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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 5, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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pedestrian. the pedestrian is okay, managed to get away just in time. >> probably just a little sticky. president obama is nominating marine general joseph dunford junior as the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. he is currently heading the marine corps and it's a job he started just last october. he is expected to be easily confirmed by the senate and would succeed martin dempsey. >> air force one is a white house on wings. it was sort of flying oval office, has secure meeting areas and a room for staff and press. >> i wondered what it's like for the white house press corps. from time to time you get a glimpse inside. now "nightline" with chief white house correspondent jonathan carl. he gets a rare upclose tour. >> this is on the president's reading list? >> that might be on the. ers lady's. >> inside air force one, it seems a diverse reading selection from life and style to the latest "sports illustrated." this look familiar in the flying
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oval office nearly identical to the on set version in house of cards." >> so you want me to forgive you to say it was okay? >> but for the first time under president obama, we're taking you on an exclusive all access tour of air force one. our first stop the kitchen where military chefs prepare some of the best meals in the sky. today's menu quinn wa salad hints at the healthy influence of michelle obama. >> was the menu a little different when the first lady's not flying. >> i can neither confirm nor deny. >> just down the hallway a stunning reveal. >> that's quite a sight. welcome to air force one. >> massive and spotless. every inch machine polished by hand before every flight. on the main deck our tour guide, chief master sergeant rob nation. >> this is the president's office if you will. he can come in and do any of his day to day business here. he has the capabilities same as the white house. >>en 0 every flight the
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president's personal physician. he can transform his cabin into an airborne emergency room. >> we d have defibrillators suction devices, iv pumps. >> air force one most certainly secure after all, it flies america's first family. >> i got to ask you, do you have a lot of weapons on this plane. >> the president is very well protected. >> one hollywood myth busted. >> have you ever seen the movie "air force one"? >> i have. >> totally realistic, right? >> absolutely not. there is no escape pod on board the airplane contrary to public belief. >> our tour complete we joined the crew and president obama for his 1,070th flight a trip to new york city. >> our trip ends on the tarmacing in new york. another on time an rival for air force one. >> that was interesting. you could not believe the hand polishing of the plane. >> that's the most fascinating part to me. >> polished by hand.
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>> every trip? that thing is always gorgeous. it makes sense. how much time does that take to hand polish air force one? >> there has to be more than one person responsible for that. >> only show one guy. >> my shoulder's giving out. >> air force one, i don't know. i bet more of that was accurate than they want to tell us. >> you think there's an escape pod. >> probably there's an escape pod. they can't tell us everything about the plane for security reasons. i bet they got a backup plan. >> i like the fact there's like a grill, backyard barbecue. >> seriously? we are ridiculous. you like the grill. i like the hand polishing on the most secure plane on the planet. >> hire us out. >> okay. coming up folks, the name game is over. will and kate's in you born princess now has a beautiful name. >> there you go. sure to make her whole royal family happy. you're watching
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>> okay. so britain' new princess has a name. the palace made it the highly anticipated naupsment two days after the duchess of came bring gave birth. >> the choice for her name is steeped in history. elizabethless herr with these details. >> reporter: the guessing game is over. her name is princess charlotte elizabeth diana, and for the royal buffs out there, her official title her royal highness princess chart of cambridge. >> oh. >> that is so cute. oh, my gosh. >> wow, that's the cutest little name. >> charlotte elizabeth from princess deanna and queen elizabeth. >> it is true in naming the new royal, kate and william are sticking with traditions while paying tribute to william's late mother princess diana. elizabeth is, of course, after the queen and charlotte is the feminine form of charles, her grandfather prince charles. >> i think it's super cool you know, a new princess for the family and it just adds to the
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succession and everything. i think it's a nice moment. >> the new baby is now fourth in line to the throne behind princes charles, william and george seen here over the weekend while visiting the little princess for the first time. uncle harry, while in australia, con great hated william and kate on the phone saying in a statement she is absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to meet her. as for the new parents, now that the world has met their little one, they plan to spend quiet time in their corrupt home where the queen is also set to meet the princess for the first time. elizabeth had herr abc news new york. >> name's beautiful. >> it is beautiful. they have so many people to please. i bet that was stressful choosing those names. >> seemed like they got everybody in there. it pulled everybody's heart strings to hear diana was in there. that was really great. these two okay do no wrong in my eyes. get the baby's name right. >> coming up next here behind
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♪ we've come a long way from where we began ♪ ♪ oh i'll tell you all about it when i see you again, when i see you again ♪ ♪ ♪ when i see you again ♪ >> hearing wiz khalifa from the furious 7 sound track but the other movie a lot of people got their minds on the force was with all of us yesterday. "star wars" fans are waiting for the movie. all over the world they were celebrating the movie franchise. >> the countdown continues. abc's nick watt gives us new
2:56 am
details. >> yep. right now, you're behind the scenes onstar wars" episode 7. you're welcome. there's annie liebovitz taking the pictures for "vanity fair" and our first glimpse of adam driver previously of "girls" fame commanding snow troopers loyal to the first order. judging by the dots on her face lupita knew ong go is playing a character in the force awakens produced by walt disney. >> my favorite shot is of a group of characters hanging out in the castle that is apparently owned by lupita nyong'o's character an array of space villains similar to the characters you saw in the cantina in the original "star wars." >> hang on. is that a female c 3 po looking droid? "vanity fair" give us snippets of video without sound. star wars secrets are that
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closely guard. here's j. j. abrams directing daisy ridley on a speeder in the deserts of abu dhabi. >> as i understand it what they're aiming for is you know is a new film but with some of the flavor of the older films. >> yes oscar isaacs flies an old school x wing and look hans, chuy and newbies snapped on board the millennium falcon. i think the message is clear. >> chewy, we're home. >> nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> are you ready? it's like 287 days or something like that. >> can't wait. >> no, no, i love it. >> the edge of his seat. >> is that kayna there? >> is that us for real? >> that's me. i don't know if that's you. that is you, i'm told. you should have put some -- >> closer. >> put some blonde buns. that would have helped me.
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this morning on "world news now," terror in texas. new details about the two gunmen police say were targeting a controversial convention of cartoonists displaying their images of the prophet muhammad the gunman's background and connections to terror. >> he felt he was being targeted just because of his beliefs. >> why one of the suspects has been on the fbi's radar for ten years. tension in baltimore. a miscommunication about an arrest and gunfire sends the city into a tail spin. >> people don't need to hear that and the whole city of baltimore or the whole world that it was a shooting by an officer when it wasn't. >> while the city awaits the next legal move in the freddie gray case. >> fast food wrap. a creative customer and his freestyle burger order getting
3:01 am
worldwide attention. it's in the mix" on this tuesday, march 5th. captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news this is "world news now." >> the guy's ordering his breakfast, everybody. good morning on this tuesday. i'm cane nap whit worth. >> hello to you all. i'm back t.j. holmes. >> welcome back. >> i survived las vegas. >> i heard that you kind of ran things in las vegas. >> i did not. just a small section of one hotel. no i'm kidding. but yes, back from vegas. sorry i wasn't here for your first day to be with us. kayna as you all know is kind of new to us here at abc. you're usually in l.a. >> i'm based in los angeles but i'm glad to be here and glad you're back. it was fun to watch you out there. it looked like it was sort of your arena. >> it was a work thing. >> yeah. >> but it is good to be back and my goodness no sooner than i
3:02 am
got back we got news going, of course. the breaking story, still breaking and developing out of texas. yes that attack we need to tell you about now. >> authorities right now are working to come up with a timeline and motive. they want to know exactly why these two armed men, they had assault rifles opened fire outside of a contest featuring cartoons demikting the prophet muhammad. >> one of the suspects was on the fbi radar ten years. elizabeth herr has the details. >> a gun battle between two suspected terrorists armed with assault rifles and a texas traffic cop with just a pistol ended with the officer killing both men. >> he did what he was trying to do. he did a very good job. and probably saved lives. >> reporter: it happened outside this convention center. inside hundreds attending a contest for cartoons of the prophet muhammad drawings considered offensive to many muslims. the shooting initially prompting
3:03 am
confusion as captured in this live stream of the event. >> who? >> shots, gunfire. >> shots just got fired. >> we don't know that for i an fact. >> i think i better wrap it up. >> the suspects with elton simpson seen in this selfie obtained by abc news and his roommate, na dirder soofi from this phoenix neighborhood. the fbi says they've been watching simpson for ten years. he was put on the no fly list. >> he felt he was being targeted because of his religious beliefs. >> reporter: turning to islam after a car crash killed his college basketball dreams simpson began tweeting had is growing frustrations writing in march, soon you won't be able to live in america as a muslim. the noose is tightening. then this just minutes before the attack. may allah accept us as mujahadin. the texas officer now hailed a hero was shot in the leg but fortunately, we are told he has since been treated abreleased
3:04 am
and is now recovering at home. t.j. and kayna, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you so much. we turn back to new york now where the nypd is mourning the death of one of its own. take a look at this image. this is the ambulance that carried carried his body away from the hospital. you see police there saluting officer brian moore, badge number 469. he was just 25 years old. he was shot on saturday by a man he had stopped to question. people arrested demeettristious blackwell. the charges include first degree murder. moore is the first nypd to ob killed in the line of duty since december when is two officers were gunned down. >> the family of a boy killed about i police in cleveland is demanding answer. ta mir rice was slot and killed last november while carrying a toy gun. the responding officer fired within two seconds after arriving on the scene. a videotape re-enactment has
3:05 am
been made by the police department. >> no one has been charged, no one has been held accountable for death of 12-year-old ta mir rice and it breaks his mother's heart. >> tamir's mother hasn't been able to bury son and reportedly moved into a homeless shelter to get away from the park where he died. the family is asking their civil suit against the officers involved go forward with or without the results i've criminal investigation. >> tension still running high in baltimore after the last week's riot. there was a flare up yesterday involving a police officer, black suspect and a gunshot. police quickly broke up an angry crowd saying officers never fired a weapon and nobody was injured. steve osunsami explains. >> crowds gathered when word spread that police had gunned down an unarmed black resident but the president of the naacp add the scene said there was not
3:06 am
another shooting and the spread of faulty information was dangerous. >> people don't need to hear that in the whole city or the world world that it was a shooting by an officer when it wasn't. >> police spotted a man with an open weapon on streetside surveillance cameras. when they went to make an arrest they say he surrendered face first to the ground but say when he dropped his gun it fired. no one hurt. >> he is not injured. nowhere on his body does he have a gunshot wound. >> was he taken to the hospital. >> yes. >> the charge issues against the six police officers for the death of freddie gray have felt like medicine to the streets here. various charges ranging from misconduct in office to second degree murder. two big questions, are the charges against them too severe and will they hold up in court. >> proving all of these charges is anything other than a slam-dunk. being able to show that the conduct was reckless opposed
3:07 am
spoke engine negligent is a at all order for the prosecution. >> the national guard is still going home as planned. families are hoping praying the peace holds. steve osunsami abc news baltimore. >> hillary clinton will answer questions about the benghazi attack but will just do this once instead of twice. the attack on the u.s. consulate led to the death of four americans. clinton agreed to testify about the use of her private e-mail account during the hearing later this month. congressional republicans asked for two separate hearings. clinton says one will be just fine. >> another republican will jump into the presidential race today. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is expected to announce his candidacy. he also ran for president in 2008. yesterday, dr. ben carson and former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina threw their hats in the ring, as well. neither has held public office before. >> this is a poi votal point in our nation. it's reasonable to look outside
3:08 am
the political class that's been in washington for a really long time. >> running on her business record but also as the anti-hillary candidate. seasoned politicians ted cruz rand paul and marco rubio have already jumped in and jeb bush is expected to announce, as well. >> aren't they all anti-and the hillary candidates at this point? new hampshire. you're going to be hearing a lot about it. the nation's first presidential primary but can any of these candidates are they any tougher than this guy? this is 95-year-old guy named arthur. this past saturday he fended off a robber while walking home from a pharmacy. somebody tried to rob a 95-year-old guy who had a cane. the guy tried to take his wallet so he hit him with the cane. came bris says next time he will not just have the cane with him. >> my .357 magnum will be with me all the time when i'm alone because i cannot protect myself other than the cane.
3:09 am
>> sounds like the cane is working just fine. kambers is a world war ii vet. he says he wishes had he his phone during the incident. he would have called the police station just a block away. >> clearly he can handle himself with a cane. >> cane's working just fine. >> 357 next time. >> today is the 5th of may which means that yesterday was may fourth. that's how the numbers work. >> sharp cookie. >> now i can say may the fourth be with you. you missed out on that yesterday. >> thank you. what? celebrating of all things "star wars." it extended to the aquarium. in new orleans. scuba divers doing bat with light save in other words one of the thanks there. >> you just have to wait and see what them have planned for the new movie's debut in december. >> can't wait. also can't wait for the mix".
3:10 am
a neighborhood uproar to tell you about. what happens when the guy next door makes his own volcano. and the lotto mystery. see what happened when a clerk handed over 75 bucks for a winning ticket worth 75,000. was it just an honest mistake? >> we're talking about cinco de mayo. you celebrate with margaritas is the norm for me. some people like to throw in gawk mole. delicious gawk mole made three ways. >> check out abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information call this number now.
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all right. check this out. this is a robbery at a grocery store in oklahoma city. the suspect pointing a gun at the store owner stealing cash from the register. when the robber tries to leave, the owner pushes a button locking the door. he locked himself inside with the robber who just held him up with a gun. now eventually he's allowed out after threatening the owner's life. he got away with 100 bucks. they are now looking for that guy. >> that's an interesting tactic. rock bottom gas prices appear to be a thing of the past as more americans hit the road. the average price for a gallon of gas nationwide is $2.66, up 9 cents since last week. but california drivers are now paying around $4 a gallon with crude oil prices up 34% since march due to supply issues. drivers can expect an upward trend through the summer.
3:15 am
timing is everything. >> the story we're trying to figure out in the commercial break. this lottery mystery has a bit of a twist to it. a man buys a scratchoff ticket at a gas station in l.a. the cashier gives him 75 bucks. >> the clerk realizes he should have given him $75,000 and puts you the out an apb. now the story gets crazy. we'll let matt gutman explain it. >> surveil lan cameras capture this man cashing in. after scratching off a straight flush on there wild west lottery ticket. the prize for that win should have been a whopping $75,000. but the clerk behind the counter only gives him 75 bucks. the store telling abc news when it realized its mistake, it released the surveillance video and a good thing because that winner an undercover inspector from the california lottery. the man with the backwards cap and the golden ticket was
3:16 am
actually testing the store to see if it would give him his wings. it doesn't always happen. the florida lottery finding some convenience store owners pocketing winner's cash prompting them to launch a statewide investigation into store owners just last june. discovering that nine of the top ten florida scratch off winners were convenience store owners while many of those may have been legitimate it does raise concern. i met one store owner who is so winning he's bagged an astounding six jackpots in a single day. he has not been charged with a crime. >> so the low toe officials say you've won 38 times for $50,000. >> in four years maybe. >> how much have you put into it do you think? >> maybe 60 or 70. >> whatever you spend, is just remember to sign your ticket. matt gutman abc news miami. >> okay. >> those are the rules. >> buy a lottery ticket or open a convenience store. i'm not sure the moral of that story. >> if you open a store, make
3:17 am
sure you have several lottery tickets i guess is what we're doing. >> coming up later in the next half hour the super bowl of fashion. the met gala and the world's biggest stars showcasing some of the wildest dresses you will ever see. all the trends from the red carpet later in the skinny." >> first of, sin codimaio. besides a case of corona we'll show you how to create your own guacamole next in
3:18 am
wó i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. my goodness. oh we love having some kayna around. it's cinco de mayo. if you plan on celebrating mexican culture, make sure you've got good food. >> freshly made guacamole is a must. we head into the insomniac kitchen with trina to see how it's done.
3:19 am
>> hey, it's cinco de mayo. we're here to great with chef angela la sosa showing us how to make guacamole. >> we'll make the signature guacamole. jalapeno red onion, lime and cilantro. just a pinch of love. how does that sound? >> sounds perfect. >> we want to take half the quack mole match it -- >> let a woman do it. so we've got the mashed guacamole. >> what's next. >> spicy. >> sure. >> add a little cilantro. add some red onion. look at the color pop. beautiful red, the greens. because it's important that you get that acidity, the spiciness of the jalapeno. i'm going to give you a taste. you don't mind if i feed you, do you? that was easy. >> mm. that's good.
3:20 am
>> what do we need? more jalapeno more lime more love? >> a little more love. >> let me just get that over here. add a little bit more love. a bench of that a dabble of this. here we have fresh chips. we season the chips with a beautiful chipotle salt. >> get in there. mm. mm. >> now we're going to take some pineapple. fresh pineapple, go to the market. smell it. feel it. you can smell sweetness in pineapple. >> pineapple in guacamole. >> okay. i want to drizzle a little bit of this in your mouth. taste that. >> mm. >> super sweet. how does it get that brown color. >> that's the chipotle. >> that's heat. >> that's a little spicy. >> whoo. >> it's getting hot in here. >> i like it. i like it. so we have chipotle. okay? which is smoky and a little hot. pineapple that we cook in
3:21 am
chipotle and a little sugar. that's it into pineapple with a little bit of heat and sweetness. love it. >> exactly. voila. >> goes right in. >> then we're going to add a little color. >> this is cheese. >> that is cheese. yep. queso fresco which is fresh cheese. i can't wait for you to taste this one. do you mind? could i feed you? >> oh please. >> mm. this is yummy. >> wow, we haven't seen trina since she shot that piece. a lot of feeding going on. but go ahead. you're a big guacamole fan. >> i am. they sent us all this guacamole. this is the one they were talking a lot about. this one has pineapple in it also and cheese and you're not doing this. >> you're the expert here. >> i like the guacamole. i'll try the one with pineapple. i don't know. it has jalapeno in it, too.
3:22 am
that one has pomegranate. >> that's good or bad. >> it's good. >> that's the point of the pineapple. >> that one has pomegranate. . re-nuked. and re-baked. and when leftovers are done... there's always stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean calls dibs on those. it powers through tough, dried-on messes in seconds. even 48 hour stuck-on food. so go ahead, triple that recipe! a drop of dawn and grease is gone. ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula not only cleans and freshens but also softens your carpet so it's always inviting. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you.
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pampers all right. we start "the mix" with a guy who came up with a creative way to order at mcdonald's. he rapped it. hear this guy. kind of impressive. [ rapping ] let me get a burger with a slice of cheese. i want two of those. >> okay. i don't know who he's ordering for but he's catering an event of some kind. we don't know much about this guy. some people are saying hey, he's clearly trying to get attention. he got it. maybe as a career later. they laugh and got a kick out of it. fairly impressive. it takes skill to be able to do that. they say it's freestyle.
3:26 am
probably not. impressive. >> there's some writing in there. i feel like people in line were saying dude just not at breakfast. we all need our coffee. >> so this is an example probably of why i don't do yard work because you get a little bit board and then you do things like this. so they're calling it a volcano. but basically, this kid took all the stuff from his yard that he was supposed to clean up and then put it into their little outdoor oven and used the leaf blower and made a fire and made a volcano and probably never got asked to do yard work again by mom and dad. >> the kid did this? >> uh-huh. >> young man. we'll go with young man. >> that could be a lot of things. >> broaden the spectrum for you. now there's actual flames coming out the top. >> should we say don't try that at home. >> yes, please don't. >> we thought it would be understood. kids say the darndest things.
3:27 am
over to the uk where an outlet collected these letter the funny kids say. mom, i love you more than rainbows and buttercups and wings of butterflies. i love you more than cow. here's another one saying sorry i bought too much spongebob episodes. i want you to have this. that's cute. >> like a quarter. >> yeah. but these kids say the darndest -- here's one more. thank you for the baby brother but what i prayed for was a puppy. that was a letter a kid wrote directly to god. one more we want to show you this picture. >> maybe you want a puppy or cat that looks had mighty concerned. this is stinking cute. those marks on that cat's face are not drawn on. it was born like that. it looks like eyebrows. it looks all scared and concerned. they named it gary after gary barlow because when he sings he does that with his eyebrows. animals that have people names
3:28 am
is hysterical into what's the
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," new details about the two men shot dead outside a cartoonists convention in texas. their connections to terror and why the fbi has been following one of the suspects for years. >> safety questions for big city police departments after another new york cop dies from gunshot wounds. the dangerous trend and the deep sorrow. >> suing starbucks. a police officer given a free cup of coffee spills it. burns himself. so how did this case end up in court? >> and later in "the skinny," fashion showdown from eye popping headdresses to see through fabrics. we're taking you to new york's biggest fashion event of the year where "a" listers spared no expense to get noticed. it's tuesday may 5th. captions paid
3:31 am
for by abc, inc. abc news,s this "world news from abc news,s this "world news now." >> i feel extremely underdressed. >> no, you're dressed appropriately. >> overdressed perhaps. >> you're good. >> good morning. i'm kayna whitworth. reena is on assignment. >> let us welcome kayna. i wasn't here yesterday. good to have you here with us. we've been looking forward to this. hello, folks, i'm back now. t.j. holmes here. we have to start with that attack outside a muhammad cartoon contest. you're hearing that right. this happened near dallas. two gunmen involved in this attack now dead. no bombs found in their car which has been removed from outside the hall where this so-called contest was taking place. >> local and federal authorities are trying to piece together a timeline. they're tracing movements of the suspects who were killed by a local policeman and one of those suspects was well-known to the fbi as abc's brian ross reports. >> the fbi acknowledged it had 30-year-old elton simpson, the man in this selfie obtained by abc news, under scrutiny as a
3:32 am
possible terrorist for the last ten years. simpson grew up in a christian family in this phoenix neighborhood. he told friends that an automobile accident ended his chances of playing basketball in college and led him to allah. >> we're still in shock and disbelief that this could happen. >> five years ago, the fbi arrested simpson for attempting to join an al qaeda group in somalia. he was convicted of lying to fbi agents, only sentenced to probation but put on the no fly list and became increasingly upset, according to his lawyer. >> he just felt like he was being targeted just because of his religious beliefs. >> over the last few months, simpson sent repeated twitter messages obtained by abc news about his growing dismay with his country. soon, you won't be able to live in america as a muslim. the noose is tightening, he wrote on march 14th. on april 15th, he wrote, time is short. on april 23rd, he wrote of the upcoming cartoon drawing event
3:33 am
in texas. when will they ever learn. and then just minutes before the attack that would lead to his death and that of his roommate simpson sent this twitter message that he and a bro had pledged loyalty to isis. may allah accept us as mujahadin, he wrote. >> officials say he was not under 24 hour surveillance even though the fbi was aware of the same troubling social media messages obtained by abc news. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and baltimore still on edge over freddie gray's death. tensions erupting once again, but this time it was sparked by a false report. a large crowd gathered as word spread that a black man had been shot by police, but police made it clear they didn't fire any shots. they say a suspect's gun accidentally went off while they were taking him into custody, but no one was injured. a community leader at the scene warned against spreading wrong information.
3:34 am
>> people don't need to hear that and the whole city of baltimore or the whole world that it was a shooting by an officer when it wasn't. >> police managed to quickly defuse tensions after the incident. national guard troops will continue to withdraw from the city. >> a new york police officer shot in the line of duty on saturday has now died. the nypd says his attacker wasn't motivated by politics he was just "a professional criminal." abc's linsey davis reports. >> new york city police once again grieving the loss of one of their own, touching the van bearing the body of 25-year-old new york police officer brian moore, pronounced dead monday after being shot in the face saturday evening as he allegedly pulled up in an unmarked car to question this man, 35-year-old demetrius blackwell. >> he comes from a police family. father, uncle, cousin. >> we are certainly for the people of this city pray for them, pray for brian. >> moore is the third new york city police officer killed in the line of duty in the last six months.
3:35 am
the fifth shot at in as many months. highlighting the dangers of the job at a time when tensions are high in different cities across the country over deaths at the hands of police. >> when you see a tragedy like this, it should be a reminder just how difficult, demanding and dangerous the job of being a police officer can be. >> reporter: blackwell is a self-proclaimed hell raiser with a lengthy rap sheet. he's already served seven years in prison for attempted murder after shooting at a car driven by a man he had robbed at gunpoint. just this past december, two officers, wenjian liu and rafael ramos, were killed as they sat in their patrol car on their luch break when 2-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley walked up to the vehicle and shot both officers in the head. moore was in this new york neighborhood on saturday as apart of a detail targeting illegal guns when he was shot. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> sentencing phase of the boston marathon bombing trial is expected to last another two weeks.
3:36 am
and in court yesterday, dzhokhar tsarnaev showed emotion for the first time. he appeared to cry while his aunt briefly took the stand. she was unable to finish testifying because she became so emotional. in all, his defense team called five relatives to the stand, three cousins and two aunts. all of them said they had not seen him in 13 years. >> prosecutors in the movie theater massacre trial are trying to show that james holmes was sane when he opened fire and played a tape of him being questioned by police after the shootings in which he asks, there weren't any children hurt, were there? witnesses testified he tried to join a gun range in the weeks leading up to the shooting. >> the family of an suv driver killed in a new york commuter rail accident plans to sue the ray road. ellen brody died when her vehicle was struck by a train in february. five passengers on the train were also killed. the suit claims that that crossing is known to be dangerous and it should have been replaced years ago. the ntsb is still investigating
3:37 am
the cause of that accident. also, the faa urged to make changes to avoid dangerous mistakes. listen to this. in the last three years, five u.s. planes have landed at the wrong airport. and in one case, the runway was so small, that the boeing 747 couldn't turn around. aviation safety experts say all of the incidents were preventable. and they were air traffic control errors. they happened when there were several airports within a few miles of each other. >> the saudis are still pounding targets in yemen as they consider a cease-fire to allow humanitarian aid. saudi led air strikes took aim at airports across yemen yesterday. they've been locked in a battle against rebels loyal to the exiled president. so far more than 2400 people have been killed in the conflict, many of them civilians. >> a couple volcanoes to tell you about. one recently erupted in southern chile. scientists say it's showing significant activity. it's similar to what happened right before the three eruptions that have taken place since april 22nd.
3:38 am
they're not ruling out another eruption and say the 6500 forced out of their homes need to stay away. and in hawaii now, the kilauea volcano put on quite a show. lava rocks and gas flying through the air after a partial collapse of a crater wall. so that collapse triggered the explosion and the last time molten lava was visible in the crater was back in 1982. there hasn't been a lake of lava like there is right now since 1974. >> several cars were underwater after flash flooding hit parts of kansas during the evening commute. up to six inches fell around the town of manhattan. that's where kansas state university is. they tweeted out that most of the campus was impassable because of those floodwaters and get, yes, more rain tomorrow. >> a police officer in raleigh, north carolina, is suing starbucks after spilling a free cup of coffee on his lap. lieutenant matthew core claims he was badly burned when the lid
3:39 am
popped off his cup in 2012. so he says the incident caused so much stress that it activated his crohn's disease. many starbucks customers say the company is not at fault. >> it's a tough predicament i think when something like that happens, especially given it was a free cup of coffee. i think they were trying to go out of their way and do something good for somebody that's putting their life on the line of duty every day. >> the officer's wife is part of the lawsuit claiming the loss of her intimate partner. >> stop it. >> it gets better and better. >> you made that story up. that is impossible. >> you cannot make that kind of stuff up. >> it was mcdonald's decades ago. they won that suit, right, when he somebody dropped -- but is he saying they should have put the lid on or the coffee was too hot? >> i think it's both. the coffee burned him. the lid popped off. the thing is, it was a free cup of coffee. the barista was trying to do something nice. >> it's coffee. it's hot. >> he didn't order like an iced. >> there was not an injury. there was stress.
3:40 am
it's not like he burned himself. he was stressed by the incident. >> i think you should testify in this trial. i feel you have a lot to say. >> you don't want meet in that one. let's go to mexico. a small town there -- they're doing something more fun down there. they broke a guinness world record. this is the largest ever amount of freshly squeezed orange juice. nearly 400 people pitched in for the annual orange fair to beat the previous record. >> volunteers took 7,716 pounds of oranges, squeezed 282 gallons of juice, poured into a giant glass. local farmers donated the oranges and afterwards, everyone drank the results. so how many bottles of champagne do you need to make a mimosa? >> let's get that record holder. we're good. we've got "the skinny" coming your way. the veteran late night host getting presidential attention and also justin timberlake like you have never seen him before.
3:41 am
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we got a mess here, folks. this is along mexico's west coast. beach run restaurants cleaning up after pounding surf came ashore. waves up to 12 feet chasing tourists off the beach. hundreds of people in local communities have been forced out of their homes, as well. got the same deal further up the coast in southern california to show you here, but some folks having a good time with it. in particular we're talking about surfers here. super gnarly surf. that's a direct quote from one of the guys out there.
3:45 am
waves so strong, look at this, actually cause the a 26-foot boat to the go aground. high surf advisories in effect through today. >> sophia vergara has never backed down in this battle over her frozen embryos she created with her former fiance. >> but now we're hearing from her. she's explaining herself in a lot more detail and taking questions. who has the law on their side in this debate? here now abc's rebecca jarvis. >> sophia vergara, star of abc's "modern family" speaking out about her ex, nick loeb. >> i don't hate him. obviously he has a problem with me. >> breaking her silence about the battle over their frozen embryos. lobe has gone public saying he wants to bring them to term. he does not. >> you guys break up and you say i'm not involved with you anymore. >> can you blame me. >> i can't blame you. by the way, a child needs a mother. >> and a loving -- more than a mother, it needs a loving
3:46 am
relationship of parents, you know, that get along. >> she says this is all spelled out in their contract with the fertility clinic. legal papers vergara says her ex not only signed once but twice. >> two times and suddenly now you want to change your mind? >> vergara is moving right along, stopping by the ellen show to celebrate her engagement to heartthrob joe manganiello. >> i mean i'm so lucky. i couldn't believe it. >> now as much as she would like to move on, there is a legal battle ahead. nick loeb is suing her in california court. but the legal experts we spoke to say these contracts are pretty airtight. it is very unlikely that they would be overturned. t.j., kayna. >> that is clearly far from over. don't go anywhere. "the skinny" is up next. "world news now" continues after this fro
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ okay. so right to it here. last night's met gala known as the super bowl of fashion, theme was china this year through the looking glass. >> so sarah jessica parker translated that into this. >> lit her hair on fire. >> fiery headdress developed by phillip tracy. you can imagine twitter had a good time with this one. >> lady gaga walking the red
3:49 am
carpet for the first time. did not disappoint. this ensemble included 14,000 feathers. >> of course it did. rihanna went big. now many giving her the victory for the night. yellow fur trimmed cape taking one chinese designer two years to make this thing by hand. >> oh, my gosh. >> gold seemed to be a trend and ann hathaway on the left in a bit of a hooded number, sort of looks like she's in the new "star wars." i didn't realize she had been cast. kate hudson and jessica chastain look radiant in the gold. >> that would be a jedi outfit. that gold thing she's wearing. the clooneys are always banging. george matching amal's red gown with his pocket square and the wests, another duo you see kanye there with the big smile on his face as always. >> he's happy to be there. >> so heads turning with this very unique printed mini dress. i don't know.
3:50 am
>> we go through all that. show them how it's done. beyonce was fashionably late and she was fashionable. she posted these pics to instagram of her revealing givenchy, is that right? >> this is a team effort around here. >> let's move on from that, shall we? only about a dozen shows left for david letterman. last night he had a very high profile guy on the chair. you know that guy. the president joined letterman on stage for what will be his last interview of a president as host of the "late show." >> their discussion had a pretty wide range from issues of race, the protests in baltimore to then a candid admission by the president regarding the first lady's popularity. >> i know you like michele a little bit more than me, which is okay. >> she was here last week. >> i know. and a sure you you are not alone but -- >> the two also discussed plans for their retirement which included playing dominos against each other.
3:51 am
>> the interview ended with the president and letterman sharing admiration for each other. the president thanking letterman on behalf of the american people for making us all laugh. >> the competition on dancing with the stars. fierce last night. couples pulled out all the stops to try and avoid a double elimination. >> nastia liukin started with a game of thrones inspired dance. she's earning straight nines from the judges. for her second performance, we saw the injured derek now on his feet for the slower parts. this dance earned them a perfect score. >> a pair of near perfect scores, 39 for both dances with his partner allison. >> at the top of the leaderboard, rumer willis been leading this thing on a lot of this thing. showing us once again why she's the odds-on favorite to win getting perfect tens for both of her dances. the one-hour results show airs tonight. finally justin timberlake, the guy can sing, dance, act and transform into citrus fruit. >> that's creepy.
3:52 am
a new dad apparently wants to scare his child with this commercial. he plays -- the commercial is for tequila. re-nuked. and re-baked. and when leftovers are done... there's always stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean calls dibs on those. it powers through tough, dried-on messes in seconds. even 48 hour stuck-on food. so go ahead, triple that recipe! a drop of dawn and grease is gone. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason.
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♪ ♪ . >> playing violin too? >> no. >> wouldn't have been surprised though. the great kate wait is over. the royal baby has arrived and she has a name. >> the oddsmakers laid out their picks for will and kate's second child. speculation is over. the princess has a name. here is abc's bob woodruff. >> fire. fire. >> the speculation about the royal baby's name ended with the announcement via twitter. charlotte elizabeth diana, her royal highness princess charlotte of cambridge. all three of the names have connections to the baby's parents' families. charlotte a female version of william's dad's name prince charles who said he was hoping for a baby girl. elizabeth is kate's mother's middle name and, of course, the
3:56 am
baby's great grandmother, queen elizabeth ii and diana for william's mother the late princess of wales. >> i think that was about them having respecting tradition but also then choosing something that was from the heart. >> this baby princess is not the first royal charlotte. 200 years ago, king george iii had a wife named queen charlotte. the late princess diana's brother lord charles spencer tweeted that his 2-year-old daughter charlotte diana will be thrilled about sharing names with her new cousin. bob woodruff, abc news, london. >> i'm sorry, y'all. i'm just getting back from vegas. we knew kayna was coming. i hated i couldn't be here yesterday. on your first day to hang out. >> you bailed on me. >> i'm learning about you through this process this morning. our viewers we want you to learn about kayna. >> good. >> whit worth, as well. >> the most boring person in the world. >> look how exciting >> i have a cute dog.
3:57 am
>> where is it? >> oh this is his halloween costume. she's a ram. >> my word. i went to colorado state. we're the rams. >> i'll give you that. >> that's her hiking in massachusetts with me. >> i didn't know that was your front yard. >> that's mom. that's me and mom hiking machu picchu. >> that's my little brother. >> that's me. >> i'm sorry. >> i thought these were recent children. >> no. >> what's happening here? you have a cheerleading background. >> no, i do not have a cheerleading background. i did gymnastics as a kid. this is learning how to be lucky the mascot, the celtics mascot. i learned how to be a mascot for a day. >> what was your specialty? you said you were a gymnast. >> i liked floor. i played lacrosse in college. i was more into those things. i was not a cheerleader. >> why don't we have any lacrosse video? >> i wasn't very good. not very good at anything.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning -- deadly plot. new details emerge about the attempted attack on a cartoon exhibit in texas. what the fbi already knew about one of the gunmen. and the traffic cop who put a stop to their plans. record rain causing screens like this. cars surrounded by water. deep enough to cover doors. bottles of soda flying off a truck, barrelling for a man running for safety. zprnchts plus the met ball. glamorous gowns. rihanna's garb that shut down the red carpet and beyonce's barely there dress.


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