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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ng the final hours of the year enjoying ice skating and later they will enjoy two spectacular fireworks shows. cecily tynan is outside with more on what to expect from all the celebrations. it's clear and cold, for our new years eve, what a difference a week makes this time last week it was christmas eve and foggy and rainy and very warm the high on christmas eve 64 degrees and today's high only 34 degrees, we almost cut that number in half and it's a 31 degree temperature change and currently some of our region dropping down into the 20s, 32 in philadelphia and trenton and millville 29 and allentown and reading 28 degrees, and lancaster 28 and the poconos 20 degrees we have winds generally 5 to 12 miles per hour, not all that strong but if you have winds even up to 12 miles per hour, when temperatures are that
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low the windchill is definitely getting your attention it feels like 21 degrees and it feels like 20 in allentown and millville 20 degrees, and windchills will remain in the low 20s, the good news, satellite 6 along with action radar showing that not a cloud is in the sky over philadelphia if you are head ougt you done have to worry about an umbrella or wet weather, you do have to bundle up though it will be cold at 6:00 for the fireworks at penn's landing it will be 29 degrees and it's a cold start to 2015 and the first weekend of the new year, a storm system is on the way. >> thank you cecily. before you head out to new years eve stay on top of the weather situation with the new, visit
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for storm tracker 6 radar and the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest video and our collection of weather related photos and videos. >> new details are emerging from a breaking news story we brought you last night police have learned more about the suspect they shot and killed in drexel hill delaware county chad pradelli is following this story, live where this all unfolded. chad? >> those that new joseph said he was somewhat of a recluse that dealt with mental health issues he was shot and killed here yesterday and you can see the evidence markings on the roadway deputies tried to arrest him here and they ran him over with his vehicle and they opened fire and killed him. >> when it ends in a death it's tragedy period. i believe strongly that the
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officer did nothing wrong it was a barrage of gun fire, 22 shots in all and several hit joseph killing him on an upper darby street. it looks like he was hit two in the shoulder and one in the back of the neck. the 52-year-old was allegedly wanted for making terroristicic threats many of which are inappropriate for broadcast the lose lose scenario in which you try to arrest me okay, now consequently it's serious and irreversible consequences. he overheard patch eveny threatening law enforcement and a detective contacted him and within the youtube rans were discovered they went to get him but he fled in his vehicle,
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officers from haverford and cliston heights and upper darby stopped him at garret and shadeland in upper darby. >> he created this monster, he did we didn't and unfortunately it ended in his demise. >> and a delaware county district attorney's office is investigating this officer-involved shooting but at this point the shooting appears to be justified. chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> okay thank you. meantime a 29-year-old man was shot twice this morning in kensington and later died. it happened at 10:00 a.m. on the 300 block of east cambria street the police found the victim with gunshot wun wounds to the back. the gunman remains on the loose. >> 2015 could mark the start of a gas hike increase for pennsylvania drivers.
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vernon odom is live in king of prussia to explain why. >> reporter: hi monica we don't know how much it will be yet, that will come down the line and we'll have to wait and see but how much of that nearly 10% tax increase wholesalers will be passed along directly through regular mostistss s is up in the air tonight. as we motor into the new year celebrating steady drops in gas prices guess what the new year brings an increase in gas prices at the pump. pennsylvania's new gas on gasoline wholesalers rises at midnight ton to be passed on to regular customers it's a painful increase but with crude being so low, gas being as low since 2009, it's not as painful.
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it goes to improving pennsylvania's highways and bridges a third of the state's roads are rated in mediocre or poor condition and so are the bridges. the drivers don't mind the tax as long as it goes to the highways and bridges. >> if that is where the money goes i am happy about that. >> this is just going back and forth to go to work. >> you don't mind paying the bill if it fixes the streets. >> as long as it fixes the street. >> penndot says the increase in gas tax has a major positive impact on the quality of highways and bridges and will bring on more highway building and improvement. and highways and roads and five or six more bridge projects and you are talking about between 100 to $120 million of
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additional work in this region alone. >> the improvements there are at least 600 bridges that are structurally deficient. >> reporter: the prices at the pump have boosted consumer confidence and income. so lets all get together and demand they not stick it to us again. >> vernon thanks. >> we can rally and see how far that gets us right? >> last night of the year, lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> just under 7 hours left of this year, people are stuck in traffic but on 95 southbound side it's crowded this evening from academy to cotman and the betsy ross bring to allegheny to the betsy ross bridge.
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a crash in old city at fourth and market speeds on the schuylkill not bad eastbound around girard and coming away from 202 in the teens as you head towards the conshohocken curve. a crash along church road and crooked lane and one in upper more land-at davis road and things are funky in the mass transit front they are on a modified weekend schedule but run all night long because of the holiday. and we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thanks matt, we'll see you in a bit. we are keeping track of the official count down to midnight. 6:51 minutes, 2015 is already underway in parts of world. what a show, it's a massive
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celebration in dubai, a little more than two hours ago as the clock hit midnight there thousands of people surrounded the world's tallest building for a spectacular fireworks show, as the clock tics towards 2015, we'll all the ponder on what we with like to do and not do when it comes to new years resolutions, less than one in five people actually follow through i headed out to hear what our viewers have in mind for the new year. it's the perfect time to reflect on 2014. >> 2014 is a good year. i set up the year to live healthier and to get in shape. so far so good. >> can you believe it's the last day of this year, it seems like the new year snuck up on us. >> the older i get the quicker it goes. >> i did a lot in 2014, i hope to get more healthy and i'm
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giving up sugar but i'm doing it this year. >> and the optimism with starting a new chapter, that brings us to the r word, resolutions for 2015. >> i have lots of resolutions more patience with my kids and accomplish more get more stuff done at the house and more me time. >> i don't make plans or anything like that. i look at things like this is what i want to do and this is how i'll get there. >> the goal is to do more for others. do more. >> while this one has a different type of resolution, more like a wish list, what he is hoping for in 2015. >> new phones like an iphone 7 or something. >> as for advice for sticking to your resolutions a woman that vowed to quit smoking and did it. >> no matter what comes remember that goal.
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>> i think the key is setting many goals and celebrating the accomplishments of those goals instead of one and then you get discouraged when you don't do it. >> happy new year. >> more to come on "action news" tonight two mothers are in the national spotlight during the rose bowl parade tomorrow. ali gorman will tell us why. >> and we'll check back in with meteorologist, cecily tynan when "action news" comes right back.
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two local families that turned tragedy into hope will be in the rose parade in california, the big parade takes place before the rose bowl. ali gorman met with the families before they left. and she is at the "action news" big board. >> reporter: both were invited by the gift of life program, their loved one will be honored on the donate life float both mothers were overwhelmed but excited for the experience.
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>> mary smith and joan spears share something that no more even wants to think about both lost their sons three years ago. for mary her son eric died in a car crash he was 23. >> eric was a lot of fun, he had a very warm and charming personality. >> for joan her son kevin was 22 and he dried from a tragic fall. >> i said 100 hail mary's along the way but i knew it was bad. >> his sister says he was the life of the party. >> he made everyone laugh and smile. >> both family donated their loved one organs or tissue or bone the 21-year-old man who received eric's heart wrote and expressed gratitude and said he was able to see his daughter be born and the woman that received
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her son's pancreas says that the transplant saved her family. >> it gives us a great sense of promise and that eric changes people's lives and that he always helped others and saved others by donating his organs and heart valves. now they are pictures made with pictures and flowers and spices and their lives will be honored on new year's day at the rose parade in california, both families are there for the celebration. >> overwhelmed and excited that we are going. >> it's heart warming and i'll cherish it forever. >> it's a good idea to talk to your loved ones about organ donation. can you sign up to be an organ donor online we have a link at the rose parade airs tomorrow
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here on 6 abc it starts at 11:00 a.m. sharrie and monica? thanks ali still to come on "action news" tonight if you are planning to use the car service uber you may have a price increase tonight.
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workers in gnarly nearly two dozen states will see their pay rise nine of the states are increasing the wages automatically like they do every year but the other increases are the result of lawmakers and voters. also in 2015, 29 states have a higher minimum wage than the national minimum wage. uber expects 20 million riders across the country tonight. uber says they are bringing back surge pricing and that means you will pay more when the demand is high the busiest time is
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between 10:30 and 12:30 you can avoid the surge by going right after midnight or waiting until 2:30. sky 6 is over the center city skyline cold skies and clear skies the exact story in accuweather is coming up.
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a lot of folks are traveling and planning on the weather, let check in with cecily. this is the first day the lifts are operating and the lifts are moving up the mountain and the snow guns are blasting have you to make snow at the ski resorts because mother nature is not supplying much at all. this december has been warm and dry. temperatures 14 degrees above normal. normally we get 3.4 inches for december, we are 3.3 inches below normal and we had .1 inch for december. the lowest total in eight years we are in a bit a snow drought, it's dry out there and philadelphia 32 degrees and millville 29 and allentown 28 and reading 28 and wilmington 30
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degrees you factor in the breeze you factor in the breeze 5 to 15 miles per hour, the windchill make its feel like 23 in philadelphia and 20 in allentown which 20 in sea isle city and 20 in wilmington. if you head out you want to bundle up. the good news is satellite 6 along with action radar is show that with the high prsh to the south we have clear skies so viewing of the fireworks will be spectacular tonight. it will be clear and dry and in the meantime the southwest, it's the opposite. the clear air is over arizona and it's bringing snow to las vegas and arizona and california this is from the grand canyon sky deck, all the snow there they could get 8 to 16 inches of snow. that storm system is heading our way this weekend but it brings
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us mainly just rain. for tonight clear and cold and winds from the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. philadelphia 24 degrees and allentown 16 and millville 19 the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow the bright start to 2015 but it will be breezy and cold, 39 degrees, windchills in the upper 20s, bundle up if you are heading to the mummers parade. late in the day, temperatures moderate 44 degrees and saturday dry during the day, and could begin with sleet in the northwest suburbs, sunday will be wet and warm, 58 degrees but don't get used to it monday windy and colder and 39 degrees, colder numbers on the way in the accuweather forecast. next week you'll need the winter coats. >> thank you cecily. there is much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. we'll tell you about startling
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statistics showing us how dangerous the roadways are this time of year. what they plan to do to make them safer. and how a piece of construction equipment ended up inches away from a -- in east falls. we'll take a look at how local children are celebrating. >> that and much move when "action news" comes right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph rick williams and monica malpass. here is what is happening on "action news" tonight, police prepare for what is traditionally a dangerous night on the roadways this holiday season has seen an increase in crashes and how officers are trying to keep folks safe and an unusual site on asbury park a boat washed up and abandoned clues that say it may have been set adrift on purpose. and how these adorable youngsters rang in this noon year. and a warning do not driven and drive, not everyone is taking it seriously. police released new statistics, showing how dangerous our roadways are this time of year. the message is taking on extra urgency this time of your. john rawlins is live now with the story. >> reporter: hi sharrie, these stats are coming from the
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pennsylvania state police they are talking about local roads in our area, between december 24th and 28th the number of crashes up and the number of injuries up and the number of alcohol abuse is up. police departments note this could be a troubling night despite years of don't drink and drive messages some still do with deadly results. the chief says alcohol can subdue a good person's common sense. >> they think a couple of drinks and this are fine. >> they are comparing it to 2013 dui arrests are up significantly. >> we have an increase from last year to this 70% more duis than the years prior. >> some of that has to do with enforcement. nationally 21 to 25-year-olds
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have the highest rates. >> are you driving? >> no i'm not. i'm getting a ride home with his mom or with a cab. >> i just got a brand new car and i would not risk getting behind the wheel. >> those that drink could face a check point on the road. >> trying to bring down the number of people driving and a little for drunk drivers, fair warning, police are out in full force tonight, particularly after midnight. and for good reason new years day is the worst day of the your for fatal crashes involving impaired drivers. live on the schuylkill expressway john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john, philadelphia police are issuing an important warning about tonight, keep guns under lock and key, firing a bullet in the air is no way to celebrate the new year, last new years eve police say that they
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got 1400 reports of gunshots between 10:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. compare that to a normal night they own get ten reports of gunshots glen is a poignant reminder of the impact they can have. back in 1998, he was 11 years old and he was celebrating when a stray bullet struck him in the head and now 33 surgeries later he has this message. >> this deadly tradition needs to stop all around the world. but if we could just stop it -- i'm all for it. one life is way too much. >> a brave man police say that anyone seen shooting off a gun will be charged and could face prison time. the mummers pause from their preparations for their march along broad street. they attended the traditional
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mummers mass at mount carmel church for the blessing and prayers that tomorrow's prepared would be a safe and happy time. visit to see new years celebrations near and far and see a slideshow of photos as the world rings in 2015 and be prepared for the fireworks displays and other outdoor events it's rights there on >> all right speaking of the traffic situation lets check it out. matt pellman has the latest. >> reporter: hi guys, we want you prepared coming into the city or wherever. if you are headed south on 95 you'll encounter this accident in the work zone of cotman avenue people are slowing down because of course they have flashing lights. the fireworks go off and i like to remind people keep your eyes on the road instead of watching the fireworks backing up on 95
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in the work zone, a crash with a vehicle in the woods on lincoln drive on morris street. a crash in camden county off the black horse pike off to the side giving us slow speeds a lot of mass transit organizations are running late night trains septa has rails as well as the subways. that is a great option i want to end on a good note, the last traffic report today and yesterday they opened the ramp and we wfr without it for several months i wish you a happy, happy new your. >> and happy new year to you. and people in northampton county are looking for someplace to live after a fire damaged their building. the building contained several apartments and businesses and it quickly had a blaze that spread to two alarms and five people
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were displaced and nobody was injured. philadelphia police are asking for your help finding this man that robbed a dunkin' donuts on start road in torresdale it happened on december 18th the suspect walked in and pulled a gun and forced two employees to open the cash register he grabbed the cash there and took off. fortunately nobody was injured. >> gary fellenbaum and his girlfriend jillian tate pled not guilty to the killing of their son scotty mcmillian the prosecutor will seek the death penalty for both of them. they are accused of torturing him for days before they killed him. >> we are not taking this lightly we are not going away w. we need stronger laws and better ways to protect the children. >> you have to be stronger voices for the children.
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>> the activists say that the programs to closely monitor the programs or sudden moves could catch some abuse cases earlier. >> in east falls a piece of construction equipment toppled over the action cam on stanton street where a load of lumber proved to heavy for this lift. part of the vehicle got stuck in the wires leaving it dangling just inches over the black suv and a close call for the driver, good news here nobody was hurt. this boat may soon be looking for new owners she was discovered washed up on the shores of abbury park on christmas eve with the words i will miss you scrawled across her hull. officials think that the boat was drifting at sea for quite a while and is registered to an address in rock away beach but
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is not registered as stolen. a rare sight in southern california a snow storm strands drivers but gives thousands of kids a new year to remember. >> i bet. >> they probably won't stay up for the ball drop itself but these kids had one of their own. well, 2015 is starting out cold and dry and the southern california storm is affecting us over the weekend i'll let you know how in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily it is now six hours and 22 minutes and 34 seconds until 2015. we are watching the clock.
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wow when it comes to ringing in the new year sydney australia is among the best. when we were waking up this morning $5.5 million worth of fireworks were launching off from 20 launch points across sydney harbor a billion people watched it world wide on tv and drone cameras were used to cover it. >> sydney never disappointments. >> and now they are covering the
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count down to noon today. lisa thomas-laury was there for all the excitement. >> hundreds and hundreds of children and their parents were here at the please touch museum to ring in 2015 early today. and they did it with alice and wonder land. >> it's amazing and we have lots of confetti and music and food and dancing it's really wonderful. >> this is alice's 150th anniversary so when it was time for the ball to drop at noon, they dropped the cheshire cat instead. >> five, four three two, one! >> it's a place for families to celebrate new yours in a lively frolicsome way. >> the please touch museum is wonderful. >> i would like to do it again
5:42 pm
next year, it's going to be great. >> who is your favorite character? >> bunny rabbit. >> what did you like? >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. >> it was the franklin family first please touch museum new year. >> we'll come again next year. >> and maya busied herself collecting confetti the main message of the day resounded through memorial hall. >> happy new year! >> happy new year! >> happy new year! >> habby new year! >> for the curious the alice in wonderland exhibit will be opened tomorrow until 4:00. lisa thomas-laury channel 6 "action news." >> it never gets old. time now to turn our attention to sports. >> ducis rogers is live in the
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sports center what is up. >> hey there the phillies get younger but that doesn't mean better they traded marlin bird to the cincinnati reds. he was a productive player last year and led the team in home runs and was second in strikeouts in all of baseball in return the phillies get right handed pitcher, ben lively minor league player of the year in 2014 and had a combined record last year for single and double a. a shakeup in the eagles front office and tom gamble and the team have agreed to part ways. as they sort it out in the front office they need to get better on the field. ron says that what chip kelly build so far has a good foundation. >> at 10-6 it's a good football team but now the holes have to
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be filled with quality players, either via free agency or the draft but this team is going in the right direction and that is a positive. the eagles learned a lot about themselves during the three game losing streak. >> and big east conference play is underway villanova ranked sixth in the nation hosting butler. take it from me sugar and toddlers do not miss. he scored 10 points one of four cats in double digits nova has a 13 point lead and now villanova is 13-0 tying the best start in school history. temple universe -- that is a high percentage and owls up by 2 and rodney fervisis out ahead and we go to overtime uconn is
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down by 2 and 2 will tie the game and 2 will win it and he misses all three of them. the conference opener 57-53 tomorrow the process to crown a true national champion in college football will begin in one semi final oregon takes on florida state in the rose bowl and the winner of that one takes on the winner of thele sugar bowl. that is ohio and alabama. each man has the highest respect for each other. >> i don't think there is any teams that get to here that aren't really good teams and they are really well coached and that is typical of an urban meyer team and they have good players and play well together. >> they win the recruiting battles every year and you can see the development of players every year, it's the depth and
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rotation of guys. >> if you want to park yourself on the couch tomorrow we will not judge you, start your day at 1:00 p.m. for the buffalo wild wings citrus bowl it's missouri and minnesota and then the playoffs get underway over on espn at 5:00 p.m. with the rose bowl and the sugar bowl is your night cap at 8:30 on espn. new year's day and football go together like buffalo wild wings and citrus. meanwhile, topping our people scene but taylor swift iced the competition for 2014's best selling album her closest competition was frozen. it edged out the frozen sound track by a mere 100,000 copies sold. it was the number one seller for every week of the tracking year except one this is the second time that swift has earned the
5:47 pm
year's top selling album taylor swift is headlining tonight at new years rocking eve the celebration here on 6 abc. and meantime the controversial movie the interview-is coming to a tv neary, it will be on demand for customers of comcast and fios and cable vision just to name a few. it's online since christmas eve and earned more than $15 million on demand rentals will cost $5.99 a download. >> a rare snow storm blankets california and how children used their surf boards to make the best of it. and looking live from sky 6 hd you can see it's a beautiful night and cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up n.
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parts of southern california are digging outs from a rare snow storm they blanketed areas east of l.a. some say the children broke out their surf boards to go sledding because they don't have sleds. but firefighters had to rescue 100 people after they got stuck in their vehicles after the
5:51 pm
snow. >> the storm is bringing snow to parts of arizona that don't see snow and las vegas could get an inch of snow and that is more than we have. we can't buy snow here and they are getting it where we don't want it. we are cold enough for snow but it's dry. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing no rain, no snow, not even a cloud above us today. the action cam taking a look at the ear coy sculpture. the blue sky as above it and despite the sunshine it was down right cold.
5:52 pm
trenton 29 and sea isle city 31 degrees you factor in the winds and generally 8 to 12 miles per hour, not all that strong but enough to create a windchill of 21 in philadelphia and 20 in allentown and the poconos the windchill currently is 13 degrees if you are heading out tonight to celebrate, bundle up and dress in layers but satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we have no problems with visibility, not a cloud in the sky and high pressure is really in control of our weather and this keeps us very cold tonight. overnight low 29 degrees and 19 in millville. 16 in allentown and down to 17 degrees in reading. and we keep the sunshine through the day tomorrow and it will be breezy and if you are heading to the mummers parade it's cold and 32 degrees, and by 2:00, 37 and by 6:00, 34 and temperatures are holding in the upper 20s.
5:53 pm
the high pressure brings us winds from the west and temperatures are milder than today and 39 degrees, with the winds it feels like temperatures are in the upper 20s, the cold air does not last long and we bump it up to 44 degrees, we are back to normal and clouds begin to stream in from the south and high thin clouds from the south and a nice day on friday and the storm system begins to gather strength from the gulf of mexico. and this brings us a soaking rain for the second half of the weekend the low pressure the same system bringing the snow to southern california, the low pressure tracks up to our west and that means that it pulls in warm air and it could mean initially in the far western suburbs a little bit of sleet on saturday night. the exclusive accuweather forecast bright sunshine and cold tomorrow and 39 degrees for the first day of 2015, on friday we bump it up to 44 degrees and saturday it's dry during the day and the rain moves in saturday night and
5:54 pm
could be sleet in the northwest suburbs and 41 degrees and the storm system pulls in warm air on sunday along with periods of rain and the afternoon high is up to 58 degrees and a soaking rain and behind the system temperatures begin to tumble on monday and 39 on tuesday and the high dropped down to 34 and snow showers tuesday night into tuesday morning. and it looks like the cold air looks to last through the work week, we get a taste of this this week and the full brunt of the cold air next week. >> thank you cecily. >> on, it's your place to be it's got all the latest from storm tracker and get ready for the events tonight with our live rad ar with hourly updates. it's all there at and still ahead some real party animals ring in the new year we'll show you when
5:55 pm
"action news" comes right back.
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talk about party animals, these residents of the lake superior zoo in minnesota had a celebration today including their ball drop, the highlight of the festivities included guests sipping on sparkling cider and watching as the fancy ball filled with yummy treats dropped into the lion exhibit. right now on the action news team are standing by with these stories next at 6:00. the countdown is on for the first of two new years celebrations along the delaware river, day one of an ocean county man's request to swim in the ocean for a year, i'm nora muchanic coming up on "action news" i'll tell you why he is doing this personal polar bear plunge. stay with us. >> for rick williams and adam joseph and cecily tynan and
5:58 pm
sharrie williams and all of us i'm monica malpass join me for "action news" next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. it is new years eve and locations around the world have already welcomed 2015, spectacular fireworks displays and jubilant displays mark sydney to dubai to istanbul you can see our clock 6 hours and 10 seconds now until it all
6:00 pm
happens officially and the clock strikes midnight in philadelphia. i'm monica malpass and the big story on "action news" is the final hours of 2014, the celebrations are underway in south philadelphia you are looking live in pens landing where the first of two fireworks shows just kicked off over the delaware river they planned two events of fireworks so young revellers join in for the earlier one and the second one rings in the new year at midnight. if you are going out you need to bundle up. lets check in with cecily tynan. >> this time last week we were welcoming christmas eve and it was rainy but warm and 59 was the high and now the high was only 33 that is a 31 degree temperature change and temperatures are beginning to slip down into the 2


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