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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the massive storm system that was hurricane dolores now sparking record downpours. devastating flash floods. this bridge on a major interstate collapses. firefighters and by stapders race to help a driver. millions on alert right now for more flash flooding. mind of a killer. exclusive new details this morning of the chattanooga shooter. hat his parents are saying about his mental health and his mysterious trip overseas. donald trump defiant. he refuses to back down after attacking senator john mccain's war record. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> will his latest comments sink his campaign or boost him in the
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polls? and shark showdown. a champion surfer coming face to face with a shark on live tv. knocked off his board. >> e he kept coming at my board, i was like kicking and screaming and, wow. >> what he said this morning about how he survived the terrifying encounter. we do say good morning, america, on this monday morning. whoo some scary moments for that surfer we just saw. we'll hear what he says. it was on live television. his mother was watching. >> oh. >> she said she just wanted to reach through the tv and pull him out of the water. >> all on impulse. so scary to watch. not a scratch on him. he fought it off. more on that comes up. we begin with the flooding this morning. some of the worst downpours
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southern california has ever seen in the summer. that parking lot now a river. those cars are getting submerged. ginger starts us off. >> it's amazing to see. the dry season. you have this a storm, the remnants of what was hurricane dolores, now pumping moisture up to california. l.a. and san diego, the wettest summer's on record. we start in hemet. that's where matt gutman is matt? >> good morning, ginger. three-quarters of an ichlg of rain. north of here a 30-mile stretch of i-10 closed down because of the moisture. that's keeping the folks and rescuers from cal fire extremely busy across the state in the last 4 hours. a bridge collapsing in southern california. flash floods washing away this chunk of i-10.
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closing the main connecter between los angeles and phoenix in both directions. a pickup truck overnight going over the side. trapping the driver. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: that, as an onslaught of weather pounded the southwest this weekend. >> that is strong. >> reporter: torrential rains and flash floods scamping southern california. >> oh my god. >> the street is flooding. >> reporter: in arizona, battering storms. >> oh my god this is in wickenburg. >> there goes one trash can. >> reporter: power lines. los angeles and san diego breaking their all-time july rainfall records. >> hey, be careful. >> we came home to -- >> reporter: all that rain throwing a curveball to the san diego padres rained out for the first time in nine years. the l.a. angels seeing its first home washout in two decades. the team tweeting hey @red
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sox, what are we supposed to do in a rain delay? we're new at this. that section is 30 by 50 feet. on the highway. more moisture forecast here. back to ginger. >> yeah matt. cal fire and a lot of folks in southern california and nevada will be busy. the rainfall as you saw earlier, still moving in. from l.a. to las vegas, up through the see arierrasierra, flash flood watches. burn scars are an issue in a lot of spots in the southwest. you have that much rain that fast it will be a problem. we had big issues on the east coast from new york to maine. that gigantic hail. i'll have the forecast in a bit. now the latest on the deadly shooting in tennessee that took the lives of five service members. across the country, security is being increased at military
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sites and recruiting offices. this morning, we're learning more about the troubled life of the shooter from his family. brian ross is here with exclusive details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this morning, at least 30 more agents will be sent to chattanooga to run down leads between mohammad abdulazeez. one focus today for the fbi, this ral mart in hixon, tennessee. where abdulazeez bought ammunition for his guns accompanied by two others. his parents told the fbi that their son was no stranger to guns. he likes to go local firing ranges. and often wept hunting with shot guns. earlier this year he became
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interested in automatic weapons. >> excellent gun. made well. they run great. >> reporter: the parents have described to the fbi a deeply conflicted young man, with mental health issues, on the verge of bankruptcy who wrote in his diary about suicide and being a martyr after losing his job in 2013. the fbi has also obtained his prescription records for antidepressants, painkillers, and sleeping pills. his parents apparently told agents hair son sought to be a devout muslim while using alcohol and drugs, in violation of the tenets of this religson. did a trip that's year lead to radicalization radicalization. his parents say it was an effort to get him away from friend who is were bad influences in the u.s. still, for the fbi, none of that
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explains why abdulazeez chose his targets, two u.s. military facilities seven miles apart. over the weekend, a fifth victim died. randall smith. e his mother came to chattanooga. >> my son -- my son is a hero. he died doing what he loved. he would have it no other way. >> reporter: injured police officer dennis pedigo is still in the hospital. his family says he's doing well. >> any possible tied to isis? >> reporter: they look at the targets he chose, appears to be out of the playbook of isis. so far, no evidence of electronic communications nothing on his phone that would indicate he was directed or inspired by isis. now to your voice, your vote. donald trump defiant. refusing to apologize for saying
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that john mccain is not a war hero. if this were a traditional campaign end of the line. but with trump, who knows? >> reporter: that's right. in the face of condemnation from all major people in the republican party, he's not backing down. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> reporter: republicans denounced the comments as outrageous. mckane spent 5 1/2 years-- mccain spend 5 1/2 years as a p.o.w. >> it's on fepsive. it's ridiculous. i think it's a disqualifier as commander in chief. >> it's impossible to defend.
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donald trump is a clown. >> reporter: in an interview with martha raddatz, he refused to apologize. >> what could john mccain have done not to be captured? >> people that fought hard and weren't captured they get no credit. they aren't talked about. >> reporter: this morning in "usa today" trump fired back. a number of my competitors for the republican nomination have no right to run for president. i do not need to be lectured by in of them. >> i know john mccain. i know he's a good man. i think he would be a great president. >> reporter: trump insists he's being attacked because he's leading in the polls for the republican nomination. joshlg for nowgeorge for now, at least, that is true. we have yet to see a poll since making these comments. now the latest on the woman found dead in a texas jail cell,
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three days after being arrested during a routine traffic stop. police say sandra bland killed herself. her family has ordered a private autopsy. as outrage grows over her death. ryan smith is tracking the case. . >> reporter: as new details are brought out, questions linger. her family wants an investigation to give them the answers they seek. three days after sandra bland was jailed for allegedly kicking an officer during a traffic stop. she was found dead in her cell. police say she hanged herself with a plastic bag. this morning, her family is looking for answers. their attorney telling abc news they've just ordered a private autopsy. the results expected in the next 48 to 7hours. >> we want to understand what ended up being the real cause of
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death. snow amazing ♪ >> reporter: this vigil sunday at a church outside her hometown of chicago. hundreds showing support for the 28-year-old who just moved to texas for a new job. >> we demand answers! >> reporter: her death ruled a suicide by the coroner. sparking unrest. >> slammed her head into the ground. >> reporter: police say bland was argumentative and uncooperative. the officer involved in her arrest now asuned to administrative duties for violations of the department's procedures regarding traffic stops. law enforcement officials say they'll consider this video posted by her in march. >> i'm suffering from something some of you all might be dealing with right now. it's a little bit of depression as well as ptsd.
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>> reporter: sandra's family intent on doing their own investigation. >> there are questions we have. this could have been anybody's neighbor. anybody's friend. >> reporter: the family says they've met with authorities, whose investigation is ongoing. dash cam video of the arrest indicates officers wanted to give her a warning, leading them to wonder why she got out of the car in the first place. amy has the other top stories. an historic day for u.s. and cube ban relations. >> that's right. a new day for both countries after more than half a century, cuba and the united states has officially restored diplomatic relations. the embassies are cleared to reopen in havana and washington. jim avila joins us with the latest latest. >> reporter: it's a day 54 years in the making. the u.s. and cuba ending decades
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of spy games and accusations. today, the two old enemies officially recognize each other. this morning, quietly and without ceremony the cuban flag was raised at the state department. later today, on a new flag pole planted behind me last month, the new ambassador will bring out the new flag here. cuba's foreign minister will raise it for the first time on american soil since 1961. the american embassy in cuba opens today as well but with no ceremony until next month. also breaking overnight, a friendly fire incident in afghanistan. eight afghan soldiers have been killed in a u.s.-led air strike. the governor of the local district blames bad coordination in an area where the taliban is active. a fierily collision between two barges. the barge that wept up in flames
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was carrying 1 million gallons of a petroleum-based oil. former president bush is waking up this morning at his home in maine. he was released from the hospital last night, four days after the 91-year-old broke a bone in his neck dur a fall. he's expected to fully recover in a few months. 21-year-old golf sensation jordan spieth chasing history this morning. he's trying to become the second player ever to win all three major titles in the same year. he starts one stroke off the lead. and finally golf onnen a musical note? "dancing with the stars" champ alfonso ribeiro played a charity golf tournament over the weekend. his reaction, really great. wait for it. it's not unusual for alfonso to bust out the carlton. so he did it. there on the green.
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with a little help from playing partner justin timberlake in the hat there. fans cheering. >> i love how j.t. was egging him on. >> you're doing the carlton. >> i was hoping we would see it for a hole in one there. >> it was distracting. >> either way. >> hi. >> hello. we've all been talking about this story. a heart-stopping moment on live tv. a shark encounter in south africa. a surfer fighting for his life. t.j. holmes is here with more on this incredible story. >> reporter: this was a surfing competition that turned into a bit of a death match. man versus shark. fists and fins flying on live television for all to see. not only did man come out on top, he actually walked away without a scratch. he's come face to face with fiercest waves in the world.
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but superstar surfer mick fanning has never had a moment in the water as terrifying as this. a shark pummeling the three-time world champ in a surfing competition in south africa on sunday. the whole thing playing out on live television. take a closer look as the shark's fin breaks the surface. he's knocked off his board, tries desperately to get back on emergency sirens blaring. [ sirens blare ] fanning is plucked from the water by rescuers. >> you wrestled a shark. >> i was like kicking and screaming. wow. i pudged it in the back. >> reporter: the on-camera encounter shaking the entire surfing community. especially the other surfer in the water at the time. >> i was like, he's gone. he's gone under. i like -- i felt like i couldn't get there quick enough. >> reporter: back on land.
7:17 am
friends, including surfing legend kelly slater stunned by the close call. >> i'm halfway between crying and laughing. he got so lucky. we almost just watched our friend get eaten by sharks. >> reporter: in this area four deadly shark encount ners the last three years. sharks here known to be massive. some reach up to 17 feet long. just last month, this 11-footer gnawing on a cage off the shores. as for sunday's competition, it was called off early. it could be this legend's last. >> i'm happy to not compete again. seriously. to walk away, i'm just so stoked. >> reporter: that guy is a superstar surfer talking about giving it up after this encounter. his mother had to watch this. we could see the shark sneaking up on him before we could see it. his mom said she went to the
7:18 am
television and wanted to help out. these are shark-infested waters. believe it or not, we see this. this is how most shark encounters end. with the human being not having a scratch. overwhelmingly this is how they end. >> especially when you give them a good right hook. >> reporter: he did that. but the ones we don't focus on they get a scratch or walk away with nothing. >> and to see it all happen that like. is there that poor mom. >> we don't see this. >> a fear of sharks suspect bad. >> reporter: it's whoa. i'm not going for shark week next year george. >> thank you, showed you the hail this damaging winds 60-plus miles per hour. we had an injury reported and trees down into cars and homes. the threat today goes from kansas to southern illinois. let's get to the select cities brought to you by walgreens.
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>> reporter: good morning, everyone, david murphy here it is hot and humid already warm ascertain sticky. nothing on storm tracker 6 live. as we head outside hayes sunshine on sky 6. looking south along broad street. you can see how uncomfortable it looks that's how it feels. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're in the low 80s already with dewpoints very high and uncomfortable very sticky. today, 96 degrees a heat warng warng -- warning and advisory in
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:26 monday july 20. let's head over to karen rogers it's been a busy traffic morning in new jersey, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, we're just getting world of an accident on the vine eastbound. you may see a slower go there.
7:27 am
belmawr, black horse pike at east browning road. the action cam was on the scene. a multi-vehicle accident where you can see one vehicle with front end damage. look at the vehicle completely on its roof. we were watching live as they were able to update that. the but the problem the accident brought down a traffic light. a lot of people take 168 instead of 42. you might want to stay on 42 itself. 15 miles per hour i-95 southbound near girard. 16 miles per hour eastbound off the schuylkill expressway, tam. >> thank you karen. let's go to sky6 live hd take a live look out across center city. david it looks great but doesn't feel so good. >> reporter: really muggy conditions building already tam. take a look a heat warning and advisory is across the region giving us heat values at 100 and
7:28 am
105. oppressive heat. we have to take precautions. it is 83 degrees in philadelphia. making it feel like the gulf of mexico. in philadelphia, high of 96 feeling like 100. scorching heat. take it easy. tomorrow, hot and humid but not as oppressive and better on wednesday. >> looking forward to that. that's it for us, we'll send you back to "g.m.a." and see you back here in 30.
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good morning, america. right now, millions in the southwest on alert this morning. for more flash flooding. after a record downpour caused this bridge to collapse. experts are assessing the damage this morning. the major highway in the southwest remains closed stranding thousands of drivers. also right now dozens more fbi agents heading to chat ago in fwa to-- chattanooga. the family of the woman found dead in her jail cell three days after a routine traffic stop is waiting this morning for the results of a private autopsy report. >> a lot of questions there. we say good morning, america, on this monday morning. a lot going on. one of the things we're going get to. this moment from the weekend. trending big. yeah that's bruce springsteen.
7:31 am
if you were in the wonder bar on saturday he just showed up. >> why wasn't i at the wonder bar? >> he played for hour. social media, the word got out. people on the streets. adam sandler and all the stars of his brand-new movie, "pixel" are here. we have a game. we're going to put them to the test. we begin this half hour with a death at demi moore's beverly hills home. a man found h her pool sunday morning. the star and her family were not home when it happened. kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: this morning, police investigating a drowning at actress demi moore's family home. two of her daughters had recently posted this photo with their mother at the pool. >> though they tried valiantly,
7:32 am
they were not able to revive him. >> reporter: police say moor's assistant was holding a party with about six people at the star's home saturday night. police finding the body of one of the guests 21-year-old adinelson, at the bottom of the pool. witnesses said he went missing for 10 or 15 minutes before his family found him. his family telling investigators, he didn't know how the swim. >> the preliminary investigation reveal that this most likely was a traj ix accident. >> reporter: in a statement, moore is calling it an absolute shock and sympathized with the man's parent adding the loss of a child san unthinkable tragedy. my heart goes out to this young man's family and friends. legal experts say in the event litigation follow home owners may be covered by insurance as long as they took reasonableable measures to maintain safety on
7:33 am
their property. this morning, moore is asking for provety on behalf of the man's family. >> thank you. we turn to the new bomb shell in the bill cosby sex abuse scandal. he reveals how he hid from the his wife in a sworn deposition from a decade ago. >> reporter: good morning, george. that deposition took place at this philadelphia nad hotel. it lasted for four days. the transcript is about 1,000 pages. and in those pages, we hear bill cosby himself talk about the women, the drugs, and the money. this morning, new details emerging about the sexual assault allegations surrounding bill cosby. this time in testimony from the superstar himself. in a deposition obtained by abc news first obtained by the new york times, cosby describes sexual encounters with five women.
7:34 am
he said he sometimes refrained from intercourse because he didn't want women to develop stronger feelings. >> oh this is depressing. >> reporter: this dep six was part of a 2005 lawsuit. according to his deposition cosby explained his own perceived ability to read nonverbal clues that indicated concept. she does not look angry. i think that i'm a pretty decent reader of people. >> what you going to do? >> reporter: he admitted in the 1970s, he had obtained quau lewds to give to women he wanted to have sex with. he described that as the drug young people were using to party. i wanted to have them just in case. when asked if a woman different from constand was in a position to say no cosby said i don't know. cosby settled the constand case out of court. 1 of more than 2 dozen women
7:35 am
he's been accused of assaulting or drugging which he hasdenied. >> i have been in this business for 52 years. i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the excerpts -- she says she stayed with you and you began asking about her father who had died of cancer. does any of that ring a bell? yes. did you ask her those questions because you wanted to have sexual contact with her in yes. he said he dip take quaaludes himself. for the same reason he doesn't drink alcohol, because it makes him sleepily. now to a horrible tragedy in new york raising questions about limousine safety. four young women killed after a pickup truck smashed into the side of their limo.
7:36 am
gio benitez is here with more. >> reporter: this is an awful story. most seats in limos don't have seat belts. making passengers like these women, very vulnerable. this morning, an or riffing scene on the highway. a limousine nearly split in two when a truck slammed into the middle of it. inside eight women in their 30s, looking to safely enjoy a wane-tasting tour by renting a limo for the day. ironically the driver of the truck allegedly drunk. >> the limousine was making a turn when the pickup truck drove into the passenger side of the limousine. >> reporter: the stretch limo one like this typically allowing up to ten passengers. seat belts only available to the backseat. new questions raised. >> limos are more dangerous if you're an unrestrained passenger. it should have had that level of
7:37 am
protection for all the passengers. it didn't. >> reporter: this limo fire. nine women inside. fewer exits than a regular car. five of them died trapped in the flames. last year tracy morgan injured in a limo driver. his friend killed. the company said he and the passengers were partially to blame because they were not wearing seat belts. in this case would that have helped? the women killed seem to have been sitting at the point of impact. >> the long ultra stretch body that is a danger zone. >> reporter: and the truck driver in this week end's crash is still in the hospital. charged with driving while intoxicated. he's pleading not guilty. if you're in a limo the safest seats are way in the back or way in the front because those have
7:38 am
seat belts. robin? george? now to a hot air balloon that went on an unexpected ride? what's this about? >> over the weekend. the video out of wisconsiwind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. amazing look at it pulling that suv. that's how strong the winds were. that gets up high in the air people screaming taking cover. fortunately nobody was hurt. what we know in the pacific northwest they had a lot of heat. look at the dust devil in washington state. 95, a record heat in seattle. much cooler today but the heat advisories are on from philadelphia to mississippi heat indices up to 100. that's the big picture let's look closer to home. >> reporter: we're in a heat warning and advisory dpepgd on on -- depending on where you are.
7:39 am
96 is the high, heat index values getting up to 100 and 105 this afternoon. take it easy out there. the rain. look at that. wow. amazing. >> ginger, thank you. a lot more ahead. this family slashing thousands off their grocery store bills. the secrets that could help you, too, when you're out there making groceries. a website that pro motes secret affairs hacked. information for 37 million people at risk?
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get a coupon for a free sample at back now at 7:43 with "gma on the money." we have ways to save on your grocery bill without clipping coupons
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coupons. robin robin, what's it called? >> making groceries. >> reporter: good morning, guys. making groceries. the amplg family of four spends $1,000 a month on food. armed with just your phone, you can put money back into your pocket. for the crouses, groceries eat up a huge chunk of their budget. >> we have one son who is 16 and another son to be 15. they eat a lot. it would be great to cut down where we can. >> in a quick and easy way. >> reporter: we enlisted the help of lifestyle ed tor genevieve brown and headed to their local stop & shop grocery list in hand. >> i've come up with a three-pronged approach. no clipping coupons. >> reporter: first this one of a kooipd app. grocery pal, puts the savings on your mobile phone. >> you plug if your zip code. it brings up stores in your
7:45 am
area. directing you to in-store sales. >> you want starbucks coffee. here sit. >> yogurt we eat a lot of. we're saving 80 cents a contain container. >> reporter: pick product products on the top and bottom shelves. they're the best deal. >> the most expensive items are at lie level. one thing i want to point out is not to neglect the ends of the aisles. these are great prices. >> i'll never go down an aisle again. >> reporter: you can use apps to shop. they ask you to take a survey. >> we're looking at milk. >> reporter: after you're done shopping scan the bar code upload your receipt. instant cash back. >> we're done grocery shopping. >> reporter: after checking out, these hacks saving them big.
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>> you're saving $120 a week on grocer groceries. >> that's amazing. >> hole hiy crow. >> here we go. >> reporter: some suggest picking recipes based on what is on sale that week. much more coming up. bruce springsteen reliving his glory days. and we missed it. but a lot of people saw it. next in our "speed feed." like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them.
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once again looking forward to the speed feed. >> that's right. bruce springsteen is born to run facebook and youtube this morning. thanks to this surprise appearance this weekend. take a listen. ♪ ♪ the styles he's trying to maintain ♪ >> oh yeah. that unmistakable voice. springsteen, a new jersey native of course is known for dropping into small clubs on the jersey shore. he's not done this for seven years. as you might imagine, word
7:51 am
spread like wildfire. the boss dedicated a song to fans who rushed to the club but couldn't make it inside. >> this is one cool bar. people out in the streets! in the street this is for you! >> this is for you. yeah it was definitely magic in the night. for those die hard fans. lucky, lucky guys and gals. >> a lucky night. hey, birth order. does it matter? what a tease. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56, monday, july 20. let's head over to karen rogers taking a look at the schuylkill expressway good morning. >> reporter: good morning, summertime usually means nice morning ride, but not always. westbound traffic jammed from boulevard to the bell month. 38 minute ride traveling westbound. eastbound near gladwyn we had a multi-vehicle accident that cleared. debris on the blue route southbound at the schuylkill expressway off ramp they are in the process of clearing that out. that was slowing you down, as well. you can see the slow speeds on
7:57 am
the schuylkill expressway near conshohocken 14 miles per hour. we've been following an accident 30 eastbound near 340 watch for this near downingtown an accident is blocking the right lane. the big problem is in belmawr. we have a multi-vehicle accident three vehicles that were involved in this one one completely overturned on its roof. this happened here on the black horse pike at east browning road. there you can see the vehicle. the trouble the traffic lights are out in that area. even though the vehicles have cleared, you have to watch for that. police are on the scene directing you at this busy intersection with though lights going. >> we're keeping an eye here, sky6 live hd, live look at cape may. david heat a big issue. >> reporter: it is, we have a heat warning in effect in the central counties and heat advisory everywhere else with heat index also feeling 100 to
7:58 am
105. we're muggy, this afternoon 96 high heat index values. tomorrow hot but humidity not as intense tam. >> that's it for us, back now to "g.m.a."
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. caught on tape. a year and a half old child stolen at the gas station. her grandmother trying to stop the thief. how police tracked down the little girl. he came right out in the car. oh my gosh. >> the startleing birth on the way to the hospital. mom and dad reveal the story behind the speedy delivery. pixel perfect. >> they're coming your way. >> adam sandler, kevin james, pacman and the cast of the movie take over times square. they're here live and ready to play. and "bachelorette" behind the scenes. the men spilling secrets to "gma." how they really feel about
8:01 am
kaitlyn. and are you ready for jake gyllenhaal ripped riveting and ready to punch. he's here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. [ laughter ] one of the nicest guys out there. we adore jake gyllenhaal. i think you said it best. oh. ripped and riveting. that's our jake. oh we talk about the transformation that he went under. it was so much more than that. >> we can see. he did all the training himself. all the boxes himself. no stupt doubles. i cannot wait to see this movie. >> enjoyed every second of it. >> all right. so we're talking about birth order. i'm in youngest in my family. where are you in the birth order? we have a new study out revealing the secret of the
8:02 am
birth order and what it says about the old stereo types. >> we're both the babies. >> i'm oldest. >> oldest? >> i'm second of four. >> you're middle. >> we got the pooh-pooh platter. the big story this morning is the flash flooding ginger's been telling us about across the southwest. all that water being blamed for the collapse of a bridge along interstate 10 the main artery between l.a. and phoenix, now closed in both directions. the rain coming from what was hurricane dolores forced rainouts for the padres and theles theles. more than two does. people are dead after a suicide bombing in turkey near the syrian border. the town has been a key battleground for isis troops. turning to politics and donald trump, refusing to back down over his comments about john mccain. he's under fire for saying senator mccain, a former p.o.w.
8:03 am
is not a war hero. then adding he liked people who were not captured. trump, avoiding sevening in vietnam, this morning, mccain telling msnbc trump owes t an apology to the families of those that have sacrificed in conflict serving our country. another major website hacked. user information stolen from ashley that's a dating site for married people. those hackers are threatening to release it unless the site closes down permanently. some data has been posted but was quickly taken down. frantic moments on camera in new jersey. a man speeding off in a stolen car with a baby in the backseat, as the helpless grandmother chases him in vain. >> reporter: this morning, police are searching for the man seen in this heart-stopping surveillance video, stealing a car from a new jersey gas
8:04 am
station with a 1 1/2-year-old child still inside. the ordeal starting around 6:00 p.m. sunday. the little girl's grand squn mother pulling up to the station and entering the store. leaving the keys in the ignition and her granddaughter in the backseat. moments later, the suspect walked up to the store, eyeing the car. inside, he sees the grandmother, preoccupied at the counter, and make his move. the grandmother seen desperately chasing after the car. she spoke to our station, wpvi, but didn't want her identity revealed. >> there's though way he didn't see her and hear me screaming at him. >> reporter: police able to use the signal from the grandmother's cell phone to track the location. finding it abandoned a half hour later. the little girl safely inside. she's back at home this morning. >> i don't care couch of a split
8:05 am
second you're going to be. take the baby out. i don't care if they want the car, take the baby out. >> reporter: and with strong words for the suspect. >> don't you ever ever ever do nothing stupid like that again. i hope when they catch you, may make you regret what you did. >> our thanks to reena for that. finally, an american woman showing her stuff in extremely dramatic fashion. look at cliff diver cecily carlson. she nailed the final dive. it was along the jagged cliffs. not a lot of room down there. this was, by the way, her first cliff dive. she say i was a little nervous. >> that was her first? >> she was a diving competitor. she never dove of a cliff before. she said once she got in the air, it felt so natural. i'm glad itd was for her. i would have to be pushed off
8:06 am
screaming. but ginger? >> it would be natural for lara. >> a nice segue. >> thank you, george. but pass on that one. here's a look at what's coming up on "good morning america." the baby on board who couldn't wait to meet his new mom. delivered in the car. a startling video. >> >>. does it matter if you're the youngest oldest middle child? and how the men really feel about that cate lynne. and then these guys. come on over here. the stars of "pixel." taking over times square. should we go get the rest of them? >> come on. >> happy to have adam sandler, kevin james. >> oh! >> let's go. josh gad. michelle. they're all here. on "gma." hi everybody. hey, guys.
8:07 am
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from the dairy farmers of fairlife, this is our promise. we bring you richly indulgent chocolate milk that's ultra filtered so fairlife has more protein and only half the sugar. and never any artificial growth hormones. at fairlife, we believe in better. welcome back. one and all. this is a perfect song for our -- [ bell rings ] hot button. the woman on the way to the hospital the give birth. the baby had other ideas. born in the car. the husband drives. films the whole thing. we should warn you, it could be a little much for some co-watch. mara schiavocampo is here with this. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that couple had three babies in three years. lot of people are watching and weighing in. many asking why the heck dad
8:12 am
kept driving will you the whole thing? it's the video giving new meaning to speedy delivery. >> oh the water broke. the water broke. the water broke. >> all right. >> reporter: dad johnathan racing down a highway after his wife went into labor in the front seat of the car. >> just keep her calm. and, you know me getting, all worked up not going to help her any. >> reporter: the mind-blowing birth captured on their gopro monday. meant to be used in the delivery room. >> i didn't want to have imhim in the car. i didn't know if he would be breathing okay. >> reporter: the couple en route to a birthing center not stopping the car once. jonathan driving through the whole ordeal. >> oh my gosh. we just had a baby in the car. >> we did it. >> reporter: over 6 million people have watched their new newborn baby's birth on youtube. >> i can't believe so many
8:13 am
people want to see that. >> reporter: thousands commenting. most of them positive. some less than thrilled. one person there are so many things wrong with this. at some point, anyone with common sense would realize you're not gone ma make it. pull over and help. >> we don't have a cell phone with service. we couldn't have called anybody if i had pulled over. number two, she said she wanted me to keep driving. >> reporter: jonathan saying he filmed as his wife's request. >> i was like what do i do? what do i do? finally, i'll wrap him up in my shirt. ar the parents relooefd he's happy and healthy. >> he'll be famous before he knows his own name. >> reporter: lesia says her other two kids both girls, they got to the hospital way too early with them. that's why they waited so hong this time. clearly, the timing is off. >> each time it comes quicker.
8:14 am
>> reporter: this is the story a pregnant woman wants to see. so thanks guys. >> get to the hospital at the sign of the first contraction. >> a big boy. ten pounds. whoo. >> in the car. >> big boy. and so far the youngest. that brings us to the next story on birth order. it's been debated for so long. they think the first born is generally the leader. middle kids natural peacemakers. a new std study saying everything you thing you know might be wrong? >> reporter: this is one of the most hotly contested debates in psychology. what difference does it make the you were born first, middle our youngest. a new study claims to have all the answers. birth sord destiny, goes the old theory. the idea that our personalities and intelligence with preprogrammed simply by where we fall if relation to our siblings. the first born a responsible leader who tepids to play by the
8:15 am
rules. prince william. hillary clinton. and beyonce are a few famous examples. the youngest child? charming and popular. think whoopi goldberg, jon stewart stephen colbert. middle children sensitive and is school is how great mar shall is at this how wonderful mar shall did that. ma mar shall, mar shall, mar shall. >> reporter: donald trump is maidle child. so is kim kardashian. >> it doesn't define who you are. there are other factors that determine your personality and intelligence level. >> reporter: a new study one of the largest ever put nearly half a million kids through a battery of personality and intelligence tests found that birth order made just a marginal
8:16 am
difference. >> there was a small asew yags. 0.02. that's almost zero. >> reporter: how does that explain a century of evidence? why all of the actors who have ever played -- >> bond, james bond. >> reporter: how does it ek plain why so many younger kids go into comedy. or perhaps most telling. how does it explain why prince harry just seems cooler than wills. >> there's a possibility it's not our actual -- the actual order in which we're born but the social roles imposed on us. >> reporter: in other words, fur nurture, not nature may dictate how we behave. the study author is a first born. a scientist. her brother is younger, an artist. i'm guessing most of you are younger?
8:17 am
>> baby. baby. >> oldest. >> i'm the middle. 2 of 4. >> the peacemaker. >> marsha marsha marsha. >> what do you thing at home. tweet us with the hashtag social square. interesting topic. so is this. next up in the heat index, "the bachelorette's" men, oh boy, they're telling all. we have an exclusive behind the scenes of tonight's special. the most memorable bachelors con fronting each other. kaitlyn, one last time. dishing the dirt. it's a chance to see all your favorite guys. the ones kaitlyn gave the boot. >> you ready to tell you will? >> reporter: the boys of "the bachelorette," reuniting tonight. >> the reunion of the guys you have probably forgotten about by
8:18 am
you, like j.j. and clint. and ian, the guy who called kaitlyn surface level. and the ones ridiculous from the beginning on. >> reporter: we got a behind the scenes look. >> how about you join me backstage. >> reporter: with our very own tour fwid chris harrison. >> the staging area. where we stash all the people. this is my hideaway. this sit. this is flam mour right here. welcome to hollywood. >> reporter: as the audience makes their way in, the alady of the hour arrives. >> i'm good. >> i gotta get dressed. ready for the show. that part you probably don't want to see on camera. get out of here "gma," i'll see you on set. >> reporter: and an exclusive sneak peek of ben h. facing her for the first time. >> i see that you told sean
8:19 am
about nick. what was the reasoning behind that? >> reporter: kaitlyn said it was a much-needed chance to resolve things. >> i don't think i was looking for closure. i was expecting them to look for closure. but i also did, too. i think it was great for everyone. >> reporter: ben says the journey helped him grow. >> it's helped me let people in a little bit more. >> reporter: he says he would be willing to do the show again. this time as the bachelor. >> so many people have come up to me and said they want me to be on the bachelor. it's something i would consider. >> reporter: and the rest of kaitlyn's exsuitors, no hard feelings. >> i can say at the end of this after tonight, i feel great about it. >> it is something that will always be special to my heart. it was hard seeing her, but the same time wonderful. >> reporter: but "the bachelorette," still left with a decision.
8:20 am
between sean and nick. the biggest rivals in franchise history. >> yes, franchise history. >> the two-hour men tell all, and i meep all, airs tonight at 8:00 eastern. you can watch a sneak peek at on yahoo!. let's get outside to ginger. >> we hav we want to start in the southeast. south carolina had considerable rain over the weekend. it's hot and humid there. one to two inches. flood watches this morning kansas, 2 to 3 inches, that takes you through the midweek. are you warm this morning? yeah! >> reporter: a little steamy on day 3 of the official heat wave in new york city in the 90s. >> reporter: those people are way to happy up in new york with
8:21 am
the heat and the humidity the way it is. as we head outside hazy sunshine building temperatures in the 80s across the region. dewpoints in the mid 70s that's an indication of very humid air. this afternoon a heat advisory and heat warning across the region. 96 is the high, heat index values between 100 and 105. all the precautions we tell you about are definitely in effect today. see more on that coppingming up. we begin with this. this guy may be worth i don't know $820 million. the zappos ceo, he likes to live beneath his means. in a trailer park in las vegas. he sold his company to amazon for $1.2 billion and could have bought anything he wanted to. he loves his vintage airstream
8:22 am
so much all 00 square feet of it. it does have two tvs and a working shower. it's called lamopolis because tony the zappos there's ginger. zappos ceo shares his 200 square feet of hech with his alpaca named marley. >> he does not. >> he does. you to thing i would make that up? so just goes to show you how -- >> good for him, right. doesn't mean much. >> what happens to the alpaca? >> i would take quarters. >> i would volunteer to redo an airstream. that could be a party bus. a little bar. a little "gma" bar. there's always a bar involved somehow. also in "pop news" the united states has multiplied its way to the top. some of our best and brightest
8:23 am
high school students across the country competed in a math contest in thailand. we came in first. the intense number-crunching competition lasted two days. only a total of three questions per day. you can only imagine how difficult, according to a professor at carnegie mellon if you could solve one of these problems you're, without a doubt a gee use. here's an example of one of them. i can't even see it it's so hard. >> i know the answer. it's infinity. >> darn we're out of time. otherwise i would answer. shoot. finally, i'm very excited. a "pop news" pop in from a very big star. jake gyllenhaal. get on over here. >> jake! >> how are you? >> hi. >> welcome to "good morning america." >> great to see you. >> thank you for having me here. >> who is the lucky one
8:24 am
interviewing jake? >> i won the arm wrestle. >> upcoming movie called "southpaw." we decided to do a game that has nothing to do with boxing. >> oh great. >> southpaw or northpaw. you're going tell us if it's drk did the trick go south and fail or northpaw if you think it succeeds. roll it for number one, a dog getting ready to grab his toy -- freeze it. you have to answer this question will this trick go southpaw meaning bad, or northpaw? >> heing loose like he's edging with his left. so i'm going, well you don't call it north pau. >> it's more about positive or negative. >> i think it's going badly. >> roll 'em. and -- jake would be -- very --
8:25 am
[ laughter ] absolutely correct. >> i had a feeling about that one. wow, he doesn't get anywhere near that thing. >> not even close. this is a dog jumping through the owner's legs. this one could be painful. jake does it go northpaw well or southpaw? >> i really hope northpaw. that's all i can hope. >> roll the video. and -- oh, ouch -- >> oh! wow! >> so early. >> well done. well done. >> no neutering needed. >> one more? you good? >> let's go. >> this is a favorite. a personal favorite. this is skimbles. play the cat and -- what happens jake? will he make from the the table to the window sill? north paw or southpaw? >> i think it's going to go
8:26 am
southpaw. >> no skimbles is talented. >> i trust robin in sports. >> show us what you got? [ laughter ] >> i'm here for you, jake. >> i feel like she hadn't trained a lot for that. >> you did a little more training than skimbles. >> i don't know. >> we're so excited to hear about a the movie. the cast of pixels as well. friday morning, wake up with nicki minaj. it's a party in the park. with nicki minaj. friday on "good morning america's" summer concert series presented by the makers of dr. scholl's.
8:27 am
>> this morning we have breaking news, chopper # hd is live here, a medic unit overturned in north philadelphia at 6:45 at the intersection of fox and hunting park. the crash involved a medic unit and suv. the medic unit is on its side. 3 #-year-old female patient was inside being transported in the rear when the accident happened going to temple university hospital with arm and shoulder pain. another person in her 50s was taken to einstein in stable condition. let's head over to karen rogers for the traffic part of this. >> reporter: you can see the ambulance off to the side. they have the debris on the road. we have fire crews and ambulance and police on the scene blocking this intersection in north
8:28 am
philadelphia. hunting park avenue and fox street. police directing you around the scene. they have the entire inteks blocked off. -- intersection blocked off avoid this intersection fox and hunting park. more emergency coming to the scene. this is the action cam it's been busy in belmawr, new jersey a multi-vehicle accident three vehicles involved you can see the one on its roof. that's an issue right now as you head to the area in belmawr. that's black horse pike and browning avenue because the lights are out stay to 42 instead. the boulevard southbound jammed as well. tam. >> all right the big story this morning, the intense heat and humidity david. >> reporter: absolutely, it's warm and muggy right now tam take a look we've got a heat warning and heat advisory across the aregion. heat index 105 to 106.
8:29 am
83 degrees, starting to smoke out here. >> all right that's it, we'll see you in 30. ekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] look up there on the big board right now. there they are. the cast of "pixels." a little pacman tournament right there. looks like kevin james just won. that is huge. he takes ohm the joointgiant pacman. we have these especially made for us. our own pixels figurines. very nicely done thanks guys. the film bring something many animated characters to life. we'll see how they made it all happen. >> you're wearing the one shoulder. >> is that a problem? >> oh yes. we'll have fun with that. we have a remarkable and passionate 15-year-old.
8:31 am
how he's helping kids help each other. just ahead. before that head inside to robin. >> because i'm here with jake gyllenhaal. critics saying he delivers a income knockout performance in "southpaw "southpaw." you can key this scene. >> i was looking forward to just showing up walking into the ring and having him fall on the ground. >> i mean i mean i expected a hard fight, you know. i put my family through a lot. by the way, leila, if you're watching, go to sleep, baby. >> i loved this film. thank you, jake. you're so -- so good to us. when you come here and the films that you're doing. i saw it this weekend. and we were talking in the break. it's one of the classic kind of boxing movies. but then it's also so incredibly
8:32 am
different. a lot has been made about the transformation. you were all in, as you are in the ring right here. >> yeah we're in a ring right now. i don't know what's going to happen. it's a muf i have about family. about a father and a daughter. that's why i wanted to make it. yeah i had to learn how to box. i didn't want to look like an idiot. i trained five months for it. >> five months? >> yeah. >> a lot said about the situps and all that. but i didn't realize that the director antoine fuqua trained with you? >> he trained with me. i did twice a day. he said this was about sacrifice. sacrifice for the people we love. i'll be with you every time you get in the ring. i want to train with you every morning. >> it helped you evolve the character of billy. especially in the clip here, sometimes it was hard to ups
8:33 am
because you're mumbling. that's part of who he is. >> yeah well part of it is he grew up in the foster care system. i don't think he ever had a model of a parent to learn how to be. he becomes a parent very early in life. he's really articulate in the ring. that's where he expresses himself. he doesn't exprez himself as well outside the ring. his wife is a rep zenresentative for family. >> she's amazing, rachel m mcadams. forest whitaker is in the movie. oona laurence. >> she was in matilda. she's a great actor. such a lovely girl. she would improvise with me. i was always physicalfollowing her.
8:34 am
she was much more skilled than i was. >> that's the beauty of the film. when you're in the ring. i know you're upset about this. people don't realize, there's no double in that ring. it's all you. even when the back of you. >> yes, yes. antoine said to me herbally on. i want to show this movie like a real fight. i want to shoot it like an hbo fight. you need to be available all the time. i don't want double. there were no doubles. >> what about the first time you got the moneymaker right here smacked in the face? >> actors need to be knocked around a little bit, to be honest. it's great profession it's easy in a lot of ways. the more you can get close to the real thing, the more you can feel what it feels like -- it wasn't the best feeling. it happened a lot. it adds to the reality of the movie. >> and the reality of the move i have too, the anger that billy deals with. it helped him inside the rope. got him in trouble outside.
8:35 am
you said it was also a way for you the kind of tap into the anger that you may or may not have. >> absolutely. it's -- to me when i read it it was a story about a guy who used his rage to get to the place early in his career where he got to. he can use it in the ring. it doesn't work outside the ring. it destroys his life in many ways. he has to relearn how the be a father without those things. for me, the greatest part of being an actor, you're able to explore feelings in a safe place. it's why i believe in the arts. i feel like arts and sports give kids a safe place to express themselves outside of you know where the world where the consequence can be very different. >> that's really you will straited in the film as well. so much i i want to tell people about. they have to seep it themselves. you'll be back next week.
8:36 am
with oona. >> that will be a lucky time. >> we get you twice? >> you get oona laurence. i get to hang out with her again. >> "southpaw" in theaters on friday. we have a great story as part of abc's "be inspired" nirve. fete out and give. how people and organizations are giving back across the country. this morning, we're kicking off with a teen who is using music to inspire kids to help one another. he's the 15-year-old guitar hero turned rock star ceo with a cause. >> when i was 8 years old, my friend was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. i felt like i needed to do something to help. as an 8-year-old there's nothing much you can do. >> reporter: he didn't let it stop him. >> i tried to do something where
8:37 am
kids can support pediatric cancer. we hold a battle of the bands fund-raiser. >> reporter: guns & roses guitar legend slash battling for the cause. >> i said are you slash? we got him to come to the event. we have held bone marrow drives. an awareness campaign be bald. people wear a skull cap for a day. >> reporter: a movement that began with a battle of the bands. >> to date we have raised over $300,000. >> reporter: helping kids like 11-year-old caitlin, a survivor of a rare form of cancer. >> is that apple juice? >> reporter: and during her treatment, a surprise to see her favorite movie. >> we wept to new york and we went to the premier and we saw all the celebrities. >> reporter: as for teagan he's
8:38 am
moonlighting as an ivy leaguer. spending part of his time studying at brown university. >> i'm taking a class called biology of cancer. i would like to see cancer as easily treatable as a headache. that would be the ideal future to me. >> reporter: and teagen son his way to making a big difference. the cancer project he was working on was named as the next big thing. to find out how to get involved visit our website, on yahoo!. and ginger -- >> is it steamy enough. >> let's talk about it. i know it's it's already in the low to mid '80's in new york city, it's air you can wear. l.a. and san diego their wettest julys on record. flood watches into southern
8:39 am
california. cooler air coming in. spokane, 892. they are cooling off. that's my favorite photo bomb of life. thank you jake gyllenhaal. let's get a check closer to home. having fun in new york. nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live 6. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows you the problem, scorching heat, heat index values between 100 and 105. take care today. "pixels" is here. warming up. look at george go. lots more fun with them just ahead. >> oh!
8:40 am
yeah, george!
8:41 am
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tt2war@12k@%o j# %6$ tt2war@12k@%!!án u6l tt2war@12k@%4!j# # 8 tt2war@12k@%x#á&ú:$.l tt2war@12k@%t#j'ú:0.( tt2war@12k@%t#j)ú:;nl tt2war@12k@%p#jáú:,up tt2war@12k@%p#j,ú:m/0 tt2war@12k@%l#á.ú:d&< tt2war@12k@%l#á0ú:ó0t i'm back now with the pixels team. director chris columbus. adam sandler. kevin james. josh gad. michelle monaghan. they have come to save the world. >> are we sure we want to do this?
8:43 am
maybe we could find another planet to live on. >> shut up dude. we're getting on that ship. the only way to do it is to get directly under it. >> they ain't nongone ma makena make it easy. >> you were the world's greatest pacman champ. >> i think i'm good at september speed. i try to get good at donkey congress in the movie. i can't give away more. >> kevin, i really appreciate the look of disgust on your face when i gamed out over there. >> you started out so well. i had high hopes. and then, it didn't end as well as we had hoped. >> i had high hopes when i heard you were going to be president of the united states. >> i ups now. >> you ready for it? >> i am. i implemented meatloaf thursdays. that was a big thing. it is fun for everybody.
8:44 am
the country is already bonding. we're already doing well. >> that is good to hear. chris, when i first heart aboutd about this movie, i tintdidn't think you could make pacman scary. >> we had to create it. we wanted this destruction no one has seen on screen before. it's exciting to release this movie in a summer of superheroes and sequels. we're original. >> what was it like working with these guys? >> can you imagine. it's like a bunch of misfits. i mean we had the best time. you know we -- um -- it's a big awesome family comedy. we push the drama. it's really -- and action. it's -- >> michelle is on the set, too. >> she's fierce. >> my character is lieutenant
8:45 am
colonel violet van patton. i create the weapon, the light cannon we use to destroy and defend. >> josh you're a september speed champ. we got behind the scenes footage of you and adam. >> oh, yeah. >> here we go. >> oh. >> that's a rehearsal. i got a jacket on. you do too. >> are you connected there? >> what were you singing? >> well that's a little jewish chant that adam and i do. we were -- for our sins. it's so crazy when you're shooting a movie like this. you have to imagine everything. there's tennis balls. green screens. you're imagining everything in your head. and chris columbus is aggressive
8:46 am
aggressively screaming, centipede is going the kill you! >> josh when he was shooting "frozen" he had me on his back too. >> i have been using adam strangely, since i was a child. >> were you old enough to remember tears for fares. >> am i old enough to remember? no. no. but, no, i love tears for fears. they give me a list of 80 sonds i could do a cover of. >> we had 1 different ones. >> i was like are you kidding me? ♪ welcome to your life ♪ it's like you gotta do it. >> he got it. ♪ there's no turning back ♪ >> the movie is a lot of fun. are you ready to play your game? your going head to head. >> yeah. >> we'll be right back. >> scary time.
8:47 am
8:48 am
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8:49 am
more now with the cast and director of pixels. we call this game pixel this. adam josh and michelle versus kevin and chris. >> you have on listen. i'll show you a pixellated movie. we'll give you a clue. you have to wait until you hear the whole clue before you buzz in. the team with the most points wins. >> the team with the most points wins? >> yeah. >> uh huh. >> you're throwing me. >> it's easy to go ape over this guy? >> donkey kong. >> that's our pixilated donkey kong. >> in iconic indian structure is targeted in pixels.
8:50 am
>> taj mahal. >> tell us what's happening? the voice of this lovable character is frozen in our memories kevin? q- q-bert. >> maybe you have never seen the movie "frozen." >> by the way, it's my head. he shouldn't have been answering. >> get ready for this. this colorful character can pack it in. >> say it michelle. >> pac-man. >> how did you mess that one. >> a shoutout. >> if we stop now, what would the score be? >> not good. all right, this heart breaker got physical in the '80s. >> olivia newton-john. >> i don't know.
8:51 am
i hit it. they go to him. they're looking directly at you. >> this is literally a famous british rock group. literally. >> literally. >> a famous british rock group. >> what is stonehenge? >> yes. >> you have to play this game -- the fairway. >> stonehenge. >> what is stonehenge? >> guess? >> golf. >> thank you, thank you. [ bell rings ] >> this is for you, chris. this character -- this character really knows how to spell. take a look. >> oh i can actually look. knows how to spell. >> harry potter. finally. thank you. thank you.
8:52 am
>> this is the big blue marble that's on the line in pixels. >> that would be earth. >> i believe we have -- >> we have a winner! >> all right. last one. this famous '80s band really wants -- ♪ you to want them ♪ >> cheap trick. cheap trick. >> you got it. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> do we have a total. >> yeah that was a landslide. >> seven? >> eight? >> eight. >> 8-2. >> nerds, nerds. >> we were told not to judge by scores. everybody wins. everybody's equal. >> you're a nice young man. everybody, "pixels" opens. thank you for coming and joining us on "good morning america." well done. >> i wasn't expecting that.
8:53 am
>> this is hard man. >> this could get physical. we're going to a break. meanwhile, "pixels" opens friday. we'll be back. thanks for coming to movie night. yeah, of course, so fun. so fun, right. yeah. i'm gonna go check. ok. well? we're all the way up to 4%. that's great! yeah. i could do this all night. i'm just gonna go check again. ok. leave slow downloads behind. 100% fiber optics is here. rashida? get out of the past. get fios. rashida? call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
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♪ shut up and dance with me ♪ let's see the pixel this catchonship moment. where is it? there we go. >> it was a great show. >> those guys are competitors. see the movie. it opens friday. see you tomorrow. >> good morning it is 8:56 monday july 20 i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to karen rogers she has her eyes on an does not in philadelphia.
8:57 am
good morning. >> reporter: it's been a morning for accident scenes. look at this in north philadelphia. an ambulance on its side. police have the intersection blocked hunting park avenue at fox street. avoid this you can get on to west moreland and take that to 22nd street. a number of emergency workers coming to the scene with the accident. we have an accident southbound route 213 in bucks county. the traffic is moving better there. we have delays on the boulevard southbound approaching ridge avenue an accident cleared a minute ago but the delays remain. >> we're dealing with a lot of the heat and humidity today let's go over to david murphy. >> reporter: sun out from behind the clouds. it feels muggy. we have a heat warning in effect in the central county and advisory in the orange counties. heat index getting up to 100 105 or so.
8:58 am
it's early in the day to be in the mid 80s. 86 is the high. today we'll hit 96 for the high. feeling hotter than that because of the tropical heat and humidity. tomorrow, 93, but not as humid so better. wednesday, much less humid and more comfortable highs in the mid 80s. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, the cuban flag is flying for the first time in decades. we'll have more as cuba and united states restore diplomatic ties. "live" with kelly and michael is next. have a great week and great day try to stay cool.
8:59 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new movie "pixels," kevin james. and everyone's favorite 10, bo derek. and grammy award singing -- singer jill scott. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are your emmy-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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