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tv   Action News  ABC  May 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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on six baltimore officers charged in the murder of freddie gray and local women saying yes to a one-way trip to mars. next. (husband) let me get this. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. (wife) look who went shopping! (female announcer) every day... (grover) your chariot awaits! (announcer) ... for the rest of your life. (wife) jump on! (grover) nothing like a new mower. (wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. it was a flare-up of violence outside baltimore city hall this happened after start of 10:00 curfew there were ten
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arrest. but, until that point it had been a peaceful rally by as many as 1,000 demonstrateers celebrating today's move against six baltimore police officers. >> it is friday night. and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on the arrests of six baltimore cops. word came an hour and a half ago that all six were released on bail. the six had been charged with es ranging from assault to murder. the most serious charge is against the driver of the van transporting freddie gray april 1 during which time gray suffered a fatal injury to spine. ceasar goodson junior charged with second degree murder. city's chief prosecutor surprised most people by announcing this morning that the officers would face charges that the death of freddie gray was being ruled a homicide. and she said this to people demanding justice for freddie gray. >> i heard your call for no
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justice, no peace your peace is sincerely needed and as i worked to deliver justice oyn behalf of this young man. >> the stepfather of freddie gray represented the family this afternoon when he said they're satisfied with the charges against the officers that in his words they're important step in getting justice for freddie. it was a very different point of view from attorney representing baltimore fop. >> these officers did nothing wrong. as all of the facts surrounding this case come out in at appropriate forum the officers lack of wrong doing will be made abundantly clear. >> 100 people gathered 2 and south streets in philadelphia and then marched in support of police charges in baltimore. it was completely peaceful although there was some disruption of traffic. they called the march turn-up for baltimore. >> of the six baltimore police officers arrested one has local ties.
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and ed nero had served as volunteer firefighter in washington township, gloucester county ten years. from 2002 to 2012 and 29-year-old nero is one of the two arresting officers in yellow who eded freddie gray, held him on the ground and moved him to police van. the washington township fire chief told "action news" today nero was a solid guy and outstanding firefighter. much has been said about the so-called rough ride that freddie gray allegedly experienced after arrested. philadelphia police have been accused of giving certain criminal suspects rough rides too. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at police headquarters dann they're rough rides and expensive rides for the city. >> that's right jim, in fact victims of rough rides won millions of dollars from police across the u.s.. it's long used practice by road cops to punish suspects for whatever reasons they may have. tonight the story of one
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philadelphia man now living in new england who emerged from riot in the philadelphia police wagon with a broken neck. >> these people are public servants. we pay their wages. and there's no need to go and break people's necks. >> james mc ken awon 490,000 in a suit alleging police took him on jolting and dangerous ride unrestrained in back of police wagon. >> the brakes went on 40, 50 miles an hour and i was sliding up towards front of van. and i hit my head and shattered three vertebrae in my neck. >> mc kena and later found not guilty alleged he was taken on what police called a nickel ride a term that dates back to the days when amusements rides costs a nick. >> it's a way for police, as alleged by general public, to injury the detainees without actually laying a hand on them. >> city never admitted guilt and officers involved were never charged with a crime. in the wake of death of freddie
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gray while in the custody of baltimore police mc en a's lawyer hopes the practice comes in it tends to once and for all. >> police have to understand they're being watched and if you're being waxed you have to make sure that you're dotting i's and crossing t's, you're there to protect and toe serve. not to injury and kill by own vigilante justice. >> police administration here is reviewing practices used in police wagones to ensure safe safety of all detainees. live at police headquarters, i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thanks dann. philadelphia police officer fired a shot while pursueing a fleeing suspect tonight. the chase started near 5 and arch in west philadelphia at 5:00. officers say they spotted a man driving erratically that crashed on sidewalk and bailed out and started running. police chased him to 53 and race where an officer's gun went off during the arrest a parentally by accident. and though a witness says the
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bullet narrowly missed suspect's head. he was not hurt. >> philadelphia police also opened fire intention alley tonight. shooting pit bull that was attacking a teenager. authorities say the dog bit the 16-year-old boy in the face. and the boy is in critical condition that hour. this happened in the rear of the 200 block of hiingby street in lawncrest 7:30 tonight. >> there are developments tonight in the bridgegate scandal. federal government indicted three former allies of new jersey governor chris christie, one of the three, former port authority official david whinestein plead the guilty to deal with prosecutors saying he and the other two defendants engineered huge traffic jams at the george washington fwlij fort lee to get even with a local mayor. christie's former deputy chief of staff called wildstein a liar and said she would clear her name. a man in bristol township
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suffered unspeakable hardship this week. both from natural tragedy in napal and two horrific events at home of the manmade variety. annie mccormick is live at pioneer gas station on route 14 bristol township, annie, what's the story here? >> well, jim, he left napal because of political conflicts he had. he was hoping his wife and son would come here to the u.s.. they were reported missing during the earthquake and this week the only connection to him and his family, his phone, was stolen during armed robbery at the gas station where he works. two armed robbers hit this pioneer gas station in bristol township days apart in two separate crimes. monday around 8 naem suspect name armed with knife. he grabs attendant and watch closely as the suspect rips the victim's smart phone out of his hand. the suspect then hits cash
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register tale stealing as many bills as he k back to this image the thief may not realize when he took this victim's phone he ripped a lifeline out of his hand. >> if i get my phone there is my picture and my son. >> depack is from napal his wife and young son were reported missing in this weekend's earthquake. all his photos of them are on the iphone and smart phone is main line of communication including his family members' numbersch the week got worst wednesday 2 p.m. he was on dutiesy and another armed robber hit the store this time armed with gun he stole cash and beat him and threatened him. >> he kicked me and then he saidfy give information i kill you. >> police believe the suspects know each other. take a good look. even if they just return the phone he could have his memories
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back. now, police do believe there is also another attempted armed robbery nearby wednesday that could be related. this point, depack is working out of state. if you have any information you're urged to call bristol township police. see the contact numbers on my facebook page, twitter and reporting live in bristol township annie mccormick "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you annie. philadelphia police are investigating the theft of two cargo vehicles and while that may not sound like pressing matter on a weekend like this, it s with thousands of people packing center city for saturday's broad street run there's a fear those vehicles could be used for criminal activity. first missing vehicle is ford van and second is yellow truck. if you have any information you are urged to call police. >> and the season has ended early for the st. joe's softball team. university's probe into allegations of hazing has been completed and the rest of the
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team's season has been cancelled as a result. "action news" first reported hazing allegations including older team members forcing freshman team members to consume alcohol and perform sexually prov active acts. >> still to come on "action news" tonight a rutgers scientist warns why this could be worst allergy snn a while and on track for upgrades. government issues newman torrey safety standards for trains carrying explosive crude through philadelphia. >> and one way ticket fort red planet two local women that made a cut out of 200,000 people for a mission that means leaving earth forever. >> cecily. >> cool start to may 64 degrees. five below normal. i'm tracking a big turn around. summerlike warmth in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> and the top baby names in energy nrj have been revealed. that and more when "action news" continues tonight
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trains that carry crude oil and other flammable liquids have hire safety levels. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltzman reported on earlier this-year-old two-thirds of crude oil shipped by rail travels through our area to refineries and more than 16,000 crude oil tankers will have to be phased out or retrofitted with safer features within three years such as thicker steel walls and thermal linings to withstand fire. other deadlines such as electronic breaks to stop all the train cause at once extend into next decade and could cost industry 2.5 billion and the
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timeline they argue is too short and members of congress say it's not fast enough and leaves people in danger. >> nasa has been talking about putting people on mars for 45 years. and now one company is claiming it has the brain power the finances and re sources and thousands of volunteers to actually colonize the planet in the next few years. >> two local women are finalists for this one way ticket. the idea of never returning to earth don't really bother them. >> spice the final frontier you. >> know the moon we've been there, done that so. mars. >> because landsing on moon was so 1969 sarah director wants to go the extra 139 million miles to the red planet and never return. she's one of 100 finalists that could be chose by netherlands
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mars 1 who leave everyone and everyone behind including oxygen to leave l live permanently on mars. >> i think in some ways it will be shockingly different. but in some ways it will be exactly the same. you know yes, we're going to live in a tin cannon another planet but we're also going to you know wake up in the morning and eat breakfast. >> sounds easy enough but reality is these potential history makers face every challenge mathable no water, no food no infrastructure below zero temperatures and extraordinarily low atmospheric pressure and finding actual space droovt get them there safely. >> humanity has sent land-over rovers and highly unsuccessful at getting them to land safely. >> chief astronomer derrek pits supports idea of exploring mars and believes we're capable of
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developing necessary technology. they would accepted it up ahead of recruits in 2025 and take recruits six months to get to plan sglet it's a tremendous adventure and something we cannot avoid happening in the future. >> i would literally go down in history. >> cassandra more ofy say final list thinks she could be a lead engineer on the team consisting of 24 people. >> i've wanted to go to mars since read mars when i was like 14. we'll be the first ones there and it's mostly going to be like growing our own crops maintaining equipment. >> if cassandra and sarah make final cut they go through intensive physical, psychological and technical training and there is no guarantee that any of it will prepare them or ensure their sure vivrl. >> i'm getting really excited about. it and also really scared. >> if you are interested in becoming a mars 1 participant the foundation plans to open up
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another round of applications in the coming years. it cost applicants between $30 and $40 to apply. i'm ernest campbell, i'm earn erin o'hearn "channel 6 action news." >> allergy sufferors should get ready for a pollen blitz. one of the worst seasons in recent memory for birch and oak because lingering winter delayed beginning of blooming by at least a month. and even people with mild allergies could be really feeling it in the first few weeks of may. i think it has already begun. >> we're all losing our voice kind of unfortunately pollen outlook is not good. let me show it to you. i'm prepared right now and the pollen will in fact be high. not only through the weekend but really through next week. oak, birch and maple as jim said really main culprits and part of the problem, too, we'll be pretty dry.
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stormtracker 6 double scan showing no rain to wash the pollen out of air out there. temperatures are starting to fall into the 40s. millville, sea isle city, boardwalk and atlantic city 47. philadelphia currently 52. allentown 56, reading 55 and wilmington 5 1. satellite 6 and action radar showing low pressure that brought us oorlly flow today, cooler air, lot of clouds, that is moving along way and clouds are really breaking behind this system. and so this will lead to a partly sunny day tomorrow. a few more clouds in the afternoon and stray shower possible and temperatures warmer than today. our high today 64. 3:00 in the afternoon 72 degrees. philadelphia notice though at the shore it will be quite a bit cooler, temperatures in low 60s and sunday, we really tap into the warm air feeling a little bit like summer. 78 degrees inland on beaches pretty warm there as well. atlantic city, 72. and we'll warm up into the 80s monday and tuesday.
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so if you are running the broad street run sunday morning good luck. don't over dress. it is going to be on the warm side. mostly sun next put suncreen on not a lot of shade on the course. 58 when gun goes off 8:00 winds north, northwest 6 miles an hour little tail wind won't help much winds light 9:30, 64, 11:00, 68. while be at water stop, brian taff and -- adam joseph and brian taff will be there. beautiful weekend. 7 tomorrow. partly sunny. loads of sunshine on sunday. 78. monday a spring sizzle 84. just as warm tuesday a little more humid with possibility of late-day showers and thunderstorms. temperatures drop a little bit on wednesday 78, thursday, mostly sunny 80 friday for aberdeen dad vail regatta beautiful, dry warm, 78. only problem with the forecast the pollen.
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>> how do you know i'm not running? >> you're going to run? >> no. >> i know that. >> you with work the water stop with me mile 7 i'll buy you a donut. >> th next year can't do is it this sunday. new jersey come in the national spotlight with a spot on beyond the tank. a company in marlton stepped up to a company voteded off shark tank. they joined a new partnership. company officials family, friends, held a food and wine tasting to watch the episode.
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why are dwight evans, marian tasco and so many other leaders backing jim kenney for mayor? because jim kenney's the one they trust. jim kenney's the one with a real record of standing up for public schools and he'll bring philadelphia together.
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>> the family of a woman killed nay crash weapon bruce jener is suing jenner for wrongful death. his car collided with woman's car pushing it into traffic. kim howl died at the scene. her step children say jenner was negligent. he was not charged in the case. >> new jerseyians apparently have no interest in dropping the mic. survey of baby names found make in sale most popular boy's name notice garden state. it has been for at least the past decade according to health department records. sovr he awas tops for girls
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isabella olivia, emma and mia and boys michael matthew joseph, liam and daniel. >> 6abc was proud to be honored by league of women voters of new jersey tonight in trenton. the station received a prestigious making democracy work award for efforts to educate and engage new jersey voters. and the organization also honored our former public affairs director linda munich for her years of
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pass >> action any draft is followed by kimle and "nightline". for "action news" i'm jim gardner have a good weekend. good night
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he was right choice for right coach and taylor made offense and quarterback to lead this team to the super bowl. >> tennessee titans select mark us mariott owe. >> and the dispointment was obvious. coach chip kelly said the price to move up with was too high. >> like driving into a nice neighborhood and you say that's night and seat price and turn away. >> the move on ariota plan starts with outside wide receiver possessing big play return skills. >> as a player why not be where i get a competitive advantage. >> tonight the draft continues with rounds two and three. find out who the birds selected


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