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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  December 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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e crossed the street. >> i was just involved in a car accident with a pedestrian. >> reporter: she was the voice of franklin township police officer reporting the accident over police radio. 10-year-old matthew mccloskey was pronounced dead at the scene. witnesses say the police car did not have its lights or siren activated. a statement from the township administrator says the officer was responding to an urgent call at the time. the gloucester county prosecutors is investigating. detectives were back at the scene today looking for video surveillance footage. franklin township police chief mike rock had no comment today. matthew's grandmother says the boys were being watched by two adults at the time of the accident. dottie duffy says matthew was in the street when the others noticed a quickly approaching car and tried to call him back. matthew was the youngest of four children. grieving members of the community have started a roadside memorial. ironically his grandmother
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says matthew wanted to become a police officer and attended police camp over the summer. neighbors say he was a delightful kid. >> shock just shocked. couldn't have happened at a worse time. kids are off from school end jog their -- enjoying their holiday break. just tragic. >> reporter: matthew was a fifth grader at ritter at that time larry school. the kids are on break but brief counselors will be available wednesday morning from 9:00 until 11:30. live in franklinville david henry channel6 "action news." alicia. >> david thank you. this afternoon we know the names of the two people killed in a row home fire in reading. 87-year-old pedro morales and 88-year-old miriam vega were can killed inside their home on spruce street last night. crews found them in the first floor bedroom which is where investigators think the fire started. the fire marshal is still trying to figure out what caused the flames but does not suspect anyone set it on
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purpose. john rawlins has been speaking with family members and he'll have a live report at 5:00. police in bensalem identified the man who was shot in the middle of a crime spree at an apartment complex last night. they say 21-year-old angel medero got on a woman's deck performed a lewd act then broke in through a sliding glass door. police say he then broke into a second apartment and attacked two people but someone who lived there got a gun out and shot him twice. they held him until police got there. he's now listed in critical condition and will face burglary and assault charges if he recovers. >> philadelphia police got a very public pat on the back today. state rep held a news conference to give thanks and support to officers he say are doing their jobs the right way every day. thomas said recent events in new york, ferguson and elsewhere are not representative of the officers
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here who put their lives on the line every day. he did though take the opportunity to call for what he dubbed sensible reforms to police policies. >> a philadelphia charter school is preparing to close for good this week and parents are scrambling to find other places to send their children. parents, teachers and staff received notice that the walter palmer charter school will shut down this wednesday december 31st. the school district of philadelphia had already shuttered the high school. palmer was trying to keep the lower school opened but the board of trustees voted to close it. >> well, it is a sunny and mostly warm monday afternoon as we get a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> round out this year. let's go outside to meteorologist cecily tynan in for adam joseph. last few days of 2014. >> brian and alicia temperatures are beginning to stepdown as we get closer to the new year coming off a very mild weekend. temperatures this weekend were soaring up into the 50's, a high in philadelphia, take a look on saturday reached 57 degrees with the sunshine.
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sunday we saw the clouds and the drizzle 56. today we're back in the sunshine with light winds. it is cooler, 45 degrees so far but still that's 4 degrees above normal and actually feels pretty nice with the sunshine. right now in philadelphia it's 45 degrees. in allentown it's 41. reading 43. wilmington 44. millville 42. and the boardwalk in atlantic city 42 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing there's more sunshine north of philadelphia and there's more clouds to the south. that front that slipped through last night that brought us some showers has stalled off the virginia coast and that's what's bringing all the cluck to south jersey and delaware. that will really be the trend tonight. clear skies north of philadelphia. more clouds down to the south and temperatures will begin to cool off as we head toward the end of 2014 and your day planner tonight showing that temperatures will be kind of slow to cool as we head through the evening hours. by taking a look all right day planner, 9 o'clock it will be 40 degrees and temperatures dropping down into the 30's. i'll have all the details
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including a look at the first day of 2015 coming up in the full accuweather forecast. brian. >> all right, right around the corner cecily. thank you. had you asked them a few weeks ago the eagles would have gladly told you they would be getting ready for a playoff game today. instead, you know it, they had a task that was rather tough to swallow. players showed up at the novacare complex this morning in south philadelphia to clean out their lockers. they finished the season yesterday with a win over the new york giants but their 10 and six record not good enough to make the playoffs. chip kelly held a news conference this morning saying he won't make any quick decisions about the future of this squad. >> time is on everybody's side here. we don't have to make any decisions today. you don't have to make any decisions until you get close to free agency in terms of how we want to start to shape the roster for 2015. i think we've got a real good process in terms of how that works and i don't think -- there's no reason to be hasty
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in any decision. >> of course a year without a playoff game is especially tough for eagles fans. after the strong start the team got off to, "action news" reporter katherine scott has reaction from the faithful. >> i definitely thought they were headed to the playoffs. >> reporter: but the eagles' season ended yesterday and their hopes for a playoff spot died a week before that. so what happened? >> ugh. >> reporter: eagles fans deflated when trying to piece it all together. a mere month ago some were convinced the playoffs were in the team's future and maybe they are. just not this year. >> basically i think we need a whole new secondary. they were the worst in the league this year, terrible, too many big plays. >> nick foles shoulders gave away the ball and why didn't they play like they did yesterday for the last four weeks? i just don't understand that. >> reporter: the birds dropped three in a row before beating the giants yesterday in their final game. the win was a refreshing change of pace for fans. if they were actually watching.
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some didn't see the point. >> it was a meaningless game. a win like that is kind of hollow when you don't make the playoffs. >> reporter: while there was disappointment at the season ending so early many eagles fans we spoke to believe that if the team can make the necessary adjustments this off season then next year perhaps they'll be playoff bound. >> defense. quarterbacks. they need quarterbacks. so hopefully there's somebody coming out in the draft. >> we have a chance next year. i think we have to tighten up our belts and do some better work. >> reporter: there is work to be done and dedicated eagles fans will be watching next year. >> i'm a eagles fan from 1975. i'm going to be one until the day i die. >> reporter: in center city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> well, the philadelphia mummers are putting the final touches on their props for the new year's day parade. we got a look at the fralinger's string band at work today in south philadelphia. they were polishing their transformers themed costumes and getting ready to strut down broad street later this week.
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the parade kicks off at 10:00 a.m. on thursday. and our broadcast partner phl17 is the home of the mummers. it's the only place you can watch the parade live this new year's day. if you're not heading out to the parade you can catch full coverage starting thursday morning at 8:00 and brian and i will be part of this momentous day. >> gladly. always a fun day. >> love it. >> still ahead here at 4 o'clock today a deadly hit and run killed a man on a bicycle. now we've learned the driver is a high ranking member of a church will plus a massive fire breaks out on a ferry and sets off a frantic race to rescue the passengers trapped on board at sea. >> ♪♪
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800.974.6006 tty/v >> ♪♪ >> at least eight people are dead after a ferry caught fire off the coast of italy. the flames set off a massive rescue effort to reach hundreds of other passengers stuck on board. abc's hamus mcdonald has the story. >> reporter: it was a race against time to save hundreds
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stranded aboard a burning ferry in rough seas for more than 30 hours. these are the latest pictures showing rescue teams battling high winds lifting frightened and freezing passengers off the deck of the norman atlantic. italian officials now say everyone apart from the captain and crew have been taken off the ship including this pregnant woman and her two small children. this video filmed by a passenger on board and obtained by an italian news agency shows flames engulfing the ship's interior as he waits outside for help. the massive fire broke out on the ship's car deck before dawn on sunday. partway through its journey from the greek port of patra to you italy. passengers were left had you had ling on the upper decks amid rain, hail and suffocating smoke waiting to be rescued. some are reportedly suffering hypothermia. one man died after jumping overboard. we're outside says one frantic passenger.
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we're very cold. the ship is full of smoke. this survivor adding that the floors started collapsing from the heat. passengers say that as they tried to get to the life boats below deck their shoes melted because of that heat. but the first lamp group of survivors rescued by this cargo ship is now back on dry land. with the death toll rising italian prosecutors say they are already launching a formal criminal investigation into how this happened. but the good news for the passengers is that they are now well on their way to safety. hamus mcdonald, abc news, london. >> police in los angeles are looking for suspect who opened fire on officers while they were sitting in their cruiser. the officers were driving slowly through a neighborhood when someone shot at them. they returned fire. police say they arrested one suspect and they did find rifle but they're still looking for a second person. this attack comes after a similar ambush in new york city that killed two officers
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earlier this month. a bishop from the episcopal church of maryland was the driver in a hit and run crash that killed a bicyclist over the weekend. the diocese confirmed that heather cook was behind the wheel saturday afternoon in baltimore. the crash killed 41-year-old tom palermo. the diocese says cook left the scene but did come back 20 minutes later to take responsibility for her actions. police have not said whether or not cook will face charges. >> to business on a monday afternoon. it was a light day of trading. markets mostly flat today. the dow off about 15 points. nasdaq barely moved. the s & p was up about two points other day. well, the clock is ticking for radio shack. that company needs to come up with money by january 15th or it's major creditors can pull the plug on long term financing that the company needs to survive. radio shack needs to have about $100 million in combined cash and available credit. right now they've only got $63 million. executives announced a plan
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last year to save money by closing stores but it's so cash strapped that it can't follow through with that. closing stores means paying severance packages and paying fees to get out of leases early. the company says right now it simply cannot afford to do that. well, you're watching the end of air tran airways as we knew it. a crowd of employees gathered to celebrate the carrier's final flight last night in georgia. it went from atlanta to tampa bay which is the same route the airline's very first flight took back in 1993. southwest bought air tran back in 2011 but the two carriers ran separate operations until now and now they will operate under southwest. >> it is time now for the "action news" traffic report and a lot of people probably taking these days off. >> which means hopefully light traffic out there. matt pelman with details in the traffic center. hey, matt. >> it certainly was this morning, easy on the ride this morning. this afternoon that's a bit of a different story because now everybody is awake even after they slept in and trying to
4:15 pm
get here or there and it's leading to some problems. one of them here on the schuylkill expressway eastbound as you go to get on 26th street southbound to head toward the platt bridge. it was an accident. they're together away the last vehicle and they have the right lane blocked on the ramp from the schuylkill eastbound at 26th street southbound as they do that. this isn't causing a huge delay but this is. on 422 a garbage truck overturned and caught fire. what a mess out here in the pottstown area. all westbound lanes of 422 are blocked between armand hammer boulevard and 724. speeds just in the teens as you come away from sanatoga and head towards the closure pointer so stay up on ridge pike, high street or down on 74 as alternates around the 422 westbound closure this afternoon. also a crash in west vincent chester county closing down 401 near chester springs road. horseshoe trail gets you around that. on the pennsylvania turnpike a truck overturned on the westbound side to willow grove. ramp is partially blocked.
4:16 pm
speeds in the teens as you come east of fort washington so that is another major mess. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. friends talking about the big accident on 422 westbound in the pottstown area causing huge delays, 5 miles per hour approaching the closure point. a lot of people complaining about that this afternoon and we'll keep watching it in the next half hour alicia. >> matt thank you. we're in the midst of the flu season. the cdc is trying to raise awareness. monica malpass joins us live in the news room with the story. >> the cdc says nationally we're at a level they consider an epidemic but that doesn't mean you should panic. in fact, most years we reach epidemic level. coming up at 5:00 reporter and registered nurse ali gorman will show us the flu activity in our area and why doctors are expecting this year's flu season to be especially bad. plus the new year will start with some very low gas prices, that's g coming up at 5:00 we'll hear from one analyst who says in fact
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prices are going to stay low throughout the beginning of the year. we like the sound of that. i'll have those stories and much more coming up on "action news in a little bit at 5 o'clock. hope to see you guys then. >> all right. hope those prices stay right where we are if not lower. up next cecily is back with a look at your new year's eve forecast from accuweather. >> plus the latest on the search for a plan that went missing with hundreds of people on board. what investigators are saying about the moments before the flight went out of contact. >> and we want to remind you to head to facebook right now and like the 6abc "action news" facebook page. that will give you access to all the top stories we're following, weather updates breaking news and the best and most current viral videos. you can also communicate with members of the "action news" team. so, we'll see you on facebook. >> ♪♪
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big barges for the shows on wednesday night. you'll have two chances to see the skies light up, one at 6:00 p.m. an repeat performance of course at midnight. both shows are free with clear views from both sides of the river. >> and hoping for some clear weather as well. >> yeah. >> time for your accuweather forecast. >> cecily tynan standing by with details on whether those skies will be clear. >> it will be clear. it will be dry and we should have great view of the fireworks. sky 6 behind me taking a look above the ben franklin bridge and seeing a mixture of clouds and sunshine. sun setting at 4:44. days getting a little longer now that we passed the beginning of winter. temperatures still on the mild side. philadelphia currently 45 degrees. 41 is the normal high for this time of the year. wilmington 44. reading 43 and allentown slightly cooler with a current temperature of 41. atlantic city airport 42 and trenton checking in with a current temperature of 42 degrees. and this month has definitely
4:21 pm
been on the mild side especially the last seven days. overall this month we're running about 4 degrees above normal. the past week temperatures soaring more than 12 degrees above normal almost 13 degrees and we only had one-tenth of an inch of snow on december. that came on december 11th and there's no snow in the immediate forecast. satellite6 along with action radar showing we did get some rain yesterday from a front that moved through. this is now down to the south. it's still bringing some clouds mainly south of philadelphia. we'll see clearing skies to the north and there is some cold air trying to make it into the nation. bismarck, north dakota it's 2 degrees, international fulls it's two below, sue falls 6 degrees. that cold air will be moving down to the south and then slowly migrating to the east but as it does it will be modifying so it's not going to be quite that brutal but temperatures will be dropping below normal as we ring in the new year. so future tracker showing 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon temperatures right around 40 degrees here. chicago it's 21.
4:22 pm
omaha it's 15 degrees and you can see how this cold air slowly migrates to the east. wednesday at 2 o'clock temperatures will be in the 30's. 34 degrees. it will also be breezy so wind chills for new year's eve will be in the 20's so bundle up. the call from accuweather for tonight, more stars to the north, more clouds to the south. it will be seasonably chilly 31 degrees in philadelphia the low. 26 in allentown. 29 in trenton and millville 31 degrees. so, four day at 4:00 shows tomorrow partly sunny skies, a little cooler today with a high of 40 degrees. on wednesday new year's eve the high only 34 degrees and the winds will make wind chills in the low 20's during the afternoon. looks like temperatures will be in the 20's as we ring in the new year and thursday new year's day for the mummers day parade it will be sunny and brisk, 38 degrees. again, wind chills generally in the 20's and friday increasing clouds with a high of 42 degrees. a little bit milder. so the mummers day parade wind chills in the 20's. but that's not that bad.
4:23 pm
we've had -- >> yeah. >> , much colder new year's days. >> we sure have. >> and it should be dry. >> cecily thank you. we have breaking news right now out of glenolden delaware county, a response from rescue personnel on the scene here in the 100 block of south chester pike. here's what we know right now. one of those three vehicles which you see are involved in a multi car accident caught fire as the result that of accident. we were told that when police arrived and when medics arrived one person was trapped inside one of those cars. we do not have word at this point as to whether or not that person has been freed. we do see as you do a tarp over one of those cars. that is often a grim indication but we have no confirmation of any injuries at this point. we can tell you again this accident happened just about 23 minutes ago right at 4 o'clock. again, the 100 block of south chester pike. a multi car accident. a massive response by rescue personnel and indication at
4:24 pm
least that one person may have been trapped inside one of those cars. we do not know what caused this yet but we are working to get the very latest details on this breaking news out of glenolden delaware county. >> in other news this afternoon a long and successful career is coming to an end for one septa driver after 36 years of service. eugene schmitty smith enters retirement with an impeccable record that includes 30 years of safe driving and get this, he has never once called out sick. today he received a citation from the pennsylvania house of representatives presented by state representative bill keller. schmitty's retirement begins january 1st and you enjoy it, you certainly earned it. we'll be right back. >> ♪♪
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>> time now for the buzz. as we bring 2014 to a close here's who reigned queen on the list of highest grossing actors of the year.
4:27 pm
jennifer lawrence's films brought in approximately $1.4 billion at the box office. she is just 24 years old and being called movie gold. and after nearly two decades of marriage, chris rock and his wife are calling it quits. the comedian filed for divorce. the pair have been together for 19 years. they have two daughters, ages 12 and 10. they live in alpine, new jersey. so as we wrap up this year, a celebrity divorce to tell you about, brian. >> all right alicia, thank you. still ahead in our next half hour, call it break up botox. why some women are turning to their dermatologist instead of their therapist after a split. >> frightening flight. what passengers are saying about the tense moments before their plane was forced to land at philadelphia international airport this morning. >> ♪♪
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. >> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph alicia vitarelli shirleen allicott and brian taft. >> hello again. 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason facebook is apologizing to some users for its popular year in review video feature. >> a massachusetts woman is facing charges for throwing raw meat at police officers but it's not because she has a problem with law enforcement. we'll explain. >> and another midair mystery overseas. there is still no sign of that
4:30 pm
plane or its passengers. we are live with the very latest details straight ahead. but we begin now with breaking news that we first passed along to you just a few minutes ago here on "action news at 4:00 today chopper 6 live over this scene in glenolden, this the 100 block of south chester pike where as you can see there was a large response of first responders following a multi car accident. you can see one of those cars is now covered with a tarp. the two others appear to be just off to the side of the road bridging the road and the sidewalk. we're told that these three were involved in an accident. one of those cars then burst into flames and when responders arrived at the scene, we're told one person was trapped inside one of those cars. it is not clear at this point which car it is, though if you look there right in the center of your screen, you will see the grim indication of a tarp over that one apparently white sedan right there in the middle of your screen. we have no indication as to what caused this accident. we do not know the extent of
4:31 pm
any injuries but again, we were told there was possible entrapment of one person. we're working to learn more on this and of course we'll pass it along to you in this half hour once we get new information. >> and let's turn now to the latest on a developing story we've been following for you throughout the day. the frightening scene from the window of a u.s. airways express flight. take a look at this. you can see a fiery flash shoot from one of the engines as the plane left philadelphia international airport this morning. the jet immediately made an emergency landing letting all 75 passengers off. they are safe and sound. for more on what happened from those on board we turn now to "action news" reporter kenneth moton who is live for us in the satellite center. >> alicia we confirmed new details about what possibly happened to this plain. it appears the right engine was having what's called air compressor issues and it started to back fire as the pilot worked on that problem and just then witness accounts from those who experienced those scary moments.
4:32 pm
a shot of flames from the wing of this u.s. airways jet captured on a smartphone just seconds after the plane took off from philadelphia international airport this morning. >> all of a sudden the building shook, heard a loud bang. i came outside. looked off to my left here. >> reporter: those on the ground and those in the air inside this manchester new hampshire bound flight say they heard a loud boom and then they saw the flames shooting from the plane. greg was working inside a nearby business. >> it was like an earthquake, loud rumble, very loud rumble. multiple actually. one that was very close and one as it went further away. it was just really loud, really bad. >> reporter: the plane was carrying 75 passengers and four crew members. the pilots had to think fast. they immediately turned around after reporting an engine problem and made an emergency landing at phl. >> i was terrified. i mean, it's not normal and seemed like it shouldn't be happening and we had just taken off so -- but the crew was calm and they helped us through it. >> reporter: the plane which is being operated by republic
4:33 pm
airlines was able to taxi back to terminal b on its own power. the passengers and their crew boarded another plane and continued on to new hampshire. >> it was kind of scary but it's okay. they have that backup engine so we were safe i guess. >> reporter: again no injuries from this emergency situation at phl. mechanics are taking a look at that engine and at that plane and this incident remains under investigation brian. reporting live here in the satellite center kenneth moton, channel6 "action news." >> allall right kenneth thank you. now to another developing story involving aviation today. the search for air asia flight 8501. 162 people are missing after that jetliner vanished during bad weather over the weekend. though dozens of ships and aircrafts have been scouring the sea. there is still no clear sign of that plane. as abc's elizabeth hur tells us indonesia is asking the united states for help. she is live now in new york city with the very latest.
4:34 pm
hi liz. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, brian and yes u.s. officials tell us they are right now reviewing that request for help. in the meantime, we are hearing that last minute that this pilot did ask to change his path. whether or not the plane's path played a factor in this mystery, well, officials say that remains to be seen. without warning or distress calls, air asia flight 8501 simply vanished. that's according to authorities who vow to use all available resources in finding the missing plane. for families with missing loved ones, the wait is agonizing. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: in indonesian the pilot's father says i want my son to come home alive but if it's not meant to be, if god doesn't want it, it's in faith's hands. >> we have to fond out what went wrong and we have to carry out doing what good we have been doing. >> reporter: the airbus
4:35 pm
leaving indonesia for singapore disappeared sunday morning just minutes after the pilot asked to climb from 32,000 feet to 38,000 feet to avoid bad weather somewhere over the java sea. >> the prospects of finding the black boxes of this airplane went into the middle of java sea is very good. it's close to land. there are a lost ships that can be brought to bear on it. >> reporter: the search area the biggest difference between this incident and the missing malaysian airlines flight 370 in the much larger and deeper indian ocean from nine months ago making this search perhaps more manageable but equally pressing. >> just like 370 the clock is ticking and we've got 28 days left to find that airplane. >> reporter: and that is because these black boxes have a battery life of 30 days and they should be sending out signals automatically but officials say so far no luck deepening this mystery. that is the very latest from here live in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for channel6 "action news."
4:36 pm
brian. >> elizabeth thank you. and world news tonight with david muir will have live team coverage on that missing plane. that includes stories of passengers who narrowly missed being on that doomed flight as well as the latest theories from aviation experts. that begins, of course, right after "action news" at 6:00. >> police in new jersey and also in new york are asking for help finding a missing university of pennsylvania student. 20-year-old timothy hamlet was last seen by his parents on friday in teaneck bergen county. investigators tracked his cell phone to the area near the george washington bridge. the phone has since lost power. officials say hamlet had recently taken a leave of absence from school. >> a popular allentown amusement park is facing a possible fine for the way its workers are treated. federal regulators say dorney park and wild water kingdom failed to protect employees from extreme heat including a teenager who suffered burns after collapsing near a deep fryer.
4:37 pm
osha wants dorney to pay $7,000 for those alleged violations plus an additional 2,000 for a recordkeeping violation. park officials have 15 business days to respond. >> the scenes of people in the pool though. >> yeah. >> like summertime, wouldn't that be nice. >> a faint memory. >> but it's pretty mild today. overall the past week temperatures close to 13 degrees above normal so it hasn't been that brutal. >> no. >> and we still have a lot of clouds though south of philadelphia. let's take a look on sky 6 take a look at cape may shrouded in clouds. did have a few light showers earlier this morning. temperature though, not bad 41 degrees. winds are calm. so, the wind chill is the current temperature of 41 degrees. philadelphia international airport skies a little bit brighter, 45 degrees currently visibility 10 miles. no problems due to weather with flights coming in or out of the airport. little bit farther up to the north in northwestern chester county this is the view near honeybrook. you can see the skies are brighter, 43 degrees currently.
4:38 pm
winds a little bit stronger though out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour so the wind chill is currently 37 degrees. i am tracking dry weather to start the new year but it is going to be on the chilly side. we'll have all the details on that coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> all right. thank you cecily. >> you're welcome. >> of course you can stay on top of the changing weather situation on there you will find our storm tracker 6 radar plus both the hourly and seven-day forecasts. you can also watch the latest videos from our "action news" meteorologists and view our collection of weather-related images. >> trenton is recognizing its own pivotal role in the american revolution with the annual patriot's week celebration. his reenactment told the story of his crossing of the delaware river on christmas 1776. patriots week continues all day tomorrow starting with a walking tour of the battles of trenton. >> well, still ahead if santa
4:39 pm
got it wrong this christmas stick around. we have tips to make the return process a breeze for you. >> santa never gets it wrong. >> he doesn't. >> plus a massachusetts woman says sure, she threw raw meat at police officers but it wasn't her fault. who she claims told her to " feed the pigs." >> mom lovers modesty. see the photoshoped picture. >> that full accuweather forecast and return to more winter-like temperatures when "action news" at 4:00 continues right after this. >> ♪♪
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4:41 pm
>> ♪♪ >> well, a massachusetts woman admits that she wanted to "feed the pigs" when she threw raw meat at a police station but it's not because she has a problem with law enforcement. lindsey mcnamara is undergoing a mental health evaluation after she told officers that god told her to smear bacon
4:42 pm
and sausage on the precinct's bulletproof glass. she was immediately arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property. but while representing herself in court the 24-year-old said it wasn't her fault. >> i don't know who it is but somebody is out to get me. >> speaking on her daughter's behalf friday, mcnamara's mother told the judge her daughter is a good person she just needs some help. two neighbors living in suburban detroit got the surprise of a lifetime when they finally met or shall we say finally reunited. roger watson and dave brown lived around the corner from each other for 18 years but never interacted. it wasn't until roger bee friended dave's wife that she put the pieces together. she noticed roger had a wounded vet license plate and a hat from the ninth infantry, the very same unit her husband served in. turns out both men were drafted together, trained together and served together
4:43 pm
forming a deep friendship until losing touch after roger was wounded in vietnam. >> tell you the truth it's -- i was flabbergasted. >> we have been neighbors for 18 years and didn't -- didn't realize who we were. >> just incredible. the two men say they plan to do a lot of reminiscing now over a couple of beers. their years of separation erased with the realization that they lived just 150 yards apart. incredible. on health check at 4:00 today there's a new way to ease the heartache of a break up and it could only be found at your dermatologist. more women and a few men frankly are turning to botox to boost theirself esteem after cutting ties with their significant others. although the effect is mostly skin deep, some doctors think there's real actual science behind it. that's because frowning signals your brain that you are sad or depressed. and if botox prevents from you making that sad face, well, then your brain thinks that you are in a better mood.
4:44 pm
>> ♪♪ >> here at the big board with the big talker if you're one of the millions of people that have used facebook's new year in review app for most of us it can be exciting to revisit 2014 but for some it has forced them to relive harder break like eric meyer who's six year old daughter died of brain cancer earlier disyee. the product manager is apologizing. here's what your year looked like james he probably didn't forget that one. for poor mark he writes this is a photo that facebook picked out for me, my dead father's ashes. facebook today admitting maybe forcing people to revisit their most liked photos and statuses might not have been the best idea here. now, when moms become memes. a 22-year-old man posted.
4:45 pm
folks on social meet ya' thought this was a who the and this made mom and her censorship towel a viral sensation. she's been photoshop covering up kim kardashian's rear then poking fun at the sony controversy over the film "the interview" and kim jong-un. elvis and his pelvis too much going on sorry. no seven year itch or is that so knee marilyn monroe for your eye's. and the birth of venus. this is a face of photoshop woman who found out not only was she having quadruplets they're two sets of identical twins. she had endometriosis at the time of this accident they implanted two embryos which both split. at just 29 weeks of pregnancy all four girls arrived safely.
4:46 pm
they are healthy. premature but doing well. they are the quad squad and mom all smiles but this was a photo that really made them a viral sensation like what. >> i know. >> you know a thing or two about twins. >> i had twins this year. the thought of two more mind blowing. alicia thank you. i want to give you an update on that accident in glenolden that we told you about a couple minutes ago. it was a fatal accident. the driver of the car -- one of the cars turned out had just fled from police, got into and caused that accident and died at the scene of that accident. matt pelman is going to show us that scene in just a moment but he begins now with word of yet another accident, this on 422, matt. >> that's right. we have that 422 situation. this is another delaware county accident, brian, on the blue route, 476 northbound. this one just happened. all these emergency crews just arrived on the scene and at this point just the center lane is squeezing by as you come north of broomall and head toward villanova.
4:47 pm
the flaggers out here controlling traffic. looks like a pretty bad accident and it is severely jamming up the northbound side of 476 now. so, i think you'd be better off on 320 or 252. instead of the blue route northbound through delco this afternoon. our other delco situation is that one that chopper 6 hd remains over on route 13, chester pike. all lanes shut down between knowles avenue and gardener avenue by the nail salon. the multi vehicle accident that did prove fatal this afternoon. instead of 13 chester pike stick with baltimore pike way up to the north or maybe macdade boulevard as another alternate. now let's talk about that situation on 422 because the westbound lanes remain closed between armand hammer boulevard and 724. this was a trash truck that flipped over and caught fire. you're looking at single digit speeds headed towards the closure point. stick with high street, ridge pike or 724 as alternates. there's an overturned truck on the ramp from the lehigh valley to the northbound side of the northeast extension. partially blocking that ramp and the right lane on
4:48 pm
northbound 476 and on the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike at willow grove another ramp accident involving another overturned truck. speeds just in the 20's approaching willow grove. a lot of really big situations, unfortunate situations. we'll check them again brian and alicia in the next half hour. >> busy guy this afternoon matt. thank you. cecily tynan back with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪♪
4:49 pm
get yourself something nice. love, nana. something nice. the kfc $5 fill up. the only pot pie made with the world's best chicken and a cookie, and a drink, all for just five dollars. isn't that nice.
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>> ♪♪ >> now to cecily tynan and our stint with warmer weather is about to end. >> for a little bit. temperatures going down as we get towards new year and then back up as we head towards the weekend so not all that bad. let's take a look at where the action cam was today in philadelphia. taking a look at the historic saint augustine church, consecrated back in 1848 and seeing some blue skies
4:51 pm
upstairs today. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that we have rain free conditions today. got rid of some of the drizzle across south jersey and delaware earlier today from that front that slipped through yesterday and temperatures really pretty mild. 45 degrees in philadelphia currently. our high 48 degrees. that's 7 degrees above normal. allentown 41. millville 42. trenton 42. and wilmington currently 44 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing here's the front that slipped through yesterday that brought us the drizzle. if you look to the west, pretty much quiet conditions across the midwest but then you see some of that cloud cover and that's because of cold air that's pouring down from canada and that cold air will try to make it in our direction by the start of the new year. so that high pressure is up over canada right now. it will slip a little bit farther down to the south by tomorrow afternoon bringing temperatures in the single digits and teens across the northern plain states. as we head to wednesday, new year's eve as this high pressure builds in, it will filter in the winds out of the
4:52 pm
west. so winds 10 to 16 miles per hour so wind chills will be in the low 20's through the afternoon but it will bring us some dry conditions. so ringing in the new year is looking pretty good. mostly clear. the fireworks at 6 o'clock 31 degrees. by midnight, for the fireworks at penn's landing then 28 degrees. factor in the winds, though, wind chills will be right around 20 degrees through the night, so you definitely do want to bundle up but we're looking at dry conditions and really good viewing for the fireworks on new year's eve. so s-the call from accuweather for tonight stars to the north of philadelphia, still a lot of clouds south philadelphia. it will be on the chilly side, 26 degrees the low in the suburbs, 31 degrees for center city. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast for tomorrow, partly sunny cooler than today with a high of 40 degrees. seasonably cool. on wednesdays, the high only 34 degrees. you factor in the winds, wind chill will be in the low 20's and thursday on new new year's day for the mummers day parade bundle up, 38 degrees.
4:53 pm
again, wind chills in the 20's. but then temperatures begin to recover on friday. starting with sun then increasing clouds, a high of 42 degrees. on saturday, mostly cloudy, 44 degrees. looks like we'll get some moisture sunday morning in the form of rain. not snow. 47 degrees. it move out pretty quickly. sunshine by the afternoon and monday will be seasonably cold with a high of 40 degrees. i know snow lovers would like a big snowstorm but not in the cards for the next week. pretty mild and pretty quiet. >> all right. >> didn't we have enough of those last year. >> i'm okay with this. >> stay with sick abs helping out with -- 6abc helping out with those holiday returns know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality;
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biggest bang for your buck on things you aren't thrilled about. if you ended up with a gift card you can't use get cash for them t raise and carpool are two apps there allow you to sell the cards you've accumulated. you may have to sell them at a discount but still you get money to replace some cards that you don't want or can't use. now to returns many online retailers offering free returns by paying for the return postage for you. all the time this includes target old navy the gap and nordstrom's. but just for the holiday season you could be looking at a time same free returns on macy's amazon sax neiman marcus and bloomingdale's in certain cases so be sure to go on high pressure and check that out. several major retailers are widening return windows. for instance marshall's and tj max will give you until january 23rd to take some things back. and finally a few apps to consider to help streamline the process. return guru allows you to snap a photo of your receipt and the app automatically sends you a reminder when the
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deadline is coming up and slice gathers yourline receipts and links to all the return policies so you don't miss your opportunity to take something back although we always say it's the thought that counts. >> that's the truth. thank you very much. and that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for shirleen allicott, adam joseph and cecily tynan i'm brian taft. i'll see you at 10 o'clock. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jamie apody degrees meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> the holiday season is marred by tragedy for one berks county family. a husband and wife were killed in a fast moving fire and investigators now are trying to determine the cause. monday night rick is off sharrie williams joins us. the big story on "action news" is that fatal fire that claimed the lives of a beloved mother and father. >> the fire destroyed the louse in reading last night. we know little about what might have caused it. "action news" john rawlins is lie at the scene with the very late he have on the investigation. john. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. i talked to the fire marshal a short time ago. the investigation continues says he's waiting for information from a scheduled
5:00 pm
autopsy in this case. the family says the victims were a couple who were married for more than 60 years. a family in pain, coming to grips with the fact that during the joyous holiday season they must make plans to bury a mother and a father. >> we had great parents. the most lovely person. >> reporter: retired factory worker 87-year-old pedro morales and his wife 88 year old miriam vega perished in this fire that ripped through their home in reading last night. neighbor anna dell cruise heard screams for help from the couple's daughter who looked after the elderly parents. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: she was saying my mother, my father, they're suffocating. help me. >> reporter: she says firefighters responded quickly but the blaze was intense. family members say a son an daughter of the couple tried to enter the burning building but were stopped. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpret


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