number for buena and gandys beach and hammonton, 28. it will be a 50/50 weekend. today is the good one. tomorrow, not so good. 55 today. 52 sunday, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the colder air finally making a return to the delaware valley. it aishes monday, mostly -- arrives monday, mostly cloudy, 44. maybe a morning shower. tuesday, icy cold windchill,
7:56 am
38 degrees. wednesday, 34, thursday, 35, friday, 37. the mummers parades will be cold. it's very easy this time of year to not know what year you're in. 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying go to work -- good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: coming up on the christmas day cyber attack, that has spoiled the holiday, hackers taking down the sony play station and microsoft xbox network. a fresh embarrassment for the secret service, was was a untrained young woman driving in the presidential motorcade why the secret service said they have been using volunteers for years. coming up, saved bile bell star, dust continue diamond waking up behind bars this
7:57 am
morning. he had a run in with the law and caught on camera. what he did that got him in trouble coming up on a busy saturday morning we'll see you soon. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, we'll have a report from a new york city on the funeral for a fallen police officer. and two septa police officers stopped by to visit a mom and baby they helped deliver on an el train. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. have a great saturday, we'll see you back here at 9:00.
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>> good morning, america. this morning, new details in that video game hack attack targeting xbox and playstation networks, leaving kids in tears for three days now. >> very malicious. >> the struggle this morning to get the system back online and the new concern, who could be next? mall madness. brawls erupting across the country, scaring shoppers that were out bagging bargains. police rushing in to make arrests trying to keep the peace. peril in paradise, hikers stranded by a raging river rising higher and higher. they're air lifted to safety in a dramatic rescue mission, describing the moment they knew they were facing serious trouble. and ll


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