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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, chilling plot. the boston terror suspects and their alleged plans to kill launching knife attacks against a woman and police officers. plus, new concerns about isis influencing americans. tracking a hurricane churning up the seas aiming right towards a tourist hub and heavy rain and hail in the heartland where the severe weather is right now. scandal. the duggars talking about their son josh opening up about his public confession that's threatening the family's reputation and their reality show. and major makeover for america's iconic doll. the newest barbie has a big change. look closely. can you spot it?
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and good thursday morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm kayna whitworth in for reena ninan. we start with new details on the boston terror suspect shot by police and what he was allegedly planning. police shot and killed usaama rahim tuesday after they say he lunged at them with a large knife. >> but this morning we are learning he was plotting to kill this woman, pamela geller. she's the controversial activist who organized that draw mohammed competition but changed his plans targeting police officers instead. >> authorities learned just how close usaama rahim may have been to attacking or even beheading police officers in boston. 25-year-old david wright rahim's nephew was charged with conspiracy wednesday. wright aided rahim who was shot and killed by officers in this boston parking lot after lunging at them with a knife. video of the confrontation was shown to community and religion
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us leaders in boston. >> he wasn't shot in the back. >> according to the complaint rahim told wright about the knife in a cell phone conversation saying allegedly i just got myself a nice little tool. good for carving. wright later telling rahim something was like thinking with your head on your chest as both men laughed. a reference the fbi believes to beheading propaganda videos made by isis. the fbi is investigating hundreds of potential sympathizers in all 50 states. >> we are monitoring them very closely for any type of action any type of overt steps, any mobilization factors and when we see those, we're not taking the chance. >> many isis supporters around the world share communication and public view on sites such as twitter but some are using social media platforms and dark site tass allow them to shield their messages from authorities. the white house sharing those concerns. >> there is an opportunity for us in the mind of the president to work with the tech sector on this.
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the threat that he's worried about is sort of the lone wolf threat. >> investigators believe that isis has actually thousands of people out there putting out propaganda in iraq and syria putting out videos and messages online just about every day and many of those posts are in english. so now to the widening investigation into how an army lab in utah mistakenly sent live anthrax, some of those samples sent by fedex. officials now revealing that the anthrax spores went to 51 labs in the u.s. and three foreign countries, far more than had been previously acknowledged. they say there's no threat to public health but 31 people are taking antibiotics as a precaution. another southern california beach has been closed because of tar balls washing ashore. sticky mess started showing up four miles of sand in long beach that becomes the third beach to be closed for this same reason. not clear if the tar is from the oil spill up coast near santa
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barbara. two deadly bus crashes, they involved buses and trucks colliding on highways in two different states. first of all in eastern pennsylvania three people killed when a tractor trailer caused in oncoming traffic and slammed into a charter bus. the bus was carrying italian tourists to niagara falls. so powerful it was sheared in half. you can see right there. >> it was havoc. people covered in blood and just mayhem everywhere a mess. >> the bus driver among the dead. more than a dozen others injured four critically. similar scene playing out west of houston, texas, two people were killed ten injured as a bus plowed into the back of a flatbed trailer. witnesses say it all happened in a construction area when traffic came to a stop. the bus was going from laredo texas, to north carolina and the bus driver in this crash also killed. new details in the murder of a family inside their washington, d.c. mansion. investigators taking a second look at the assistant who delivered $40,000 in cash to the
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house. police say jordan wallace has changed his accounts of that delivery several times and found a new important clue. a boot print and apparently a broken lock that you're seeing here. investigators trying to find the victim's cell phones as well. they've apparently disappeared from the house. we turn to cleveland, the investigation into the death of tamir rice the 12-year-old boy shot by a white police officer while he was holding a fake gun. the sheriff's office turned over its findings to prosecutors. they're expected to present the case to a grand jury to determine if criminal charges should be filed against the officer involved. rice was shot in november, two seconds of athe police cruiser pulled up. also in madison, wisconsin, police officer in another racially charged shooting has been cleared by his department now. an internal investigation found officer matt kenny did not violate its deadly force policy in the shooting death of tony robinson unarmed 19-year-old black man. kenny says robinson struck him in the head and feared he would take his gun.
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prosecutors declined to file charges so he is free to return to work. a couple of new presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail starting with former rhode island governor lincoln chaffee. he announced he's seeking the democratic nomination. he refused to rule out talks with isis and a switch to the metric system he's proposing. rick perry expected to announce today. the former texas governor ran in 2012. recently perry has been traveling to iowa and other early voting states. perry's aides say today's event will be attended by prominent veterans as well as the wife of american sniper chris kye. hurricane blanca is picking up steam. it's a category 4 but on track to become a category 5 by the time it affects popular vacation spots on the coast. tropical storm andreas is weakening turning to a tropical
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depression later. a severe storm pounding denver some with hail posted on twitter showing the hail ranging from quarter size to baseball size of the today's forecast calls for more of the same in the area. storms with damaging wind and another dose of hail. wet weather on tap for much of the east coast from georgia and florida to just north of washington, d.c. rain could be especially heavy in the carolinas where more than 2 inches could fall. still ahead now for the first time reality stars, the duggars are talking about the molestation scandal surround their family. a takedown. man walks into a restaurant claiming he's going to blow the place up. employees step in. plus that's boats in the mud. the dock seemingly out of place. a town baffled after their lake vanished.
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you see those firefighters -- hey, get out of here. we deal with fire. we don't deal with this bull. a delicate rescue operation, they had reason to scatter. that's a 1500-pound bull. they tried to hoist it to safety. the bull fell into an abandoned well in atlanta. took hours to free him. he was not injured. no firefighters injured either. we turn to the flight attendant who refused to serve an unopened can of soda. united airlines apologized in which the atent and told ahmad she couldn't have an unopen can of diet coke. the flight attendant said because she might use it as a weapon. it sparked outrage and a threat by many to boycott the airline. southwest airlines and their
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72-hour airfare sale is so popular it jammed the website. the customers trying to book tickets are seeing a message saying system alert, sales causing high demand. try again soon. you try to book on the phone, even worse. you have to wait sometimes up to an hour. the sale continues until 11:59 tonight includes one-way fares as low as $49. you can see why that's so popular. another telecommunication mega megamerger might in the work. dish network and t mobile in talks to become one company. one of the sticking points appears to be what cash and stock will be part of the deal. this comes as at&t is close to wrapping up its deal to buy directv which is a rival for dish. the merger talk was first reported by "the wall street journal." nfl is teaming up with yahoo to stream an entire regular season game online. that will be the bills against the jaguars. why would you want to see that? it's going to be from london. going to be on sunday october 25th. the first time a game will be
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streamed live in its entirety by an online outlet. now, no official word here about how much yahoo! will have to pay but reports are that they're paying $20 million to do so so it's a first, a big deal. >> see how the bills and jaguars handle that really important job, all right. when we come back a lunch lady fired claims she was let go for giving hungry students free lunches. what the district is saying. a wild first game in the stanley cup final. a big-time comeback. the chicago blackhawks just stole one. esurance was born online. which means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools so you only pay for what's right for you which saves money. they settle claims quickly which saves time, which saves money.
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all right, turns out raccoons not crazy about the rain either. can you make that out? taking refuge under a decorative concrete umbrella part of her mailbox. s that a funny picture. okay. i'll give you this one many only one of three of those critters she saw during the rainstorms. her dog ended up scaring two away but another said, hey, i'm sticking around. rain ain't for me. >> did you know it will be that cute. >> i didn't want to go with cute raccoons. >> in that photo. >> that's a cute raccoon. i'll let you have this. if you're about to head out this morning plan on wet roads along much of the northern tier
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with flooding from the dakotas to the great lakes and carolinas. >> a lot of contact roones under umbc umbrellas. expected delays in charlotte, denver and kansas city if you're flying. the conservative christian parents from "19 kids and counting" speaking out for the first time since the molestation scandal erupted involving their old est oldest o son. >> they told fox news they were devastated when he told hem he had repeatedly fondled young girls including four of his own sisters. but they said josh was still a kid. they insisted he is not a pedophile or rapist. >> again, this was not rape or anything like that. this was like touching somebody over their clothes. there were a couple incidents where he touched them under their clothes but it was like a few seconds and then he came to us and was crying and told us
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what happened and it was after that third time he came to us is where we really felt like you know what we have done everything we can as parents to handle this in-house. we need to get help. >> the duggars say they sought counseling for josh and their daughters. they later went to police. he was never charged. tlc has pulled the show from the lineup but hasn't canceled it. >> all right. and let's show you now a restaurant in oregon. surveillance video, the guy comes in puts a box on the counter and tells the worker it's a bomb and demanded cash. another worker comes in sees what's up breaks up this attempt helping drag the guy to the floor and called the cops arrested the guy and detonated the box turned out to be a hoax. that guy walked in that box now facing several felony charges. turn to colorado. school board is denying it fired a lunch lady for giving hot lumps to children who couldn't afford them. the cafeteria worker that's her, della curry said she gave
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students a hot lunch instead of the sandwich they were supposed to get. >> there are kids who are going hungry because they're too embarrassed to get the cheese sandwich so don't come through the line. >> if curry had a problem with the policy she should have made it known but denies she was fired just for giving away food. instead numerous incidents contributed to the firing. a group of families near atlanta at a loss for what to do. their beloved lake has vanished. yeah all that's left is mud. a small spring-sped stream and boats were no water to float on that's all they have. the lake used to be 12 feet deep. there was a violent storm the one sunday and a dam gave way allowing all of the water to run out. rebuilding that dam is a costly option, particularly because the lake sits on private property. to sports now, the nba finals start tonight here on abc, the warriors hosting the cavs. >> been waiting. they had a long break between the conference finals and these finals so good to have that and
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congrats to the university of florida. their softball team winning their second straight national title last night. this he beat michigan. so now with other highlights from last night here are our guys at espn. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set. along with neil everett, i'm stan verrett waiting for the nba finals to begin. stanley cup times already started. >> we'll be here for awhile. oh we're going to do the stanley cup times. game one was in tampa bay, lightning and blackhawks if you're not familiar. teravainen with chicago down 1-0 with 6:30 to play. had a heck of a goal for tampa bay early. lightning played on the back of their skates in the final five minutes and cost them the lead right there. two minutes later, it cost them the game. they turn it over. and vermette lights the lamp and it is a buzzkill in tampa st. pete. they thought they had game one. they don't. baseball, dodgers and
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rockies from denver. jock peterson boy, he's been fantastic. his fifth homer in as many games. first rookie in dodgers history to do that. 17 on the season already. up 6-4 but fell apart in the ninth. bases loaded. orange county kid breaking the hearts of dodgers fans. sacrifice fly, comes in to score and rockies win it 7-6. normally pederson would have been out in center field, but he was over -- only two outfielders with the extra outfielder in the infield. >> good morning breakdown. >> fellas into it this morning. >> i thought they would break out a flowchart. >> you know what i like when they get into it. it's rare. up next in "the pulse," new video of caitlyn jenner before her own upcoming series. also take a look at the new barbie about to hit store
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♪ okay time to check "the pulse" here. starting with yep, caitlyn jenner's upcoming documentary series "i am cait." >> eight-episode series that focuses on his transformation into caitlyn. jenner applies makeup and reflects on the importance society places on women about the way they look. >> start learning kind of the pressure that women are under all the time about their appearance. >> maybe someday you'll be normal. just blend into society. >> you are normal. >> put it this way, i'm the new normal. >> well you can watch jenner's journey on e! sunday july 26th. she's pushing 60 the most
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famous doll in the world. not going to be caught dead without super high heels, right. >> till now. barbie's feet getting a break for the first time ever. she will be sporting flats. mattel's newest line of barbies will feature an adjustable ankle capable of wearing more comfy shoes. we should get her some sneaks triathlon barbie. >> is that what they call them in colorado. >> cowboy boots. >> in addition to the flats the new barbies come in eight different skin tones with a variety of hair and eye color, as well. sneaks. >> what do you call them. >> shoes. finally the woman who made a rather unique offer to help her son buy a house. >> he was bidding on this house in oregon. $249,000 and offered 26,000 more than that actually. >> you would think that's enough. his mom sweetens the deal and owns a pizza place and offered the seller a free pizza every month for life. we had some questions about toppings. do you get all the toppings. >> a meat lovers i'm on board. i'll take the house.
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and dry almost everywhere else. well finally this morning a magic moment happened during a graduation ceremony at a middle school in southern california. graduates getting a chance to see something they had never seen before and get the details from kabc reporter denise
4:28 am
dedore. in a wheelchair is how students see 14-year-old katarina stanovich. on eighth grade graduation day she'll do something she's never done before. >> i wanted to fit in. >> reporter: at age 4 katarina was in a horrific car accident that severed her spine and left her paralyzed from the waist down. >> this was a tragedy truly, you know one day she was in a ballet class and next day got turned upside down. >> reporter: her mom said she never felt sorry for herself. she's an honor student, community volunteer and wheelchair athlete. beneath robes special braces part of her big reveal in past graduations katarina has seen other kids in wheelchairs being lifted onto the stage and that's not how she wanted to be remembered so she made a deal with the principal. >> he'd get a ramp and then i'd go up. >> reporter: she told her principal a year ago
4:29 am
strengthening her core and upper body. this is a special bike that send sends electrical impulses to build leg muscles. hundreds of hours of work leading up to this moment. with two of her friends a walker and sheer determination, katarina makes propelling herself forward look effortless. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is the first time that we've actually seen her walk out of her wheelchair. this is a very big deal. >> reporter: a moment her mom will never forget. people who never met her are moved. >> tears came to my eyes. how they inspire her to move forward. >> we wanted people to see her be inspired by her and know they could do anything. >> reporter: catkatarina's message to her fellow graduates, don't let anything hold you back. >> you need to discover how much you can do and who you are. >> congrats to her. >> amazing story. and that is what's making news in america this morning. >> be sure to stay with us for "good morning america" coming your way. everybody, have a great thursday.
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>> we're following several developing stories on this thursday june 4. according a policeman hunt for a man who ran from officers who left a toddler and a gun behind. >> two families involved in gunfire. police are looking for the shooter. >> family and friends and the president of the united states are preparing to say their final goodbyes


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