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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday december 8th and we're working on several developing and new stories. >> a suspected crook is dead after forcing his way into a home details on the deadly night. >> someone dumped a pig's head outside a philadelphia mosque. the suspected vandals can were caught on surveillance. >> there will be increased security at one school on the main line, this after a bullet caused the school to go on lockdown. >> we have accuweather forecast and a look at traffic with karen who is filling in for david and matt pelman. >> good morning. you got to grab the gloves maybe the scarf as you head out it's a cold start but a nice finish today. we dipped to 38 degrees in philadelphia. we're now below freezing in
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allentown and mount pocono 28. 33 he in reading. 33 in millville. 34 degrees right now at atlantic city airport. as you look at satellite6 and action radar some of the clouds from yesterday pulling on out of here. we'll be in and out of sunshine and clouds today. it's going to be a pretty day today. we're dry today. our high is 50 degrees so this isn't as mild as yesterday but we're still a couple degrees above average. not bad. by 9:00 a.m., about 41 in the city, colder in the suburbs with sunshine and clouds. by noon, 47. by 3:00 p.m., 50 degrees with plenty of sunshine and some clouds at their high today. by 6:00 p.m., we're down to 44 under partly cloudy skies. the one issue we have which is really unusual for this time of year is the air quality alert. that means the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups the young the elderly anyone with respiratory issues try to limit your outdoor activity. there's a lot of fine particles in the air today. that means kind of like some pollution is being stuck in the atmosphere with warmer air aloft it's kind of trapped in so something we're watching for today. other than that you are good
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to go he today and wait until you see the numbers in the seven-day forecast. we are really racing up there well above average. details on that, matt, when i come inside in just a couple minutes. >> not racing here anymore unfortunately karen. there's a new accident really slowing things down in bucks county. this is route one the not so super highway. northbound lanes north of oxford valley road, you can see the crash here with police on the scene taking out the left lane so as you're coming north away from oxford valley you're funneling into that right lane heading untowards the trenton-morrisville bridge. it is slow go. if you want to use 95 northbound instead no problems over there through bucks county this morning. we have big problems in northampton county way major overnight accident that happened just before 4 o'clock this morning and we have a shot for you of i-78 where westbound traffic is at a standstill coming in from phillipsburg from warren county, new jersey, into northampton county, pennsylvania. westbound side of 78 remains blocked at this hour at exit 75. that's the exit for morgan hill road there in the easton area. i think we have a shot of
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this. if you're can coming in from new jersey you want to avoid the big backlog on 78 westbound, stay up on 22 westbound as your alternate. also watching several water main breaks this morning. there's one in worcester township still blocking off township line road. stay down on germantown pike to get around that and in blue bell right by stony creek elementary watch out for one on yost road. in juniata park a water main break. no major problems on the schuylkill. vine street expressway reopened after overnight construction and this has been opened as well, tacony palmyra bridge up right now as you can see so no traffic is getting through. head for the betsy ross stemmed it's one of a couple bridge openings that we've had already on this tuesday morning. matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. we want to go now to some breaking news. live in frankford over the 4600 block of oakland street where about a half hour ago a fire broke out in a home as we take a live look now we can see the flashing lights there
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on the scene. we're told that medic crews are there staging for smoke inhalation patients, that there's a lot of smoke coming out of this home, that heavy fire was showing on the first floor of the house when they first got there. right now we don't see those flames but told a lot of smoke. we're seeing firefighters on the scene. we're sending our annie mccormick. she'll have a live report shortly. a homeowner shot and killed plan who he says barged into his home overnight. it happened on the 6100 block of reed street in the lawncrest section of philadelphia. police say the 30-year-old suspect approached a man as he was leaving the house just before midnight. the suspect pushed the man back into the house and announced a robbery. the 27-year-old homeowner opened fire hitting that suspect twice in the next and the chest. the suspect died in the house. we will continue to watch this and bring you updates as they come in. >> detectives are investigating what could be a hate crime against philadelphia muslims. this is surveillance video outsider islamic society on the 1500 block of germantown avenue in kensington.
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it was taken on sunday night. it shows someone in a red pickup truck tossing what appears to be the severed head of a pig in front of the mosque. the koran prohibits muslims from eating pork and using pork products. pigs have been historically used to taunt muslims. two people have been charged with murder in a brutal beating death of a woman inside her fishtown home. police arrested 50-year-old james chiefer and 47-year-old jane johnson saying they both confessd to the killing. 54-year-old kathy wilson was found beaten to death yesterday morning. wilson's family tells "action news" she had recently inletted some money. chiefer and johnson are also accused of stealing between 20 and $25,000 from the victim. >> ♪ >> happening today, there will be extra police presence at radnor high school after a round of ammunition was found in the school hallway yesterday afternoon. the discovery prompted a lockdown around 12:30. officers and police k-9s swept the building. no additional bullets were found and the police gave the
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all clear saying there was no known threat. two students are in serious trouble this morning accused of assaulting a teacher yesterday. it happened at george washington high school in the city's somerton section. police say the 16 and 17-year-old boys pushed their way into the ninth grade classroom to try to retrieve a cell phone. school district authorities say one of the suspects punched the teacher in the face. a third student was later arrested but it is not clear what the student's role was in the incident. >> a master takeover artist has his sights set on a local company and that could lead a bidding war. maribel aber has the story in our market watch report live at the nasdaq in times square. hey, maribel. >> reporter: billionaire investor carl icahn wants to by pep boys but the auto he parts chain had already agreed to be purchased by japan's bridgestone corporation for $835 million back in october. icahn topped that offer and disclosed he already purchased 12 percent of pep boys stock. no response yet from pep boys
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to icahn's offer. stocks sold off monday as plunging oil prices dragged energy stocks lower. right now futures are pointing to a lower open. we'll get the latest data on the number of job openings due out later today. the fcc wants to stop the staples and home depot merger. the move comes 10 months after staples offered to buy office depot for $6.3 billion. the company hes vow to fight. fcc to keep that deal alive. >> thanks maribel. >> time to turn to karen. yesterday i went out all i had on was a light jacket. i couldn't believe it was december. >> yeah, yesterday was 57 degrees. that's pretty mild for this time of year almost 10 degrees above average. today we'll just be a little bit above average but still nice. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. you can see that coastal low that brought some rain just to the shore late yesterday is off the coast now and we've got no rain in sight. we're dry. let's go on outside and see what it looks like. sky6 looking live in penn's
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landing. we have fair skies, just a few clouds out there. pretty nice. not quite as mild today as it was yesterday. here are your weather highlights and then after that, temperatures really soar. so that's what we're watching for the next five days. here are the numbers right now. 38 degrees in philadelphia, temperature dipped a little bit as it always does before sunrise. the dewpoint 29 degrees. the winds out of the north-northwest pretty light and the barometric pressure slowly rising. satellite6 and action radar slowing that coastal low when it left took a lot of the cloud cover with it so we're seeing some holes in the clouds. we'll get some early sunshine and then we'll see clouds mixed with sunshine through the afternoon so it will be a pretty afternoon. your high 50 degrees, just a little above the average high of 48. by 8:00 a.m., it's 41 with sun and clouds. by 11:00 a.m., 45. by 2:00 p.m., 50 degrees, feeling pretty good. not quite as mild as yesterday afternoon but nice. and by 5:00 p.m., coming down from that high and 48. tomorrow we inch the temperature up a little bit more. 53 degrees. and this area of low pressure could bring a little sprinkle
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tomorrow night but the daytime tomorrow is dry in this kind of steady weather patter tern. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. it's a bit more seasonable today, a th at least closer to average. it's a pretty day with sunshine mixing with clouds. tomorrow clouds and sunshine 53 inching the temperature up just a little bit. chance for a late day or night time shower but even in the overnight we stay well above freezing. it's 44 for your overnight temperature. thursday nice and mild, 60. then the rest of the seven-day forecast staying in the 60's. friday partly sunny, 61. saturday even milder, 63 degrees. sunday record tying for the eagles, 65 degrees, no need to bundle up but just a chance now of a late day shower so we'll be watching that. monday looks like we could have periods of rain so clouds, kind of wet at times but still mild and 63 degrees. i know some people miss snow and the snowboarding. we're looking at temperatures in the 60's for the most part this seven day so staying very mild. >> what if we skip winter? i mean, has that ever happened.
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>> we're not fog skip it entirely. just going slow its way coming. >> thanks karen. 6:10. mover new story. convicted murderer oscar pistorius looking to be released on bail. we'll tell you what the judge said. >> freak accident sends tables flying when a minivan mostly sunny into a restaurant. matt. >> accident in lower makefield township cleared out. we have problems in northampton county and a check on that ever problematic schuylkill expressway is coming up after broadcast. >> and despite everything the eagles have done to damage their hopes for the post season, they're competitors in the nfc east continue to offer helping hands. that is later on "action news." the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> good morning everyone. we have an update on our breaking news story. chopper6 remains over the scene of a house fire in the frankford section of philadelphia. it is the 4600 block of oakland street. it broke out a little less than an hour ago. now medic crews are also on the scene because some people may have suffered smoke inhalation. looks like the fire was coming mainly from the first floor of the house and as you see they remain there the at the scene. >> and our matt pelman is keeping an eye on the maps and taking a look at what you can do if you need to maneuver
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around this area. good morning. >> yes, there in frankford it's oakland's near orthodox. you saw the crews on the scene you want to stay away from the scene. stay to the west on large street or to the east on frankford as as alternates. oakland street not the one you want to use this morning. that's not too far weigh from that water main break we had along cayuga near k so bristol or hunting park are alternates. wrapped up our opening at the tacony palmyra bridge so go ahead and use that again. everything is getting back to normal there but we're watching a new crash in wynnewood along win woods road at penn road. if you're headed to sabrina's for breakfast this morning one of my safe spots watch out for that new crash. the good news is we don't have a ton of problems on the highways. things look good on the schuylkill expressway, vine street expressway, 95 is just starting to slow with 28 miles per hour southbound by cottman avenue. this is the schuylkill expressway i-76. eastbound lanes right here just past the blue route where we had the problem yesterday morning with the broken plate
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over the expansion joint, everything is fixed this morning. both lanes opened. it's just starting to slow as you head eastbound in towards the conshohocken curve. couple other issues around the area including some drainage problems that continue in upper merion along croton roa road. i'd use up earl gulp upper gulp. there's one in worcester blocking township line road so germantown pike gets you around that. northampton county big problems this morning with a blockage of the westbound side of i-78. if you're coming in from phillipsburg warren county new jersey you don't want to use 78 westbound. you can see the parked traffic coming into pennsylvania northampton county all lanes blocked at exit 75. stay up on 22 westbound as your alternate. matt. >> thank you matt. this is new video showing a vehicle slamming into a south florida restaurant yesterday. a surveillance camera captured the crash as the monday knee van plowed into tables of diners. at least five people were injured and the crash also caused considerable damage to
6:16 am
the restaurant. officials believe the driver had some kind of medical emergency. >> new this morning, oscar pistorius will remain under house arrest pending sentencing for his murder conviction. at a hearing this morning a south african judge granted bail and placed him on electronic monitoring. the country's supreme court court of appeals convict oedipus piss on thursday of murdering girlfriend reeva steenkamp back in 2013 overturning a lower court's conviction of a lesser crime of manslaughter. sentencing is now set for april. >> 6:16 is the time and still ahead more on my interview with star wars superstar harrison ford. an alligator pond in florida probably isn't the best place to hide from police. karen. >> well, if you're headed out of town no weather related problems. not looking at any flight delays. partly cloudy in philadelphia, 38 degrees. we'll talk about the day's forecast ahead coming up. >> and the eagles hope the cowboys -- i should say the cowboys help the eagles join a group sitting there atop of
6:17 am
the division. first up texas bites. >> during tech bites amazon unveiled its latest tablet. >> the fire ld reader division features a new blue shade mode for nighttime reading and comes with a free year of kindle unlimited. price tag 250 bucks. >> apple wants you to enjoy more music this holiday season. the company started rolling outer an update to itunes match and apple music users which will allow them to store up to 100,000 songs. and take a look at this. work is progressing nicely on apple's new campus in northern california. as you can see in this drone video the building is scheduled to open in about a year. >> they include a circular main structure a visitor's center and an underground auditorium for product unveilings. >> those are your tech bites. >> have a great day, everyone. e.
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>> the eagles are tied for first place in the nfc east thanks to a wild finish on monday night football.
6:20 am
that was cowboys kicker dan bailey nailing a 54-yard field goal with nine seconds left helping his team beat washington 19-16. the five and seven birds now have a share of first due to the cowboys win and eagles victory over new england. a giants loss to the jets and overall ineptitude in the nfc east. >> we'll see he where things are by the end of this sunday. >> no one wants it. >> here, you have it. >> file it all under things we didn't see coming. >> there you go he. >> as we head outside this morning we've had some bridge issues to deal with already this morning, an opening just wrapped up here at the tacony palmyra bridge. as you can see traffic is now moving. so that's good news. burlington bristol bridge also back to normal but just north of that in bristol we're watching a new crash along veterans highway that's 413 at wharton road by rob's together and hauling. hopefully good olds rob can help us out with that accident. still some overnight construction to watch out for in bear along 40 eastbound at glasgow drive. lane blocked for the next half hour but mass is on time so far this morning.
6:21 am
karen. >> partly cloudy skies and it's rather cold out there this morning. 31 degrees in quakertown, 32 in pottstown, 30 in coatesville. it's 35 in chester. a bit better in center city where you're sitting at 40 degrees. 36 in ewing in new jersey, 31 in hammonton. waking up in dover delaware it's about 37 degrees. here's how the day is going to look. pretty bright. we're expecting sunshine mixed with clouds today. by 9:00 a.m. about 41 degrees in the city. i think it will be a little cooler in the suburbs. by noon, 47 degrees with sunshine and clouds. by 3:00 p.m., 50 degrees. that's your high for today. and by 6:00 p.m., you'll be can coming down from that and 44 degrees so not quite as mild as yesterday when we were in the upper 50's but still above average, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. going on to health check you might think you can safely walk and text at the same time but look out for the other guy. a new study by the american academy of orthopedic surgeons found 78 percent of u.s. adults believe distracted walking is a serious issue but just for other people. only 29 percent said yeah it's a problem for me, too. experts say the dangers of
6:22 am
what they call digital dead walkers are growing with more and more pedestrians falling downstairs, tripping over curbs, bumping into other walkers or stepping into traffic and ending up very red faced. >> dangerous. >> very dangerous. >> 6:22. find out if harrison ford approves of my imitation of his co-pilot on the millennium falcon. >> katherine scott has details on a local homeowner who opened fire on an intruder. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right. police say a man came here to rob a house last night but was killed when the homeowner pulled a gun on him. we're live in lawncrest with all the details coming up at 6:30. >> ♪
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>> a game of hide and seek didn't go so well for a florida man. matthew riggins is dead after being attacked boone an 11-foot long alligator. police say shortly before riggins was reported missing he called his girlfriend to inform her that he would be in a certain area where his body was later found to break into homes but police pursued after riggins he tried to go to a pond to hide but didn't take a look at who else was in the water. lawn alone. the gator got him. that wasn't clear until about 10 days later when parts of riggins began to float to the pond's surface. >> morning buzz time. i flew out to los angeles to meet all the cop cast members of the "star wars the force awakens" including that guy. larson followed told me he was very pleased when he heard that british actor peter
6:26 am
mayhew would return as hans solo's friend chewbacca. >> i would like if you permit me to do so offer you my wookiee imitation. >> go right ahead. i'll let you know that you're not the first one today, so i'll judge you against all others. damn good but -- quite good. yeah, i think so. >> thanks harrison. we're now buds. now many star wars fanatics consider the empire strike back as the finest of all the episodes in the franchise. i asked ford if he thinks "the force awakens" is better. he told me he doesn't compare apples with oranges. our parent company disney produced the movie and you can watch my entire interview with harrison ford by going to my facebook page. >> i like oranges. looking forward to see that. it is now 6:26. developing overnight philadelphia police investigate a home invasion that didn't end well for the intruder. >> the search in the action cam has arrived on the scene
6:27 am
of breaking news. a house fire in frankford. we'll get an update live when we come back.
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>> breaking now chopper six a live over a house fire in the frankford section. three children are among the injured. >> a home other than stopped an armed intruder dead literally his tracks. philadelphia police are live on the scene and so he are we. >> good morning. it's just about 6:30 on this tuesday. david is off. we have karen rogers and matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning. skies just trying to brighten a little bit as i look to the east and we're going to see a beautiful sunrise. we do have partly cloudy skies. it's cold out here, though. look at these numbers. 31 degrees in martins creek, it's 32 in quakertown, 31 in pottstown, waking up in coatesville it's 30. 31 in chester. you're of course better in center city where you're at 40 degrees. but in the suburbs in new
6:30 am
jersey you're looking at the low 30's. 31 in hammonton. you're 36 in cinnaminson. 35 in glassboro this morning and dover, delaware, it's 37 degrees waking up this morning on the cold side. satellite6 and action radar slowing that skies have pretty much cleared out from the clouds that were up above but we see the clouds spilling in from our north and west. we're going to see sunshine mixing with clouds today. it's still going to be a pretty day. not quite as mild as yesterday. today just barely above average. 50 degrees for your high. so even though a cold start it's pretty nice finish. by 9:00 a.m., 41 degrees with sunshine and clouds. i think it will be colder in some of the suburbs. by noon 47. by 3:00 p.m., 50 degrees for your high, a decent afternoon with sun and clouds. by 6:00 p.m., dropping down from that. it's 44 degrees. we do really warm up from here so wait until you see that seven-day forecast. we'll be chasing some records matt pelman. >> i used to have cold feelings about the start of the day. not a morning person karen rogers but good morning to you. we're feeling okay about the traffic so far on this tuesday. here in delco, these are the
6:31 am
northbound lanes of 95 where 322 comes in. traffic just starting to slow a bit. you see people tapping their brakes. overnight crews were working on the ramp from 95 to the blue route knorr northbound shifting around some of those temporary barriers and i'm hoping that the new pattern they set up improves our conditions. fewer delays hopefully on 95 northbound in delco in the morning. this is 95 in the great northeast. southbound side now definitely slowing as you can see from academy into cottman then again from allegheny into girard. those delays haven't been quite as bad since they changed the pattern around a couple weeks ago by girard avenue. vine street expressway reopened after overnight construction. no big delays in either direction. crews will return tonight at 11 o'clock. still have that fire location in frankford along oakland at orthodox. i would stick with large street or frankford avenue instead of oakland. still working on a water main break near juniata park along cayuga near k. there's a crash in bristol
6:32 am
bucks county by rob's together and hauling. good intersection to avoid on this tuesday morning. matt and tam. >> thank you matt. chopper6 is live over breaking news in the city's frankford section. >> we now know a house fire on the 4600 block of oakland has center four people to the hospital. >> "action news" reporter annie mccormick just arrived on scene and has new details on those victims. annie. >> reporter: and, matt and tam, four people are in the hospital. i want to give you a look is the scene behind me. firefighters here say that this is now under control but at this point they are still here on the scene wrapping up. i want to give you a look at this video that chopper6 hd did shoot. this is in the 4600 block of oakland. the fire broke out at 4634. we are told that it appeared to be fully engulfed. neighbors report either having damage and that the fire spread as far as two doors down. now chopper 6hd also has video of the fire that broke out around 5:30 and also of an
6:33 am
ambulance that did arrive on soon, at least two medics did have to come because there were three children that were transported and one adult to episcopal. we're getting word according to neighbors that one person jumped from the second floor possibly a four-year-old child that jumped into the arms of a neighbor who then carried that child away to safety. now, neighbors also tell us that they did see the children and the adult as they were taken away. they appeared to be in okay condition and the adult is possibly an asthmatic and that may have contributed to reasons why they needed to be taken away because of smoke inhalation but the children appeared to look okay. now back out here live again you can see firefighters still on the scene here. again, 33 tell us that this blaze is under control. a number of the neighbors, though,s are displaced. there was one woman whose father came here to get her. they said that the damage again spread as far as two doors down from the home. for now we're live in frankford, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> thank you annie. now a developing story.
6:34 am
a man who forced his way into a philadelphia home that did not belong to him did not make it out alive. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live near the scene along the 5100 block of reed street in the lawncrest section. katherine. >> reporter: matt and police believe there man came here to rob this home of drug money but was killed when the homeowner pulled a gun on him. police were called here to the 6100 block of reed street in lawncrest last night around 11:30. they say the 35-year-old man who was killed came in through the front door with a gun in his hand and announced a robbery. that's when police say the 27-year-old homeowner took out his gun and fired at least four shots. two women ran to get their semi-automatics but don't appear to have used them. the intruder was hit twice and collapsed dropping his handgun by his feet. police found the 35-year-old on the dining room floor and medics were unable to revive him. >> just so happened that not only did the 27-year-old homeowner who fired four shots
6:35 am
have a weapon, two of the females that also live inside the property also had semi-automatic weapons. however, we don't believe that those females fired any shots. >> reporter: now police found about a half pound of what appeared to be marijuana inside this home, some packaging material and hundreds of dollars nearby so investigators say it's a good possibility that's what drew the robber here in the first place. no word if any charges will be filed. we're live in lawncrest, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> okay, katherine, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating what could be an anti-muslim hate crime. this is surveillance video from sunday night outside the al aqsa islamic society on the 1500 block of germantown avenue in kensington. it shows a red pickup truck tossing what appears to be the severed head of a pig in front of the mosque. the koran prohibits muslims from eating pork and using pork products. historically pigs have been used to taunt muslims. >> i'm erin o'hearn here at the big board. we're talking about donald trump again and donald trump
6:36 am
who continues to dominate the gop race to the white house is now calling to ban all muslims from entering the united states. the proposed policy would apply to immigrants and visitors. his rivals including jeb bush and john kasich are calling him everything from divisive to uninched. now ted cruz who is gaining ground on trump in the polls said of trump's announcement it was "not his policy." hillary clinton called the ban reprehensible and prejudiced. now trump issued the proposal yesterday afternoon stating the ban should remain in place until "our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." the can candidate's newest and most likely controversial statement come after the mass shooting in san bernadino and a recent poll from a conservative washington think tank claiming there is a level of hatred toward america among a large segment of the muslim population. >> our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in
6:37 am
jihad. they have no respect for human life. >> a short time after trump made his remarks, a florida mayor announced he's banning donald trump from his city. he tweeted that saint petersburg would ban trump until "we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all trumps." matt. >> thank you for that erin. 6:37 is the time. the fbi has learned that the san bernadino shootings took target practice at a gun range just days before last week's deadly rampage. they also believe the couple had been radicalized for quite some time n a chilling twist, authorities also disclose that syed farook's coworkers at the county health department underwent active shooter training in the same conference room where farook and his wife tashfeen malik, killed 14 people. it was not immediately clear whether farook attended a similar session late last year. >> former philadelphia eagle michael vick will be in harrisburg today. the nfl quarterback will meet with state lawmakers about a
6:38 am
pet protection bill. it would allow first responders to break into cars to rescue cats and dogs without leaving crews liable for that damage. since his 2009 release from prison for dog fighting vick has worked on a number of animal rights issues. >> so, they're not going to be booing you on the streets today because it's not going to be 65 degrees. >> i hope they're not going to boo me on the streets, right. no, i hope not but yeah, you think some people might like it nice and mild. we've had a lot of that. today is a day that's a little closer to average. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan around the area. that rain that you see well up to the north and east off shore, that's that coastal low that moved through late yesterday. no rain affecting us today but let's o go on outside and see what it looks like. starting to look beautiful out there as the sky is trying brighten a little bit. you can see we have partly cloudy skies looking towards the ben franklin bridge with sky6 live in hd. 38 degrees the current temperature but it's only 30 in allentown, 33 in reading. it's a rather cold start. 29 in lancaster. 37 in trenton.
6:39 am
barely above freezing in millville, new jersey. a little bit better in atlantic city airport, 34. here's our always on day planner to help you our by hour through the its a pretty day today. we'll see sunshine and some clouds mixing in. satellite6 and action radar showing we have basically clear skies in philadelphia but you see the clouds to the north. you see them starting to fill in from the west and we'll have some clouds mixing with the sunshine today. but it's going to be a pretty day. not quite as mild as yesterday. we were up to 57. today's high 50. just a couple of degrees above a of research. by 8:00 a.m., 41 in the city. by 11:00 a.m., 45 with sunshine and clouds. by 2:00 p.m., 50 degrees. that's your high for today. coming down from that at 5:00 p.m. it will be about 48 degrees. and tomorrow 53. we start to inch the temperature up a little bit. this area of low pressure and a cold front nearby. we could trigger a shower late in the day tomorrow or at nighttime but the daytime itself partly sunny skies and a little bit milder. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. today a bit more seasonable than it has been. 50 degrees for your high.
6:40 am
a little closer to average. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sun with a chance for a late day or night time shower. 53 degrees for your high tomorrow. then after that, look what happens thursday on out. we're in the 60's the rest of the seven-day forecast. nice and mild on thursday, 60 degrees with sunshine. friday partly sunny, 61. the weekend is great just as long as you're not missing the snow. saturday even milder and 63 degrees. on sunday, record tying, 65 degrees for your high so no need to bundle up when you're headed to the eagles. we do have just a chance for a late day shower and then monday looks like the wet day. periods of rain, lots of clouds, 63 degrees so staying mild the rest of the week today closer to average. >> okay. >> they won't boo you. >> i hope not. >> they better not. 6:40. an air france flight from the u.s. to paris had to make an emergency landing. >> and business is not surprisingly tanking at a south jersey gas station that refuses to keep up with the competition. matt. >> business is becoming brisk here along 422.
6:41 am
it's busy now in the eastbound lanes, matt, from oaks on into 23. we'll see how busy the schuylkill expressway is, talk about a water main break, a fire and a big problem up north all coming up when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> ♪ >> chopper6 remains live over a developing story that we've been following here on "action news." this is in the frankford
6:44 am
section of philadelphia where a fire broke out on the 4600 block of oakland street. our annie mccormick has been telling us that four people were injured, some of them children but from what authorities are telling her, it looks like they're all going to be okay so that is good news but fire crews remain on that scene there in the frankford section. >> and let's go to matt pelman because it is creating some issues for people commuting through the area. good morning. >> happy to hear that update that everybody appears to be okay but it is a traffic issue we want you to steer clear of oakland street close to orthodox street there in frankford this morning and you can do that by using large street or frankford avenue. oakland street not where you want to be. not too far off right by juniata park still have that repairs on that water main break from the overnight hours along cayuga near k. so bristol or hunting park are alternates around that. great news in wynnewood. if you want to head to sabrina's for breakfast you can do that again. the crash at wynnewood road and penn has cleared out. delays starting to kick in along the schuylkill expressway. 13 miles per hour on the westbound side from the
6:45 am
boulevard out toward gladwyne. this is a live look near the conshohocken curve where you can see the eastbound traffic building but it looks like a more pleasant eastbound ride than yesterday morning when we had the big problems with the expansion joint by the blue route. both lanes are opened in that area this morning. not too far off in upper merion still have some drainage issues along croton road right by roberts elementary school. that's a good spot to avoid. which you can do so by using gulph road or upper gulph road as some alternates n bristol bucks county the crash along 413 at wharton road. expecting another burlington bristol bridge opening in just a few minutes and in northampton county still have the big issues closing down 78 westbound. this is a shot of 78 as you come in from phillipsburg new jersey. the westbound lanes blocked because of an awful overnight accident that happened just before 4 o'clock this morning. if you're coming in from new jersey you don't want to get stuck in this westbound mess. stay up on 22 westbound as your alternate. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. developing overnight an air france crew diverted a flight from san francisco that
6:46 am
was bound for paris. the pilot played an emergency landing in montreal as a precaution due to an unspecified anonymous threat. all passengers and crew members are safe. officials are inspecting the plane. >> and this is new pope francis opened the holy doors of the saint peter's basilica to celebrate the holy year of mercy. this is new video of the pope actually opening the basilica's big bronze doors. this capped a celebration and special mass in a rain soaked saint peter's square to formally open his revolution of tenderness. millions of pilgrims are expected to pass through those doors of the basilica over the course of the year. >> ♪ [barks]
6:47 am
are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8!
6:48 am
beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
6:49 am
>> i have a whole smorgasbord. >> lay it on me. >> normally delicious but not soapless sheinelle in this case. as we head outside it's a broken down truck on 95 at the allegheny on-ramp to the southbound side. you can see penndot there assisting blocking off that right lane so now we're extra slow coming down from the betsy ross bridge. 42 northbound volume really starting to build in notice northbound lanes from coles road up to 295. reports of a crash by christiana high school along salem church road at clap man road. karen. >> you may be failing us matt but i have delicious weather for you today. how about that. by 9:00 a.m., 41 degrees with sunshine and clouds. by noon, 47. it's a pretty nice afternoon. it's colds to start but a nice afternoon. not quite as mild as yesterday. today we only have a high of 50 degrees, still a little above average. we'll hit it at 3:00 p.m. with sunshine and clouds and by
6:50 am
6:00 p.m. 44 degrees with partly cloudy skies. if you're headed out of town we have no weather related problems, no fog, no rain out there so we're, good and no flight delays, 38 degrees right now under partly cloudy skies in philadelphia. here's just a quick look at your accuweather forecast. today's high 50. look at the trend here. we're just going up. 53 on wednesday, from thursday on out we're in the 60's. 65 on sunday. record tying, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. time for a preview "good morning america." >> let's head to amy robach back. she's got the run down. good morning. >> reporter: that's right good tuesday morning to you tam and matt. great to be with you both. um canning up next on "good morning america" donald trump declaring muslims should be banned from entering the u.s. terrorism in the homeland of course a major topic in the race for the white house and trump will join us live this morning. then the latest on the san bernadino shooting. new details on why the husband and wife terrorists went on that killing spree. plus chilling stories from inside the conference room where the shootings took
6:51 am
place. and then the former usc head football coach fired in october for drinking on the job is now suing the school claiming he was discriminate the against for his alcohol problem. dan abrams is here to weigh in on that and then "gma" on the lookout. how to avoid having packages stolen right off your doorstep this holiday season. how one police department is catching thieves in the act. we can see there one person caught that thief way camera. maybe that's a hinder. coming up next here on "good morning america." matt and tam. >> and that was amy. we'll join you shortly. new this morning the driver of an overturned school bus has been arrested on suspicion of driving while high on drugs. this happened in that boulder county colorado yesterday. eight students ranging in age from seven to 15 were on board when the bus rolled over. five students and the female driver went to the hospital. >> a new jersey luk-oil is bucking the state trend on low prices the pump by charging a lot more than the going rate. that $3.98 that you see right there is not a mistake. unleaded costs nearly four
6:52 am
dollars a gallon at the station on haddonfield-berlin road in voorhees. drivers are a bit confused by the so-called business move. they see no reason to stop there especially when there's a citgo charging $1.79 right across the street. >> i went up there one time i don't know why just to tell him you're out of your mind. he's like just don't come here. it's $3.99 a gallon. how are you going to do that? it's gouging someone. >> stop ripping people off that's were i want. really not right what he's doing. >> luk-oil tells "action news" it's in litigation to stript station owner of its franchise and that it had a not supplied gasoline to him for several months. that means drivers handing over all that money might not even know what they're paying for but i actually think the owner had the answer, just don't can come here if you don't want to pay the $3.98. go somewhere else. >> pay attention. >> a lot of people in jersey they just pull in they're not thinking. >> well, there are other options just so you all know. >> one across the street perhaps. thank you erin. perhaps this elk heard c.
6:53 am
bernet pairs well with leaf free greens. the animal has pretty good taste. the bottle of wine would normally sell for more than $10$100.
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>> ♪ >> breaking news now. three children and an adult have been hospitalized after fire in frankford. neighbors say three houses were damaged by the flames on the 4600 block of oakland street. one of the people trapped in a home had to jump to safety. a philadelphia homeowner shot and killed a man who he says barged into his house overnight. police found semi automatic weapons marijuana and cash in the home on the 6100 block of reed street. they are now questioning five people. >> we haven't been able to get our box truck moving yet here along 95 southbound side by allegheny so it's a little extra slow coming down from the bets cross bridge. if you're headed to the dunkin' donuts in willow grove this morning watch out for a new crash along fitzwatertown road at 611. karen. >> now i'm hungry thanks for that. satellite6 and action radar showing 38 degrees and we've got partly cloudy skies out there. we're going to see sunshine mixed with clouds today. it's going to be a pretty day. not quite as mild as yesterday. our high 50. 57 we were 57. cold start. 9:00 a.m. 41, by noon 47. by 3:00 p.m. 50.
6:57 am
that's our high and by 6:00 p.m. 44 degrees. >> i'm going share more star wars interviews. >> i want to see it. >> john boyega daisy ridly, we'll do that tomorrow, maybe a little j.j. abrams. >> sounds good. >> have a great day everyone. see you later. >> ♪ holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant.
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant.
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good morning, america. donald trump's stunning call to ban muslims from entering america. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> his gop rivals call him unhinged and offensive. the white house says the comments could damage america's security. donald trump standing by to respond live here this morning. the fbi reveals the terrorist couple were radicalized for more than a year before their deadly attack. the focus now on their friend who bought those high-powered guns and exclusive new details about what happened inside that conference room. we hear firsthand from the survivor saved about i a hero co-worker. >> he


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