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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  April 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. we're working on several breaking stories here on this tuesday april 28th. massive fires burn through the night in baltimore and into the early morning. just hours after violent riots spread through parts of the city. >> the search is on for the person who blasted bullets through several cars in a philadelphia neighborhood. we are live with the details. >> and new video shows a naked man causing a big traffic disturbance on a highway out west. >> good morning everyone, it is 4:30 on this tuesday. karen is off. let's join dave murphy and matt pelman for weather and
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traffic. >> hello everyone and we are off to a fairly good start this morning. there are a few clouds sweeping through the region but they'll be gone before too much longer and overall we're going to transition to mostly sunny skies today. 52 degrees in philadelphia, 50 in allentown, 50 in wilmington, 50 in millville so the numbers are a little bit better than they were this time yesterday. and as we head out to catch the bus between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock looks like it stays cool. a few clouds 42 indegrees by 6 o'clock but up to 54 degrees by 8 o'clock and we are going to see a nice bump in the numbers today. 54 degrees by 8 o'clock, 62 by noon and by 3 o'clock 68 with a high today of 69 degrees. we'll probably hit that probably late in the day around 4 o'clock. as we take a look at a couple of other issues we have, there is a concern about enhanced danger of brush fires spreading because of the breezy conditions today and the low humidity so that's something to keep in mind and the pollen counter is also going to stay a bit on the high side the next couple days dropping on thursday and
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friday but that's because we cool down and perhaps get a little bit damp. i'll have details on that coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. matt what about the roads. >> it was a good night for a little road construction. we had more than a little david. a lot of work going on around the region but as we look live at the schuylkill expressway here in west conshohocken, the crews from the westbound side headed out toward king of prussia are gone. i mentioned that one yesterday. they will return tonight at 10 o'clock but for now all lanes on the schuylkill are opened. if you're headed toward the schuylkill on the southbound side of route one the roosevelt boulevard extension you can see the rip of a off ramp is blocked from the southbound side. that's because of the ongoing paving work going on in east falls along ridge avenue finally they're getting that paved and smooth out which is a good thing. but because of that work this morning the southbound off ramp from the boulevard remains closed. and if you're hopping on the schuylkill and then getting on the vine we still have a little work in the process of clearing out here on the eastbound side of 676 just off the schuylkill expressway.
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crews should be gone within the next half hour. also still have work along 95 by cottman avenue and there's a fire at a bar this morning along cobbs creek parkway at catherine street. sixty-second would be a good alternate. we still have the closures in lower providence because of yesterday morning's major mess with the truck accident and resulting fire. south park avenue is still closed and matt and tam i know we'll have more details in a bit o and what's going on there. >> okay, thank you matt. breaking right now the city of baltimore is in a state of emergency after descending into areas of chaos. >> rioters took to the streets and set fires to cars and buildings just a few hours after the funeral of freddie gray. he is the man who died of a severe spinal injury that he mysteriously suffered while in police custody. >> we know in at least 15 officers have been hurt and more than two dozen people have been arrested. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live for us now at the big board. she's got the developing details. good morning. >> good morning, tam. the story continues to
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develop. baltimore is being referred to as a war zone. here are disturbing images coming out of maryland. rioters have destroyed and temped a pharmacy, police cars have been set on fire and rioters were throwing bricks at officers. in fact, 15 officers have been injured in the riots. more than two dozen people have been arrested, just a terrible scene there. as we mentioned the governor of baltimore has declared a state of emergency and called in the national guard but there are still pockets of unrest in the city that has been overtaken by what mayor stephanie rawlings blake calls thugs. the violence started shortly after high school let out yesterday and young people began looting a local mall and a liquor store. i want you to take a look at this video because the police commissioner actually referred to it in a press conference. this is a mother who confronted her son and confronted him aggressively when she realized that his intention was to join these extraordinarily violent riots. she, herself trying to
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physically remove him from the scene yelling at him to go home. now, the commissioner commended her for her efforts and while the mayor explained why controlling the situation has been so difficult and community leaders emphasize these riots are discrediting what was intended to be a peaceful movement and disrespecting the family of freddie gray. >> you saw on one scene you have one mother who grabbed her child who had a hood on his head and she started smacking him on the head. i wish i had more parents that took charge of the kids out there tonight. >> it is a very delicate balancing act to make sure that you protect people's right to free speech, their right to protest the fact that people exploited the opportunity to protest with violence and looting doesn't mean that i don't have a duty to protect people's rights to be heard. >> the family was very clear that this was a day of sacred closure in the funeral so for to us come out of the burial
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and walk into this is absolutely inexcusable. >> that reverend went ton say they want refocus the young people on what the movement was really about. now at 10 phenomenon 5:00 p.m. curfew begins tonight. all public schools are closed today obviously tam we're watching the story closely and will bring you more at 5:00. >> "good morning america" will have the latest at 7:00 a.m. right after "action news." and developing now the action cam was in oxford circle as philadelphia police recovered a knife used in an overnight stabbing. this is the 6100 block of castor avenue. the attack happened on the 1400 block of steven street. that's where police say a man got slashed with a 7-inch blade during a advertisement the attacker drove the victim to the hospital where officers arrested the suspect. the stabbed man is in critical condition. >> gunfire in west philadelphia leaving a barrage
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of bullet holes in over half a dozen cars. katherine scott is live at the 60th and west jefferson streets where this happened. katherine. >> reporter: matt, that's right, bullets struck parked cars here in this residential neighborhood overnight and you can see that police remain on the scene here. there are vehicles positioned on either end of the block. it's been taped off. investigators will be back to collect evidence here later on. this happened just before 11 o'clock last night along west jefferson near 60th here in west philadelphia. at least four cars were hit. you can see the broken glass in the street. the investigation into why this happened is under way but police believe the shooter may have been targeting a house on the block. no one was injured in this. anyone with any information on who is behind this is asked to call southwest detectives and so far there's no word if there are any surveillance cameras on any of these houses. that could help police in this investigation. we're live in west philadelphia, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> okay, katherine thank you. the number of those confirmed dead in saturday's
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earthquake in nepal now exceeds 4400. a montgomery county couple is relieved that their family members have survived the disaster. the rogers adult children kent and nadine had left the comforts of hatboro and moved to poverty stricken nepal. they care for orphans in a small village as parter of the nonprofit loving arms mission. the parents ran to their computer and found a facebook post saying their children were safe. >> so relieved. i feel blessed to have been spared the agony of not knowing. >> they don't have a plan right now. they are just living under tarps. >> indeed with aftershocks still occurring it's not safe to sleep inside in most cases. and that's now a problem facing tens of thousands of people in the area who are now living out in the open without clean water or sanitation. our coverage of the earthquake in nepal continues on we'll have continuing updates photos and videos from the scene. we've also listed charities that are helping the victims
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of the disaster. >> police say two criminals posed as philadelphia water department employees during a robbery in the torresdale section. one man knocked on a woman's front door on the 3800 block of linden avenue yesterday while a second man entered through the back of house and stole some items upstairs. police are still looking for both imposters. >> happening today race week kicks off. philadelphia is getting ready for the blue cross broad street run. city officials a plan to hold a pep rally at the city hall courtyard at 10:30. the 10-mile race is this upcoming sunday. officials will reveal details of the run which is the country's most popular race. >> 4:39. more coming up in this next half hour or this half hour of "action news" including breath taking video of an suv barely missing three small children when it passes a school bus. >> mother nature shows its power as it blows a train right off the tracks. david. >> we have a somewhat cool
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start with temperatures in the 40's up to around 50. so jackets required this morning but this afternoon t-shirts will probably do as we're getting up close to 70 and it gets even better tomorrow. i'll have details coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. >> ♪♪
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>> 4:42. going warm up a little bit today? >> a little bit, yeah. we're going to get up close to 70 and even better tomorrow. as we look ahead toward the weekend and beyond, your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows you that we are mainly dry this morning. looks like there's a little sprinkle down by dover but that shouldn't be there too much longer. as we take a look outside we have sky six looking at center city and even though there are a few clouds early across region we are expecting the majority of the day to be nice and bright. temperature in philadelphia is actually up to 52 degrees now. winds out of the northwest at 10. it will wind up being a little bit breezy today. and there you see how the clouds are really in the process of melting away and we are looking at mainly sunny skies today. as we roll through the day temperatures improve over yesterday, too. 54 degrees by 8 o'clock. by 11 o'clock, 60 degrees and then by 2 o'clock, 67 with a high of 69 degrees. probably a little later in the afternoon, say four, i've clock. in fact i'm holding that 69 for 5 o'clock today. high temperatures all these
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late afternoon highs, 68 in allentown, 67 in trenton. not much of a range away from the shore. as you get down by the water it's the low 60's today. mostly sunny and on the breezy side. keep in mind that with all that sunshine in play today if you have kids going out after school or maybe you've got toddlers and you're taking them to the playground highs won't be quite that high, not near 80 but we'll see lots of sun and we don't want you to forget the is unscreen today. tomorrow looks like another day where we start out sunny and then maybe a few more clouds as the day goes on. the noon view on future tracker six has us bright but as we go into thursday and friday we'll be looking at an area of low pressure welling up to our south and that will cloud us up, cool us down and manny give us a couple showers. most of the precipitation associated with that appears to be down south. 69 degrees is today's high, sunny and breezy and then tomorrow sun giving way to a few more clouds but still nice and warm with a high of 74. then with that coastal system
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dishing clouds in off the ocean we'll cool back to 67 on thursday with a few showers possible and only 61 on friday breezy condition that is day and again we've got a shower possible but that system gets on away from us for the weekend and on saturday warmer and nice, a high of 70 degrees. philadelphia union playing at home on saturday afternoon and looks like probably the best weather you've had so far this season and then on sunday sunny and warm, 76 degrees and we've got the sneakers on there for the broad street run. on monday we actually have a chance of going all the way up top 80 for the first time this season. we'll see whether or not we make it but the long range models are suggesting that. speaking of the union today at about 5:45 on six 10:00 a.m. i'm going to be appearing on the 90th minute along with ray gaddis. we'll be talking all things union. >> 5:45 this morning. >> this afternoon. >> oh. >> you're doing the news. >> yeah, i am. >> it's life from chickie and pete's in drexel hill if you want to step by. always a good time.
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>> you guys will get them back on track. dramatic video captured nearly a dozen shipping containers on train cars that derailed and fell off a elevated train track due to strong winds in louisiana. this happened in jefferson parish. they look like toys tumbling over. amazingly nobody was injured. the rail cars were empty and did not contain any hazardous material. and heart stopping video coming from a security camera in washington state. showing a speeding driver coming within inches of mowing down three school children. outraged parents say they watched the driver speed past the bus just as their children were about to get on. fortunately nobody was hurt. graham school district officials say all lights and signs on that bus were working and that the bus driver did everything by the book. >> time for your first look at business live at the big board. a federal scratch in vermont says a law requiring labels for genetically modified food can stand. food industry groups have been fighting to block the law saying they need more time to comply with the labeling
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rules. the law requires all genetically modified food to be labeled as such starting in july of next year. apple turned in another blowout financial report. it sold 61 million iphones in the first three months of the year. that was up 40 percent from the same time last year. the company hauled in $58 billion in profits. its seconds best quarter ever. turning to wall street, stocks slipped slightly on monday. futures are mixed. facebook has add add video calling feature to messenger users in the u.s. and other countries worldwide. all you have to do is choose the video icon on the top right corner of the screen and you can have a face to face conversation through facebook. >> it is now 4:47 and we continue to follow breaking news out of baltimore. the city is on edge since the death of a suspect that was in police custody. >> one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts is wanted for questioning in a hit and run crash in new mexico.
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>> and a naked man took to a busy city highway in okay oklahoma causing a bit of a traffic nightmare. we'll give you details on what was going on here when "action news" comes right back. and reach for the one you deserve.
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>> ♪♪ >> good tuesday morning. time to check that pile of work zones that we've been watching during the overnight hours. good news here on the vine street expressway. the eastbound work coming off the schuylkill has cleared out. you're back to three eastbound lanes through the ongoing work zone. check that one off the list. same with the one along 95 at cottman avenue. extra overnight restrictions there have cleared out. all the ramps are reopened which is good news. still working other tacony palmyra bridge for another 10 minutes. might want to stay on the betsy ross as your alternate. let's see if they're still out there along ridge avenue in east falls. looks like maybe they're in the process of moving away. i see right there the police officer still blocking off that ramp from the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard extension to ridge avenue as the paving does continue there in the heart of east falls. hopefully they can get the ramp reopened before too long. they have not gotten south park avenue reopened in lower providence after yesterday morning's mess of an accident.
4:52 am
it remains closed between egypt road and ridge pike. maybe stay on egypt road by audubon elementary school or even down on freezing rain or up on sunny side avenue. you have options but it could cause delays through lower providence this morning. turnpike westbound past bensalem and eastbound mast morgantown has work giving us restrictions in both spots. matt and tam. >> thank you matt. we continue to follow the big breaking news this morning as we take a live look here down onto the streets of baltimore. you see police there still in their riot gear lined up after what has been a rough and chaotic night there in that city. baltimore public schools are closed today and a curfew will start at 10 o'clock tonight after a night of unrest. the police clashed with rioters yesterday on the same day as freddie gray's funeral. as the camera pans overlooks like they have formed a fail hangs here trying to i guess keep people from crossing this line holding their ground. at least 15 police officers were injured in all the
4:53 am
mayhem, two of whom went to the hospital as night fell massive fires lit up the skies. mayor stephanie rawlings blake says officials are investigating whether there's a connection between the fire nd the riots. we'll keep an eye on this and follow the story on air and online at ufc champion jon jones released on bond after turning himself in to face felony hit and run chargess in albuquerque new mexico. witnesses say jones crashed into a pregnant woman's car on sunday and then ran off. he then returned to the scene to grab cash from his rental car. officers found marijuana in the vehicle. jones is scheduled to defend his title next month in las vegas. >> a popular teacher in washington state risked his life to protect his school. he tackled a teen brought a gun to the school in lacy and was firing slots into the air yesterday. no one was injured. the teacher and the principal held down the 16-year-old until police arrived. school was canceled for the rest of the day. a college professor in
4:54 am
texas is making a bold statement by failing an entire class. irwin horowitz is a professor at texas a & m galveston. he sent an e-mail to his strategic psychiatric management class telling the students everyone would get a f. he called the class disgraceful and cites examples of cheating and inappropriate conduct. students say they were shocked and called the move ridiculous. the university says while it respects horowitz it will not allow him to fail the whole class. we'll be back
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i used to be able to have students
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come in and we do a social studies project and it was connected to language arts and it was connected to math. we educated in such an interdisciplinary way that educated the whole child. the testing shouldn't be in the driver's seat. i should be in the driver's seat. i should be directing my students in a way that's helping them make connections not just for an assessment but for life.
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>> new video of an unusual sight in tulsa oklahoma. a man walking in the buff disrupting traffic and banging on cars. someone cell phone camera caught james jackson walking confidently down the highway confronting cars shouting at drivers. at one point he was nearly hit and after giving him numerous commands a police officer fired his taser. that didn't necessarily stop jackson at first. police eventually placed him under arrest. also new the discovery of a strange mirror in the restroom of a chicago area bar. it has a two-way mirror in the women's restroom with a full view of the toilet. the controversy surface had had a comedian posted a video of it on youtube. in less than 24 hours the video had garnered more than 70,000 views. the owner of the bar describes it as a fun house mirror and says it's been there more than a decade.
4:58 am
the berwyn police department is now investigating. >> it is 4:57. more news coming up it didn't see last night. flames tear through a home in south jersey. find out what made fighting that fire even more difficult. >> and searching for signs of life. we have newly released video of an overnight rescue in earthquake ravaged nepal.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday april 28th and we are following breaking news. >> the city of baltimore is now under a state of emergency this morning as protesters continue to clash with police. >> we have new video of a miraculous rescue amidst the devastation in earthquake ravaged nepal from the issue of same-sex marriage goes before the u.s. supreme court today. the outcome could change the lives of gay couples across the country. >> word of a little more warmth today. let's go to dave murphy and matt pelman filling in for karen. >> temperatures will be popping up a little bit. as we take a look at satellite and radar you can see a little bit of cloud cover


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