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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 31, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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happens officially and the clock strikes midnight in philadelphia. i'm monica malpass and the big story on "action news" is the final hours of 2014, the celebrations are underway in south philadelphia you are looking live in pens landing where the first of two fireworks shows just kicked off over the delaware river they planned two events of fireworks so young revellers join in for the earlier one and the second one rings in the new year at midnight. if you are going out you need to bundle up. lets check in with cecily tynan. >> this time last week we were welcoming christmas eve and it was rainy but warm and 59 was the high and now the high was only 33 that is a 31 degree temperature change and temperatures are beginning to slip down into the 20s, 30 in
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philadelphia and 26 in millville and 28 in trenton and 27 in reading and allentown 22 and folk a night ski in the poconos, they have to be bundled up and the temperature is 18 degrees, the winds are not particularly strong but 10 to 12 miles per hour out of the west northwest enough of a wind to create a bit of a windchill. feeling like 21 in beach haven and trenton and the windchill is 16 in allentown. you will want to dress in layers and really bundle up tonight. but the good news is for the fireworks satellite 6 along with action radar showing we do not have a cloud in the sky so the visibility is spectacular. you just have to dress for the cold, your forecast for the fireworks tonight for penn's landing is clear and cold and 9:0029 degrees and midnight slipping down to 28 and windchills will be in the low 20s and i'm tracking a storm
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system on the way this weekend and details on what to expect in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right thank you cecily now to "action news" reporter annie mccormick where the first new years celebration is underway. looking great. hi annie. >> reporter: we are all bundled up watching the amazing fireworks display and that is what everybody wants to see tonight. the display is for the delaware river corporation and they produced the sugarhouse display and it's no small feat. it's 4 tons of explosives and launching 800 feet in the air and they are launching into the delaware. >> because we are at a wide fallout range we can use large shells in this area, you'll see the fireworks from anywhere you are in the region. >> skaters hit the ice at the blue cross winter rink.
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bringing with them plenty of layers and their skating skills. tonight's events expected to bring thousands are soldout. >> i was nervous coming out here but i'm have a good time. >> we found love along the river, christine wilkinson of mt. airy picking tonight to tie the knot. just before the crowds fill penn's landing. >> we'll always have a party to go to and adding to the celebration, new year and new beginning. >> back here live, an amazing fireworks display and the rink we are sold is soldout tonight, and all the fireworks are free and if you go across the river to camden you can see them there from the uss new jersey and you have to give a $10 donation there. if you are listening to the
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music synchronizing to the 6:00 p.m. show, this is a salute to the big screen and includes mousse can from the movies you are hearing familiar tune there's and it will include the theme from of course rocky how can we leave him out from a philadelphia fireworks display. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you annie. if you want to see the ball drop in new york's times square that is live here on 6 abc, dick clark's new years rockin eve starts at 8:00 tonight and join us for "action news" at 11:00 and back at 11:30 for the final countdown for 2013, visit to see new years celebrations both near and far and a slideshow for people ringing in the new year and check the "action news" forecast for other displays and festivities it's all there at delaware county authorities
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continue their investigation into a deadly shooting by upper darby police last night. joseph was hit by three bullets after trying to mow down several officers trying to arrest him. he was wanted for making terroristic throats and he put on rants like this one on youtube allegedly threatening officers. police in bridgeton cumberland county they have released some details and said the man did have a handgun, david henry spoke with witnesses. >> this ends in a volley of gun fire that left a man dead and a lot of unanswered questions. >> i saw a disarmed man go down to the ground and get shot. >> witnesses recorded the chaotic scene on their cell phones the state police had to be called in to control an angry
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crowd that gathered. >> investigators say that 36-year-old jerome reed was a passenger in the car and he was pronounced dead on the scene. the prosecutor says that later a handgun was revealed and recovered. there is no mention of where the gun was or why police opened fire. >> mosley says she watched it from her window. >> the boy had a han on the top of the car and one on the door and as soon as he stood up the other cop, popping popping, and boom boom boom they shot so hard and so fast smoke was coming out of the barrels of the gun. >> and the bridgeton police have no comment, officers daiz and worely are placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues. in bridgeton, david
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ry, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia police are seeking new leads in a hit and run investigation theresa posey was hit and killed last thursday night. authorities are looking for a late ford pickup or tow truck it would have front end damage to the left side. the family and friends are devastated. we follow smd leads but none of them panned out. >> there is no surveillance video in that area. call police if you have information. a tractor trailer hauling a load of live chickens crashed in smyrna a, delaware in the southbound lanes of route one, the load of chickens was transferred to another truck. the concrete spill tied up i-95 this morning and the dump truck flipped near bridge street and
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the truck driver is recovering at area torresdale hospital. coming up on "action news" tonight. a south jersey landmark restaurant get a new start after sustaining damage. why is this ocean county man swimming every day for a year? i'm nora muchanic coming up next on "action news" a look at why he braves this bitter cold water. also a shakeup in the eagles front office ducis rogers has sports when we continue tonight.
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gas prices in pennsylvania any way could be headed up in the new year, the wholesale tax goes up 10 cents tomorrow to raise money for transportation it's unsure how much of tax is passed on to motorists it could be stepped off by crude oil prices it will help fund 80 bridge projects and 1,000 miles of repaving. after a recount there is no winner between betty lou mckenna and lamar gunn. and governor jack markell released a statement saying he would wait for the supreme court to -- a landmark south jersey restaurant reopens tonight two years after super storm sandy
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almost destroyed it. after the owner and his wife could not get a government loan to rebuild but senator cory booker's office lobbied and got them one and they stepped in to do what there was no money for. >> people came in to help rebuild and scrub and paint and carpentry here and there and it's shocking and humbling but we couldn't get here without their help. >> it was a one night special meal and the restaurant and hotel will be open fully in the spring. if you think it's cold for a swim in the ocean today think again the ocean county man did a polar bear swim today and for the past 22 days too. oh is creating an endless summer for himself for three months
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straight. >> douglas will start with the same thing he does every day, taking a dip in the atlanticic, his goal is to swim in the ocean each day for a year, a daily polar bear plunge. >> i grew up on the jersey shore, it's depressing when people leave on labor day and everybody clears out i thought why not keep going to the beach every day and turn it into an endless summer the water is 45 and the air temperature is 27 and with the windchill it feels like 16 it's freezing on this desolate beach but ledet says it's in the bad. >> when i come out it's not that bad i have grown accustomed to it. >> he has kept up his quest because of wild waves and three
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nor'easters, how he does it is a mystery to those less hardy to doug. >> he is using the money to raise awareness for als research. >> i did the ice bucket challenge and that is enough. going in the ocean is above me. if you are willing go for it. live life. ledet won't use a wet suit, he thinks it's cheating and water will get colder when winter goes on he doesn't want to quit. >> every day i feel like i accomplish something, i don't know if i can do that but i'm hoping. i'll give it my best shot. >> in seaside park.
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time for sports a front office shakeup they are talking about with the eagles tonight. they put out a three sentence press release, announcing they and tom gamble their gm are
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parting ways. no word on how that may have factored into his departure and the eagles need to plug holes on the field. analyst ron jaworsky has more. >> to win 10 games in a year says something there is disappointment the way it ended but the disappointment should be the spring board to motivate these guys for the opportunity they missed. they had it and let it slip away that should be the motivation for everyone in the eagles organization. baseball now another one bites the dust. marlin bird is traded to the birds. bird had a productive year last season and led the team in home runs with 25. and phillies will eat some of
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his salary. and they get ben lively in return and he was the reds minor league player of the year for 2014 and lively's era was a hair over 3. villanova is up to 6 in the rankings and the cats enter the day one win away from matching the best start in history. second half daniel scores ten points one of four cats in double figures, they have a 13 point lead and then kingston slips in 13 and villanova is now 13-0 and that ties the best start in school history. >> anything we do to match best in this program means the world to me. >> temple and uconn second half on the break puts the owls up by
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2 and ahead of the defense, ties the game and we go to overtime. uconn down 2 and daniel hamilton gets two attempts and he misses all three of them. they beat the reigning champions. and the rose bowl is tomorrow, oregon against florida state. florida is led by jamison winston he is a stud and his apoen ans know that and his teammates know that. and he does too. >> they follow me and i am their leader and my confidence rubs off on them and i believe we can win any time of the game. and we are fortunate to win every game of the season. >> his report as quarterback shows what he is able to do and
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he has that command of the offense and whenever the game is close, he is the guy that makes plays. 6 abc and espn is your destinations on new years day 1:00 p.m. at 6 abc, the citrus bowl and then at 5:00. the rose bowl and the sugar bowl is your night cap and that pits ohio state against alabama. a great day of college football ahead. >> thank you ducis. the video of a rescue by coast guard crews now in the running for best video. the 800 pound leather back turtle's flipper became entangled in fishing gear and the coast guard freed it and it's up for the coast guard video of the year. you can find a link to vote at
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cecily is here with the weather bitter cold. >> but great viewing for the fireworks. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that there is no moisture, no rain, no snow, and we didn't really have any clouds overhead great viewing for the fireworks but have you to bundle up. the accuweather highlights showing we are saying good-bye to december and hello to january. january is starting off cold, but december 2014 was warm and virtually snow free, temperatures running 4 degrees above normal and snowfall 3.3
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inches below normal. only .1 inch from october to december, that is the lowest snowfall in eight years we are in a bit of a snow drought, certainly cold enough for snow tomorrow but we won't see snow, we'll see sunshine for the mummers parade and you'll want to bundle up in the long underway, by 10:00 32 and 6:00, 34 degrees, temperatures are not as brutal as today but we'll have a breeze but windchills through most of the day tomorrow will generally be in the upper 20s. so it will be cold, right now in philadelphia it's 30 degrees and allentown 22 and trenton 28 and mt. pocono 18 degrees and we still have a breeze 23 in philadelphia and feels like 25 in sea isle city and 21 in dover. and satellite 6 along with
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action radar showing any clouds even close to us today just eroding and moving away from us high pressure is in control and this brings us a dry start to the new year however i am watching a storm system moving in over the weekend, this is bringing quite a bit of snow to the southwest. bob one of our "action news" viewers he is loyal and is arizona right now watching 6 abc and took this picture about 50 miles northwest of phoenix with the snow on the ground and the cacti looking unusual with the snow on it. as far as our new year's day there are five pollar plunges at the jersey shore. it's 40 and breezy and winds west at 20 miles per hour. so the windchill will be 27 degrees so good luck to people doing the polar plunge i hope
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you have a nice warm jacket. on friday we rebound to 44 degrees and high, thin clouds from the south and this low pressure is from the southwest it gathers strength in the gulf of mexico and this is tracking to the west. and this brings us mainly rain for the second half of the weekend the call from accuweather for tonight, the last night of 2014, it's cold and 16 to 24 and the exclusive accuweather forecast, sunny and cold and 39 degrees, we bumped it up to 44 degrees on friday and saturday we are dry and the rain moves in saturday night and could begin as sleet in the northwest suburbs, on sunday a wet and warm day 58 degrees, but temperatures plunge behind the system. monday 39 degrees and afternoon highs are stuck in the low 30s for the west of the work week and we could have snow showers on tuesday night.
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but dry and cold tonight so happy new year. someone is beginning the new years with a millionaire, there was a pick 6 bought at the cape may courthouse. here are the winning numbers, 8, 14, 21 26 31 and 45. abc world news tonight is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with shirleen allicot and adam joseph and ducis rogers and of course join us for "action news" next on channel 6. for all of us at "action news," i'm monica malpass have a good night. happy nur year.
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welcome to "world news tonight." new year's freeze. a frigid night for tens of millions of americans from california to the east coast. whiteout conditions. drivers abandoning cars. the deadly avalanche and the freak wind storm at the sight of the rose bowl. 2015 starting off with an arctic blast at home and overseas with a deadly stampede. the mystery of air asia flight 8501. recovery teams struggling in choppy seas. the first bolds of the victims arriving back on land. our team is there. downsizing. that shrinking feeling in packaging. are consumers getting what they expect? and as we look into the new year the spectacular celebrations already taking place around the world.


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