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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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out? >> reporter: not a lot jim. they're probing very hard but they're concluding this was not a robbery not a random attack. they're all over this part of north philadelphia tonight looking for answers and asking for the public's help to find the killer who struck here at 12th and jefferson in broad daylight. this is murder victim kim jones of north philadelphia. the city's 14th homicide victim of the new year. jones a social worker was gunned down just after 9:00 this morning as she waited for the septa bus number 23 at 12th and jefferson to go to her program director job at a known profit center city agency working with troubled families. this was her daily routine. police say a gunman appeared out of nowhere and shot her once in the back of the head. >> someone knew her routine somebody knew that every morning she got on the bus at that time to go into work and ambushed her. >> reporter: jones was the mother of two adult children. she lived about a half block from this bus stop for most of her life. at her agency turning points for children they're
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devastated by this tragedy. >> just happy recently married in december. had a twinkle in her eye. very very happy lately. just going miss her so much. >> reporter: the manhunt continues tonight. police are interviewing family members trying to get a lead on who the killer is and a possible motive. they're collecting surveillance video from all over this neighborhood. >> we don't know why she was targeted. we'll get to the bottom of that and hopefully we'll get the person responsible quickly. >> reporter: a $20,000 reward goes to the person who helps to nail the killer. live in north philadelphia, vernon odom channel6 "action news. >> thank you vernon. four people including two children were trapped in their car after an accident in delaware this morning. police say a jeep and a sedan collided near maryland avenue and em hurts place in canby park at 10 o'clock. two adults and two kids if the sedan were taken to the hospital to be treated for
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minor injuries. fortunately the driver of the jeep wasn't hurt. last night on "action news" at 11:00 we reported that police had apprehended the husband of erica crippen crosby. the mount laurel woman missing since december 30th. well tonight police have charged kyle crosby with his wife's murder. "action news" reporter david henry is live at the burlington county courthouse in mount holly. david what are the details here. >> reporter: jim late this afternoon kyle crosby appeared here in burlington county court. he had very little to say and he's not cooperating with the police and that has left a grieving family still wondering where is erica. >> without erica we're still lost. you know, we're grateful that kyle is here and he has been caught but we're still missing erica. >> reporter: erica was last seen with her husband kyle crosby at this cherry hill restaurant the night of december 30th. her worried family had police check on her last wednesday at the couple's home in mount
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laurel. relatives went in with the police and found evidence of a violent struggle. they asked the police to check the trunk of erica's car. the police later questioned kyle crosby and let him go. he and the car both disappeared the next day. >> it was erica's car. it wasn't kyle's. and the fact that they wouldn't check it then, we would have had erica today and we would have had closure. the fact that they let him go to do this and i don't know where she is, it's -- it will haunt us forever. >> reporter: erica's relatives say they're willing to forgive crosby. they just want to know where erica is. law enforcement sources tell us crosby is not cooperating. he had apparently been on the run as far away as baltimore. >> he was gone for five days and we verified by various surveillance and other means that he was as far away as baltimore, maryland, places in delaware. >> reporter: police spotted erica's car in bellmawr last
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night. they say crosby ran from the car but was captured after a brief foot chase. investigators say they found evidence consistent with erica's disappearance in the trunk. crosby showed no emotion today as he was arraigned on one counter of murder and two charges of child endangerment. he allegedly abandoned his daughter and stepdaughter when he disappeared. and crosby has a lengthy record of drug offenses, thefts and burglaries. he is now being held on $1.2 million bail as police continue to search for erica's body. live in mount holly david henry, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you david. former sportscaster don tollefson was back on the stand in his own defense today. tollefson is on trial for theft and fraud. he testified for nearly an hour about his work with young people. tollefson says that in 2012 he began to run out of money and calls himself a bad businessman. but prosecutors say he bilked
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roughly 200 people out of $340,000 worth of bogus sports and travel packages. the president's task force charged with improving 21st century policing held its first public meeting in washington today. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is the cochairman of the group. mayor michael nutter was among those testifying about how to improve relationships between police and their communities. others spoke about crime and about crime reduction and violence directed at law enforcement. ramsey says the task force will offer solutions to current policing problems. >> we have every intent of meeting the time lines laid out by the -- by the president and come up with concrete recommendations that will lead to change. >> president obama has asked for a full report on the task force's recommendations by march 2nd. the federal government has approved funds to help thousands of laid off atlantic city casino workers find new jobs.
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$13 million is immediately available to help retrain workers affected by the closings of four casinos last year. the u.s. labor department will release up to $16 million more if the need continues. the atlantic club, the showboat revel and trump plaza all shut down in 2014. chris christie has left the friendly confines of jerry jones' owner's box and returned to the statehouse in trenton today to deliver his annual state of the state address. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in trenton tonight. nora was there a hint of presidential politics in his appearance there today. >> reporter: a lint jim you bet there was. but governor christie's critics tonight are giving him some heat saying that he really didn't address the economically troubled issues here in the state of new jersey. those kind of issues might not play well with the audience he's trying to reach nationwide. he hasn't said he's running yet but he sure sounds like a
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candidate. >> we are a nation beset by anxiety. >> reporter: it was a speech directed not just to new jersey but nationwide as governor christie considers a run for president. >> america's leadership in the world is called into question because of a pattern of indecision and inconsistency. >> reporter: the governor talked of his accomplishments in new jersey, improving schools and public safety in camden, pension reform and holding the line on taxes and he joked about his presidential ambitions. >> so, that when we stand here in one year, and by the way i'll be standing here in one year. (applause). for some reason i see less applause on this side of the room. i don't understand . >> [laughter] >> reporter: democrats were not amused the state is facing high unemployment its credit rating downgraded oney eight times. the senate president said christie's speech lacked vision and he called it a state of the state about nothing. >> and i get it, you know, he's got a chance to run for
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president. but you're still the governor of the state so while you're the governor of the state you have to address issues here too. >> the priority number one first and for most for the governor of the state of new jersey priority has to be this state, not iowa or any other republican state that he's trying to get support in. >> reporter: before the speech christie met privately with national reporters at an off the record briefing, the new jersey press was not invited. outside protesters were calling on the governor to pay attention to problems here instead of frequent travel and focusing on the dallas cowboys. >> chasing presidential aspirations and football games and instead refocus on the families who are losing their homes. >> reporter: back live now among the protesters today was kim keating the man governor christie told to sit down and shut up back in october. he was here to protest at the lack of rebuilding after sandy, the hurricane that was not mention daddy in governor christie's speech. live at the statehouse in trenton, i'm nora muchanic,
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channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you nora. long time philadelphia city councilwoman marian tasco will not seek reelection. tasco has represent the ninth district since 1988. her announcement today came after council president darrell clarke said yesterday that he won't run for mayor. there was speculation that tasco had been interested in the council presidency but she says clark's decision to keep that job has nothing to do with her decision. >> for me personally in terms of my health and where i want to be with my great grandsons it's time to go. it's time to allow someone to come in with fresh ideas. >> the 77-year-old tasco will remain as leader of the 50th ward. she says she'll continue to remain active in local politics and could help run other people's campaigns. coming up on "action news" tonight, honoring teddy pendergrass' legacy five years after his death. lisa thomas-laury sits down with his widow to get details
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of the plan. and a many four sixers coach, larry brown talks about what he calls the sad state of the current sixers team. cecily. >> jim, moisture is gathering to our south. that will bring some snow showers to parts of our viewing area. i'll let you know where and track milder weather on the way in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪♪
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>> in philadelphia, police officers firefighters and military vets received free legal services today courtesy of peco and the firm ballard spahr. the event was called wills for
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heroes and took place at peco headquarters in center city. attorneys provided estate planning advice as well as wills, living wills and powers of attorney to all who attended. today marks the fifth anniversary of the death of r and b soul singer teddy pend grass. his voice was the flagship sound for philadelphia international records back in the 1970's. and today his widow vowed to keep his legacy alive. lisa thomas-laury has the story. >> reporter: for joan pendergrass the five years since her husband's death have been has inspiring as her short time with him in life. >> had he accepted -- teddy a accepted who was what had happened and he was determined to make the best -- make the best of it and make a difference. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: his career was at its peak in 1982 when pendergrass broke his neck in a tragic car accident on lincoln drive. he was paralyzed from the chest down.
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>> he just found within himself the strength to move on. >> reporter: i met with the singer in 2007 at his gladwyne home where he talked about his struggle to endure his fate. on this 25th anniversary of his accident, he celebrated his new life. >> he was more determined than ever to live, not just exist but to live. >> reporter: he met joan in 2006, married her two years later, singing to her at their wedding. he founded a charity to help provide opportunities for people with similar injuries. she's now working with philadelphia international records from a traveling exhibition of his music and memorabilia and a movie starring tyrese the singer and actor as teddy. as we strolled along the philadelphia music walk of fame, joan confessed it was her first time seeing her late husband's plaque. >> i'm holding bacterias. >> reporter: joan pendergrass is devoted to ensuring that her husband's
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legacy is sustained for generations to come. and her message to others with spinal cord injuries is this. >> life does not end there. you can lead a productive life. >> reporter: lisa thomas-laury, channel6 "action news.
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>> the ohio state buckeyes are champions and a young man from south jersey helped get them there. >> a little local flavor, you got to love this from voorhees, new jersey, to national champ. eli apple the pride of eastern high school was the last player to actually touch the ball last night as ohio state locked up the first ever college football playoff national title. apple a former number one prospect out of new jersey among the stars for the buckeyes last night but nobody beat up oregon more than ezekial elliott. nearly 250 yards rushing and four touchdowns. ohio state ran away with it and final play of the game marcus mariota he hasn't had a lot of these intercepted. the oregon quarterback picked
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by apple. ohio state, they are champions of college football. they won by 22 and irving meyer has now hoisted a trophy for the third time. meyer says he has no interest to going into the nfl. oregon quarterback marcus mariota has to decide by thursday whether or not he will skip his seen sore senior and declare for the nfl draft. listening to eagles coach chip kelly who recruited him to oregon sounds like chip would daft him in a second if he he could get his hands on him. >> may be the faster guy on the field tonight but his mind is even faster. to have someone that thinks that well, things like a peyton manning that has that athletic ability where he can beat you with his arms, his legs it's a special package. it's one for the ages this year his season. >> yes, it was. ouch. yet another flyers player goes down with an injury. defenseman brayden coburn will now miss four weeks with a left foot injury.
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another blow for the d already without nick gross plan and steve mason. coburn took a puck to his left foot last night while blocking this shot, the same foot he broke earlier this season when he missed 12 games. so with coburn out harlow will suit up against washington. he lab a healthy scratch for the last two months. well, when do we ever say this? the red hot sixers looking to win three in a row tonight for the first time in a year. that's when they face atlanta perhaps the sixers are changing everyone's minds and everyone's opinion of this team. remember at the beginning of the year when former sixers coach larry brown ripped them for tanking saying i hate what's going on in philly. it makes me sick to my stomach. well, perhaps brown is starting to change his mind. the smu coach is back if town to play temple tomorrow. while he doesn't believe 100 percent in the direction of the sixers, he says he has patched things up with the front office and ceo scott o'neill. >> i think i got a right to say what i feel but it was in
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no way challenging brett. you know, he's a great young coach. but that's over. i got -- i cleared it up with what i said with scott and we're going into the game tonight as a team. >> that's right brown taking smu to the sixers-hawks game tonight tomorrow to try to beat his good friend fran dunphy and temple. brown called dunphy one of the most underrated coaches out there today and what a game should be both tu and smu have 12 wins. >> before the game starts i'll have the utmost reason for the coach and the man and that will always be the case whether i'm coaching against him or not. he just -- he's a good man great basketball guy and somebody that is very respectful of everyone in the game. >> and how about this? fran dunphy after temple practice today doing push-ups. look at him go. he is 66 years old. doing like 12 in there.
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i don't think i can do more than two. >> got a feeling he did a lot more than 12, a lot more. >> thank you jeff. a wilmington man severely injured in a car crash five years ago has marked a milestone in his recovery. last week he walked a 5k. 60 year old stanley underwent a spinal fusion after the accident in 2009. it wasn't until 2012 that he was able to start a mild exercise regimen. in april he worked his way up to walking a mile and on january 8th he took part in at a walt disney world 5k, the walt disney world 5k, his first race. now he has his sights set on running but first he has a more important goal. >> my daughter's getting married may 30th and one of my goals is to do the father-daughter dance with her. i really want to do that. >> he says he is more active now than he has ever been.
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>> i know you'll correct me if i'm wrong but it feels like we saw the sun for the first time in a long time. >> we did: i wouldn't correct him any time. >> yes you would. >> jim you're correct. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing no rain, no snow and, yes actually i even took a photo of it. at the end of my run today i took a photo of the blue skies, the sunshine, a few cirrus clouds here and there. bright today but it was chilly. our afternoon high only made it up to 32 degrees. that's 8 degrees below normal. so the accuweather highlights will show you that tomorrow morning we have another cold
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start to the day and some areas south of philadelphia could see some snow showers tomorrow. future tracker showing wind chills tomorrow morning very similar to today's. the northwest suburbs single digits, the i-95 corridor generally in the teens so it's going to be another day you do want to bundle up. wind chills along the shore in the 20's and the shore points and areas south of philadelphia the best chance of seeing a coating of snow. this will happen generally from surf city, millville to smyrna and areas to the south. could get a coating mainly on the grassy surfaces from a week low pressure heading outer to sea. elsewhere we'll get a lot of clouds from that system. temperatures right now in the 20's. 27 trees in philadelphia, 22 allentown, trenton 23, millville 28. wildwood 28 and reading 23 degrees. the winds have diminished but still they're strong enough that we have wind chills in the teens so it is going to be another chilly night. satellite6 along with action radar showing this moisture that's starting to build from the south. not all that organized.
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this is the same system that last week some of the computer models indicated would become a big nor'easter and roll up the coast. that's not going to happen. it will move out to sea but it will get close enough to brush us with clouds and a little bit of moisture. futurefuture tracker showing 6 o'clock tomorrow morning snow showers south of wilmington a little rain along the shore and as we head into the afternoon we'll keep the clouds and again a possibilities of some snow showers south of philadelphia. the high tomorrow a little milder than today 34 degrees for the afternoon high. it's 2 degrees milder than today. still a cool day with lots of clouds. as we head into thursday, high pressure takes control. that will bring as mix of sun and clouds. not as chilly, 37 degrees and that cold front right ahead of it we get the flow out of the southwest on friday and that will bump temperatures up to about 40 degrees. so the call from accuweather for tonight it will be cold, a diminishing wind, clouds rolling in, 11 to 20 and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, mostly cloudy, some snow showers south of
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philadelphia south of philadelphia tomorrow. 34 degrees we bump it up to 37 degrees on thursday. seasonable on friday, 40 degrees behind that front we drop to 38 degrees on saturday. look at sunday, though. despite the cloud cover we should make it up to about 49 degrees ahead of another cold front behind that system. we drop down to 39 degrees on monday martin luther king day of service and tuesday 36 degrees, a bit of a rollercoaster ride with temperatures. i'll have an update on the snow showers on "action news" at 11:00 tonight. >> thank you cecily. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taft shirleen allicott ducis rodgers. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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on this tuesday night, new images of the horror at our nation's capital. >> stay calm. please do not open the doors. >> the underground commute that turns deadly. the crowded train. peakers choking on smoke. our reporter is there. also tonight, the urgent new warning from the feds about bombs on passenger planes. they warn many airports will not be able to detect them. breaking news when it comes to your taxes, your refunds. abc news obtains an alarming e-mail tonight from inside the irs. the car-jacking, the 3-year-old boy in the backseat. he answers his mother's cell phone. and the rescue at sea. a cruise ship passenger earl overboard. the ship keeps going. bobbing in the ocean on his own, and you won't believe what happens next. good


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